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Durham Cemetery
Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Lat: 40°34'58"N, Lon: 75°13'34"W

Directions from Riegelsville, PA Take Rt 611 South, turn right onto PA Rt 212, turn right onto Durham Rd. Cemetery is at the top of the hill on the right.

The cemetery is still active and is well taken care of, although some of the stones are extremely worn by the weather.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 54.

Contributor's Index:

Adams, Christena, b. 1 Oct 1835, d. 21 Dec 1866, age: 31y 2m 20d, d/o John & Mary Adams, [KD]
Adams, Daniel, d. 3 Nov 1870, age: 61y 10m 17d, h/o Mary and bur. by her, [KD]
Adams, Henry, b. 17 Jun 1806 Durham Tsp. Bucks Co. PA, d. 15 Dec 1838 Bucks Co. PA, Veteran 1812-1814 flag, [KD]
Adams, John, b. 3 Nov 1759 Nockamixon Tsp. Bucks Co. PA, d. 12 Dec 1826, Bucks Co. PA, A Soldier Of The Revolution, h/o Christina Klinker and is buried next to her, [KD]
Adams, John, b. 9? Apr 1780, d. ? Jul 1860, age: 80y 3m 17d, bur. by & h/o Esther Atherholt, [KD]
Adams, Mary, d. 15 Feb 1869, age: 57y 14d, bur. by & w/o Daniel Adams, [KD]
Atherholt, Esther, b. ? Nov 1780, d. 19 Oct 1871, age: 90y 11m 6d, w/o John Adams, [KD]
Bachman, Anna, b. 27 Apr 1785, d. 1 Nov 1858, age: 73y 6m 4d, w/o Solomon Bachman, [KD]
Bachman, John, b. 6 May 1806, d. 4 Oct 1837, age: 31y 4m 28d, s/o Solomon & Anna Bachman, [KD]
Bachman, Julianna, b. ? Aug 1813, d. ? Sep 1873, age: 60y 1m 11d, w/o William Bachman, [KD]
Bachman, Sarah Catharine, b. 19 Aug 1841, d. 22 Oct 1858, age: 17y 2m 3d, d/o Samuel & Viletta Bachman, [KD]
Bachman, Solomon, b. 8 Jan 1774, d. 4 Jul 1840, age: 66y 5m 27d, bur. by & h/o Anna, [KD]
Bachman, Viletta, b. 6 Apr 1819, d. 17 Nov 1859, age: 39y 7m 11d, w/o Samuel Bachman, [KD]
Bougher, Abraham, b. 21 Jan 1763, d. 26 Feb 1840, age: 77y 1m 5d, bur. by & h/o Sarah, [KD]
Bougher, Abrm, b. 23 Dec 1820, d. 28 Oct 1901, age: 80y 10m 8d, bur. by Elizabeth Bougher, [KD]
Bougher, Elizabeth, b. 12 Nov 1815, d. 15 Feb 1884, age: 68y 3m 3d, w/o Abrm Bougher, [KD]
Bougher, Elizabeth, b. 5 Dec 1792, d. 27 Jul 1873, age: 80y 7m 22d, w/o Moses Bougher, [KD]
Bougher, Moses, b. 5 Aug 1790, d. 10 Dec 1877, age: 87y 4m 5d, bur. by & h/o Elizabeth, [KD]
Bougher, Sarah, b. 20 Jan 1770, d. 29 Dec 1852, age: 82y 11m 9d, bur. by & w/o Abraham Bougher, [KD]
Derr, Michael, d. 2 Feb 1863, age: 85y 3m 22d, [KD]
Garis, Rebecca, d. 19 Feb 1874, age: 47y 1m 20d, w/o Thomas Garis, [KD]
Jacoby, Jacob Franklin, b. 23 Dec 1849, d. 18 Jul 1860, age: 10y 6m 26d, s/o William and Sabina Jacoby, [KD]
Jacoby, Mary, d. 9 May 1801, age: 88y 3m, w/o John Jacoby, [KD]
Klinker, Christina, b. 15 Aug 1770 Bucks Co. PA, d. 2 Oct 1847 Bucks Co. PA, bur. by & w/o John Adams, [KD]
Koplin, Margaret, b. 28 Jul 1790, d. 5 Jun 1857, age: 66y 10m 8d, w/o Michael Koplin, [KD]
Koplin, Michael, b. 11 Feb 1779, d. 20 Sep 1861, age: 82y 7m 6d, bur. by & h/o Margaret, [KD]
Landis, David, b. 3 Apr 1800, d. 13 Jul 1869, age: 69y 3m 10d, Father, s/w wife Lydia, [KD]
Landis, Lydia, b. 21 Mar 1809, d. 16 Jan 1879, age: 69y 9m 25d, Mother, s/w husband David, [KD]
Laubach, Catharine, b. 11 Oct 1791, d. 8 Jan 1862, age: 70y 2m 27d, his wife, bur. by & w/o Frederick Laubach, [KD]
Laubach, Elisabeth, b. 27 Sep 1804, d. 5 Dec 1836, age: 32y 2m 8d, w/o Isaac Laubach, [KD]
Laubach, Elizabeth, b. 27 Jul 1841, d. 4 Nov 1866, w/o Dr. S. Laubach, stone is hard to read, [KD]
Laubach, Frederick, b. 17 Aug 1784, d. 17 May 1851, age: 66y 9m, bur. by & h/o Catharine, [KD]
Laubach, Hannah J., b. 1868, d. 1925, s/w Samuel B. Laubach, [KD]
Laubach, Michael, b. 30 Sep 1802, d. 30 Sep 1845, age: 43y, In Memory of, [KD]
Laubach, Samuel J, b. 22 Nov 1822, d. 27 Apr 1894, age: 71y 5m 5d, bur. by & h/o Sarah, [KD]
Laubach, Sarah, b. 17 Oct 1825, d. 27 Mar 1886, age: 60y 5m 10d, w/o Samuel J. Laubach, [KD]
Mill, Henry L, b. 2 May 1861, d. 31 Aug 1883, age: 22y 3m 29d, [KD]
Raub, Elisabeth, b. 27 Jan 1760, d. 7 May 1838, age: 78y, w/o Peter Raub, [KD]
Raub, Gertrude, b. 12? Nov 1771, d. ? Jan 183?, age: 67y 2m ?d, bur. by & w/o Lewis Raub (notice different spelling), [KD]
Raub, Jacob, b. 12 April 1774, d. 6 Feb 1821, age: 56y 9m 24d, In Memory of, bur. by Maria Raub, [KD]
Raub, Magdalena, b. 20 Nov 1795, d. 8 Sep 1879, age: 83y 9m 18d, bur. by & w/o Joseph Raub, [KD]
Raub, Maria, b. 9 Dec 1778, d. 18 Dec 1853, age: 75y 9d, In Memory of, [KD]
Raub, Michael, b. 18 Feb 1796, d. 7 Jul 1846, age: 50y 1m 19d, In Memory of, [KD]
Raub, Peter, b. 2 Jan 1759, d. 22 Sep 1840, age: 81y 8m 20d, In Memory of, [KD]
Raus (Raub), Joseph, b. 12 Feb 1793, d. 1 Sep 1875, age: 76y 6m 19d, In Memory of, h/o Magdalena Raub his wife, name misspelled on stone, [KD]
Roup, Lewis, b. 24 May 1772, d. 4? Jun 1858, age: 86y 10d, In Memory of, bur. by Gertrude Raub, I believe name was misspelled and should be Raub", [KD]
Steckel, Anna, b. 20 Jul 1792, d. 20 Feb 1861, age: 68y 7m, w/o Samuel Steckel, bur. by Samuel, [KD]
Steckel, Samuel, b. 5 Jun 1790, d. 20 Oct 1866, age: 76y 4m 15d, The Resting Place of, bur. by & h/o Anna, [KD]
Steeley, Peter, b. 5 Aug 1784?, d. 2? Feb 1858, age: 73y 4m ?d, bur. by & h/o Catharine Steely, [KD]
Steeley, Sarah, b. 4 Jan 1835, d. 24 April 1869, age: 34y 3m 20d, w/o Samuel Steeley, [KD]
Steely, Catharine, b. 27 Sep 17??, d. 28 May 1846?, age: ?y 8m 2d, w/o Peter Steely, [KD]
Steely, John, b. 27 Sep 1824, d. 30 Nov 1865, age: 41y 2m 3d, [KD]
Steely, Maria, b. 13 May 18??, d. 2 Jun 18??, age: ?y 18d, d/o Peter & Catharine Steely, stone is very hard to read, [KD]
Transue, Peter, b. 7 Oct 1841, d. 21 Aug 1861, age: 19y 10m 14d, "Dearest brother thou hast left us, Here thy loss we deeply feel, But tis God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrow feel, Weep not for me my time is past, Nor wish me back in pain, My time on earth would only last, To suffer death again", Civil War Veteran flag, [KD]
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