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Koinm Cemetery
Harris County, Texas

Contributed by George Wolf Jr. [gwshistory@webtv.net]. Total records = 9.

Located on the west side of Highway 59 and Jetero Bld., near Humble, Texas. Fenced and in very good condition. Compiled 1986.

Koinm, Mary, Born Apr. 20,1829, Died Jan. 27,1908
Koinm, Christopher, Born Feb. 8,1822, Died Mar. 14,1894
Koinm, J.H., Born July 3,1860, Died Mar. 13,1910
Koinm, Rosanna Rachel, Born Oct. 4,1882, Died Dec. 5,1957
Koinm, H.K., Born 1899, Died 1899
Koinm, Ida, Born Nov. 26,1855, Died Oct. 20,1900
Koinm, Henry Edwards, Born Mar. 4,1901, Died Sept. 23,1960
Koinm, Nelle C., Died July 23,1965
Thames, L.J., Born 1855, Died 1897


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