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Greenmount Cemetery
Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

4301 N. Front
Philadelphia, PA 19140
(215) 329-4747

Lat: 40° 00' 58"N, Lon: 75° 07' 19"W

Established 1875

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited May 27, 2007. Total records = 57.

Contributor's Index:

Austin, Archibald, b. 3 Oct 1843 Scotland, d. 6 Jun 1907, age: 63yr, Sec E Lot 329, [RM]
Austin, Edward, b. 7 Jul 1881, d. Aug 1929, age: 48yr, Sec E Lot 329, [RM]
Austin, Ida, d. Feb 1965, Sec E Lot 329, [RM]
Austin, Jane, b. 7 Apr 1844 England, d. 2 Dec 1885, age: 41yr, Sec E Lot 329, [RM]
Austin, Millie, b. 12 Jun 1848 England, d. 22 Jul 1904, age: 56yr, Sec E Lot 329, [RM]
Besch, Anna Elizabeth, d. Jul 1949, Sec-O R-80 #699, [JQ]
Besch, John, d. Apr 1931, Sec-O R-80 #699, [JQ]
Godfrey, James, no dates, s/by James McKay, [ST]
Grill, Anna Carolyn, b. 25 Sep 1866, d. Jun 1901, bur. Sec. O, Lot 546, no stone, [HB]
Grill, Genevieve, b. 1898, d. 28 May 1947, bur. Sec. O, Lot 546, no stone, [HB]
Grill, Stanley, b. 1900, d. Feb 1903, bur. Sec. O, Lot 546, no stone, [HB]
Grill, William A, b. 1865, d. Aug 1907, bur. Sec. O, Lot 546, no stone, [HB]
Hand, Emma C. (Sheaffer), b. 1847, d. 8 Mar 1889, w/o James K. Hand, [DL]
Hand, Lewis Chambers, b. 20 Mar 1871, d. 16 Aug 1900, s/o James K. and Emma C. Hand, h/o Mary R. Hand Carpenter, [DL]
Kluge, Baby, d. Jun 1946, Sec O R-80 #699, [JQ]
Kluge, John H., d. Jun 1937, Sec O R-80 #699, [JQ]
Kluge, Regina M., d. Dec 1940, Sec O R-80 #699, [JQ]
Lennon, Sarah, no dates, s/by James McKay, [ST]
McClain, Gertrude Elva, d. May 1964, d/o William L. & Mary Sailer, Lot 231, sec. M, [JS]
McClain, William, b. 1908, d. May 1933, s/o Gertrude Elva (Sailer) McClain, Lot 231, sec. M, [JS]
McKay, Elizabeth, b. 1886, d. 1942, d/o James McKay, [ST]
McKay, James, b. 1858, d. 1906, [ST]
Moffitt, Anna E, b. 19 Nov 1878, d. 28 Jun 1966, age: 87yr, Sec E Lot 329, [RM]
Moffitt, George Henry, b. 15 Nov 1874 England, d. 7 Nov 1968, age: 93yr, Sec E Lot 329, [RM]
Nurnberg, Gladys Edna (Young), b. 9 Jul 1910, d. 10 Mar 1993, sis/o Edith M. Young, [JO]
Nurnberg, Harold William, b. 25 Feb 1895, d. 17 Jun 1980, s/o Theodore W. Nurnberg, [JO]
Nussbaumer, Clement, d. Aug 1903, Sec-O R-80 #699, [JQ]
Nussbaumer, Mary M., d. Jan 1905, Sec-O R-80 #699, [JQ]
Patterson, Elsie, b. 31 Mar 1898, d. 11 Feb 1976, w/o George, Lot-B191 Garden Sect, [NR]
Patterson, George, b. 3 Oct 1898, d. 14 Mar 1973, h/o Elsie, [NR]
Sailer, Grace M., d. May 2, 1901, daughter, d/o William & Mary, Lot 231, sec. M, [JS]
Sailer, Mary J., d. Aug 24, 1900, mother, d/o William & Bridget (Casey) Grady, Lot 231, sec. M, [JS]
Sailer, Mary, d. Dec 1895, infant d/o William & Mary (Grady) Sailer, Lot 231, sec. M, [JS]
Sailer, William, b. 1908, d. May 1933, s/o Gertrude Elva (Sailer) McClain, Lot 231, sec. M, [JS]
Scott, John, b. 1918, d. 1918, s/o Anna and Anthony Scott, [JG]
Staedtler, Eddie, d. Jan 1888, infant s/o Wilhelm and Ernestine Staedtler, [NK]
Stephany, Ella May, b 1900, d. 1934, w/o Michael Stephany, [JG]
Stoicovich, Mathew, b. 23 Sep 1894, d. 30 Dec 1979, s/o Joseph & Mattea Scopinich Stoicovich, [LL]
Wagner, F. Anna, b. 1862, d. 1941, w/o John Wagner, [JG]
Wagner, John E., b. 1882, d. 1960, s/o John and F. Anna Wagner, [JG]
Wagner, John, b. 1846, d. 1917, h/o F. Anna Wagner, [JG]
Wagner, Laura, b. 1901, d.1904, d/o John and F. Anna Wagner, [JG]
Wagner, William, b. 1885, d. 1901, s/o John and F. Anna Wagner, [JG]
Wunderlich, Edward A., d. 10 Nov 1890, 4wk, s/o Adolph and Martha, [NK]
Wunderlich, Ernestine, b. 1835, d. Mar 1906, w/o Fred, [NK]
Wunderlich, Ernestine, d. Dec 1889, 3mo 3da, d/o Adolph Wunderlich, [NK]
Wunderlich, Eva, d. Nov 1890, [NK]
Wunderlich, Fred, b. 2 Mar 1834, d. 25 Jan 1906, h/o Ernestine, [NK]
Wunderlich, Frederick, d. Mar 1894, [NK]
Young, Albert, b. 4 Mar 1891, d. 21 Jun 1922, s/o John & Mary Young, [JO]
Young, John Gottleib, b. 5 May 1867, d. 30 Mar 1913, s/o Johann Gottleib Jung, [JO]
Young, Lillian Bertha, b. 21 Nov 1892, d. 4 Jan 1914, d/o John & Mary Young, [JO]
Young, Mary J. (Potts), b. ?? May 1868, d. 1 Nov 1901, 1st w/o John G. Young, [JO]
Young, Verna May, b. 2 Nov 1906, d. 11 Oct 1907, twin sis/o Edith M.Young, [JO]
Zeidler, Herman Jr, d. Nov 1913, s/o Fredericka and Herman, [NK]
Zeidler, Herman, d. Feb 1894, h/o Fredericka Wunderlich, [NK]
Zeidler, Pauline, d. Feb 1894, [NK]
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