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Hillsboro Pioneer Cemetery
Hillsboro, Washington County, Oregon

GPS: 45.520556, -123.006106

SW Baseline Street (Oregon Highway 8)

Hillsboro, OR 97123

Published: July 16, 2016
Total records: 3,453

Veteran Burials

Records below were compiled by Jim Gardiner, a contributor to Interment.net.

Adams, John Quincy,
b. 24 Oct 1830, d. 2 Apr 1922, Private, Co. B, 10th Missouri Cavalry, Confederate States Army, [JG]
Anderson, Robert, d. 11 Dec 1923, Pennsylvania, Private, 19th U.S. Infantry, [JG]
Armstrong, David Rudolph, d. 30 Aug 1928, Private, 3rd Oregon Infantry N. G., [JG]
Babb, William, b. 25 Oct 1853, d. 7 Mar 1921, American Legion, [JG]
Barber, And'w W., no dates, Co. E, 23rd Wisconsin Infantry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Berrie, John, no dates, Corporal, Co. K, 6th Iowa Cavalry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Billings, George, no dates, Co. D, 60th New York Infantry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Boge, Vaden E., d. 27 Nov 1922, Oregon, Private, Medical Dept., [JG]
Booth, W. W., no dates, Co. A, 3rd Illinois Light Artillery, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Bowen, Chas., no dates, Co. K, 22nd Iowa Infantry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Brandenberg, Joe R., b. 12 Apr 1909, d. 11 May 1955, RMC, U.S. Navy, World War II, [JG]
Brierly, M. M., no dates, Co. A, 5th Missouri Cavalry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Burris, Dan'l, no dates, Co. D, 19th Iowa Infantry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Campbell, G. O., no dates, U.S. Navy, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Campbell, Preston C., b. 17 Mar 1914, d. 29 May 1973, Pennsylvania, S2, U.S. Navy, World War II, [JG]
Carter, Russell, b. 1899, d. 1918, He died for his country (American Legion symbol), [JG]
Chandler, Marcus P., b. 7 Nov 1825, d. 9 Dec 1915, Arkansas, Captain, Missouri Home Guards, Civil War, [JG]
Cheney, Eldridge, b. 1844, d. 1920, Co. C, 10th New York Heavy Artillery, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Clark, Clarence W., b. 16 May 1889, d. 15 Nov 1943, Oregon, Private, 306th Infantry, 77th Division, [JG]
Clary, Harold L., b. 30 Aug 1920, d. 3 Mar 1980, Oregon, U.S. Army, World War II, [JG]
Collins, Alvin M., no dates, Lieutenant, Co. F, 1st Minnesota Heavy Artillery, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Cornell, Lewis, no dates, Co. A, 3rd Wisconsin Infantry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Crandall, Rodolph, b. 1832, d. 1922, Captain, Co. L, 5th Iowa Cavalry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Dennis, P. M., no dates, Sergeant, Co. D, 3rd Iowa Infantry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Dinsmore, John B., d. 28 Apr 1938, Oregon, First Lieutenant, Medical Corps, [JG]
Dodge, Job P., no dates, Corporal, Co. F, 11th Illinoiis Infantry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Drummond, Jesse Elmer, b. 1890, d. 1984, Sergeant, U.S. Army, World War I, [JG]
Dunhouser, Mich'l, no dates, Co. D, 10th U.S. Infantry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Estep, Francis S., no dates, Co. C, 45th Kentucky Infantry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Farley, John P., b. 28 Jan 1894, d. 3 Oct 1974, Private, U.S. Army, [JG]
Fenton, Henry H., no dates, 12th Indiana Light Artillery, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Ferris, J. N., no dates, Co. A, 28th Connecticut Infantry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Gamel, Robert Ernest, b. 1922, d. 1982, Private, U.S. Army, World War II, [JG]
Gottlieb, Arthur, b. 26 Oct 1891, d. 22 Sept 1971, Oregon, Private, U.S. Army, World War II, [JG]
Gottlieb, William, b. 1890, d. 1918, U.S. Navy, [JG]
Gowin, Walter W., d. 12 Aug 1927, Texas, Private, 133rd Field Artillery, 36th Division, [JG]
Gray, Claud M., b. 1897, d. 1918, Co. B, 28th Infantry, Killed in action in France, [JG]
Haines, Benj. K., no dates, Co. G, 7th Illinois Infantry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Hamar, John P., b. 1845, d. 1924, Co. D, 4th Regiment California Volunteers, [JG]
Hammer, Floyd M., d. 31 Dec 1918, Washington, Private, 1st Infantry, [JG]
Herod, Herman W., d. 1 Feb 1935, Texas, Private First Class, 144th Infantry, 36th Division, [JG]
Hesse, Henry W., b. 1841, d. 1929, Co. C, 15th Missouri Infantry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Hickey, Gidson G., d. 31 Oct 1921, Oregon, Private, 63rd Coast Artillery Corps, [JG]
Holland, Alonso D., no dates, Corporal, Co. M, 1st Michigan E. M., Civil War (Union), [JG]
Hornecker, Adrian John, b. 21 Apr 1914, d. 10 Sept 1989, TEC5, U.S. Army, [JG]
Hughes, Valois Hobart, b. 1902, d. 1980, U.S. Merchant Marines, World War II, [JG]
Jameson, John W., b. 1846, d. 1925, 129th Indiana Infantry, [JG]
Johnson, Edward Ward, b. 1897, d. 1976, Corporal, U.S. Army, World War I, [JG]
Johnson, Harry Dow, b. 21 Jun 1896, d. 24 Oct 1966, Oregon, Cook, U.S. Army, World War I, [JG]
Jones, Wm. G., no dates, Co. E, 2nd Michigan Infantry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Kearn, Willis L., b. 9 Aug 1919, d. 17 Jan 1953, Oregon, TEC4, SVC Battery 269th FA Battalion, World War II, [JG]
Kiepke, Edgar H., b. 1909, d. 1988, U.S. Army, [JG]
Krevanko, Aleck, b. 28 Dec 1927, d. 20 Feb 1994, U.S. Army, World War II, [JG]
Krevanko, Fred A., b. 12 Nov 1923, d. 24 Aug 2000, U.S. Army, World War II, [JG]
Krevanko, Ned A., b. 21 Oct 1921, d. 14 Sept 1984, U.S. Marine Corps, World War II, [JG]
Lalor, William F., b. 12 Nov 1925, d. 9 Mar 1985, U.S. Navy, World War II, [JG]
Ledford, Geo. T., no dates, Corporal, Co. D, 1st Oregon Cavalry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Ledford, Ima, d. 7 Oct 1915, Oregon, Nurse, Base Hospital 116, [JG]
Lee, Gene Ivan, b. 1895, d. 1918, Died for his country, [JG]
Long, Dewey Archie, b. 21 Oct 1898, d. 9 Oct 1948, Oregon, Tech Sergeant, 577th AAF Base Unit, World War II, [JG]
Magruder, Jas. P., no dates, Co. K, 2nd Oregon Infantry, Spanish American War, [JG]
Masters, Philip, b. 11 Feb 1836, d. 13 May 1925, GAR, Civil War (Union), [JG]
McColloch, James, no dates, Captain, Co. F, 51st U.S. G. T., [JG]
Morgan, G. Russell, b. 1897, d. 1990, AS, U.S. Navy, World War I, [JG]
Norton, Wm., no dates, Co. K, 5th Iowa Cavalry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Patterson, Frank, d. 18 May 1931, California, Sergeant, 3rd Regiment Air Service, [JG]
Patterson, Jacob R., no dates, Co. K, 155th Illinois Infantry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Phillips, John, b. 1837, New York City, d. 16 Dec 1882, Co. F, 2nd U.S. Regiment, [JG]
Powell, Stepen D., b. 11 May 1833, d. 5 May 1910, Indian War Veterans N. P. C., [JG]
Powers, Glen Wallace, d. 2 Oct 1934, Oregon, Private First Class, 162nd Infantry, 41st Division, [JG]
Rea, Geo. T., no dates, Sergeant, Co. G, 6th Iowa Cavalry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Rogers, Hugh S., b. 17 May 1870, d. 20 Apr 1945, Corporal, 2nd Oregon Infantry, [JG]
Rollins, Francis W., d. 7 May 1921, Oregon, Sergeant, 147th Field Artillery, 41st Division, [JG]
Sabin, A. G., no dates, Co. I, 60th New York Infantry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Scoggin, P. E., no dates, Co. E, 7th U.S. Infantry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Shaddock, M., d. 24 Dec 1926, Aged 92 years, [JG]
Co. 69, Illinois Infantry, [JG]
Stover, Phillip D., no dates, Staff Sergeant, Co. B, 11th Pennsylvania Infantry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Sutherland, Donald James, d. 18 Jun 1918, Oregon, Corporal, 5th U.S. Marine Corps, [JG]
Swalley, Glenn, b. 9 Sept 1899, d. 19 Oct 1918, 4th Co. Coast Artillery, [JG]
Tilton, Watson S., b. 1845, d. 1931, Co. D, 11th Minnesota Infantry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Trautner, Peter J., b. 19 Nov 1893, d. 18 Feb 1931, Oregon, PFC, 20th Co. 20th Engineers FORS, World War I, [JG]
Vandeur, John H., d. 11 Jan 1938, Oregon, Private, 166th Depot Brigade, [JG]
Waggener, Houston, d. 1 Jan 1885, [JG]
37 Y, 10 M, 11 D, [JG]
Co. G, 15th Iowa Infantry, [JG]
Wann, George, no dates, Co. K, 148th Illinois Infantry, Civil War (Union), [JG]
Weik, Bruce R., b. 15 Aug 1889, d. 17 Feb 1949, Oregon, Wagoner, 38th Field Artillery, 13th Division, World War I, [JG]
Weik, Jack Wayland, b. 30 Mar 1913, d. 8 Mar 1961, Oregon, TEC5, 95th CML Service Co., World War II, [JG]
Williams, Samuel, b. 22 Feb 1833, d. 10 Aug 1898, Oregon Pioneer 1841, Yakima Indian War Veteran 1855 - 1856, [JG]
Zumwalt, Lewis S., no dates, Co. A, 1st Oregon Infantry, [JG]

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