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Wenrich Church Cemetery
Linglestown, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

6490 Linglestown Rd., Linglestown, PA 17112

Lat: 40° 20' 51"N, Lon: 76° 46' 49"W
Lower Paxton Township

Submitted by Kathie Gifford, Mar 22, 2004 [kgifford@paonline.com] Total records = 577.

To reach the cemetery drive 1-2 miles east of the center of Linglestown, on Linglestown Rd (Hwy 39) to Wenrich Street. The cemetery will be on the left or north side of the street, the church is beside and east of the cemetery.

Wenrich Reformed Church was founded in 1791 in a log schoolhouse on land donated by Francis Wenrich, with the cemetery beginning some time after that, also on land donated by Francis Wenrich. The earliest burial listed is 1793.

This cemetery is now owned and maintained by Saint Thomas United Church of Christ. Several different church bodies have owned the church, but the name of the cemetery has remained the same.

Although a few have been interred in this cemetery over the last 30 years, it is not truly active. It's "sister cemetery" across the street, is active and maintained by a separate cemetery association.

This transcription is a combination of information from existing headstone readings, a work done by 3 Eagle Boy Scouts in the late 1990s, a transcription done by a local historian in 1922 and the sexton files created by ministers in the mid 1800s. I completed this transcription in Feb of 2004.

- Kathie Gifford

unm= no tombstone, from old transcriptions or sexton file
bur. = buried

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??, Emma, b. Jan 13, 1853, d. Apr 6, 1853, age: 2m, 26d, daughter of William ?, bur. #C96
Ache, Elizabeth, d. abt 1802, age: 40y,5m,14d, wife of Henry Ache, dau of John Shuey, gdau of Daniel Shuey, NM page 14, unm
Allen, Milton M., b. Dec 27, 1871, d. Jun 17, 1936, bur. #D64
Allen, Susan, b. Jan 18, 1873, d. Jul 08, 1957, bur. #D64
Allen, William W., d. Oct 14, 1898, age: 1y, 10m, son of M.M. & Susan Allen, bur. #D65
Aungst, Elizabeth, d. Aug 27, 1865, age: 61y,8m,17d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Aungst, Mary A., b. 1828, d. 1911, bur. #B60
Aungst, William S., d. May 28, 1853, age: 10m, son of Daniel and Amanda, bur. #A23
Backenstoes, Elizabeth Mark, b. Oct 13, 1793, d. Jan 13, 1854, age: 60y, 3m, wife of Jacob Backenstoes,dau of George Mark, bur. #A45
Backenstoes, Jacob, b. Jun 2, 1776, d. Dec 19, 1859, age: 83y, 6m, 17d, War of 1812, bur. #A46
Baer, Mary A., d. Nov 6, 1897, age: 66y, 8m, 24d, wife of A.J. Baer (augus, NM note 656), bur. #B40
Balthaser, Anne Jane, d. Nov 28, 1881, age: 85y, 1m, bur. #D23
Balthaser, Jacob, d. Sep 27, 1881, age: 88y, 4m, 22d, bur. #D23
Balthaser, John H., no dates, son of, illegible, bur. #D24
Balthaser, Sarah L., no dates, daughter of, illegible, bur. #D24
Balthazer, Sarah Ann, b. Feb 2, 1836, d. Oct 22, 1853, age: 17y, 8m, 20d, dau of Benjamin & Lydia Balthazer, bur. #A26
Barnhart, Elizabeth, b. Oct 5, 1823, d. Nov 24, 1894, age: 71y, 1m, 19d, wife of John Barnhart, bur. #E56
Barnhart, George W., b. Jul 8, 1876, d. Mar 8, 1892, age: 15y, 7m, 25d, son of John & Mary Barnhart, bur. #E82
Barnhart, John, b. Feb 16, 1848, d. Nov 13, 1931, bur. #E81
Barnhart, John, b. Sep 26, 1822, d. Jul 6, 1898, age: 76y, 9m, 11d, bur. #E55
Barnhart, Lizzie, b. Sep 9, 1860, d. no date, daughter of John & Elizabeth Barnhart, bur. #E57
Barnhart, Mary, b. May 16, 1853, d. Apr 04, 1905, wife of John Barnhart, bur. #E81
Barr, George, b. Sep 8, 1859, d. Jul 20, 1869, age: 9y 10m 12d, son of August & Mary Barr, bur. #B45
Barr, Ira, b. Feb 10, 1876, d. Sep 2, 1877, age: 1y 6m 22d, bur. #B43
Barr, Josephine, d. Sep 12, 1852, age: 2y, 10m, 16d, dau. of August & Mary Barr, bur. #B44
Basehore, John, b. Apr 2, 1802, d. Aug 23, 1890, age: 88y, 4m, 21d, bur. #D20
Basehore, Magdalene, b. Oct 4, 1804, d. Sep 4, 1892, age: 87y, 11m, wife of John Basehore, bur. #D21
Batteicher, John, b. Apr 15, 1816, d. Mar 26, 1847, burial by G. M. Merr (Luth), unm
Baumgardener, John, b. Feb 28, 1810, d. Mar 11, 1881, age: 71y, 14d, bur. #E74
Baumgardener, Sydney, b. May 16, 1817, d. Jan 07, 1903, age: 85y, 6m, 21d, wife of John Baumgardner, bur. #E75
Baumgardner, John H., b. 1852, d. 1946, bur. #E76
Baumgardner, Martha E., b. 1854, d. 1918, his wife, bur. #E76
Baumgarten, Maria E., d. Sep 24, 1860, age: 71y,7m,20d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Beam, Eliza, b. Mar 29, 1837, d. Sep 27, 1863, age: 26y, 5m, 28d, wife of John Beam, bur. #A35
Bear, Ira A, b. Feb 10, 1876, d. Sep 2, 1877, age: 1y,6m,22d, son of C.S. & Ellen J. Bear, bur. #B43
Beaty, Charlie W., d. Oct 9, 1900, age: 3m, 19d, son of Clayton & Emma Beaty, bur. #E47
Beaty, Clayton D., b. Sep 9, 1873, d. Nov 18, 1901, age: 28y, 2m, 9d, Father, bur. #E48
Beaty, Maggie, d. Mar 16, 1899, age: 1m, 11d, daughter of Clayton & Emma Beaty, bur. #E46
Beinhauer, Jacob F., b. 1872, d. 1956, bur. #D58
Beinhauer, Naomi A., b. 1875, d. 1942, bur. #D57
Bender, Catharina Meese, b. Mar 9, 1809, d. Nov 24, 1835, age: 26y, daughter of Joseph Meese, bur. #C91
Betlian, Elias, b. Jul 14, 1839, d. Dec 6, 1841, burial by G. M. Merr (Luth), unm
Betz, Michael, d., age: 99y, Revolutionary War, Battle of Trenton, NM note page 14, unm
Beyer, Jonathan ?, d. Jul 12, 1799, age: 6y, 3m, 26d, son of John Samuel List, text in German, bur. #C75
Bieber, Mrs. Daniel, d. Feb 25, 1869, burial by Rev. H. N. Kutz, unm
Biever, Edie J., b. May 21, 1874, d. Jun 5, 1874, age: 15 d, bur. #D04
Blanck, John Jacob, b. Jun 3, 1743, d. Apr 20, 1805, age: 61y,10m,15d, Revolutionary War record, n of C63, NM #356, unm
Bolton, Anna Mary, b. Apr 3, 1807, d. Mar 16, 1882, age: 74y, 11m, 13d, bur. #C39
Bolton, Henry, b. May 6, 1800, d. Apr 7, 1876, age: 75y, 11m, 1d, bur. #C40
Bonawitz, Catharine, b. Aug 21, 1806, d. Jun 16, 1870, age: 63y, 9m, 26d, wife of Daniel Bonawitz, bur. #E32
Bonawitz, Catherine, b. Apr 22, 1839, d. Jan 07, 1914, age: 74y, 8m, 15d, bur. #E35
Bonawitz, Daniel, b. Apr 12, 1814, d. Jan 24, 1891, age: 76y, 9m, 12d, bur. #E71
Bonawitz, Eve Catherine, b. Jan 17, 1809, d. Apr 15, 1846, age: 37y, 2m, 28d, wife of Daniel Bonawitz NM 543, bur. #E31
Books, Jacob, b. Sep 17, 1826, d. Nov 25, 1893, bur. #A84
Books, Jacob, d. Mar 21, 1866, age: 3m,4d, bur. #C87
Boyer, A. H., d. Dec 06, 1902, age: 29y, 8m, 15d, Father, bur. #E67
Boyer, Maria, d. Oct 18, 1879, age: 56y, 13d, Maria, wife of A.H. Boyer, bur. #E68
Brechbill, Elizabeth, b. Jun 2, 1815, d. Mar 11, 1816, age: 9m, 9d, text in German, bur. #E16
Brechbill, Heinrich, d. Apr 24, 1812, age: 8m, 1d, text in German, bur. #E17
Brechbill, Jacob, b. Mar 23, 1782, d. Mar 14, 1824, age: 41y, 11m, 18d, Son of Peter & Christina Brechbill, text in German, bur. #E15
Brechbill, Susana, d. Nov 18, 1816, age: 54y, 7m, 17d, text in German, age poss. 34y,7m,17d, bur. #E18
Brechtbill, Maria Christiana, b. Dec 24, 1797, d. Apr 1, 1844, burial by G. M. Merr (Luth), unm
Brightbill, Adam H., d. Dec 31, 1850, age: 5y, 3m,21d, Son of Adam & Elizabeth Brightbill, bur. #E09
Brightbill, Adam, b. Feb 1, 1810, d. Mar 30, 1874, age: 64y, 1m, 29d, bur. #E14
Brightbill, Catharine Uland, b. Aug 8, 1790, d. Jul 11, 1841, age: 50y, 11m, 3d, daughter of George & Mary Uland, bur. #C78
Brightbill, David W., b. Sep 23, 1838, d. Jun 13, 1912, bur. #C11
Brightbill, Edward F., d. Feb 26, 1853, age: 9m, 6d, Son of Adam & Elizabeth Brightbill, bur. #E08
Brightbill, Eliza, b. Aug 7, 1813, d. Mar 1, 1865(May), age: 51y,8m,25d, Wife of Adam, bur. #E13
Brightbill, Elizabeth, b. Mar 17, 1820, d. Jul 29, 1835, Daughter of Peter & Jane Brightbill, bur. #E10
Brightbill, Elizabeth, b. Sep 13, 1933, d. Mar 01, 1933, age: 7weeks, daughter of J.A.C., bur. #E21
Brightbill, Esther G., b. Sep 14, 1897, d. Jul 4, 1900, age: 2y, 9m, 20d, dau of John A. & Katie C. Brightbill, bur. #D80
Brightbill, George D., b. Sep 19, 1893, d. May 1, 1905, age: 11y, 7m, 12d, son of John A. & Katie C. Brightbill, bur. #D79
Brightbill, George M., b. Jul 9, 1864, d. Feb 26, 1875, bur. #C11
Brightbill, George, d. Sep 11, 1857, age: 17y, 1m, 16d, Son of Adam & Elizabeth Brightbill, bur. #E07
Brightbill, Jane Mohn, b. Jun 20, 1798, d. Oct 10, 1844, bur. #E12
Brightbill, John A., b. Mar 4, 1866, d. Jun 23, 1917, bur. #D78
Brightbill, Kate Kramer, b. Sep 9, 1864, d. Oct 25, 1959, bur. #D78
Brightbill, Mary J., b. Apr 24, 1840, d. Jul 20, 1909, wife of David W. Brightbill, bur. #C11
Brightbill, Peter, b. Apr 3, 1786, d. Oct 27, 1843, age: 57y,6m,23d, Johann Peter Brechbill, bur. #E11
Brunner, Infant, d. Dec 25, 1867, age: 1d, daughter of Andrew & H., bur. #E54
Bucher, Casper, b. 1733, d. Jun 11, 1799, age: 66y, text is in German, bur. #E23
Bucher, Catherina, b. 1742, d. 1821, bur. #E20
Bucherin, Catherina, b. Feb 16, 1742, d. Jan 31, 1821, age: 79y, minus 16d, bur. #E24
Buck, Amos C., b. Jun 1, 1853, d. Feb 28, 1926, bur. #C07
Buck, Cora M. Moyer, d. Aug 21, 1907, age: 26y, 5m, 21d, wife of John W. Buck, dau of B.F. & K.E. Moyer, twin sons buried with her, bur. #E51
Buck, David J., b. Apr 16, 1840, d. Oct 1, 1862, age: 20y,5m,15d, son of John & Sidney Buck, shot in Civil War, buried in uniform, NM special note, #485, bur. #B22
Buck, David, b. Apr 16, 1840, d. Oct 1, 1862, age: 20y,5m,15d, son of John & Sidney Buck, shot in Civil War, buried in uniform,, bur. #B22
Buck, Emma M., b. Apr 8, 1860, d. Dec 25, 1940, wife of Amos C. Buck, bur. #C07
Buck, Eve, d. Feb 7, 1841, age: 61y, 11m, 28d, bur. #C63
Buck, James Franklin, b. May 31, 1851, d. Oct 21, 1851, age: 4m, 21d, son of D. and Jane Buck, near A26-28, NM 240, unm
Buck, John, b. Jun 27, 1811, d. Jun 10, 1882, age: 70y, 11m, 13d, bur. #B19
Buck, John, d. Jan 10, 1835, age: 54y, 4m, 28d, bur. #C62
Buck, Mary E., d. Oct 22, 1848, age: 1m, 6d, dau of D. & M. Buck, bur. #A28
Buck, Mary, d. Sep 27, 1848, age: 29y, 4m, 1d, wife of Daniel Buck, bur. #A29
Buck, Roy W., d. Aug 14, 1881, age: 3m, 19d, son of A.C. & E.M. Buck, bur. #C08
Buck, Sidney G., b. Dec 26, 1814, d. Aug 22, 1871, age: 56y, 7m, 27d, wife of John Buck, bur. #B20
Buck, Susan G., b. Jul 31, 1855, d. Feb 1, 1863, age: 7y, 6m, dau. of John & Sidney Buck, bur. #B21
Cahae, Maria, d. Nov 4, 1861, age: 56y,3m,25d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Calder, Margaret C., b. Apr 27, 1828, d. Feb 08, 1912, age: 83y, 9m, 11d, bur. #D13
Carhan, Maria, no dates, bur. #E26
Cassel, Annie R., b. Aug 15, 1890, d. Apr 15, 1950, bur. #D34
Cassel, Catharine, b. Feb 11, 1831, d. Apr 22, 1904, bur. #E70
Cassel, Christian, b. Feb 10, 1831, d. Jul 25, 1910, bur. #E70
Cassel, Raymond T., b. Apr 4, 1892, d. Sep 24, 1979, bur. #D34
Cassel, Ruth V, d. Feb 15, 1902, age: 2y, 1m, 6d, Grandaughter, bur. #B70
Caton, Thomas, b. 1835, d. 1871, bur. #E44
Clawges, Harriet, b. 1857, d. 1935, bur. #A82
Clawges, Joseph, b. 1848, d. 1935, bur. #A82
Clawges, Mahlon F., b. 1884, d. 1931, bur. #B77
Clay, Elizabeth, d. Mar 12, 1835, age: 76y,2m,22d, wife of Adam Clay, d. maybe 1858, bur. #B24
Clay, John, b. Jan 06, 1801, d. Nov 16, 1868, age: 67y, 10m, 10d, bur. #B23
Crum, Catharine, d. May 17, 1859, age: abt. 52, daughter of Peter & Eve Crum, bur. #C46
Crum, Eve, b. May 1, 1770, d. Jan 8, 1860, age: 89y, 8m, 7d, bur. #C76
Crum, George, d. Jun 11, 1869, age: 73y, 7m, 5d, bur. #C44
Crum, Joseph, b. Jul 26, 1812, d. Sep 21, 1884, age: 72y, 1m, 25d, bur. #D22
Crum, Margaretta, b. Nov 12, 1813, d. Mar 20, 1888, age: 74y, 4m, 8d, wife of Joseph Crum, bur. #D22
Crum, Michael, d. Jul 24, 1822, age: 1y, 15d, bur. #E22
Crum, Peter, d. Feb 24, 1817, age: 52y, Rev War, note at N.M. 217, bur. #C77
Crum, Polly, b. Dec 1, 1809, d. Jan 18, 1860, age: 50y, 1m. 17d, daughter of Peter & Eve Crum, bur. #C45
Culp, Maria S., b. Dec 13, 1791, d. Jan 23, 1843, age: 51y, 1m, 10d, bur. #A69
Daniel, Alice C., b. 1875, d. 1955, bur. #D47
Daniel, Elmer S., b. 1871, d. 1955, Father, bur. #D47
Demuth, Ann Warfel, b. Dec 23, 1908, d. Feb 2, 1991, bur. #B89
Earley, Edwin H., b. 1903, d. 1903, bur. #D75
Earley, Joseph E., b. 1880, d. 1958, bur. #D75
Earley, Minnie A., b. 1885, d. 1981, bur. #D75
Ebersole, Jeremiah, d. Apr 10, 1858, age: 23y 6m 1d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Eby, Charles B., b. Jan 21, 1892, d. Mar 11, 1899, age: 7y, 1m, 20d, bur. #E73
Eby, Dorothey, d. Jan 22, 1922, bur. #B68
Eisenhower, Catharine, b. Feb 23, 1770, d. Jul 17, 1843, age: 73y, 4m, 24d, bur. #B09
Eisenhower, John, d. Jun 21, 1861, age: 87y, 4m, 16d, N.M. entry, bur. #B10
Etzweiler, Martha, b. Nov 29, 1857, d. Nov 28, 1931, age: 73y, 11m, 29d, bur. #D70
Etzweiler, Michael, b. May 7, 1852, d. Nov 11, 1910, age:,58y, 6m, 4d, bur. #D69
Etzweiler, Walter, b. Mar 3, 1895, d. Jan 10, 1920, son of Michael & Martha Etzweiler,Volun. May 1917, Co D 112 Reg 28, French battles listed , bur. #D71
Fackler, Adam, b. 1850, d. 1915, bur. #A83
Fackler, Amelia C., b. 1850, d. 1925, bur. #A83
Fackler, Elizabeth Umberger, b. Jul 2, 1795, d. Jul 18, 1831, age: 36y, 16d, wife of George Fackler, dau. of John & Margaret Umberger, bur. #B14
Fackler, Minnie May, no dates, illegible, bur. #D17
Farling, Daniel, d. Nov 10, 1910, age: 82y, 29d, bur. #D54
Farling, Mary A., d. Feb 4, 1914, age: 75y, 17d, bur. #D55
Farling, Sadie, b. 1872, d. 1885, dau of Alf. & E., bur. #D01
Farling, William A., d. Mar 12, 1826, age: 6m, 3d, son of Alfred & Eliz Farling, bur. #D03
Farling, William Ira, b. Sep 18, 1883, d. Jan 29, 1897, son of Daniel & Mary Farling, bur. #D56
Felig, Christina Buck, b. Dec 3, 1758, d. Sep 11, 1821, age: 63y, 11m, 8d, text in German, dau John Philip Buck, bur. #C80
Felig, Daniel, b. Nov 12, 1789, d. Oct 12, 1818, age: 28y, 11m, text in German, bur. #C81
Felig, Peter, b. Mar 8, 1756, d. Feb 13, 1821, age: 64y, 11m, 5d, text in German, Revolutionary War, bur. #C79
Felty, Christian, d. Mar 6, 1863, age: 70y, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Felty, Jemina, d. Feb 13, 1857, age: 7y,3m,1d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Felty, William Calvin, b. May 18, 1851, d. Oct 13, 1867, age: 16y 4m 26d, bur. #C82
Ferber, Catherine, b. 1873, d. 1945, bur. #B90
Ferber, Conrad, b. 1906, d. 1910, bur. #B90
Ferber, John, b. 1872, d. 1953, bur. #B90
Ferber, Margaret Strak, b. 1845, d. 1918, bur. #B90
Fieser, Catharine, d. Apr 15, 1867, age: 12y,1m,7d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Fiesser, George, b. 1739, d. Jun 26, 1815, age: 76y, 2m, 15d, in German, bur. #C42
Fiesser, Susanna, d. Feb 19, 1816, age: 6m 4d, text in German, S of E29, NM #547, unm
Fisher, Mary Ann, d. Aug 22, 1862, age: 11y 4m 8d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Fisher, Priscilla, d. Aug 26, 1862, age: 5y 10m 21d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Fisher, Sarah, d. Aug 28, 1862, age: 7y 4m 2d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Fisher, Susanna, d. Sep 9, 1862, age: 2y 4m 15d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Fitting, Cyrus, d. Jun 2, 1861, age: 10m, 23d, son of John & Elizabeth Fitting, bur. #C09
Fitting, Elizabeth Rhodes, b. Jul 22, 1821, d. May 17, 1898, age: 76y, 9m, 25d, wife of John Fitting, bur. #C05
Fitting, George H., b. 1835, d. 1923, bur. #C06
Fitting, George, d. Jan 24, 1856, age: 57y 4m 12d, bur. #A42
Fitting, Henerich, b. Feb 12, 1759, d. Sep 12, 1823, age: 64y, 7m, text in German, Revolutionary War, bur. #A18
Fitting, Jacob, b. Mar 16, 1828, d. Nov 2, 1843, burial by G. M. Merr (Luth), unm
Fitting, John, d. Dec 22, 1891, age: 69y, 5m, 16d, Father, bur. #C01
Fitting, Maria, b. May, 31, 1763, d. Apr 22, 1836, age: 72y,10m,22d, text in German, grave btwn A17-18, NM #84, unm
Fitting, Mary, b. Mar 4, 1802, d. Apr 7, 1874, age: 72y, 1m, 3d, wife of George Fitting, bur. #A41
Fitting, Sarah A., b. xx xx, 1843, d. 1942, wife of George H. Fitting, bur. #C06
Fitting, William, b. Mar 19, 1847, d. Oct 5, 1876, age: 29y, 5m, -14d, bur. #C02
Flory, Emanuel, d. Nov 19, 1862, age: 31y,7m,2d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Focht, Catharine, b. Jan 16, 1813, d. Nov 28, 1870, age: 57y, 10m, 12d, wife of John Focht, bur. #C21
Focht, Elizabeth, b. Jan 13, 1847, d. Jun 18, 1870, age: 23y, 5m, 5d, daughter of John & Catherine Focht, bur. #C22
Focht, Jacob, b. Dec 20, 1808, d. Jan 22, 1887, age: 78y, 1m, 2d, bur. #C13
Focht, John Benjamin?, no dates, husband of Catharine, NM #607, unm
Focht, John, b. Apr 14, 1799, d. Apr 15, 1882, age: 83y, 1d., bur. #C19
Focht, Mary, b. May 14, 1811, d. Jul 20, 1872, age: 61y, 2m, 6d, bur. #C20
Formoier, Anna Maria Catherine, d. Sep 7, 1795, age: 26y,6m,8d, text in German, N of C61, NM #385, unm
Forney, George W., b. 1863, d. 1931, bur. #D45
Forney, Jeremiah C., d. Nov 01, 1909, age: 69y, 6m, 20d, Civil War, Pvt Co C, 201 Reg PA Vol, bur. #A73
Forney, John C., b. 1874, d. 1874, bur. #A73
Forney, Mary J., b. 1866, d. 1939, bur. #D45
Forney, Sarah S., d. Dec 31, 1919, age: 80y, Wife of Jeremiah C. Forney, bur. #A73
Fox, John H., d. Dec 14, 1859, age: 13y, 4m, 22d, son of John & Mary Fox, bur. #B35
Fox, John, d. Oct 17, 1859, age: 42y, 10m, 12d, bur. #B33
Fox, Mary C., d. Nov 12, 1866, age: 18y, 3m, 21d, dau. of John & Mary Fox, bur. #B36
Fox, Mary, d. Sep 6, 1861, age: 52y, 4m, 1d, wife of John Fox, bur. #B34
Frantz, Amanda C., d. Aug 3, 1896, age: 61y, 2m, 15d, wife of D. Frantz, bur. #B58
Frantz, David, d. May 29, 1895, age: 60y, 8m, 9d, bur. #B59
Fritchey, August, d. 1822, age: 11y, bur. #C86
Fritchey, Dorothy, d. Dec 23, 1853, age: 83y, 23 d, Consort of Godfrey Fritchey, bur. #C84
Fritchey, George, d. Aug 18, 1814, age: 24y, son of Godfrey & Dorothy Fritchey, bur. #C85
Fritchey, Godfrey, d. 1821, age: 65y, bur. #C83
Gardner, W. John, b. 1868, d. 1940, bur. #D46
Gastrock, Augustus, d. Aug 20, 1890, age: 70y, 7m, 7d, father, bur. #A85
Gastrock, B., b. 1847, d. 1924, father, bur. #A87
Gastrock, Catherine, b. 1853, d. 1924, mother, wife of B. Gastrock, bur. #A87
Gastrock, Mary, d. Oct 29, 1897, age: 70y, 7m, 13d, mother, bur. #A86
Geistwhite, Frank, b. 1879, d. 1913, bur. #B73
Geistwhite, Joseph, b. Apr 9, 1830, d. Jul 15, 1896, age: 66y, 3m, 6d, bur. #E78
Geistwhite, Lavina, b. Sep 8, 1841, d. Aug 14, 1915, age: 73y, 11m, 6d, Lavina, wife of Joseph Geistwhite, bur. #E79
Geistwite, Joseph L., b. Jun 4, 1865, d. Apr 22, 1886, age: 20y,10m,18d, son of Joseph & Lavina, bur. #E77
George, Frank, no dates, south of A1, NM #2, unm
George, Harriet, no dates, south of A1, NM #7, unm
Gerhart, Catherine A., b. 1838, d. 1912, bur. #B61
Gerhart, John A., b. 1844, d. 1902, bur. #B62
Gettel, Morris, d. Mar 10, 1853, age: 4m 10d, son of Martin & Eliz Gettel, bur. #E45
Glassbrenner, Catharine, b. Dec 29, 1823, d. Feb 20, 1901, age: 77y, 1m, 21d, bur. #C23
Glassbrenner, Charles S., b. 1888, d. 1904, N.M. 616, bur. #E38
Glassbrenner, David, b. Aug 27, 1841, d. Sep 15, 1841, burial by G. M. Merr (Luth), unm
Glassbrenner, David, b. Jan 10, 1796, d. Dec 28, 1871, age: 77y,11m,18d, gunsmith, bur. #C27
Glassbrenner, John, b. Dec 3, 1828, d. Aug 6, 1847, age: 18y, 8m, 3d, bur. #C26
Glassbrenner, M. Catharine, b. Feb 9, 1797, d. Sep 21, 1870, age: 73y, 7m, 12d, wife of SamL Glassbrenner, bur. #C24
Glassbrenner, Malinda M., b. 1855, d. 1935, bur. #E38
Glassbrenner, Maria, b. Nov 20, 1809, d. Dec 8, 1841, burial by G. M. Merr (Luth), unm
Glassbrenner, Samuel, b. 1826, d. 1899, bur. #E38
Glassbrenner, Samuel, d. Mar 9, 1869, age: 71y, bur. #C25
Grunden, Elizabeth, d. Jan 17, 1863, age: 2m, 20d, daughter of John & Barbara Grunden, bur. #E53
Gutmann, Jonas Edward, b. Sep 25, 1844, d. May 1, 1845, burial by G. M. Merr (Luth), unm
Habecker, John H., b. Feb 1, 1858, d. Jan 1, 1918, bur. #B76
Han, Adam (or Johan), d. Feb 3, 1795, age: 2y 3w 3d, text in German, ?Johan Adam St Geitore, bur. #C61
Heck, Emanuel, b. Jul 2, 1820, d. Jan 14, 1864, age: 43y, 6m, 12d, Father, bur. #E52
Heckart, Aaron, b. 1857, d. 1932, bur. #D61
Heckart, Caroline E., b. Dec 28, 1819, d. Dec 18, 1903, his wife, bur. #D60
Heckart, Casper, d. Dec 12, 1846, age: 69y, 6m, 17d, War of 1812, bur. #B06
Heckart, Catharine E., no dates, footstone, bur. #D59
Heckart, David, b. Dec 29, 1819, d. Aug 20, 1886, age: 66y, 7m, 21d, bur. #C67
Heckart, Elizabeth, d. Aug 16, 1824, age: 22y, 6m, 23d, daughter of Peter & Elizabeth Heckart, bur. #C73
Heckart, Elizabeth, d. Oct 2, 1867, age: 90y, 8m, 1d, wife of Peter Heckart, bur. #C68
Heckart, Emma C., no dates, foot stone, bur. #D59
Heckart, Johann, b. Jan 19, 1782, d. Aug 30, 1803, age: 21y 7m 11d, text in German, bur. #C72
Heckart, Joseph, d. abt 1815, adult son of Peter and Elizabeth Heckart, near C68-69, NM #260, unm
Heckart, Peter, b. Oct 16, 1812, d. Mar 23, 1900, bur. #D60
Heckart, Peter, d. Mar 1, 1839, age: 63y, 6m, 7d, bur. #C69
Heckart, Philip, d. Sep 14, 1835, age: 18y, 5m, 4d, son of Peter & Elizabeth Heckart, bur. #C74
Heckart, Phillipp, b. Oct 15, 1744, d. Sep 18, 1803, age: 59y, 11m, 3d, text in German, bur. #C71
Heckert, Caroline B., d. Jan 13, 1893, age: 1y, 11m, 11d, daugher of Phillip & Mary Heckert, bur. #E83
Heckert, Mary Ober, b. 1862, d. 1943, bur. #E84
Heckert, Phillip Felty, b. 1861, d. 1944, bur. #E84
Heckert, Phillip, d. Jan 25, 1829, age: 21y 11m 14d, son of Casper & Eve Heckert, killed by a tree falling on him, bur. #B07
Heilman, Emma J. Schaeffer, b. Aug 17, 1875, d. Apr 14, 1933, age: 57y, 7m, 27d, Mother, nee Schaeffer, bur. #E49
Heilman, Rebecca, b. May 23, 1806, d. Mar 18, 1845, age: 38y,9m,26d, wife of William Heilman, bur. #A59
Heilman, Samuel J., b. Dec 23, 1873, d. Oct 24, 1938, age: 64y, 10m, 1d, bur. #E50
Hermann, Joseph, b. Apr 30, 1829, d. Apr 7, 1841, burial by G. M. Merr (Luth), unm
Hicks, Ann, b. Nov 16, 1787, d. Oct 3, 1861, age: 73y, 10m, 17d, wife of Conrad Hicks, note in NM 505, bur. #A51
Hicks, Christiana, b. Aug 22, 1816, d. Apr 2, 1880, age: 63y, 7m, 10d, wife of Jacob, note in NM 507, bur. #B27
Hicks, Conrad H., b. Nov 6, 1834, d. Aug 18, 1857, age: 22y, 9m, 12d, son of Jacob & Elizabeth Hicks, bur. #A49
Hicks, Conrad, b. Jun 29, 1782, d. Jun 7, 1858, age: 75y, 11m, 8d, bur. #A50
Hicks, Elizabeth, b. Sep 1834, d. 1842, dau of J & C Hicks, between E19-20, bur. NM #276, unm
Hicks, Esther Elizabeth, b. Sep 17, 1837, d. Mar 25, 1841, burial by G. M. Merr (Luth), unm
Hicks, George W., b. Aug 27, 1849, d. May 28, 1851, son of J. & G. Hicks, bur. #A48
Hicks, Infant child, no dates, age: 8 wks, NM #276, unm
Hicks, Jacob, b. Jun 14, 1808, d. Jan 3, 1875, age: 66y, 6m, 19d, bur. #B28
Hicks, John J., d. Mar 11, 1885, age: 46y, 2m, 19d, bur. #B25
Hinkle, Rose, b. 1834, d. 1897, bur. #D82
Hoover, John H., d. Jul 27, 1890, age: 3m, son of J. & P. Hoover, bur. #A81
Hoover, Priscilla, d. Apr 7, 1890, age: 24y 1m 22d, wife of John Hoover, bur. #A80
Jeiters, Husband, no dates, N of B29, NM #560, unm
Jeiters, Wife, no dates, N of B29, NM #560, unm
Jones, James, d. Sep 1, 1848, age: 46y, 2m, 22d, bur. #A70
Keener, Angeline, d. Sep 29, 1860, age: 8y, 5m, 25d, dau of Jacob & Catharine Keener, bur. #A09
Keener, Elmira Jane, d. Mar 17, 1861, age: 24y, 11m, 12d, wife of JohnJ. Keener, bur. #A10
Keener, Frederick, d. Jun 11, 1863, age: 71y, 5m, 4d, bur. #A75
Keener, James Frederick, d. Dec 20, 1858, age: 6m, 5d, son of Jacob & Catharine Keener, bur. #A07
Keener, Margaret, d. Mar 13, 1832, age: 5y, 2m, 26d, dau of Frederick & Rosanna Keener, bur. #A06
Keener, Mary C., d. Aug 8, 1859, age: 9m, 8d, dau of John J. & Elmira J. Keener, bur. #A08
Keener, Rosanna, d. Sep 20, 1867, age: 71y, 7m, 13d, wife of Frederick Keener, bur. #A76
Kinder, Katharine, b. Sep 10, 1759, d. Oct 4, 1817, age: 57y, 24d, beloved consort of Phillip Kinder, beloved mother of 11, stone erected by son John, bur. #E19
Kline, Adam W., d. Dec 24, 1860, age: 11y,2m,22d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Kline, Catherine, d. May 30, 1859, age: 41y,1m,28d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, husband Isaiah, unm
Koche, Margret, d. Nov 19, 1802, age: 40y, 3m, 14d, in German, bur. #C49
Lenker, Catharine, b. May 5, 1843, d. May 25, 1907, age: 64y, 20d, wife of Isaac Lenker, bur. #B71
Lenker, Charle W., b. May 15, 1882, d. June 11, 1905, age: 23y, 26d, son of Isaac & Catherine, bur. #B71
Lenker, Fannie Walter, d. May 7, 1859, age: 37y 5m 27d, wife of Jesse Lenker, bur. #C41
Lenker, Isaac, b. May 25, 1837, d. Sep 07, 1900, age: 63y 3m 12d, bur. #B71
Lenker, Mary Minerva, d. May 6, 1858, age: 1y, 2m, 21d, bur. #C41
Lenker, Rebecca Brightbill, d. May 10, 1884, age: 83y, 8m, 7d, wife of Jesse Lenker, bur. #D18
Lenker, William Wallace, d. Feb 19, 1859, age: 5y, 6m, bur. #C41
Lepo, Michael, b. Apr 14, 1832, d. Feb 28, 1845, burial by G. M. Merr (Luth), unm
Lichtenwalter, John Thomas, d. Mar 9, 1858, age: 4y, 11d, son of Nathan & Lydia, bur. #A53
Lichtenwalter, Lydia, d. Apr 15, 1895, age: 73y, 7m, 4d, wife of Nathan, note in NM 566, bur. #A53
Lichtenwalter, Nathan, d. Dec 13, 1861, age: 45y, 5m, 8d, bur. #A53
Lichtenwalter, Wilson, d. Mar 31, 1862, age: 1y, 6m, son of Nathan & Lydia, bur. #A53z
Lingle, Annie, b. 1850, d. 1925, bur. #D27
Lingle, Benjamin, b. Aug 2, 1812, d. May 5, 1881, age: 68y 8m 6d, bur. #B55
Lingle, Catharina, b. Mar 12, 1781, d. Jun 3, 1839, age: 58y 2m 21d, dau of Martin Koch (text in German), bur. #E30
Lingle, Catharine, b. Apr 22, 1821, d. Oct 31, 1892, age: 71y 6m 9d, wife of Jos. F. Lingle, bur. #D15
Lingle, Elizabeth E., d. Aug 14, 1893, age: 40y 7m 12d, near B54-55, unm
Lingle, Elizabeth, b. Mar 12, 1788, d. May 10, 1855, age: 67y 1m 29d, bur. #B05
Lingle, Elizabeth, d. Jan 8, 1851, age: 4y, 3m 6d, dau. of Joseph & Catharine Lingle, bur. #B37
Lingle, Jacob, b. Dec 22, 1777, d. Jul 19, 1836, age: 58y 6m 27d, text in German, War of 1812, bur. #E29
Lingle, Jacob, b. Sep 11, 1786, d. Jul 21, 1847, age: 60y 10m 10d, War of 1812, bur. #B04
Lingle, John D., b. 1892, d. 1918, bur. #B69
Lingle, John P., d. Jan 26, 1851, age: 2y 1m 29d, son of Jo. & Catharine Lingle, bur. #B38
Lingle, John M., b. May 25, 1863, d. Jul 25, 1878, age: 15y 2m bur. #B52
Lingle, Joseph F., b. Nov 9, 1817, d. Dec 26, 1889, age: 72y 1m 17d, Phillipians 1C 21V, bur. #D14
Lingle, Mary, d. Apr 6, 1868, age: 43y, 8m, wife of Benj. Lingle, bur. #B54
Lingle, Mary, d. Jun 27, 1815, bur. #C37
Lingle, Nancy J., b. Sep 15, 1843, d. Dec 6, 1907, age: 64y, 2m, 21d, Mother, bur. #D16
Lingle, Sarah Jane, b. Nov, 16, 1860, d. Aug 6, 1869, age: 8y, 8m, 20d, dau. of Benjamin & Mary LIngle, bur. #B53
Lingle, Sarah, b. 1811, d. 1883, bur. #D28
Lingle, Sarah, b. 1848, d. 1923, bur. #D27
Lingle, Susanna Mumma, b. 1862, d. 1929, wife of Thomas W. Lingle, bur. #B69
Lingle, Thomas M., b. 1850, d. 1931, bur. #D25
Lingle, Thomas W., b. 1859, d. 1940, bur. #B69
Lingle, Thomas, b. 1742, d. 1811, Pvt Filbert's Co. PA Vols. Rev. War, founder town of St. Thomas(Linglestown today), bur. #C36
Lingle, Thomas, b. 1802, d. 1888, bur. #D28
Lingle, Thomas, b. Jan 30, 1778, d. Oct 28, 1821, age: 43y 8m 29d, bur. #C35
Lingle, Wilhelm H., b. Oct 14, 1840, d. Mar 29, 1842, burial by G. M. Merr (Luth), unm
Long, John E., b. Dec 19, 1916, d. Feb 26, 1916, son of W. H. & Emie Long, bur. #E34
Mangel, William, d. Sep 11, 1865, age: 1y 11d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Marburger, Annie M., b. Oct 19, 1880, d. Feb 27, 1888, age: 7y,4m,8d, daughter of M. & Mary S. Marburger, bur. #C32
Marburger, Catharine A., b. Oct 1, 1840, d. Mar 31, 1852, dau of L & C. Marburger, bur. #B46
Marburger, Isaac, no dates, Father, bur. #A71
Marburger, John, b. Sep 2, 1809, d. Dec 11, 1873, age: 64y, 3m, 9d, bur. #C30
Marburger, Kathryn Hicks, no dates, Mother, bur. #A72
Marburger, Margaret, b. Mar 24, 1817, d. Nov 25, 1890, age: 73y, 8m, 1d, wife of J. Marburger, bur. #C29
Marburger, Michael, d. Dec 27, 1886, age: 48y, 4m, 26d, bur. #C31
Mark, Henry, b. Jun 6, 1823, d. Nov 14, 1877, age: 54y, 5m, 8d, NM note #561, bur. #B29
Mark, Jacob, d. Dec 4, 1862, age: 77y, 8m, 6d, bur. #B31
Mark, Maria, d. Jan 4, 1869, age: 42y, 3m, 10d, died of consumption NM 562, bur. #B30
Mark, Maria, d. Mar 8, 1856, age: 66y, 11m, 10d, wife of Jacob Mark, bur. #A58
Mark, Rebecca, d. Jul 18, 1860, age: 31y, 7m, 4d, bur. #B32
Marrick, Mary, d. Jan 16, 1869, age: 44y, burial by Rev. H. N. Kutz, unm
McElheney, David, b. May 14, 1816, d. Oct 14, 1895, bur. #D26
McElheney, Mary E. Lingle?, b Aug 2, 1845, d. Dec 22, 1935, wife of David McElheney, bur. #D26
McElhenny, Mary Ann, d. Mar 7, 1855, age: 6y 9m 22d, dau of Sam & Catharine MCElhenny, near A69, NM #666, unm
McElhenny, Samuel, d. Jan 1, 1856, age: 1y 29d, son of Sam & Catharine McElhenny, near A69, NM #667, unm
McElheny, Hannah, b. Jan 24, 1806, d. Sep 22, 1864, age: 58y 2m, 28d, wife of Samuel McElheny, bur. #B49
McElheny, Samuel, b. Dec 22, 1839, d. Mar 16, 1863, age: 23y 2m, 24d, bur. #B47
McElheny, Samuel, b. Mar 31, 1787, d. Jul 30, 1864, age: 77y 3m, 29d, bur. #B48
McKee, Rachel, b. Jun 5, 1825, d. Jan 08, 1906, age: 80y, 7m, 3d, wife of Wm McKee(killed Civil War NM#716), bur. #C0
Meese, Baby Girl, b. Nov 15, 1832, d. Jan 6, 1833, age: 1m 19d, daughter of Joseph & Catherine Meese, bur. #C93
Meese, Elizabeth, b. Dec 21, 1783, d. Mar 16, 1854, age: 70y 2m, 24d, wife of Henry Meese, bur. #C89
Meese, Henry, b. Aug 16, 1773, d. Mar 20, 1848, age: 74y, 8m 4d, bur. #C90
Meese, Joseph, b. Apr 2, 1810, d. Apr 16, 1882, age: 72y, 13d, bur. #D07
Meese, Martha Carolyn, b. Sep 14, 1847, d. Jan 12, 1853, age: 5y, 3m, 28d, bur. #C94
Meese, Martha, b. May 1, 1817, d. Dec 21, 1848, age: 31y, 1m, 20d, died with black smallpox, bur. #C95
Meese, Mary Catharine, b. Aug 16, 1803, d. Nov 8, 1947, age: 46y, 2m, 23d, consort of Phillip Meese, bur. #B02
Meese, Matilda, b. Nov 24, 1830, d. Feb 24, 1833, age: 2y, 3m, daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Meese, bur. #C92
Meese, Sarah, b. Feb 4, 1812, d. Feb 11, 1880, age: 68y, 7d, bur. #D07
Miller, Catharine, d. Nov 5, 1828, age: 17y, 9m, 7d, dau of Daniel & Elizabeth Miller, bur. #A24
Miller, Eleanora, d. Oct 3, 1834, age: 30y, 11m, 10d, dau of Daniel & Elizabeth, bur. #A25
Miller, Emma Regina, d. Dec 2, 1862, age: 5y,2m,17d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Misenhelter, Catharine Seller, b. Nov 20, 1791, d. Jan 19, 1851, wife of George Misenhelter, dau of George & Margaret Seller, bur. #B41
Misenhelter, George, b. Jul 2, 1794, d. Sep 25, 1854, age: 60y, 2m, 25d, bur. #B42
Moyer, Benjamin F., b. Sep 9, 1841, d. Nov 08, 1910, bur. #D08
Moyer, Joseph D., b. Nov 5, 1868, d. Sep 22, 1869, son of B.F. & K.E. Moyer, bro of Nevin Moyer, bur. #A03
Moyer, Kate Meese, b. May 23, 1842, d. Sep 14, 1907, wife of Benjamin Moyer, bur. #D08
Moyer, Sarah J., b. 1872, d. 1890, bur. #D08
Mumma, Annie, b. Sep 5, 1868, d. Aug 20, 1947, age: 78y, 11m, 15d, his wife, bur. #D66, D67
Mumma, Catharine Walmer, b. Dec 17, 1811, d. Sep 14, 1890, age: 78y, 8m., 27d, widow of Daniel Walmer, wife of John Mumma, bur. #C98
Mumma, Elias, b. Dec 21, 1868, d. Sep 20, 1942, age: 73y, 8m, 28d, bur. #D66, D67
Mumma, Emma, d. Jun 15, 1903, age: 26y, 2m, 17d, bur. #A79
Mumma, John, b. 1827, d. 1907, bur. #A78
Mumma, Sarah F., b. 1834, d. 1910, wife of John Mumma, bur. #A78
Mumma, Theba M., b. 1909, d. 1981, bur. #D68
Neidig, Agnes S. Potteiger, b. Sep 18, 1870, d. Dec 19, 1839, bur. #D84
Neidig, John H., Jul 28, 1972, d. Jun 06, 1944, bur. #D84
Neidig, Marvin E., b. Mar 22, 1896, d. Aug 14, 1896, son of John & Agnes Neidig, bur. #D83
Noecker, Christian, b. Feb 18, 1776, d. no date, NM page 14, unm
Noecker, Christopher, d. Jan 14, 1857, age: 81y,1m,4d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Noecker, Clarra Tressa, b. Apr 17, 1864, d. Jun 19, 1865, age: 1y, 2m,2d, dau of J.B. & Elizabeth Noecker, bur. #A20
Noecker, Effie, no dates, dau of Christian and Magdalena Noecker, NM page 14, unm
Noecker, Jacob, no dates, son of Christian and Magdalena Noecker, NM page 14, unm
Noecker, John H., b. 1840, d. 1903, Co. C 201 Regt P. V. Inf, bur. #D05
Noecker, Magdalena Lerdmern, no dates, NM page 14, unm
Noecker, Molle, no dates, dau of Christian and Magdalena Noecker, NM page 14, unm
Noecker, Rose, no dates, dau of Christian and Magdalena Noecker, NM page 14, unm
Noecker, Sally, no dates, dau of Christian and Magdalena Noecker,NM page 14, unm
Noecker. Mary E.,Yeager, b. 1847, d. 1934, wife of John H. Noecker, bur. #D05
Nye, Charle A., b. Jan 16, 1872, d. Sep 20, 1945, Pennsylvania Pvt 9 Inf, bur. #B67
Nye, Daniel A., b. Mar 7, 1869, d. Mar 28, 1952, bur. #B64
Nye, Ellen S., b. Jul 24, 1869, d. May 23, 1956, bur. #B64
Nye, Emma J., b. May 12, 1908, d. Mar 08, 1909, bur. #B63
Nye, Jared, b. 1847, d. 1918, CO. K. 213 PA. Regt, bur. #B65
Nye, Rebecca J. Rhoads, b. May 14, 1846, d. Jan 08, 1927, wife of Ephriam W. Nye, bur. #B66
Page, John Wesley, d. Jan 21, 1863, age: 8m,22d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Perkey, Amos, d. Nov 1, 1903, age: 61y,11m, 7d, Co C. 36th Reg PA Infantry, CO. D. 194th Reg PA Infantry, bur. #E60
Perkey, Mary R., d. May 29, 1908, age: 66y, 4m, 12d, bur. #E61
Perkey, Norman, no dates, probably son of Amos Perkey, stone text is only 'Norman', bur. #E59
Pletz, Barbara, b. Jan 22, 1785, d. May 16, 1856, age: 71y, 3m, 24d, our mother, wife of John, bur. #A33
Pletz, George, d. Sep 17, 1828, age: 20y, 1m, 20d, died piloting a flying machine, bur. #A32
Pletz, John, b. Feb 28, 1785, d. Jul 19, 1874, age: 89y, 4m, 10d, our father, bur. #A31
Poffenberger, William, d. May 2, 1860, age: 52y,6m,27d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Potteiger, Alexander M., b. Oct 10, 1871, d. May 17, 1960, bur. #D63
Potteiger, Amanda, b. Feb 3, 1874, d. Oct 26, 1876, age: 2y, 8m, 23d, dau. of Jonathan and HannahPottieger, bur. #B50
Potteiger, Catharine R., b. Jun 27, 1908, d. Jan 16, 1910, bur. #D62
Potteiger, David R., d. May 13, 1865, age: 21y 6m 26d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Potteiger, Edith E., b. 1886, d. 1942, bur. #D44
Potteiger, Elizabeth N., d. Oct 26, 1918, age: 72y 3m 2d, bur. #D38
Potteiger, Elizabeth, b. Feb 16, 1811, d. Jun 25, 1868, age: 57y, 4m, 9d, wife of Jacob Potteiger, bur. #A37
Potteiger, George D., d. May 29, 1900, age: 54y 27d, Co. B. 201 Regt. P. V. Inf, bur. #D39
Potteiger, Hannah, b. Oct 4, 1833, d. Aug 16, 1910, bur. #D53
Potteiger, Infant, no dates, son of Geo. & Elizabeth Potteiger, bur. #D40
Potteiger, Jacob J., b. Jan 7, 1787, d. Oct 9, 1829, age: 42y, 9m, 2d, blacksmith, bur. #A39
Potteiger, Jonathon, b. Aug 19, 1821, d. Jun 21, 1904, bur. #D52
Potteiger, Marvin, b. May 12, 1912, d. May 24, 1912, bur. #D62
Potteiger, Mary Ellen, b. Oct 28, 1874, d. Jul 02, 1948, bur. #D63
Potteiger, Mary, b. Oct 23, 1793, d. Mar 1, 1868, age: 74y 4m 8d, wife of Jacob J. Potteiger, bur. #A34
Potteiger, Matilda, b. Jul 12, 1869, d. Apr 25, 1947, bur. #D50
Potteiger, Rebecca Jane, d. Aug 27, 1865, age: 61y 8m 9d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Potteiger, Victor M., b. 1882, d. 1964, bur. #D44
Pottieger, Ethel L., b. 1897, d. 1904, bur. #A90
Pottieger, Harry J., b. 1859, d. 1918, bur. #A90
Pottieger, Infant, d., bur. #A90
Pottieger, Jacob, d. Apr 19, 1862, age: 7y 4m 9d, son of Jonathan & Hannah Pottieger, bur. #A38
Pottieger, John H., b. 1863, d. 1936, bur. #D51
Pottieger, Malinda E., b. 1861, d. 1926, bur. #A90
Pottieger, Walter H., b. 1903, d. 1907, bur. #A90
Pottiger, Jacob, b. Jun 20, 1811, d. Nov 3, 1853, age: 42y 4m 14d, poem in German, NM note #406, bur. #A36
Rabuck, Aaron, b. Dec 29, 1858, d. Oct 25, 1886, age: 27y 9m, 27d, Father, bur. #D32
Rabuck, Adam E., b. 1851, d. 1927, bur. #D36
Rabuck, Annie M., b. Mar 11, 1863, d. Jul 29, 1896, age: 33y 4m 15d, bur. #D35
Rabuck, Daniel W., b. Mar 10, 1856, d. Dec 30, 1883, age: 27y 9m 20d, bur. #D29
Rabuck, John C., b. Oct 08, 1885, d. Jul 04, 1966, bur. #D37
Rabuck, John H., d. Mar 24, 1918, bur. #D49
Rabuck, John, b. Jan 22, 1825, d. Apr 1, 1901, age: 76y, 2m, 9d, bur. #D31
Rabuck, Mary A. Bolton, b. May 6, 1827, d. Oct 04, 1909, age: 82y, 4m, 28d, Mother, wife of John Rabuck, bur. #D30
Rabuck, Mary Alice, b. May 19, 1860, d. Aug 19, 1930, (on stone with Siegfried), bur. #A89
Rabuck, O. Merboy, no dates, age: 1y 6m 7d, bur. #D33
Rabuck, Rebecca E., b. Sep 11, 1854, d. Jan 27, 1901, age: 46y, 4m, 16d, wife of John H. Rabuck, bur. #D48
Rabuck, Rebecca, b. 1859, d. 1927, wife of Adam E. Rabuck, bur. #D36
Ramsey, Susannah, b. 1846, d. 1914, wife of Thomas J. Ramsey, bur. #B91
Ramsey, Thomas J., b. 1846, d. 1923, bur. #B92
Rauch, Elizabeth, d. Apr 30, 1857, age: 68y, 7m, wife of John Rauch, bur. #B39
Rauch, Eva Catrina, d. Sep 7, 1813, age: 24y minus 5d, wife of Johonn Rauch-in German, bur. #C47
Rauch, Rebecca, d. Oct 24, 1844, age: 18y, 11m 16d, daughter of John & Elizabeth Rauch, bur. #B01
Ream, Eliza, b. Mar 29, 1837, d. Sep 27, 1863, age: 26y 5m 28d, wife of John Ream, Jr., n of A34, NM #327, unm
Rease, Georg, b. Feb 8, 1763, d. Aug 13, 1828, age: 65y 6m 5d, text in German, Revolutionary War veteran, bur. #E05
Reed, David A., b. Dec 11, 1843, d. Apr 20, 1844, age: 4m, 9d, son of Robert & Harriet Reed, bur. #A65
Reed, Harriet Ristenpatt, b. Jun 9, 1809, d. Sep 25, 1870, age: 61y, 3m, 16d, wife of Robert Reed,NM note #591, bur. #A63
Reed, Harriet, b. Feb 1, 1836, d. Mar 21, 1844, age: 8y 2m 2d, dau of Robert & Harriet Reed, bur. #A64
Reed, Robert, b. Dec 17, 1799, d. Apr 29, 1876, age: 76y 4m 12d, bur. #A62
Reeme, Elizibeth, d. Dec 15, 1815, age: 6m 2w, bur. #C65
Rees, Catherine, d. Oct 20, 1822, age: 64y 15d, Wife of George Rees, bur. #E06
Rees, Elizabeth, b. Sep 13, 1785, d. Sep 17, 1863, age: 78y, 4d, Wife of George, bur. #E04
Rees, George, b. Jun 21, 1786, d. Mar 7, 1871, age: 84y, 8m, 16d, My home is above, bur. #E03
Reese, Elizabeth, b. Apr 22, 1808, d. May 22, 1894, age: 86y, 1m, Mother, bur. #E72
Reese, George W., b. Apr 27, 1875, d. Jul 22, 1875, son of G.W. and A.J., bur. #C88
Reese, John, b. Aug 28, 1799, d. Apr 3, 1868, age: 68y, 7m, 5d, bur. #E02
Reese, John, b. Sep 5, 1835, d. Mar 7, 1922, age: 86y 6m 2d, bur. #D76
Reese, Mary M. L., d. Aug 31, 1879, age: 2m 8d, dau of George W. & Anna J. Reese, bur. #A77
Reese, Nancy, b. Feb 25, 1839, d. Oct 11, 1908, age: 69y, 7m, 16d, bur. #D76
Reese, Rebecca, b. Dec 20, 1801, d. Dec 12, 1871, age: 69y, 11m, 22d, Wife of John Reese, bur. #E01
Reichardt, George A., d. Aug 22, 1863, age: 1m, 14d., son of Geo. I. & Catharine Reichardt, bur. #C51
Reimert, George W.R., b. Dec 25, 1849, d. Mar 23, 1850, age: 1y 2m 28d, son of Samuel & Susan Reimert, bur. #A66
Reimert, Samuel, no dates, between A65-66, NM #594, unm
Reimert, Susanna, b. Nov 7, 1813, d. Jun 29, 1874, age: 60y 2m 22d, wife of Samuel Reimert, bur. #A67
Reiner, Fred, d. May 11, 1863, age: 71y 4m 4d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Reiner, Rosina, d. Sep 20, 1867, age: 71y 7m 13d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Reissling, Louisa, d. Feb 5, 1862, age: 5y 10m 6d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Rhodes, Margaret R. Shepler, b. May 15, 1856, d. May 30, 1886, age: 30y, 15d, wife of Willoughby Rhodes, bur. #C15
Rihm, Daniel, b. Sep 28, 1745, d. Feb 27, 1822, age: 76y, 4m, 30d, text in German, bur. #A30
Rihm, Mari Elizabeth, b. Aug 7, 1756, d. Jun 18, 1823, age: 66y, 10m, 11d, text in German, bur. #B11
Roebuck, Johnie J., d. Dec 27, 1891, age: 6y 9m, 21d, son of J.H. & R.E. Roebuck, bur. #D19
Rouch, John, d. Jul 31, 1828, age: 42y 8m 27d, bur. #C55
Runyen, George, b. Jul 29, 1808, d. Aug 20, 1890, age: 82y 21d, bur. #E69
Runyen, Mary, b. Feb 8, 1807, d. Oct 21, 1890, age: 83y 8m 13d, bur. #E69
Scheaffer, Barbara A., b. Mar 4, 1847, d. Oct 05, 1911, age: 65y 7m, 1d, wife of William M. Scheaffer, bur. #E33
Schlosser, Catherine R., d. Feb 26, 1907, age: 76y 7m 23d, Mother, wife of George Schlosser, bur. #E39
Schlosser, Elizabeth C., d. Dec 30, 1857, age: 34y 1m 14d, Mother, bur. #E41
Schlosser, George, d. Sep 12, 1893, age: 77y 5m 11d, Father, bur. #E40
Schlosser, Hannah C., b. Feb 10, 1863, d. Nov 28, 1877, age: 14y 9m, 18d, daughter of George and Catherine Schlosser, bur. #E42
Schlosser, Sarah, d. Dec 18, 1861, age: 2y 4m 28d, burial by Rev. G. J. Martz, unm
Schwank, Priscilla, b. Mar 8, 1861, d., age: 5y, daughter of Henry & Sibella Schwank, text in German, bur. #C04
Schwenk, Sibylla, b. May 29, 1835, d. Aug 2, 1882, age: 47y 2m 4d, wife of Henry Schwenk, bur. #D02
Sechrist, Henry, d. May 15, 1835, age: 6y, 29d, son of Peter & Mary Sechrist, bur. #B03
Seeres, Christophel, b. Dec 1, 1762, d. Apr 5, 1827, age: 65y 8m 4d, between A39 and B15, NM #402, unm
Seiler, Susanna, d. Feb 19, 1836, age: 6m, 4d, inscription in German, bur. #C38
Seltzer, Mary M., b. Dec 30, 1844, d. Aug 31, 1900, age: 55y, 8m, 1d, wife of A. J. Seltzer, bur. #C14
Sheafer, Ann Maria Heckart, b. Dec 7, 1799, d. Oct 21, 1838, age: 38y, 10m, 14d, wife of Jacob Sheafer & dau of Peter Heckart, bur. #C70
Shepler, Regina, b. Apr 15, 1812, d. Jul 11, 1894, age: 82y, 2m, 26d, Wife of SamL. Shepler, bur. #C16
Shepler, Samuel, b. Mar 20, 1808, d. Aug 12, 1874, age: 66y, 4m, 23d, bur. #C17
Shepler, William A., d. Sep 15, 1892, age: 17y, 8m, 21d, son of William & Annie Shepler, bur. #E80
Sherer, Christophel, b. Dec 1, 1762, d. Apr 5, 1827, age: 65y 8m 1d, bur. #A40
Shoemaker, Annie B., b. Aug 16, 1844, d. Oct 24, 1893, age: 9y 2m 8d, Annie B., daughter of Henry & Mary Shoemaker, bur. #E87
Shoemaker, Ellen C., b. 1896, d. 1952, bur. #B93
Shoemaker, Emma F., b. 1879, d. 1935, bur. #E85
Shoemaker, Henry, b. 1848, d. 1918, bur. #E88
Shoemaker, Jonas M., b. 1886, d. 1975, bur. #B93
Shoemaker, Mary, b. 1845, d. 1920, his wife, bur. #E88
Shoemaker, Samuel H., b. 1879, d. 1960, bur. #E85
Shoemaker, William, b. 1913, d. 1913, bur. #B93
Shope, Elizabeth A., b. Mar 5, 1841, d. Aug 24, 1919, age: 78y 5m 19d, wife of Elias Shope, bur. #E37
Shuey, Elizabeth, d. abt 1802, age: 40y,5m,14d, dau of John Shuey of W. Hanover, wife of Henry Ache, granddau of Daniel Shuey, n of C57, unm
Shuey, Ida J., b. 1869, d. 1955, wife of William C. Shuey, bur. #B57
Shuey, William C., b. 1867, d. 1911, bur. #B57
Sieg, Polly Eisenhower, d. Mar 27, 1837, age: 35y 4m 21d, wife of Samuel Sieg, dau. of John & Catharine Eisenhower, bur. #B08
Siegfried, Sarah, b. Dec 2, 1820, d. Dec 15, 1899, wife of WilliamSiegfried, bur. #A88
Siegfried, William, b. Feb 19, 1817, d. Dec 24, 1899, bur. #A88
Sierer, Catharine Barbara, b. Jan 9, 1762, d. Jun 4, 1842, burial by G. M. Merr (Luth), unm
Simon, Gertrude M., b. Apr 10, 1886, d. Jun 17, 1886, dau of C.B. & Mary E. Simon, bur. #A74
Smith, Elizabeth, b. Mar 19, 1802, d. Dec 30, 1885, age: 83y, 9m, 11d, wife of John A. Smith, bur. #A05
Smith, Flanna Jane (Fanny), b. Mar 26, 1854, d. Feb 17, 1873, age: 18y, 10m, 22d, dau. of Peter & Mary E. Smith, bur. #A02
Smith, Harvey P., d. Jun 10, 1866, age: 11m, 9d, son of Peter & Elizabeth Smith, bur. #A01
Smith, John A., b. Jul 31, 1793, d. Sep 23, 1870, age: 77y, 1m, 22d, bur. #A04
Spohn, Joseph, d. Jul 1752, text in German, west of C57, NM #461, unm
Staudt, Christiana, b. Sep 30, 1793, d. Feb 20, 1864, age: 70y, 4m, 20d, text in German, bur. #A13
Staudt, Daniel, b. Jun 20, 1760, d. Nov 19, 1840, age: 80y, 4m, 29d, text in German, bur. #A17
Staudt, Johan Wilhelm, b. Dec 9, 1799, d. Jan 7, 1863, age: 63y, 28d, text in German, bur. #A14
Staudt, Maria Sabria, b. May 24, 1763, d. Apr 14, 1829, age: 65y, 10m, 11d, text in German, bur. #A16
Staudt, Peter, b. Mar 31, 1804, d. Aug 31, 1870, age: 66y, 5m, bur. #A12
Staudt, Simon, b. Feb 28, 1785, d. Jan 25, 1859, age: 73y, 10m, 27d, text in German, bur. #A15
Stoudt, Sallie Warfel, b. 1887, d. 1939, Mother, bur. #B74
Strouse, Mary E., b. Nov 25, 1892, d. Apr 10, 1900, bur. #B63
Umbarger, Mary, d. Jun 17, 1821, age: 30y, 6m, 13d, wife of Michael Umbarger, bur. #A21
Umbarger, Michael, d. Sep 17, 1857, age: 79y, 9m, 5d, bur. #A22
Umberger, Benjamin, d. Feb 10, 1834, age: 29y, 1m, 27d, bur. #B15
Umberger, Dr. David, d. Jul 30, 1874, age: 78y, bur. #B17
Umberger, Harriet M., b. Dec 30, 1842, d. May 5, 1868, age: 25y, 4m, 6d, daughter of William & Harriet Umberger, bur. #C60
Umberger, Harriet Smith, b. Sep 7, 1810, d. Jan 6, 1851, age: 40y, 3m, 30d, Consort of William Umberger, dau of Jacob and Ruth Smith, bur. #C59
Umberger, Jacob, b. Mar 1, 1837, d. Feb 2, 1844, age: 6y, 11m, 1d, son of W & Harriet Umberger, drowned in Susquehanna, bur. #B12
Umberger, Juliet Roberts, d. Dec 7, 1862, age: 58y, wife of Dr. David Umberger, bur. #B18
Umberger, Margaret Elizabeth, b. Nov 6, 1775, d. Apr 28, 1829, age: 53y, 5m, 22d, wife of Col. Jno Umberger(buried at Paoli, 1st Valley Presbyterian Church, bur. #B13
Umberger, Mary, d. Aug 17, 1865, age: 31y, 3m, 1d, bur. #B16
Umberger, William W., b. May 14, 1835, d. Feb 2, 1844, age: 8y, 8m, 19d, son of W & Harriet Umberger, drowned in Susquehanna, bur. #B12
Umberger, William, b. Jan 7, 1803, d. Jan 27, 1890, age: 87y, 20d, son of Jno & Margaret Elizabeth Umberger, born in Lower Paxton, Dauphin Co., bur. #C58
Unger, Catharine, d. Mar 27, 1860, age: 49y, 4m, 2d, wife of Benjamin Unger, bur. #D06
Unger, George A., b. 1865, d. 1939, bur. #D43
Unger, Infant, no dates, son of George & Irene Unger, bur. #D42
Unger, Laura I., b. 1870, d. 1935, bur. #D43
Unreadable, d. 1799, age: 6m, 24d, in German, bur. #C48
Uriah, William, b. May 10, 1850, d. Sep 6, 1851, age: 1y, 3m, 26d, bur. #A27
Vogt, Christian, b. Mar 8, 1772, d. Apr 18, 1847, age: 75y,1m,10d, bur. #A57
Vogt, Elizabeth Melliger, b. Jun 5, 1773, d. Jan 27, 1842, age: 68y, 7m, 22d, wife of Christian Vogt, bur. #A56
Walborn, Lelorina, d. May 2, 1799, age: 6m,27d, son of Michael, N of C47, NM #473, unm
Walmer, Barbara, b. Jul 28, 1796, d. Sep 5, 1888, age: 92y, 1m, 2d, Mother, bur. #D12
Walmer, Catharine Mumma, b. Dec 17, 1811, d. Sep 14, 1890, age: 78y, 8m., 27d, widow of Daniel Walmer, wife of John Mumma, bur. #C98
Walmer, Daniel, b. Jul 29, 1806, d. Dec 17, 1856, age: 50y, 4m, 29d, bur. #C97
Walmer, Harry N., b. Oct 31, 1872, d. Jan 2, 1876, age: 3y, 2m, 2d, son of John & Margaret Walmer, bur. #D11
Walmer, William T., b. Dec 21, 1826, d. Jul 22, 1880, bur. #D10
Warfel, Arthur C., b. Jul 04, 1900, d. Feb 21, 1984, bur. #B88
Warfel, Arthur R., b. Aug 10, 1928, d. Oct 29, 1978, bur. #B87
Warfel, Barbara, b. Oct 25, 1859, d. Jul 26, 1906, bur. #B85
Warfel, Charles Edward, b. 1881, d. 1918, Father, bur. #B75
Warfel, Howard H., b. 1897, d. 1941, bur. #B84
Warfel, Samuel T., b. Feb 21, 1858, d. Apr 13, 1927, bur. #B86
Weeber, Emma Jane, d. Mar 15, 1850, age: 6m, 22d, granddaughter of Philip Weeber, bur. #A19
Weeber, Philip, b. Jun 6, 1800, d. Mar 8, 1872, age: 71y, 9m, 2d, born in France, died in Mifflin, bur. #A19
Wenrich, Anna Margaretha, b. Dec 25, 1785, d. Jul 2, 1841, burial by G. M. Merr (Luth), unm
Wenrich, Anna Maria, b. Nov 25, 1758, d. Aug 23, 1811, age: 52y,9m,2d, text in German, bur. #C64
Wenrich, Elizabeth, b. 1751, d. 1824, age: 73y, wife of Francis, bur. #C57
Wenrich, Elizabeth, d. 1793, age: 3m, 18d, their daughter, bur. #C57
Wenrich, Francis, b. 1750, d. 1827, age: 77y, served in battle at Brandywine, Germantown and on the Frontier against the Indians, bur. #C57
Wenrich, Isabella, b. 1793, d. Mar 19, 1793, age: 23m, 18d, daughter of Frank Wenrich, bur. #C56
Wenrich, Joe J., d. Jul 1863, Co. D. 45th PA Inf., killed at Gettysburg NM note #644, bur. #C18
White Feather, d. Aug 24, 1939, age: 84y, Indian Princess, Sioux tribe, bur. #D81
Wilt, George W., b. 1879, d. 1894, bur. #E62
Wilt, Harriet E., d. Oct 28, 1934, age: 81y, 6m, 3d, wife of Hiram Wilt, bur. #D74
Wilt, Hiram, d. Mar 06, 1915, age: 78y, 11m, 5d, 103 Reg. PA Vol. Inf., bur. #D73
Wilt, Jacob, d. Nov 16, 1913, age: 82y, Priv. Co. D II reg. PA Cav., bur. #D72
Wilt, Sherman R., b. 1890, d. 1891, bur. #E62
Wirt, Children, no dates, children of Joseph & Sophia, bur. #C12
Wirt, Jacob, d. Jun 12, 1865, age: 77y, 9m, 20d, bur. #C12
Wirt, Mrs, d. Sep 2, 1863, age: 77y, 4m, 15d, Wife Of Jacob, bur. #C12
Yeager, Angeline E., d. Oct 14, 1846, age: 5y, daughter of John Yeager, bur. #C10
Yeager, Henry, b. Jan 17, 1783, d. Mar 25, 1852, age: 69y, 2m, 8d, bur. #A44
Zerman, John, d. Feb 24, 1853, age: 34y, bur. #E43
Zettlemoyer, Daniel, d. Mar 31, 1885, age: 12y, 6m, 25d, son of William & Katie Zettlemoyer, bur. #E64
Zettlemoyer, David F., b. 1918, d. 1925, bur. #E66
Zettlemoyer, George, b. Dec 10, 1884, d. Jul 31, 1974, bur. #E65
Zettlemoyer, Ida R., b. Oct 25, 1887, d. Feb 10, 1962, Ida R. nee Cassel, bur. #E65
Zettlemoyer, Katie, b. 1847, d. 1919, bur. #E63
Zettlemoyer, William, b. 1840, d. 1908, bur. #E63
Zimerman, Moses, b. Mar 2, 1834, d. Aug 2, 1871, age: 37y, 5m, bur. #C50
Zimerman, Salome Rub, ?Hub, b. Feb 26, 1801, d. Aug 1, 1840, age: 39y, 5m, 5d, ?wife of Martin Zimerman, married 21y, had 5 son & 8 dau, text in German, bur. #A55
Zimmerman, Ann Mary, d. Jan 12, 1862, age: 59y, 7d, wife of Henry Zimmerman, bur. #C52
Zimmerman, Edwin, b. 1872, d. 1942, Father, bur. #B79
Zimmerman, Idella Josephine, d. Feb 20, 1862, age: 3y, 1m, 21d, daughter of Moses & Levina Zimmerman, bur. #C53
Zimmerman, Laura J., b. 1874, d. 1962, Mother, bur. #B80
Zimmerman, Levina Beeme, b. May 8, 1834, d. Jul 23, 1866, daughter of John & Mary Beeme, wife of Moses Zimmerman, bur. #C54
Zimmerman, Mary Elizabeth, b. Apr 2, 1846, d. May 10, 1850, age: 4y, 1m, 8d, dau of Isaac & Mary Ofilia Zimmerman, bur. #A52
Zimmerman, Sara M., b. 1911, d. 1924, bur. #B81
Zimmerman, Stella May, b. 1894, d. 1909, bur. #B82


*Survey done by Eagle Scouts (Gabriel Uribe, Justin Shutt, and Justin Wagner) in the late 1990's were revised using the records of Nevin Moyer, local historian, who surveyed the cemetery in 1922. Mr. Moyer also copied early records of the church, providing lists of burials done by various ministers who served the church in the 1800's.
**Nevin Moyer created a diagram in 1922. The Boy Scouts divided the cemetery into five sections and did a diagram of each. The site numbers in this transcription are labeled as sections A-E to correspond with these sections. The graves are numbered (1, 2, etc.) within each section. Gravesites identified by Nevin Moyer that are no longer with stones have been referenced to the sites diagramed by the scouts (e.g., between A65 and A66).

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