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Mt. Greenwood Cemetery
Trucksville, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania

40 S. Pioneer Ave
Trucksville, Pa

Lat: 4118'38"N, Lon: 7556'14"W

Cornerstone states 1906. Still accepting new burials.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 35.

Contributor's Index:

Clingerman, Benjamin, b. 1891, d. 1912, s/o Fannie and Charles Clingerman, [ST]
Clingerman, Charles, b. 1865, d. 1902, h/o Fannie Race, [ST]
Clingerman, Charles, b. 1903 d. 1922, s/o Fannie and Charles Clingerman, [ST]
Clingerman, Fannie, b. 1873, d. 1950, w/o Charles Clingerman, [ST]
Clingerman, Silas, b. 1908 d1926, s/o Fannie and Charles Clingerman, [ST]
Diaz, Florence, b. 1894, d. 1992, w/o Rufus Dias, d/o Charles and Fannie Clingerman, [ST]
Diltz, John Willets, b. 25 Apr 1902, d. 29 Feb 1992, m. 15 Nov 1924 Megda Arline Thomas, s/o Elias Willets and Alice May (Robbins) Diltz, [DW]
Diltz, Megda Arline, b. 14 Mar 1905, d. 24 Jun 1981, m. 15 Nov 1924 John Willets Diltz, dau. of Charles and Blanche (Engle) Thomas, [DW]
Engle, Edward W., b. Oct 25, 1881, d. 1913, son of William and Harriett, [SH]
Engle, Harriet(Covert), d. 12/25/36, Retreat (Hunlock Creek) age 78, bur. 12/28/36 Hunter-92 #3, [SH]
Engle, William C., b. PA, d. Feb 28, 1932, age 75, c/d Chronic prostatitis, bur. Mar 1, 1932 Hunter-92 #2, [SH]
Engle, William Charles Sr., b. 26 May 1857, d. 28 Feb 1932, m. 7 Jul 1873 Harriett Delephine Covert, s/o Jacob and Francis (Everett) Engle, [DW]
Everett, Mary Jane, b. Aug 24, 1868, d. Aug 29, 1926, wife of Hezekiah Yale, dau. of Lintwood Everett and Elizabeth Reimes, [PY]
Hester, Burneatta, b. 1916, d. 1980, d/o Florence Clingerman Diaz, w/o Daniel Hester, [ST]
Hester, Daniel, b. 1912, d. 1978, s/o George and Anna Hester, h/o Burneatta Diaz Hester, [ST]
Houck, Arthur Crup, b. Dec 03, 1881, d. Jul 28, 1947, [ES]
Houck, Jonathan H, b. 1859, d. 1919, [ES]
Ina Esposito, b. 1912, d. 1981, w/o J Walsh and F. Esposito, d/o Fannie and Charles Clingerman, [ST]
Karazia, Florence Gail (Hester), b. 7 Sep 1936, d. 15 Jan 2001, wife of John Karazia, dau of Daniel and Burneatta Hester, [ST]
Rainey, Freda,
b. 1893, d. 1927, w/o George Rainey, d/o Fannie and Charles Clingerman, [ST]
Rinus, Elmer, b. 18 Jul 1862, d. 30 Nov 1946, s/o William and Lavinia Rinus, [BZ]
Rinus, Sarah E., b. 12 May 1867, d. 28 Sep 1959, d/o William Henry and Sarah Elizabeth Bush Zimmerman, w/o Elmer Rinus, m. 27 Mar 1886, Plymouth, Luzerne County, PA, [BZ]
Robinson, Pauline, b. 1901, d. 1981, w/o Hugh Robinson, d/o Fannie and Charles Clingerman, [ST]
Rozelle, Joel, b.1849, d. 1936, [ES]
Shiber, Anna Margaret, b. Aug 28, 1884, d. Jan 21, 1966, [ES]
Shiber, Julia Arline, b. Oct 12, 1903, d. May 02, 1995, [ES]
Sult, Parreppa Pearl (Engle), b. Jul 31, 1885, d. Apr 28, 1917, bur. 5/1/1917 Hunter-92 #8, c/d Suicide, No marker, [SH]
Sult, Ruth Elizabeth, b. Jan 21, 1908, d. Aug 29, 1912 Wilkes Barre PA, d/o Jessie Sult and Parreppa (Engle), c/d diarrrhea, bur. Aug 31, 1912, Hunter-92 #7, No marker, [SH]
Thomas, Blanche J., b. 9 Apr 1885, d. 3 Jan 1961, m. 1904 Charles Thomas Sr., d/o William Charles and Harriett Delephine (Covert) Engle Sr., [DW]
Tucker, Ethel B, b. 1899, d. 1974, w/o Al Tucker, d/o Charles and Fannie Clingerman, [ST]
Yale, Alfred, b. Mar 1897, d. Mar 6, 1950, husband of Alice Yale, [PY]
Yale, Doris, b. 1924, d. Apr 28,1928, dau. of Alfred and Alice Yale, [PY]
Yale, Hezekiah, b. Apr 04, 1866, d. Dec 19, 1922, husband of Mary Jane Everett, son of Hiram Yale and Sarah Albert, [PY]
Yale, Samuel, b. 1857, d. Aug 13, 1927, [PY]
Yale,Alice, b. Aug 26, 1898, d. May 23, 1986, wife of Alfred Yale, dau. of Hezekiah Yale and Mary Jane Everett, [PY]
Zimmerman, John, b. 25 Aug 1882, d. 18 Nov 1927, s/o William Henry and Sarah Elizabeth Bush Zimmerman, m. Ellen Davison 24 Mar 1903, Plymouth, Luzerne County, PA, [BZ]


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