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Thompson Cemetery
Bedford County, Tennessee

GPS: 35.471851, -86.260778

Contributed by Nina Naukam, March 2000 [BrtMoon96@aol.com]. Total records = 34.

Thompson Cemetery
Bedford County, Tennessee
Last read July 18, 1998

Thompson cemetery lies between Haley and Normandy Lake, Bedford county, TN. There is one acre of land, according to information from Catherine Naukam, grandaughter of the donor. Achsah McQuiddy deeded, this acre for use as a cemetery, year unknown. The oldest headstone is dated Aug. 30, 1861 for a Jane M. McQuiddy. One cannot see the cemetery from the old country road.

NOTE: This cemetery is also known as "McQuiddy Cemetery" on some maps.


A Foot stone, b.?, d.?, Age:, #22
Bates, Minnie Lee, b.5-22-1882, d.7-21-1883, Dau-John & Nancy, Age:1, ,#21
Biddle, Jane, b.3-5-1828, d.6-23-1880, Wife of John V., Age:52, #4
Darnell, Mary, b.2-7-1937 ?, d.2-7-1937 ?, Age:??, #3
Darnell, b.??, d.??, Age:??, #1
Darnell, b.??, d.??, Age:??, #2
Hufffman, Margaret, b.??, d.??, Age:??, #29
Huffman, Joseph N., b.9-26-1875, d.3-30-1876, Son of ??, Age:6 mos, #28
King, 'Our Little Babe', b.6-30-1880, d.6-30-1880, Ch of Charlie/Mamie, Age:Hours?, #26
King, C. B., b.12-18-1808, d.6-14-1892, Age:84, #24b
King, Dennie, b.10-20-1929, d.11-21-1929, Son of R.J. & M.J., Age:1 mo., #25
King, G.W. Jr, b.??, d.7-2-1884, Son of G.W.& M.J., Age:??, #23b
King, M. C., b.11-13-1823, d.6-24-1871, Age:48, #24a
King, M.J., b.??, d.11-28-1884, Wife of G.W., Age:??, #23a
McQuiddy, Achsah, b.2-20-1793, d.3-7-1881, Age:88, Death is but a kind hand and welcome servant who unlocks with noiseless hand life's flowered encrusted door to show us those we love, #8
McQuiddy, Ema Pearl, b.3-20-1880, d.9-6-1881, Dau. of J.W. & N.C., Age:1, #11
McQuiddy, Jane M., b.2-11-1828, d.8-30-1861, Age:33, #10
McQuiddy, Lily Cyrens, b.3-13-1868, d.11-5-1868, Age:8 mos, #20
McQuiddy, Lucile, b.8-21-1893, d.8-23-1893, Da-W.B & W.C.W, Age:2 days, #12
McQuiddy, Virginia W., b.2-27-1912, d.11-20-1912, Dau-VC & Alda, Age:9 mos, #14
McQuiddy, Willie Brandon, b.9-12-1918, d.11-19-1922, Son-VC & Alda, Age:4, #15
McQuiddy, Willie Wade, b.6-20-1895, d.1-5-1909, Dau-WB & CW, Age:14, #13
McQuiddy,John, b.6-12-1790, d.10-10-1865, Age:73, #9
Rippey, J. F., b.1859, d.3/22/05, Age:49, #6
Rippey, Johnnie N,, b.1-31-1897, d.8-24-1901, Age:4, #7
Rippey, Sallie B. b.1826, d.1903, Age:41, #5
Stephens, Jennie (King), b.1865, d.1958, Wife of Robert, Age:83, #27b
Stephens, Robert, b.1865, d.1958, Hus to Jennie King, Age:77, #27a
Thompson, Achsah Nancy, b.1848, d.1882, Wife of T.C., Age:34, #17
Thompson, Bettie, b.11-15-1875, d.1-15-1879, Dau. of TC & AN, Age: 4,
Thompson, Fannie, b.1-6-1875, d.5-22-1965, Wife of James B.Age:90, #19b
Thompson, James B., b.12-5-1873, d.3-15-1943, Hus. to Fannie, Age:70, #19a
Thompson, T. C., b.1843, d.1924, Hus of -Achsah, Age:81, #18
Thompson, Thomas Emmett, b.1-10-1880, d.3-5-1906, Age:26, 2 Cor.9:7) Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, let him give, not grudgingly or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver' #16

Information on the THOMPSON CEMETERY, as provided by Catherine (Thompson) Naukam. On July 3rd, 1998, in a letter to son Jon Thompson Naukam. Original letter safely stored with pictures of the head stones. Pictures taken in Oct. 1988.

There is one acre of land reserved there in Grandmother's deed, she gave Warren Waite when I lived there, Jim Thompson, Charlie Artie King, Willie King, Ernest Thompson Annie Cortner and I got a surveyor to run it out- taking Grandfather McQuiddy's grave as the center. The acre takes in the other graves, and goes half way to the gate and down the sides of the hill on both sides. Warren Waite fenced off his graves and without consulting my father, but as there was plenty of land father just let him do it. Grandmother Achsah McQuiddy's deed, which is on record shows the reservation of the acre. I saw the rubbish cleaned off was left in the grave yard and guessed the man who owns the farm didn't want it outside the fence, but there is plenty of room on our land to put it on. Grandfather McQuiddy's grave is just inside of the gate, on the left hand side, was the first grave put there. Grandfather McQuiddy sold the place to Warren Waite after Gramdpa died during the Civil War, That building on the east side on line (back of it) of our land. (?) May 18, 1955 Jennie Stephens.

End of letter sent to us by Catherine Thompson Naukam. Enclosed note from Catherin Naukam : Jim Thompson -my dad; Charlie Thompson--uncle; Ernest Thompson--uncle; Willie King--great-uncle; Artie King--cousin (son of Willie King); Annie Cortner--cousin (McQuiddy); Jennie Stephens--great aunt ( sister to Willie King).

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