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Solebury Friends Burying Grounds
Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Contributed by Shirley Carter [wemsudoc@comcast.net].

Farley, Susanne, d. 11/3/1943, Sect. B-10-17
Farley, William, d. 5/14/1943, Sect. B-10-16
Fathring, Roger J., d. 8/5/1972, Sect. G-76-4
Faust, Gertie's child, d. 7/18/1905, Sect. B-8-23
Feil, John's wife, d. 2-9-1880, Sect. B-5-57
Feil, William, d. 6-1-1873, John Feil's son, Sect. B-5-14
Feinzig, Gail L., d. 7/5/1990, C, Sect. G-1-2c
Fell, Charles D., no dates, Sect. A-16-5
Fell, Charles Lloyd, d. 11/17/1939, Sect. C-17-3
Fell, Eli Herbert, d. 5/31/1982, Sect. F-2-1
Fell, Elias B., d. 2-22-1881, Sect. C-5-2
Fell, Elias, d. 1/6/1985, Sect. G-39-4
Fell, Elizabeth B., d. 9/27/1928, Sect. C-5-5
Fell, Elizabeth R., d. 4-12-1887, Sect. C-5-1
Fell, Elizabeth, d. 1844, Sect. A-16-4
Fell, Esther, d. 2-23-1874, Sect. A-25-7
Fell, Fanny, d. 1863, Sect. A-25-6
Fell, George B., d. 8-27-1843, Sect. A-16-6
Fell, George B.'s child, d. 1858, Sect. A-16-7
Fell, George, d. 10-22-1876, Remington Fell's son, Sect. C-6-7
Fell, George, no dates, Sect. A-16-2
Fell, Gulielma, d. 9/20/1903, Remington Fell's wife, Sect. C-6-2
Fell, Hannah A., d. 1- -1909, Sect. C-17-2
Fell, Howell Brown, d. 12/27/1975, Sect. F-2-2
Fell, J. Remington, d. 6/2/1916, Sect. C-6-1
Fell, Jesse B., d. 7/18/1920, Sect. C-5-4
Fell, John, d. 1863, Sect. A-25-5
Fell, Josephine B., d. 10/11/1975, C, Sect. F-41-1
Fell, Marcia H., d. 3/16/1984, Sect. G-39-3
Fell, Mary S., d. 12/13/1915, Sect. C-5-3
Fell, Sarah, d. 1859, Sect. A-25-4
Fell, Watson, d. 2-20-1840, Sect. A-16-3
Fell, William Henry, d. 2-2-1873, Sect. C-17-1
Fennel, John, d. 5-17-1881, Sect. B-6-3
Fennel, Mary Ann, d. 9-26-1871, John Fennel's wife, Sect. B-5-6
Fennell, William, no dates, Sect. B-3-44
Ferguson, Dr. Agnes B., d. 10/25/1956, C, On top of Karlene Holmquist, Sect. D-116-1Wa
Ferracci, Fernand A., d. 6/8/1998, Sect. G-16-1
Fetzer, Ernest, d. 9/6/1982, Sect. F-13-5
Fetzer, Marie, d. 1/3/1992, Sect. F-13-6
Fezill, Ruth Simon, d. 10/27/1945, Sect. D-119-2W
Fischer, Catherine, d. 2-1-1868 or, Sect. B-4-58
Fischer, John Sr., d. 10-26-1875, Sect. B-4-59
Fischer, Michael's child, d. 10-19-1868, Sect. B-4-57
Fish, Albert's child, d. 9-2-1881, Sect. B-6-12
Fish, child, d. 8-8-1884, Sect. B-6-27
Fisher, Eli's daughter, d. 6-19-1875, Sect. B-5-30
Fisher, Harry, d. 1/18/1945, Sect. D-8-4W
Fisher, Horace Pearson, d. 10/24/1907, Jack Fiosher's child, Sect. D-8-1E
Fisher, Jacob, d. 12/17/1954, Sect. D-8-4E
Fisher, John Jr.'s child, no dates, Sect. B-3-41
Fisher, Mike's child, d. 10-28-1873, Sect. B-5-15
Fisher, Mike's child, d. 1870, Sect. B-5-2a
Fisher, Mike's child, d. 5-22-1877, Sect. B-5-44
Fisher, Mike's child, d. 8-6-1873, Sect. B-5-17
Fisher, Redwood's child, no dates, Sect. A-16-1
Fisher, Sara jane, d. 7/30/1946, Sect. D-8-3E
Fisher, Will, d. 8-21-1891, Sect. D-8-3W
Fisher, William B., d. 10-14-1891, Sect. D-8-1W
Fisher, child, d. 3-11-1888, Sect. B-7-5
Fisher, child, no dates, Sect. B-3-50
Fitting, Emma H., d. 1/11/1949, Sect. E-2-5
Fitting, Francis C., d. 6/28/1973, C, Sect. E-2-4
Fitting, Helen Walton, d. 7/1/1957, Sect. E-2-3
Fitting, Jacob B., d. 3/8/1947, Sect. E-2-6
Fitzgerald, Edward G., d. 7/12/1910, Sect. B-9-0
Fitzgerald, James, d. 3/28/1913, Sect. B-9-12
Flack, Howard W., d. 11/5/1928, Sect. C-103-1
Flack, Howard's infant, d. 7/22/1904, moved here from lot 12, Sect. C-102-4
Flack, Margaret Paxson, d. 3/12/1948, Sect. C-103-2
Fleming, Amy Magill, d. 6/10/1964, Sect. C-76-4
Forbes, Nathaniel F., d. 10/23/1947, C, Sect. D-124-4W
Force, William, no dates, Sect. B-1-9
Forker, David's child, no dates, Sect. B-1-6
Forker, David's child, no dates, Sect. B-1-7
Foster, Harriet, d. 4/20/1909, Sect. B-6-8
Fowler, Margaret E., d. 12/6/1987, Sect. G-144-2
Fowler, Thaddeus, d. 9/5/1997, Sect. G-144-1
Franck, Charles A., d. 1933, Sect. B-10-26
Franck, Harry W., d. 4/17/1962, Arlington, Sect. E-10-1b
Fredendall, Bruce, no dates, 2 & 3, Sect. D-108-1W
Fredendall, Gordon, d. 9/5/1990, C, Sect. D-108-2Ea
Fredendall, Paul L., d. 1/3/1997, C, Sect. D-108-2Eb
Fredenthal, David, d. 9/15/1977, Sect. G-143-4
Freeman, Andrew, d. 11/28/1958 Case,Irene, Sect. B-12-6
Freeman, Mary, d. 7/8/1954, C, Sect. B-14-10
Freuler, Robert Frederick, d. 5/16/1962, Sect. G-69-2
Fritz, William Stanley, d. 10/23/1956, Sect. G-3-2
Frost, , no dates, Sect. B-4-15
Frye, John's infant, d. 3/5/1900, Sect. B-7-37
Fryers, Edwin D., d. 3/17/1996, Sect. G-47-3
Fryers, J. Harold, d. 10/27/1980, Sect. G-42-2
Fryers, Mildred B., d. 5/2/1975, Sect. G-42-1
Fryling, Kate J., d. 4-1-1889, Sect. D-18-2E
Fryling, Moses L., d. 8-8-1891, Sect. D-18-1E
Funk, Baby boy, d. 6/2/1980, Sect. C-106-1b
Funk, Edna P., d. 10/15/1953, Sect. C-32-5
Funk, Harvey J., d. 2/28/1971, Sect. C-32-6
Funk, Helen M., d. 1/26/1991, C, Sect. G-11-2
Funk, Howard, d. 11/22/1962, Sect. C-106-3
Funk, J. Reading, d. 11/24/1974, Sect. C-106-1a
Funk, LeRoy B. Sr., d. 10/30/1968, vault, Sect. G-11-1
Funk, Sadie R., d. 12/24/1963, Sect. C-106-2
Furman, Eliza, d. 10/19/1960, Sect. D-106-4W
Garber, Daniel, d. 7/5/1958, Sect. D-G-2E
Garber, John Franklin, d. 5/13/1993, C, Sect. D-G-1Wa
Garber, Madeline B, d. 12/23/1997, C, Sect. D-G-1Wb
Garber, Mary F., d. 6/14/1968, Sect. D-G-1Ea
Gardinier, Harvey H., d. 11/25/1994, Sect. G-107-2
Garner, C. S. Jr., d. 10/7/1933, Sect. D-108-1W
Garner, Mabel, d. 3/28/1962, Sect. G-5-4
Garrish, Ethel L., d. 2-21-1887, Sect. D-14-5W
Garrish, Henry, d. 7-26-1897, Sect. D-14-3W
Garrish, Max, d. 1901, Sect. D-14-1W
Garrish, Pearl, d. 10-10-1896, Sect. D-14-4W
Garve, Elizabeth Fell, d. 2/26/1985, C, Sect. F-41-2a
Garve, T. Walter, d. 12/27/1961, C, Sect. F-41-2b
Geddes, Edith, d. 5/21/1989, Sect. G-70-4
Geddes, Joseph B., d. 12/16/1993, Sect. G-145-2
Geddes, Lilliam M., d. 6/24/1987, Sect. G-145-1
Gernert, Laura B, d. 12/31/1950, C, Sect. D-110-4E
Getz, Dorothy C., d. 12/22/1970, Sect. D-17-1E
Getz, Harry F., d. 10/12/1972, Sect. D-17-2E
Gibbs, G.'s child, d. 7-22-1898, Sect. B-7-31
Gibbs, G.'s child, d. 7-30-1898, Sect. B-7-32
Gilbert, Emma, d. 3/9/1910, Sect. B-9-1
Gillingham, John's child, no dates, Sect. A-30-3
Glease, Charles M., d. 5/7/1922, Sect. B-10-6
Godwin, Frank Wood, d. 8/5/1959, Sect. G-140-2
Godwin, Georgiana Brown, d. 7/29/1980, Sect. G-140-1
Golden, Clinton S., d. 6/12/1961 Golden,Olive, Sect. A-96-2
Golden, Dora O., d. 3/3/1963 Golden,Olive, Sect. A-96-1
Golden, Olive H., d. 12/14/1982, C, Golden,Olive, Sect. A-96-3
Goodfellow, Alfred S., d. 4/9/1936, Sect. C-27-4
Goodfellow, Martha H., d. 3/24/1952, Sect. C-27-5
Gordon, Carlton R., d. 9/26/1972, Sect. F-12-3
Gordon, Christopher Ward, d. 7/4/1971, C, Sect. G-110-1
Gordon, Hildred M., d. 4/4/1980, Sect. F-12-3
Goucher, Hannah, no dates, Sect. B-1-52
Goucher, John, no dates, Sect. B-1-51
Goucher, John's child, no dates, Sect. B-1-3
Goucher, Mary, no dates, Sect. B-1-49
Goucher, William, no dates, Sect. B-1-54
Gould, Beatrice Blackmar, d. 1/30/1989, C, Sect. C-96-2
Gould, Bruce Charles, d. 9/27/1989, C, Sect. C-96-1
Gould, William's child, d. 7-26-1897, Sect. B-7-28
Graedon, Helen, d. 12/14/1996, C, Sect. F-11-1b
Graedon, Sidney, d. 9/27/1988, C, Sect. F-11-1a
Gray, Katherine, d. 6/1/1941, Sect. D-111-1W
Gray, Walter, d. 5/25/1953, Sect. B-10-22
Gray, William, d. 2/21/1953, Sect. D-111-2W
Greene, Mary, d. 1/2/1989, C, Sect. D-84-4Wa
Greene, William W, d. 9/5/1996, C, Sect. D-84-4Wb
Griffin, A., no dates, Sect. B-1-24
Griffiths, Edgar's child, no dates, Sect. B-1-30
Groome, George H., d. 6/13/1907, Sect. D-61-3W
Groome, Jonathon, d. 9/27/1901, Sect. D-61-1W
Groome, Mary N., d. 11/28/1912, Sect. D-61-2W
Gross, A. Elizabeth, d. 3/1/1955, Sect. D-68-3E
Groth, Alma M., d. 5/13/1982, C, Groth,Geneva E., Sect. A-93-2
Groth, Geneva E., d. 1/23/1989, C, Groth,Geneva E., Sect. A-93-3
Gundersen, Esther, d. 8/21/1998, Sect. G-102-2
Gundersen, Rachel Thomsen, d. 7/8/1958, Sect. G-102-1
Hagan, James' child, d. 2-22-1868, Sect. B-4-56
Hahn, Jeannette G., d. 6/28/1993, Sect. D-54-1E
Haigh, Alice, d. 2/11/1918, Sect. D-24-2E
Haigh, Buckley B., d. 7-4-1874, Sect. D-24-4E
Haigh, Charles, d. 12-25-1894, Sect. D-24-1E
Haigh, Lavina B., d. 10-28-1899, Sect. D-24-3E
Hall, Alfred, d. 11/30/1946, Sect. B-11-?
Hall, Ellicott, d. 10-6-1894, Sect. C-39-1
Hall, Ellicott's child, no dates, Sect. B-3-30
Hall, G., no dates, Sect. B-2-32
Hall, George Morgan, d. 1/24/1942, Sect. D-106-1W
Hall, Rachel, d. 4-22-1862, George Hall's wife, Sect. B-4-21
Hall, Rebecca T., d. 5/2/1930, Sect. B-10-14
Hall, Sarah, d. 1/27/1905, Ellicott Hall's wife, Sect. C-39-2
Hall, Sidney, no dates, Sect. Z-1-5
Hall, child, no dates, Sect. B-2-40
Haller, Anna Marie, d. 11/27/1964, Sect. G-33-3
Haller, Dorothea E., d. 1/8/1957, Sect. G-33-1
Haller, George S., d. 5/14/1982, Sect. G-45-2
Haller, Roger John, d. 2/26/1968, Sect. G-33-2
Halter, Jean H., d. 1/4/1981, Sect. G-45-1b
Halter, Robert, d. 9/14/1984, C, Sect. G-14-4b
Hambleton, A., no dates, Sect. A-1-4
Hambleton, B., no dates, Sect. A-2-7
Hambleton, B.'s child, no dates, Sect. A-2-6
Hambleton, Chester H., d. 6/27/1941, Sect. D-101-3E
Hambleton, Chester, d. 1/2/1998, C, Sect. D-101-4E
Hambleton, Isaac's child, no dates, Sect. Z-1-25
Hambleton, Joseph, no dates, Sect. A-1-3
Hambleton, Joseph's son, no dates, Sect. A-1-1
Hambleton, Joseph's wife, no dates, Sect. A-1-2
Hambleton, Mary, d. 11-22-1872, Sect. Z-2-24
Hambleton, Mary, no dates, Sect. A-1-6
Hambleton, Sarah, no dates, Sect. A-1-5
Hambleton, Watson's child, no dates, Sect. B-4-37
Hameyer, Alfred, d. 8/4/1933, Sect. B-10-25
Hamilton, Rodney, d. 11/9/1977, C, Sect. D-105-3W
Hampton, Hannah, no dates, Oliver Hampton's wife, Sect. A-51-1
Hampton, Oliver, no dates, Sect. A-51-2
Hankamer, Edda Tille, d. 1/29/1982, C, Sect. F-116-2
Hankamer, Peter Reinald, d. 12/10/1958, Sect. F-116-1
Harboldshimer, wife, no dates, Sect. B-4-42
Harbolsheimer, John, d. 4-5-1889, Sect. D-23-1E
Harmon, Annie Mary, d. 2/14/1911, Sect. B-9-8
Harris, Edward, d. 6/7/1943, Sect. D-6-2E
Harris, John, d. 3/8/1910, Sect. B-9-3
Harris, Mary A. Steel, d. 1921, Sect. B-9-4
Harris, William's child, no dates, Sect. B-1-18
Harrison, Caleb Taylor, d. 1/30/1957, Sect. D-81-3W
Harrison, Clifford R., d. 3/8/1998, C, Sect. D-81-1W
Harrison, child, d. 8-xx-1915, C. Taylor Harrison's child, Sect. D-81-4W
Hart, Dora P., d. 4/25/1937 Patterson,Jennie, Sect. C-77-5
Hart, Elizabeth G., d. 1/26/1993, Sect. G-39-2
Hart, Granville S., d. 2/17/1918, Sect. C-77-4
Hart, Joseph P., d. 11/17/1996, Sect. G-39-1
Hartman, Blanche D., d. 10/15/1918, Sect. D-36-3E
Hartman, Conrad F., d. 11-5-1893, Sect. D-38-1W
Hartman, Henry F., d. 11/30/1982, Sect. E-39-2
Hartman, John III, d. 2/17/1961, Sect. G-68-4
Hartman, Lizzie, d. 9-8-1897, Sect. D-30-1E
Hartman, Marion, d. 5/27/1935, Sect. D-102-3E
Hartman, Mary B., d. 7/28/1908, Sect. D-38-2W
Hartman, Mary, d. 5/13/1930, Sect. D-102-1E
Hartman, Ralph, d. 4/10/1955, Sect. D-102-2E
Hartman, Rose K., d. 8/2/1992, Sect. G-68-3
Hartman, Sam, no dates, Sect. B-1-45
Hartman, Wilhelmina F., d. 8/31/1950, Sect. E-39-1
Hartpence, E.'s child, d. 7-30-1874, Sect. B-5-23
Hartshorn, Elizabeth P., d. 10/14/1984, Sect. E-37-6a
Hartshorn, Gordon B., d. 1/18/1961, C, Sect. E-37-6b
Harvey, Lindley C., d. 7-13-1883, Sect. Z-3-14
Harvey, Sarah Ann, d. 1/29/1901, Sect. Z-3-17
Haskey, Patricia H., d. 1/18/1984, Sect. G-45-4b
Hatch, Reba B. Moore, d. 2/15/1966, Sect. C-60-4
Hatch, William S., d. 11/3/1978, Sect. C-60-3
Havens, George S., d. 7/20/1967, C, Sect. E-19-2
Havens, Herbert, d. 7/15/1934, Sect. E-19-3
Havens, Mary Ely, d. 9/14/1980, C, Sect. E-19-1
Hawkins, Genevieve M., d. 9/15/1970, Sect. D-110-3E
Hayhurst, Barbara, d. 9/15/1931, Sect. C-89-5
Hayhurst, Florence M, d. 2/18/1946, Sect. C-89-2
Hayhurst, Jeremiah, d. 3-22-1899, Sect. C-27-2
Hayhurst, Margaret P., d. 12/20/1984, Sect. C-89-4
Hayhurst, Martha, d. 6-7-1881, Sect. C-27-1
Hayhurst, Mary E., d. 3/27/1914, Sect. C-27-3
Hayhurst, Sidney B., d. 4/17/1954, Sect. C-89-3
Hayhurst, Walter F., d. 3/23/1942, Sect. C-89-1
Hayhurst, Walter, no dates, Per note from Hugh Michener, Sect. C-60-2
Haymeyer, Tilla, d., C, Sect. F-14-3a
Headley, Annie E., d. 6/16/1930, Oliver B. Headley's wife, Sect. D-62-2W
Headley, J., d. 9/14/1904, Sect. D-62-4E
Headley, Mary, d. 9/18/1908, Sect. D-62-4W
Headley, Oliver B., d. 1/27/1937, Sect. D-62-1W
Heald, Earl H., d. 9/13/1910, Sect. B-9-6
Heald, Herbert J., d. 9/10/1910, Sect. B-9-5
Heald, Mary Reeder, d. 7-`12-1946, Sect. C-43-3
Heald, Taylor, d. 11/18/1927, Sect. C-43-4
Heaton, Henry, d. 12/18/1945, Sect. E-11-4
Heaton, Walter, d. 7/2/1947, Sect. B-11-?
Heed, Abraham, no dates, Age 101, Sect. A-46-6
Heed, Jane, no dates, Sect. A-46-4
Heed, Rachel, no dates, Sect. A-46-5
Heed, Rebecca, d. 3-30-1873, Sect. Z-2-28
Heed, Thomas, no dates, Sect. A-46-7
Hellyer, Anna R., d. 3/8/1920, Sect. D-66-2E
Hellyer, Cora Magill, d. 1/10/1939, Sect. D-77-2W
Hellyer, Edward P., d. 2/3/1951, Sect. D-77-1W
Hellyer, Elmer Guardette M., d. 11/7/1916, Sect. D-77-4W
Hellyer, Frank L., d. 3/19/1921, Sect. D-77-3W
Hellyer, George S., d. 12/1/1972, Sect. G-43-2
Hellyer, Hazel M., d. 6/18/1966, Sect. G-43-1
Hellyer, James L., d. 3/17/1907, Sect. D-66-1E
Hellyer, Lucy A., d. 9/4/1944, Sect. D-66-4E
Hellyer, Natalie, d. 4/14/1989, C, Sect. G-41-4
Hellyer, William A., d. 4/19/1928, Sect. D-66-3E
Helwig, Maria, d. 7-14-1889, Tobias Helwig's wife, Sect. A-67-5
Helwig, Tobias, d. 3-5-1889, Sect. A-67-4
Hemming, Sara, d. 4/7/1964, Sect. G-142-4
Herman, Justin B., d. 12/3/1983, C, Sect. E-16-1b
Herring, Phyllis H., d. 2/12/1995, Sect. G-115-1
Hershberger, Clara Jane, d. 5/21/1935, Sect. B-10-24
Herzer, Wanda G., d. 5/28/1976, C, Groth,Geneva E., Sect. A-93-1
Hess, Jane V., d. 11/27/1996, C, Sect. G-9-1
Hess, Mary Paxson, d. 3/12/1950, Sect. D-29-4E
Heston, Charles, no dates, David Heston's son, Sect. A-22-1
Heston, David's child, no dates, Sect. A-55-1
Heston, David's child, no dates, Sect. A-55-2
Heston, Howard's child, d. 8-19-1883, Sect. B-6-22
Hibbs, Phineas, no dates, Sect. B-1-4
Hill, Alfred, d. 12-31-1895, Sect. D-54-3W
Hill, Edison, d. 5/22/1929, Sect. D-54-3E
Hill, Elizabeth, d. 7/11/1975, Sect. D-54-2E
Hill, Jacob, d. 2-15-1898, Sect. D-54-1W
Hill, Louise, d. 3/7/1924, Sect. D-54-2W
Hill, Walter, d. 5-3-1899, Sect. D-54-4E
Hill, child, no dates, Sect. B-1-41
Hodgins, David T., d. 12/31/1975, C, Sect. D-33-2Eb
Hodgins, Emily K., d. 9/21/1953, Sect. D-33-2Ea
Hodgins, Fred M., d. 7/13/1968, C, Sect. D-33-3E
Hodgins, Tottenham. Smith, d. 11/27/1933, Sect. D-33-1Ea
Holmquist, Carl, d. 10/12/1973, C, Sect. D-116-4Wa
Holmquist, Karlene, d. 7/3/1943, Sect. D-116-1Wb
Holmquist, Louise, d. 2/14/1964, C, Sect. D-116-3Wb
Holmquist, Margery Melcher, d. 8/11/1960, Sect. D-116-2Wa
Hopkins, William, d. 6/26/1934, Sect. B-11-8
Hoppock, D. Wilson, d. 9/8/1911, Sect. C-57-2
Hoppock, David's child, d. 12-25-1879, Sect. C-57-1
Hoppock, Lucretia L., d. 3/31/1918, Sect. C-57-3
Horn, Adam, d. 10-24-1871, Sect. B-5-4
Horn, Catherine, d. 7-20-1878, Sect. B-5-50
Horn, Ely, no dates, Sect. B-3-14
Horn, H.'s child, no dates, Sect. B-4-23
Horn, Harry H., d. 3/27/1982, C, Sect. C-100-5
Horn, Henderson's child, no dates, Sect. B-4-36
Horn, Jessie W., d. 1/11/1984, C, Sect. C-100-6
Horn, John, no dates, Sect. B-4-49
Horn, John's widow, d. 6-4-1867, Sect. B-4-50
Horn, Lewis, d. 7-17-1891, Sect. B-7-13
Horn, Mary, no dates, Sect. B-3-16
Horn, Watson, d. 5-8-1886, Sect. B-6-25
Horn, William's infant, d. 1/17/1905, Sect. B-8-20
Horn, William's infant, d. 8/15/1907, Sect. B-8-28
Horn, Willie, no dates, Sect. B-3-15
Hornbeck, William, no dates, Sect. Z-1-9
Hough, Caroline R., d. 1/20/1923, Sect. C-58-2
Hough, John, d. 5/20/1907, Sect. D-59-1W
Hough, L. Alice, d. 2/4/1907, John Hough's wife, Sect. D-59-2W
Howell, Mary A. Johnson, d. 1/27/1932, Sect. D-76-2E
Hoyt, Harris, d. 6/1/1969, C, Sect. G-150-1b
Hoyt, Stephen C., d. 7/14/1967, C, Sect. G-150-1a
Hubbard, Brenton H., d. 11/28/1958, Sect. G-101-4
Hubbard, Rose P., d. 12/24/1980, Sect. G-101-3
Huestardo, Helen Chase, d. 7/31/1959, Sect. G-4-1
Huestardo, Vincent, d. 9/7/1959, Sect. G-4-2
Huettner, Elizabeth Ann, d. 3/8/1969, Sect. E-10-1a
Hughes, Alice Perkins, d. 6/28/1926, Sect. D-F-2W
Hughes, Harold Knight Jr., d. 4/14/1962, Sect. D-F-2E
Hughes, Harold Knight Jr., no dates, Memorial in memory - Lost at Sea, Sect. D-F-1W
Hughes, Margaret P., d. 5/7/1941, Sect. D-F-3W
Hunt, Mary, d. 4-25-1892, Sect. A-88-9
Hurley, A.L., d. 7/10/1928, Sect. E-8-3
Hurley, Britain, d. 7/13/1912, Sect. D-4-1W
Hurley, Charles, d. 3-5-1899, Sect. D-4-3W
Hurley, Matilda L., d. 3/8/1910, Charles Hurley's wife, Sect. D-4-2W
Hurley, W W., d. 4/20/1945, Sect. E-8-4
Hurley, Wallace, d. 11/28/1922, Sect. E-8-5
Hutchinson, George's child, d. 2-6-1872, Sect. B-5-7
Hutchinson, Jesse R., d. 1/28/1909, Sect. D-70-4E
Hutchinson, Josephine R., d. 7/19/1956, Sect. D-70-2E
Hutchinson, Thomas Clarke, d. 9/23/1951, Sect. D-70-2W
Hutchinson, Wilroy R., d. 11/4/1948, Sect. D-70-3E
Hyman, Harold T., d. 1/3/1985, C, Sect. G-78-2
Isler, Elizabeth H., d. 8/16/1956, Sect. D-95-2E
Isler, Robert, d. 9/11/1966, Sect. D-95-1E

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