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Brower Cemetery
Parker Ford, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Old Schuylkill Road and Anderson Road, Parker Ford PA

Lat: 40° 12' 20"N, Lon: 75° 35' 49"W

To reach this cemetery from Parker Ford, drive northwest on Old Schuylkill Road for just under a mile. The cemetery will be on your left just after the intersection with Anderson Road on your right.

Brower Cemetery is a very old burial site situated to the left of the no longer used Meeting house as you face it. This cemetery is abutting the Oak Grove Cemetery to the southwest. The sign for that cemetery causes people to think they are the same cemetery. The Oak Grove Cemetery Association does maintain this cemetery but they have no records for it. This cemetery has many unmarked field stones. It is thought some of the unmarked graves and those illegible stones might date back to the late 1700s to the Valley Forge and the Revolutionary War days, but there is no record to varify this.

This is not a complete listing of all burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Oct 16, 2007. Total records = 32.

Contributor's Index:

Allen, William, b. 25 Aug 1845, d. 20 Mar 1850, s/o D. D. and Eliz, [EH]
Grubb, Abraham, b. 19 May 1726, d. 27 Jul 1808, s/o Henry Grubb, [EH]
Grubb, Elizabeth Ann, b. 1831, d. 1851, w/o Charles Grubb, d/o John and Catherine Grubb, [EH]
Grubb, Elizabeth Frea, b. 6 June 1734, d. 2 Oct 1823, [EH]
Grubb, John, d. 29 Nov 1830, age: 78yr 8mo 18da, [EH]
Grubb, Mary, d. 11 Apr 1829, hard to read, [EH]
Heister, Mary, b. 24 Feb 1849, age: 61yr, w/o Dr S Heister, [EH]
Heister, Sam, b. 12 Feb 1866, age: 79yr, [EH]
Heltonhead, Ellen, b. 15 Apr 1828, d. 28 Jul 1888, w/o John Heltonhead, [EH]
Hunsberger, John, b. ? Sep 1842, d. 8 Jul 1861, [EH]
Jones, David W, b. 17 Jun 1820, d. 3 Jan 1881, age: 60yr 6mo 17da, [EH]
Jones, Jonathan, d. 17 Dec 1818, age: 59y 6m 22d, [EH]
Jones, Lavinia, b. 25 Dec 1819, d. 14 Dec 1878, age: 58yr 11mo 19da, w/o David W Jones, [EH]
Jones, Mary, b. 26 Apr 1766, d. 26 Mar 1866, age: 99yr 11mo, [EH]
Jones, Samuel, b. 4 Aug 1821, d. 29 Jan 1867, age: 42yr 5mo 25da, [EH]
Jones, William, b. 29 Jan 1806, d. 12 Jan 1886, age: 79yr 11mo 14da, [EH]
Kolb, Edwin Sidle, b. 11 May 1850, d. 16 Mar 1861, age: 10yr 10mo 5 ds, s/o William and Mary C Kolb, [EH]
Parker, Edward, d. 18 May 1788, Revolutionary War Veteran, s/by Susanna, [EH]
Parker, Henry, 12 Aug 18??, s/by Susanna and Edward, [EH]
Parker, Mary, d. 8 May 1777, s/by Susanna and Edward, [EH]
Parker, Susanna, d. 29 Apr 1812, s/by Edward, [EH]
Reinhart, Ann, d. 22 Apr 1885, age: 49y, [EH]
Schantz, Mary, b. 5 Sep 1779 d. Jan 29, ????, age: 85yr 4mo 24da, w/o Abraham, hard to read, [EH]
Shantz, Abraham, b. 18 Aug 1783, d. 21 Feb 1861, [EH]
Shantz, Catherine, d. 28 Jul 1866, age: 30yr, Our Mother, [EH]
Shantz, Elizabeth, d. 14 Aug 1873, age: 83yr 5mo 17da, Our Mother, [EH]
Shantz, Enos, b. 1834, d. 1904, [EH]
Shantz, Jacob, b. 14 Jan 1748, d. Mar ? 1823 (stone is in German), [EH]
Shantz, Jacob, d. 20 Sep 1835, age: 54yr 11mo 5da, Our Father, [EH]
Shantz, Peter, b. 27 May 1776, d. 27 May 1810, in German, [EH]
Sisler, Catharine F, b. 4 Nov 1821, d 20 Apr 1896, w/o Edmund Sisler, [EH]
Sisler, Edmund, b. 16 Apr. 1816, d. 22 Oct 1884, [EH]

M. H., d. 1775, field stone, [EH]
U. R., d 12 Feb. 1787, age: 82� yr, (rustic field stone roughly shaped and engraved), [EH]

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