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North Cedar Hill Cemetery
Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

5800 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19135

Lat: 40° 01' 38"N, Lon: 75° 04' 18"W

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Apr 22, 2010. Total records = 106.

Contributor's Index:

Bagley, Anna Mae, b. 1911 d. 19 Sep 1916, d/o James and Anna Bagley, [MT]
Bagley, Anna, b. 1855, d. 23 Oct 1921, dau. of Harry and Mary Davis, [MT]
Bagley, Eliza, b. 1856, d. Mar 19 1882, dau. of unknown, [MT]
Bagley, Infant, b. 6 Nov 1894 d. 6 Nov 1894, s/o James and Anna Bagley, [MT]
Bagley, James, b. 30 Jun 1855 d. 17 Feb. 1923 h/o Annie Bagley and Eliza Bagley, s/o James and Sarah Bagley, [MT]
Bagley, John H, b. 20 Feb 1877, d. 22 Feb 1877, s/o James and Eliza Bagley, [MT]
Bagley, Mary, b. May 1906, d. 8 June 1906, dau. of James and Anna Bagley, [MT]
Bagley, Willard, b. 6 Nov 1884 d. 16 Aug. 1885, s/o James and Anna Bagley, [MT]
Bagley, William, b. Oct 1899 d. 5 Dec. 1899, s/o James and Anna Bagley, [MT]
Barber, Arthur F., b. 1884, d. Feb. 14, 1955, s/o Henry F. and Mary H (Graham) Barber, [VB]
Barber, Caroline (Ball), b. 1824, Kidderminster, Eng, d. May 19, 1884, w/o Henry Barber, [VB]
Barber, Catherine (Partenheimer), b. Dec 17, 1857, d. Jul 28, 1932, 2nd, w/o Henry F. Barber, d/o William and Emma (Penn) Partenheimer, [VB]
Barber, Ella (Brenneisen), b. Mar 16, 1891, d. Jan 16, 1970, w/o Harry H. Barber, d/o George and Margaret Brenneisen, [VB]
Barber, Elsie E., b. Dec 13, 1892, d. Mar 24, 1971, d/o Henry F. and Mary H. (Graham) Barber, [VB]
Barber, Harry H., b. Jun 2, 1886, d. Jan 3, 1965, s/o Henry F. and Mary H. (Graham) Barber, h/o Ella (Brenneisen) Barber, [VB]
Barber, Henry F., b. Jan 28, 1855, d. Apr. 13, 1918, s/o Henry and Caroline Barber, h/o Mary H.(Graham) Barber and Catherine (Partenheimer) Barber, [VB]
Barber, Henry W., b. Apr 1882, d. Apr 1882, s/o Henry F. and Mary H. (Graham) Barber, [VB]
Barber, Henry, b. 1819, Kidderminster, England, d. Feb 18, 1889, PA h/o Caroline (Ball) Barber, [VB]
Barber, Mary (Graham), b. 1853, d. Jul 7, 1896, first, w/o Henry F. Barber, d/o Walter and Mary Graham, [VB]
Bischoff, August C, bur. 28 Aug 1892, [JC]
Bischoff, Catherine, bur. 3 Jan 1888, Age 27 yr, [JC]
Bischoff, Charles, b. 9 Nov 1861, bur. 12 Aug 1902, Age 40 yr, [JC]
Bischoff, Frank, b. 18 Sep 1865, bur. 5 Jan 1891, Age 23 yr, [JC]
Bischoff, Frank, bur. 23 Jul 1894, Age 5 mo, [JC]
Bischoff, Frederick, bur. 15 Sep 1890, Age 7 mo, [JC]
Bischoff, Johann Valentine, b. 18 May 1819, d. 16 Sep 1887, bur. 19 Sep 1887, [JC]
Bischoff, John G, bur. 29 May 1901, Age 45 yr, [JC]
Bischoff, John V. W. Jr, b. 2 Nov 1851, d. 10 Jan 1890, bur. 15 Jan 1890, [JC]
Bischoff, Lena, reinterred from 5th Reformed Church Vault, 22 Jan 1897, [JC]
Bischoff, Mary Jane, bur. 22 Jan 1886, Age 4 1/2 yr, [JC]
Bischoff, Mary M, b. 20 Dec 1820, d. 26 May 1897, w/o Johann, bur. 29 May 1897, [JC]
Bischoff, Ruben, bur. 24 Feb 1895, Age 4 yr, [JC]
Brenneisen, Elizabeth K., b. 1884, d. May 1982, d/o George J. & Margaret Brenneisen, [VB]
Brenneisen, George J., b. 1864, Germany, d. Jan 1936, h/o Margaret, s/o Jacob and Lizzie Brenneisen, [VB]
Brenneisen, Margaret, b. 1864, d. Aug 1927, w/o George J. Brenneisen, [VB]
Callahan, John Michael, b. 1915, d. 1979, h/o Marie Callahan, [MC]
Cashore, Arthur, bur.12/17/1938, age: 63 yrs, sec. W2, plot 358, #3, [BM]
Cashore, David W., bur.03/14/1873, age: 39 yrs, sec. W2, plot 358, #1, [BM]
Cashore, Harry P., bur.07/01/1887, age: 1 1/3 months, sec. W2, plot 358, #4, [BM]
Cashore, John, bur.01/18/1878, age: 12 yrs, sec. W2, plot 358, #1, [BM]
Cashore, Susan, bur.11/19/1914, age: 76 yrs, sec. W2, plot 358, #2, [BM]
Cashore, William, bur.07/13/1886, age: 13 days, sec. W2, plot 358, #4, [BM]
Clare, Jacob, b. 1852, d. ?, h/o Elizabeth Clare, [JK]
Colflesh, Robert C, b. 4/30/1925, d.9/12/1971, h/o Lily, [BC]
Daniels, Albert Ray, bur. Dec 27, 1946, 50y, [TR]
Daniels, Mildred A. Zimmer, Sep 8, 1967, 65y, [TR]
Elfrey, Caroline Frederica, bur. Jun 23, 1936, 76y, [TR]
Elfrey, Charles H, bur. Feb 27, 1914, 27y, [TR]
Elfrey, Harry, bur. Jan 20, 1921, 58y, [TR]
Elfrey, Lillian, bur. Jan 4, 1938, 47y, [TR]
Elfrey, Mary M, bur. May 9, 1947, 54y, [TR]
Elfrey, Thomas A, bur. Feb 27, 1914, Child, [TR]
Glasgow, Chris, b. Jun 1878, d. Oct 12, 1879, s/o Will and Rose, [EG]
Glasgow, Lillian, b. 1830s, mother of Will Glasgow, [EG]
Glasgow, Rose, b. 1865, d. 1933, w/o William, [EG]
Glasgow, William, b. c.1850, d. 1918?, s/o Lillian Glasgow, [EG]
Graham, James W., b. 1862, PA, d. March 2, 1937, PA, [VB]
Graham, Mabel, b. 1887, PA, d. Dec 10, 1898, PA, [VB]
Graham, Margaret, b. 1866, Philaelphia, PA, d. Dec 22, 1938, PA, [VB]
Graham, Mary & Infant, b. 1861, PA, d. Feb 23, 1882, PA, both died during childbirth, [VB]
Graham, Mary Sumner, b. 1829, Scotland, d. Apr 9, 1897, PA, w/o Walter L. Graham, [VB]
Graham, Walter L., b. 1818, Scotland, d. 1869, Rahway, NJ. Body transferred from Rahway Nov 11, 1882, h/o Mary Sumner Graham, U.S. Consul to South Africa (1863-68), [VB]
Graham, Walter S., b. 1891, PA, d. Jul 7, 1894, PA, [VB]
Halton, Ellen, b. Dec 18, 1840, d. Oct 16, 1900, w/o Thos. Halton, [LL]
Halton, Thomas, b. Jul. 4, 1838, d. Mar. 12, 1898, h/o Ellen, [LL]
Hetherington, Thomas, bur.07/02/1890, age: 9 mo, sec. W2, plot 358, #4, [BM]
Howell, Margaret E. (Jones), b. 1930, d. Feb 1988, d/o Harry Russel and Edna (Brennesien) Jones, [VB]
Jones, Edna (Brenneisen), b. 1897, d. Jun 1972, w/o Harry Russell Jones, d/o George J. & Margaret Brenneisen, [VB]
Jones, Harry Russell, b. 1897, d. Jul 1954, h/o Edna (Brenneisen) Jones, [VB]
Knox, Thomas, no dates, h/o Mary Knox, [TK]
Kolb, Katherine, b. 11/21/1851, d. 10/15/1915, w/o Lewis C. Walters and Joseph Kolb, d/o Thomas Edmundson Davis and Sarah Ann Lockard Davis, [DW]
Kuehnle, Eva, sis/o Rose Glasgow and Henry Kuehnle, [EG]
Kuehnle, Henry, b/o Rose Caroline Glasgow, [EG]
Lake, Charles R, b. Jun 16, 1854, d. Aug 19, 1934, s/o William H. Lake and Susan Conger, h/o Sarah O.Lees, [LL]
Lake, Charles R. Jr, b. Apr. 24, 1874, d. Apr. 5, 1896, s/o Chas R. and Sarah Lees Lake, [LL]
Lake, Elizabeth Alice, b. Jun. 1900, d. Sep 1, 1900, [LL]
Lake, Elva M, b. Jun. 1902, d. Jan. 28, 1904, [LL]
Lake, James J, b. Dec. 1886, d. Jan. 25, 1888, [LL]
Lake, Laura M, b. Nov. 27, 1880, d. Aug. 14, 1972, d/o Charles R. Lake and Sarah O. Lees, [LL]
Lake, Mary Ann, b. 1861, d. Feb. 2, 1930, w/o William H. Lake, [LL]
Lake, Sarah O. Lees, b. Dec. 22, 1854, d.Mar. 6, 1888, w/o Charles R. Lake, [LL]
Lake, Susan Conger, b. Oct. 10, 1825, d. Mar. 7, 1905, w/o William H. Lake, d/o William Higgins Conger and Ann Morris, [LL]
Lake, Thomas H, b. 1885, d. Jun 21, 1954, [LL]
Lake, Violet, b. May 1907, d. Aug 6, 1907, [LL]
Lake, William H, b. Jul. 26, 1850, d. Sep. 3, 1901, h/o Mary Ann Lake, s/o William H. Lake and Susan Conger, [LL]
Lake, William H, b. Mar. 17, 1826, d. Apr. 14, 1889, h/o Susan Conger Lake, [LL]
Mitchell, Mary Agnes, bur.10/01/1878, age: 1 yr, sec. W2, plot 358, #4, [BM]
Modestowicz, Raymond F, b. 11/20/1949, d. 08/14/1971, s/o William and Agnes, [JR]
Modestowicz, William, b. 01/21/1904, d. 09/?/1965, h/o Agnes (nee Sherry), s/o Frank and Petrunella, [JR]
Patton, Anna D., b. 9/29/1899, d. 12/11/1927, d/o Oliver Patton & Mary, [DW]
Patton, Mary Caroline Pfeiffer, b. 3/17/77, d. 7/14/1954, w/o Oliver S. Patton, d/o William C Pfeiffer, Sr. & Mary Dierolf, [DW]
Patton, Oliver Skilton, b. 11/26/1874, d. 3/21/1927, h/o Mary Patton, s/o Joseph Patton & Anna Skilton, [DW]
Pfeiffer, William, b. 1875, d. 5/15/1953, s/o William C Pfeiffer, Sr. & Mary Dierolf, [DW]
Roop, Effie Wisser, b 9 Jan 1833, d. 17 Nov 1891, m. 25 July 1850, d/o William & Phebe Wisser, [CM]
Roop, John, b. 9 Apr 1829, d. 14 Feb 1908, h/o Effie Wisser, s/o John Roop & Catherine Book(?), [CM]
Schaal, Edna Francis, bur.11/28/1895, age: 1 month, sec. W2, plot 358, #4, [BM]
Silcox, Edna M, b. 1908, d. 1996, w/o Joseph, [BC]
Silcox, Edward, b. 1943, d. 1961 s/o Joseph and Edna, [BC]
Silcox, Joseph, b. 1904, d. 1977, h/o Edna, [BC]
Walters, Anna B. Shaw, b. 8/4/1896, d.2/6/1963, w/o Lynford Walters, d/o Thomas A. Shaw & Margaret Doherty, [DW]
Walters, Lewis Cass, b. 3/4/1851, d. 4/9/1921, h/o Katherine Davis Walters, s/o Henry Walters and Eleanor Davis Walters, [DW]
Walters, Mary Ella Glass, b. 9/25/1872, d 10/23/1936, w/o Thomas Henry Walters, d/o William A. Glass & Mary Jane Schloss Glass, [DW]
Walters, Thomas Henry, b. 10/20/1872, d. 1/21/1945, h/o Mary Ella Glass, s/o Lewis C Walters & Katherine Davis Walters Kolb, [DW]
Watterson, Ellen Wray, b. Tyrone, Ireland, d. Aug 13, 1946, w/o John Watterson, CJ]
Watterson, John Payson, b. 2-19-1866, d. no date, m. to Ellen Wray 5-23-1892, [CJ]
Zimmer, Alice, bur. Sep 13, 1917, 49y, [TR]

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