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Savannah Advent Church Cemetery
Lee County, South Carolina

Stokes-Bridge Road
Bishopville, SC.

Lat: 34 18' 23"N, Lon: 80 12' 05"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Nov 17, 2006. Total records = 76.

Contributor's Index:

Best, Leatha Grantham, d. 07/23/1921, [CM]
Blackwell, Charlotte G., b. 11/03/1923, d. no date, s/w Leslie J., [CM]
Blackwell, Leslie J., b. 09/10/1924, d. no date, s/w Charlotte G., [CM]
Bumgarner, Beulah M., b. 06/27/1921, d. 07/12/2001, s/w Will P., [CM]
Bumgarner, Will P., b. 09/22/1909, d. 04/02/1981, s/w Beulah M., [CM]
Caston, Mack Glyn 'Loope', Jr., b. 1965, d. 1995, His Picture & Confederate Flag Etched on Stone, [CM]
Fields, Tiney Polson, b. 3/2/07, d. 3/25/24, s/w Walter Edward, [CM]
Fields, Walter Edward, b. 11/30/03, d. 2/22/92, In After-Time We Shall Be Together Forever, s/w Tiney Polson, [CM]
Galloway, Charity A., b. 08/21/1893, d. 05/07/1934, s/w Francis L., [GA]
Galloway, Edmond F., b. 12/01/1868, d. 06/08/1937, s/w Maggie Marshall, [GA]
Galloway, Flora, b. 10/10/1907, d. 06/02/1943, [GA]
Galloway, Francis L., b. 07/29/1890, d. 05/18/1953, s/w Charity A., [GA]
Galloway, Maggie J. Marshall, b. 19/04/1871, d. 11/20/1922, s/w Edmond F., [GA]
Galloway, Margaret Elizabeth, b. 09/07/1927 , d. 09/07/1927, age: 4hr, d/o Harry B., [GA]
Grantham, Basil E., b. 02/01/1917, d. 06/25/1993, s/w Lillie Mae G., [CM]
Grantham, Ethel Alice, b. 11/23/1914, d. no date[CM]
Grantham, Kenneth E., b. 07/08/1915, d. 05/19/1959, Md Alice Lorraine Pulliam 1/15/1938, [CM]
Grantham, Lillie Mae G., b. 07/15/1917, d. 06/03/1996, s/w Basil E., [CM]
Grantham, Mary F., b. 09/23/1923, d. 05/10/1985, [CM]
Grantham, Michael J., b. 08/27/1948, d. no date[CM]
Grantham, Miss Collie, b. 03/06/1914, d. 03/11/1986, [CM]
Grantham, Revis Elswater, b. 05/23/1916, d. 08/06/1983, When They Ring Those Golden Bells, s/w Ruby Andrews, [CM]
Grantham, Ruby Andrews, b. 07/02/1911, d. 11/04/1989, s/w Revis Elswater, [CM]
Grantham, Thelbert, b. 02/06/1920, d. no date, s/w Toni Beth Kelly, [CM]
Grantham, Toni Beth Kelly, b. 05/25/1927, d. no date, M 11/20/1948, s/w Thelbert, [CM]
Grantham, William F., b. 04/30/1905, d. 02/13/1985, s/w Willie M., [CM]
Grantham, William J., b. 04/13/1920, d. 08/18/1987, SC PFC US Army WWII, [CM]
Grantham, Willie M., b. 02/23/1923, d. no date, s/w William F., [CM]
Grantham, Zonnie, d. 09/25/1972, [CM]
Harrell, Nannie, d. 12/30/1941, Wife of G.K. Denman Sr. & the late Reno Smothers, Sr., [CM]
Hill, Lamar N., b. 02/02/1933, d. 12/25/1991, Precious Lord Take My Hand, s/w Lillie P., [CM]
Hill, Lillie P., b. 10/26/1937, d. no date, s/w Lamar N., [CM]
Matuse, Addie Mae, b. 12/10/1917, d. 01/04/1972, Actual Birth Year is 1914, [CM]
Matuse, Henry Lee 'Skeeter', b. 09/18/1935, d. 06/06/1978, Funeral Home Marker - s/o William & Addie, [CM]
Matuse, Jr., Henry Lee, b. 06/22/1962, d. 04/14/1964, Funeral Home Marker - s/o Nellie & Henry Lee, [CM]
Matuse, Jr., William, b. 04/13/1948, d. 08/15/1962, Son of William & Addie, [CM]
Matuse, Martha Webb, b. 08/29/1912, d. 07/26/1997, Funeral Home Marker, [CM]
Matuse, Patsy Ann, b. 06/02/1966, d. 06/02/1966, No Marker, d/o Nellie & Henry Lee, [CM]
Matuse, Payton H., b. 7/1874, d. 07/12/1940, No Marker, [CM]
Matuse, Sandy, b. 1963, d. 1963, no marker, s/o Nellie & Henry Lee, [CM]
Matuse, William Benjamin 'Bill', b. 09/15/1913, d. 08/08/2001, Actual Dates 9/15/1914-8/8/2001 - Funeral Marker, [CM]
McDonald, Charlie W., b. 1886, d. 1963, We Will Meet Again, s/w Fodie S., [CM]
McDonald, Fodie S., b. 1882, d. 1980, s/w Fodie S., [CM]
McKenzie, Infant, b. 07/26/1958, d. , Son of Junius & Mary, [CM]
McKenzie, Jr., Junius Newton, b. 12/07/1946, d. 03/02/1967, A Boy With A Golden Heart, [CM]
McKenzie, Junius N., b. 05/24/1918, d. 11/30/1987, [CM]
McKenzie, Mary Bell, b. 01/09/1920, d. 02/03/1961, Gave So Much To Receive So Little, [CM]
McLendon, Jr., 'Toby' Wheeler Weldon, b. 07/10/1930, d. 01/31/1996, US Air Force Korea, s/w Margaret S., [CM]
McLendon, Margaret S., b. 01/01/1936, d. , Our Father Which Art in Heaven, s/w 'Toby' Wheeler Weldon, [CM]
Polson, Donald Ray, b. 02/14/1947, d. 02/01/1992, Asleep In Jesus, [CM]
Polson, Herbert P., b. 10/24/1919, d. 09/01/1983, PFC US Army WWII, s/w Willie Mae G., [CM]
Polson, Willie Mae G., b. 09/06/1924, d. 08/07/1981, Gone But Not Forgotte, s/w Herbert P., [CM]
Shirley, Albert, d. 08/31/1961, SC Pvt Corps Arty Park WWI, [CM]
Skipper, Henry E., d. 08/06/1980, Memory Lane, s/w Vera G., [CM]
Skipper, Vera G., b. 05/17/1902, d. 01/04/1995, s/w Henry E., [CM]
Smith, Edith S., b. 05/03/1923, d. no date, s/w Everett E., [CM]
Smith, Everett E., b. 10/22/1919, d. 01/12/1930, s/w Edith S., [CM]
Smothers, Annie Mae, b. 06/08/1915, d. 03/05/1925, [CM]
Smothers, Jessie L., d. 12/20/1960, Pvt US Army WWII, [CM]
Smothers, John Fuller, b. 09/02/1913, d. 06/16/1947, Rest In Peace, [CM]
Smothers, Maggie Walter, b. 1881, d. 19, His Wife, s/w W.A., [CM]
Smothers, Nina M., b. 1919, d. 1920, d/o WA & Maggie, Our Darling, [CM]
Smothers, Otis, b. 05/10/1909, d. 11/09/1937, [CM]
Smothers, Penelope, no dates, [CM]
Smothers, Reno, Jr., b. 1919, d. 1919, [CM]
Smothers, Reno, d. 11/13/1918, His toils are past His work is done He fought the fight The Victory Won, [CM]
Smothers, W. A., b. 1882, d. 1927, Rest In Peace, s/w Maggie Walter, [CM]
Smothers, William, no dates, [CM]
Stewart, James C., b. 04/23/1926, d. 06/15/1984, 'Coach' on foot marker, [CM]
Stewart, Roma A., b. 02/03/1933, d. no date[CM]
Stewart, Stella Dease, d. 02/06/1977, [CM]
Wanner, Darrell S., b. 07/07/1907, d. , Together Forever, s/w Nellie S., [CM]
Wanner, Michael H., b. 06/30/1950, d. 11/10/1980, Our Beloved Son, [CM]
Wanner, Nellie S., b. 02/19/1922, d. no date, s/w Darrell S., [CM]
Woods, Cora Dixon, b. 08/26/1900, d. 11/22/1969, [CM]
Woods, Willie I., d. 05/20/1967, [CM]


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