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Jordan Reformed Church Cemetery
South Whitehall Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

1837 Church Road
Allentown, PA

South Whitehall Township
Lat: 40° 36' 42"N, Lon" 75° 35' 00"W

Around 1733 the Jordan Union Cemetery was formed with 2 Lutheran bodies using it. This union lasted about 18yr, at which time a dispute arose over the name of the cemetery when the deed to the cemetery was registered. The Lutheran Reformed group broke away, building a new church and cemetery a little over a mile east of here, with the new name being Jordan Reformed Church.

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Jun 16, 2012. Total records = 169.

Contributor's Index:

Biery, Mabel I, b. 21 Sep 1909, d. 19 May 1913, [MV]
Biery, Oliver J, b. 15 Dec 1879, d. 20 Dec 1965, Saddler Troop D 15 US Calvery Spanish American War, [MV]
Biery, Sadie I, b. 18 Oct 1884, d. 24 Jul 1936, [MV]
Butz, Bessie M, b. 6 Oct 1896, d. 27 Dec 1964, [MV]
Butz, Ruth, b. 24 Apr 1916, d. 24 Sep 1994, [MV]
Butz, Stanton K, b. 22 Jun 1914, d. 19 Jul 1975, [MV]
Butz, Wirdend, b. 12 Jul 1888, d. 25 Feb 1956, [MV]
Fink, Edgar A, b. 4 Apr 1879, d. 15 Feb 1906, Pvt US Coast Art. Spanish American War, [MV]
Fink, Joseph, b. 24 Oct 1843, d. 21 Apr 1895, [MV]
Fink, Sarah E, b. 16 Mar 1849, d. 18 Feb 1898, w/o Joseph Fink, [MV]
Frey, Clinton A, b. 26 Aug 1883, d. 19 Mar 1970, [MV]
Frey, Elemina, b. 25 Jul 1855, d. 8 Sep 1937, nee Ebert, [MV]
Frey, Frederick R, b. 1902, d. 1976, Pvt US Army, [MV]
Frey, Harvey N, b. 1884, d. 1943, Pvt Co C 109 MG/BN WW, [MV]
Frey, James L, b. 1878, d. 1942, Pvt Co C 109 MG/BN WW, [MV]
Frey, Lizzie C, b. 1 Mar 1885, d. 17 Apr 1961, [MV]
Frey, Marcuerite D, b. 13 Dec 1912, d. 1 Oct 1915, [MV]
Frey, Moses, b. 4 Sep 1855, d. 2 Apr 1928, [MV]
Frey, Reuben J, b. 9 Dec 1915, d. 12 Aug 1921, [MV]
Frey, Robert A, b. 18 Apr 1904, d. 20 Jul 1986, [MV]
Gangwer, Moses, b. 1826, d. 1901, [MV]
Good, Mary Ann, b. 1842, d. 1927, [MV]
Good, William H, b. 20 Mar 1844, d. 10 May 1927, Pvt. Co G, 128 PA Inf. Civil War, [MV]
Gross, Mary, d, Jul 25, 1895, 64 yr, 1 m, 19 d old, bur., Jul 27, 1895, [SJ]
Grow, Gertrude Elizabeth, b. 1896, d. 1983, d/o Elmer George Snyder and Flora Alles Oberly, [IE]
Grow, Paul Henry, b. 11/22/1924, d. 11/22/1924, s/o James Albert Grow and Gertrude Elizabeth Snyder, [IE]
Guth, Clinton E. M., b. Jan 15, 1853, d. Sep 8, 1934 in Siegersville, Pa., [SJ]
Guth, Malinda, b. 1841, d. 1897, [MV]
Guth, Rosa T., d. Jan 31, 1895, 34 yrs, 5 m, 5 d old, bur. Feb 4, 1895, [SJ]
Haas, Katie E, b. 16 Jun 1906, d. 17 Nov 1983, [MV]
Haas, Ray G. W, b. 6 Mar 1909, d. 14 Jul 1934, [MV]
Hausman, Dorothy A, b. 14 Sep 1917, d. 23 May 1992, [MV]
Hausman, Eva M, b. 23 Sep 1893, d. 4 Apr 1971, [MV]
Hausman, Howard J, b. 12 Jul 1913, d. 29 Nov 1970, [MV]
Hausman, John A, b. 22 Apr 1888, d. 10 Aug 1978, [MV]
Hausman, John H, b. 17 Jul 1953, d. 24 Dec 1971, [MV]
Heimbach, Annie K, b. 1892, d. 1971, [MV]
Heimbach, Evelyn A, b. 1912, d. 1994, [MV]
Heimbach, Irvin A, b. 1893, d. 1979, [MV]
Heimbach, Kenneth D, b. 8 Mar 1914, d. 22 Jul 1914, [MV]
Henry, Gertie S, b. 26 Jan 1882, d. 27 Aug 1936, [MV]
Henry, John P, b. 4 Oct 1865, d. 25 Apr 1925, [MV]
Jacoby, Adele I, d. 23 Sep 1924, [MV]
Jacoby, E Abiah, b. 17 Feb 1866, d. 26 Jan 1951, [MV]
Jacoby, Emory H, b. 1895, d. 1960, Cpl Co I 145 Inf Regt. 37 Div WW1, [MV]
Jacoby, Florence H. M, b. 9 Feb 1901, d. 25 Nov 1964, [MV]
Jacoby, Maggie C, b. 23 Jul 1870, d. 1 Nov 1960, [MV]
Jacoby, Mildred K, d. 15 Mar 1928, [MV]
Kerschner, Moses, d. May 28, 1895, 64 yrs, bur. Jun 1, 1895, [SJ]
Kohler, John T, b. 12 Jan 1913, d. 18 May 1996, [MV]
Kohler, Margaret E, b. 17 Nov 1911, d. No Date, nee Hausman, [MV]
Kuhns, Helen M., d Nov 9, 1950, nee Weaver, [SJ]
Kuntz, Donald B, b. 1911, d. 1954, [MV]
Kuntz, Dorothy M, b. 1915, d. 1956, [MV]
Laudenslager, Anna F, b. 16 Oct 1905, d. 28 Jul 1977, nee Bonser, [MV]
Laudenslager, Robert F, b. 25 Mar 1904, d. 7 Nov 1988, [MV]
Laudenslager, Stella M, b. 5 Jun 1903, d. 19 Mar 1921, nee Guth, [MV]
Levan, Mary A, b. 21 Feb 1832, d. 26 Jun 1897, [MV]
Levan, Tilghman, b. 12 Oct 1825, d. 2 Sep 1897, [MV]
Minnich, Harvey D., d. Jan 16, 1929, [SJ]
Reidy, Harry Wilson, d. 12/1/1876, age 1y 3mo 6d, s/o Oscar Reidy and Leanna Lobach, [IE]
Reinert, Aaron, d. 2/5/1890, age 48y 8mo 28d, s/o Ruben Reinert and Maria Derr, [IE]
Resch, Leanne, d. 4/8/1883, age 68y 6mo 12d, d/o Martin Semmel and Christina George, w/o Elias Resch, [IE]
Resch, Mary Caroline, d. 5/3/1887, age 11mo 16d, d/o Reuben Resch and Elizabeth Heffelfinger, [IE]
Resh, Anna, d. 6/10/1901, age 88y 9mo 9d, d/o Daniel troxell and Catherine Jacoby, w/o Henry Resh, [IE]
Resh, Charles, d. 10/22/1897, age 86y 8mo 16d, s/o Peter Resh and Dorothea Stern, h/o Abie Schnerr, [IE]
Resh, Joseph, d. 2/12/1901, age 53y 3mo 23d, d/o Elias Resh and Leanna Semmel, [IE]
Resh, Levi Benjamin, d. 12/19/1877, age 35y 2mo 18d, s/o Carl Resh and Abalonia Schnerr, [IE]
Resh, Minerva Elizabeth, d. 5/21/1884, age 3y 9mo 10d, d/o Alfred Resh and Maria A. Rex, [IE]
Roth, Anna Maria, d. 9/12/1901, age 59y 11mo 13d, d/o Benjamin Becker and Hanna, [IE]
Roth, Bessie Helena, d. 9/13/1876, age 5mo 8d, d/o Amandes Roth and Helena Wolff, [IE]
Roth, Helena, d. 4/3/1876, age 35y 5mo, d/o Daniel Wolff and Hannah Gaumer, w/o Amandes Roth, [IE]
Ruf, Cora Louisa Rebecca, d. 6/21/1873, age 1mo 28d, d/o Charles Ruf and Aman Brader, [IE]
Ruf, Emma Louisa, d. 9/10/1871, age 9mo 3d, d/o Charles Ruf and Amanda Reber, [IE]
Schaefer, Sophia, b. 17 Feb 1824, d. 4/6/1893, age 69y 1mo 19d, d/o Henry and Sophia Smith, [IE]
Schafer, Andres, d. 3/13/1888, age 74y 1mo 29d, s/o Joseph Schafer and Margaretha, h/o Sophia Schmidt, [IE]
Schafer, David, d. 7/25/1876, age 44, s/o David Schafter and Susanna Snyder, [IE]
Schafer, Jacob, d. 4/12/1875, age 66y 1mo 8d, s/o Jacob Schafer, and Catharine Jacoby, [IE]
Schaffer, Andrew, d. 13 Mar 1888, [MV]
Schaffer, Annie M, b. 1913, d. 1993, [MV]
Schaffer, Annie M, b. 9 May 1858, d. 13 Dec 1932, nee Fenstermaker, [MV]
Schaffer, Erika D, b. 5 Aug 1926, d. 20 Jul 1981, [MV]
Schaffer, Franklin H, b. 1915, d 1977, [MV]
Schaffer, Fred E, b. 1888, d. 1960, Pvt. US Marine Corp WW2, [MV]
Schaffer, John, b. 3 Aug 1857, d. 14 Jan 1924, [MV]
Schaffer, Marie E, b. 1922, d. 1994, [MV]
Schaffer, Martin F, b. 1919, d. No Date, US Marines WW2, [MV]
Schaffer, Norman L, b. 27 Mar 1930, d. No Date, [MV]
Schiffert, Catharine, d. 9/26/1890, age 74y 9mo 13d, d/o Conrad Kerschner and Susanna Troxell, [IE]
Schiler, Marcus, d. 7/23/1890, age 5y 9m, s/o Solomon Schuler and Mantana Minnich, [IE]
Schlenker, Alvin Harv., d. 9/4/1900, age 5mo 13d, s/o Alvin Schlenker and Agnes Diehl, [IE]
Schmoyer, Bertha M, b. 4 Apr 1892, d. 12 Feb 1968, [MV]
Schmoyer, Elizabeth, d. 9/4/1894, age 70y 10mo 6d, d/o Jonathan Diehl and Maria e. Knauss, w/o Daniel Schmoyer, [IE]
Schmoyer, Fyanna, b. 30 Sep 1889, d. 1 Sep 1913, w/o Joseph A Schmoyer, [MV]
Schmoyer, Joseph A, b. 24 Jan 1880, d. 8 May 1940, [MV]
Schmoyer, Stanley W, b. 15 May 1921, d. 25 Jun 1961, WW2, [MV]
Schneck, Mary Ann, d. 2/1877, age 42y 9mo 16d, d/o Peter Siegfried and Maria Kleppinger, w/o Thomas Schneck, [IE]
Schuler, Charles Henry, d. 8/8/1882, age 7mo 11d, s/o Solomon Schuler and Mantanna Minnich, [IE]
Schuler, George, d. 4/21/1883, age 81y 10mo 18d, s/o Jacob Schuler and Maria Busbara, h/o Judith Guth, [IE]
Schuler, Judith, d. 5/1/1885, age 77y 5mo 2d, d/o Adam Guth and Anna M., [IE]
Schuler, Mantanna, d. 3/23/1886, age 30y 1mo 10d, d/o Tilghman Minnich and Salenda Buchman, w/o Solomon Schuler, [IE]
Schuler, Maria Anna, d. 2/7/1893, age 64y 10mo 25d, d/o George Schuler and Judith Guth, Never Married, [IE]
Schuler, Victor Solomon, d. 6/6/1899, age 1y 3mo 27d, s/o Solomon Schuler, and Susanna Frey, [IE]
Seibert, Anna M., d. 9/16/1876, age 26y 11mo 23d, d/o Daniel Levan and Judith Bear, w/o David Seibert, [IE]
Seibert, David, d. 6/28/1890, age 38y 4mo 9d, s/o David Seiert and Linna Walbert, h/o Isabella Nagle, [IE]
Seibert, Morris Frank, d. 12/17/1893, age 11y 7mo 27d, s/o David Seibert and Isabella Nagle, [IE]
Sell, Elizabeth, d. 9/7/1888, age 62y 9mo 5d, d/o John Arner and Sarah Diehl, w/o Tilghman Sell, [IE]
Shankweiler, Jonas, d. 3/3/1873, age 4y 2mo 3d, s/o Jonas Shankweiler and Sophia McNulty, [IE]
Sharadin, Clinton Reu., d. 9/21/1894, age 17y 7mo 8d, s/o Reuben S. Sharadin and Isabella Schneck, [IE]
Sheffer, Jacob, d. 4/12/1875, age 66y-1m-8d h/o Catharina, [IE]
Shellhammer, Elsie, b. 3/8/1900, d. 2/16/1926, w/o Shellhammer, Har, [IE]
Shellhammer, Harold, b. 9/9/1898 d. 7/11/1975, h/o Elsie S., [IE]
Sherer, Esta H, b. 6/12/1899, d. 2/13/1900, age 8mo 4d, d/o Milton and Hattie Sherer, [IE]
Sherer, Harvey D., b. 5/20/1884, d. 10/1/1884. age 4mo 11d, s/o Milton and Hattie Sherer, [IE]
Sherer, Willie M., b. 4/1/1898, d. 5/13/1898, age 1mo 12d, s/o Milton and Hattie Sherer, [IE]
Shimer, Sarah, no dates, [IE]
Shoemaker, Malinda, d. 6/18/1901, age 63y 7mo 6d, d/o Samuel Harwick and Anna Buhl, w/o John Shoemaker, [IE]
Shuler, George, b. 6/3/1801, d. 4/21/1883, h/o Judith Guth, [IE]
Shuler, Jun(d)ith, d. 1885, [IE]
Shuler, Mary, d. 1893, [IE]
Shupp, Lilliam, d. 5/15/1897, gd/o Monroe Guth, w/o Richard Shupp, [IE]
Shupp, Lillian May Guth, b. 8/4/1874, d. 5/15/1897, w/o Richard Shupp, [IE]
Smith, Benjamin, b. 1/2/184, d. 10/22/1928, [IE]
Smith, Benjamin, b. 1/2/1845, d. 10/22/1928, [IE]
Smith, Daisy, b. 1878, d. 1968, [IE]
Smith, Elizabeth, b. 1850, d. 1907, [IE]
Smith, Marcus J., d. 11/4/1887, age 2y 1mo 15d, s/o Frank and Louisa Smith, [IE]
Smith, Patricia L., b. 3/30/1952, d. 11/2/1952, [IE]
Smith, Rachel, d. 12/16/1893, age 83y 21d, d/o Ludwig Matinger and Maria Wetzel, w/o Abraham Smith, [IE]
Smith, Reuben, d. 2/2/1895, age 71y 9mo 6d, s/o John Smith and Elizabeth Heilman, h/o Alavest Wotring, [IE]
Snyder, ??, b. 1873, d. 1877, child of John Snyder, [IE]
Snyder, Dorothy, d. 3/24/1906, d/o Preston Snyder, [IE]
Snyder, Edna J., b. 3/25/1903, d. 3/24/1906, d/o Elmer G. Snyder and Flora Alles Oberly, [IE]
Snyder, Ellen J., b. 4/20/1880, d. 9/28/1948, w/o Preston A. Snyder, [IE]
Snyder, Elmer G., b. 4/16/1872, d. 5/28/1938, h/o 1st wife Flora Oberly, h/o 2nd wife Sarah L Druckenmiller, [IE]
Snyder, Flora Alles, b. 3/11/1865, d. 10/2/1909, w/o Elmer G. Snyder, [IE]
Snyder, Flossie, b. 12/24/1900, d. 3/18/1906, d/o Elmer G. Snyder and Flora Alles Oberly, [IE]
Snyder, George, d. 5/21/1889, s/o Daniel Snyder and Elizabeth Schwenk, [IE]
Snyder, Helen A., b. 9/12/1904, d. 8/5/1977, w/o Richard Snyder, [IE]
Snyder, Irwin P., d. 11/26/1946, age 74y 8mo 6d, [IE]
Snyder, Joseph J., d. 8/2/1940, age 70y 10mo 4d, [IE]
Snyder, Lillie E., d. 2/3/1888, d/o George Snyder, and Sarah Kuhns, [IE]
Snyder, Preston A., b. 12/15/1876, d. 9/1/1941, h/o Ellen J. Snyder, [IE]
Snyder, Richard, b. 2/7/1904, d. 4/29/1977, h/o Helen A. Snyder, [IE]
Snyder, Rosa, d. 5/28/1986, age 84y 8mo 15d, [IE]
Snyder, Sarah L., b. 12/10/1879, d. 3/6/1930, 2nd w/o Elmer G. Snyder, [IE]
Spayd, Elemina T., b. 1912, d. 1987, w/o Franklin Spayd, [IE]
Spayd, Franklin P., b. 1906, d. 1987, h/o Eleminia T., [IE]
Stantin, Catharina, b. 1/18/1797, d. 4/22/1807, d/o Johannes Stantin and Elizabeth, [IE]
Stauffer, Daniel, d. 5/18/1900, age 75y 8mo 9d, s/o Jacob Staufer and Susann Schantz, [IE]
Stauffer, Fanny, b. 12/18/1833, d. 9/11/1879, w/o Daniel, [IE]
Steckel, Mary A., b. 5/15/1872, d. 11/29/1945Steffen, Henry, d. 5/19/1878, age 58y 3mo 17d, s/o Abraham Steffen and Salome Kuntz, h/o Maria Shoemaker, [IE]
Steffey, Henry, b. 1820 d. 1878, [IE]
Steffy, Maria, b. 1820, d. 1889, [IE]
Stephen, Polly, d. 2/26/1891, age 55y 10mo 18d, d/o Peter Deibert, and Susanna Newhardt, [IE]
Stettler, Alex A, b. 26 Jan 1892, d. 25 Mar 1914, [MV]
Stettler, Benjamin A, b. 6 Sep 1847, d. 14 Jan 1909, [MV]
Stettler, Cora A, b. 1873, d. 1949, [MV]
Stettler, Daniel, b. 1825, d. 1899, [MV]
Stettler, Edwin H. G., b. 30 Apr 1920, d. 19 Jun 1992, m. 10 Feb 1940, [MV]
Stettler, Elavesta S, b. 3 May 1853, d. 31 Jan 1905, w/o Alfred, [MV]
Stettler, Elsie E. S., b. 3 Oct 1920, d. No Date, [MV]
Stettler, Malinda, b. 1820, d. 1892, [MV]
Stettler, Solomon E, b. 1868, d. 1940, [MV]
Zander, Herbert, d. Feb 1951, [SJ]
Ziegler, Levi D, b. 17 Aug 1864, d. 25 Mary 1944, [MV]
Ziegler, Lillie V, b. 12 Sep 1872, d. 10 May 1963, [MV]
Ziegler, Violet J, b. 18 Jan 1901, d. 26 Sep 1931, [MV]
Ziegler, Wesley L.D, b. 13 Feb 1901, d. 16 Apr 1925, [MV]

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