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Old Lane Prairie Cemetery
Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas

Contributed by Mary O'Neal, Jan 18, 2012, last edited Jan 23, 2012 [woodnquilt058@aol.com]. Total records = 64.

The Old Lane Prairie Cemetery is located west of Highway 174 on Mt. Carmel Road in the northern edge of Cleburne. From Interstate 35 drive south on 174 through Burleson, and continue south past FM 917 (in Joshua) about 2.5 miles. Turn west (right) on Mt. Carmel Road, which is also County Road 903. The cemetery will be on your left just before you get to the railroad tracks.

W. J. Capps and his wife donated an acre of land for Lane Prairie Baptist Church to be built on, and also donated another acre of land for a cemetery around 1879. In 1882 the railroad was built close to the church and cemetery. Since the train scared the horses that the farmers used to pull carriages and wagons to church, and the sparks from the coal train started fires, about ten years after the railroad was built, the church moved, and now only the cemetery is left at the old location. When the church moved, another cemetery called Lane Prairie Cemetery was established, and the one on the west side of 174 became known as 'Old Lane Prairie Cemetery'.

Partially because of a somewhat secluded location, this little cemetery has been plagued by vandalism, the latest of which was in November of 2010. Many stones have been broken, some lost to time, and others weathered so badly that they are very difficult, if not impossible to read. Surprisingly, some of the easiest to read were field stones with just a name and sometimes dates scratched into them. Some headstones have been replaced, even some that were still readable, but others have been lost forever. Some graves are only marked with field stones which have no writing on them.

However, in 1969 Reverend and Mrs. Gordon Miltenberger did a survey of the cemetery, and later donated it to the Cleburne Public Library to be made available to anyone who wished to read it. I have included any names from that survey that I either couldn't find a headstone for, or couldn't read the headstone, and these entries are marked with an asterisk (*) in my transcription. The asterisk designates that all or part of the information was taken from the 1969 survey.

I walked and read all existing and legible stones and markers in summer of 2011.

- Mary O'Neal

Babers, C. C., b. 04 Mar 1818, d. 08 Apr 1885
Belcher, James M., b. 17 Dec 1881, d. 06 May 1886, Son of T.H. & L
Belcher, Lucretia, b. 1842, d. 1932, Wife Of T.H. Belcher
Belcher, Thomas H., b. 01 Jan 1842, d. 17 May 1897, Husband of Lucrecy, Co G, MO Cav, CSA
Berry, J. B., b. 16 Dec 1875, d. Jun 1877, Son of G.L. & K. C.
Black, Mina, b. 16 Feb 1864, d. 16 Jan 1883, Wife of J. R. Black
Brooks, Aurelia E., b. 08 Feb 1836, d. 9 May 1880, Wife of Eld S. E.
Brown, Amanda R., b. 17 Feb 1873, d. 13 Aug 1887, Dau of O. & M. Brown
Brown, James Y, b. 24 Jun 1866, d. 13 Aug 1887, Son of O. & M.
Buck, Ruth A. A., b. 20 Nov 1859, d. 12 Feb 1886, Wife of Sam, stone broken
Burke, James O., b. 11 Feb 1872, d. 13 Jan 1873
Calvert, J. C., b. 06 Sep 1829, d. 12 Oct 1882
Calvert, Samuel Wilson, b. 06 Apr 1870, d. 28 Oct 1879
Caps, Arka, b. 19 Nov 1836, d. 01 Jan 1892, Wife of W. J.
Davis, M. Eliza, b. 13 Oct 1867, d. 13 Sep 1886, Dau. Of T.J. & M.E. Davis, Only pieces left of headstone
Davis, T. Jeff, b. 17 Oct 1863, d. 12 Nov 1890, Son of T.J. & M.E. Davis, Only pieces left of headstone
Driskill, Fredonia E., b. 22 Aug 1857, d. 06 Nov 1916, Wife of L.W. Driskill
Driskill, Jennie O., b. 24 Dec 1889, d. 16 Mar 1893, Dau. Of L.W. & F.E. Driskill
Driskill, L. W., b. 13 Mar 1850, d. 14 Mar 1924, Married to Mrs. Ida Frost 06 Oct 1921
Duckworth, Joshua W., b. 26 Nov 1833, d. 24 Jan 1877, Stone broken
Gibbs, E. Y., b. 20 Jul 1858, d. 04 May 1875, Son of H. & E.J. Gibbs, both old and newer headstone
Gibbs, Emily J., b. 13 Feb 1832, d. 10 Mar 1893
Gibbs, Gracie Victoria, b. 05 Jul 1884, d. 02 Jan 1889, Daughter of O.H. & Alice Gibbs, Etched field stone and newer Headstone
Hadley, Matilda, b. 22 Aug 1871, d. 18 Mar 1894, Wife of R. L. Hadley, new Stone in front of old headstone
Helsley, Charlotte, b. 14 Apr 1819, d. 02 Jul 1882, Wife of S. Helsley
Helsley, Florence Lee, b. 16 Sep 1858, d. 23 Aug 1921, s/w J. M.
Helsley, George M., b. 19 Dec 1876, d. 16 Jan 1893, Son of J.M. & F. L.
Helsley, J. M., b. 13 Feb 1848, d. 14 Feb 1923, s/w Florence Lee
Helsley, Patricia Jeanne, b. 1926, d. 1933
Helsley, S., b. 27 Dec 1818, d. 27 Apr 1892
Helsley, Samuel H., b. 25 Feb 1880, d. 28 Apr 1881, Son of J. M. & F. L. *
Hines, Anna, b. 18 Nov 1834, d. 22 Nov 1888, Wife of J. W. Hines
Hines, Clement H., b. 12 Aug 1881, d. 12 Jul 1883, Son of A.B. & H. Hines
Hines, John W., b. 04 Oct 1837, d. 29 Aug 1877
Hines, M. D., b. 01 Sep 1823, d. 15 May 1896
Hines, Sophronia A., b. 25 Aug 1829, d. 10 Feb 1882, Wife of M. D. Hines
Holmes, O. M., b. 22 Aug 1851, d. 10 Sep 1878, Son of M. & L. Holmes
Jobe, Annie (Gibbs), b. 25 Oct 1862, d. 29 Dec 1881, Daughter of H. & E.J. Gibbs, Both old and newer headstone
Jobe, William Palmer, d. Died about year 1886, Husband of Annie Gibbs Jobe, Newer headstone
Johnson, Mary E., b. 30 Apr 1850, d. 09 Oct 1886, Wife of W.H.
King, Lizzie, b. 03 Dec 1867, d. 30 May 1882, Dau. Of L.J. & Martha King, * Only pieces left of headstone
Lightfoot, Matilda J., d. 03 Mar 1883, age: 37yr, Wife of S. T. Lightfoot
Marple, Fannie, b. 14 Apr 1863, d. 22 Jan 1884, Dau. Of Eld. E & J.M. Marple
Marple, Mattie M., b. 01 Oct 1873, d. 22 Jul 1885, Dau. Of Eld. E & J.M. Marple
McPherson, Henry M., b. 06 Dec 1872, d. 17 Jan 1874, Son of T.B. & S. E. McPherson
McPherson, Roland, b. 19 Sep 1884, d. 09 Oct 1884, Son of T.B. & S. E. McPherson
Metsgar, Lovina, b. 17 Jun 1819, d. 21 Nov 1898, Wife of John Metsgar
Norman, Tony N., d. 31 May 1968
Odom, Cornelius, b. 05 Dec 1864, d. 20 Mar 1933
Odom, Elizabeth J., b. 20 Dec 1848, d. 03 Jul 1918, Wife of J. E.
Odom, Elizabeth, b. 04 Jun 1837, d. 18 Aug 1880, Wife of J.E.
Odom, J. E., b. 16 Feb 1827, d. 20 Mar 1913
Odom, Sarah Jane, b. 30 Jan 1862, d. 29 Jun 1908
Redmon, Allie B., b. 23 Apr 1896, d. 15 Apr 1897, J.J. & VB Redmon Buried Snyder, OK
Redmon, Infant Son, b. 26 Nov 1894, d. 17 Dec 1894, J.J. & VB Redmon Buried Snyder, OK
Smith, Maggie P., b. 16 Jun 1862, d. 01 Apr 1880, Wife of H. L.
Smith, Murtle, b. 05 Dec 1879, d. 22 Sep 1880, Dau. Of H. L. & M. P.
Sommers, Robert, b. 12 Nov 1826 Dunlavin, County Dublin, Ireland, d. 22 Sep 1889, Stone Broken
Stewart, Lavinia C., d. 14 Mar 1876, age: 38yr 3mo 23da, Wife of William
Strawn, Harvy M., b. 15 Feb 1873, d. 12 Oct 1877, Son of W.G & M. Strawn
Vickers, Sallie T., d. Dec 1874
Wallis, Joseph H., b. 27 Nov 1808, d. 22 Nov 1886
Wilson, Harriett E., b. 10 Oct 1848, d. 27 Sep 1875, Wife of J. G.
Young, Joseph A., b. 15 Feb 1817, d. 29 Jan 1879, Masonic

Anderson, This is a family plot, no headstones visible

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