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Poplar Church Cemetery
Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

9307 Poplar Church Road, Camp Hill PA 17011

Lat: 40° 15' 18"N, Lon: 76° 55' 27"W
East Pennsboro Township

Contributed by Curtis Aumiller, Mar 10, 2010, last edited Mar 15, 2010 [caumiller1@verizon.net]. Total records = 73.

To reach this cemetery take 21st street towards Holy Spirit Hospital. At bottom of hill is a traffic light. Go straight through light (this is now Poplar Church Rd) and 1/2 way up the other side of the hill on the left is the cemetery. .

Burial place established by early settlers of the is area. Named for a log church built by Germans of the Lutheran faith. The church once stood in a nearby Poplar grove. This cemetery is no longer used for burials. On maps it is called Poplar Grove Cemetery.

I visited and did a complete reading of this cemetery on Mar 05, 2010.

- Curtis Aumiller

Bixler, Jacob, b. 1804, d. 12/28/1857, age: 54Y 10M 2D
Burmli, Ecaria, d. 1/14/1803, age: 40Y 5M 23D , Written in German
Crull, Augustus, d. 9/21/1863
Dunbar, Sarah, b. 10/18/1796, d. 1/7/1851, age: 51Y 2M 20D, Wife of Joseph Dunbar
Easter, Henry B., d. 1844, Son of David & Hannah, Baptized May 24
Ebersol, Ann, no dates, Wife os S.O.L. Ebersol
Ebersol, Infant Daughter, no dates, Daughter of Solomon & Ann Ebersol, Stone flat in ground
Ebersol, Jacob, no dates, Son of Solomon & Ann Ebersol, Stone broken off, Laying in grass
Ebersol, Joseph, d. 1/9/1839, age: 10Y 4M 14 D, Son of Solomon & Ann Ebersol, Stone flat in ground
Ebersol, Sarah, d. 1/8/1839, age: 6Y 29D, Daughter of Solomon & Ann Ebersol, Stone flat in ground
Erb, Abraham, d. 1840, Son of Jacob Erb
Erb, Charley W., d. 9/12/1869, age: 1Y 2M 19D, Daugh of John G & Sarah Erb
Erb, Christian, d. 12/5/1835, Son of Jacob Erb
Erb, Daniel P., b. 12/18/????, d. 5/23/1811, Eldest Son of Christian Erb
Erb, Johannes, b. 1795, d. 9/28/1839, age: 44Y 23 D
Erb, Rebecca, d. 1840, Daughter of J. Erb
Erb, Samuel, d. 1/31/1849, age: 18Y 2 M 19D, Son of Christian & Elizabeth Erb
Erb, Unreadable, b. 1793, d. 1832, age: 38Y 5M 5D
Fisher, Christian, no dates, rest of stone is unreadable
Heffelman, Arnold, b. 4/15/1749, d. 2/28/1804, Also his wife Suzanna, American Revolution Flag Medallion
Heffelman, Susanna, b. 1/28/1761, d.
Jefferson, Thomas, b. 1836, d. Unreadable
Kauffman, Henry D., d. 11/6/1846, age: 21Y 2M 11D
Kipley, Unreadable, d. 8/3/1838, age: 4Y
Kiseckerist, Nicklas, d. 1801, Hand carved stone in German or Dutch
Krettzer, John, b. 12/5/1796, d. 6/26/1816, Broken stone
Laughlin, Elizabeth, d. 1815
Mann, George, no dates, rest of stone is unreadable
Mohr, Johannes, b. 1/1785, d. 1816, age: 30Y 5M, written in German
Moltz, Daniel T., d. 8/7/1854, age: 5Y 10M 25D, Son of Tobias & Sarah
Multz, Thaddeus, b. 5/25/1846, d. 9/25/1851, age: 5Y 5m, Son of George & Mary Multz
Musser, Elmer A., d. 9/4/1858, age: 2M 23D, Son of Henry D & Mary E. Musser
Musser, George W., d. 1/16/1857, age: 6M 28D, Son of Henry D. & Mary E. Musser
Oyster, Caroline, b. 10/3/1816, d. 12/21/1850, Wife of William, Stone broken
Oyster, Charles, b. 5/2/1816, d. 7/22/1818, age: 2Y 2M 20D, Son of Charles & Margaret
Oyster, Charles, d. 3/15/1860, age: 1Y 2M 12D, Son of Franklin & Catherine
Oyster, Elizabeth, b. Unreadable, d. Unreadable, Wife of George Oyster
Oyster, Elmer Ellsworth, d. 2/11/1864, age: 2Y 10M 5D, Son of Franklin & Catherine
Oyster, Emma Margaret, d. 7/30/1863, age: 11M 1D, Son of Franklin & Catherine
Oyster, Franklin, d. 11/27/1863, age: 1Y 1M 22D, Son of Franklin & Catherine
Oyster, George, b. 10/15/1777, d. 2/24/1846, age: 68Y 4M 9D
Oyster, John Andrew, b. 1830, d. 1830, age: 1M 22D, Son of David, Broken Stone
Oyster, Maria, no dates
Oyster, Mary, d. 7/14/1865, age: 25Y 4M, Wife of Abraham Oyster
Oyster, Unreadable, d. 9/14/1823, age: 1Y 2M 15D
Oyster, William Jerome, d. 12/14/????, age: 1Y ?M 21D
Oyster, William, no dates, rest of stone is unreadable
Renhu, Simrad, d. 1796, Written in German
Renninger, Jacob, b. 5/6/1801, d. 6/26/1869
Rinble, Barbara, b. 12/11/1768, d. 11/27/1825, Wife of Johannes Rinble
Ruble, Johannes, b. 1724, d. 1798
Ruble, Maria, b. 1746, d. 1794
Ruble, Sophia, b. 1786, d. 1795
Rupley, Catherine, b. 1/21/1837, d. 2/24/1859, age: 22Y, Daugh of Jacob & Mary __?___
Rupley, Catherine, b. 3/19/1796, d. 11/9/1824, age: 28Y 7M 20D, Wife of John Rupley, Jun & Daugh of Joseph Bixler"
Rupley, George, d. 6/13/1877, age: 58Y 5M, Our Father
Rupley, Jacob, b. 2/26/1803, d. 3/2/1830
Rupley, John, Esq., d. 9/12/1833, age: 62Y 10M 24D
Rupley, Joseph, b. 2/21/1823, d. 9/24/1841, age: 18Y 1M 27D
Rupley, Mary Boyer, d. 2/12/1876, age: 67Y, Wife of George Rupley
Rupley, Mohn, d. 3/17/1831, age: 10Y 2D, Son of Jacob & Mary
Rupley, Solomon, d. 1842
Rupley, Susanna Bexler, b. 6/7/1798, d. 11/29/1825, age: 25Y 5M 22D, Wife of George Rupley, Sen and Daugh of Joseph Bexler"
Ruppley, George, b. 2/6/1803, d. 12/26/1842, age: 39Y 10M 20D, Son of Jacob & Mary
Ruppley, Jacob, b. 11/16/1753, d. 6/5/1806, age: 55Y 6M 20D
Ruppley, Mary, b. 4/20/1758, d. 10/12/1827, age: 69Y 5M 22D, Wife of Jacob Ruppley
Schutt, Louis, d. 9/27/1868, age: 62Y 10M 3D
Seanu, Georg, d. 1802, Written in German
Semmirly, Friden Lang, b. 1732, d. 1796
Warmle, Jacob, b. 3/1781, d. 9/1788
Warmle, Johannes, b. 10/13/1727, d. 6/16/1789, age: 61Y 7M
Wormley, Elizabeth, d. 11/21/1821, age: 4Y 11M 17D, Laying face down in grass
Wosbornthe, Marian M. E., b. 12/1/1832, d. 1/6/1844, Hand chissled stone

??, ??, b. Jul 29, ????, d. Dec 21, ????, age: 40Y 4M
??, Anne, b. 5/29/1743, d. 11/20/1824
??, Joanna, no dates
??, Jonathan, d. 8/12/1816, age: 4M
??, no dates, 8 stones
A. M. K., No headstone but footstone beside Nicklas Kiseckerist
M, S, no dates, Small stone with only these initials
M. A. O, , no dates, No headstone but footstone beside Charles Oyster
M. M., no dates, Small stone with only these initials
Wurmlisin, ??, b. 1762

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