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Egypt Reformed Church Cemetery
Egypt, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

4122 S. Church Street
Whitehall, PA 18052-2406

Lat: 40° 40' 46"N, Lon: 75° 31' 42"W

The United Church of Christ owns the grounds, it is not accepting burials. Tombstones are starting to fade. This is the first cemetery to be used in Egypt and it has ancestors buried here who came from Germany in 1737, on the ship called the St. Galley.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Dec 04, 2006. Total records = 46.

Contributor's Index:

Biery, David, b. 19/2/1772, d. 7/1/1827, m. 31yr 10mo to Susanna Mayer having 10 children, [DE]
Biery, Maria Salome Nee Neuhardt, b. 28/11/1745, d. 12/1/1829, m. 40 years to Heinrich Biery, having 13 children, 114 grandchildren and 108 great grandchildren, [DE]
Biery, Salome, b. 1/11/1786, d. 20/4/1856, m. to Abraham Biery, having 7 children, [DE]
Burkhalter, Barbara nee Biery, b. 5/6/1782, d. 23/9/1834, m. 7/8/1798, to Heinrich Burkhalter, having 14 children, [DE]
Burkhalter, Heinrich, b. 23/8/1780, d. 15/7/1835, m. 8/7/1798 to Barbara Biery having 14 children, [DE]
Burkhalter, Peter Jr., b. 1760, d. 1814, Military: Revolutionary War Veteran, [DE]
Buss, Fianna, b. 10 Jun 1848, d. 25 Dec 1895, w/o Henry Buss, d/o David and Angelina (Heffelfinger) Grammes, [WC]
Buss, Henry, b. 7 Mar 1831, d. 14 Mar 1889, h/o Fianna (Grammes) Buss, s/o Philip and Catharine (Roeder) Buss, [WC]
Buss, William Charles, b. 30 Mar 1872, d. 15 Aug 1872, s/o Henry and Fianna Buss, [WC]
Hoffman, Magdalena Nee Neuhard, b. 18/3/1752, d. 4/9/1849, first m. 22 years to Jacob Kretschman, having 6 children, second m. 52 years to Peter Hoffman having 1 daughter, [DE]
Kohler Jr., Jacob, b. 1739, d. 1830, Military: Revolutionary War Veteran, h/o Maria Barbara Neuhard, d/o Michael and Maria, [DE]
Kohler, Regina nee Neuhard, b. 23/2/1814, d. 9/6/1849, m. 12 years to Johiah Kohler, having 3 children, [DE]
Landes, Susana Nee Neuhard, b. 6/9/1826, d. 25/9/1849, m. 2 years 7 months to George Landes, having 2 children, [DE]
Mayer, Martin, b. 3/8/1755, d. 21/8/1830, Pvt Pa. Military, Revolutionary War, [DE]
Metzger, Johannes, b. 2/10/1786, d. 24/5/1858, [DE]
Metzger, Maria Magdalena Nee Neuhard, b. 18/4/1785, d. 13/11/1863, w/o Johannes Metzger, [DE]
Miller, George, b. 5/1/1797, d. 14/5/1861, m. 39yr 6mo 3da to Magdalena Neuhard having 3 sons and 5 daughters, [DE]
Miller, Magdalena Nee Neuhard, b. 23/1/1804, d. 3/12/1867, m. 39yr 6mo 3da to George Miller having 3 sons and 5 daughters, [DE]
Neuhard, Anna M. Nee Koch, b. 23/11/1778, d. 29/1/1840 w/o Michael Neuhard, [DE]
Neuhard, Catharina Nee Sager, b. 16/7/1794, d. 17/9/1842 w/o Jonas having 4 children, [DE]
Neuhard, Catharina nee Frantz, b. 3/6/1173, d. 16/7/1851, m. 55yr to Peter Neuhard, having 11 children and 34 grandchildren, [DE]
Neuhard, George A., b. 2/3/1783, d. 21/6/1846, m. 41 years to Margaretha Yund, having 5 children, [DE]
Neuhard, Harvey J., b. 2/7/1875, d. 4/1/1876, s/o Stephan & Helena, [DE]
Neuhard, Johanes, b. 10/5/1828, d. 30/3/1829, s/o Michael and Regina Lerch, [DE]
Neuhard, Johannes, b. 2/4/1801, d. 15/11/1851, s/o Peter and Catharina, [DE]
Neuhard, Johannes, b. 29/9/1774, d. 28/5/1848, m. 50 years to Sarah Koch having 9 children, [DE]
Neuhard, Lydia, b. 12/1/1841, d. 29/10/1841, d/o Michael and Sarah, [DE]
Neuhard, Magdalena Nee Buchman, b. 2/12/1806, d. 18/6/1871, w/o Michael Neuhard, [DE]
Neuhard, Margaretha Nee Yund, b. 21/1/1786, d. 21/2/1852, m. 41 years to George A. Neuhard having 5 daughters, [DE]
Neuhard, Mary Barbara Jacky, b. 1/4/1716, d. 12/9/1792, w/o Michael Neuhart, [DE]
Neuhard, Michael, b. 1/3/1800, d. 11/6/1853, m. 30 years to Sarah Krauss, Having 8 children, [DE]
Neuhard, Michael, b. 11/7/1778, d. 10/3/1842 h/o Anna M. Koch, [DE]
Neuhard, Michael, b. 2/10/1799, d. 1/8/1865, m. 40 years to Magdalena Buchman, [DE]
Neuhard, Michael, b. 9/2/1713, d. 10/3/1793, h/o Mary Barbara Jacky, [DE]
Neuhard, Peter, b. 9/9/1775, d. 13/10/1858, Married 55 years to Catharina Frantz, having 11 children and 34 grandchildren, [DE]
Neuhard, Sally Anne, b. 11/8/1827, d. 25/7/1828, d/o Michael and Sarah, [DE]
Neuhard, Sarah nee Koch, b. 17/12/1774, d. 29/12/1851, m. 50 years to Johannes having 6 sons and three daughters, [DE]
Neuhard, William, b. 6/2/1825, d. 26/10/1838, s/o Michael and Sara, [DE]
Neuhart, Amanda, b. 9/4/1862, 21/8/1863, d/o Stephan & Helena, [DE]
Neuhart, Charles P., b. 1/4/1857, 25/8/1858, s/o Stephan & Helena, [DE]
Newhard, Clara, d. 15/12/1896, d/o William and Emma, age 6mo 17da , [DE]
Newhard, Cora M., d. 1/9/1894, d/o William and Emma, age 10mo 26da , [DE]
Newhard, Peter, b. 15/11/1743, d. 16/9/1813, military: Revolutionary War Veteran, h/o Catharina Miller, [DE]
Newhard, Sara Anna, b. 4/9/1840, d. 10/8/1844, d/o Abraham Newhard & Feyanna Bocks, [DE]
Schneck, Reuben, b. 2/8/1814, d. 27/5/1852, m. 15 years to Lidia Neuhard, having 4 children, [DE]
Steckel, Maria Magdalena Nee Neuhardt, b. 3/6/1767, d. 11/8/1823, m. 33 years to Johan Steckel, having 3 sons and I daughter, [DE]

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