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Old Union Cemetery
Limestone County, Texas

Contributed by Donna Ayres [donna@tol-tx.com].

Lambright, John David, b. 1936, d. 1993
Lewis, Allie, b. 1874, d. 1953, Mother
Lewis, Alton, b. 6-25-1888, d. 1-5-1901, Little Alton son of G. A. and B. Z. Lewis
Lewis, Ben C., b. 3-20-1887, d. 6-18-1981
Lewis, Bessie, b. 4-28-1898, d. 12-1-1969
Lewis, Billie J., b. 7-6-1933, d. no date, Children: Michael, Pamela, Susan.
Lewis, Cade, b. 12-20-1845, d. 5-13-1925
Lewis, Carl, b. 7-28-1919, d. no date
Lewis, Carlyn, b. 8-24-1909, d. no date
Lewis, E. L. (Babe), b. 5-12-1919, d. 4-23-1984, Children: Margaret, Juanita, Jack, Betty, Gloria, Patricia, Charlie, Diane, Jeanette, Terry
Lewis, Elise M., b. 2-19-1913, d. no date
Lewis, Frankie M., b. 12-6-1924, d. no date, Children: Judy, James, Bill, Larry, R.C. Jr.
Lewis, Georgie Alberry, b. 7-24-1871, d. 9-29-1952
Lewis, H. W., b. 7-22-1872, d. 9-6-1942
Lewis, Hattie Idella, b. 12-2-1881, d. 6-1-1938
Lewis, J. M. (Cade), b. 9-11-1902, d. 1-6-1953
Lewis, Jerry Wayne, b. 7-31-1945, d. 1-4-1982, SK 2 US Navy Vietnam
Lewis, John H., b. 9-10-1921, d. 6-3-1973
Lewis, John L., b. 9-16-1906, d. 10-12-1968
Lewis, John W., b. 2-5-1886, d. 4-1-1953
Lewis, Juanell, b. 3-12-1919, d. 11-1-1997
Lewis, Mammie, b. 3-15-1897, d. 9-23-1903, Mammie Daughter of G. A. and B. Z. Lewis
Lewis, Mary, b. 5-19-1849, d. 2-20-1927
Lewis, Mirtie L., b. 6-22-1892, d. 10-23-1968
Lewis, Ozelle V., b. 10-29-1921, d. 4-20-1996, Children: Margaret, Juanita, Jack, Betty, Gloria, Patricia, Charlie, Diane, Jeanette, Terry
Lewis, Pauline, b. 1889, d. 1972
Lewis, Pauline, b. 8-31-1935, d. no date, Married: 5-10-1974
Lewis, R. C., b. 4-11-1923, d. 1-25-1986, Children: Judy, James, Bill, Larry, R.C. Jr. Foot Marker: R. C. Lewis CPL US Army World War II
Lewis, Ruby M. Herod, b. 1-2-1915, d. no date, Married 10-10-1931
Lewis, Rufus Alberry, b. 8-23-1908, d. 7-3-1995, Married 10-10-1931 Notation on foot marker: CPL US Army Air Corps World War II
Lewis, Sam H., b. 1883, d. 1971
Lewis, W. Ben, no dates
Lewis, William N., b. 3-14-1878, d. 9-12-1941
Lewis, William Nealie Junior, b. 9-7-1909, d. 8-24-1959
Lewis, William R., b. 1-23-1937, d. no date, Married: 5-10-1974 Foot Marker: William Edward Lewis Pvt US Army Note: The names are different on each stone
Lewis, Winnie Mae, b. 2-3-1906, d. 11-18-1989
Lewis, Zackie B., b. 2-8-1904, d. 12-12-1955
Lewis, Zackie O., b. 2-25-1926, d. 12-26-1990, Children: Michael, Pamela, Susan. Foot Marker: PFC US Army World War II
Lewis, Zora Belle, b. 1-26-1879, d. 10-29-1914
Lott, C. W. Shelton, no dates
Lyon, Charles Gaylin, b. 8-22-1966, d. 5-26-1989
Martin, A. J. (Bob), b. 9-18-1930, d. 6-13-1986, Married: 4-8-1966
Martin, Agnes Sanders, b. 11-28-1902, d. 10-22-1983
Martin, D. C., b. 12-19-1901, d. 5-22-1964, Foot stone and head stone have different dates. Foot stone: 12-1-1901 5-22-1965
Martin, Frances Van Winkle, b. 4-7-1937, d. 1-10-1989, Married: 4-8-1966
Martinez, Anton, b. 7-22-1886, d. 4-22-1956
Mason, Harold, b. 3-6-1940, d. 3-6-1940, Our baby. Horace and Lyda Mae Mason
Mason, Infant, no dates, daughter of William B. and Lula Mason
Mason, Jerry Lynn, b. 1941, d. 1994, US Army
Mason, Lula B., b. 1889, d. 1971
Mason, Lyda Mae Capps, b. 1-1-1914, d. no date, Proverbs:31
Mason, Mary Lenamon, b. 1-8-1919, d. no date, On Head Stone: Married 7-17-1937. Daughters: Peggy, Marilyn. Sons: Michael, Patrick.
Mason, Talmadge T., b. 4-14-1915, d. 1-5-1976, On Head Stone: Married 7-17-1937. Daughters: Peggy, Marilyn. Sons: Michael, Patrick. Foot Marker: Beloved Husband & Father
Mason, W. J., b. 2-2-1859, d. 12-29-1900
Mason, William B., b. 1889, d. 1978
Mason, William Horace, b. 3-26-1912, d. 9-27-1988, Psalm:1
Mason, William Patrick, b. 12-17-1948, d. 7-19-1989, On Head Stone: Son Shane Daughter Rachel On Foot Marker: William Patrick Mason BT3 US Navy Vietnam
Mayo, Jennie, b. 10-13-1882, d. 7-28-1905, Wife of J. D. Mayo
McDonald, James Carl, b. 11-25-1901, d. 2-1-1952, Foot Marker: James C. McDonald, Sr. Texas E3 US Navy World War I
McDonald, Lura Idell, b. 7-2-1902, d. 10-26-1997
McLemore, Juanita Henderson, b. 7-27-1921, d. no date, Precious Memories. Son Vance 1955-1989
McLemore, Vance, b. 11-26-1955, d. 8-18-1989, Head Stone: At rest with the lord. Foot Marker: Dad - we love you
McLemore, William Stanley, b. 12-5-1923, d. 6-20-1993, On Head Stone:Precious Memories. Son Vance 1955-1989. On Foot Marker: William Stanley McLemore S Maj. US Army World War II Korea
Mooneyham, Alvis L., b. 11-24-1910, d. 8-25-1988, Foot marker: SSGT US Army Air Corp World War II
Mooneyham, Ruby Myrtle, b. 9-12-1923, d. 12-12-1991
Murray, Mildred, b. 7-9-1925, d. 7-11-1997, Beloved Wife, Mom, NaNa
Murray, Willard, b. 10-15-1923, d. 8-3-1994, Beloved Husband, Dad, PaPaw
Nettles, Leslie O., b. 9-19-1909, d. 10-22-1996, Married 1-1-1932
Nettles, Raye E., b. 8-13-1910, d. 3-5-1994, Married: 1-1-1932
Oates, Annie Eunice, b. 5-6-1902, d. 7-12-1999, Married: 12-28-1918
Oates, Arthur Earl, b. 3-30-1898, d. 8-27-1974, Married: 12-28-1918
Oates, Frances Merle, b. 11-2-1931, d. no date, As he thinketh in his heart, so is he. Children: Glenn Ray, Johnny Joe, James William (Bill), David Wayne
Oates, Freda Louise, b. 6-9-1939, d. 6-27-1939
Oates, Joe Glenn, b. 4-6-1928, d. no date, As he thinketh in his heart, so is he. Children: Glenn Ray, Johnny Joe, James William (Bill), David Wayne
Oates, John William, b. 5-5-1908, d. 6-29-1978
Oates, Johnny Joe, b. 10-5-1954, d. 7-15-1984, Unto everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heavens. Eccl: 3:1
Oates, Mary Vernon, b. 12-26-1913, d. 3-29-1981
Oates, Travis William, b. 11-13-1973, d. 2-8-1995
Oates, William Gerald, b. 6-25-1937, d. 4-7-1994
Oureton, Elizabeth, b. 1880, d. 1927, Wife of James A. Oureton
Pennington, Heath B., b. 11-24-1967, d. 4-6-1986
Platt, W. W., b. 10-12-1901, d. 9-27-1919
Poindexter, Nellie Irene, b. 10-16-1912, d. 5-11-1988
Price, Jackie O., b. 1-8-1929, d. no date
Price, John C., no dates
Price, Loyal G., b. 5-3-1928, d. 4-8-1993, On Foot Marker: Loyal Grant Price EN3 US Navy World War II Korea
Prichard, Edna M. R., b. 6-19-1908, d. 12-29-1935
Rainer, G. W., b. 3-2-1839, d. 1-15-1896
Rainer, William D., b. 9-9-1941, d. 7-29-1942
Reeves, M. L., b. 10-13-1875, d. 12-21-1900
Reevs, Finis R., b. 1904, d. 1964
Reevs, Finnis B., b. 12-18-1872, d. 9-22-1904
Reevs, Herman O., b. 1898, d. 1962
Reevs, Inez, b. 12-12-1893, d. 4-21-1900, Daughter of F. B. and Sarah J. Reevs
Reevs, Infant, Infant son of Herman and Murna Reevs
Reevs, Madeline E., b. 1910, d. 1994
Reevs, Murna L., b. 1902, d. 1939
Reevs, Sarah J. Cochran, b. 1876, d. 1964
Rhea, Porter L., b. 6-14-1915, d. 10-10-1996
Rhea, Susan C., b. 12-24-1912, d. 12-31-1983
Ridge, Bobbie Estle, b. 4-15-1949, d. 1-2-1995, Foot Marker: Bobbie E. Ridge SP4 US Army Vietnam
Ridge, Jewel O., b. 1-7-1925, d. 10-20-1972, Married: 5-17-1943
Ridge, John E., b. 9-18-1923, d. no date, Married: 5-17-1943
Roan, Ola, b. 1893, d. 1941, Beyond The Sunset Precious Memories
Roberts, Adeline, b. 11-15-1848, d. 2-11-1890, Wife of John Roberts
Roberts, Albert W., b. 4-19-1881, d. 6-12-1960
Roberts, Annie J., b. 4-25-1876, d. 7-6-1884, Daughter of J. and A. Roberts
Roberts, Bamma Hazel, b. 11-10-1909, d. 12-2-1912
Roberts, Bertie, b. 5-31-1880, d. 8-23-1977
Roberts, C. C., b. 10-30-1859, d. 9-8-1953
Roberts, C. E., b. 3-22-1849, d. 4-28-1931
Roberts, Ella B., b. 1924, d. 1988
Roberts, Felix Calvin, b. 1865, d. 1940
Roberts, Geneva G., b. 1887, d. 1948
Roberts, George Washington, b. 12-1-1871, d. 6-9-1889, Son of C. F. and Josephine Roberts
Roberts, Infant, b. 2-22-1902, d. 2-22-1902, Infant Daughter of Laura and F. C. Roberts
Roberts, James Wesley, b. 9-2-1894, d. 5-8-1952
Roberts, Jim Felix, b. 6-15-1913, d. 5-13-1965
Roberts, John, b. 11-15-1843, d. 12-27-1900, Masonic Emblem
Roberts, Johnnie Alex Senior, b. 11-23-1904, d. 1-15-1992
Roberts, Laura Annie, b. 1873, d. 1939
Roberts, Lillie Love, b. 10-30-1921, d. 4-3-1999
Roberts, Rufus H., b. 1884, d. 1965
Roberts, Sibyl Christeen, b. 1918, d. 1920
Roberts, Tommy, b. 1891, d. 1916
Roberts, Wanda L., b. 7-25-1933, d. 4-4-1993, You are the wind beneath my wings. S. R
Robinson, Chester H., b. 2-1-1898, d. 4-18-1961
Robinson, Jewell I., b. 2-5-1904, d. no date
Rosson, Gay, b. 6-20-1936, d. 2-8-1972
Sanders, Abney H., b. 3-30-1888, d. 3-8-1976
Sanders, Calvin W., b. 4-8-1916, d. 1-8-1969
Sanders, Carl Thomas Senior, b. 1-19-1910, d. 4-5-1975,
Sanders, Della, b. 6-29-1903, d. 5-22-1973, Head Stone: They can never quite leave us, although they have passed, a thousand sweet memories are holding them fast. On Foot Marker: Mother
Sanders, Dillie Lavada, b. 3-17-1912, d. 8-11-1976
Sanders, Eddie J., b. 4-2-1890, d. 3-21-1978
Sanders, Evie A., b. 12-24-1894, d. 6-7-1976, Head Stone: They can never quite leave us, although they have passed, a thousand sweet memories are holding them fast. On Foot Marker: Evie Anderson Sanders Pvt Us Army World War I
Sanders, Francine, b. 3-4-1922, d. 1-26-1978
Sanders, Glen, b. 3-3-1944, d. 3-25-1944
Sanders, Henry F., b. 1-18-1888, d. 3-24-1964
Sanders, Jo, b. 2-28-1954, d. no date, Home where I belong - with Jesus
Sanders, Kenny, b. 9-17-1952, d. 2-25-1968
Sanders, Larry T., b. 8-18-1945, d. 9-7-1969
Sanders, Nannie J., b. 2-7-1886, d. 10-18-1964
Sanders, Ray, b. 8-19-1933, d. 11-24-1957
Sanders, Ruthie J., b. 5-28-1915, d. 1-13-1990
Sanders, Willie, b. 1-18-1884, d. 2-8-1960
Shelton, Charlie W., b. 6-23-1897, d. 2-24-1969
Shelton, Ellen, b. 1-21-1870, d. 1-6-1955, Mother
Shelton, Jacquelin, b. 11-29-1925, d. 6-19-1926
Shelton, Nellie I., b. 12-28-1901, d. 6-1-1980
Shelton, Willie, b. 1907, d. 1913
Shepard, Peggy June, b. 8-19-1951, d. no date
Sherrod, Alvis Washington, b. 9-24-1908, d. 8-6-1975
Sherrod, Charlie Alex, b. 11-20-1913, d. 4-2-1993, Married: 8-25-1934
Sherrod, Ellen Estelene Henderson, b. 1-1-1919, d. no date, Married: 8-25-1934
Sherrod, Margarette Lou, b. 12-30-1938, d. 12-30-1938, Twin daughter of Charlie and Estelene Sherrod
Sherrod, Margery Sue, b. 12-30-1938, d. no date, Twin daughter of Charlie and Estelene Sherrod
Sherrod, Mary Lou, no dates, This marker is laying on the ground
Sherrod, Ransom Alex (Buster), b. 7-4-1888, d. 4-2-1962
Shields, Alton, b. 8-5-1905, d. 2-8-1985, Children: J. W., Troy, Mildred, Shirley, Jerry D
Shields, Essie D., b. 9-21-1911, d. no date, Children: J. W., Troy, Mildred, Shirley, Jerry D
Shoat, Infant, Infant of John Shoat
Shugart, Edna Taylor, b. 1-2-1911, d. 3-18-1997, Beloved Mother
Smith, G. B., b. 10-11-1849, d. 3-24-1904
Smith, Joe Andrew, b. 1904, d. 1959
Smith, Martin Van, b. 1861, d. 1933
Smith, Mary J., b. 9-26-1858, d. 6-18-1944
Smith, Mattie Jo, b. 1869, d. 1926
Smith, Rosie Belle, b. 1906, d. 1937
Spires, Benjamine E., no dates
Stone, Sarah (Bettie), b. 1872, d. 1962, Mother
Taulby, Jesse Lee, b. 3-5-1914, d. 9-11-1979, PVT US Army World War II
Taulby, Sarah F., b. 9-14-1875, d. 7-27-1964, Mother In Loving Memeory
Taylor, Betty Lou, b. 1-25-1930, d. no date
Taylor, Fred I., b. 8-30-1927, d. 8-25-1993, In Loving Memory
Taylor, Henry F., b. 12-16-1862, d. 5-9-1940
Taylor, Hershell, b. 1903, d. 1952
Taylor, Homer Lee, b. 2-7-1905, d. 4-18-1959
Taylor, Larry Gene, b. 9-18-1947, d. 3-22-1983, US Army Vietnam
Taylor, Sarah J., b. 3-?-1873, d. 2-?-1960
Taylor, Stella, b. 1902, d. no date
Thomason, Adrian, no dates
Thomason, Bessie M. Little, b. 10-30-1925, d. no date
Thomason, Ella L., b. 5-6-1870, d. 2-23-1945
Thomason, Henry E., b. 10-3-1891, d. 11-10-1970
Thomason, Jessie R., b. 5-18-1892, d. 1-29-1983
Thomason, Josephine, b. 3-6-1880, d. 3-15-1881, Daughter of W. M. and M. G. Thomason
Thomason, Troy Merlin, b. 11-26-1923, d. no date, Foot Marker: CPL Troy M. (Straw) Thomason 38431620 Ho Btry 552nd. AAA AW BN (MBL) 12-2-1944 Verviers (Ensival) Belgium World War II England France Belgium Germany
Thomason, Wallace A., b. 10-7-1914, d. 5-13-1993
Thomason, Wallace A., b. 11-18-1853, d. 11-17-1940
Thomason, Zack, b. 12-9-1889, d. 7-23-1892, Son of W. A. and E. L. Thomason
Thompson, Albert, no dates
Thompson, Allman, b. 11-30-1910, d. 3-13-1992
Thompson, Alton, b. 12-1-1895, d. 5-25-1970, Foot Marker: James A. Thompson Texas PFC US Army World War I
Thompson, Doyle, b. 7-28-1913, d. no date
Thompson, Earl, b. 12-28-1900, d. 7-22-1994, Together Always
Thompson, Eva, b. 12-7-1886, d. 9-7-1961
Thompson, Fannie, b. 11-14-1868, d. 7-28-1960
Thompson, Helen, b. 3-6-1918, d. 9-8-1993
Thompson, Infant, b. 4-21-1955, d. 4-21-1955, Infant son of Jack and Frances Thompson
Thompson, Jake, b. 4-21-1851, d. 11-14-1935
Thompson, Jake, b. 9-2-1888, d. 6-12-1971
Thompson, James N., b. 1943, d. 1943, Infant
Thompson, Joe, b. 4-21-1882, d. 7-19-1940
Thompson, Kenneth Earl, b. 9-23-1925, d. 11-17-1927
Thompson, Mary, no dates
Thompson, R. D., b. 3-29-1911, d. 7-29-1977
Thompson, Rachel, b. 1900, d. 1984
Thompson, Ruth, b. 2-22-1905, d. no date, Together Always
Thompson, Sarah, b. 5-1-1857, d. 4-21-1912
Thompson, Thomas Clay, b. 1962, d. 1991
Thompson, W. W. (Billie), b. 6-26-1858, d. 9-21-1914
Thompson, Willie, b. 6-12-1883, d. 11-11-1978
Turner, Billie Thompson, b. 7-25-1927, d. no date, Married: 8-2-1944
Turner, Holvys, b. 10-30-1922, d. 1-28-1996, Married: 8-2-1944. On Foot Stone: Lloyd Holvys Turner SSML3 US Coast Guard World War II
Walker, Edna, b. 12-6-1911, d. no date
Walker, Max, b. 1-9-1907, d. 7-25-1963
Walton, Joe Glenn, b. 3-20-1946, d. 5-14-1994, Married: 10-25-1970. Children: Roberta, Benjamin, Micael, Russell, Cathy
Walton, Martha Gene, b. 5-10-1944, d. no date
Walton, Muriel Sibley, b. 9-4-1908, d. 8-23-1996
Waltz, John Paul, b. 4-26-1978, d. 2-5-1998
Wells, Sadie, b. 1-29-1910, d. 10-1-1979
White, Alice F., b. 12-25-1895, d. 1-24-1990
White, Alice, b. 9-3-1897, d. 10-25-1987
White, Arnold W., b. 8-1-1896, d. 2-2-1980
White, Elizabeth K., d. 1-16-1896
White, George S., b. 1893, d. 1966
White, Georgie B., b. 12-24-1896, d. 4-21-1959
White, Olan L., b. 1920, d. 1998
White, Wilmoth F., b. 1896, d. 1990
Williams, Lillie E., b. 6-24-1892, d. 8-26-1955
Wilson, Connie Lee, b. 1-27-1935, d. 12-24-1995, Head Stone: Parents Jesse and Lucille 1941-1953 School-Groesbeck 1953-1956 US Marine Corps 1956-1961 BS/MS Sam Houston 1959-1984 Texas Department of Corrections 1967-1976 Children: Stacie, Lance, Kellie, Brandie
Wilson, Jesse E. Senior, b. 9-23-1902, d. 12-14-1978, Dad. Children: Jackie, Connie, Sue, Jerry, Jesse Jr., Kaye
Wilson, Teshia L., b. 7-2-1910, d. no date, Mother. Children: Jackie, Connie, Sue, Jerry, Jesse Jr., Kaye
Winn, Barry Gene, b. 1-25-1969, d. 4-6-1986, Foot Marker: Barry forever in our hearts
Withers, George W., b. 1870, d. 1946
Withers, Inez (Jackie) Hunter, b. 2-5-1914, d. 2-14-1984
Withers, Monroe, b. 11-5-1909, d. 6-26-1971
Withers, Willie R., b. 1879, d. 1946
Wood, B. S., b. 11-25-1865, d. 10-23-1900
Woods, April Joy, b. 10-8-1985, d. 10-8-1985
Wright, James A., b. 10-24-1923, d. 7-2-1990, Foot Marker: PFC US Marine Corps World War II
Wright, Jewell B., b. 8-12-1924, d. no date
Yarbrough, Almer, b. 4-14-1897, d. 7-31-1921
Yarbrough, Alva E., b. 1896, d. 1856
Yarbrough, Cecil W., b. 11-16-1901, d. 7-11-1973
Yarbrough, D. C., no dates
Yarbrough, Dona, b. 8-23-1904, d. 3-16-1979
Yarbrough, Ima E., b. 6-22-1919, d. 11-6-1995, Mother Of: Gnat McPherson, Larid McPherson, Glenn Yarbrough
Yarbrough, Luther E., b. 8-10-1915, d. 9-15-1992, Father Of: Kenneth Yarbrough, Donald Yarbrough, Glenn Yarbrough
Yarbrough, Nathan Earl, b. 8-7-1921, d. 1-1-1950, On that bright immortal shore we shall meet to part no more.
Yarbrough, Nellie P., b. 6-20-1930, d. no date, Married: 1-11-19??
Yarbrough, Ocie O., b. 1895, d. 1972
Yarbrough, William (Reg), b. 12-1-1924, d. 6-3-1973, Married: 1-11-19??Foot Marker: William R. Yarbrough Texas SSGT US Army World War II
Young, Mollie, b. 7-1-1882, d. 7-30-1887

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