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Pigeon Creek Presbyterian Cemetery
Eighty Four, Washington County, Pennsylvania

Pigeon Creek Presbyterian Church
45 Church Road
Eighty-Four, PA. 15330
(412) 225-3431, Contact: Mary Ann Lobodinsky Secretary/Treasurer, (aka Pigeon Creek United Presbyterian Church of the United States of America)

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 59.

Contributor's Index:

ANTHONY, Lydia E., d. 11/6/1863, Age 2 yrs, 1 mo, 7 days, d/o J. & M. Anthony, [LB]
BEATTY, Samuel, no date, [LB]
BEDALL, Mary Ann, d. 5/3/1852, Age 25 yrs, 1 mo., W/o John Mc. Bedall, [LB]
BOHER, Mary, d. 4/-/1831, Age 26 yrs, Consort of Michael Boher, Junr., [LB]
CALDWELL, Arthur, d. 3/23/1861, In his 74th year, [LB]
CRICKERT, "Elizabeth, Junr.", d. 5/29/1825, Age 20 yrs, 5 mos., [LB]
CROCKERT, "Elizabeth, Senr.", d. 6/23/1826, Age 65 years, [LB]
CROUCH, John D., d. 3/6/1880, In his 71st year, [LB]
CROUCH, Sarah Vance, b. 10/15/1811, d. 10/25/1895, w/o John D. Crouch, [LB]
DAVIS, Sadie Mae, d. 2/5/1914, R-G #Lot 211, Grave 2, [LB]
DEVORE, Elizabeth, b. 9/1/1834, d. 12/24/1899, R-G #Lot 8, Grave 2, 'Mother', [LB]
DEVORE, George A., d. 11/17/1865, R-G#34-7, "Age 8 mos, 16 days, s/o A. & M.J. Devore, [LB]
DEVORE, Henry, d. 10/3/1867, R-G #36-12, In the 80th years of his age, [LB]
DEVORE, James, b. 6/30/1820, d. 2/1/1909, R-G #36-10, Big stone with Devore on base & on east face: James Devore & dates, [LB]
DEVORE, John Thomas, b. 1853, d. 1924, R-G #34-9, 'Father' Treasurer's records begin in 1911. No item was found as receipt for opeining of J.T. Devore's grave., [LB]
DEVORE, Margaret, d. 6/12/1871, R-G #36-11, In the 79th year of her age, w/o H. Devore, [LB]
DEVORE, Martha Jane, d. 11/13/1865, Age 33 yrs, 13 days, w/o of Alexander Devore, [LB]
DEVORE, Martha Jane, d. 11/13/1865, R-G #34- 8, Age 33 yrs, 13 days w/o Alexander Devore, [LB]
DEVORE, Sarah Martha, d. 5/23/1867, R-G #34-6, Age 2 yrs, 5 mos, d/o A. & M.J. Devore, [LB]
DONLEY, Everett L., b. 1877, d. 1966, R-G #Lot 299, Grave 1, 'God Loveth An Honest Man', [LB]
DONLEY, Sara W., b. 1881, d. 1959, R-G #Lot 299, Grave 2, 'An Angel Kissed Her and She Slept', [LB]
DOWLER, Joseph, d .Mar 09, 1799, Husband, [MS]
DOWLER, Joseph, d. May 23, 1834, s/o Joseph and Margaret, h/o Joanna DOWLER, [MS]
DOWLER, Margaret, d. Mar 03, 1835, Wife, [MS]
FERGUSON, Elizabeth, d. 6/16/1873, R-G #34-1, Age 71 yrs, 6 mos, 6 days, w/o Robert Ferguson, [LB]
FERGUSON, Lydia, b. 2/17/1829, d. 3/2/1891, R-G #34-3, 'Our Sister' 'As by one our hopes grow brighter As we near the shining shore For we know across the river Wait the loved ones gone before', [LB]
FERGUSON, Robert, d. 9/23/1878, R-G #34-2, Age 74 yrs, 6 mos, 24 days, 'Our Father', [LB]
GAMBLE, Infant Daughter, d. 1/7/1867, Age 3 days, d/o John 7 Margarette Gamble, [LB]
GAMBLE, Infant, d. R-G #34-10, Stone too worn to read-has scroll & garland of flowers carved into it., [LB]
GAMBLE, Margarita, b. 7/9/1844, d. 6/18/1883, w/o John Gamble, [LB]
GAULT, Infant, d. 11/6/1899, [LB]
GAULT, Wilson A., b. 9/16/1834, d. 12/23/1894, s/o D. W. & M.C. Gault, [LB]
GRAHAM, Hannah, d. 1822, [LB]
GRAHAM, John, no date, [LB]
HAIR, Aaron Harvery Kerr, d. 8/1/1839, Age 4 yrs, 1 mo, 18 days, s/o James & Phebe Hair, [LB]
HAIR, Sarah Amanda, d. 8/31/1839, Age 1 yr, 4 mos, 5 days, d/o James & Phebe Hair, [LB]
HALL, Sarah (Keys), d. 1813, [LB]
HALL, Thomas, no date, [LB]
HALSEY, Mary Jane, d. 6/7/1853, In her 27th year, w/o William Halsey, [LB]
HASTINGS, Sarah, d. 4/17/1855, Age 64, w/o Daniel Hasting, [LB]
LEYDE, David, b. 12/18/1814, d. 2/8/1876, R-G #37-9, 'Our Father' 'And behold I come quickly and my reward is with me to give to every man according as his work shall be.', [LB]
LEYDE, Mary, d. 1/13/1888, R-G #37-8, Age 71 yrs, 3 mos, 10 days, 'Mother' w/o David Leyde 'Remember me as you pass by As you are now so once was I; As I am now so you must be, Prepare for death and follow me.',[LB]
McGIBBNEY, Elizabeth R., d. 3/27/1865, R-G #37-1, In the 35th year of her age, d/o G. & A. McGibbney, [LB]
McGIBBNEY, George, d. 9/7/1868, R-G #37-2, Age 88 yrs, 11 mos, 22 days, [LB]
PEASE, Everett W., b. 6/25/1865, d. 5/13/1889, R-G #37-4, 'Gone but not forgotten', [LB]
PEASE, Infant Daughter, d. 8/15/1861, R-G #37-6, d/o T. & J.M. Pease, [LB]
PEASE, Thomas Glen, d. 4/26/1873, R-G #37-7, Age 5 mos s/o T.V. & J.M. Pease, [LB]
PEASE, Thomas V., d. 6/2/1873, R-G #37-5, "In his 37th year 'Father', [LB]
PRALL, Jane M., d. 4/25/1892, R-G #37-3, Age 54, 'Mother', [LB]
RIDDLE, David, d. 12/3/1863, R-G #36-8, Age 57 yrs, 1 mo, 15 days, [LB]
RIDDLE, Lizzie, d. R-G #36-9, Aunt Lizzie 'At Rest', [LB]
SUMNY, David, b. 6/6/1808, d. 12/6/1893, R-G #Lot 8, Grave 1, [LB]
SUMNY, Nancy, b. 11/23/1808, d. 10/22/1893, R-G #Lot 8, Grave 1, [LB]
THOMAS, Leverton, d. Feb 25, 1814, Aged 74 years, [JR]
THOMAS, Mary, d. Aug 19, 1820, 75 years, wife of Leverton, [JR]
THOMPSON, Harry B., b. 1862, d. 1921, R-G #Lot 72, Grave 2, On site: Huge 80' tall pine tree making burial in Grave 1 impossible, [LB]
THOMPSON, James L., b. 1897, d. 1918, R-G #Lot 72, Grave 4, [LB]
THOMPSON, Nettie A., b. 1866, d. 1936, R-G #Lot 72, Grave 3, [LB]
WEIR, Charles Vernon, d. Jan 21, 1932, Age 2 hrs, Buried at the head of his grandmother Nettie's grave, [LB]


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