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Hays Cemetery
Henderson County, Tennessee

Contributed by Lisa Pritchard Ing, Feb 25, 2001 [sshore2@bellsouth.net].
Total records = 29.

Darden-Christian Chapel Road, 2.8 miles north of Darden, TN

Anders, Eliza Cottrell, b. 9/3/1835, d. 4/6/1906
Bledsaw, Harreita, b. 1852, d. 12/10/1896
Carrington, D. H., b. 5/8/1863, d. 8/5/1892,"Wife of J.J. Carrington
Crews, Martha J., b. 10/16/1836, d. 11/5/1857, "Wife of B. Crews"
Hamm, Eula, M., b. 10/15/1917, d. 1918
Hays, Delia, d. 12/23/1862, "Aged 51 yr's 10 mo's 15 da'" "Wife of James Hays"[Broken]
Hays, Elizabeth, b. 12/12/1860, d. 3/30/1876, "Daug of M.M. & J.J. Hays"
Hays, Elizabeth, d. 10/11/1900, "Aged 49 Yr's 2 Mo's & 1 Da" "Wife of Z.T. Hays" "Mother"
Hays, Henry, no dates, military marker, "Corpl. Co. A. 7 Tenn Cav
Hays, Infant, b. 10/3/1874, "Infant son of Dr. W. H. & Jane Hays[fallen]
Hays, James, b. 1/14/1809, d. 5/6/1879
Hays, Janey, b. 3/12/1844, d. 3/18/1898, "Wife of Dr. W. H. Hays" "Mother"
Hays, Katie C., b. 8/17/1872, d. 4/4/1890
Hays, Malinda P., d. 10/12/1900,"Aged about 67 years"
Hays, Martha, b. 2/19/1870, d. 9/1870
Hays, Mattie F., b. 8/8/1878, d. 9/12/1880
Hays, Sally, b. 7/7/1842, d. 8/24/1852, "Daughter of J.& D. Hays"
Hays, Samuel L., d. 3/28/1882, "Aged 54 Yr's & 26 Da's[broken]
Hays, Sarah E., b. 1/7/1867, d. 4/4/1897, "Wife of L.G. Hays"
Hays, Son, b. 5/8/1884, d. 3/29/?, "Son of W.M. & V.G. Hays"[broken]
Hays, Viola, b. 1/11/1884, d. 2/5/1885
Hays, William, no dates, "Aged 3 Yr's" "Son of Z.T. Hays"
Hays, Zachary Taylor, son of James & Delilah Hays, no marker, from family records
Melton, Infant, 1925, "Infant of Ike & Myrtle Melton"
Reeves, Infants, d. 2/4/1888, "Three infant sons of R.G. & U.G. Reeves
Reeves, L. F., b. 10/28/1862, d. 8/26/1915, Woodman of the World Memorial Headstone
Reeves, Willie, d. 10/13/1890, "Aged 4 Mo's 10 Da's" "Son of R.G. & U.G. Reeves"
Smith, Nancy Parilee Shipman, b. 5/12/1841, d. 1/8/1898, "Wife of Robert Henry Smith"[replacement]
Smith, Robert Henry, b. 9/18/1836, d. 2/22/1918, military marker, "Tennessee Pvt Co F 27 Regt Tenn Inf Confederate States Army"[replacement]


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