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Presbyterian Cemetery
West Alexander, Washington County, Pennsylvania

108 W Main Street, West Alexander PA

Lat: 40° 06' 17"N, Lon: 80° 30' 34"W
Donegal Township

Contributed by Gary L Caldwell, May 21, 2010, last edited Jun 07, 2010 [caldwell.gary@gmail.com]. Total records = 130.

Take the West Alexander exit from Interstate Route 70 (about 15 miles west of Washington, PA), follow Old Brick Road for 0.1 mi and continue on Maple Ave for 0.1, turn left on Main Street for 0.2 mi, cemetery is on left.

The minutes show that the first Presbytery on November 19, 1785 had a request for supplies from the Three Ridges (West Alexander) church. The fact seems well established that the ground for the cemetery was consecrated at the same time as the church was established. The first services were held under a large oak tree which afterwards was called "The Preaching Oak".

Each Memorial Day, the American Legion places flags on the veterans graves, dating back to the Revolutionary War.

This data was collected by the DAR and found in the genealogy section of the Washington PA library. The data is from 1937 so the burial records may not be complete.

- Gary L Caldwell

Alexander, James, d. 4 Apr 1824
Alexander, Robert, d. 30 May 1846, age: 42yr
Anderson, James, d. 1814
Anderson, Margaret, d. 13 Sep 1827, age: 67yr
Anderson, Robert, d. 2 Sep 1838, age: 85yr
Armstrong, Ann, d. 12 May 1859, age: 57yr, wife of Thomas
Armstrong, James, d. 5 Sep 1853, age: 91yr, War of 1812, 1st Wash Co, date of death is also shown as 12 Sep 1862 and age as 91yr
Armstrong, Margaret, d. Nov 1851, age: 17yr, daughter of T&A
Armstrong, Thomas, d. 2 Feb 1839, age: 38yr
Blaney, Margaret, d. 22 Feb 1845, age: 64yr, wife of George
Blayney, Caldwallader, d. 21 Aug 1841, age: 84yr
Blayney, George, d. 20 Feb 1838, age: 26yr
Bonar, Barnett, d. 1 Feb 1870, age: 92yr
Bonar, Jane, d. 10 Dec 1869, age: 87yr, wife of Barnett
Bonar, Sarah, d. 12 Oct 1838, age: 89yr
Bonar, William, d. 9 Mar 1814, age: 63yr
Brice, John (Rev), d. 26 Aug 1811, age: 51yr, 1st Pastor of Wheeling and Three Ridges
Brice, Rebecca, d. 1 Jun 1794, consort of Rev John
Brown, John, no dates, Civil War, Camp G. 14th PA Cavalry
Byers, Sally, d. 15 Apr 1817, age: 31yr, consort of Dr John
Carson, John, d. 18 Oct 1862, age: 64yr
Collins, Elbridge, d. 12 Dec 1852, age: 32yr, Mexican War, 85th PA Vol
Craig, Eleanor, d. 17 Feb 1852, age: 35yr, daughter of John and Eleanor
Craig, Eleanor, d. Nov 1852, age: 65yr, wife of John
Craig, Rebecca, d. 6 Sep 1824, age: 74yr
Craig, Samuel, d. 20 Dec 1837, age: 60yr
Craig, Samuel, d. 22 Jan 1849, age: 26yr
Craig, William, d. 4 Sep 1844, age: 32yr
Davis, Samuel, d. 20 Jan 1823, age: 67yr
Davis, Sarah, d. 26 Feb 1841, age: 54yr, daughter of S&M
Emery, Mary, d. 15 Feb 1853, age: 71yr, wife of John
Evit, Margaret, d. 20 Feb 1814, age: 67yr
Faris, Elizabeth, d. 8 Apr 1843, age: 64yr, wife of William
Frazier, Andrew, d. 11 Dec 1838, age: 86yr, "Christiana Frazier, death 9 Oct 1842. Age 88 is penciled in after this name"
Frazier, David, d. 3 Jul 1839, age: 60yr
Gordon, Alexander, d. 12 Sep 1821, age: 36yr
Gullow, Jane M., d. 16 May 1819, age: 23yr, wife of Samuel
Guy, Elizabeth, d. 23 Mar 1835, age: 78yr
Guy, John, d. 10 Aug 1810, age: 67yr
Hall, Nancy, d. 19 Aug 1858, age: 88yr, wife of William
Halsey, Esther, d. 20 Sep 1831, age: 69yr, wife of Philip. Formerly of Windsor in Conn.
Hastings, William, d. 3 Jul 1845, age: 34yr
Hemphill, Jane,",",no dates,
Huey, John, d. Apr 1842, age: 76yr
Kelly, James (Jr), b. 28 May 1832, d. 17 Jun 1887, Civil War, Co. K. 1st WVA Calvary
Kelly, Mary, b. 1805, d. 29 Jul 1884, wife of James Sr.
Kelly, Thomas H., b. Nov 1834, d. Jun 1836
Kidd, Agness, d. 6 Oct 1843, age: 81yr, wife of William
Kimmons, Sophia, d. 2 May 1844, age: 28yr, consort of Andrew
Lucas, Mary, d. 29 Sep 1858, age: 58yr, wife of William
Madison, Rodgers, d. 31 Dec 1856, age: 1yr
Mayle, Charles, d. 1 Mar 1823, age: 77yr
Mayle, Margaret, d. 5 Jun 1805, age: 72yr, wife of Charles
McAdoo, James, d. 1843, age: 63yr
McClain, Nancy, d. 17 Nov 1863, age: 55yr, wife of Samuel
McCleary, Jane, d. 23 Jan 1844, age: 76yr
McCo?, Ann, d. 17 Oct 1828, age: 33yr, consort of Samuel
McCoy, Alexander, d. 17 Aug 1823, age: 38yr
McCoy, Angus, d. 12 Jun 1840, age: 79yr
McCoy, Catherine Smith, no dates, illegible, wife of Angus
McCoy, Daniel, d. 13 Mar 1830, age: 18yr, son of Angus and Catherine
McCoy, Daniel, d. 22 Apr 1809, age: 60yr
McCoy, Grisel, d. 3 Nov 1815, age: 63yr, wife of William
McCoy, James, d. 3 Nov 1830, age: 70yr
McCoy, Jane, d. 22 Jul 1833, widow of William
McCoy, Jane, d. 28 Jun 1827, age: 26yr, daughter of Daniel and Nancy
McCoy, John, d. 24 Jun 1829, age: 32yr, son of Angus and Catherine
McCoy, Nancy, d. 18 Jul 1821, age: 78yr, wife of Daniel
McCoy, Rebecca, d. 15 Mar 1848, age: 27yr, daughter of John and Jane
McCoy, William, d. 17 Apr 1805, age: 67yr
McCracken, John, d. 25 Dec 1817, age: 52yr
McDonald, Catherine, d. 21 Oct 18??, age: 3yr, daughter
McDonald, Elizabeth, d. 4 Aug 1845, age: 58yr, wife of William
McDonald, William (Major), no dates, unreadable,
McKinley, Matilda, b. Mar 1791, d. 15 Apr 1864
McKune, Ann, d. 24 Aug 1842, age: 81yr
McKune, Austin, d. 28 Aug 1863, age: 19yr
McKune, C., no dates, age: 63yr, A memorial of, Defeated JNBV the 20th
McMurray, Ann, d. 11 May 1834, age: 26yr
McMurray, Elizabeth, d. Dec 1839, age: 33yr
McMurray, James, d. 21 Sep 1833, age: 21yr
McMurray, John, d. 15 Jan 1849, age: 89yr
McMurray, Mary, d. 25 Jul 1819, age: 70yr
McNinch, James, d. 31 Aug 1866, age: 87yr
McNinch, Mary, d. 11 Nov 1848, age: 70yr
McNutt, James, d. 8 Jun 1823
McNutt, Mary, d. 1 Mar 1821, wife of James
McWreath, ??, d. 8 Sep 1842, age: 25yr
McWreath, Mary, d. 6 Jun 1865, age: 44yr
McWreath, Sarah, d. 20 Jan 1849, age: 72yr
Mehaffey, Eleanor, d. 12 Jan 1819, age: 25yr
Mehaffey, Eleanor, d. 9 Sep 1846, age: 64yr, wife of Robert T.
Mehaffey, James, d. 16 Mar 1858, age: 55yr
Mehaffey, Robert, d. 22 Jul 1824, age: 52yr
Miller, Margaret, d. 1 Dec 1855, age: 81yr, wife of John
Moore, Jain, d. 17 Aug 1829, age: 23yr, daughter of John and Jain, Ohio County VA
Myers, Margaret, d. 4 Mar 1848, age: 49yr, wife of Thomas
Odenbaugh, Andrew Jackson, d. 19 Jan 1844, age: 19yr, son
Oldham, Samuel H., d. Sep 1874, age: 25yr, son of L&B
Paxton, James, d. 1843
Ramsey, James, no dates, stone broken
Ransom, Amasa, d. 23 Apr 1818, age: 26yr, Memorial to Amasa Ransom who died in PA. Late Laborer on the U.S. Road.
Ray, James, d. 13 Jun 1844, age: 32yr
Ray, Thomas, d. 14 Jan 1839, age: 84yr
Reed, James, d. 10 Feb 1836, age: 76yr
Reed, Margaret Bonar, d. 31 Jan 1835, age: 26yr, wife of William
Reed, William, d. 15 Apr 1855, age: 24yr, son of William
Reed, William, d. Mar 1861, age: 68yr
Robison, Margaret, d. 4 Dec 1843, age: 60yr, consort of William
Roney, Isabell, d. Nov 1845, age: 25yr, consort of James
Roney, William, b. 7 Nov 1781, d. 29 Jan 1831
Ross, Kenneth, d. 10 Aug 1819, age: 36yr
Sample, Sarah, d. 3 May 1855, age: 72yr
Sisson, Ann Elizabeth, d. 3 May 1833, age: 19yr, consort of George
Stewart, Elizabeth, d. 17 ??? 1828, age: 61yr, consort of James
Stewart, James, d. 2 Sep 1828, age: 72yr
Stewart, William, d. 30 Jun 1854, age: 28yr
Stockton, Jane, d. 1 Apr 1853, age: 84yr, consort of Rev John Brice
Strouse, Mary L., d. 16 Nov 1865, age: 21yr
Supler, John, d. 15 Jun 1835, age: 77yr, Soldier of the Revolution, 6th PA Mil
Supler, Margaret, d. 12 Mar 1852, age: 93yr
Supler, Rachel, d. 28 Aug 1850, age: 83yr, wife of john
Sutherland, George, d. Jul 1844, Soldier of the Revolution. Pvt Rgt Pension 15 Jun 1835, 77
Sutherland, Isabella, d. 16 May 1843, age: 75yr, wife of George
Tedford, Ann, d. 13 Mar 1838, age: 42yr
Tedford, John, d. 13 may 1838, age: 80yr
Tedford, Susannah, d. 6 Nov 1839, age: 80yr, consort of John
Wiley, Herby, d. 23 Aug 1835, age: 71yr, "the "e" in the first name is typed over and Herby is best guess"
Wilson, Eliza, d. 11 Nov 1861, age: 36yr
Wilson, Nellie, d. 10 May 1862, age: 79yr, wife of Henry

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