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New Freeport Old Cemetery
New Freeport, Greene County, Pennsylvania

Lat: 39° 46' 09"N, Lon: 80° 26' 50"W
Freeport Township

Contributed by Brad Jarvis, Apr 12, 2009, last edited May 18, 2009 [forza@windstream.net]. Total records = 36.

From the Route 21/Route 18 split in west Waynesburg follow Route 21 West approximately 6.5 miles through the town of Rogersville and to a blinking yellow light. Turn left on to Route 18 South and travel 12.3 miles. As you enter the town of New Freeport, turn right onto Deep Valley Road and follow for .5 miles. On your right will be a dirt lane and a gate with the word "Cemetery" on it. As you walk up the dirt lane you will see a deep gulley on your left. The cemetery is located to the left of this gulley atop a bank. It is located in the woods and should be visible at all times of the year.

I was unable to determine who owns the land on which the cemetery sits. This is a very old cemetery dating back to the mid 1800s.

The cemetery is in very poor condition and has not been maintained in a long time. Quite a few stones are down and a couple stones are very difficult to read. I have included a few enteries from a transcription written for this cemetery by Dorothy and James Hennen on 27 Oct 1963 for stones that are barely identifiable today. Those enteries are marked with an (*). I did find 14 additional stones not recorded in 1963.

I walked the cemetery on 8 Nov 2008 and 11 Apr 2009 with the assistance of my friend Charles Newman. This transcription is complete and includes all existing stones. I also have digital photographs of all the stones as well as many views of the cemetery itself and would share them with anyone interested.

- Brad Jarvis


b. = born
d. = died
d/o = daughter of
( ) = author's comments
s/o = son of
s/w = shares stone with
w/o = wife of

Anderson, Andrew J., d. 16 Jun 1872, Aged 6y 1m 15d, s/o J. & N.
Anderson, Jacob, b. 1814, d. 1906
Anderson, Nancy, d. 20 Mar 1870, Aged 49y, w/o Jacob
Burge, Alfred, 25 Mar 1863, Aged 15y, s/o J. & M.
Burge, Isaac, d. 24 Jun 1859, Aged 14d, s/o J. & M. (*), (Stone cannot be located today although I did locate the footstone)
Burge, James, b. 27 Dec 1820, (No other information given), s/w Mariah
Burge, Mariah, b. 28 Feb 1822, d. 21 Aug 1880, w/o James
Fowler, Jane, d. Aug 1854, In her 54th year, w/o Lyman
Fowler, Lyman, d. ? ? 1876, (Rest of stone in sunken in ground), s/w Jane
Fox, Henry, d. 17 Mar 1863, Aged 22y 6m 11d, s/o William & Ann, Died in the service of his country at Fairfax Court House, Virginia, GAR Flag Marker, (*), (Private Co. C 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry)
Fox, Infant, d. ? Apr 187?, Aged ?d, s/o or d/o William & Ann
Fox, Isaac Newton, d. 1 May 1851, Aged 14d, s/o William & Ann
Gump, Della May, Aged 2y, (No other information given)
Gump, Jane, b. 1835, d. 1915
Gump, Peter, d. 10 Dec 1893, Aged 88y, GAR Flag Marker, (Private Co. C 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry)
Gump, Phillip, b. 1830, d. 1886, Co. C 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry, s/w Jane, GAR Flag Marker, (Private)
Henderson, Adaline, d. 14 Nov 1879, Aged 34y 10m 12d, w/o S.
Hilton, Nancy, d. 10 Aug 1901, In her 78th year, w/o Joseph
Hupp, Eliza A., b. 21 Jan 1825, d. 16 Jan 1897
Hupp, Gideon J., b. 7 Apr 1864, d. 25 May 1871, s/o I.J. & E.A.
Hupp, Isaac J., b. 3 Oct 1819, d. 21 Jan 1889, s/w Eliza A.
Hupp, Susan J., b. 27 Feb 1853, d. 16 Sep 1862, d/o I.J. & E.A.
Hupp, Thomas H., b. 1 Oct 1862, d. 6 Jun 1882, s/o I.J. & E.A.
Kinney, Jas., b. 1808, d. 1861, (Kinney stones share a plot surrounded by a rusted iron fence)
Kinney, Sarah, b. 1805, d. 1882
Kinney, Susanna, b. 1839, d. 1861
Loafman, Dillie M., d. 29 Sep 1862, Aged 2y 10d, d/o E. & M.J.
Loafman, Elijah, d. 2 Dec 1871, Aged 16y
Loafman, Hannah, ?., d. 1 Oct 1863, Aged ?y 5m 1?d, d/o E. & M.J.
Loafman, Samuel M., d. 2 Sep 18??, s/o E. & M.J., (Rest of stone is illegible)
McNeely, Russell, d. 4 Dec 1897, Aged 3y 10m 21d, s/o J. & M.
Pettit, H.N., d. 28 Dec 1874, Aged 5m 28d, s/o A. & L.
Pierson, Martha M., b. 15 Sep 1875, d. 3 Jun 1877, d/o P. & S.J., s/w Prissilla
Pierson, Prissilla, b. 23 May 1867, d. 2 Jun 1877, d/o P. & S.J.
Poland, Peter, d. 28 Oct 1874, Aged 84y 8m 13d
Rinehart, S. Cora, d. 21 Apr 1889, In the 19th year of her age

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