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Solebury Friends Burying Grounds
Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Contributed by Shirley Carter [wemsudoc@comcast.net].

MacFarlane, Anna, d. 11/20/1919, Sect. D-94-1W
MacOliver, Jennie, d. 7/15/1919, Sect. B-9-19
Macarty (?), Aaron, d. 2/25/1905, Sect. B-8-21
Mack, Charles Greenleaf, d. 6-20-1896, Sect. B-7-25
Mackey, George, d. 9-11-1893, Sect. B-6-35
Mackey, Phoebe, d. 7-1-1886, Sect. B-6-34
Magill, Ada, d. 4/3/1972, Sect. C-80-4
Magill, Amez, d. 12-18-1883, Sect. A-40-5
Magill, Amy, no dates, John Magillís wife, Sect. A-49-2
Magill, Angeline, d. 12/30/1930, C, Sect. D-82-4Wb
Magill, Angeline, d. 2-6-1883, Joseph E Magillís wife, Sect. C-14-7
Magill, Ann, d. 1858, Sect. A-90-1
Magill, Anna Scott, d. 12/27/1928, Sect. D-100-2W
Magill, Anna Slack, d. 1917, Sect. D-88-2E
Magill, Annie T., d. 1-18-1876, Sect. C-9-2
Magill, Avis O., d. 9/13/1963, Sect. D-K-2E
Magill, Beverly W., d. 3/3/1998, Sect. D-K-2W
Magill, Catherine R., d. 2/29/1944, Sect. C-75-3
Magill, Charles F., d. 6-2-1888, Sect. C-73-3
Magill, Charles Jr., no dates, Sect. A-57-5
Magill, Charles, d. 6-4-1873, Sect. C-9-1
Magill, Charlesís child, no dates, Sect. A-57-2
Magill, Chester A., d. 1953, Sect. D-L-3W
Magill, Chester A., d. 9/11/1953, Sect. D-K-1E
Magill, David, no dates, Sect. A-40-3
Magill, Davidís child, no dates, Sect. A-40-1
Magill, DeLora, d. 1/6/1961, Sect. D-82-4Wa
Magill, Edward H., d. 12/14/1907, Sarah W. Magillís husband, Sect. C-15-5
Magill, Elisabeth T., d. 12-16-1889, Sect. C-9-5
Magill, Elizabeth P., d. 12/1/1921, Sect. C-14-4
Magill, Eudora, d. 12/2/1948, C, Sect. C-15-2
Magill, F. Douglas Sr., d. 12/20/1990, C, Sect. F-27-1b
Magill, Florence J., d. 6/10/1965, Sect. E-14-4
Magill, Frances, no dates, Sect. A-40-4
Magill, Francis G., d. 10-9-1872, Sect. C-15-7
Magill, Francis, d. 1-14-1895, Sect. A-40-6
Magill, Frank L., d. 7/1/1967, C, Sect. F-27-1c
Magill, George H., d. 1/14/1955, Sect. D-92-1E
Magill, Gertrude B, d. 5/31/1945, Sect. C-15-3
Magill, Giardette, d. 10/23/1961, Sect. C-75-4
Magill, Harriet, d. 12/3/1913, Sect. C-80-7
Magill, Harrietís child, d. 9-6-1880, Sect. A-90-9
Magill, Henry, d. 3/22/1904, Sect. Z-2-27
Magill, Henryís child, no dates, Sect. A-90-5
Magill, Horace, d. 5-xx-1924, Sect. D-100-4W
Magill, Howard L., d. 12/27/1928, Sect. D-100-1W
Magill, I. Remington, d. 1/20/1951, Sect. C-80-2
Magill, Ida E., d. 4-9-1899, wife of George Magill, Sect. C-78-1
Magill, Ida J., no dates, Sect. C-78-6
Magill, Jacob, d. 4-3-1881, Sect. C-9-9
Magill, Jacob, no dates, Sect. A-57-3
Magill, Jacobís child, no dates, Sect. A-57-1
Magill, Jacobís wife and child, no dates, Sect. A-57-6
Magill, Jacobís wife, d. 9-19-1895, Sect. C-9-8
Magill, Jane, no dates, Sect. A-49-3
Magill, Jane, no dates, Sect. A-49-6
Magill, Jesse, d. 4-30-1874, Thomas & Elizabeth P. Magillís son, Sect. C-14-1
Magill, John J., d. 10/9/1962, Sect. E-14-5
Magill, John Sr., no dates, Sect. A-49-1
Magill, John, d. 9/25/1909, Sect. C-80-8
Magill, John, no dates, Sect. A-90-2
Magill, Jonathon P., d. 5-29-1868, Sect. A-60-3
Magill, Joseph E., d. 7-20-1890, Angeline Magillís husband, Sect. C-14-6
Magill, Joseph, no dates, Sect. C-78-7
Magill, Josephís child, no dates, Sect. A-90-6
Magill, Josrphís child, no dates, Sect. A-90-7
Magill, Joyce w., d. 9/22/1926, Sect. G-109-3
Magill, Julia A., d. 7/10/1964, Sect. D-92-2E
Magill, Margard M., d. 5/26/1985, double depth, Sect. G-78-3a
Magill, Margaret Radford, d. 5/10/1929, Sect. D-88-4E
Magill, Marie, d. 12/2/1987, C, Sect. F-27-1a
Magill, Mary H., d. 11-13-1878, Sect. C-4-2
Magill, Mary, d. 3-27-1869, Sect. A-60-4
Magill, Maude E., d. 8/10/1901, wife of I. Remington Magill, Sect. C-80-1
Magill, Rebecca, d. 11-16-1882, Sect. A-60-5
Magill, Rebecca, no dates, Sect. A-57-4
Magill, Ruth, d. 3-26-1873, Sect. Z-2-26
Magill, Sarah Ann, d. 7-11-1869, Sect. C-14-8
Magill, Sarah Elizabeth Gardner, d. 4/2/1934, Sect. C-15-4
Magill, Sarah T., d. 1838, Sect. A-60-2
Magill, Sarah W., d. 8-24-1898, Edward H. Magillís wife, Sect. C-15-6
Magill, Spencer, d. 5-2-1886, Sect. C-73-1
Magill, Susan, d. 11-10-1878, Sect. A-57-7
Magill, Thomas H., d. 1/23/1995, Sect. G-109-2
Magill, Thomas M., d. 1/14/1912, Sect. C-14-5
Magill, Watson B., d. 12/27/1922, Sect. D-92-4E
Magill, Watson P., d. 7-26-1895, Sect. C-4-3
Magill, Wayne L., d. 8/8/1975, Sect. G-109-1
Magill, Wayne L., d. 8/8/1975, Sect. G-109-4
Magill, William Harry, d. 11/12/1940, Sect. D-88-1E
Magill, William, d. 2/19/1942, Sect. C-80-5
Magill, William, no dates, Sect. A-49-5
Magill, Winfield A., d. 9/11/1970, Sect. D-K-1W
Major, Estella, d. 12/6/1905, Sect. D-63-4W
Major, Horace F., d. 1/19/1929, Sect. D-63-3W
Major, Hugh, d. 7-11-1869, Sect. C-2-6
Major, James, d. 2/25/1906, Sect. D-63-1W
Major, Rebecca A., d. 2/14/1904, Sect. D-63-2W
Malpass, Helen E., d. 12/8/1994, Sect. C-101-2b
Maris, J.R., no dates, William Marisí grandchild, Sect. A-24-3
Maris, Jane, no dates, Sect. A-24-5
Maris, Williamís child, no dates, Sect. A-24-1
Maris, Williamís child, no dates, Sect. A-24-2
Marshall, Charles M., d. 5/19/1977, Sect. E-21-3
Marshall, George M, d. 1-xx-1935, Sect. E-22-1
Marshall, Harriet P. Ely, d. 6/2/1942, Sect. E-22-2
Marshall, Mary M., d. 1/22/1987, Sect. E-21-2
Marshall, Thomas, d. 6/1/1979, Sect. E-21-1
Martin, Jonas, d. 5/7/1930, Sect. B-10-10
Martin, Leonia, d. 9/3/1949, Sect. B-13-4
Martin, Mary, d. 12-xx-1918, Sect. B-10-4
Martin, Sarah, d. 9/22/1939, Sect. B-10-11
Martin, William, d. 1/4/1922, Sect. B-10-5
Mathews, Arthur W., d. 8-7-1884, Sect. D-13-5E
Mathews, Caroline, d. 12/31/1940, Sect. D-13-2W
Mathews, Clara S., d. 9-8-1885, Sect. D-13-4E
Mathews, Clarence, d. 10-6-1885, Sect. D-13-3E
Mathews, Edgar Black, d. 7/2/1966, Sect. D-13-1E
Mathews, Elijah, d. 2/13/1928, Sect. D-13-1W
Mathews, Lester, d. 12-14-1892, Sect. D-13-2E
Matlack, William, d. 3-xx-1891, Sect. A-45-1
Mattinson, Ann, no dates, Sect. A-58-7
Mattinson, John, d. 9-10-1866, Sect. Z-2-12
Mattinson, Mary, no dates, Full square, Sect. A-58-9
Mattinson, Richard, no dates, Sect. Z-1-13
Mattinson, Sarah, no dates, Sect. Z-1-35
Mattinson, child, no dates, Sect. A-58-8
Mattison, Asher G., d. 5/5/1922, Sect. C-31-2
Mattison, Elisabeth E., d. 9-27-1873, Sect. Z-2-30
Mattison, Huldah P., d. 11/11/1935, Sect. C-31-1
Mattison, Joseph J., d. 4-9-1894, Sect. C-31-5
Mattison, Mahala, d. 10/2/1905, Sect. C-31-4
Mattison, Martha, d. 10/11/1900, Sect. C-31-3
Mattison, Reuben, no dates, Sect. Z-2-1
Maule, Charles Price, d. 1951, Sect. E-4-2
Maule, Elizabeth Randolph Parry, d. 8/17/1951, Sect. E-4-3
Mc (?), Thelma, d. 12/22/1917, Sect. B-9-15
McCool, Blanche W., d. 9/6/1976, Only one grave E. Earle McCool first, Sect. D-73-3W
McCool, W. Earle McCool, d. 2/16/1967, Only one grave Blanche McCool on top, Sect. D-73-4W
McCray, James, d. 11-13-1888, Sect. D-21-4W
McCray, Letitia, d. 11-10-1898, Sect. D-21-3W
McDaniel, Julia, d. 1-28-1831, Sect. B-1-50
McDowel, Alonzo, no dates, Sect. A-84-4
McDowel, David, no dates, William McDowelís child, Sect. A-84-1
McDowel, Ely, no dates, Sect. A-84-3
McDowel, Emma, no dates, Sect. A-84-5
McDowel, Francis, no dates, William McDowelís child, Sect. A-84-2
McElhone, Charles L., d. 9/1/1988, Sect. D-77-3E
McElhone, Elva P., d. 6/17/1983, Sect. D-77-2E
McFern, George, d. 2-26-1885, Sect. B-6-30
McFern, Rachel, d. 11-20-1884, Sect. B-6-28
McFern, Susan, d. 3-30-1892, Sect. B-7-15
McHenry d. 3-31-1896, Sect. D-30-3E
McHenry, Mary, d. 10/3/1919, Sect. D-30-2E
McIver, George Wilcox III, d. 2/6/1957, Sect. E-4-4
McKeown, James, d. 9/6/1947, Sect. D-96-1E
McKeown, Margaret Bennett, d. 3/2/1923, Sect. D-96-2E
McKinny, Clarence, d. 4/22/1941, Sect. C-79-5
McKinny, Mabel P., d. 6/21/1946, Sect. C-79-4
McLaughlin, Anna L., d. 7/10/1960, Sect. D-34-2W
McLaughlin, Daniel, d. 8/3/1906, Sect. D-33-1W
McLaughlin, George B., d. 4/14/1964, Sect. D-34-1W
McLaughlin, LeRoy, d. 7-31-1887, Sect. D-33-3W
McLaughlin, Lottie, d. 4/10/1914, Sect. D-33-2W
McLaughlin, Vincent, d. 12-21-1896, Sect. D-33-4W
McMaster, Alexander, no dates, Sect. D-58-1W
McNamara, Elizabeth, d. 5/26/1970, Sect. G-148-1
McNamara, Mary, d. 7/9/1985, Sect. G-148-3
McNamara, Robert F., d. 8/13/1973, Sect. G-73-3
McNamara, Robert P., d. 3/9/1982, Sect. G-148-2
Melson, Anna P., d. 11/21/1963, Sect. D-111-4Wb
Melson, Jonathon, d. 6/15/1980, Sect. D-111-4Wa
Merrick, Davidís child, no dates, Sect. B-2-11
Merrick, Freb, no dates, Sect. B-1-15
Mesarosk, Mary, d. 2/20/1967, C, Sect. G-1-3
Metler, Letitia, no dates, Sect. A-48-8
Metler, Samuel, no dates, Sect. B-4-33
Meyer, Bertie F., d. 7/28/1991, Sect. G-149-3
Michener, Alice B., d. 11/7/1943, Sect. C-63-3
Michener, Bertha M., d. 11/3/1971, C, Sect. C-63-5b
Michener, Charles T., d. 9/28/1907, Sect. D-67-1W
Michener, Hubert T., d. 9/24/1991, C, Sect. F-40-1b
Michener, Hugh, d. 4/7/1968, C, Sect. C-63-5a
Michener, John W., d. 12/12/1912, Sect. C-63-7
Michener, Lewis T., d. 1/2/1998, C, Sect. C-20-1
Michener, Margaret W., d. 5/31/1977, C, Sect. F-40-1a
Michener, Robert S., d. 3/9/1917, Sect. C-63-6
Michener, Sarah B., d. 12-19-1898, Sect. C-63-1
Michener, Sarah, d. 5/23/1921, Sect. D-67-2W
Michener, Simpson B., d. 2/15/1907, Sect. C-63-2
Miller, A. L., d. 4-7-1887, Sect. B-6-37
Miller, Celia B., d. 10/29/1953, Sect. E-22-4
Miller, Fred John, d. 11/26/1939, Sect. D-103-1W
Miller, Grace Elsa, d. 3/16/1964, Sect. D-103-3E
Miller, Julia Kendleberger, d. 12/4/1938, Sect. D-103-3W
Miller, Katherine C., d. 7/11/1949, Sect. D-103-1E
Miller, Robert A. D., d. 12/22/1966, Sect. E-22-5
Milnor, Julia E, d. 3/16/1945, Sect. D-25-1W
Milnor, Orville, d. 6/3/1949, Sect. D-25-1E
Minenier, Dianne Bertrice, d. 3/31/1991, Sect. G-111-4
Minto, Margaret S., d. 1/23/1992, Sect. C-50-5
Missimer, Doris E., d. 8/3/1990, C, Sect. D-J-3E
Missimer, Emma, d. 10-24-1048, Sect. D-A-3E
Missimer, Fannie D., d. 4/27/1969, Sect. D-A-3W
Missimer, Hertel C., d. 6/7/1950, Sect. D-A-2W
Missimer, Marion R., d. 9/18/1930, Sect. D-A-1E
Missimer, Marrion R., d. 11/14/1938, Sect. D-A-2E
Mitchel, Johnís grandchild, no dates, Sect. B-4-27
Mitchel, S.ís child, no dates, Sect. B-4-22
Mitchel, child, d. 7-20-1872, Sect. B-5-11
Mitchell, Esther, d. 6-20-1875, Sect. Z-2-31
Mitchell, George, d. 8/30/1911, Sect. D-78-4E
Mitchell, John, d. 2-25-1889, Sect. B-5-60
Mitchell, Mary, d. 9-27-1880, John Mitchellís wife, Sect. B-5-59
Mitchell, Samuel, d. 10-25-1886, Sect. B-6-36
Mitchell, Samuelís wife, d. 12/22/1900, buried with Samuel Mitchel, Sect. B-6-43
Monroe, Fortress, d. 7-21-1884, Sect. A-87-7
Montague, Lilian A., d. 11/19/1946, Sect. D-109-4E
Mood, Amos, d. 12-8-1884, Sect. B-6-29
Mood, Amosí child, d. 4-29-1879, Sect. B-5-53
Mood, Jacob, d. 5-5-1897, Sect. D-51-1W
Mood, Joseph, d. 8/11/1904, Sect. B-8-18
Mood, Mary Ann, d. 11-16-1894, Sect. B-7-22
Mood, child, no dates, Sect. B-4-32
Moody, Charles E., d. 9/6/1930, Sect. D-L-3E
Moody, Edward, d. 2/10/1944, Sect. D-L-1E
Moody, Lillian, d. 11/2/1933, Sect. D-L-2E
Moody, William P., d. 3/1/1967, Sect. G-145-3
Moon, Barbara Cryer, d. 7/21/1993, Sect. G-79-3
Moon, Marthaís daughter, no dates, Sect. B-1-2
Moon, Mary A., d. 2-11-1891, Sect. D-16-3W
Moon, Mary Anna, d. 4/6/1904, Sect. D-16-2W
Moon, Samuel, no dates, Sect. B-1-1
Moon, William G., d. 12-28-1863, William G. Moonís wife, Sect. D-16-1W
Moon, William, no dates, Sect. B-4-35
Moor, Samuelís grandchild, no dates, Sect. B-2-48
Moore, Alice G., d. 9/15/1924, Sect. D-42-3W
Moore, Charles M., d. 1/29/1944, Sect. D-42-2W
Moore, Charles Walden, d. 9/30/1957, C, Sect. E-34-2
Moore, Clarence W., d. 1/10/1953, Sect. D-42-3E
Moore, Eleanor, d. 1/24/1930, Sect. B-11-7
Moore, Elizabeth H. B., d. 9/2/1968, vault, Sect. G-65-1
Moore, George W., d. 12/8/1924, Sect. A-88-6
Moore, Harold C., d. 9-17-1892, child, Sect. D-42-4W
Moore, Harrison E., d. 11-22-1874, Sect. A-88-8
Moore, Mary, d. 8/17/1910, Sect. D-42-2E
Moore, Mary, no dates, Sect. B-2-49
Moore, Pierce J. Sr., d. 9/16/1957, Sect. G-65-2
Moore, Samuelís child, no dates, Sect. B-2-45
Moore, Samuelís child, no dates, Sect. B-2-46
Moore, Samuelís child, no dates, Sect. B-2-47
Moore, Tacy B., d. 8/24/1916, Sect. A-88-7
Moore, Thomas E., d. 4/12/1938, Sect. B-11-10
Moore, William, d. 8-13-1896, Sect. D-42-1E
Moore, Williamís child, d. 5-1-1870, Sect. B-4-62
Morgan, Evelyn M., d. 2/6/1960, Disinterred 4-15-1968, Sect. D-94-3E*
Morgan, Minnie, no dates, Sect. B-10-27
Morris, Robert J., d. 11/4/1923, Sect. D-19-3E
Morse, Davidís son, d. 7-20-1876, Sect. B-5-34
Morton, ?, d. 11-4-1875, Sect. D-44-1W
Morton, Courtland, no dates, Sect. Z-1-26
Morton, G.ís child, no dates, Sect. B-2-55
Morton, Gershorn, no dates, Sect. Z-1-4
Morton, Rebecca, no dates, Sect. B-2-59
Morton, Wilmoth, d. 11-4-1875, Sect. Z-2-32
Mullenaux, Jamesí child, d. 12-30-1885, Sect. B-6-31
Mullenaux, Jamesí child, d. 7-25-1884, Sect. B-6-26
Mullenaux, Jamesí child, d. 7-30-1883, Sect. B-6-21
Mullenaux, child, d. 4-15-1890, Sect. B-7-9
Mullenaux, child, d. 4-21-1888, Sect. B-7-6
Mullenaux, child, d. 9-21-1888, Sect. B-7-7
Mulvena, Alice B., d. 2/9/1922, Sect. C-97-2a
Mundy, Elizabeth N., d. 1/22/1949, Sect. D-97-4E
Mundy, Elmer B. Sr., d. 3/20/1953, Sect. D-97-2E
Mundy, Elmer E., d. 4/21/1928, Sect. D-97-4W
Mundy, Harriet W., d. 11/19/1933, Sect. D-97-3W
Mundy, Lilian, d. 5/21/1969, C, Sect. D-126-1W
Mundy, Maude, d. 2/12/1979, Sect. D-97-2W
Mundy, William K., d. 4/15/1960, Sect. D-126-2W
Myrtil, Odette, d. 11/19/1978, C, Sect. G-145-4
Nathans, Gwendolyn A., d. 4/8/1946, Sect. D-69-2E
Nathans, Orlando D., d. 12/21/1909, Sect. D-69-1E
Nattenhaiser, Diana, d. 4/24/1905, Sect. B-8-22
Nattenhaiser, Joseph, d. 3-24-1891, Sect. B-7-11
Nattenhiser, Kathryn Worthington, d. 9/29/1958, Sect. D-40-3W
Nattenhiser, Theodore, d. 1/4/1938, Sect. D-40-4W
Naylor, , no dates, Sect. B-2-34
Naylor, Anna B., d. 2/11/1937, Sect. D-47-3E
Naylor, Annie E., d. 1/9/1900, Ellsworth Naylorís wife, Sect. D-47-2E
Naylor, Annie W., d. 4/13/1927, Sect. D-39-1W
Naylor, Celestine, d. 11/16/1976, C, Sect. G-67-4d
Naylor, Dixon, d. 7-19-1867, Sect. B-4-53
Naylor, Dixsonís child, no dates, Sect. B-3-42
Naylor, Eleanor, d. 7-3-1894, Sect. D-39-2W
Naylor, Elizabeth S., d. 4/23/1920, Sect. D-39-3W
Naylor, Ella, d. 8/22/1945, Sect. D-39-1W
Naylor, Ellsworth, d. 5/28/1933, Sect. D-47-1E
Naylor, George, d. 9-xx-1291, Sect. D-83-1W
Naylor, Grant K., d. 8/22/1902, Sect. D-15-1E
Naylor, Hannah, d. 1/25/1903, Sect. D-39-3W
Naylor, Harry H., d. 7/12/1939, Sect. D-49-4W
Naylor, Huston L., d. 2/25/1900, Sect. B-8-6
Naylor, Jacob, d. 2/14/1921, Sect. D-93-1E
Naylor, Jacobís child, no dates, Sect. B-4-18
Naylor, John O., d. 7/5/1924, Sect. D-95-4E
Naylor, Lottie F., d. 4/26/1938, Sect. D-49-3W
Naylor, Louisa, d. 1919, Sect. D-93-2E
Naylor, Martha, d. 2/27/1900, Huston Naylorís wife, Sect. B-8-7
Naylor, Mary B., d. 4-1-1872, Sect. B-5-9
Naylor, Mary Large, d. 11/21/1942, Sect. D-15-3E
Naylor, Mary, d. 6/5/1930, Sect. D-95-3E
Naylor, Msry, d. 2-15-1869, Sect. B-5-5
Naylor, Randolf, d. 8/6/1909, Sect. D-39-2W
Naylor, Raymond, d. 8/2/1918, Sect. D-15-2E
Naylor, Thomas, d. 1-5-1859, Sect. B-4-13
Nebesar, Ann D., d. 12/3/1969, C, Sect. E-37-1b
Nebesar, Robert A., d. 11/29/1985, C, Sect. E-37-5
Nebesar, Robert John, d. 4/3/1994, C, Sect. E-37-1a
Niblock, Charles Godfrey, d. 3/12/1953, concrete case,`,, Sect. G-1-1
Nice, Carrie E., d. 9/24/1931, Sect. D-C-2W
Nice, George, d. 5/18/1923, Sect. D-C-3W
Nice, Joe, d. 1/30/1907, Sect. D-22-4W
Nice, Joseph Stockton Sr., d. 11/1/1952, Sect. D-C-1W
Nice, Lizzie A., d. 12-15-1893, Sect. D-22-2W
Nice, Louise U., d. 5/4/1911, Sect. D-22-3W
Nice, Richard F., d. 5-1-1888, Sect. D-22-1W
Nimick, Patience, d. 12/28/1933, Sect. D-109-4W
Nimick, Sally Todd, d. 2/8/1990, Sect. D-109-2W
Nimick, Tyson, d. 12/20/1960, Sect. D-109-3W
Nunamaker, Kenneth R., d. 7/20/1957, Sect. G-34-2
Nunamaker, May O., d. 11/9/1974, Sect. G-34-1
O'Keefe, Mary, d. 4/21/1935, Sect. E-22-3
Odell, , d. 2/20/1917, Sect. B-9-16
Opdyke, Mary E., d. 3/5/1900, Sect. B-8-8
Oppie, , d. 12/6/1921, Sect. D-5-4W
Oppie, Edwin, d. 6/3/1921, Sect. D-5-3W
Oppie, Samuel D., d. 4-4-1898, Sect. D-5-1W
Oppie, Sarah P., d. 2-9-1898, Sect. D-5-2W
Osmun, Brian E., d. 3/9/1962, Sect. G-37-1
Ostrolenk, Bernard T., d. 12/18/1944, Sect. D-109-4W
Ostrolenk, Esther W., d. 5/25/1976, C, Sect. D-109-3W
Overholt, Angeline, d. 10/2/1932, Sect. D-89-2W
Overholt, Samuel B., d. 5-xx-19717, Sect. D-89-1W


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