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Solebury Friends Burying Grounds
Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Contributed by Shirley Carter [wemsudoc@comcast.net].

Page, Tanis G., d. 11/17/1990, C, Sect. D-G-1Eb
Paist, Sarah W., no dates, d/o J.& D.E.Paist, age: 4, Sect. Z-1-17
Palmer, George Gilbert, d. 3/23/1939, Sect. D-104-1E
Palter, Paul, d. 8/13/1924, Sect. B-12-2
Parks, Samuel, no dates, Sect. B-4-26
Parry, Adelaide Read, d. 4/27/1958, Sect. E-13-4
Parry, Benjamin, d. 11-12-1809, Sect. A-33-8
Parry, Daniel, d. 7-16-1856, Sect. A-32-7
Parry, David, d. 7-10-1848, Sect. A-22-7
Parry, Davidís child, no dates, Sect. A-32-1
Parry, Edward, d. 4-13-1874, Sect. A-87-4
Parry, Elizabeth V., d. 11-15-1881, Sect. E-5-5
Parry, Ellen Read, d. 3/13/1919, Sect. E-13-2
Parry, George Randolph, d. 6-12-1893, Sect. E-5-4
Parry, Gertrude R, d. 5/18/1954, Sect. E-13-3
Parry, Hannah S., d. 4-18-1876, Sect. A-22-5
Parry, Jane Paxson, d. 4-15-1897, Sect. E-5-3
Parry, John C., d. 10-23-1860, Sect. A-22-6
Parry, Jollifee, no dates, In same grave as Mary J. Parry, Sect. A-87-5
Parry, Jonathon, d. 3-xx-1829, Sect. A-32-4
Parry, Martha, d. 4-3-1831, Sect. A-32-5
Parry, Martha, d. 4-3-1831, Thomas Parryís wife, Sect. A-32-2
Parry, Mary J., d. 9-12-1878, Oliver Parryís grandchild, Sect. A-87-3
Parry, Oliver R., d. 4/22/1958, Sect. E-13-5
Parry, Oliver, d. 2-20-1874, Sect. A-87-1
Parry, Rachel R., d. 9-9-1866, Sect. A-87-2
Parry, Rachel, no dates, Removed, Sect. A-87-6
Parry, Richard Randolph, d. 12/27/1928, Sect. E-13-1
Parry, Thomasí daughter, no dates, Sect. A-32-3
Parson, Dinson, d. 3/9/1922, Sect. D-56-3W
Parson, Edward, d. 5/16/1929, Sect. D-56-1W
Parson, Edwardís wife, d. 4/20/1903, Sect. D-56-2W
Parson, George, d. 8/2/1923, Sect. D-56-1E
Parson, Hester, d. 3/25/1900, Sect. D-56-4W
Parsons, Christiana, no dates, Sect. B-4-45
Parsons, Eleanor J., d. 8/25/1998, Sect. E-3-6b
Parsons, Jesse, no dates, Sect. B-4-44
Parsons, Jesseís child, no dates, Sect. B-3-35
Parsons, Jesseís wife, no dates, Sect. B-4-19
Parsons, Mary E., d. 10/13/1905, Sect. B-8-24
Parsons, Robert, no dates, Sect. B-3-22
Parsons, Wilburt Ralph, d. 2/20/1973, Sect. E-3-6a
Paste, Mary P., d. 1821- 5-18-1, William Pasteís wife, Sect. A-21-3
Paste, Robertís child, no dates, Sect. A-4-1
Patronsky, Stephen John, d. 1/13/1958, Sect. C-95-4
Patterson, Amos C., d. 2/5/2938, Sect. C-79-1
Patterson, Brenjamin C., d. 8/19/1924, Sect. C-77-1
Patterson, Clara K., d. 10/28/1930, Sect. C-79-2
Patterson, Jane, d. 4/19/1921, Sect. C-77-2
Patterson, Jesse R., d. 6/30/1933, Sect. C-79-3
Patterson, Joseph M., d. 6/21/1907, Sect. C-77-3
Paul, David Griest, d. 6/11/1965, C, Sect. D-91-2W
Paul, Joseph Griest, d. 2/27/1935, Sect. D-91-2E
Paul, Mary Catherin, d. 6/3/1922, Sect. D-91-4E
Paul, Mary Griest, d. 12/3/1958, C, Sect. D-91-1W
Paul, Thomas Griest, d. 5/2/1933, Sect. D-91-3E
Paxson, Aaron Sr., d. 1827, Sect. A-43-1
Paxson, Aaron, d. 1843, Sect. A-75-3
Paxson, Abraham Jr., d. 3-? -183_, Age 49, Sect. A-23-6
Paxson, Abraham, no dates, Sect. A-23-5
Paxson, Alfred, d. 11/3/1902, Sect. D-46-2W
Paxson, Amos, d. 3-20-1888, Sect. A-34-4
Paxson, Asher, d. 3-25-1869, Sect. A-18-3
Paxson, Asherís wife, d. 6-9-1839, Sect. A-18-1
Paxson, Auralein E., d. 11/27/1968, Sect. C-19-2
Paxson, Bertha R., d. 4/22/1964, Sect. C-19-3
Paxson, Beulah S., d. 9/12/1900, Sect. C-29-4
Paxson, Carrie R. B., d. 12/5/1908, Sect. C-72-2
Paxson, Catherine, no dates, Sect. A-23-2
Paxson, Charles S., d. 1/17/1921, Sect. C-32-1
Paxson, Edith Power, d. 1/7/1960, Sect. C-52-4
Paxson, Edward M., d. 1/8/1952, Sect. E-24-1
Paxson, Edwin P., d. 4/25/1935, Sect. D-41-4W
Paxson, Elias, no dates, Sect. A-23-1
Paxson, Elida, d. 12-13-1829, Sect. A-34-2
Paxson, Elisabeth, d. 1843, Sect. A-75-2
Paxson, Eliza, d. 5-23-1897, Sect. C-52-7
Paxson, Elizabeth M, d. 5/10/1952, C, Sect. C-52-2
Paxson, Elizabeth P., d. 1842, Howard Paxsonís wife, Sect. A-47-5
Paxson, Elizabeth, no dates, Sect. A-21-4
Paxson, Elsí girl, no dates, Sect. B-2-7
Paxson, Elvira, d. 12/31/1912, Sect. C-52-6
Paxson, Emma F., d. 1/2/1940, Sect. C-32-4
Paxson, Eugene, d. 1844, John K.Paxsonís son, Sect. A-43-4
Paxson, Eugene, d. 7/3/1927, Sect. C-38-4
Paxson, Eugene, d. 9-6-1894, W.W. Paxsonís son Moved from Pt. Pleasant., Sect. A-43-5
Paxson, Eugeneís infant, d. 5-24-1889, Eugene Paxsonís infant, Sect. C-38-2
Paxson, Eugeneís twins, d. 5-20-1880, Eugene Paxsonís twins, Sect. C-38-1
Paxson, Evelina, d. 3-28-1877, Age 51, Sect. A-23-7
Paxson, Ezra, no dates, b.1780, Sect. A-43-2
Paxson, Ezraís child, no dates, Sect. A-75-6
Paxson, George, d. 4-15-1896, Sect. C-39-7
Paxson, Grace, d. 8-30-1875, Sect. A-18-4
Paxson, Harvey S., d. 9-28-1896, Sect. C-52-1
Paxson, Howard, d. 3-22-1888, Sect. A-47-6
Paxson, Howard, d. 9-4-1886, Sect. C-12-1
Paxson, Howardís daughter, d. 6-19-1847, Sect. A-47-7
Paxson, Hugh, d. 11-21-1893, Age 90, Sect. A-18-5
Paxson, Isaac, no dates, Sect. A-47-1
Paxson, Isaiah, no dates, Sect. A-21-1
Paxson, J. Warren, d. 1/22/1966, Sect. C-52-3
Paxson, J. Warren, d. 7/1/1905, Sect. C-72-1
Paxson, J.Howard, d. 1946, Sect. C-32-3
Paxson, Jane W., d. 1856, Sect. A-75-7
Paxson, John H., d. 8-16-1850, Sect. A-18-2
Paxson, John K., d. 6-13-1868, Sect. A-43-6
Paxson, John, no dates, Sect. A-25-2
Paxson, Johnís grandchild, no dates, Sect. A-25-1
Paxson, Josiah, d. 11-7-1826, Mary Paxsonís son, Sect. A-34-1
Paxson, Letitia, d. 1835, Sect. A-43-3
Paxson, Letitia, no dates, Sect. A-47-3
Paxson, Lidie P., d. 4/28/1954, Sect. C-19-4
Paxson, Lizzie, d. 4-5-1895, Sect. D-46-1W
Paxson, M. Jenny, d. 4/26/1941, Sect. C.39-4
Paxson, Marie, d. 1/8/1967, C, Sect. E-24-2
Paxson, Martha L., d. 12/24/1932, Sect. C-38-3
Paxson, Mary B., d. 12/9/1910, Sect. D-4-2E
Paxson, Mary Lear, d. 9/18/1951, Sect. D-41-3W
Paxson, Mary S., d. 3-20-1896, Sect. C-12-2
Paxson, Mary S., d. 3/19/1956, Sect. C-102-3
Paxson, Mary, d. 1/1/1918, Sect. A-47-8
Paxson, Mary, d. 12-9-1899, Sect. A-75-8
Paxson, Mary, d. 8-29-1835, Sect. A-34-3
Paxson, Mary, no dates, Isaiah Paxsonís wife, Sect. A-21-2
Paxson, Mary, no dates, Moses Paxsonís wife, Sect. A-12-2
Paxson, Mary, no dates, Sect. A-25-3
Paxson, Mary, no dates, Sect. A-47-4
Paxson, Moses, no dates, Sect. A-12-3
Paxson, Oliver, d. 2-18-1876, Sect. A-81-1
Paxson, Oliver, no dates, Sect. A-50-1
Paxson, Rachel, d. 6-30-1857, Sect. A-34-5
Paxson, Rachel, no dates, Sect. A-47-2
Paxson, Rebecca A., d. 1853, Ezra Paxsonís child, Sect. A-75-5
Paxson, Robert, no dates, Moses Paxsonís son, Sect. A-12-1
Paxson, Ruth S., d. 2/21/1905, Sect. C-102-2
Paxson, Ruthanna, d. 7-18-1869, Oliver Paxsonís wife, Sect. A-81-2
Paxson, Sarah B., d. 1/24/1923, Sect. C-32-2
Paxson, Sarah B., d. 8/29/1932, Sect. D-4-3E
Paxson, Sarah, d. 3/28/1900, Sect. A-18-6
Paxson, Sarah, no dates, Sect. A-12-5
Paxson, Susanne, d. 1/27/1930, Sect. C-19-5
Paxson, Thaddeus, no dates, Age 20, Sect. A-23-8
Paxson, Thomas, d. 1840, Sect. A-75-1
Paxson, W. Wallace, d. 10/19/1907, Sect. D-4-1E
Paxson, Walter, d. 12/6/1909, Sect. C-19-6
Paxson, Watson F., d. 10/19/1926, Sect. C-102-1
Paxson, Watsonís wife, d. 2/24/1905, Perhaps wrong, Sect. C-13-2
Paxson, William H.S., d. 8/4/1913, Ezra Paxsonís child, Sect. A-75-6
Paxson, Wilson S., d. 1/31/1919, Sect. C-39-3
Paxson, child Elizabeth, no dates, Sect. A-23-3
Paxson, child, no dates, Sect. A-23-4
Peaker, Annie, d. 1/7/1974, Sect. D-H-2E
Peaker, Florence, d. 11/15/1926, Sect. D-64-3W
Peaker, Joseph H., d. 4/20/1904, Sect. D-64-1W
Peaker, Josephís wife, d. 5/18/1905, Sect. D-64-2W
Peaker, Lida S., d. 1/24/1952, Sect. D-H-2W
Peaker, Mary Ann, d. 8/23/1952, Sect. D-H-3W
Peaker, Richard Foulke, d. 10/11/1938, Sect. D-64-4E
Pearson, Jonathonís wife, no dates, Sect. B-2-16
Pennington, J.'s son, d. 2-24-1871, Sect. Z-2-21
Perkins, Hannah, no dates, Sect. A-22-2
Perkins, James A, d. 8/20/1998, C, Sect. C-82-6b
Perkins, Jean B, d. 6/19/1970, C, Sect. C-82-6a
Perkins, Sophia, no dates, Sect. A-22-3
Perry, Ethel K., d. 4/11/1976, Sect. G-35-1
Pershing, Antoinette Bogges, d. 7/14/1937, Sect. D-109-4E
Pershing, Dr. Edward Hamilton, d. 11/12/1955, C, Sect. D-109-1E
Peters, Anthony J., d. 10/18/1957, Sect. G-65-3
Peters, Anthony J., d. 3/4/1976, Sect. G-101-1
Peters, Irene T., d. 2/15/1983, Sect. G-101-2a
Peters, Lawrence G., d. 8/8/1987, C, Sect. G-101-2b
Peterson, Barbara Case, d. 5/26/1953 Case,Irene, Sect. B-12-5
Peterson, Lewer, d. 1/18/1950, Sect. B-12-8
Peterson, Mrs. Leroy, d. 6/14/1925, Sect. B-9-23
Peterson, Philip, d. 9/20/1901, Sect. B-9-14
Peterson, Raymond H., d. 6/15/1910, Sect. B-9-2
Peterson, Sadie, d. 2/21/1974, Sect. B-14-11
Peterson, Tamson, d. 7/8/1946, Sect. B-12-9
Petrie, Alfred J., d. 5/2/1994, Sect. G-38-1b
Petrie, Evelyn K., d. 11/29/1994, Sect. G-38-1a
Petro, Gregory R., d. 12/9/1989, Sect. G-46-1
Phillips, Aaron, d. 1858, Sect. A-37-7
Phillips, Annie, d. 7/26/1927, Sect. C-68-2
Phillips, Baker, no dates, Sect. B-2-22
Phillips, Charles, d. 1/15/1904, Sarah Smithís husband, Sect. C-47-2
Phillips, Edward W., d. 1929, Sect. C-66-1
Phillips, Ellen R., d. 11/26/1936, Sect. C-66-2
Phillips, Frank A., d. 12/31/1929, Sect. C-68-1
Phillips, M.. Emma, d. 4/4/1940, Sect. C-47-4
Phillips, Maggie, d. 8-28-1885, infant, Sect. C-66-3
Phillips, Margaret, d. 3/26/1961, Sect. C-68-4
Phillips, Mary, no dates, Thomas Philipís daughter, Sect. A-37-1
Phillips, Robert B., d. 5/19/1959, Sect. C-68-3
Phillips, Sarah B.Smith, d. 9/29/1900, Sect. C-47-3
Phillips, Sarah, d. 1828, Thomas Philipís wife, Sect. A-37-4
Phillips, Sarah, d. 1848, Sect. A-37-6
Phillips, Sarah, no dates, Sect. Z-1-33
Phillips, Thomas, d. 1835, Sect. A-37-5
Phillips, Thomas, no dates, Sect. Z-1-34
Phillips, Thomasí grandchild, no dates, Sect. A-37-2
Phillips, Thomasí grandchild, no dates, Sect. A-37-3
Piatt, Sarah, d. 8-7-1886, Sect. D-2-4E
Pickering, John, no dates, Sect. A-39-2
Pickering, John, no dates, Sect. A-39-4
Pickering, Johnís wife, no dates, Sect. A-39-1
Pickering, Stacyís child, no dates, Sect. A-39-3
Pidcock, Charles W., d. 11/20/1936, Sect. C-53-5
Pidcock, Isiah, no dates, Sect. A-2-9
Pidcock, J. Wilson, d. 12/17/1921, Sect. C-53-6
Pidcock, Kinsey, no dates, Sect. B-3-43
Pidcock, Mary Jane, d. 2/18/1913, Sect. C-53-7
Pidcock, Nancy, d. 7-8-1871, Sect. A-21-6
Pidcock, Rachel, no dates, Sect. A-2-8
Pidcock, Seneca, no dates, Sect. B-1-22
Pidcock, Wilsonís child, d. 5-20-1873, Sect. C-53-8
Pidcock, child, no dates, Sect. B-1-33
Pierson, Lannie, d. 10-16-1885, Sect. D-26-2E
Ponnel d. 10/7/1924, Sect. B-12-3
Potts, Caroline, d. 11-12-1898, Sect. D-43-2W
Potts, John, d. 1849, b. 1790, Sect. Z-1-18
Potts, M.S., no dates, Stephen Pottsí child, Sect. B-3-25
Potts, Rachel Ann, d. 5/26/1919, Child, Sect. Z-2-14
Potts, Rachel, no dates, Sect. Z-2-2
Potts, Samuel's child, no dates, Sect. Z-1-21
Potts, Samuel, no dates, Sect. Z-1-20
Potts, Stephen, d. 5/9/1907, Sect. D-43-1W
Potts, W., no dates, Stephen Pottsí child, Sect. B-3-26
Powell, Ethel S., d. 9/24/1993, C, Sect. E-1-4b
Powell, Kenneth Tyrell, d. 4/8/1953, C, Sect. E-1-4a
Pownal, Mary, no dates, Sect. A-58-4
Pownal, Moses, no dates, Sect. A-33-2
Pownal, Mosesí wife, no dates, Sect. A-33-1
Pownal, Reuben, d. 18__, Sect. A-58-5
Pownal, Sarah, no dates, Sect. A-33-3
Pownal, Simeon, no dates, Sect. A-33-4
Preston, Albert W., d. 8/16/1947, Sect. C-99-1
Preston, Eva K., d. 10/19/1946, Sect. C-99-2
Preyer, Martha H., d. 11/17/1976, C, On top of William A. Preyer, Sect. D-122-4Wb
Preyer, William A., d. 6/24/1949, Sect. D-122-4Wa
Price, Ann, no dates, Sect. B-2-33
Price, Caroline C., d. 11/25/1922, Sect. C-98-2
Price, Carroll B., d. 5/12/1962, C, Sect. C-82-7a
Price, Edith, d. 8/3/1973, C, Sect. C-82-7b
Price, Eleanor, no dates, Sect. B-2-18
Price, Elizabeth Freedly, d. 7/18/1988, Sect. E-20-5
Price, Frederick N., d. 5/25/1963, C, Sect. E-20-3
Price, Joseph M., d. 4/30/1933, Sect. C-98-3
Price, M. Elizabeth, d. 2/19/1965, C, Sect. E-20-6
Price, R. Moore, d. 6/16/1963, C, Sect. E-20-4
Price, Reuben M., d. 10/4/1918, Sect. C-98-1
Puff, Anna M., d. 1922, Sect. Z-3-18
Puff, Harrison B., d. 1931, Sect. Z-3-19
Puff, Harryís child, d. 11-2-1888, Sect. C-9-4
Puff, Minnie, d. 8-5-1879, grandchild, Sect. C-9-3
Quick, Jane O., d. 2/27/1949, Sect. D-74-1W
Quick, Stephen, d. 1933, Sect. D-74-2W
Quinby, , d. 1935, Sect. E-18-1
Quinby, , d. 1935, Sect. E-18-2
Quinby, Caroline Jewell Sutton, d. 11/4/1965, Sect. D-53-3W
Quinby, Elwood, d. 11/8/1921, Sect. C-48-1
Quinby, Eva G., d. 12/19/1946, Sect. C-105-4
Quinby, Fanny, no dates, Sect. A-38-4
Quinby, Henry R, d. 8/18/1933, Sect. C-48-6
Quinby, Isaiah, d. 7-22-1898, Sect. C-25-1
Quinby, James, d. 10/28/1908, Sect. C-48-3
Quinby, James, no dates, Sect. A-38-2
Quinby, Jamesí wife, d. 8/6/1900, Sect. C-48-2
Quinby, Jesse, d. 9-24-1881, Lettie Quinbyís son, Sect. C-48-8
Quinby, Kathryn, d. 1920, Sect. C-105-2
Quinby, Lettie, d. 12-16-1890, Henry Quinbyís wife, Sect. C-48-7
Quinby, Louis, d. 1/24/1963, Sect. D-53-4W
Quinby, Margaret, d. 2/24/1951, Sect. C-25-3
Quinby, Margaret, no dates, Sect. A-38-3
Quinby, Mary S., d. 6/26/1959, Sect. C-25-4
Quinby, Moses, no dates, Sect. A-38-1
Quinby, Ruth, d. 3/10/1930, Sect. C-25-2
Quinby, Wilmot, d. 2/2/1946, Sect. C-105-3


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