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Salem Methodist Cemetery
West Finley Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania

Contributed by Karen Hucko, April 2000 [whucko@valunet.com]. Total records = 112.

Salem Methodist Cemetery
Located on Majorsville Road,
West Finley, Washington County, Pennsylvania

Information from William Harsh, of Graysville, Pa., marked with [WH]. He knew the Magers family, and lists those who are buried in Salem Methodist without markers.

Abercrombie, Mary, b.1834, d.23 Dec 1866, w/o Samuel H
Alley, Ebenezer, b.1850, d.1862, s/o Elijah and Hannah
Alley, Elijah, b.23 Feb.1803, d.24 Nov. 1879
Alley, Hannah, Clark, b.17 Nov 1805, d.5 Apr 1883, w/o Elijah,
Alley, Margaretta, b.16 Sept 1857, d.7 Apr 1885, w/o Samuel T.
Amos, Elizabeth, b.1794, d.31 August 1870, w/o Mordica
Amos, James, b.1838, d.25 Apr 1868, s/o M. & E.
Amos, Mordica, b.1787, d.no date
Cannan, Ann Elizabeth, b.4 Apr 1825, d.6 Nov.1850, d/o George L.S. & Annie E.
Crider, John W., b.10 Apr 1842, d.11 July, 1900
Crider, Lucinda Alley, b.1842, d.no date, w/o John
Crupe, John, b.9 June 1872, b.77 yrs
Crupe, Julie Ann, b.15 May 1787, d.15 Sept 1861, w/o John
Crupe, Mary, 13 January 1865, 2yr 6mo 9da, d/o, Lawrence & Hannah
Crupe, Noah, b.1851, d.no date
Crupe, Sarah Amanda Magers, b.5 June 1869, d., w/o Noah
Dille, Jane, b.22 June 1822, d.18 October 1885, w/o George W.Sr.
Dille, Jennie (Margaret) Magers, b.1876, d.24 Oct 1906, w/o William E.
Dille, William E., b.1875, d.1906
Dreamer, Anna M.Dille, w/o John, b.1875, -, 1933
Dreamer, Robert, b.1897, d.1937, child of Wm. John and Anna M., (brother)
Dreamer, William John, b.1870, d.2 June 1937
Dreamer, William R., b.1907, d.1937, child of Wm. John and Anna M., (brother)
Dreamer, Zelda J., b.1900, d.1905, child of Wm. John and Anna M., (sister)
Earnest, Sarah J., b.21 September 1868, d.no date, 31yr 3mo 5da, w/o Andrew, child of Wm. John and Anna M.
Farley, Andrew, b.1749, d.no date, 4 Mar 1814, Frontier Rangers, 1777/1783
Farley, Hannah Templeton, b.no dates, w/o Andrew
Fry, Elizabeth Toland, b.28 Feb. 1829, d.30 June 1901, w/o Nicholas
Fry, Mary Magers, b.1866, d.no date, w/o George Fry,
Fry, Nicholas, b.24 Jan. 1827, d.24 Mar 1865, s/o George, Nicholas was a wood worker and an Undertaker. Nicholas had volunteered for the Army Service of the Civil War. He enlisted at Wheeling, W.Virginia. He came down with fever and died., This information was provided by James Dinsmore of West Findley, Pa.
Fry, William., b.11 June 1870, d.12yr 9mo, s/o N.& E
Gunn, John W., 12 Feb 1868, 4yr 4mo 5da
Harris, "Uncle Norman", b.February 1,1884, d.September 25,1968
Harris, Elijah (Eli), b.June 17,1842, d.August 27,1921, Pvt. Co.L 4th Reg. W.Va. Cavalry
Harris, Sarah Jane Nixon, b.November 24,1856, d.1938, w/o Elijah, m.Nov 16,1877, West Finley, Pa., by Brady Gray, J.P.
Harsh, Joseph R., b.7 Sept 1862, d.no date, 27 Sept 1881, s/o Joseph & Sarah
Harsh, Joseph, b.26 Apr 1826, d.15 Apr 1910, m.Sarah McGary, Nov 02, 1854 in Marshall County, W.Va.
Harsh, Sarah, b.21 June 1827, d.25 Oct. 1875, w/o Joseph
Harton, Sally Harris, b.Sep 16,1881, d.May 30,1902, d/o Eli & Jane Harris, died in childbirth, a child of hers is buried beside her.
King, Rebecca P., b.14 Sept 1838, d.no date, 14 Jan 1861, w/o G.H.
Long, Elizabeth, b.5 Jan 1895, d.no date, 75yr 6mo, w/o George
Long, George, b.4 August 1871, d.no date, 65 Years
Magers, Amanda, b.31 Oct 1841, d.8 Jan 1929, w/o David, [WH]
Magers, Blaine, b.27 Mar 1886, d.no date, [WH]
Magers, Caroline Crow, b.1878, no date, w/o Newton, [WH]
Magers, David, b.1840, d.29 Dec 1924, Civil War Co. A,12th W.Va. Vol. Infantry, [WH]
Magers, Harriet, b.1867, d.no date, [WH]
Magers, Logan, b.27 Mar 1886, d.no date, [WH]
Magers, Newton, b.1870, d.no date, [WH]
Magers, Noah, b.Apr 1880, d.16 Aug. 1931, [WH]
Magers, Orville, b.15 Sept 1895, d.5 Aug 1934, s/o Newton and Caroline, [WH]
Magers, Selina, b.1868, d.no date, [WH]
Magers, Stella, b.1875, d.no date, [WH]
Magers, William, b.29 Oct 1874, d.June 1875, [WH]
Majors, James, b.27 Mar 1886, d.1 Sept 1945, Brownlee & Sons FH records
McCoy, Alexander R., b.30 May 1839, d.17 October 1914
McCoy, Mary L. Armstrong, b.9 Oct 1831, d.28 Jan 1893, w/o A.R.
McElwee, James, d.24 July 1870, 55yr, born in Ireland, brother to Charles McElwee
McKerrihan, infant, b.3 Oct.1873, d.no date, 3 Oct.1873, s/o Wm. & M.J., infant, s/o Wm. & M.J., b.30 July 1882, -, 18 Aug.1882
Nixon, Eliza Ferrell, b.Aug.1815, d.Dec 3,1891, mother to Sarah Nixon Harris
Nixon, Samuel, no dates, husband of Eliza
Powell, Susan, b.1847, d.6 Dec 1880, w/o William, Powell, 1880 census for West Finley Township, she had consumption. Davis Todd was living with the family
Richmond, Abraham,, b.1785, d.27 Nov 1863, s/o John & Hannah
Richmond, Albert R., b.28 June 1910, d.28 June 1911, s/o H.A.& L.M.
Richmond, Charlie N., d.14 Jan 1893, 8 mo 10 d, s/o G.W. & Belle
Richmond, David L., b.1828, d.1903
Richmond, Edward Taylor, d.8 Mar 1905, 4yr 16da, s/o H.A. & Lizzie M.
Richmond, Elizabeth, b.28 Sept 1848, d.no date, 1 yr 10 mo, d/o, Joseph & Susanna
Richmond, Esther Wallace, b.8 Jan 1835, d.27 Jan 1886, w/o David
Richmond, Hannah Smith, b.abt 1745, d.abt 1815, w/o John
Richmond, Hannah, McDaniel, d.May 6, 1851, 33 yr 6 mo 3 da, w/o Isaac
Richmond, Infant girl, b.July 8,1948, d.July 8,1948, d/o Elmer R. & Eva Hockenberry Richmond
Richmond, Jacob M., b.1859, d.24 Nov 1896, s/o David & Mary
Richmond, Jacob, b.17 Sep 1778, d.abt. 1816, married Jane Farley, d/o Andrew Farley, Jacob died and Jane moved to Ohio with her children and died there Sept.23, 1851. She is buried in the Woods Memorial Cemetery in Coshocton County, Ohio. Jane Farley was baptised November 12, 1777, at Patterson's Creek, Virginia (now West Virginia).
Richmond, John, b.1736, d.abt 1815, Frontier Rangers 1778/1783
Richmond, John, b.1781, d.1798, s/o John & Hannah (in memory of)
Richmond, Joseph, b.7 Dec 1786, 1 Dec 1871, s/o John & Hannah
Richmond, Mary Elizabeth, d.15 Apr 1840, 6yr 2mo 6da, d/o Isaac and Hannah
Richmond, Mary McDowell., b.1826, d.1864, w/o David L
Richmond, Mary Wharton Richmond, d.4 Feb 1860, 71 yrs, w/o Joseph
Richmond, Rachael, b.1785, d.27 Feb. 1846, w/o Abraham
Richmond, Samuel, d.2 Feb 1852, 11 mo 11 da, s/o Isaac & Hannah
Ritchea, Amanda Chedister, b.19 Oct. 1856, d.13 May 1940, w/o Jacob
Ritchea, Jacob R., b.23 Mar 1866, d.28 Sep 1914
Ritchea, Mary Crupe, b.1877, d.1916
Seaton, Elizabeth, b.11 June 1833, childs marker, d/o J.B. & N.A.
Sockman, James Elmer, b.22 Jan 1867, d.29 Nov 1902
Sockman, W.M., d.24 Dec 1897, 23yr 2mo 18da, s/o F.M. & Celine
Steele, Bryon A., d. 8 Dec 1898, 4yr 6mo 12da, s/o H.W. & Ida M.
Steele, John W., b.11 June 1862, d.21 Sep 21, 1868, s/o Thomas J. & Mary
Steele, Joseph P., d.23 Oct.1860, 3yr10mo 25da, s/o J.& M.
Steele, Mary Ethel, d.9 October 1904, 7yr 11mo 29da, d/o H.W. & Ida
Steele, Mary Richmond, b.16 June 1822, d.15 Dec 1884, w/o Thomas J.
Steele, Russell, d.17 Oct. 1904, 4yr 10mo 18da, s/o H.W. & Ida M.
Steele, William H., d.1860, 6 yrs, s/o T.J. & Mary
Todd, David (Davis), b.23 Jan. 1802, d.10 Feb. 1881, a shoemaker by trade in West Finley Township.
Todd, Elizabeth, b.4 Apr 1835, d.6 Nov. 1860, w/o ???, buried with the Todd Family
Todd, Elizabeth, d.13 May 1873, 24yr 9mo 3da, w/o Jonathan Davis
Todd, Margaret, d.4 Jan 1865, 54yr 9mo 2da, w/o David (Davis)
Todd, Mary P., d.2 June 1856, 15yr 11mo 8da, d/o D.& M.
Todd, Melissa, d.6 June 1872, 28yr 4da, s/o D. & M.
Todd, Nancy, d.27 Feb 1870, 20yr 13mo 13da, d/o D.& M.
Wallace, Ben Wallace, b.1837, d.26 Dec 1905, Civil War Veteran, married Maria Sellers in Marshall Co., W.Va. 15 Feb 1860, in the Civil War, he lived in Greene County, Pa. He enlisted September 4,1862, in Company A, d.140th Regiment, transferred to 51st Company, d.2nd Battalion. Discharged September 4,1865. He was captured at the Battle of, Gettysburg.
Wallace, Harry, d.9 Dec 1896, 4yr 2mo 9da, s/o Nelson & Emma
Wallace, Infant son, no dates
Wallace, James H., d.15 Dec 1851, 13 yr, s/o B.E. &. J.,
Wallace, Jane, d.9 Mar.1852, 41yr 11mo 3da, w/o Benjamin E. Wallace
Wallace, Maria, b.1841, d.2 Sept 1914, w/o Ben, The bodies of Ben and Marie Wallace were moved to the Greene Mount Cemetery, in Waynesburg, Pa., daughter of George Sellers and Elizabeth Richmond d/o Joseph Richmond
Wallace, Nelson G., b.1857, d.1914
Wharton, Robert, b.1750, d.29 May 1823, Frontier Rangers 1777 to 1783
Wharton, Sarah Farley, b.1751, d.1845, w/o Robert
Wilson, Oliver, d.22 Oct.1874, 1yr 9mo 13da, s/o S. & J.E.

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