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Larkspur Conservation at Taylor Hollow
Westmoreland, Sumner County, Tennessee

larkspur conservation at taylor hollow westmoreland tennessee

GPS: 36.519677, -86.237129

155 Bear Carr Rd
Westmoreland, TN 37186

Published: September 9, 2019
Total records: 24

Larkspur Conservation is a non-profit organization that runs a "conservation burial ground" that buries bodies without embalming fluids, concrete vaults, or metal caskets. It's focus is on natural decomposition as a way to preserve nature.

Cemetery History

The cemetery opened up for burials in 2018. It's located on land that originally belonged to Russell Dorris Ward, M.D. whose daughter is among the Board of Directors at Larkspur Conservation.

Cemetery Records

Records published below were acquired from Larkspur Conservation on September 9, 2019.

ANDERSON, Eric, b. 05/30/1966, d. 05/28/2019
BAKER, Kenneth, b. 07/10/1970, d. 01/25/2018
BUSH RANNEY, Gipsie, d. 03/07/2017
COBLE, Brian, b. 08/25/1962, d. 11/21/2018
DONNELLY, Anne, b. 11/14/1951, d. 04/21/2019
DOUBLEDAY, Sarah, b. 01/17/1955, d. 11/08/2018, Veteran
FALLS, H. Naill, b. 10/26/1953, d. 02/09/2018
FELDMAN, Robert, b. 07/21/1938, d. 06/03/2013
FIELDEN, Rubye, b. 07/27/1924, d. 09/24/2018
FOX, Robert, d. 12/12/2018
GOOCH, Katherine, b. 08/30/2019, d. 02/10/2019
JACKSON, Marguerite, b. 07/30/1969
JOHNSON, Virginia "Viki", b. 02/17/1939, d. 12/21/2018
LANIER, Heather, b. 01/06/1977, d. 06/04/2018
LEWIS JORDAN, Julia, b. 02/27/1970, d. 07/24/2018
MANESCHI, Sofia, b. 06/22/1975, d. 01/26/2014
MARTIN, Linda "Wendy", b. 07/08/1951, d. 09/06/2019
MOULTON, Patrick, b. 12/28/1943, d. 08/07/2018
NICGORSKI-BARTEK, Julia, b. 01/14/1935, d. 06/19/2018
SCUDDER, Gary, b. 09/08/1952, d. 06/13/2018
SNYDER, Diane, d. 02/18/2017
WENTWORTH, Betsy, d. 02/25/2019
WILSON, James, b. 02/02/1938, d. 10/08/2018, Veteran

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