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Our Lady Catholic Cemetery
Leola, McPherson County, South Dakota

Contributed by Robert W. Stallman, March 2000 [rwstallman@comcast.net]. Total records = 199.

Our Lady Catholic Cemetery
Transcribed 15 June 1998, by Robert W. Stallman

The cemetery is located at the east end of town, 1/2 mile north of State Hwy. #10, on 363 Ave. east side of road. Oldest Birth Date is 1846. Oldest Death Date is 1928. * = American Legion Member

BAIN, Evelyn, b.1926, d.1958, Mother *
BRANDNER, Daniel J., b.1953, d.1953, Baby
BRANDNER, Elizabeth H., b.21 Apr 1928, d.?, Parents of Judy, James, Janet, Daniel,
BRANDNER, Vincent S.,4 Jun 1925, d.10 Mar 1998, Cynthia, Gregory, Vincent, Kathleen, Michelle *
BUECHLER, Mary Rose, b.1930, d.1930
BURCHARD, Mike P., b.1894, d.1984*
BURCHARD, Tracie, b.1892, d.1970
BURCKHARD, Joe A., b.1896, d.1985, Pvt US Army WW I *
BURCKHARD, Joseph, b.1870, d.1951
BURCKHARD, Julia, b.1871, d.1951
BURCKHARD, Marie R., b.1905, d.1957
DUNCAN, Elizabeth, b.1883, d.1971
DUNCAN, Harrison, b.1881, d.1958
FEICKERT, Terry Joe, d.1956
FIX, Agatha, b.1911, d.?
FIX, Anton, b.1906, d.1980
FRITZA, John A., b.1890, d.1974, US Army
GANSER, Anna E., b.1888, d.1970, Mother
GANSER, Gordon G., b.2 Dec 1914, d.17 Sep 1958, SD Pfc Btry C 381 Fld Arty Bn WW II *
GANSER, Jennie, b.1865, d.1942
GANSER, Mary G., b.1919, d.1958, Mother
GANSER, Nellie, b.1894, d.1984, Mother *
GANSER, Nickolas, b.1861, d.1934
GANSER, Thomas B., b.1887, d.1963, Father
GEFFRE, Albert J., b.1922, d.1944
GEFFRE, Anita J., b.1928, d.?
GEFFRE, Christina, b.15 Feb 1927, d.27 Jun 1987
GEFFRE, Elizabeth, b.1887, d.1949
GEFFRE, Emma, b.1908, d.1982
GEFFRE, Eugene G., b.1926, d.1976
GEFFRE, Francis "Frank", b.17 Nov 1920, d.5 Sep 1995, Sgt US Army WW II, * Parent of Gailen & Janet
GEFFRE, George R., b.1909, d.1991
GEFFRE, Geralyn R., b.1959, d.?
GEFFRE, Janet Marie, b.1954, d.1996
GEFFRE, John, b.1882, d.1974
GEFFRE, Joseph A., b.1889, d.1969
GEFFRE, Josephine, b.1902, d.1956
GEFFRE, Katie, b.1898, d.1986
GEFFRE, Leo, b.23 Feb 1919, d.31 Dec 1990, Tec5 US Army WW II *
GEFFRE, Leopold P., b.1887, d.1954
GEFFRE, Louis, b.1892, d.1981
GEFFRE, Lucille M., b.1915, d.?
GEFFRE, Mary, b.1898, d.1983
GEFFRE, Mary H., b.1896, d.1986
GEFFRE, Mathilda "Tillie", b.1917, d.?, Beloved Parents of Gailen & Janet
GEFFRE, Pat V., b.1958, d.1958, Baby
GEFFRE, Peter, b.4 Mar1896, d.28 Jul 1991, Pfc US Army WW I *
GEFFRE, Peter W., b.1956, d.1959
GEFFRE, Rebecca L., b.1961, d.?
GEFFRE, Rochus, b.1859, d.1934
GEFFRE, Rochus, b.1897, d.1974
GEFFRE, Rose C., b.1893, d.1988
GEFFRE, Steve, b.1885, d.1950
GEFFRE, Steve, b.1906, d.1929, Son
GEFFRE, Veronica, b.1862, d.1956
GEFFRE, Vincent R., b.10 Nov 1917, d.3 Jul 1993, US Army WW II *
GEFFRE, Viola E. Kranzler, b.4 Jan 1921, d.7 Jul 1996*
GISI, Harvey, b.1945, d.1968, Our Father
GLSI, Gregory, b.1884, d.1939
GLSI, Katherine, b.1889, d.1976
GOEBEL, Eileen A., b.1938, d.1993
GOEBEL, Jim E., b.1940, d.
GOESHEL, Jessie, b.1903, d.1977
GOESHEL, John, b.1860, d.1928, Rest In Peace
GOESHEL, Louis, b.1893, d.1961
GOESHEL, Theresa, b.1868, d.1931, Rest In Peace
GRABOWSKA, Adeline, b.1909, d.?
GRABOWSKA, Alexander, b.1880, d.1945
GRABOWSKA, Alvina, b.3 Feb 1921, d.24 Jul 1965
GRABOWSKA, Angela N., b.1873, d.1965
GRABOWSKA, Bernard E., b.26 Jul 1927, d.17 Feb 1934
GRABOWSKA, Clarence, b.1911, d.1981
GRABOWSKA, Francis A., b.8 July 1927, d.17 Feb 1934
GRABOWSKA, Leonard A., b.8 May 1913, d.5 Dec 1969, SD Tec 4 Co E 143 Inf WW II *
GRABOWSKA, Martha E., b.11 Mar 1896, d.26 Oct 1993
GRABOWSKA, Rosalie, b.1890, d.1974
GRAROWSKA, "sic" Joseph, b.1964, d.?, "R" maybe should be B?
GREY, Donald E., b.14 Sep 1934, d.?
GREY,Shirley A., b.22 Feb 1935, d.18 Apr 1981
HAUX, Gregory A., b.1958, d.1958
HAUX, Velma M., b.1934, d.1991, Mother & Wife *
HEAGLEY, Pamela Jo, b.1963, d.1967
HEIDER, Charles Terry, b.1941, d.1996, Parents Of Connie & Jackie
HEIDER, Margaret, b.1938, d.?, Parents Of Connie & Jackie
HEINTZMAN, Johnnie, b.1919, d.19--
HEINTZMAN, Margaret, b.1921, d.1959
HOHMAN, John V., b.1879, d.1957
HOHMAN, Katherine, b.1884, d.1960
HORD, Frances C., b.1873, d.1934
HORD, John E., b.1876, d.1939
HORD, Paul G., b.1908, d.1933
KALLAS, Agnes T., b.1910, d.?
KALLAS, Alex, b.1905, d.1989
KALLAS, Barbara, b.1900, d.1982
KALLAS, Cecellia, b.1876, d.1964
KALLAS, Dominic, b.1920, d.1984
KALLAS, Dorothy, b.1934, d.?
KALLAS, Jerome A., b.1946, d.1948
KALLAS, John, b.1867, d.1950
KALLAS, John F., b.1889, d.1983
KALLAS, Joseph, b.1887, d.1933
KALLAS, Martha M., b.1885, d.1966
KALLAS, Paul J., b.1901, d.1979
KALLAS, Vincent, b.1907, d.1992
KESSLER, John, b.1890, d.1961
KESSLER, Magdalen, b.1896, d.1980
KINDELSPIRE, Clinton R., b.1915, d.1996
KINDELSPIRE, Virgina, b.1916
KLINE, Adam, b.1872, d.1947
KLINE, Agatha E., d.1 Nov 1933
KLINE, Dan J., b.1907, d.1962
KLINE, Elizabeth, b.1902, Mother
KLINE, Fern F., b.1910, d.19--
KLINE, Keith Edward, b.17 Aug 1939, d.21 Jun 1958, SD FN US Navy *
KLINE, Louise, b.1874, d.1937
KLINE, Mary E., b.9 Oct 1963, d.10 Oct 1963
KLINE, Nick, b.1899, d.1975
KLINE, Philipina, b.1900, d.1995
KLINE, Rose, b.1910, d.1944
KLINE, Roy, b.1904, d.1979
KLINE,. Walter, b.1902, d.1985, Father
KOLB, Erin Katherne, b.1982, d.1998
KOPPY, Elizabeth, b.1855, d.1934, Mother
KOPPY, George, b.22 Oct 1891, d.10 Feb 1942, SD Pfc 74 Baloon Co. Air Serv. *
KOPPY, Martin, b.1846, d.1928, Father
KOPY, Anthony, b.1882, d.1967, Thy Will Be Done
KOPY, ELIZABETH, b.1886, d.1979, Thy Will Be Done
LA SOTA, Mildred Nack, b.10 Mar 1921, d.4 Nov 1984
LAPKA, Annie M., b.1908, d.?
LAPKA, Carl, b.1898, d.1992
LAPKA, Edith M., b.1881, d.1967
LAPKA, Edith M., b.1881, d.1967
LAPKA, Elta, b.1920
LAPKA, George, b.1886, d.1942
LAPKA, Igness, b.1873, d.1948, Father
LAPKA, Irene, b.1894, d.1976
LAPKA, James, b.1947, d.1947
LAPKA, Joe, b.2 Jan 1895, d.26 Nov 1980, Sgt US Army WWI *
LAPKA, John, b.1875, d.1951
LAPKA, John, b.1875, d.1951
LAPKA, Josephine, b.1895, d.1981
LAPKA, Laverne, b.1918
LAPKA, Lavoid C., b.16 Jan 1929, d.27 Jan 1929
LAPKA, Lily, b.1894, d.1973
LAPKA, Loretta M., b.1909, d.1940
LAPKA, Mark, b.1899, d.1975, Father
LAPKA, Mark C., d.13 May 1937
LAPKA, Mary, b.1877, d.1977, Mother
LAPKA, Mina, b.1900, d.1979, Mother
LAPKA, Myron Lavoid, b.1923, d.1986, US Army WW II *
LAPKA, Rosella S., b.1908, d.1994
LAPKA, William O., b.1903, d.1982
LECHNER, Carl G., b.1938, d.1957
LECHNER, Frances, b.1903, d.19--
LECHNER, John J., b.1903, d.1975
LECHNER, Kimberley Daniel, b.2 Jan 1955, d.5 Jan 1955
LECHNER, Marvin John, b.20 Jan 1935, d.9 Oct 1962, SD Pvt US Army *
MACK, Alice M, b.5 Mar 1897, d.4 Aug 1982*
MACK, Anna C., b.1896, d.1979, The Family That Prays Together, Stays Together
MACK, Arnold A., b.1923, d.
MACK, Arthur M., b.1888, d.1944, Father
MACK, Carl J., b.1891, d.1986, The Family That Prays Together, Stays Together
MACK, Eugene F., b.1936, d.1937, Son
MACK, Gerold J., d.1935, Son
MACK, Irene, b.1903, d.1990, Mother
MACK, Mary Ann, b.1933, d.1990
MACK, Mellvin A., b.1931, d.1939, Son
MACK, Willie A., b.21 Feb 1894, d.27 Jul 1971, SD Pfc Med Dept WW I *
MERKLE, Denise, b.1976, d.1976
OBERMEYER, Emil H., b.1897, d.1968
OBERMEYER, Mary V., b.1902, d.19--
OPP, Julius, b.1897, 1967
OPP, Kate, b.1902, d.1987
RAPP, Edward W., b.1886, d.1967, Father
RAPP, Pauline E., b.1895, d.1990, Mother
RAPP, Rose Marie, b.1929, d.1932
ROGERS, Terri Ann, b.27 Aug 1961, d.21 Apr 1962
SCHAFFNER, Andrew, b.1877, d.1945, Father
SCHAFFNER, Mary Ann, b.1888, d.1973, Mother
SCHAFFNER, Michael A., b.11 Aug 1946, d.28 Aug 1992, US Army Vietnam *
SCHAFFNER, Michael E., b.9 Oct 1918, d.14 Jul 1986, Tec 4 Us Army WW II
SCHAFFNER, Raymond, b.1940, d.1940
SCHERMAN, Clara, b.1890, d.1975
SCHERMAN, Laureth B., b.1880, d.1931, Mother
SCHERMAN, Michael J., b.1880, d.1930, Father
SCHERMAN, Paul, b.1876, d.1960
SCHERMAN, Peter F., b.1878, d.1958
SCHILLING, Angela B., b.1927
SCHILLING, Oscar, b.1921
SENGER, Leobold,
SENGER, Regina,
STECKLER, Norbert, b.1936, d.1982*
STEPHAN, Anna M., b.1892, d.1983
STEPHAN, Joseph, b.1861, d.1945, Father
STEPHAN, Veronica, b.1866, d.1944, Mother
WULF, Alvina, b.1922, d.1975
ZACHER, George, b.1917
ZACHER, Leocadia, b.1915
ZACHER, Mary Magdella, d.1960
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