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Harriton Cemetery
Bryn Mawr, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

500 Harriton Rd.
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
(610) 525-0201

Lat: 40° 01' 54"N, Lon: 75° 18' 52"W

Contributed by Tara Latsha, Nov 08, 2004 [harritonhouse@aol.com]. Total records = 42.

For directions to this cemetery, one needs to inquire at the Harriton Association, which is only a short distance from the cemetery. It is preferred that we accompany visitors.

This is a private cemetery, with the entrance crossing private land, and is difficult to find. The contact information is listed above for assistance.

The Harriton Cemetery was opened by Richard Harrison in 1719. The date of the opening is recorded on a datestone in the stone wall surrounding this Harrison family cemetery. The wall surrounding the burying ground was rebuilt about 1900 utilizing the stone from the old stone wall around the cemetery under the supervision of architect and family member William Samson Vaux. The date of the first burial in the cemetery is not known, however is presumed to be the 1719 opening date, which is the same year of Richard Harrison's purchase of the Harriton estate from Rowland Ellis.

Burials in the cemetery are principally those of Richard Harrison's immediate family descendants. Family tradition tells us of those buried in the burial ground through the 18th century, as graves are unmarked for the most part. Common field stones are found poking up throughout the cemetery. Graves were unmarked as memorials in good 18th century Quaker fashion. The field stones were not memorial markers, they simply marked the spot of the last dug grave. Over the years, these simple stones have been moved, pulled up as weeding was done, knocked over, etc.

Compiled in the Spring of 2004 by Bruce Cooper Gill, Curator/Executive Director Historic Harriton House.
- Tara Latsha, Assistant, Harriton House

* = Burials by Family Tradition, Unmarked Graves

??, Ruth, d. May 28, 1829, in her 68th year, first name appears in capital letters, no last name, a former servant?
Cochran, Benjamin, d. Aug 1794, aged 29, on same stone as Richard Cochran
Cochran, Major William, d. 1804, aged 41 years, in Eddysville Tennessee, written In remembrance
Cochran, Margaret, d. Sep 1, 1809, aged 80 years
Cochran, Mary, d. Apr 19, 1810, aged 76, sister of Thomas Cochran
Cochran, Richard, d. 1796, aged 27 years, on same stone as Benjamin Cochran
Cochran, Thomas, d. Oct 13, 1814, aged 91 years, on same stone as Margaret Cochran and Maj. Willaim Cochran
Harrison, Infant 1, d. prior to 1746, Unnamed child of Richard and Hannah Harrison *
Harrison, Infant 2, d. prior to 1746, Unnamed child of Richard and Hannah Harrison *
Harrison, Infant 3, d. prior to 1746, Unnamed child of Richard and Hannah Harrison *
Harrison, Isaac, died young and unmarried *
Harrison, Richard, d. Mar 2, 1745/46 *
Harrison, Samuel, d. 1770 *
Harrison, Servants, A number of unknown and unnamed house servants of Richard Harrison *
Harrison, Thomas, d. 1759 *
Lindsay, Jane, d. Feb 5, 1815, wife of John Lindsay, daughter of Thomas Cochran, aged 57 years, 11 mos
Maier, Anna Shinn, b. May 23, 1874, d. Mar 17, 1941
Maier, James Shinn, b. May 29, 1907, d. Jun 18, 1999
Maier, Margaret, b. Nov 19, 1911, d. Jun 25, 1998
Maier, Paul D. I., b. Jan 15, 1874, d. Aug 7, 1936
Maier, Phyllis Clare, b. Aug 2, 1910, d. Nov 27, 1990
Maier, Willaim Morris, b. Jun 11, 1909, d. Mar 11, 1982
McClenachan, Amelia Sophia Harrison, d. before 1823 *
McClenachan, Charles, d. Oct 21, 1811
Moll, no dates, (Charles Thomson makes reference to old Moll dying and being buried in the cemetery. A former servant?) *
Morris, Annie, b. 1846, d. 1847
Morris, Catherine Wister, b. Jun 18, 1840, d. Oct 18, 1922
Morris, Charles, no dates inscribed, s/w Mary, child of Levi & Naomi Morris
Morris, Levi, b. 1807, d. 1863
Morris, Mary, no dates inscribed, s/w Charles, child of Levi & Naomi Morris
Morris, Naomi McClenachan, b. Sep 1, 1811, d. 1893, listed on same stone as her husband, Levi Morris
Roberts, Mary, b. 1759, d. 1817
Thomson, Charles, d. about 1820, son of John Thomson who was Charles Thomson's nephew, removed to Laurel Hill Cemetery 1838 *
Thomson, Charles, d. Aug 16, 1824, removed to Laurel Hill Cemetery 1838 *
Thomson, Hannah Harrison, d. Sep 6, 1807, bur. Sep 8, 1807, removed to Laurel Hill Cemetery 1838 *
Vaux, Anna Hawks, b. Jun 2, 1913, d. Nov 10, 1978
Vaux, George, b. Apr 30, 1832, d. Apr 20, 1915
Vaux, George, b. Dec 18, 1863, d. Oct 24, 1927
Vaux, George, b. Sep 30, 1908, d. Sep 19, 1996
Vaux, Mary James, b. Aug 18, 1875, d. Feb 14, 1956
Vaux, Sarah Morris, b. Sep 3, 1838, d. Dec 14, 1880
Vaux, Willaim Sansom Jr., b. Apr 1, 1872, d. Jul 23, 1908
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