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Cross Creek Cemetery
Cross Creek, Washington County, Pennsylvania

Contributed by Gary L Caldwell, Jan 12, 2010 [caldwell.gary@gmail.com]

Magill, Eleanor, d. 27 Sep 1849, age: 80yr, Wife of Samuel
Magill, Samuel, b. 2 Nov 1808, d. 2 Apr ????, age: 75yr
Magill, Samuel, d. 12 Feb 1835, age: 60yr
Magill, Thomas F., Rev, b. 16 Nov 1811, d. 20 Sep 1852
Mahon, John, d. 20 Jan 1864, age: 49yr
Marquis, Ann, d. 23 Sep 1819, age: 39yr
Marquis, Catherine, d. 28 Dec 1818, age: 25yr
Marquis, Cynthia, b. 27 Jul 1840, d. 22 May 1871, age: 31yr
Marquis, Elizabeth, d. 7 Oct 1881, age: 87yr, Wife of John
Marquis, Isabella M., d. 28 Dec 1865, age: 30yr, Wife of Eli
Marquis, Jane Patterson, d. 29 May 1859, age: 28yr
Marquis, Jane, d. 19 Jan 1841, age: 91yr, Consort of Rev. Thomas
Marquis, John, d. 16 Jan 1844, age: 60yr, Soldier in the War of 1812 under General Wm. Harrison
Marquis, John, d. 25 Feb 1822, age: 72yr, In many campaigns and expeditions against the Indians 1776-1783
Marquis, Letitia, b. 18 Aug 1804, d. 20 Jun 1882, Mother
Marquis, Mary Ann, d. 1839
Marquis, Mary Stevenson, d. 7 Nov 1868, age: 71yr, Wife of Robert
Marquis, Mary, d. 27 Jun 1870, age: 28yr
Marquis, Mary, d. 7 Oct 1875, age: 68yr, Wife of William C
Marquis, Mrs. James, d. 25 Dec 1829
Marquis, Mrs. Sarah, no dates
Marquis, Nancy, d. 8 Jul 1829, age: 42yr
Marquis, Newton, d. 4 Oct 1855, age: 33yr
Marquis, Robert, d. 25 Jul 1842, age: 25yr
Marquis, Robert, d. 31 Jul 1829, age: 39yr
Marquis, Sarah, d. 14 Nov 1838, age: 32yr
Marquis, Sarah, d. 2 Apr 1849, age: 74yr, Wife of William
Marquis, Sarak, d. 13 Jul 1869, age: 40yr, Wife of Simeon
Marquis, Thomas, d. 1802
Marquis, Thomas, d. 1829, age: 40yr
Marquis, William, d. 28 Oct 1840, age: 64yr, Son of Rev Thomas, First child baptised at Vance Fort in 1778
Marquis, William, d. 3 Sep 1855, age: 51yr
Marshall, Ann, d. 22 Oct 1860, age: 86yr, Wife of William
Marshall, Ann, no dates
Marshall, Barbara Jane, b. 14 Apr 1818, d. 6 Feb 1870
Marshall, Crawford, b. 15 May 1799, d. 17 Jun 1857
Marshall, Elizabeth, no dates
Marshall, James, no dates
Marshall, Margaret, no dates
Marshall, Martha, no dates, Wife of John Cowen
Marshall, Martha, no dates
Marshall, Mary, b. 12 Jan 1804, d. 6 Jan 1878
Marshall, Mary, no dates
Marshall, Mrs., no dates, Wife of Thomas
Marshall, Peggy, no dates
Marshall, Ruth, d. 21 Sep 1846, age: 34yr
Marshall, Samuel, d. 1 Jun 1824, age: 22yr
Marshall, Sibella, d. 14 Sep 1867
Marshall, Thomas, b. 15 Nov 1799, d. 30 Sep 1890
Marshall, William, b. 11 Dec 1769, d. 1 Oct 1860, Fought in the Indian War of 1792
Martin, Adam, d. 1817, age: 70yr, A Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth is shown as 1746 and date of death is shown as 1816 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Martin, James, d. 28 Apr 1813, age: 23yr
Martin, Sarah, no dates
Mason, Elizabeth, d. 6 Jun 1837, age: 57yr, Wife of Alex
Mason, Mary, d. 14 Sep 1859, age: 49yr, Daughter of Thomas and Sarah
Mason, Mary, d. 4 May 1819, age: 72yr
Mason, Phebe, no dates
Mason, Rebecca, no dates, No other details
Mason, Sarah, d. 7 Jan 1832, age: 43yr, Wife of Thomas
Mason, Thomas, d. 14 Sep 1848, age: 67yr
Maxwell, James, no dates
Maxwell, Susannah, no dates
McCalmont, John, d. 1817, age: 70yr, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth is shown as 1745 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
McCalmont, Mary Livingstone, d. 1814, age: 66yr, Wife of John
McCarrell, Elizabeth, d. 8 Nov 1880, age: 82yr, Wife of Samuel
McCarrell, Jane, d. 13 Oct 1887, age: 73yr
McCarrell, Samuel, b. 1 Mar 1788, d. 12 Jun 1881
McClelland, Hannah, d. 8 Sep 1843, age: 45yr, Concert of James
McClelland, J.R., d. 16 Oct 1878, age: 53yr
McClelland, James, b. 1 Nov 1794, d. 7 Jul 1830
McClelland, Nancy, b. 17 Aug 1822, d. 9 Jul 1854
McClelland, Rebecca Magee, b. 31 Dec 1829, d. 10 Sep 1854
McClure, Mrs. John, no dates
McClurg, Alexander, d. 1842
McClurg, David, d. 9 Nov 1857, age: 82yr
McClurg, Isabella M., d. 8 may 1814, age: 66yr
McClurg, Jane, d. 30 Dec 1859, age: 82yr, Wife of David
McClurg, Miss, d. 1880
McClurg, Priscilla, d. 11 mar 1864, age: 44yr, Daughter of D and J
McCollough, John L., d. 10 Dec 1882, age: 82yr
McCollough, Julia A., d. 15 Aug 1890, age: 82yr, Wife of John L
McCollough, Margaret, d. 4 May 1879, age: 78yr
McConnell, Aleander A.B., d. 30 Aug 1829, age: 24yr
McConnell, Alexander, d. 24 Oct 1840, age: 70yr
McConnell, Mary Fleming, d. 3 Jul 1849, age: 82yr, Wife of Alexander
McCrea, Sarah, d. 3 Mar 1825, age: 49yr
McCrea, William, d. 3 Sep 1841, age: 85yr
McCready, Ann, b. 15 Apr 1759, d. 30 Jun 1836, age: 77yr, Wife of Robert
McCready, Jenny, d. 18 Jul 1805, age: 26yr
McCready, Robert, b. 28 Mar 1752, d. 10 Aug 1846, Soldier of the Revolution, Came from Scotland in 1772, in 1776 volunteered in the army and was in "The Flying Camp." In 1777 came up to Pitts and bought and settled on the Old McCready farm where he had many fights with the Indians
McCready, William, d. 6 Nov 1863, age: 63yr
McCreary, Amanda, d. 23 Aug 1874, age: 33yr, Wife of William S
McCune, Elizabeth, d. 1832
McCune, Elizabeth, d. 5 Nov 1869, age: 78yr
McCune, Samuel, d. 13 Nov 1863, age: 80yr
McCune, William, no dates
McElroy, Rosanna, d. 9 Feb 1849, age: 77yr
McFarland, Andrew, d. 13 May 1853, age: 74yr
McFarland, Margaret, d. 17 Jul 1837, age: 62yr, Wife of Samuel
McFarland, Marthe, d. 1841, wife of Jos
McFarland, Mary, d. 10 Oct 1862, age: 44yr, Wife of Andrew
McFarland, Mary, d. 3 Sep 1888, age: 85yr, Wife of Andrew
McFarland, Samuel, d. 16 Feb 1846, age: 73yr
McFee, George, d. 20 Dec 1876, age: 79yr
McFee, Mary, d. 15 Feb 1886, age: 83yr, Wife of George
McFerron, Mary Lyle, d. Nov 1793, age: 69yr
McGlumphey, Mariam, d. 1861
McGlumphy, Elizabeth, d. 13 Nov 1863, age: 40yr, Wife of J.E
McGlumphy, Saphira, d. 1864
McKibben, Catherine, d. 11 Dec 1885, age: 84yr, Wife of Samuel 1
McKibben, Elizabeth, d. 10 Mar 1814, age: 22yr
McKibben, John, no dates, Listed on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
McKibben, Mary Rea, d. 15 Dec 1801, age: 28yr, Wife of William
McKibben, Mary, d. 26 Jun 1833, age: 75yr, Wife of Samuel
McKibben, Mary, d. 7 May 1883, age: 45yr
McKibben, Samuel, d. 27 Sep 1836, age: 77yr, Many Indian campaigns. Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth shown as 1759 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
McKibben, Samuel, d. 8 Sep 1873, age: 77yr
McKibbon, Thomas, no dates
McKinley, Mariah J., d. 16 Oct 1881, age: 77yr
McLaughlin, Eleanor Lyle, d. 20 Apr 1846, age: 32yr, Daughter of J and M
McMillen, Samuel, d. 7 Jul 1814, age: 51yr
McMillen, Susanna, d. 24 Dec 1814, age: 60yr, Wife of Samuel
McSteen, Jane, b. 14 Jul 1813, d. 19 Mar 1872, Wife of John
McSteen, John, b. 4 Jun 1805, d. 15 Mar 1873
McSteen, Lysander, d. 3 Sep 1874, age: 34yr
Meanes, Alex, d. 1839
Mercer, James, d. 11 Dec 1807, age: 56yr
Miller, Ann, d. 28 Oct 1893, age: 72yr
Miller, George, II, d. 2 Jul 1883, age: 78yr
Miller, George, d. 4 Dec 1839, age: 73yr, A Ruling Elder
Miller, Jane, d. 27 Jul 1876, age: 60yr, Wife of George
Miller, Mary, d. 22 Oct 1867, age: 86yr, Widow of Oliver who was one of the insurgents at Gen Nevill's, the 16 Jul 1794, who was mortally wounded
Miller, Mary, d. 30 Oct 1848, age: 80yr, Wife of George
Moore, Elizabeth, d. 25 Feb 1816, age: 35yr, Wife of James
Moore, James, d. 10 Feb 1828, age: 62yr
Moore, James, d. 4 May 1866, age: 88yr
Moore, Jane, d. 20 Oct 1837, age: 24yr, Consort of John
Moore, Jane, d. 4 Feb 1808, age: 56yr
Moore, Jane, d. 5 Jun 1821, age: 35yr, Wife of James
Moore, Joseph, d. 10 Aug 1806, age: 28yr
Moore, Sarah, d. 8 Feb 1839, age: 45yr
Morris, Ann, d. 1865
Morris, George, d. 1865
Morris, Jack, d. 1865
Morris, Sarah, d. 1865
Morris, William, d. 1865
Morrison, John, d. 14 Jun 1819, age: 25yr
Morrison, William, d. 9 Jun 1861, age: 21yr
Murphy, Sarah, d. 1859, wife of A
Murray, Dr., d. 1829
Nelson, James, d. 9 Jul 1839, age: 32yr
Newell, George, d. 20 Sep 1840, age: 60yr, A Ruling Elder
Newell, Hughey, d. 18 Sep 1810, age: 66yr, A Ruling Elder, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth shown as 1774 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Newell, Mary, d. 27 Jun 1867, age: 81yr, Wife of George
Noah, Richard, d. 4 Nov 1890, age: 35yr
Parker, Abigail, d. 1817
Parks, Susannah, no dates
Paschal, Catherine, d. 29 Nov 1872, age: 83yr, Wife of David
Paschal, David, d. 29 May 1853, age: 67yr, Soldier of the Revolution
Paschal, Elizabeth, b. 22 Jul 1819, d. 10 Feb 1892
Paschal, Samuel, d. 21 Nov 1805, age: 47yr
Patterson, Eliza W., d. 9 Dec 1886, age: 85yr
Patterson, Elizabeth, d. 30 Jan 1826, age: 79yr
Patterson, James, d. 27 Mar 1796, age: 28yr
Patterson, Josiah, d. 23 Jan 1823, age: 71yr
Patterson, Martha, d. 1 Apr 1841, age: 40yr, Daughter of J and J
Patterson, Mary, d. 27 Nov 1855, age: 97yr, Wife of Josiah
Patterson, Mary, d. Aug 1795, age: 75yr
Patterson, Samuel, d. 24 Dec 1805, age: 58yr
Patterson, William, d. 29 Jun 1818, age: 86yr, Soldier of the Revolution, Settled in Cross Creek on the old Patterson Homestead in 1778 where he defended his home from Indians until 1783. Captain, date of Birth shown as 1732 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Pelley, James, d. 3 Feb 1885, age: 69yr
Perrine, Anne Mary, d. 20 May 1861, age: 89yr, Wife of Stephen
Perrine, Jennie B., d. 20 dec 1884, age: 47yr
Perrine, Margaret, d. 3 Aug 1848, age: 49yr
Perrine, Stephen, d. 17 Dec 1847, age: 88yr, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth is shown as 1759 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Perrine, William, d. 19 Jun 1834, age: 28yr
Perry, Mary, b. 20 Sep 1842, d. 10 Mar 1892
Pettibone, Benjamin, d. 1852
Phillips, David, b. 31 Oct 1819, d. 15 Jun 1869
Phillips, Hannah, d. 9 Dec 1879, age: 42yr, Wife of Joesph
Porter, Alice, d. 16 Jun 1889, age: 22yr, Daughter of F and Isabel
Porter, Ann, d. 8 Sep 1861, age: 81yr
Porter, Gustavus, d. 9 Aug 1849, age: 64yr
Porter, Laura, d. 14 Mar 1892, age: 29yr
Porter, Nellie E., d. 8 Jul 1882, age: 24yr, Wife of J. Frank
Porter, William, d. 18 Dec 1859, age: 59yr
Powelson, Catherine, d. 9 Jan 1854, age: 43yr, Wife of Charles
Powelson, Elizabeth, d. 16 Nov 1881, age: 73yr
Powelson, John, d. 29 May 1893, age: 85yr
Proudfit, John, d. 25 Aug 1849, age: 74yr
Pry, Canherine J., d. 17 May 1864, age: 19yr, Daughter of A and R
Pry, Deborah, d. 17 Mat 1839, age: 26yr, Wife of Abraham
Pry, Hester Ann, d. 7 Oct 1868, age: 51yr, Wife of John
Pry, John, d. 12 Apr 1882, age: 71yr
Pry, Mary E., b. 25 Sep 1847, d. 5 Jan 1881, Wife of John
Pry, William L., d. 21 May 1863, age: 39yr, Wounded and died at Chancellorsville
Pyles, Mary R., d. 26 Feb 1892, age: 76yr
Pyles, Thomas H., b. 3 Jan 1839, d. 24 Jul 1867
Ramsay, June, d. 25 Feb 1830, age: 21yr, Consort of Robert
Ramsay, Samuel, d. 14 Dec 1813, age: 60yr, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth is shown as 1753 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Ramsay, William, d. 10 Aug 1842, age: 21yr
Rea, Jane Mason, d. 18 Sep 1854, age: 89yr, Consort of William
Rea, Elizabeth, d. 1 Mar 1875, age: 34yr, Wife of Dr. James L
Rea, Elizabeth, d. 21 Aug 1868, age: 75yr, Consort of William
Rea, James L., Dr, d. 30 Dec 1869, age: 32yr, Surgeon in Civil War 1861-1865
Rea, John C., b. 19 Mar 1813, d. 24 Sep 1882
Rea, John, d. 5 Mar 1822, age: 20yr
Rea, Joseph V., d. 28 Jan 1871, age: 26yr
Rea, Samuel, d. 16 Jul 1821, age: 22yr
Rea, William, d. 28 Sep 1835, age: 73yr
Rea, William, d. 28 Sep 1865, age: 76yr
Rea, William, d. 7 Dec 1884, age: 69yr
Reed, Agnes, d. 1813, age: 43yr, Wife of Joseph
Reed, Betsy, d. 1852
Reed, Eliza Jane, b. 14 Jun 1829, d. 25 Oct 1890
Reed, Elizabeth, d. 13 Aug 1858, age: 84yr, Wife of James
Reed, Elizabeth, d. 1817, age: 23yr, Daughter of J and A
Reed, Isabella, d. 1 Oct 1849, age: 52yr, Wife of William
Reed, James, d. 5 Aug 1817, age: 51yr, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth is shown as 1766 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Reed, Jeanette, d. 27 Jan 1838, age: 93yr, Wife of Col Joseph Reed, a Soldier of the Revolution and Member of Congress. Member of the convention that met in Carpenters Hall, Jun 18, 1776. He is buried in the Chanceford Church Yard
Reed, John, d. 1868, age: 64yr
Reed, Joseph, d. Feb 1832, age: 75yr, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth is shown as 1757 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Reed, June, d. 4 Mar 1852, age: 47yr
Reed, Mrs. Esther, d. 1852
Reed, Peggy, no dates
Reed, William, d. 3 Feb 1877, age: 76yr
Rennolls, Martha, no dates
Rennolls, William, d. 1800, Soldier of the Revolution, Last name is also shown as Reynolds on the Revolutionary Soldier Memorial Stone
Ritchey, Andrew, d. 24 Jun1838, age: 85yr, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth is shown as 1753 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone, Last name is also shown as Ritchie
Ritchey, Ann C., d. 17 May 1834, age: 20yr
Ritchey, Ann, d. 2 Sep 1834, age: 79yr
Ritchey, David, d. 16 Nov 1819, age: 18yr
Ritchey, James, d. 22 Aug 1834, age: 45yr
Robertson, Jane, d. 18 Mar 1878, age: 65yr, Wife of David
Robertson, John McC, d. 20 Apr 1866, age: 29yr
Robinson, Ann, d. 25 Jan 1846, age: 66yr, Wife of Samuel
Robinson, Mary, d. 27 Mar 1809, age: 66yr, Husband Samuel was killed by Indians in the spring of 1782, An old stone marked "R" is supposed to mark his grave
Robinson, Samuel, d. 1832, age: 68yr, Saw his father killed and tomahawked by the Indians
Robinson, Sarah, no dates
Rogers, Mary, d. 31 Oct 1840, age: 55yr, Consort of Rowland
Rogers, Rowland, d. 17 Jan 1831, age: 62yr
Rogers, Thomas, no dates
Ross, Martha, d. 16 Jun 1818
Russell, Abraham, d. 20 Jan 1886, age: 83yr
Russell, Nancy, d. 2 May 1850, age: 75yr, Wife of William
Russell, Samantha, d. 1 Dec 1886, age: 73yr
Russell, William, d. 14 Oct 1861, age: 84yr, Soldier in the War of 1812
Scott, Drusilla Walker, d. 15 Aug 1889, age: 69yr, Wife of Samuel G
Scott, Josiah N., d. 6 Jun 1892, age: 78yr
Scott, Mary Ann, b. 17 Mar 1789, d. 27 Feb 1864
Scott, Rachel Vance, d. 4 Aug 1880, age: 64yr, Wife of Josiah
Semple, Elizabeth, d. 18 Aug 1872, age: 90yr
Semple, Mrs., no dates
Sharp, Hannah, d. 26 Jul 1838, age: 60yr, Wife of John
Sharp, John F., b. 1801, d. 19 Dec 1887
Sharp, John, d. 11 Sep 1860, age: 87yr
Sharp, Levi, d. 8 Jul 1876, age: 72yr
Sharp, Narcissa, b. 1 Sep 1806, d. 10 Jan 1847, age: 41yr
Shederick, Blask, d. 1837
Simmons, Cornelius, Dr, d. 9 Sep 1860, age: 55yr
Simmons, Frances, no dates
Simmons, John, d. 1813
Simmons, Martha, d. 2 Dec 1884, age: 79yr, Wife of Dr. Cornelius
Smith, Alex, d. 9 Dec 1848, age: 83yr
Smith, Jane, d. 1 Mar 1851, age: 85yr, Wife of Alex
Smith, John M., b. 10 Sep 1794, d. 22 Nov 1838, Soldier in the War of 1812
Smith, John, d. 19 May 1831, age: 70yr
Smith, Joseph, d. 30 Jun 1822, age: 31yr
Smith, Lucinda Hays, d. 5 May 1874, age: 36yr, Wife of Otis
Smith, Margaret Jane, d. 14 Feb 1857, age: 26yr, Wife of Alex
Smith, Margaret, d. 3 Aug 1834, age: 24yr
Smith, Mary P., d. 18 Sep 1830, age: 28yr, Consort of E
Smith, Mary P., d. 27 Jun 1850, age: 62yr
Smith, Mary, d. 12 Jun 1862, age: 61yr, Wife of Robert
Smith, Robert, d. 9 Aug 1872, age: 73yr
Smith, Robert, no dates
Smith, Susan, d. 14 Aug 1829, age: 38yr, Wife of Robert
Smith, Susan, d. 1838, age: 85yr, Wife of Samuel
Smith, Thomas, d. 22 Feb 1811, age: 54yr
Smith, W. F., no dates, Co I, 1st PA Cav
Smith, William, d. 23 Aug 1795, age: 48yr
Spencer, Elizabeth, d. 25 Oct 1838, age: 21yr
Spencer, Elizabeth, d. 28 Nov 1864, age: 73yr, Wife of Jesse
Spencer, Jesse, d. 3 Jan 1873, age: 68yr, Soldier in the War of 1812
Stephenson, Elizabeth, d. 1 Mar 1847, age: 28yr, Daughter of J and H
Stephenson, Isabella, d. 22 Oct 1872, age: 72yr, Wife of Thomas
Stephenson, Isabella, d. 6 Jan 1861, age: 25yr
Stephenson, James, d. May 1813, age: 73yr, Soldier of the Revolution. Half brother of Col William Crawford who was cruelly burned by the Indians, 11 Jun 1782, on the plains of Sandusky, Ohio, date of birth is shown as 1738 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Stephenson, John, d. 14 Dec 1821, age: 75yr, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth is shown as 1746 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Stephenson, John, d. 6 Sep 1847, age: 25yr
Stephenson, Margaret Boyd, d. 18 Aug 1821, age: 40yr
Stephenson, Margaret, d. 11 May 1849, age: 77yr, Wife of William
Stephenson, Margaret, d. 15 Nov 1839, age: 84yr
Stephenson, Mary, d. 28 May 1865, age: 22yr
Stephenson, Rachel, d. 14 Dec 1788
Stephenson, Rachel, d. 24 Mar 1884, age: 83yr, Wife of Robert
Stephenson, Robert, d. 12 Oct 1872, age: 74yr
Stephenson, Thomas, d. 6 Dec 1846, age: 53yr
Stephenson, William, d. 1 Mar 1851, age: 80yr, Served in the army of the U.S. 1791 and was in the dreadful defeat of Gen. St. Clair, Nov 4, 1791
Stevenson, James B., Rev, d. 15 Mar 1892, age: 64yr
Stevenson, James, d. 20 Mar 1846, age: 73yr, Soldier in the War of 1812
Stevenson, Jane, d. 26 May 1821, age: 86yr
Stevenson, Jane, d. 29 Nov 1859, age: 79yr
Stevenson, Jane, d. 8 Oct 1870, age: 76yr
Stevenson, John, d. Nov 1818, age: 90yr, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth is shown as 1729 and date of death as 1819 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Stevenson, John, d. 25 Nov 1851, age: 65yr
Stevenson, John, d. 3 Jun 1847, age: 86yr, Soldier of the Revolution and the Indian War of 1790, date of birth as shown as 1761 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Stevenson, Mark, d. 25 Oct 1888, age: 82yr
Stevenson, Mary, d. 23 Dec 1834, age: 73yr, Consort of John
Stevenson, Moses, d. 3 Nov 1829, age: 32yr
Stevenson, Nancy Welsch, d. 2 Oct 1869, age: 65yr
Stevenson, Oliver, d. 28 Sep 1854, age: 55yr
Stevenson, Sarah, d. 18 Jun 1885, age: 83yr
Stevenson, William, d. 29 Oct 1865, age: 63yr
Stevenson, William, d. 4 Sep 1888, age: 48yr
Stewart, Mrs., d. 1843
Stockton, J. Clark, b. 1 May 1836, d. 18 May 1892, Served as surgeon 1861-1865
Stockton, John, Rev, D.D, b. 18 Nov 1803, d. 5 May 1882
Stockton, Nancy R., d. 18 Sep 1857, age: 53yr, Wife of Rev. John
Stockton, William A.F., d. 21 Jul 1877
Sutherland, Eleanor Lyle, d. 2 Dec 1868, age: 33yr, Wife of John W
Sutherland, John, d. 2 Jun 1842, age: 91yr, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth is shown as 1751 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Sutherland, Susannah, d. 13 Apr 1833, age: 77yr
Taggart, Jane Anderson, d. 8 Nov 1853, age: 17yr, Jane, a beautiful woman, wife of James
Templeton, Mrs, no dates
Thomas, Charles, d. 1856
Thomas, Libbia, d. 1856
Thomas, Martha, d. 1856
Thompson, Isabella, d. 1841
Todd, Eleanor, d. 19 Feb 1876, age: 77yr
Toland, Eliza, d. 1838
Unknown, Ira, d. 22 Aug 1879, age: 22yr, A stranger who died at the house of Robert Marquis far from friends and home
Van Ordstrand, Ann, d. 13 May 1810, age: 40yr
Van Ordstrand, Elizabeth, d. 16 Oct 1887, age: 82yr
Van Ordstrand, Issac, d. 16 Sep 1834, age: 73yr, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth is shown as 1757 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Van Ordstrand, Sarh, d. 15 Feb 1861, age: 57yr, Wife of William, Name may be Sarah
Van Ordstrand, William, d. 30 Mar 1885, age: 82yr
Vance, Allison, d. 8 Mar 1890, age: 62yr
Vance, Ann, d. 17 Apr 1788, age: 37yr
Vance, Anna, d. 23 Jun 1871, age: 91yr, Wife of John
Vance, Hannah, d. 12 May 1879, age: 92yr, Wife of William
Vance, James, b. 23 Jul 1804, d. 26 Aug 1881
Vance, Jane Cook, d. 27 Jun 1853, age: 47yr, Wife of Joseph
Vance, John, d. 24 Nov 1841, age: 62yr, Major in War of 1812
Vance, Joseph, d. 26 Mar 1866, age: 65yr, A Ruling Elder
Vance, Joseph, d. 6 May 1832, age: 82yr, A Ruling Elder and proprietor of Vance's Fort, In some noted campaigns against the Indians. Colonel, date of birth is shown as 1750 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Vance, Margaret, d. 10 Dec 1889, age: 76yr, Wife of Allison
Vance, Mary Moore, d. 2 Jan 1851, age: 68yr, Wife of Joseph
Vance, Rachel Adaline, d. 21 Jan 1868, age: 29yr, Daughter of J and JC
Vance, Rachel, d. 9 Jan 1817, age: 39yr, Once consort of William
Vance, Susan W., d. 29 Sep 1889, age: 80yr, Wife of James
Vance, William, Major, d. 18 Apr 1788, age: 70yr, One of the Founders of Cross Creek Church, date of birth is shown as 1718 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Vance, William, d. 18 Apr 1856, age: 81yr, Soldier in the War of 1812
Virtue, Mary, d. 7 Sep 1868, age: 62yr, Wife of James
Virtue, Robert, d. 9 Sep 1863, age: 25yr, Co. R., 140th PA Vol, died at Universal Hospital, Baltimore MD from Gettysburg Battle
Walker, Alex, d. 8 Sep 1854, age: 82yr
Walker, David S., b. 5 Jul 1816, d. 14 May 1877
Walker, Elizabeth Graham, d. 5 Jun 1882, age: 75yr, Wife of James
Walker, Elizabeth, d. 17 Dec 1855, age: 77yr, Wife of Alex
Walker, James, d. 29 Apr 1883, age: 77yr
Walker, William H.H., d. 4 Oct 1861, age: 22yr, died in camp at Washington, D.C
Wallace, Moses, no dates, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth as shown as 1730 and date of death as 1792 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Wallace, William, no dates
Watson, Mary Colville, d. 1843
Watt, Nancy, no dates
Watt, Samuel, d. 17 Jan 1805, age: 66yr
Wells, Cyrus, d. 25 Apr 1884, age: 64yr
Wells, Jane, d. 26 Sep 1853, age: 30yr, Wife of Cyrus
White, Josephine Martha, d. 24 Feb 1863, age: 23yr, Wife of A.M
Wiley, Katerina, d. 18 Apr 1801, age: 43yr, Limestone Western
Wilkin, Catherine, d. 25 Apr 1841, age: 75yr, Wife of John, Esq
Wilkin, David, d. 2 Oct 1793, age: 62yr
Wilkin, John, Esq, d. 7 May 1787, A Ruling Elder
Wilkin, John, no dates, Soldier of the Revolution, date of birth shown as 1756 and date of death shown as 1818 on the Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial Stone
Wilkin, Thomas, d. 24 Oct 1853, age: 55yr, Elder
Wilkin, William, d. 5 Feb 1815, age: 24yr
Wilson, Ann J. Marshall, d. 4 Sep 1877, age: 68yr, Wife of Thomas
Wilson, Elenor, d. 22 Jul 1826, age: 46yr, Wife of William
Wilson, Mary, d. 18 Jul 1845, age: 46, Wife of William
Wilson, Thomas, b. 12 Oct 1806, d. 9 Oct 1882
Wilson, William, d. 29 Jul 1852, age: 77yr
Wishart, Agnes, d. 1796
Wostal, Kate Mary, d. 1881

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