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Penn Forest Natural Burial Park
Verona, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Penn Forest Natural Burial Park

GPS: 40.513161, -79.823941

121 Colorado St.
Verona, PA 15147

Date published: February 7, 2017
Total records: 56

Penn Forest Natural Burial Park is a green cemetery, focused on evironmentally-friendly burials.


Penn Forest Natural Burial Park was established on 32 acres of land east of Verona, PA. It received its green certification in 2006, and opened to the public in the summer of 2011. Only 2 1/2 acres set aside for burials, containing 1,400 plots. The remaining land is preserved as forest.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were acquired from Penn Forest Natural Burial Park on February 7, 2017. Dates of death range from 1995 to 2017.

ALBERT, Bryan W., Death: 2016-12-06, Section: Grove A, Grave: 327
ALBERT, Margaret C., Death: 2015-01-18, Section: Grove A, Grave: 327
ALLEWELT, Gilbert, Section: Grove A, Grave: 421
AMSTUTZ, Tanya, Death: 2016-05-19, Section: Grove C, Grave: 664
ASBURY, Janet B., Death: 2015-09-13, Section: Grove A, Lot: 12, Grave: 4
ASIN, Betty, Death: 2016-03-14, Section: Jewish Section, Lot: 1, Grave: 1
BEY, Ranya, Death: 2015-05-29, Section: Grove A, Lot: 11D, Grave: 3
BUCKOSKI, Janet R., Death: 2015-01-05, Section: Meadow, Grave: 142
CAMMARATA, Samuel, Death: 2016-11-21, Section: Meadow, Grave: 382
COOK, Marian Weaver, Death: 2015-04-29, Section: Scattering Rights, Lot: 1, Grave: 6
CRAWFORD, Mallory Lee, Death: 2014-03-18, Section: Grove A, Grave: 610
DAWSON, Marian L., Death: 2015-09-08, Section: Grove C, Grave: 731
DERABASSE, Kevin, Section: Scattering Rights, Lot: 1, Grave: 2
DUGGER, Joyce, Death: 2014-11-03, Section: Meadow, Grave: 143
ENDEAN, Russell Mr., Section: Meadow, Lot: 1C, Grave: 1
GLANCE, Annette, Section: Meadow, Grave: 128
GLANCE, Bernard, Death: 2014-04-17, Section: Meadow, Grave: 127
GOLDSMITH, Marilyn, Death: 2016-04-23, Section: Grove A, Lot: 17A, Grave: 1
GORDON, Thomas Owen, Death: 2013-09-03, Section: Grove A, Lot: 9B, Grave: 3
HALL, John E., Death: 2015-07-24, Section: Grove A, Lot: 11, Grave: 3
HAUMAN, Robert T. Dr., Death: 2014-07-20, Section: Grove C, Grave: 825
HESTON, Kimberly Ann (Kira), Death: 2016-09-30, Section: Grove C, Grave: 668
HOLZAPFEL, Jack, Death: 1995-01-15, Section: Grove A, Lot: 17B, Grave: 17
INGLE, Morris, Death: 2015-07-07, Section: Grove A, Lot: 10B, Grave: 3
KRESS, James, Death: 2015-11-07, Section: Scattering Rights, Lot: 1, Grave: 1
KROTEC, Martha M., Death: 2014-03-15, Section: Grove B, Grave: 171
LAWTHER, Charles D., Death: 2013-03-03, Section: Meadow, Grave: 112
LYDON, Judith A., Death: 2017-01-23, Section: Meadow, Grave: 110
MACAULAY, Elizabeth Kay, Death: 2016-05-21, Section: Meadow, Grave: 368
MANNA, Barbara F., Death: 2016-11-05, Section: Grove C, Grave: 762
MARTIN, William, Death: 2013-02-07, Section: Grove A, Grave: 523
MAURIDES, Kaliope G., Death: 2015-04-23, Section: Meadow, Grave: 126
MCCORMICK, Leota Ann, Death: 2016-12-01, Section: Grove C, Grave: 805
MCCORMICK, Paul Richard, Death: 2010-11-26, Section: Grove C, Grave: 805
MCDERMOTT, Michael, Death: 2016-01-25, Section: Grove A, Lot: 15D, Grave: 3
MEASE, Alice Willis, Death: 2016-11-12, Section: Grove C, Grave: 764
MENDIS, George W., Death: 2016-10-02, Section: Grove C, Grave: 715
MEYER, Bryan Paul, Death: 2013-12-04, Section: Grove A, Lot: 9A, Grave: 4
MINGO, Tobias, Section: Grove C, Grave: 671
MORRISON, Chere R., Death: 2016-11-01, Section: Grove C, Grave: 820
NIEDERBERGER, Peter, Death: 2016-08-12, Section: Grove C, Grave: 817
O'LEARY, Linda, Section: Grove C, Grave: 658
OSTACE, David, Death: 2017-01-06, Section: Grove A, Grave: 372
RAMOS, Antonio Jr., Death: 2014-02-13, Section: Grove A, Lot: 16A, Grave: 1
SCHEID, Karen L., Death: 2016-05-20, Section: Grove C, Grave: 661
SCHERRAH, Peter O., Section: Scattering Rights, Lot: 1, Grave: 3
SERODY, Natalie, Section: Grove A, Lot: 14, Grave: 4
SIMMONS, Dorothy Helen, Death: 2013-01-23, Section: Scattering Rights, Lot: 1, Grave: 1
SMITH, Gordon N., Section: Grove A, Lot: 10A, Grave: 3
SNODGRASS, John E., Death: 2015-08-23, Section: Scattering Rights, Lot: 1, Grave: 1
STALEY, Nancy, Section: Scattering Rights, Lot: 1, Grave: 1
STRATTON, Hazel Stewart, Death: 2015-09-23, Section: Grove C, Grave: 723
VAUGHN, Pamela A., Death: 2012-09-18, Section: Meadow, Grave: 114
WESTMAN, Roger, Death: 2016-07-04, Section: Grove B, Grave: 299
WOODS, Robert Dennis, Death: 2016-11-11, Section: Grove C, Grave: 810
WOODS, Sandra J., Death: 2016-11-23, Section: Grove C, Grave: 811
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