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Winona Cemetery
Tualatin, Washington County, Oregon

Contributed by Deanna J Warren [dwarren@bctonline.com].

Misc: Unidentifiable listings

?? Lot 119, Deed owned by Jurgens, L. Deceased, Sherwood
?? Lot 56, Plot F, Large tree is here
?? Lot 128, Deed owned by Mrs. Rose Jonathan
?? Lot 133, Deed owned by AJ Sherwood
?? Lot 153, Deed owned by Mrs. Cordelia Bartlett
??, Baby, b. 1921, d. 1926, Lot 253, Plot A
??, Father, d. 16 Mar 1916, Lot 155, Plot A, Deed owned by Albert Foster Deceased
??, Infant, no dates, Lot 45, Plot C, Our Baby
, ?? no dates, Lot 50, Plot C, Large Monument
?? no dates, Lot 50, Plot D, Large Monument
??, Olive , b. , d. , Lot 293, Plot C
Carson, b. Reserved, Lot 323, Plot D
Cook, Ed, No Dates, Lot 26, Plot A, Not buried here
Duffield, b. Reserved, Lot 390, Plot A
Fowler, b. Reserved, Lot 315, Plot D
Fraser, No Dates, Lot 206, Plot D
Friedrich, Lot 22, Plot B
Goslin, b. Reserved, Lot 267, Plot D
Goslin, b. Reserved, Lot 267, Plot E
Heinke, Bernard O., no dates, Lot 105, Plot B, Marker, but buried in Rose City Cemetery
Hilman, b. Reserved, Lot 315, Plot F
Lafky, b. Reserved, Lot 297, Plot C
Marker Illegible, Lot 391, Plot A
Marker illegible, no dates, Lot 124,
Maxwell, No Dates, Lot 381, Plot B
McCaw, b. Reserved, Lot 343, Plot B
Nordstrom, b. Reserved, Lot 285, Plot F
Reber, No Dates, Lot 263, Plot E
Staven, b. Reserved, Lot 351, Plot B
Swetzof, b. Reserved, Lot 315, Plot B
Womelsdorf, No Dates, Lot 115, Plot D

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