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Saint James Graveyard
Lititz, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Pine Lane and West Center Street, Lititz PA

Lat: 40° 09' 15"N, Lon: 76° 18' 29"W
Warwick Township

Contributed by Tom Stonehunter, Sep 05, 2009, last edited Sep 08, 2009 [murmering-markers@hotmail.com]. Total records = 175.

Saint James Graveyard is located at the NW corner of Pine Lane and West Center Street in Lititz PA, . A bronze commemorative marker at the site reads: Saint James Graveyard.

This cemetery was established in 1744 by settlers who founded a Union Church nearby and later organized the Warwick (now Lititz) Moravian Congregation. Its naming was explained by Abraham Beck's 1905 book, The Moravian Graveyards at Lititz, Pa. 1744-1905. It was consecrated on Saint James Day, Jul 25, 1744 and was therefore called Saint James Church.

The early congregation of this union church alternated its weekly religious services between Moravian and that of a visiting Lancaster Lutheran minister. According to Beck, Saint James Church was abandoned in the early 1760s after its Moravian contingent united with the Lititz Moravians group, The cemetery remained active until the second decade of the 1800s, well past the opening of the Lititz Moravian Cemetery, located 1/4 mile due east.

Saint James Cemetery is currently gated and locked, Few grave markers still exist. Maintenance and access is via the grounds keeper of the Moravian Church.

The interment list was compiled by members of today's Lititz Moravian Congregation from their personal and in-house records. This summary is believed to be a complete listing of interments dating from 1744 until 1812. Many thanks are offered to these congregation members for their sharing and to the church office for permission to publish this information.

- Tom Stonehunter

Bassler, Anna Maria, d. 1755, age: 52y, Widow
Bassler, Conrad, d. 6 Jun 1748
Baumgaertner, Matthew, d. 1758, infant
Bechtel, Elizabeth, d. 1753, age: 77y, widow
Bender, Anna Margaret, b. 27 Feb 1711 Palatinate, Germany, d. 1783, 2nd w/o John Bender, one son
Bender, Catharine, d. 1757, age: 1y, d/o John Bender
Bender, John, b. 1701 Baden, Germany, d. 10 Apr 1781, age: 81y, Came to US in 1741, United with Brethren in 1760
Bender, Verona, d. 17 Apr 1749, age: 42y, w/o John Bender
Bernthaeusel, Catharina, b. 26 Jul 1770, d. 19 Feb 1809, age: 40y, w/o Michael Bernthaeusel, 5 sons & 2 daughters survive
Bernthaeusel, Elizabeth, d. 1801, age: child, d/o Michael Bernthaeusel
Bernthaeusel, Elizabeth, d. 1805, age: child, d/o Michael Bernthaeusel, saddler
Beymuller, unnamed, d. 1744-1747, age: child, c/o Michael Beymuller
Bieler, David, d. 1758, age: 8y
Blickensderfer, Anna Maria, d. 1759, infant
Blickensderfer, Daniel, d. 1757, Twin s/o Christian & Catharine Blickensderfer
Blickensderfer, George, d. 1757, Twin s/o Christian & Catharine Blickensderfer
Blickensderfer, Jacob, b. 13 Feb 1752, d. 20 Jan 1778, age: 26y, Came to US in 1753, Moved to York (PA) in 1766 & married Elizabeth Ilgenfritz, Died of "camp fever"
Blickensderfer, John Michael, d. 1756, infant, s/o Christian & Cathariam Blickensderfer
Boehler, John William, d. 1757, age: 5y, died of smallpox
Bort, Frederick, d. 1752, age: 3y
Broksch, Elizabeth (Helwig), b. 24 Feb 1700, d. 1758, w/o Rev. Andrew Broksch, The Single Sisters paid for her grave-stone
Cassler, Maria Margaret, d. 1777, age: 2y, d/o Catharine Cassler, late Bort
Diehm, George, d. 1812, age: child, s/o Henry & Elizabeth (Geitner) Diehm
Eib, John, d. 5 Nov 1753, age: 30y, Children were Margaret, Barbara, Michael and Jacob
Eib, Michael, d. 1755, age: 5y, s/o John Michael Eib
Evans, James, b. 1761 Ireland, d. 23 Apr 1806, age: 44y, day laborer
Evans, unnamed, d. 1802, still-born, c/o John & Margaretha Evans
Frey, Andrew, d. 16 Sep 1756, age: 65y
Frey, Andrew, d. 1754, age: 2y, s/o Christopher Frey
Frey, Anna Margaretha (Bayer), b. 1727 Bavaria, Germany, d. 4 Sep 1788, w/o Christoph Frey
Frey, Anna Maria, d. 1766, age: 5y, d/o Christoph Frey
Frey, Anna Regina (Huber), b. 1755, d. 10 Aug 1798, age: 42y, d/o Peter Huber and w/o Christian Frey
Frey, Christian, b. 1748, d. 4 Mar 1793, age: 45y, s/o Christoph Frey, farmer
Frey, Christoph, b. 10 May 1721 Bavaria, Germany, d. 30 Jul 1785, age: 65y, Came to US with parents Andrew & Susanna Frey in 1733, Married Margaret Beyer, 11 children- 2 sons & 4 daughters survive
Frey, John Henry, d. 1776, age: 2y, s/o Christian & Regina Frey
Frey, John, d. 1758, infant
Frey, Samuel, d. 1758, infant, s/o Christopher Frey
Frey, Susanna, d. 1756, age: 60y, w/o Andrew Frey, the s/o Christopher Frey
Fuhrman, Elizabeth (Rock), b. 1 Aug 1765, d. 4 Jul 1806, age: 40y, w/o Conrad Fuhrman
Grosh, Barbara (Bort), b. 20 Jul 1741, d. 10 Dec 1781, age: 40y, w/o John Grosh
Grosh, Catharina Barbara, d. 1802, infant, d/o John Grosh
Grosh, Gottfried, d. 1771, infant, s/o John Grosh
Grosh, Hannah, d. 1804, age: 3y, d/o Jacob Grosh
Grosh, John Christian, d. 1770, age: 3y, s/o John Grosh
Grosh, Maria Margaret, d. 1776, age: 6y, d/o Philip Grosh
Grosh, Michael, d. 1778, infant, s/o Philip Grosh
Gutjahr, John Christian, b. 15 Oct 1714 Saxony, Germany, d. 12 Feb 1791, age: 76y, Married Margaretha Roesner in 1746, 9 of 12 children survive. Farmer & Hatter.
Gutjahr, John, d. 1777, infant, s/o Gottfried Gutjahr
Gutjahr, Joseph, d. 1780, infant, s/o Joseph Gutjahr
Gutjahr, Susanna, d. 1769, infant, d/o John Christian & Margaret Gutjahr
Haller, John, d. 1758, age: 7y, s/o Henry Haller
Hayer, Frederick, d. 1748
Heil, Anna Catharine (Ruehl), b. 15 Jun 1715 Schoharie, NY, d. 23 Dec 1772, age: 58y, w/o Jacob Heil, Joined Brethren 1749, Had 16 children
Heil, Beatus, d. 1752
Heil, Elizabeth, d. 6 Dec 1772, age: 22y, d/o Jacob & Anna Catharine Heil
Heil, Jacob, b. Apr 1712 Palatinate, Germany, d. 5 Sep 1783, age: 72y, Came to US in 1730, Married Catharina Ruehl, united 1749, 9 of 16 children survived
Heil, John Michael, d. 1760, age: 2y, Drowned in Lititz Creek on Father's farm
Heil, Peter, d. 1755, infant, s/o Jacob Heil
Heil, Zacharias, b. 1738, d. 1800, age: 62y, s/o Jacob Heil
Henrich, Anna Mary, d. 1744-47, age: 36y
Hilton, John, d. 1766, s/o David Hilton
Hilton, Michael, d. 1758, infant, s/o David Hilton
Hoeffer, Benjamin, d. 1788, infant
Huber, Anna Maria (Schwab), b. 10 Aug 1727 at sea, enroute to US, d. 16 Jan 1794, age: 66y, d/o George & Eva (Hammer) Schwab from Palatinate, 1st marriage to Michael Eib, 3 children, 2nd marriage to Peter Huber, 9 children
Huber, George, d. 1798, age: 17y, oldest s/o Peter & Rosina (Gutjahr) Huber
Huber, Jacob, d. 4 Jul 1812
Huber, John Christian, d. 26 Jul 1774, age: 6y, s/o Peter & Anna Maria Huber
Huber, John, b. 1765, d. 22 Sep 1798, age: 33y, Came to Lititz to settle estate of father Peter Huber
Huber, Peter, Sr, b. 15 Jul 1735 Berlin, Germany, d. 1 Aug 1798, age: 63y, Came to US in 1741, 1st wife Anna Maria Schwab, 2nd Widow Martin (Sherzer).
Huber, unnamed, d. 1764, still-born, c/o Peter & Anna Maria Huber
Huehter, Christian, d. 1750, infant
Johnson, Christina, d. 25 Aug 1751, infant, d/o Jacob & Juliana Johnson
Johnson, Jacob, d. 1749, age: 10y, s/o Jacob Johnson, Sr, COD: Exercising himself in jumping, at same time holding an open knife in his hand, he fell upon it, the blade piercing his heart
Johnson, Juliana Margaretha, d. 1756, age: 42y, w/o Jacob Johnson
Jungblut (Kappler), Anna Maria, b. 6 Oct 1718 Baden, Germany, d. 28 Jul 1792, age: 74y, w/o Nicholas Jungblut
Jungblut, Catharine, d. 1758, age: 3y
Jungblut, Nicholas, b. 1712 Palatinate, Germany, d. 20 Dec 1785, age: 75y, 1st wife and 3 children died at sea, Married Anna Maria Kappler in 1743, 10 children, Because of hostile indians, was forced from home in Bethel
Jungblut, Thomas, d. 1758, infant
Jungblut, unnamed, d. 1757, infant, s/o Nicholas Jungblut
Kiesel, Anna Maria, d. 1755, age: 34y, w/o Frederick Kiesel
Kiesel, Anna Maria, d. 27 Mar 1769, age: 12y, d/o Frederick & Verona Kiesel
Kiesel, Barbara (Boehler), b. 1716, d. 17 Sep 1784, age: 68y, w/o John Nicholas Kiesel
Kiesel, Benigna, d. 1758, infant
Kiesel, Christina Margaretha (Stein), b. 25 Dec 1684 near Speyer, Boeht, Germany, d. 3 Dec 1773, age: 89y, Married John George Kiesel in 1712 and celebrated Golden Wedding in 1762, Had 7 children, Survived by Nicholas & Frederick. Held services in their home before church was built
Kiesel, Christina, d. 1758, infant, d/o Nicholas Kiesel
Kiesel, Ephraim, d. 1809, age: 3y, s/o Abraham Frederick Kiesel
Kiesel, Frederick, d. 13 Apr 1769, s/o Frederick & Verona Kiesel
Kiesel, John George, b. 1680 Igelheim, Palatinate, Germany, d. 1761
Kiesel, John George, d. 1750, infant, s/o Nicholas Kiesel, died of smallpox
Kiesel, John Nicholas, b. 24 Sep 1716 Palatinate, Germany, d. 2 Nov 1791, age: 75y, s/o John George & Christine Margaret (Stein) Kiesel, h/o Barbara Boehler, 12 children, 6 survive
Kiesel, John, d. 1777, age: 9y, s/o Frederick Kiesel
Kiesel, Nathaniel, d. 23 Apr 1769, age: 4y, s/o Frederick & Verona Kiesel, died of smallpox
Kiesel, Verona, d. 30 Apr 1769, age: 11y, d/o Frederick & Verona Kiesel, died of smallpox
Kling, Anna Rosina, d. 1758, infant, d/o Christian Kling, died of smallpox
Kling, Christian, d. 1764, age: 13y, s/o John Christian Kling
Kling, Eva Maria (Zimmer), b. 1724 Germany, d. 14 Apr 1799, age: 76y, w/o Christian Kling
Kling, John Christian, b. 14 Jan 1705 Worms, Palatinate, Germany, d. 7 Nov 1758
Knox, John, b. Donaghkiddie, Ireland, d. 1811, "Number of years was farm hand with Christian Blickensderfer, Sr and later with John Muecke, near Lititz
Koch, John, b. Sep 1705 Alsace, Germany, d. 13 Jul 1785, age: 82y, Wheelwright, died on son-in-law's John Hoefer's place, 5 miles from Lititz
Koch, Philip, b. 1730 Bavaria, Germany, d. 6 Dec 1795, age: 65y, Unmarried, Weaver in the Brothers house
Koerber, Andrew, d. 1754, age: 7d, Baptized by Midwife
Krall, Salome, d. 1812, age: 20y, d/o Abraham Krall
Kreiter, Elizabeth, d. 1788, infant, d/o Michael Christian Kreiter
Lecon, Louise, d. 9 Aug 1758, age: 65y, w/o Paul Lecon
Lecon, Paul, b. May 1686 Lausanne, Switzerland, d. 13 Oct 1766, age: 80y, A Hugenot Refugee, along with wife were first members of Warwick Congregation in 1749, "Lesson" name
Lecron, Daniel, b. 1712 near Heidelberg, Palatinate, Germany, d. 1769, Huguenot origin, came to US in 1741, Associate Moravian member in 1759, full member 1765
Lecron, John Daniel, d. 10 Aug 1758, age: 12y, Oldest s/o Daniel & Mary (Thomas) Lecron
Lecron, John George, d. 3 Aug 1758, age: 9y
Lembke, Christian Ludwig, d. 1756, age: 6m, s/o Rev. Franz Christian Lembke
McClelland, Matthew, d. 1799, infant, s/o Peter McClelland, Presbyterian neighbor
McClelland, Rebecca, d. 1798, infant, d/o Peter McClelland
Noble, Andrew, d. 1802, age: "a drover living 15 miles above Carlisle who had come hither with a herd of cattle, taken sick, could go no farther, Died in Lititz Tavern
Palmer, Andrew, d. 1764, infant
Palmer, Carl Frederick, d. 1757, age: 10y
Palmer, Carl, d. 1750, infant
Palmer, Christian, b. 1703 Palatinate, Germany, d. 8 Mar 1778, age: 74y, Came to US in 1733, Married Widow Susanna Brunck, 6 children. 2nd wife Widow Barbara Pichler, 7 children
Palmer, Eberhard, d. 1769, age: 11y, s/o Christian & Barbara Palmer, died of smallpox
Palmer, Elizabeth, d. 5 Jan 1750, age: 38y
Palmer, Jacob, d. 1751, age: 13y, s/o Michael Palmer
Palmer, Michael, d. 20 Sep 1749, age: 40y
Plattenberger (Palmer), Barbara, d. 1758, age: 46y, w/o John Plattenberger
Plattenberger, Anna Rosina, d. 1758, infant, d/o John Plattenberger
Plattenberger, Philip, d. 11 Apr 1749, age: 8y, s/o John Plattenberger
Possard, Henry, d. 9 Oct 1749, age: 30y
Ramsberg, Anna, b. 26 Jan 1706 Norway, d. 28 Oct 1757, General Superintendent of Single Sisters
Rickert, Catharine, d. 1806, infant, d/o Daniel & Magdalena (Goepfert) Rickert
Rickert, Daniel, d. 1807, age: child, s/o Daniel Rickert
Ricksecker, Anna Christina, b. 3 May 1734, d. 28 May 1777, age: 43y, unmarried, Came as orphan with uncle Peter Ricksecker
Ricksecker, Barbara (Bechtel), b. 1717 near Heilbronn, Bahnbruecken, Germany, d. 27 Jan 1770, age: 52y, 1st husband Henry Klein, 2nd Andrew Bort, 3rd Peter Ricksecker
Ricksecker, Elizabeth, d. 1776, age: 2y, d/o Jacob Ricksecker, died of smallpox
Ricksecker, John Frederick, d. 1758, age: 8m, s/o Peter Ricksecker
Ricksecker, John Frederick, d. 1776, age: 8m, s/o Jacob Ricksecker, died of smallpox
Ricksecker, John Frederick, d. 1781, infant, s/o Jacob Ricksecker
Ricksecker, Maria Barbara, d. 1781, infant, d/o Jacob Ricksecker
Ricksecker, Maria Margaretha (Thomas), b. 4 Apr 1723 Wurtemberg, Germany, d. 10 Apr 1771, age: 48y, w/o Daniel Lecron, married Peter Ricksecker in 1770
Ricksecker, Matthew, d. 1764, infant, s/o Peter Ricksecker
Ricksecker, Peter, b. 20 Oct 1710 Switzerland, d. 9 Feb 1778, age: 67y, Came to US in his 30th year, Married widow Anna Jung in Donegal PA and were first church members there, Had 3 sons Jacob, Peter & John, 2nd wife Widow Bort produced 6 children, Christian, Gertrude, Anna Johanna & Elizabeth survived, 3rd & 4th wives, Widow Margaretha Lecron & Anna Schneider
Rock, Elizabeth, d. 1804, age: child, d/o George Rock, shoemaker
Scherzer, John, d. 1753, age: 2y, s/o Stephen Sherzer
Schmidt, Mary Catharine, d. 25 Mar 1748, age: 47y
Seip, Anna Mary, d. 1753, infant
Seip, Franciscus, d. 30 Mar 1750, age: 8y
Seip, Franz, d. 1762, age: 48y
Seip, John Michael, d. 1757, age: 1y
Seip, John Philip, d. 24 Sep 1749, age: 8m
Sherzer, Anna Apollonia (Glockenberger), b. 14 Dec 1711 Palatinate, Germany, d. 16 Jul 1781, age: 45y, Came to US with husband Jacob Sherzer in 1738, 1st members of Warwick congregation, 5 children, Jacob, Philip and Leonhard survive
Sherzer, Jacob, b. 3 Aug 1712 Palatinate, Germany, d. 19 Jan 1794, age: 81y, Came to US with wife Anna Apollonia (Glockenberger) in 1738
Sherzer, John Philip, d. 1771, infant, s/o Associate member Jacob Sherzer
Shober, Joseph, d. 1784, infant, s/o Andrew Shober
Shoenlein, Barbara Margaret, d. 1781, infant, d/o Leonhard Schoenlein
Shoenlein, Catharine, d. 1781, infant, d/o Leonhard Shoenlein
Sort, Andrew, d. 5 Oct 1749, age: 50y
Stauber, Vincent, d. 4 Mar 1748, age: 55y
Stoehr, Joseph Glaney, d. 1801, age: child, s/o John Stoehr
Struebig, Beata, d. 1760
Struebig, Samuel, d. 1769, age: 1y
Tshudy, Eva Barbara, d. 1762, infant, d/o Nicholas Tshudy
Tshudy, Paul, d. 1760, age: 6y, s/o Nicholas Tshudy
Veil, unnamed, d. 1744-1747, age: 2y, c/o Gottlieb Veil
Veit, Christian, b. 1714 Pfaffenhofen, Wurtemberg, Germany, d. 1760
Weidman, Catharine, d. 1756, age: 22y, w/o Henry Weidman
Weidman, John, d. 1753, infant, s/o John Henry Weidman
Weisskoph, unnamed, d. 1744-1747, age: child, c/o Christian Weisskoph
Werner, Henry, d. 1805, infant, s/o Matthew Werner, day laborer
Werner, Magdalena, d. 1799, infant, d/o Matthew Werner
Westhaeffer, Christian Henry, d. 1783, infant, s/o Conrad Westhaeffer
Westhaeffer, Christina (Sandritter), b. 21 Jun 1713 Palatinate, Germany, d. 6 Dec 1773, age: 60y, Came to US in 1732 & married Valentine Westhaeffer, Joined 1746
Westhaeffer, Daniel, d. 4 May 1775, infant, s/o George Michael Westhaeffer
Westhaeffer, Elizabeth (Kling), b. 1733, d. 18 Jan 1791, d/o Christian & Eva Maria Kling, w/o George Michael Westhaeffer
Westhaeffer, Elizabeth, d. 1760, infant
Westhaeffer, George Michael, d. 4 May 1775, age: 12y, died of smallpox
Westhaeffer, John Ludwig, d. 1775, age: 6y, s/o Conrad & Catharine Westhaeffer
Westhaeffer, Joseph, d. 1770, infant, s/o George Michael Westhaeffer
Westhaeffer, Valentine, b. 1 Jan 1703 Heidelberg, Germany, d. 12 May 1785, age: 83y, Came to US in 1731 after a 6 month voyage during which wife & child, and most of emigrants perished from hunger & thirst, Landed in Philadelphia, After few years married Christina Sandritter, 5 children, Joined Muddy Creek in 1746 as 1st members, After abandoment joined Warwick Congregation, Died of Dropsy
Williams, Thomas, d. 4 Mar 1757, age: 50y
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