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Cedar Hill Memorial Park
Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

1700 Airport Rd
Allentown PA 18109-9528
(610) 266-1600
(610) 799-2597

Lat: 40° 38' 04"N, Lon: 75° 26' 31"W

Cedar Hill is owned by Service Corporation International, in Texas. The cemetery lies across the road from Woodlawn Cemetery.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited Jun 14, 2012. Total records = 364.

Contributor's Index:

Abbott, Lillian, b. Jul 13, 1895, d. Oct 4, 1984, (Sands) w/o Charles Abbott, [JH]
Adamiak, Marion E, b. Jan 13, 1896 d. Oct, 3 1989, w/o Dr. C.J Adamiak, d/o Mr and Mrs Allen O Everett, [JH]
Akins, John Pershing, b. Mar 11, 1918, Wilkes-Barre, Pa, d. Oct 28, 1954, Bethlehem, Pa., [SJ]
Amici, Michael M., d. May 12, 2001, 81yr 8m 13d, [SJ]
Amparo, David P, b. in the Dominican Republic 17 Jun 1926, d. 22 Dec 1996, h/o Anna C Munoz, s/o Julio Amparo and Cerafina Payano, bur. in Mausoleum Chapel[JH]
Anastasis Contros, b. Gastria, Cyprus Mar 28, 1902, d. Dec 31, 1984, h/o Millia Contros, [JH]
Arndt, Alvin, b. 23 Jul 1920, d. 16 Jun 1979, [PM]
Audey, Helen, b. Oct 16, 1910, d. Jul 07, 1991, w/o George Audey, d/o Harry M and Katie (Semintinger) Richards, [JH]
Austin, Arthur G, b. 1925, d. 24 Sep 1998, h/o Helen L Laurence, s/o Frederick Austin and Estella Gough US Navy WWII, JH]
Baker, William, b. 1935, d. 12 Jan 1997, s/o Douglas M Baker and Mae Blossom White, [JH]
Balliet, James N., b. Sep 06, 1917, d. Apr 10, 1980, s/o Harry and Anne Balliet, [JW]
Banks, Anna W, b. 16 Nov 1903, d. 26 May 1991, d/o Chester Gehringer and Agnes Klotz, [JH]
Barber, Aman B, b. Jan 22, 1910, d. May 1969, h/o Helen (Gustafson) Barber, [JH]
Barber, Helen, b. Jul 26, 1910, d. Nov 01, 1988, w/o Aman B Barber Sr. d/o Karl and Matilda (Johnson) Gustafson, [JH]
Baringer, Arlyn M, b. 1920, d. 28 May 1998, w/o William F Baringer, d/o Herbert Fehnel and Minnie Jones, [JH]
Barlip, Herbert E Jr., b. Apr 02, 1918, d. Jun 20, 1991, s/o Herbert Sr. and Catherine (Smoyer) Barlip, US Army WWII, [JH]
Bastian, Elwood N (Woody), b. 13 Aug 1924, d. 4 Sep 2000, h/o Catherine Phillips and Suzanne M Kratzer-Houser, s/o Charles N and Mary Schanerberger Bastian, US Army AC WWII, [JH]
Bath, James W, b. Jun 15, 1925, d. Jul 26, 1992, h/o Winifred H (Heiney) Bah, [JH]
Batt, Walter (Louie), b. Jan 1, 1929, d. May 31, 1992, [SJ]
Beahm, Geraldine Louise,
b. 29 Apr 1934, d. 16 Jul 1997, [JH]
Beahm, Geraldine Louise, b. 29 Apr 1934, d. 16 Jul 1997, [JH]
Belfield, Lina E, b. 29 Apr 1909, d. 6 Mar 1996, w/o Albert Belfield, d/o Hubert Robinson and Inda Powell, [JH]
Benner, Marvin F, b. 26 Oct 1921, d. 22 Jul 1995, s/o Asher Benner and lorence Remaly US Army WWII, [JH]
Berger, Myrtle R, b. 28 Oct 1914, d. 27 Aug 1995, w/o William O Berger, d/o Henry Greisamer and Mary A Moyer, [JH]
Bernd, Emma R Adams, d. 1910, d. Nov 09 1988, w/o James L Adams and Harold E Bernd, d/o Mr and Mrs Steven Matatics, [JH]
Billetz, George J,b. May 12, 1918, d. Sep 12, 1984, h/o Geraldine J (Hahn) Billetz, s/o Thomas and Mary (Rushansky) Billetz, [JH]
Billetz, Geraldine J, b. Jan 7, 1922, d. Oct 1983, (Hahn) w/o George J Billetz, [JH]
Bitterbender, Shirley M, b. Sep 13, 1828, d. Aug 15, 1998, w/o Robert R Bittenbender, d/o Clarence A and Ethel Mae (Carpenter) Shive, [JH]
Blinkhorne, Ashley Elizabeth, d. Jul 4, 1986 after birth, d/o Elizabeth Blinkhorne, [JH]
Bloom, Adelaide M, b. 16 Dec 1895, d. 8 Jul 1990, w/o Anthony F Bloom, d/o Perry McCarraher and Emma Gurskey, [JH]
Bloom, Anthony F, b. 3 Jan 1890, d. Mar 1980, h/o Adelaide M McCarraher, [JH]
Bloszinsky, William Sr., b. Jun 20, 1909, d. May 12, 1987, h/o Mitzi (Rosencranz), s/o John and Mary (Lawrence) US Navy WWII, [JH]
Bordeaux, Celia M, b. 20 Sep 1948, d. 26 Sep 1993, d/o Lyle Bordeaux and Joan Titus, [JH]
Boulaine,Paulette Louise, b. 18 Aug 1931, d. 4 Arp.1997, d/o Roy E Cook and Doris Slewartson, [JH]
Bradshaw, Richard L, b. 1936, d. Feb 24, 1992, h/o MaryAnn (Hilbert) Bradshaw, s/o Thomas and Isadora (Mangold) Bradshaw DeCinit, US Air Force Vet, [JH]
Brandle, Charles, b. Dec 20, 1924, d. Feb 28, 1992, h/o Ethel (Schirmacher) Brandle, s/o Raymond and Ruth (Boyer) Brandle-Bower, USMC WWII, [JH]
Bray, Lydia C, b. 30 Sep 1916, d. 7 Aug 1998, w/o Samuel Bray and Earl S Garner, d/o Charles Vaughn and Eva Lewis, [JH]
Breinig, Peggy,, d. Apr 2, 2001, 81 yrs, 4 m of Orefield, Gross, bur. Apr 4, 2001, [SJ]
Briggs, Bertram H. Jr, b. Apr 23, 1928, d. Oct 02, 2004, h/o Rosemarie (Deutsch), s/o Bertram H. and Irene (Haldeman) Briggs, [JW]
Briggs, Rosemarie, b. 30 Jun 1932, d. 12 Jun 1999, w/o Bertram H. Briggs, [JW]
Brown, Bessie, b. Hunter River, Prince Edward Island, Canada 1905, d. Apr 6 1985, w/o Samuel W Brown, d/o Rodereck and Mary (McFee) MacSwain, [JH]
Brown, Kathleen A b. Jul 22, 1919, d. Dec 19, 1987, d/o Charles and Emily (Beahm) Brown, [JH]
Brubaker, Theresa J, b. 11 Jul 1932 Kreiderville PA, d. 6 Dec 2000, w/o Samuel Brubaker, d/o George and Ann S Loder Schwartz, [JH]
Bruzel, Ervin, b. Nov 11, 1920, d. Nov 13, 1987, s/o Isadore and Esther (Green) Bruzel, US Army Air Corps WWII, [JH]
Buck, Edna G, b. 11 Aug 1910, d. 4 Mar 1993, w/o Lawrence S Buck, d/o Edward H Maiburg and Cornelia L Saeger, US WAC WWII, [JH]
Buss, Anita M, b. 26 Sep 1937, d. 22 Oct 1998, w/o Raymond A Buss Jr., d/o Mr and Mrs Wagner, JH]
Buss, Raymond A Jr, b. 10 May 1921, d. 05 Sep 1990, h/o Anita M Wagner Buss, s/o Raymond Buss Sr and Laura A Brader, US Navy WWII, [JH]
Buttery, Francis M.D., b. 1924, d. Apr 7, 1987, h/o Doris (Beckford) Buttery, s/o Francis B.J. and Madeline (Liger) Buttery, [JH]
Cameron, Margaret, b. 22 Aug 1917, d. 27 Mar 1997, d/o John J Laub and Estella Anstett, [JH]
Capwell, Catherine E, b. 28 Sep 1922, d. ? Aug 1978, w/o Dewey G Capwell Jr., [JH]
Capwell, Jr. Dewey G, b. 15 Dec 1921, d. 30 Jan 1994, h/o Catherine E Barry, s/o Dewey G Capwell Sr. and Idabell Drake. US Army WWII, [JH]
Cerruti, Robert J., b. 20 Apr 1911, d. 21 May 1991, h/o Evelyn M Bacon, s/o Peter Cerruti and Sue Lingo, [JH]
Christman, Mary E, b. Jun 25 1918, d. Dec 15 1998, Klingamam, w/o Richard F Christman, d/o Howard and Laura V (Breader) Kingamam, [JH]
Christman, Richard F, b. Dec 01 1911,, d. Dec 25 1998, h/o Mary Klingamam, s/o Edward S and Emma L (Weidner) Christman, [JH]
Christman, Robert L, b. Sep 17 1903, d. Mar 16 1995, h/o Sarah I (Persing) Christman, s/o Jerome and Mary (Deily) Christman, [JH]
Christman, Sarah, b. Mar 02 1910, d. Oct 25 1998, w/o Robert L Christman, d/o William and Susan (Raker) Persing, [JH]
Clifton, Dawn S, b. 10 Aug 1945, d. 16 Oct 1998, w/o Willie Clifton Jr., d/o Warren Hottenstein and Mabel Longenbach, JH]
Conner, William B, b. 1913, d. 7 Jul 1993, s/o Boudinot Sr. and Boeke R Conner, US Army WWII, [JH]
Considine, Esie M, b. in Merrano Saxon, Germany 27 Jan 1907, d. 11 Sep 1995, d/o Paul Buschold Sr. and Ida Hummel, [JH]
Constantine, Agnes M, b. 1920, d. Jun 02, 2000, w/o Dominnick Constantine, d/o William H and Alda Mae (Herman) Saylor, [JH]
Constantine, Dominick, d. Apr 22, 1915, d. Sep 11, 1995, h/o Agnes M (Saylor) Constantine, s/o John and Elizabeth (Trotta) Constantine, [JH]
Cooke, Jean, b. 20 Jun 1925, d. 21 Aug 1994, [JH]
Cowley, Gloria A, b. 22 Jul 1950, d. 19 Nov 1995, d/o Charles F Mackaravitz and Gloria A Stout, [JH]
Craft, A. C., b. 1927, d. Mar 23, 1992, h/o Barbara A (Ricco) Craft, s/o Floyd and Bessie (Fields) Craft, US Navy WWII, [JH]
Danial, Safwat F, b. 1975, d. 15 Jun 1990, [JH]
Daskalakes, George Thomas, d. 19 Apr 1947, d. 30 Apr 1998, s/o Thomas and Yolanda Daskalakes, [JH]
Davis, May F, b. 1919, d. May 21, 2000, w/o Frederick P Davis, d/o Elmer H and Lizzie (Leiby) Rothrock, [JH]
Defiore, Jenny M, b. 24 Jun 1921, d. 20 Aug 1997, d/o Salvatore Defiore and Micheline Marticci, [JH]
Defiore, Nicholas S, b. 23 Sep 1923, d. 29 Dec 1997, h/o Hilda J Pammer, s/o Salvator Defiore and Michelina Martiucci, US Navy WWII, [JH]
DeHavan, Zelda E, b. Feb 26, 1907, d. Dec 02, 1989, d/o Ruben and Mary (Cethcart) DeHavan, [JH]
Demos, Philip, b. 14 Dec 1911 Moudoulous, Cypress, d. 29 Dec 1995, h/o Alice Sheehan, s/o Phillippides and Demosthenes Demos, [JH]
Demos,Alice, b. 1920, d. 25 Sep 1990, w/o Philip Demos, d/o John J Sheehan and Grace E Malloy, [JH]
Derhammer, Keith J, b. Feb 11, 1952, d. Feb 5, 1992, s/ William F and Dorothy G (Wenner) Derhammer, [JH]
Desch, Mildred I, b. Mar 5, 1909, d. Nov 26, 1992, w/o Walter R Desch, d/o John and Ellen Richardson, [JH]
Diefenderfer, Robert O, b. 14 Jul 1912, d. 21 Jul 1990, s/o Roy Diefenderfer and Helen Schreiber, USMC WWII, [JH]
Diely, Louise Virginia, b. 22 Jul 1910, d. 10 Nov 1994, w/o Paul H Diely, d/o Strohm Rockwell and Elizabeth Laughlin, [JH]
Diely, Paul H, b. 22 Mar 1902, d. Jun 1975, h/o Louise Virginia Rockwell, [JH]
Ditterline,Olive G, b. 15 May 1914, d. 22 Feb 1997, w/o William E Ditterline, d/o Frank Zimmerman and Annie Laudenslager, [JH]
Dornblaser, Raymond H, b. Jun 20, 1899, d. Sep 24, 1984, h/o Daisy (Millhouse) Dornblaser, s/o Thomas and Amanda(Snyder) Dornblase, [JH]
Dougherty, Wilburt J, b. Jul 3, 1906 d, Aug 21, 1987, h/o Joyce (Costenbader) Dougherty, s/o James and Emily (Cowling) Dougherty, [JH]
Dreher, Mildred A, b. 27 Sep 1905, d. 19 Jun 1993, h/o Russell L Dreher, d/o Charles J Smith and Frances Lewis, [JH]
Dreher, Russell L, b. 8 Nov 1900, d. Nov 1979, h/o Mildred A Smith, [JH]
Drust, Mona E, b. 24 Dec 1925, d. 7 Oct 1997, w/o Stanley, [JH]
Eby, Charles E, b. Sep 3, 1901, d. Nov 29, 1989, h/o Barbara (Brubaker) Eby, [JH]
Eckert, Helena E, b. 20 Dec 1896, d. 2 Jun 1995, w/o Harry L Eckert, [JH]
Edgar, Gladys I, b. 29 Jan 1918, d. 20 Jun 1995, d/o William E Davis and Addie Koder, [JH]
Eisenhard, Cyril John, b. 2 Nov 1902, d. 2 Apr 1995, h/o Irene Eisenhard, s/o John H Eisenhard and Katie A Haney, [JH]
Eisenhard, Irene, b. 3 May 1911, d. Sep 1979, [JH]
Eisenhard, Irene, b. 3 May 1911, d. Sep 1979, w/o Cyril John Eisenhard, [JH]
Elliott, Jr. Ashton W, b. 22 Nov 1921, d. 25 Jun 1994, h/o Arline S Schmidt, s/o Ashton W Elliott Sr, and Helen B Foote US Army Air Corps WWII, [JH]
Ernst, Samuel J, b. 27 Feb 1948, d. 31 Mar 1998, h/o Roslyn Smith, s/o Francis Ernst and Joyce Schaadt, [JH]
Ettl, Joseph F, b. 15 Oct 1922, d. 25 Oct 2000, h/o Mary L Ettl, s/o Francis and Frances Miller Ettl, US Army WWII, [JH]
Farrell, Wayne (Skip), b. 7 Mar 1945, d. 20 May 1969, s/o Betty and Jack Farrell, [JW]
Fels, Elizabeth, b. 13 Jun 1926, d. 18 Jan 1979, w/o Thomas Fels, d/o of Bertram and Irene Briggs, [JW]
Fenstermaker, Dorothy M, b. 10 Feb 1950, d. 2 Apr 1998, d/o George Mayers and Alberta A Schultz, [JH]
Ferrey, Elmer J, b. 31 Jul 1922, d. 10 Sep 1998, h/o Doris Rudert s/o Elmer J Ferrey Sr. and Florence Fulmer US Army WWII, JH]
Fetterhoff, Mariom E, b. 1930, d. Jul 01, 1991, w/o Clair F Fetterhoff, d/o Frank B and Viola (Dallas) Ennis, [JH]
Finney, Florence N, b. 26 May 1916, d. 2 Jul 1995, d/o Howard S Finney and Katie R Funk, [JH]
Fisher, Margaret M, b. 27 Nov 1922, d. 15 May 1998, w/o Clark M Fisher, d/o Mr and Mrs Paul Bushold, [JH]
Flores, Jacqueline, b. 8 Jun 1953, d. 21 Sep 1994, d/o Robert T Spang and Joyce E Ache, [JH]
Fluck, Martin J, b. Oct 14, 1914, d. Sep 07, 1989, h/o Gladys (Bergenstock) Diehl-Fluck, s/o William and Helen (Buss) Fluck, US Navy WWII, [JH]
Fogel, Arlene, b. Jul 12,1913, d. Jan.1980, w/o Kenneth H Fogel, [JH]
Fogel, Harold L, b. Dec 17, 1920, d. Jun 9, 1987, h/o Carolyn E (Reichard) Fogel, s/o Harvey S and Ida B (Houser) Fogel, US Army WWII, [JH]
Fogel, Kenneth H, b. Apr 09, 1919, d. Sep 18, 1989, h/o Arlene (Stemmel) Fogel, s/o Harvey and Ida (Houser) Fogel, USMC, [JH]
Frey, Linda Jane, b. 1941, d. 13, 1994, d/o James Frey and Anna Stewart, [JH]
Frisch, Irene M, b. 3 Feb 1918, d. 23 Sep 1994, w/o Louis F Frisch, d/o Levi Yoder and Sadie Moyer, [JH]
Fritz, Ralph L, b. 14 Dec 1928, d. 5 Nov 2000, h/o Sara Milligan, s/o David W.R. and Theresa Bilder Fritz, USAF, [JH]
Fritz, Sara, b. 27 Jan 1908 County Renfrew, Scotland, d. 4 Oct 1999, w/o Ralph L Fritz, d/o John and Ann H Callaghan Milligan, [JH]
Fritzinger, Beatrice V, b. 07 Jun 1917, d. 02 Mar 1993, [JH]
Fry, Lillian, b. 25 Nov 1911, d. 24 Apr 1995, w/o James Fry, d/o Simon Coombe and Sarah Paul, [JH]
Fry, Shirley Ann, b. 1940, d. 08 Oct 1993, [JH]
Gehringer, Carl P, b. 10 Jun 1912, d. 25 Nov 1993, h/o Denise B Bloom, s/o George Gehringer and Daisy Annas, US Army WWII, [JH]
Geiger, Sr.Daniel P, b. 9 Jul 1921, d. 19 May 1986, h/o Gloria U Schuster, s/o Charles Geiger and Clara Miller US Army WWII, [JH]
George Jr, Edwin, b. 30 May 1918, d. 27 Jun 1993, h/o Salome B Kern, s/o Edwin J George Sr.and Estella G Block, [JH]
George, Joann S,, b. 7 Aug 1942, d. 14 Oct 2000, w/o Bryon A George, d/o Ray and Louella Steward Spengler, [JH]
George, Salome B, b. 31 Aug 1914, d. 22 Jul 1995, w/o Edwin J George, d/o Lawrence Kern and Daisy Snyder, [JH]
Gery, Gladys C L, b. 21 Nov 1911, d. 12 Jul 1997, w/o Walter L Gery, d/o Benjamin F Hall and Carrie Snyder, [JH]
Gery, Walter L, b. 2 Jan 1909, d. 12 Sep 1988, h/o Gladys Hall, s/o Allen Gery and Amanda Eidell, US Army, [JH]
Getz, Robert L, b. 7 May 1964, d. 5 ay 1998, s/o Nancy L Mowrey-Novak, [JH]
Gill, George H Sr, b. Nov 21, 1908, d. Aug 19, 1992, h/o Lila R(Ratje) Gill, s/o James and Anne (George) Gill, US Navy WWII, [JH]
Gregson, Lyle C, b. 1 Mar 1903, d. 6 Nov 1984, h/o Sarah A Wean, s/o Thomas Gregson and Maude Sweet, [JH]
Gregson, Sarah A, b. 19 Jan 1907, d. 26 Aug 1995, w/o Lyle C Gregson, d/o Percy Wean and Carrie M Lehman, [JH]
Grossman, Haley, b. 21 May 1996 stillborn twin of Walter F Grossman Jr, and Linda E Hawk, [JH]
Grossman, Landry, b. 21 May 1996 stillborn twin of Walter F Grossman Jr, and Linda E Hawk, [JH]
Guignet, Paul D, b. 6 Apr 1926, d. 12 Oct 1998, h/o Emily V Sutphen, s/o Paul C and Eunice Dudding Guignet, [JH]
Guignet,Emily V, b. 2 Oct 1925, d. 27 Oct 1995, w/o Paul D Guignet, d/o F Sherman and Edith Godley Sutphen, [JH]
Haas, John P, b. Mar 22, 1882, d. Oct 30, 1985, h/o Sarah E (Seek) Culp, s/o Louis and Sarah (Fryman) Haas, [JH]
Hamm, Wilmer A., d. May 19, 2001, 91yr 14d, [SJ]
Harley, Russell E, b. 25 May 1910, d. 27 Aug 1998, h/o Myrtle Graver, s/o Charles C Harley and Rose May Rush, JH]
Harvey, Sterling F., d. May 18, 2001, 64yr 2m 28d, [SJ]
Hauck, Gloria J., d. May 29, 2001, 53yr, nee Altemose, [SJ]
Haviland, Marcia M, b. 26 Sep 1913, d. 17 Jan 1998, w/o John J Haviland, d/o Louis T Boettner and Rose Diamond, [JH]
Hawkey, John H., b. 31 May 1926, d. 01 Sep 1990, h/o Arlene Saylor Hawkey, s/o George Hawkey and Katie Schoenemberger, US Navy WWII, [JH]
Heckman, Edith E, b Mar 01, 1906, d. Oct 27, 1992, w/o Raymond C Heckman, s/o William and Helen (Youngblood) Kohllahn, [JH]
Heller, Evelyn, b. 17/8/1916, w/o Phares S. Heller, nee Miller, [DE]
Heller, Phares S., b. 11 May 1914, d. 27 Feb 1975, h/o Evelyn Miller, [DE]
Herbein, Eleanor M, b. 25 Apr 1928, d. 8 Jun 1993, d/o Rudolph Zotter and Theresa Groller, [JH]
Hess, Evelyn N, b. 15 Jun 1924 Bethlehem PA, d. 8 Nov.2000, w/o Norman R Hess, d/o Samuel and Eliza Correll, [JH]
Hess, Norman R, b. 09 Nov 1921, d. 22 Apr 1994, h/o Evelyn H Correll, s/o Norman Hess and Pearl Gordner, [JH]
Higgins, Gertrude S, b. 22 Jun 1921, d. 13 Jan 1996, w/o Robert R Higgins, d/o Martin Pfeitter and Emma Johnson, [JH]
Higgins, Robert R, b. 30 Dec 1916, d. 12 Mar 1998, h/o Gertrude S Pfeitter, s/o Raymond L Higgens and Gertrude Messner US Army WWII, [JH]
Hildebrand, Zelda E., d. May 24, 2001, 81yr nee Glass, [SJ]
Hillegass, Robert R II, b. Apr 16 1958, d. Nov.16,1997, s/o Robert R and Joan (Highland) Hillegass, US Army Veteran, [JH]
Hillegass, Robert R Sr., b. Dec 02 1925, d. Dec 01 1996, s/o Ralph A and Mildred (Christman) Hillegass, h/o Joan (Highland) Hillegass, US Navy WWII, [JH]
Hitcho, Michael E Sr., b. Feb 29 1918, d. Apr 02 1997, h/o Frances J (Melkosky) Hitcho, s/o Michael and Mary (Delman) Hitcho He was an Army Veteran of WWII, [JH]
Hock, Ruth E, b. 1909, d. 8 Sep 1996, d/o Ervin W Hummel and Lizzie Trach, [JH]
Hofelich, Charles L, b. Feb.15, 1906, d. Apr 14, 1984, s/o Jacob J and Elizabeth (Huntzinger) Hofelich, [JH]
Hontz, Mena S, b. Nov.13, 1887, d. Jan 29, 1987, Stein) w/o Roy J Hontz, d/o Conrad and Margaret (Walper)Stine, [JH]
Hontz, Roy J, b. Feb 9, 1890, d. May 1964, h/o Mena Stine, [JH]
Horlacher, Anna D, b. 26 Mar 1913, d. 14 Sep 1996, s/o Claude Horlacher and Mable Dannecker, [JH]
Horvath, Louis J, b. 4 Dec 1917, d. 23 Sep 1996, h/o Helen E Romig, s/o Louis Horvath and Anna Schweitzer, US Army WWII, [JH]
Hottle, June H, b. 1924, d. Jul 04,1989, w/o Kermit Frankenfield and Maynard Hottle, d/o Freeman and Hilda (Schoenerberger)Bigley, [JH]
Hoyt, Kennedy, Carolyn J, b. 14 Dec 1942, d. 27 Jan 1996, w/o Richard Kennedy and Ray Hoyt, d/o Patrick Shea and Elizabeth Osmun, [JH]
Hubert, Ahroma H, b. Oct 01, 1919, d. May 22, 1992, [JH]
Hughes, Earl J, b. May 25, 1904, d. Feb 03, 1988, h/o Dora B (Drasher) Hughes, s/o Henry and Helen D (Rhodes) Hughes, [JH]
Jacobs, Martha J, b. 24 Jun 1899, d. 17 Aug 1990, w/o William J Jacobs, d/o William Feirt and Bertha Blose, [JH]
Jacoby, Carlton E, b. 1932, d. 10 Jul 1994, h/o Doris J George, s/o Edwin H Jacoby and Dorothea M Kline, [JH]
James, Jeanette E, b. Aug 12, 1915, d. Jul 11, 1989, w/o Robert B James, d/o Maynard and Stella (Fiest) Eisenhart, [JH]
Johns, Edward T. d. May 26, 2001, 70yr, [SJ]
Kaercher, Robert J, b. Aug 27, 1921, d. Dec 31, 1987, [JH]
Kahler, Alfred E, b. Nov 19, 1922, d. May 10, 1997, h/o of Joyce L (Ditch ) Kahler, s/o Asa and Barbara M (Smith) Kuehner, US Army WWII, [JH]
Kahler, Joyce L, b. Feb 07, 1928, d. May 24,1988, w/o Alfred E Kahler, d/o Authur E and Helen (Ruth) Ditch, [JH]
Kammetler, Frank J, b. 24 May 1915, d. 25 Apr 1996, h/o Francisca Bequeliz, s/o John Kammetler and Theresa Failer, US Army WWII, [JH]
Kast, Carson P, b. 1 Feb 1918, d. 9 Jun 1995, h/o Betty C Beck, s/o Edgar Kast and Emma Market, [JH]
Kehm, Michael L, d. Apr 5, 1952, d. Nov 13, 1988, h/o Patricia E (DeFiore) Kehm, s/o Dale Kehm and Pauline (Ackerman) Flynn. US Air Force Vietnam, [JH]
Kephart, Clark B, b. Jun 20, 1918 d. Aug 31, 1988, h/o Doris R (Weaver) Kephart, s/o Bruce and Catherine (Tahaney) Kephart, US Army WWII, [JH]
Kephart, Doris R, b. Dec 1923, d. Nov 29, 1987, w/o Clark B Kephart, d/o Herbert and Estellie (Moser) Weaver, [JH]
Kistler, Kathryn M, b. 28 Mar 1917, d. 6 Jul 1995, d/o Alfred L Kistler and Mae A Dietrich, [JH]
Klass, Frederick A, b. 24 Nov 1914, d. 07 May 1994, w/o Phyllis Klass, s/o William Klass and Alice Adams US Navy WWII, [JH]
Klass, Phyllis J, b. 23 Jun 1914, d. 4 Aug 1998, w/o Frederick Klass, d/o Charles R Jones and Clara Miller, [JH]
Klinger, Thomas J, b. 1904, d. Oct 4 1984, h/o Lillian A (Moser) Klinger, s/o John H and Rose (Ricker) Klinger, [JH]
Kloiber, Charles, b. Feb 28, 1921, d. Feb 28, 1988, h/o Lois (Schiffner) Kloiber, s/o Joseph and Emma (Donwaner) Kloiber, US Army Medic WWII, [JH]
Klotz, Jun I, b. 12 Dec 1923, d. 24 Nov 1996, d/o Raymond L Hoffman and Anna R Keiser, [JH]
Knoll, Lucille May, b. 1 May 1920, d. 3 Aug 2000 Knoxville, w/o Eugene H Knoll, d/o Blazious and Lila Bieber, [JH]
Kolb, Ellen, b. 2 Mar 1914, d. 5 Jun 1998, w/o Robert H Kolb, d/o Benjamin F Daniels and Ellen Shone, [JH]
Kolb, Robert H, b. 23 Jan 1913, d. 19 Apr 1992, h/o Ellen Daniels, s/o Ferdinand Kolb and Olga Dieterich, [JH]
Kosman, Alice I, b. 1923, d. 18 Aug 1993, h/o Wilfred H Kosman, d/o Frank Kock and Isabel C Miller, [JH]
Kostik, Michael J Jr, died after birth Oct 29, 1992, s/o Michael J Sr. and Ardel L (Rader) Kostik, [JH]
Kramer, Jarred, d. Jul 08, 1989 after birth, Infant s/o Eric and Sherry A (Price) Kramer, [JH]
Kramlich, Edward C, b. Jan 03, 1912, d. Nov 01, 1989, h/o Elizabeth R.C. (Frantz), [JH]
Kramlich, Elizabeth R.C., b. Nov 11 1911, d. Dec 06, 1986, w/o Edward C Kramlich, d/o William and Jennie (Hausman) Frantz, [JH]
Krasley, Ray C., d. Apr 5, 2001, 77 yrs, 5 m, 6 d, bur. Apr 9, 2001, [SJ]
Krutulis, Catherine, b. 26 May 1920, d. 2 Sep 1998, w/o Peter Zalutsky, d/o Edward Reiger Sr. and Leah Carter, JH]
Kuhns, Geraldine, b. Oct 18, 1931, d. Dec 23, 1987, d/o George and Mabel (Gamberdella) Hovan Sr., [JH]
Kunkel, Jr.Harley, b. 26 Nov 1950, d. 13 Oct 1997, h/o Vicki L Fersht, s/o Harley E Kunkel Sr. and Virginia S Sweeney, [JH]
LaDue, Beatrice D, b. 27 Sep 1909, d. 6 Jun 1993, h/o Harry LaDue, s/o George Bush and Carrie Brice, [JH]
LaDue, Harry, b. 16 Jan 1909, d. 27 Mar 1995, h/o Beatrice Bush, s/o Ashall LaDue and Mary Johnson US Army WWII, [JH]
Lagler, Mary C, b. 23 Jul 1913, d. 12 May 1996, w/o Edward Lagler, d/o Richard Payne and Alice Dorshimer, [JH]
Landis, Ruth J, b. Oct 19, 1904, d. Jan 22, 1988, d/o William G and Edna (Newhart) Landis, [JH]
Lawless, Mary, b Mar 20, 1925, d. Jul 20,1989, [JH]
Leh, Allen C, b. 20 Sep 1911, d. 25 Jun 1994, h/o Erma E Lazarus, s/o Lewis H Leh and Ida V Clause, [JH]
Leh, Emma E, b. 1915, d. 27 Mar 1990, [JH]
Leh, Erma E, b. 12 Jul 1914, d. 27 Mar 1990, w/o Allen C Leh, d/o Harry A Lazarus and Sadie A Heller, [JH]
Lehet, Andrew, b. 9 Jan 1908, d. 14 Oct 1995, h/o Anna Hreha, s/o John Lehet and Anna Maly, [JH]
Lehet, Anna, b. 4 Aug 1910, d. Oct 1992, w/o Andrew Lehet, [JH]
Leniger, Henry, b. Sep 14, 1912 in Bad Godirberg, Germany, d. Oct 19, 1991, h/o Amalie (an der Heiden) Leniger, s/o Eberhard & Maria (Dahmen) Leniger, [JH]
Lentz, Anna J, b. 30 Nov 1916, d. 14 May 1997, w/o Authur C Lentz, d/o Charles Dragotta and Anna Sparaco, [JH]
Levendusky, Dorothy M, b. 15 Jan 1915, d. 6 Dec 2000, w/o Thomas Levendusky, d/o Robert O and Elizabeth Buck Keener, [JH]
Levendusky, Thomas O, b. 27 Jul 1912 Emerald PA, d. 24 Feb 1990, h/o Dorothy Keener, s/o John and Eva Hubinsky Levendusky, US Army WWII, [JH]
Lipko, Andrew Sr, b. 23 Jul 1941, d. 27 Jul 1993, h/o Betty Ann Yagojinski, s/o John Lipko and Mary Zagurski. US Air Force WWII, [JH]
Lisch, Otto P, b. Dec 29, 1911, d. Sep 11, 1986, h/o Dorothy R (Weil), s/o Paul and Mary (Kalasey) Lisch, [JH]
Long, Nellie H, b. 02 Nov 1898, d. 30 Jan 1991, w/o Samuel A Long, d/o Andrew and Mary Woomer, [JH]
Lutz, William P Sr, b. Dec 04, 1908, d. Jun 7,1992, s/o William and Sadie (Muth) Lutz, US Army WWII, [JH]
Macarthy, David W, b. 8 May 1916, d. 5 Jan 1994, h/o Jennie Perin, s/o Leo Macarty and Gertrude Wiliams, [JH]
Macarty Jennie P, b. 14 May 1922, d. 31 Jan 1994, w/o David W Macarty, d/o Peter Perin and Mary Ugliengo US Navy, [JH]
Mackaravitz, Francis J, b. 20 Feb 1929, d. 31 Jun 1993, h/o Theresa C Nuzzi, s/o John Mackaravitz and Harriet Eick Us Army Reserves, [JH]
Mackaravitz, Theresa C, b. 27 Nov 1931, d. 28 Dec 1993, w/o Francis J Mackaravitz, d/o Dominick Nuzzi and Caroline Fucci, [JH]
Malitsis, Nikolina Chresovalantou, d. 4 Jun 1998 after birth, s/o Nicholan Malitsis and Elrene Calender, [JH]
Marsch, William H Jr., b. Jan 4, 1917, d. Aug 11 1986, h/o Ethel M (Biller) Marsch, s/o William H. Sr and Katie (Wetzel) Marsch, [JH]
Marschner, Walter G, b. in Memel, Germany 21 Aug 1905, d. 17 Jun 1995, s/o Paul Marschner and Wilamena Kusti US Army WWII, [JH]
Marsh, Minnie M, b. 15 Aug 1914, d. 12 Sep 2000, w/o Kenneth P Marsh, d/o Carl M and Minnie Meckes Breitfeld, [JH]
Martin, Frank G Sr.,, b. 1914, d. Jul 31, 1988, h/o Frances M (Strohl-Delong) Martin, s/o Joseph and Marie (Neuman) Martin, [JH]
Martin, Lawrence P, b. 1938, d. 5 Aug 1998, h/o Florence Martin, s/o Thomas Martin and Mae Hardenstine US Army WWII, [JH]
Masiko, Dorothy E, b. May 19, 1919, d. May 21, 1989, d/o Viola (Anglestein) Lock, [JH]
Matis, Norman H, b. 18 Aug 1924, d. 09, May 1991, s/o Horace Matis and Lillian Rose, [JH]
Maury, Virginia L, b. 31 Dec 1918, d. 12 Jul 1993, w/o Thomas E Maury, d/o Jon C Peterson and Leah Lynn, [JH]
Mayes, Gerald, b. 23 May 1942, d. 6 Jun 1997, h/o Joyce L Mutchler, s/o Samuel B Mayes and Ruth Harding, US Navy during the Cuban Missile Crisis, [JH]
McAllen, John Thomas, b. Apr 23, 1915, d. Nov 03, 1987, h/o Margaret (Kramer) McAllen, s/o Arch and Stella (Shoop) McAllen, [JH]
McAllen, Margaret, b. Mar 16, 1915, d. Dec 1980, w/o John Thomas McAllen, (Kramer), [JH]
McBride, Emma I, b. May 27, 1907, d. Apr 25, 1994, w/o Thomas McBride, d/o William and Clara (Abbott) Schmoye, [JH]
McBride, Thomas, b. 15 May 1987, d. 20 Apr 1994, h/o Emma I Schmoyer, [JH]
McDonnell, Francis Jr, b. 6 Nov 1934, d. Mar 1979, h/o Emma Frankenfield, [JH]
McDonnell-Messics, Emma, b. 21 Nov 1935, d. 28 May 1998, w/o Francis McDonnell Jr. and John E Messics, d/o Milton Frankenfield and Emma Satler, [JH]
Meadows, Marie A, b. 26 Jun 1937, d. 6 Jul 1995, d/o Phillip A Austin and Margaret Geist US Army Woman's Air Corps, [JH]
Middlebrook, Earl, d. May 31, 2001, 76yr 9m 28d, s/o David and Mary Middlebrook, [SJ]
Miller, Arlan H., b. Jun 28, 1913, 76 yrs, Tec 5, USArmy, WWII, d. Apr 28, 1990, [SJ]
Miller, Clifford W, b. 14 May 1916, d. 25 Apr 1998, h/o Mary E Keshanech, s/o Walter A Miller and Sally S Boyer US Ar Force WWII, [JH]
Miller, Evelyn L., d. 1985, Frye, [SJ]
Miller, Jane, b. 21 Mar 1913, d. 15 Nov 1993, d/o Lee Miller and Bessie Hartman, [JH]
Miller, John A Sr, b. 1911, d. 10 Apr 1995, h/o Anna S Walbert, s/o David Miller and Elizabeth Humphrey US Army WWII, [JH]
Miller, Lee Angelucci, b. 1945, d. 18 Oct 1997, w/o Douglas Miller, d/o William and Ruth Borthwick, [JH]
Miller, Lewis, b. 21/6/1896, d. 1956, h/o Minerva J. Beers, [DE]
Miller, Mary E, b. 1915, d. 13 Jul 1990, w/o Clifford W Miller, d/o Charles Keshanech and Anastasia Labanich, [JH]
Miller, Mary K., d. Jul 16, 1990, Ehritz, 75 yrs, [SJ]
Miller, Minerva J., b. 20/4/1898, d. 26/12/1999, w/o Lewis Miller, nee Beers, [DE]
Miller, Ralph H, b. 1912, d. Jan 23, 1992, h/o Evelyn L (Bentz) Miller, s/o Walter and Sally (Boyer) Miller, US Army WWII, [JH]
Miller, Ralph H., b. Jun 21, 1911, 9th Inv. Div., d. Jan 27, 1992, [SJ]
Mohr, Malcolm H. Emmaus, d. Apr 7, 2001, bur Apr 11, 2001, [SJ]
Moore, Clara M, b. 27 Nov 1911, d. 5 Feb 1995, w/o Walter E Moore, d/o Charles and Eva Bolich, [JH]
Morris, Florence Lillian Reddish, b. 1918, d. Nov 05, 1991, [JH]
Morris, Peter Alfred, b. 20 Aug 1917, d. 25 May 1998, [JH]
Moyer, Laura B, b. Oct 7, 1889, d. Apr 26, 1984, w/o Ralph E Moyer, d/o Benjamin and Deborah (Wood) Wasser, [JH]
Naples, Lydia, b. 28 Aug 1899,, d. 22 Feb 1989, w/o Morris Maples, d/o James and Rose Prete, [JH]
Naples, Morris, b. 24 May 1895, d. Jul 1967, h/o Lydia Prete, [JH]
Naravas, Edward F, b.b. 5 Jul 1933 Wanamie PA, d. 25 Feb 2001, h/o Sheila Geary, s/o Edward J and Helen J Frank Naravas, US Army, [JH]
Naravas, Helen J, b. 22 Oct 1905 Wanamie PA, d. 25 Dec 2000, w/o Edward J Naravas, d/o Anton and Maria Arbaciauskas Frank, [JH]
Newhart, Earl Thomas, b. 11/6/1921, d. 2/8/1991, h/o Geraldine Peters, [DE]
Nguyen, Hoy Van, b. Dec 03, 1915, d. Sep 01, 1987, h/o Tam Thi Nguyer, in Vietnam, [JH]
Nicholas, Ellen J, b. Oct 21, 1910, d. May 22, 1992, d/o Thomas F and Ida (Britton) Nicholas, [JH]
Northstein, Helen M, b. 29 Apr 1911, d. 2 Jul 1997 w/o Maurice O Northstein, d/o Alonzo Danvir and Emmabell Marsh, [JH]
Northstein, Maurice O, b. 7 Feb 1911, d. Jun 1975, [JH]
O'Connell, Thompson, b. 16 Mar, 1911, d. 27 Apr 1995, h/o Ruth Huges, s/o Daniel J O'Connell and Lydia Fillman, [JH]
Patterson, Robert P, b. 1893, d. Jul 09, 1989, h/o Helen H (McCloskey) Patterson, s/o Mr Patterson and Agnes (Geiger) Patterson, US Army WWII, [JH]
Pelland, Paul R, b. 19 Feb 1912, d. 24 Apr 1997, h/o Velma A Heist, s/o Arthur J Pelland and Stella C Reinert, [JH]
Petrisky, John, b. Jul 21, 1916, d. Oct 30, 1989, h/o Margaret A. L. (Hillegass) Petrisky, s/o Frank and Anna Petrisky, [JH]
Piha, Jun M, b. 11 Dec 1923, d. 7 Nov 1995, w/o Charles Piha, d/o Wilbert Spengler and Ida Vogel, [JH]
Polcsar, Beatrice V, b. 1913, d. 08 Apr 1991, w/o Rudoloph Polcsar, d/o Mr amd Mrs Bruce Schell, [JH]
Race, Forrest W, b. 26 Feb 1918, d. 20 Dec 1990, h/o Alice M Fenstermaker, s/o William R Race and Hilda Mae Turner, US Army WWII, [JH]
Rackawack, Robert T, b. Feb 27, 1908, d. Oct 11, 1992, h/o Margaret (Stump) Rackawack, s/o John and Rebecca (Schwab) Rackawack, US Army WWII, [JH]
Rebert, Ruth Mae, b. 14 Feb 1920, d. 20 Jul 1997, w/o William L Rebert, d/o Marvin Honey and Mabel Groner, [JH]
Reinhard, Richard, b. 17 Jan 1926, d. 15 May 2000, [JH]
Reinmiller, George J, b. 31 Jan 1903, d. 6 Jan 1995, h/o Marguerite Edith Glenn, s/o Emanuel Reinmiller and Martha Yeager, [JH]
Reinmiller, Marguerite Edith, b. 18 Feb 1915, d. 6 Dec 1994, w/o George Reinmiller, d/o Walter A Glenn and Anna L Yost, [JH]
Ressler, Edward J Jr., b. Jan 12, 1955, d. Feb 02, 1998, h/o Lynn (Guenther) Ressler, s/o Edward G Sr and Helen A (Czar) Ressler, [JH]
Ressler, Helen A, b. Mar 01, 1920, d. May 07, 1992, w/o Edward J Ressler Sr., d/o John and Theresa (Pinter) Czar, [JH]
Richard, Clair J, b. 14 Apr 1929, d. 17 May 1997, h/o Susan J Lentz and Miriam V Schropp Fish, s/o Charles J Richards and Florence A Rothrock, US Army Korea, [JH]
Richards, Cyrus, b. 18 Jun 1922, d. 29 Dec 1995, s/o Charles J Richards and Florence A Rothrock, US Army WWII, [JH]
Ricketts, Jane Hanna, d. Jun 5, 2001, 86yr 7m 2d, nee Roser, [SJ]
Rivera, Justiniano, b. 4 Jun 1925 Cayer, Puerto Rico, d. 4 Aug 1996, h/o Valintina Serrano, s/o Jesus Rivera and Juanite Roman, [JH]
Rochester, Jean S, b. 11 Jul 1925, d. 15 Mar 1998, [JH]
Rohrbach, Robert D, b. Apr 16, 1915, d. Mar 01, 1992, h/o Lillian Mae (Sease) Rohrbach, s/o Willian and Linnie (Stahler) Rohrbach, [JH]
Roth, David L, b. 1920, d. 26 Apr 1998, h/o Lois A Ltterly, s/o Calvin Roth and Eva Hummel, [JH]
Roth, John R, b. Dec 27 1943,, d. Jul 13 1992, h/o Linda D, Highland, Veteran US Army, [JH]
Rothermel, Benjamin, b. Dec 9, 1894, d. Jul 28, 1984, h/o Eva (Fallstich) Rothermel, s/o Charles and Katie Rothermel, [JH]
Rupert, Pershing W, b. Oct 13, 1918, d. Jul 15 1886, h/o Ruth (Dreher) Rupert, s/o Blanchard L and Stella (Keim) Rupert And Army Veteran of WWII, [JH]
Rupert, Ruth, b. May 18, 1920, d. Apr 1980, w/o Pershing W Rupert, (nee Dreher), [JH]
Sauerman, Mae B, b Aug 19, 1900, d. Aug 20, 1989, w/o Robert P Sauerman, d/o Earl and Rose (Farenkaus) Bretz< [JH]
Saxton, G Franklin, b. Jul 11, 1928, d. Aug 28, 1992 s/o Guy Burns & Louise G (Golliwitzer) Saxton, US Army Korea, [JH]
Saxton, Louise G, b. 27 Sep 1903, d. 10 Nov 1993, w/o G Franklin Saxton and Guy Burns, d/o George Golliwitzer and Marie Shade, [JH]
Schildt, Dorothy M, b. Dec 12, 1914, d. Sep 13, 1991, h/o Kenneth W Schildt, d/o William and Katie (ne Wetzel) Marsch, [JH]
Schildt, Kenneth W, b. May 2, 1911, d. May 16, 1992, h/o Dorothy M (Marsch) Schildt, s/o George and Sadie (Wohlbach) Schildt, [JH]
Schmeyer, Roberta E, b. 12 Oct 1908, d. 25 Mar 1997, w/o Russell Schmeyer, d/o Alfred J Wuchter and Florence Jones, [JH]
Schneck, Mary M., b. 19 Apr.1930, d. 10,Sep 1990 parents Raymond K Klick and Irene E Miller, [JH]
Scholler, Beatrice M.A, b. 28 Feb 1934, d. 24 May 1994, w/o Melvin G Scholler, d/o Herbert M Weighknecht and Clara Backman, [JH]
Scholler, Melvin G, b. 26 Jul 1914, d. 8 Jan 1998, h/o Beatrice Weighknecht, s/o George Scholler and Mable Fry, [JH]
Schreiter, Irene E., d. May 23, 2001, nee Weil, age 98yr 1m 5d, [SJ]
Schwartz, Roland J, b. 13 Feb 1932, d. 17 Oct 1997, h/o Nancy L Breinig, s/o Rudolph Schwartz Sr. and Bertha Schmaldinst, US Navy Korean War (USS Midway), [JH]
Sewell Donald, b. 27 Sep 1905, d. 2 May 1990, h/o Martha Lee, s/o Charles Sewell and Agnes Duncan, [JH]
Shanton, Cora M, b. Oct 23, 1902, d. Dec 22, 1992, d/o John and Elizadeth (Medouse) Shanton, [JH]
Shellhammer, Robert I, b. 29 Jul 1901, d. 30 Jul 1993, h/o Sharlotte Kriner, s/o William O Shellhammer and Sally R Frantz, [JH]
Siegfried, Paul E A, b. Jul 31, 1933, d. May 14, 1998, s/o Charles and Ellen (Moyer) Siegfried, US Marine Corps Korea, [JH]
Sincavage, Michael, b. Nov 07, 1960, d. Nov 29, 1977, [ES]
Skinner, Theresa M, b. 23 Sep 1911, d. 12 Jun 1991, w/o Rev Ralph C. Skinner, d/o Frank Tier and Kathryn Heins, [JH]
Sminkey, Robert C, b. 6 Jun 1930, d. 26 Apr 1996, s/o Claude E Sminkey and Verna Bramley, US Army Korean War, [JH]
Smith, Raymond H, b. 15 Jun 1907, d. 17 Jun 1990, s/o Hbert Smith and Dora Dorward, [JH]
Smothers, Walter, b. 13 Apr 1925, d. 20 Nov 1993, h/o Mary H Shea, s/o James Smothers and Mary Budihaus US Army WWII, [JH]
Smyth, Isabel C, b. Oct 26, 1911, d. Sep 1983, w/o James E Smyth, (Miller), [JH]
Smyth, James E, b. Jan 01, 1909, d. Mar 22, 1998, h/o Isabel C (Miller) Smyth, Fostered by Ezra and Alice (Amey) Boyer, US Navy WWII, [JH]
Snodgrass, Norman E, b. Jan 23, 1923, d. Sep 04, 1991, h/o Shirley B (Wesser) Snodgrass, s/o Garrett H and Marion F (Walrath) Snodgrass, USMC WWII Korea, [JH]
Snyder, Walter L, b. 10 Feb.1924, d. 15 Dec 1995, h/o Roma E Stump, s/o Elmer Snyder and Katharine H Witek, US Army WWII, [JH]
Snyder, Wilbur M, b. 7 Jun 1921, d. 25 Jun 1996, h/o Marion Schmoyer s/o Maurice Snyder and Ruth Wolfe, US Army WWII, [JH]
Stauffer, Betty L, b. 19 Mar 1928, d. 13 Oct 1995, d/o Romayne Stauffer and Pauline Wambold, [JH]
Sterner, Catherine A. E., d. Mar 19, 2001, 84yrs, 11m, 3d of age. bur. Mar 22, 2001, Diehl, [SJ]
Stoess, Henry A Jr., b. 4 Jan 1912, d. 2 Nov 1994, h/o Martha B Bowen, d/o Henry A Stoess Sr. and Louisa Gerbig, [JH]
Stoess, Martha B, b. Sep 25, 1909, d. Aug 13,1987, w/o Henry Stoess, d/o William W and Kathryn E (Burton) Bowen, [JH]
Stratton, Mildred B, b. 6 Jan 1917, d. 26 Nov 1994, w/o Joseph F Stratton, d/o David W Davis and Lillian Cook, [JH]
Strauch, Josphine O., b. 1922, d. 21 Jul 1990, [JH]
Strobel, Betty C, b. 10 Feb 1927, d. 11 Jul 1997, w/o Walter A Strobel, d/o John Carl and Margaret Fratzinger, [JH]
Strobel, Walter A, b. 3 Sep 1923, d. 18 Jun 1986, h/o Betty Carl, s/o Mr and Mrs Joseph Strobel, US Army Air Corps WWII, [JH]
Surrette, Helen R, b. 23 Feb 1914, d. 14 Oct 1996, w/o Martin J Surrette, d/o Charles E Reichenbach and Sally Heintzelman, [JH]
Surrette, Martin J, b. 1910 Dalton MA, d. 28 Nov 2000, h/o Helen R Reichenbach, s/o Phillip J and Cora L Pelton Surrette, US Army WWII, [JH]
Taylor, Albert J, b. 1900, d. Jun 21, 1987, s/o Albert and Jessie (Fisher) Taylor,h/o Etta M (Miller) Taylor, [JH]
Thomas, Josephine E., d. Jun 01, 2001, 85yr 9m 9d, nee Connolly, w/o Jenkin Thomas Jr., [SJ]
Thomas, Laura M, b. Dec 30, 1904, d. Jun 17, 1991, (Bougther), w/o Theodore C Thomas, [JH]
Thomas, Theodore C, b. Dec 17, 1905, d. Nov 27, 1989, h/o Laura M (Bougther) Thomas, [JH]
Thurstin, Jean R, b. 22 Aug 1928, d. 7 Aug 1990, w/o Robert B Thurstin, d/o John Oberly and Frances W Buckley, [JH]
Thurstin, Robert B, b. 21 Jul 1921, d. 10 Nov, 1990, h/o Jean R Oberly, s/o Clay Thurstin and Glenna Shevely, US Army Signal Corps WWII, [JH]
Timmins, Elizabeth M, b. Oct 17, 1909, d. Apr, 1996 (Nicholas) w/o Herbert Timmins Jr., d/o Thomas F and Ida (Britton) Nicholas, [JH]
Timmins, Herbert Jr., b. Feb 24, 1918, d. Mar 09, 1992, h/o Elizabeth M (Nicholas) Timmins, s/o Herbert Sr & Pearl (Crum) Timmins, US Army WWII, [JH]
Todd, Mildred M, b. Jan 04, 1914, d. Jan 27, 1992, d/o Warren C and Maude (Schlicher) Gaugle, [JH]
Tolan, Martha L, b. 05 May 1898, d. 16 Feb 1993, d/o Thomas Tolan and Nancy McCandless, [JH]
Trapp, Dolores M, b. 1929, d. 18 May 2001, d/o John & Evelyn Ward Krisko, [JH]
Troxell, Vincent V, b. Dec 10, 1923, d. Dec 20, 1988, h/o Charlotte A (Berndt) Troxell, s/o Milton A & Edna E (Buchman) Troxell, US Army Air Corps WWII, [JH]
Trumbore, Berta P, b. 1903 Chile, d. 25 Sep 2000, w/o Clarence W Trumbore, d/o Juvenal and Juliette Munoz Penafiel, [JH]
Trump, Mildred Mae, b. May 23, 1907, d. Sep 26, 1989, w/o Wayne D Trump, d/o Wiliam and Bertha (Blouse) Feist, [JH]
Trump, Raymond, b. Jun 10, 1918, d. Sep 21, 1989, h/o Adele (Long) Trump, s/o Myron J and Barbara E (Hildebrand) Trump, [JH]
Tunison, Harold C, b. Sep 2 1904, d. Jun, 31, 1985, h/o Verna (Shupe) Tunison, s/o Lester J and Anna C (Curt) Tunison, [JH]
Tunison, Verna, b. Jul 28, 1904, d. Oct 1983, (Shupe) w/o Harold C Tunison, [JH]
Ubantz, Anna, b. Feb 01, 1911, d. Jul 05, 1989, w/o Francis Ubamtz II, [JH]
Uhrig, Martha, b. Jul 7, 1885, d. Mar 28, 1986, (Gibson) w/o Rev. H.E., d/o Silver and Hannah (Anthony) Gibson, [JH]
Unangst, Beulah L., b. 27 Jan 1922, d. 29 Jan 1990, w/o Clarence W. Unangst, nee Kratzer, [DE]
Unangst, Clarence W., b. 19 Jun 1919, d. 18/4/1994, h/o Beulah L. Kratzer, Unangst, [DE]
Vince, Stephen, b. Jun 8, 1914, d. Feb 7, 1986, h/o Catherine (Burger), s/Joseph and Rosa Vince, [JH]
Vincena, John Jr, b. 11 Aug 1908 Oroszlang, Hungary, d. 18 Sep 1993, h/o Olga Fornal, s/o John Vincena and Anna Palansky, [JH]
Vincena, Olga, b. 4 Sep 1917, d. 1 Oct 1992, w/o John Vincena, d/o Stanley Fornal and Julie Jaroszak, [JH]
Walck, Burton E, b. 1924, d. 28 Mar 1996, h/o Jean L Gombert, s/o Clinton Walck and Hattie Dreher, US Army WWII, [JH]
Wallander, John L, b. 12 May 1917, d. 28 May 1990, h/o Dorothy A Lamb, s/o Frieden Wallander and Millie Hetele, [JH]
Walp, Harold W, b. Oct 29, 1902, d. Mar 20, 1989, [JH]
Warg, Elias John, b. Jun 24, 1915, d. Mar 31, 1984, h/o Anna K (Kaboly) Warg, s/o Edward D and Julia (Kane) Wang, [JH]
Watts, Graydon, b. 22 Jun 1917 13 Jan 1991, h/o Theresa R McBride, s/o Barton Watts and Pearl Gordner, USMC WWII, [JH]
Watts, Theresa R, b. 29 Aug 1923, d. 29 Sep 1997, w/o Graydon Watts, d/o John McBride and Rosalie Oaks, [JH]
Waung, Tung-Ying, b. 17 Dec 1919 in Indonesia, d. 31 Jan 1988, w/o Yoon-Nien Waung, s/o Tia-SunLee and Ah-Kim Yang, [JH]
Waung, Yoon-Nien, b. 21 Oct 1909 in China, d. 3 Jul 1996, h/o Tung-Ying Lee, [JH]
Weaver, Robert H, b. Jun 02, 1936, d. May 19, 1997, h/o Annette J (Groh) Weaver, s/o Harold F and Edna E (Ebert) Weaver, [JH]
Weidner, Thomas B, b. 1 Oct 1917, d. 17 Mar 1993, h/o Grace Geidner, s/o Thomas B Weidner and Margaret Pritchard, US Army WWII, [JH]
Weinshemer, Catherine, b. 1917, d. Mar 21, 1999, w/o Millard J Weinshemer, d/o Frank and Sadie C (Cihylik) Sovecka, bur. in Moseoleum, [JH]
Whitsett, Dolores, b. 27 May 1931, d. 16 Apr 1994, w/o Samuel Whitsett, d/o Harvey Stout and Emily Unkle, [JH]
Williams, Harold Carson, b. 1907, d. 8 May 1997, h/o Jeannette Kirchman, s/o Asa A Williams and Emma T Weaver, [JH]
Williams, Harold J, b. 1909, d. Mar 18, 1984, h/o Barbara M (Peterson) Williams, s/o Martin and Anna (Reed) Wise, [JH]
Winkler, Elwood J, b. 1926, b. 1985, T/4 US Army WWII, [MV]
Winkler, Rose A, b. 1926, b. No Date, [MV]
Witt, Raymond D Sr., b. Apr 19, 1925, d. Mar 12, 1991, h/o Katie E (Trump) Witt, s/o Walter F and Doris (Moser) Witt, USMC WWII and Korea, [JH]
Woolley, Clyde P, b. 24 Feb 1901, d. 5 Nov 1994, h/o Luella Rabenold, s/o Theodore Woolley and Julia Bender, [JH]
Woolley, Luella, b. 23 Mar 1905, d. Jul 1981, w/o Clyde P Woolley, [JH]
Woolridge, Alexander, b. Nov.16, 1916, d. Jan 26, 1985, s/o Henry and Carrie (Thornston) Woolridge, [JH]
Wright, William T, b. 4 Oct 1922 Philadelphia, d. 4 Aug 2000 Shiremanstown, Pa., h/o Louise A Senger, s/o Walter and Katie Oliver Wright, US Army AC WWII, [JH]
Wunder, Allen David, b. 4 Mar 1909, d. 5 May 1993, h/o Dorothy M Laub, s/o Claude Wunder & Cora Irene Burkirt, US Navy WWII, [JH]
Young, Louise F, b. 1 Aug 1906, d. 13 May 1995, [JH]
Young, Walter H, b. 1917, d. Oct 24, 1992, [JH]
Zalutsky, Peter, b. 1 Apr 1923, d. 4 Nov 1996, h/o Catherine K Krutulis, s/o Michael Zalutsky and Anna Lewitski, US Army WWII, [JH]
Zawilla, Mable M, b. 1911, d. 12 Oct 1995, w/o Joseph J Zawilla, d/o Albert W Gerhardt and Harriet A Orchard, [JH]
Zierdt, Clifford K, b. Jun 11, 1903, d. Aug 01, 1987, h/o Loretta (Kester) Zierdt, s/o Justus and Amanda (Klinger) Zierdt, [JH]
Zimmerman, Elizabeth A., d. Apr 5, 2001, 87yrs, 5m, 22d, bur. Apr 9, 2001, Davies, [SJ]
Zizos, Andreas T, b. 1937, d. 25 Jun 1993, h/o Poppy Poulos, s/o Peter and Patricia Zizos, [JH]
Zwitkowits, Fred, b. Nov 13, 1909, d. Nov 06, 1991, [JH]


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