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Saint Peter Churchyard
Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

313 Pine Street, Philadelphia PA

Lat: 39° 56' 35"N, Lon: 75° 08' 56"W

This is burial site is owned and maintained by Saint Peter Episcopal Church at Fourth and Pine Streets. This cemetery dates back to about 1896. It is in excellent condition and is still being used.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 118.

Contributor's Index:

Algeo, Jane, d. 10 Feb 1843, d/o Mrs. Rebecca Algeo, [CW]
Algeo, Lydia, d. 2 Feb 1829, age: 59yr, buried with William Moffitt, [CW]
Algeo, Rebecca (Mrs.), d. 21 Jun 1820, age: 79yr, [CW]
Blakiston, Sarah, d. 29 Sep 1853, age: 75yr, w/o the late Kenneth Jewell, [CW]
Burton, Edward, b. 20 Nov 1839, d. 15 Jan 1877, s/o Robert Burton, Robert Burton Family Vault, [CW]
Burton, Eliza Elliot, d. 27 Apr 1870, age: 75yr, w/o Robert Burton, d/o Benjamin Hutton, Robert Burton Family Vault, [CW]
Burton, John, d. 20 Feb 1865, age: 44yr, Robert Burton Family Vault, [CW]
Burton, Robert, Jr., b. 6 Oct 1832, d. 14 Apr 1866, Robert Burton Family Vault, [CW]
Burton, Robert, d. 31 Dec 1854, age: 69yr, Robert Burton Family Vault, [CW]
Cannon, James, d. 20 Jan 1805, age: 55yr, [CW]
Cannon, Richard, d. 26 Aug 1799, age: 26yr, A loving brother, and a true friend. Here he lieth at peace, for life must end, [CW]
Clark, Clement, d. 20 Jan 1816, age: 49yr 4mo 7da, cease to weep my wife, my dear, although thou hast lost thy bosom friend. My flesh shall slumber in the ground, free from all my pains and care, Called to Jesus to be blest. Earhly bliss is all a dream, [CW]
Clark, Richard, d. 26 Oct 1766, age: 22mo, s/o William and Suannah Clark, [CW]
Clark, Robert, d. 26 Apr 1786, age: 50yr of Barbados, [CW]
Clark, Sarah, d. 10 Oct 1771, age: 4yr, [CW]
Coulter, John D., d. 25 Jan 1840, age: d 25yr 5 mo. 26da, s/o Israel and Sarah Coulter, [CW]
Coulter, John D., d. no dates, age: 1 year 9mo, s/o John and Ann Coulter, [CW]
Coulter, Joseph, d. no dates, age: 2yr 11mo, s/o John and Ann Coulter, [CW]
Coulter, Margaret, d. no dates, age: 3yr 3mo 3da, d/o John and Ann Coulter, [CW]
Cross, Sarah, d. 19 Dec 1807, Church Records say that Sarah was buried on that date, [CW]
Cross, Thomas, d. 15 Dec 1802, Church Records say that Thomas was burried on that date, [CW]
Dando, Jane, d. 31 Dec 1839, age: 33yr 2mo 18da, w/o Joseph Dando and d/o Richard Clark of Sussex County, Delaware, Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord for they rest from their labours, [CW]
Davis, James, d. 5 Nov 1774, age: 60yr, [CW]
Dennie, Joseph, b. 30 Aug 1768, Lexington, MA, d. 7 Jan 1812, [CW]
Donovan, Jeremiah, d. 11 Apr 1813, age: 45yr, of Ross Carbury, County of Cork, Ire, [CW]
Ennis, Mary Jane, b. 14 Aug 1812, d. 10 Sep 1847, not lost but gone before, [CW]
Evans, Barbara, d. 1 Jan 1825, age: 87yr, [CW]
Evans, Edward Russell, d. 30 Aug 1843, age: 36yr, Joseph R. Family Vault, [CW]
Evans, Elizabeth, b. 9 Nov 1851, d. 18 Mar 1852, d/o Rev. Reese C. Evans assist. to Dr. Odenheimer at St. Peters, (stone has been removed)[CW]
Evans, John Welsh, d. 25 Aug 1848, age: 8yr (or 3yr), Joseph R. Family Vault, [CW]
Evans, John, d. 27 May 1814, age: 72nd year, [CW]
Evans, Joseph R., d. 9 Sep 1848, age: 65yr, Joseph R. Family Vault, [CW]
Evans, Margaret M., d. 1 Aug 1866, age: 2yr, Joseph R. Family Vault, [CW]
Evans, Margaret Maris, d. 6 Apr 1855, age: 72yr, Joseph R. Family Vault, [CW]
Evans, Mary Henderson, d. 29 Jul 1862, age: 21yr, Joseph R. Family Vault, [CW]
Evans, Susan E., d. 19 Aug 1868, age: 13 monthhs, Joseph R. Family Vault, [CW]
Evans, William Maris, d. 5 Dec 1832, age: 21yr, Joseph R. Family Vault, [CW]
Evens, Ann, b. 14 Jul 1779, d. 28 Oct 1856, Relict of John B. Evans, [CW]
Evens, Edward, b. 3 Oct 1829, d. 18 Mar 1837, child of Edward C. and Matilda Evens Dale, [CW]
Evens, John B., d. 1 Jun 1805, age: 37yr 7mo, [CW]
Evens, John, b. 8 Aug 1828, d. 14 Apr 1829, [CW]
Evens, Sarah, d. 24 Jun 1805, age: 14mo 11da, d/o John B. and Ann Evens, [CW]
Farthing, David, d. 15 Jan 1816, age: 47yr 5mo, A painful sore long time I bore, Physicians were in vain, Till death did seize, and God was pleas'd To ease me of my pain", D 250, [CW]
Fitzsimmons, John, d. 18 Nov 1795, age: 49yr, [CW]
Fitzsimmons, Mary Salomne, d. 27 Oct 1821, age: 82yr, w/o Nicholas, [CW]
Fitzsimmons, Nicholas, d. 27 Jul 1784, age: 52yr, [CW]
Fitzsimmons, Norris, b. 16 Feb 1764, d. 2 Oct 1772, s/o Nicholas Fitzsimmons, [CW]
Hall, Amelia Augusta, d. 20 Jul 1817, age: 11mo, Live is but a Journey beset with snares to allure the innocent and unwary from their God. Tho' early cut off from this world and its cares, they but sooner arrive at they heavely abode, [CW]
Hall, Captain Peleg, d. 29 Sep 1834, age: 52yr, Tho' dead the body, yet his soul liveth, and hath taken refuge in heaven, [CW]
Hall, Joseph Bunner, d. 24 Mar 1835, age: 25yr, [CW]
Hall, Mrs. Mary, d. 16 Jun 1835, age: 79yr, relict of the late Patrick Hall, native of Barndton, Ireland, [CW]
Hall, William, d. 31 Dec 1810, age: 26yr 8mo, [CW]
Harriss, James W., d. 30 Mar 1859, age: 47yr of Birmingham, England, The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord, Charity never faileth, [CW]
Harriss, Sarah Jane, b. 30 Apr 1829, d. 18 Jan 1875, widow of James W. Harriss, [CW]
Hawins, Henry, d. 16 Nov 1815, age: 62yr 1 month 2da, h/o Rosanna, [CW]
Hawkins, Henry, d. 23 Jul 1788, age: 8mo 5da, s/o Henry and Rosanna Hawkins, [CW]
Hawkins, James, d. 6 Nov 1786, age: 10da, s/o Henry and Rosanna Hawkins, [CW]
Hawkins, Mary, d. 6 Nov 1786, age: 10da, d/o Henry and Rosanna Hawkins, [CW]
Hawkins, Rosanna (Mrs.), d. 2 Feb 1814, age: 59yr, w/o Henry Hawkins, [CW]
Hawkins, Sarah, d. 23 Jul 1788, age: 8mo 5da, d/o Henry and Rosanna Hawkins, [CW]
Hawkins, Sarah, d. 9 Jul 1778, age: 1 month, d/o Henry and Rosanna Hawkins, [CW]
Hutton, Ann, d. 2 Mar 1870, age: 73yr, d/o Benjamin and Rebecca Hutton, Robert Burton Family Vault, [CW]
Hutton, Ellen, d. 10 Jan 1873, age: 19 Jul 1806, Robert Burton Family Vault, [CW]
Hutton, Rebecca (Mrs.), d. 6 Jul 1841, age: 76yr, d/o Thomas Plumsted w/o Benjamin Hutton, Robert Burton Family Vault, [CW]
Lawrence, Charles R., d. 25 Sep 1866, age: 26yr, M. Redman's Vault, [CW]
Lawrence, Harriet R., d. 29 Aug 1858, age: 62yr, Harriet and Joseph were placed in M. Redman's [CW]
Lawrence, Joseph Redman, d. 6 Dec 1862, age: 75yr, Vault, [CW]
Lawrence, Rebecca R., d. 13 Jun 1841, age: 18yr, *In May 1865, the remains of Rebecca, [CW]
Lyde, Rev. Augustus Foster, b. 4 Feb 1813, d. 19 Nov 1834, *Was born in Wilmington, N. Carolina", It was in his heart to preach the Gospel to the Chinese, [CW]
Lyon, Clementina, d. 7 Mar 1797, age: 9mo, d/o Patrick and Ann Lyon, "The grave of the celebrated "Pat. Lyon" adjoins no stone. The Parish Register, under date of 1829 Apr 16th has this--"John Willis--say Patrick Lyon."--W.W.B.", [CW]
Masson, AM, d. 8 Mar 1797, age: 41yr, s/o AM and Cate. Mason, [CW]
Masson, Ann, d. 7 Sep 1787, age: 22yr, d/o Abraham and Catharine Masson, [CW]
McElheny, John, d. 15 Jun 1840, age: 31yr, Native of Ireland, [CW]
McElheny, Patrick, d. 29 Aug 1820, age: 29yr, Native of Ireland, [CW]
McHerron, Charles, d. 31 Mar 1778, age: 26yr, C CXVIII, [CW]
Mills, Catharine, d. 1813, age: 2yr 11mo, d/o Edward and Eleanor Mmills, Catherine lies to the south of James Cannon's grave, [CW]
Moffitt, William, d. 6 Mar 1806, age: 39yr, Native of County Donegal Ireland, He lived as becometh a Christian, He died without a sting or pain, He is gone to receive his reward. Farewell departed wrth, [CW]
Morton, Reveran Algernon, d. 25 Mar 1878, [CW]
Oakeley, Elizabeth Gough, d. 27 Jan 1796, w/o Robert Oakeley, [CW]
Oakeley, Elizabeth, b. 27 Apr 1793, d. 21 Jun 1793, d/o Robert and Elizabeth Oakleley, [CW]
Oakeley, Richard, b. 18 Feb 1800, d. 19 Jan 1811, s/o Robert and Maria Gebler Oakeley, [CW]
Oakeley, Robert, d. 1 Oct 1813, age: 42yr, 8mo, 20da, [CW]
Peale, Martha, d. 6 Jan 1852, age: 76yr, w/o Raphaelle, [CW]
Peale, Raphaelle, d. 23 Feb 1825, age: 50yr, [CW]
Penrose, Charles H., d. 2 May 1852, age: 8yr (or 3yr), s/o John R. Penrose, [CW]
Reading, John G., d. 23 Feb 1850, age: 30yr (might be 80yr), [CW]
Roach, Isaac, d. 2 Jan 1849, age: 62yr, [CW]
Roach, Joseph H., d. 19 May 1876, age: 55yr, [CW]
Roach, Thomas R., d. 14 Apr 1876, age: 51yr, [CW]
Roberts, Allen, d. 26 Nov 1831, age: 38yr, h/o Jane Roberts, [CW]
Roberts, Ann, d. 19 Jun 1826, age: 8da, [CW]
Roberts, Ann, d. 28 Jan 1823, age: 37yr, w/o Seth Roberts, "Content to leave this world of strife Depending on her Saviour's love, She has made straight her path through life To meet her father God above, [CW]
Roberts, Jane, b. 29 Jul 1794, d. 17 Oct 1844, w/o Allen Roberts, Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, [CW]
Roberts, Martha, d. 23 Feb 1823, age: 5mo 4da, d/o Seth and Ann Roberts, [CW]
Roberts, Sarah Ann, d. 1 Jun 1855, age: 4 Sep 1814, So He giveth His beloved sleep, [CW]
Roberts, Seth, d. 21 Apr 1834, age: 47yr, [CW]
Roberts, Thomas Wayne, d. 29 Jan 1831, age: 3yr 9mo, [CW]
Rutter, Clement S., Jr., d. 4 Apr 1877, [CW]
Scott, George, d. 6 Sep 1766, age: 44yr, [CW]
Smith, John, Esq., d. 6 Aug 1815, age: 53yr 1mo, of South Carolina, late Post Captain in the Navy of the U. S. and commander of the Franklin, of 74 guns.", "Universally lamented by all who had the happiness of knowing him. This tribute of respect for his many virtues, was erected by his Affectionate Brother-in-law, Samuel Patters/o South Carolina, [CW]
Swain, John Linn, d. 8 Mar 1864, age: 58yr, Adjoining with Rev'd Lyde without a stone, [CW]
Thomson, Elizabeth, d. 25 Oct 1798, age: 26yr 7mo 4da, Relict of Captain John Thomson, d/o William and Sarah Shedaker", "A tender mother, faithful friend she did remain to her life's end. She parted with a World of pain and only dy'd to live again, [CW]
Veacock, Ann, d. 26 Mar 1866, age: 88yr, w/o Captain Samuel S. Veacock, "And when the Chief Shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of Glory that fadeth not away, [CW]
Veacock, Captain Samuel S., d. 2 Dec 1811, age: 38yr 7mo, [CW]
Walker, Alexander, Esq, d. 15 Jul 1822, age: 47yr of Birmingham, England, [CW]
West, William, Jr., d. 22 Jun 1855, age: 62yr, For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again; even so them also which sleepin Jesus will God bring with him, [CW]
Wilson, James, M. D., d. 11 Mar 1769, age: 30yr, We pine for the disseased, We mourn the virtues lost to us, [CW]
Woodhouse, Ann, d. 21 Mar 1791, age: 46yr, w/o William WoodhouseI, [CW]
Woodhouse, Capt. Samuel, d. 16 Jul 1843, age: 57yr, of U. S. Navy, [CW]
Woodhouse, James, M. D., d. 4 Jun 1809, age: 39yr 6mo, Professor of Chemistry in the Univ. of Pennsylvania, [CW]
Woodhouse, James, b. 17 Nov 1770, d. 4 Jun 1809, s/o William and Ann Woodhouse, [CW]
Woodhouse, John, b. 13 Apr 1782, d. 4 Aug 1804, s/o William and Ann Woodhouse, [CW]
Woodhouse, Matilda, d. 4 Mar 1825, age: 16 Oct 1789, w/o Capt Saml, [CW]
Woodhouse, Washington, b. 7 Dec 1776, d. 24 Sep 1793, s/o William and Ann Woodhouse, [CW]
Woodhouse, William Renton, b. 1 Aug 1767, d. 16 Feb 1768, s/o William and Ann Woodhouse, [CW]
Woodhouse, William, b. 14 Dec 1768, d. 16 Aug 1770, s/o William and Ann Woodhouse, [CW]
Woodhouse, William, d. 27 Dec 1795, age: 55yr, h/o Ann Woodhouse, [CW]
Woodhouse, William, no dates, age: 10da, s/o Matilda and Samuel, [CW]

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