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Granite Hill Cemetery
Grants Pass, Josephine County, Oregon

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net.

Utley, Milo T, b. 1858, d. 1915, Father, Shared stone w/ Nellie Utley & MF McPherson, Plot F/34/L1-4, [JB]
Utley, Nellie, b. 1861, d. 1936, Mother, Shared stone w/ Milo Utley & MF McPherson, Plot F/34/L1-8, [JB]
Valdez, Martin E, b. 6/05/1934, d. 1/09/1955, Oregon, A2C WEA Recon Sq AF, Plot S/37/L5-6, [JB]
Valdez, Peter S, b. 12/17/1896, d. 11/19/1944, Plot S/37/L5-1, [JB]
Van Arsdall, David, b. 1901, d. 1988, Father, Shared stone w/ Gemima VanArsdall, Plot F/44/L6-6, [JB]
Van Arsdall, Gemima, b. 1908, d. 1966, Mother, Shared stone w/ David VanArsdall, Plot F/44/L6-8, [JB]
Van Blericom, Baby Boy, b. 4/05/1923, d. 4/07/1923, Aged 2 days, mortuary marker, Plot F/31/L4-7, [JB]
Van Blericom, Ira E, no dates, Plot S/21/L7-5, [JB]
Van Blericom, Martin, d. 3/1/1945, Aged 93 yrs 7 mos 3 days, mortuary marker, Plot F/39/L5-6, [JB]
Van Blericom, Ralph L, b. 1924, d. 1995, Metal mortuary marker (embedded), Plot F/31/L4-7a, [JB]
Van De Walker, Daniel E, b. 11/14/1880, d. 3/29/1946, Father, Plot S/36/L5-8, [JB]
Van De Walker, George Ray, b. 8/14/1919, d. 11/15/1978, Beloved husband and father, Plot S/36/L5-7, [JB]
Van Der Pauwert, C(ecile) Verne, b. 1887, d. 1967, Shared stone w/ John D Van Der Pauwert, Plot S/28/L3-3, [JB]
Van Der Pauwert, John D, b. 1872, d. 1956, Shared stone w/ C Verne Van Der Pauwert, Plot S/28/L3-1, [JB]
Van Fossen, Thomas Paul, b. 5/27/1904, d. 6/1/1967, Beloved brother, Plot F/44/L10-2, [JB]
Van Houten, Verna (Sophia), b. 9/18/1898, d. 3/06/1976, Plot F/31/L8-4, [JB]
Van Koten, George V, no dates, Plot S/52/L13-2, [JB]
Van Sickle, Mary B, b. 1865, d. 1931, Plot F/10/L4-5, [JB]
Van Valkenburg, Gloria Jean, b. 5/06/1935, d. 6/04/1991, Plot F/21/L2-2, [JB]
Van Velsir, Howard Redondo, no dates, Plot S/47/L14-1, [JB]
Van Vranken, Della C, no dates, Plot S/56/L4-1, [JB]
Van Walkenburg, Baby, d. 3/30/1956, mortuary marker (badly damaged), Plot S/15/L1-16, [JB]
Van Winkle, David H, b. 1908, d. (9/7)1978, Metal mortuary marker (embedded), Plot F/11/L3-1, [JB]
Van Zeipel, Benjamin, b. 1874, d. 1952, Plot S/32/L6-5, [JB]
VanArsdall, Edna F, no dates, Plot F/16/L1-4, [JB]
VanDatta, Baby, no dates, Plot S/15/L5-21, [JB]
Vandewarker, Robert Henry, b. 1857, d. 1944, Plot S/37/L4-6, [JB]
Varner, David T, no dates, Plot S/09/L7-2, [JB]
Varner, Joseph A, b. 5/03/1880, d. 12/18/1958, Plot F/21/L7-3, [JB]
Varner, Marjorie Nell, b. 4/18/1910, d. 6/23/1999, Goodness and mercy shall follow me, Plot S/41/L5-5, [JB]
Varner, Maude Ann, b. 12/15/1879, d. 9/09/1981, Plot F/21/L7-5, [JB]
Varner, Richard, b. 1/03/1919, d. 4/23/1919, LBH p259/bk1919, cause epileptic arthritis??, father Joseph Varner, TN, mother Maude Goodes, TN, Plot F/21/L7-6, [JB]
Varner, Roy E, b. 2/20/1910, d. 2/22/1951, Plot F/21/L7-4, [JB]
Varner, Walter H, b. 1/28/1906, d. 4/17/1988, Second photo of granddaughter's plaque to him, Plot S/41/L5-7, [JB]
Vaughn, Dorothy E, b. 1930, d. 1989, Aged 58, mortuary marker, Plot F/07/L4-6a, [JB]
Vennum, Chatta K, d. 2/27/1966, Aged 71 yrs 5 mos 16 days, mortuary marker, Plot F/44/L8-3, [JB]
Verdin, Clara Olive, no dates, Plot S/47/L10-2, [JB]
Vest, Jno, no dates, Co D, 13 Ia Inf, Plot O/06/L7-3, [JB]
Vincent, M H, no dates, Plot F/07/L6-1, [JB]
Vine, Leonard (Jarvey), b. 8/10/1885, d. 2/23/1920, LBH p22/bk1920, res Leland, OR, d Good Samaritan Hosp, GP, age 34y7m12d, b Sundance, WY, occ farmer, surv W H Vine, Plot F/23/L6-6, [JB]
Vinness, Julius, no dates, Plot S/42/L8-3, [JB]
Virtue, Lydia Jane, b. 1875, d. 1960, Plot O/09/L1-8, [JB]
Virtue, Robert A, b. 7/25/1901, d. 5/25/1910, Another little lamb has gone to dwell with Him who gave, Died Kimberly, CA, Plot O/09/L1-3, [JB]
Volkman, Edythe L, b. 9/28/1923, d. 7/27/1942, Plot S/39/L2-7, [JB]
Volkman, Grant, b. 1/16/1934, d. 4/07/1959, Plot F/27/L6-6, [JB]
Volkman, Henry L(ouis), b. 7/26/1918, d. 12/23/1987, 'Lazy Jack', Plot F/27/L7-8, [JB]
Volkman, Henry, b. 10/25/1881, d. 3/22/1947, Plot F/27/L6-8, [JB]
Volkman, Irene, no dates, Plot F/15/L7-1, [JB]
Volkman, Lois W(estover), b. 5/13/1892, d. 8/22/1970, Plot F/27/L5-2, [JB]
Volkman, Pat, no dates, Plot F/02/L6-10, [JB]
Von Hartz, William, b. 1857, d. 1921, Plot F/07/L5-8, [JB]
Voorhees, Vernon D, b. 9/09/1912, d. 8/31/1967, South Dakota /SSgt US Air Force, Plot F/13/L6-2, [JB]
Vorheis, Elmer, no dates, Plot F/44/L11-8, [JB]
Voss, Charles Fred, no dates, Plot S/18/L1-1, [JB]
Wade, Carolyn, no dates, Plot S/15/L5-14, [JB]
Wade, Luther, no dates, Plot F/44/L10-4, [JB]
Waggoner, Iona, no dates, Plot F/27/L8-6, [JB]
Waggoner, Samuel, no dates, Plot S/09/L3-7, [JB]
Waggoner, U G, b. 1866, d. 1939, Plot F/27/L8-8, [JB]
Wagoner, Iva, no dates, Plot F/15/L8-8, [JB]
Wahlstrom, Martin, no dates, Plot S/39/L7-5, [JB]
Wait, Earl, no dates, Plot F/44/L9-6, [JB]
Waite, Donald Max, d. 2/18/1943, Lived for a day, Loved for a lifetime, Plot S/38/L8-3, [JB]
Walburn, Wilson M, b. 10/16/1918, d. 2/20/1971, New York, Tec5 US Army, World War II, Plot F/34/L8-8, [JB]
Walden, Albert Dale, b. 9/12/1898, d. 12/29/1985, Shared stone w/ Robert Dale Walden, Plot F/15/L2-1a, [JB]
Walden, Charles Austin, b. 7/26/1873, d. 3/22/1941, Plot S/09/L2-6, [JB]
Walden, Helen E(lecta) Eaton, b. 1856, d. (3/15)1933, LBH p513/bk7a, res Leonard Road, GP,age 76y5m13d, widow, occ housewife, b Iowa, father Martinus A Eaton, IL, mother Sophia Wild/Weld, NY, Plot F/15/L2-1, [JB]
Walden, Robert D, b. 8/19/1948, d. 8/19/1948, Shared stone w/ Albert Dale Walden, Plot F/15/L2-1b, [JB]
Walk, Mary E, no dates, Plot O/02/L3-2, [JB]
Walker, Allena Oine, b. 8/26/1880, d. 4/10/1919, LBHp255/bk1919, b PA, age 38y7m14d, widow,housewife,d Good Samaritan Hosp, GP, cause pneumonia, father, Daniel Barton,ODI#27, Plot F/23/L2-2, [JB]
Walker, Clara Melvina, b. 3/19/1879, d. 7/05/1956, Mother, Loving remembrance, Plot S/23/L3-3, [JB]
Walker, Jean, no dates, Plot S/42/L5-18, [JB]
Walker, Jessie, no dates, Plot F/01/L7-3, [JB]
Walker, Joseph E, b. 4/14/1891, d. 4/09/1964, Plot S/47/L11-5, [JB]
Walker, Mark Edward, b. 11/14/1864, d. 7/05/1945, Father, Loving remembrance, Plot S/23/L3-1, [JB]
Walker, William, no dates, Plot S/39/L3-7, [JB]
Wallace, Clarence, no dates, Plot F/38/L10-8, [JB]
Wallace, Frederick Nathaniel, b. 10/06/1871, d. 1/28/1933, KBH p496/bk7a, age 61y3m22d, occ bookkeeper, married, b The Dalles, OR, father Nathaniel Wallace, Cheer Creek Iowa, mother Srah F Knott, Chicago, IL, surv Frank N Wallace, 210 N L St, GP, Plot ?/41/L4-?, [JB]
Wallace, James, b. 1860, d. 1920, Plot F/23/L8-2, [JB]
Wallace, John E(dward), b. 1887, d. 1964, Papa, Plot S/47/L11-6, [JB]
Wallace, John E, b. 3/09/1927, d. 11/12/1990, Loving husband & father, Plot F/07/L3-3, [JB]
Wallace, Mable L, b. 6/13/1926, d. 7/09/1996, Loving wife & Mother, Plot F/07/L3/1, [JB]
Wallace, Roy William, d. 8/28/1964, Aged 72 yrs, mortuary marker, Plot S/47/L15-1, [JB]
Wallace, Ruby V(iola), b. 1903, d. 1984, Mama, Plot S/47/L11-8, [JB]
Wallace, Valentine, b. 7/27/1836, d. 11/22/1925, Plot F/32/L3-4, [JB]
Waller, Gilbert A, no dates, Plot S/34/L5-3, [JB]
Wallis, Albert Volney, no dates, Plot S/19/L5-6, [JB]
Wallis, Clara, no dates, Plot S/19/L5-8, [JB]
Walter, George D, b. 1865, d. 1914, Plot O/25/L3-4, [JB]
Wandell, Josephine, d. 9/26/19??, Aged 87 yrs 6 mos 19 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/52/L2-4, [JB]
Wandell, Josephine, no dates, Plot S/52/L2-6, [JB]
Ward, Gertrude (Laurabelle), b. 1881, d. 1962, Mother, Plot S/47/L3-6, [JB]
Ward, Jesse, b. 1875, d. 1957, Father, Plot S/47/L3-8, [JB]
Ward, Nancy Jane, b. 1886, d. 1965, Plot F/07/L6-6, [JB]
Ward, Rita Mae, b. 9/14/1908, d. 4/03/1995, Mother, Plot S/34/L5-4, [JB]
Ward, WIlliam B, b. 12/115/1899, d. 1/05/1994, Pvt US Army, World War II, Plot S/34/L5-2, [JB]
Wardea, Nina, no dates, Plot F/02/L7-4, [JB]
Wardrip, Alice, no dates, Plot F/04/L5-8, [JB]
Wardrip, Alta Louise, b. 3/03/1925, d. 3/17/1925, LBH p109/bk1926, age 14d, b Wilderville, OR, father Delbert R Wardrip, Tacoma, WA, mother Unice Althea Smith, Wilderville, OR, cause hemorrhage disease of newborn, Plot F/04/L5-7, [JB]
Wardrip, D Roland, b. 9/03/1902, d. 8/22/1990, Ashes scattered on mining site, Plot F/04/L5-5, [JB]
Wardrip, Delbert, no dates, Plot F/04/L5-6, [JB]
Wardrip, Henry, no dates, Plot F/04/L5-4, [JB]
Wargo, Pete, no dates, Plot S/47/L2-6, [JB]
Warmoth, Augusta E, b. 1885, d. 1965, Plot S/35/L8-7, [JB]
Warmoth, Homer, no dates, Plot S/35/L8-5, [JB]
Warner, Andrew J, no dates, Plot S/10/L4-1, [JB]
Warner, Baby, d. 1909, Plot O/35/L6-7, [JB]
Warner, Cassie L, b. 1871, d. 1944, Plot O/35/L6-3, [JB]
Warner, Daniel Robert, b. 1852, d. 1929, Plot O/35/L6-5, [JB]
Warner, Ellen, no dates, Plot S/10/L4-3, [JB]
Warner, Frank R(obert), b. 12/15/1892, d. 12/26/1962, Oregon, Pvt Sup Co 38 Field Arty, World War I, Plot F/29/L8-8, [JB]
Warner, J(oshua) O(liver), b. 1829, d. 1911, Plot O/40/L8/7, [JB]
Warner, John Oscar, no dates, Plot S/52/L11-5, [JB]
Warner, Lenfor(d) G(ene), b. (10/29/1920), d. (12/22)1920, LBH p102/bk1920, age 1m24d, b Medford, OR, d GP, father Frank R Warner, Wisc, mother Addie Rhoades, OK, ODI#81 Lenford Gene (stone says Lenfor G), Plot F/29/L8-7, [JB]
Warner, Norton, no dates, Plot S/47/L1-5, [JB]
Warner, Robert E, no dates, Plot S/44/L8-7, [JB]
Warren, Burl, b. 1927, d. 1991, Father, May 31, 1953, Together forever, Shared stone w/ Mary E Warren, Plot S/35/L5-7, [JB]
Warren, Dora Belle, b. 1892, d. 1986, Granny, Plot S/36/L8-5, [JB]
Warren, Marshall D, b. 1888, d. 1951, Plot S/36/L8-3, [JB]
Warren, Mary E, b. 1930, d. 1990, Mother, May 31, 1953, Together forever, Shared stone w/ Burl Warren, Plot S/35/L5-5, [JB]
Warson, Thomas W, no dates, Plot S/39/L5-6, [JB]
Waterfield, Stanley R, b. 2/13/1933, d. 6/14/1952, Oregon, Cpl 71 Engineer Avn Bn, Plot F/10/L3-2, [JB]
Waterhouse, Thelma Marvin, b. 5/08/1906, d. 11/15/1959, Plot S/18/L2-7, [JB]
Waters, James, b. 2/27/1877, d. 4/201960, Tennessee, Pvt Co M 2 Regt Tenn Inf, Spanish American War, Plot S/52/L4-7, [JB]
Watke, Harriet Louise, no dates, Plot F/11/L5-1, [JB]
Watson, Addie E(lla), b. 4/31/1852, d. 12/09/1918, Plot O/35/L1-8, [JB]
Watson, Charles William, no dates, Plot S/34/L3-2, [JB]
Watson, Clifford S, b. 3/1/1904, d. 6/20/1972, Kansas, Pvt US Army, World War II, Plot F/13/L7-7, [JB]
Watson, Jennie, b. 6/25/1882, d. 10/11/1964, Plot S/34/L3-4, [JB]
Watson, Linda Darlene, b. 1954, d. 1954, Plot S/16/L4-9, [JB]
Watson, William J, b. 1/29/1877, d. 6/07/1948, Oregon, Pvt 23 Inf, Sp Am War, Plot S/34/L3-2, [JB]
Watts, Alice, no dates, Plot F/02/L7-1, [JB]
Webb, Clark Harrison, d. 1/26/1915, LBH p271/bk1915, age 22y9m12d, d near Waldo, cause mine cave-in, single, miner, surv Lewis R Webb, [JB]
Webb, David L, b. 1869, d. 1963, Plot F/18/L4-2a, [JB]
Webb, Gertrude F (Fannie Gertrude), b. (2/27)1876, d. (6/11)1926, LBH p144/bk1926, d Good Samaritan Hosp, married, housewife, b LaValle, Wisc, father William Wilkey, Scotland, mother Nancy Tate, IN, surv David L Webb, Waldo, OR, Plot F/18/L4-4, [JB]
Webb, Herbert, no dates, Plot F/38/L4-4, [JB]
Webb, Inez, b. 1868, d. 1953, Plot F/18/L4-2, [JB]
Webb, Ira A, b. 5/05/1886, d. 1/11/1918, Plot F/38/L4-8, [JB]
Webb, Mary E, b. 1863, d. 1925, Plot F/38/L4-6, [JB]
Webb, Stephen A, no dates, Plot S/28/L5-6, [JB]
Webber, Sylvester W, d. 7/05/1961, Aged 75 yrs 9 mos 16 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/52/L5-1, [JB]
Weddell, LaPearl, b. 1880, d. 1931, Plot S/24/L4-8, [JB]
Weidell, Jessie, no dates, Plot S/09/L2-1, [JB]
Weidman, Flora, no dates, Plot F/22/L1-5, [JB]
Weidman, John E(lder), b. 9/07/1849, d. 4/29/1911, Shared stone w/ Rose, Millie Pearl Weidman & Katie Gove, ODI has 4/08/1923 (see Rose Weidman), Plot O/21/L1-, [JB]
Weidman, Millie Pearl, b. 3/10/1883, d. 12/29/1889, Shared stone w/ John, Rose Weidman & Katie Gove, Plot O/19/L1-2, [JB]
Weidman, Rose S, b. 8/06/1848, d. 4/09/1923, Shared stone w/ John, Millie Pearl Weidman & Katie Gove, LBH p228/vol2, has Rose O Drake Weidman, dod 4/29/1911, ODI#1261 has same date (See John Weidman), Plot O/21/L1-, [JB]
Weig, Andrew, no dates, Plot S/22/L6-6, [JB]
Weingart, Bertha, no dates, Plot S/31/L6-5, [JB]
Weisman, Eva May, b. 1892, d. 1983, Plot F/16/L1-8, [JB]
Weisman, Frank M, b. 1898, d. 1948, Plot F/16/L1-6, [JB]
Weisman, Frankie James, b. 1927, d. 1927, Infant, Plot F/16/L1-7a, [JB]
Weisman, L W, no dates, Plot F/13/L1-2, [JB]
Weisman, Mary, no dates, Plot F/13/L1-4, [JB]
Welborn, Aubrey, b. 7/19/1888, d. 4/14/1964, California, PFC Co B 35 Infantry, World War I, Plot S/47/L10-6, [JB]
Welch, Fred Warren, d. 1/29/1966, mortuary marker, Plot F/44/L7-5, [JB]
Welch, Fred Warren, no dates, Plot F/44/L7-5, [JB]
Welch, Hays M, b. 1854, d. 1944, Plot S/25/L1-6, [JB]
Welch, Nora S, b. 1856, d. 1933, Plot S/25/L1-8, [JB]
Welchans, Martha, b. 12/22/1860, d. 2/1/1933, LBH p501/bk7a, has Welchams, age 73y1m9d, widow, housekeeper, res RR#4, GP, b New Castle, PA, father John Smiley, New Castle, PA, mother lydia Newton, New Castle, PA, ODI#19, Plot ?/56/L4-?, [JB]
Wells, Baby, b. 5/13/1970, d. 5/16/1970, 'Baby boy'son of Roy & Donna Wells, Plot S/38/L7-23, [JB]
Wells, W(illiam) J, b. 1861, d. 1926, Plot F/05/L7-5, [JB]
Wellyn, Dorothy E, no dates, Plot F/17/L8-3, [JB]
Welsh, Eliza A, b. 3/28/1881, d. 1/29/1963, Plot F/29/L5-3, [JB]
Welsh, Thomas, b. 4/08/1874, d. 6/09/1947, Plot F/29/L5-1, [JB]
Wertz, Francis Elizabeth, b. 3/15/1852, d. 3/25/1944, Wife of M A Wertz, Plot O/05/L3-4, [JB]
Wertz, George Reil, b. 4/20/1880, d. 6/16/1955, Plot O/05/L3-7, [JB]
Wertz, Ida May, d. 6/04/1890, Daughter of MA & FE Wertz, Aged 26 yrs 19 dys, Plot O/05/L3-8, [JB]
Wertz, Infant Son, d. 2/28/1918, Infant Son of HG & Lydia Wertz, LBH p179/bk1918, stillborn, father J G Wertz, OR, mother Lydia Griffin, OR, Plot O/05/L4-7a, [JB]
Wertz, Infant, b. 5/12/1928, d. 5/12/1928, Son of J G Wertz, Plot F/29/L5-7, [JB]
Wertz, M A, b. 1846, d. 1915, Plot O/05/L3-2, [JB]
Wertz, Margaret, no dates, Plot S/24/L3-7, [JB]
Wertz, Samuel, no dates, Plot S/24/L3-3, [JB]
Wertz, William C, no dates, Plot S/16/L4-12, [JB]
West, Evelyn (May), b. 4/14/1918, d. 4/14/1918, LBH p190/bk1918, age 1hour, father W E West, Minn, mother Estella McKinley, CO, Plot F/24/L3-4, [JB]
West, Felix M, b. 7/28/1886, d. 9/27/1957, Plot F/03/L8-1, [JB]
West, Helen M, b. 4/04/1884, d. 4/16/1945, Plot F/03/L8-3, [JB]
West, Mamie, b. 7/17/1915, d. 11/20/1988, Sisters Forever, Shared stone w/ Elsie Melich, Plot F/03/L8-1a, [JB]
West, Martha, no dates, Plot F/02/L7-8, [JB]
West, Otto, d. 4/06/1961, Aged ? yrs 4 mos ? days, mortuary marker, Plot S/52/L6-1, [JB]
Westerherder, Herman W, d. 8/05/1913, LBH p162/bk1913, age 43y3m14d, married, occ butcher, cause carbolic acid, [JB]
Whaley, Fred M, no dates, Plot F/25/L8-5, [JB]
Whaley, Martha J, b. 1885, d. 1963, Shared stone w/ Fred M Whaley, Plot F/25/L8-7, [JB]
Wheeler, George W, b. 9/23/1864, d. 5/20/1950, Plot S/18/L6-4, [JB]
Whisman, Leta Mae, b. 1913, d. 1930, Plot F/11/L4-7, [JB]
Whitaker, Charles W(illliam), b. 1882, d. 1962, Shared stone w/ Ida May Whitaker, Plot S/53/L1-2, [JB]
Whitaker, Ida May, b. 1890, d. 1953, Shared stone w/ Charles W Whitaker, Plot S/53/L1-2a, [JB]
White, Calvin S, b. 8/08/1849, d. 6/1/1924, LBH p499/bk1924, res GP, OR, married, occ farmer, b Allonway? Ohio, age 74y9m23d, Plot F/17/L1-8, [JB]
White, Della, b. 1876, d. 1967, At rest, Plot S/23/L6-7, [JB]
White, Floyd, no dates, Plot S/23/L6-5, [JB]
White, Glenn, no dates, Plot S/23/L6-3, [JB]
White, Hugh A, d. 1/08/1967, Aged 50 yrs 11 mos 24 days, mortuary marker, Also listed in F/39/L12-1, Plot F/39/L6-1, [JB]
White, Logan B, b. 4/25/1887, d. 7/07/1950, Oklahoma, Wagoner QMC, World War I, Plot S/18/L6-2, [JB]
White, Max Omer?, d. 5/10/1937, Aged 45 yrs, mortuary marker, Plot S/41/L7-6, [JB]
White, Vera, no dates, Plot F/17/L1-6, [JB]
Whitestine, Kate (Whitstine?), no dates, Plot F/11/L8-4, [JB]
Whitstine, Jessie (Whitestine?), no dates, Plot F/11/L8-2, [JB]
Whorley, Benjamin A Sr, b. 3/23/1889, d. 7/27/1955, Idaho, Pvt 2 Prov Regt AS, World War I, Plot S/28/L4-5, [JB]
Whorley, Ethel P(auline), b. 12/16/1900, d. 4/1/1981, Beloved mother, Plot S/28/L4-7, [JB]
Whorley, Wayne L, b. 1929, d. 1946, Plot S/28/L4-4, [JB]
Whorley, William P, no dates, Plot S/28/L4-2, [JB]
Wichman, Fred, b. 1866, d. 1950, Shared stone w/ Martha Wichman, Plot F/10/L6-6, [JB]
Wichman, Martha (Schulze), b. (6/4)1867, d. (11/27)1930, Shared stone w/ Fred Wichman, LBH p179/bk7a, age 63y5m23d, married, housewife, surv Fred Wichman, Plot F/10/L6-4, [JB]
Wickes, Bertram A, d. 6/15/1942, Aged 66 yrs 0 mos 22 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/26/L5-3, [JB]
Widgeon, L J, b. 8/06/1847, d. 5/27/1911, Plot O/34/L3-8, [JB]
Wiggs, Martha J, b. 1/26/1847, d. 5/09/1932, Plot O/04/L4-2, [JB]
Wiggs, William J, no dates, Q M Sgt, Co B, 19 Kans Cav, Plot O/04/L5-1, [JB]
Wilberg, Alfons, b. 186?, d. 1925, Moss-covered date, Plot F/19/L7-6, [JB]
Wilbur, Ora J Hobson, b. 12/07/1898, d. 9/10/1983, Niece, Plot F/10/L1-6, [JB]
Wilcox, Joseph, b. 3/17/1908, d. 7/15/1908, Plot O/32/L2-8, [JB]
Wild, Clara Jane, b. 1878, d. 1954, Plot S/28/L1-4, [JB]
Wilder, Eva S, d. 5/17/1961, Aged 84 yrs, mortuary marker, Plot S/52/L6-4, [JB]
Wildesen, Williamina, no dates, Plot S/23/L7-4, [JB]
Wilhelm, Clarissa P(hoebe), b. (9/11)1866, d. (1/29)1949, H&H 1949-700, b Lane Co, OR, widow, res 755 N 8th St, GP, died Swan Lake MT, dob 9/11/1867, Sons Lee, Percy, Cecil Wilhelm., Swan Lake, MT, Wayne Wilhelm, Tillamook, OR. Step-sons Burnem, Rory Wilhelm, Swan Lake, MT, dau Mrs E J Schrimpf, gp, Mrs RM Bri, Plot F/12/L8-6, [JB]
Wilhelm, Glen W(ibley), b. (1/4)1897, d. (10/13)1919, LBH p297/bk1919, age 22y9m9d, d Reuben, Douglas County, killed at sawmill, res near GP, occ farmer, father Joseph B Wilhelm, MO, mother Clara Powell, MO, Plot F/12/L8-8, [JB]
Wilhelm, Joseph B, b. 1860, d. 1935, Plot F/12/L8-4, [JB]
Wilhelm, Wilson P, no dates, Plot S/23/L8-7, [JB]
Willey, John Harlow, d. 6/24/1947, Plot S/36/L1-2, [JB]
Williams, Alice M, b. 1873, d. 1949, Shared stone w/ Charles E Williams, Plot S/22/L8-8, [JB]
Williams, Anna L, no dates, Plot S/18/L2-5, [JB]
Williams, Arthur B, b. 8/02/1902, d. 5/14/1909, Son of FE & BN Williams, Gone but not forgotten, God needed one more angel child Amidst his shining band, Plot O/31/L1-3, [JB]
Williams, Charles A, b. 1868, d. 1936, Father, Shared stone w/ Laura E Williams, Plot O/11/L3-3, [JB]
Williams, Charles E, b. 1869, d. 1943, Shared stone w/ Alice M Williams, Plot S/22/L8-6, [JB]
Williams, Esther A, b. 1843, d. 1916, Mother, Shared stone w/ Jacob Williams, Plot O/11/L3-5, [JB]
Williams, Hugh D, b. 1882, d. 1953, Shared stone w/ Ida H Williams, Plot S/30/L8-2, [JB]
Williams, Ida H, b. 1899, d. 1965, Shared stone w/ Hugh D Williams, Plot S/30/L1-3, [JB]
Williams, Jacob, b. 1834, d. 1911, Father, Shared stone w/ Esher A Williams, Plot O/11/L3-7, [JB]
WIlliams, James Clinton, b. 1943, d. 1999, US Navy, Vietnam, Plot F/44/L15-3a, [JB]
Williams, John H, no dates, Plot S/39/L8-1, [JB]
Williams, Laura E, b. 1882, d. 1944, Mother, Shared stone w/ Charles A Williams, Plot O/11/L3-1, [JB]
Williams, Leonard D, b. (2/24/1956), d. 2/24/1956, Aged 0 yrs 0 mos 0 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/15/L1-1, [JB]
Williams, Walter A, d. ?/18/19?9, mortuary marker, Plot S/45/L6-4, [JB]
Williamson, Andrew, b. 1866, d. 1943, [JB]
Williamson, Harry J, b. 1866, d. 1953, Plot S/32/L8-7, [JB]
Willis, Carol M, d. (5/09/1961), Half-buried, obscuring dates, Plot S/18/L5-6, [JB]
Willis, Dickie L, no dates, Plot S/42/L7-2, [JB]
Willis, Harry, no dates, Plot S/18/L5-8, [JB]
Willis, Helen LaGene, b. 1/28/1928, d. 11/07/1995, Plot F/38/L12-2, [JB]
Willis, Mickey L, no dates, Plot S/15/L6-14, [JB]
Willson, Ethel, no dates, Plot S/44/L4-6, [JB]
WIlson, Allen, no dates, Plot S/41/L3-7, [JB]
Wilson, Athena, no dates, Plot S/27/L5-3, [JB]
Wilson, B, no dates, Plot F/17/L7-8, [JB]
Wilson, Calvin, no dates, Plot F/11/L8-7, [JB]
Wilson, Courtland, no dates, Plot S/17/L1-6, [JB]
Wilson, David E, b. 1881, d. 1967, Shared stone w/ Maude L WIlson, Plot F/31/L1-5, [JB]
Wilson, Edith E, b. 11/02/1901, d. 11/16/1947, Plot S/29/L7-8, [JB]
Wilson, Elizabeth, b. 1870, d. 1957, Shared stone w/ James E Wilson, Plot F/40/L2-3, [JB]
Wilson, Emma, b. 1897, d. 1968, Our Mom, Homemade, Plot S/20/L6-3, [JB]
Wilson, Frank Curtis, b. 1870, d. 1958, Plot S/35/L1-1, [JB]
Wilson, Frank E, d. 1900, Aged 75 years, mortuary marker, Plot O/11/L1-3, [JB]
Wilson, Frank, no dates, Plot S/17/L1-4, [JB]
Wilson, Harry, b. 6/02/1862, d. 12/04/1947, Plot S/36/L1-1, [JB]
Wilson, James E, b. 1865, d. 1939, Shared stone w/ Elizabeth Wilson, Plot F/40/L2-1, [JB]
Wilson, Jamie Ray, d. 10/23/1975, Aged 5 yrs, mortuary marker, Plot O/11/L1-2, [JB]
Wilson, Joseph P, b. 1856, d. 1931, Plot F/10/L2-5, [JB]
Wilson, Lester E, d. 1/30/1955, Ceramic tile, Plot S/22/L8-4, [JB]
Wilson, Lester Earl, d. 1/27/1956, Aged 37 yrs 6 mos 8 days, mortuary marker, In walkway, Plot S/21/W-4, [JB]
Wilson, Lila E, b. 1872, d. 1946, Plot F/10/L2-7, [JB]
Wilson, Lois L, b. 5/23/1941, d. 7/24/1957, Beloved daughter, Plot S/29/L7-6, [JB]
Wilson, Lucy Dunreath, b. 12/05/1881, d. 3/07/1956, [JB]
Wilson, Maude L(ily), b. 1885, d. 1978, Shared stone w/ David E Wilson, Plot F/31/L1-7, [JB]
Wilson, Orra V, b. 1/07/1915, d. 2/07/1915, LBH p34/bk1915, res 701 A St, GP, age 1m, father Norman F Wilson, Andreon, IN, mother Mary E Gleirre?, MO, [JB]
Wilson, Orvilla H, b. 1872, d. 1948, Plot S/35/L1-3, [JB]
Wilson, Sherri (Lee), d. (1951), Plot S/15/L5-22, [JB]
Wilson, Tiffany Regina, b. 6/19/1971, d. 10/03/1971, In memory of baby, Plot S/29/L7-6a, [JB]
Wilson, WIlliam, no dates, Plot S/41/L1-5, [JB]
Wiltrout, Edna I(rene), b. 5/05/1901, d. 9/19/1963, Plot S/45/L4-3, [JB]
Wiltrout, Frank E, b. 10/21/1900, d. 8/03/1967, Plot S/45/L4-5, [JB]
Wiltrout, Rachel, b. 1853, d. 1935, Shared stone w/ William A Wiltrout, Plot F/31/L3-7, [JB]
Wiltrout, Ted (Theodore) R, b. 10/18/1903, d. 8/12/1956, Plot S/45/L4-1, [JB]
Wiltrout, William A, b. 1855, d. 1934, Shared stone w/ Rachel Wiltrout, Plot F/31/L3-5, [JB]
Wimer, Lillian M (Knox), b. 1888, d. 1976, Safe with Jesus, Plot F/28/L8-3, [JB]
Wimer, Roy R, b. 1896, d. 1982, Father, Plot F/28/L8-5, [JB]
Wimer, Zelma M, b. 1899, d. 1926, Plot F/28/L8-7, [JB]
Wind, Chris, d. (1919), Plot F/23/L6-2, [JB]
Winders, Herman Leo, b. 2/13/1886, d. 10/09/1952, Plot S/33/L2-6, [JB]
Winker, Archie Vernon, b. 11/15/1895, d. 3/08/1955, Wisconsin, Pvt 13 Co 161 Depot Brig, World War I, , Plot S/37/L5-8, [JB]
Winlund, George O, no dates, Plot S/32/L3-8, [JB]
Winlund, George Olaf, b. 7/17/1890, d. 5/21/1949, Aged 58 yrs 10 mos 5 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/32/L3-8, [JB]
Winn, Eric A, b. 8/06/1924, d. 1/24/1945, Oregon, PFC 169 Inf, World War II, Plot S/29/L2-3, [JB]
Winn, John E, b. 1889, d. 1966, Together forever, Shared stone w/ Loko I Winn, Plot S/29/L2-7, [JB]
Winn, Loko I, b. 1892, d. 1987, Together forever, Shared stone w/ John E Winn, Plot S/29/L2-5, [JB]
Winters, B R, b. 6/02/1842, d. 1/1/1923, Plot F/22/L4-6, [JB]
Wisecarver, Elbert, no dates, Plot F/27/L5-8, [JB]
Wisecarver, Samuel, no dates, Co E, 20 Iowa Inf, Plot F/13-L2-6, [JB]
Wissman, Carl, no dates, Plot S/56/L5-1, [JB]
Withers, Martha E, no dates, Plot S/39/L5-8, [JB]
Wittrock, Henry, b. 7/12/1833, d. 7/18/1915, LBH p5/bk5-1915, b Germany, d GP, OR, widower, occ miner, ODI#4498, Plot F/24/L6-6, [JB]
Wold, Thomas E, b. 5/17/1916, d. 2/10/1964, Montana, Tec5 410 Engineer Bn, World War II, Plot S/47/L11-2, [JB]
Wolford, Anna Mary, b. 12/21/1888, d. 1/16/1975, Plot S/37/L1-4, [JB]
Wolford, Harley, b. 2/15/1881, d. 11/17/1945, Plot S/37/L1-2, [JB]
Wolford, Patricia May, d. 8/03/1914, LBH p236/bk1914, age 4m20d, surv A W Wolford, [JB]
Wood, Arthur (Alvin), d. 1973, mortuary marker, Plot S/53/L1-8a, [JB]
Wood, Beatrice M, d. 4/08/1969, Aged 66? yrs 6 mos 3 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/53/L1-8, [JB]
Wood, Bessie, no dates, Plot F/15/L7-3, [JB]
Wood, Ernest E, b. 1870, d. 1954, Plot S/17/L5-1, [JB]
Wood, Lew Archie, b. 2/06/1915, d. 3/04/1920, LBH p28/bk1920, age 5y27d, father Frank E Wood, Ohio, mother Jennie Doyle, Wisc., Plot F/30/L2-8, [JB]
Wood, Margaret A, b. 1855, d. 1931, Plot O/18/L3-8, [JB]
Wood, Robert D, d. 1/24/1915, LBH p33/bk1915, occ laborer, d Murphy, OR, ODI#819, Plot F/34/L4-3, [JB]
Woodcock, Joseph E, b. 1897, d. 1964, Shared stone w/ Mary E Woodcock, Plot F/40/L2-7, [JB]
Woodcock, Mary E, b. 1900, d. 1979, Shared stone w/ Joseph E Woodcock/ aka Mary Yock, Plot F/40/L2-5, [JB]
Woodley, James J, no dates, Plot S/27/L3-2, [JB]
Woodruff, Anna Louise, no dates, Plot S/09/L3-6, [JB]
Woodruff, Howard A, no dates, Plot F/12/L5-1, [JB]
Woodruff, John Lee, d. 9/18/1940, Aged 76 yrs 6 mos, mortuary marker, Plot S/09/L3-8, [JB]
Woodward, Emerson, no dates, Plot S/19/L7-2, [JB]
Woolard, Chester C(arl), b. 1895, d. 1964, Plot S/47/L10-1, [JB]
Woolsey, Rick, b. 7/05/1951, d. 11/27/1951, Plot S/24/L6-5, [JB]
Worden, Benjamin Franklin, no dates, Plot S/52/L13-4, [JB]
Worsley, John H E, b. 1875, d. 1932, Plot S/56/L2-4, [JB]
Worth, Elizabeth, no dates, Plot S/45/L2-2, [JB]
Wraight, Clarissa S, d. (1/05/1939), Plot F/21/L6-5, [JB]
Wraight, William D(aniel), d. (12/10/1927), Plot F/21/L6-3, [JB]
Wright, Barry, no dates, Plot S/56/L1-4, [JB]
Wright, Beulah M, b. 1927, d. 1927, Plot F/14/L6-6, [JB]
Wright, David, no dates, Plot S/23/L1-1, [JB]
Wright, Edward P, b. 3/06/1826, d. 8/07/1905, Plot O/05/L7-6, [JB]
Wright, Elizabeth, b. 1923, d. 1923, Plot F/14/L6-8, [JB]
Wright, Ella E, b. 1867, d. 1937, Plot F/14/L6-7, [JB]
Wright, James, no dates, Plot F/14/L6-1, [JB]
Wright, Laudry L, b. 7/10/1901, d. 12/10/1968, In memory of sister, Plot F/44/L11-6, [JB]
Wright, Sarah, d. 12/22/1937, Missouri, Nurse, Army Nurse Corps, Plot F/14/L6-5, [JB]
Wright, Willliam, no dates, Plot S/40/L6-5, [JB]
Wurtzbaugh, Unk, no dates, Plot F/32/L6-5, [JB]
Wyatt, Boyd J, b. 1914, d. 1989, In loving memory, Plot O/31/L8-1, [JB]
Wyatt, Carson, no dates, Plot F/33/L2-1, [JB]
Wyatt, Haskell, no dates, Plot F/33/L2-7, [JB]
Wyatt, Margaret A, b. 1918, d. 1974, In loving memory, Plot O/31/L8-3, [JB]
Wyatt, Mary E, b. 1859, d. 1919, Plot F/33/L2-5, [JB]
Wycherly, Noble Christopher, no dates, Plot S/31/L8-4, [JB]
Wylbert, Alfons, b. 6/15/1867, d. 12/05/1924, LBH p550/bk1924, res Homewood Farm, RR#4, GP, OR, occ farmer, sp Alice Wylbert, age 57y4m20d, b Germany, father Alfons Wylbert, Germany, mother Anna Kiessenwalter, Germany, cause from history of case, cancer of liver, no medical attendant - Christian Sci, [JB]
Wynant, Clarence C, b. 1884, d. 1968, Shared stone w/ Cora L Wynant, Plot O/25/L2-2, [JB]
Wynant, Clyde Raymond, no dates, mortuary marker, Plot O/25/L3-7, [JB]
Wynant, Cora L, b. 1890, d. 1970, Shared stone w/ Clarence C Wynant, Plot O/25/L2-4, [JB]
Wynant, Cora Virginia, no dates, mortuary marker, Plot O/25/L3-6, [JB]
Wynant, Henry S, b. 9/19/1857, d. 9/25/1946, Plot O/25/L7-2, [JB]
Wytcherley, Barbra Sye, b. ?, d. (4/02/1952), mortuary marker, Plot S/31/L8-1, [JB]
Wytcherley, Irene, b. 1910, d. 1998, Age 87, mortuary marker, Plot S/31/L8-7, [JB]
Wytcherly, Myrtle, no dates, Plot S/31/L8-2, [JB]
Wytcherly, Oliver, no dates, Plot S/31/L8-5, [JB]
Yankee, Marshall Lee, b. 10/31/1958, d. 6/11/1998, We love you daddy, Plot F/18/L6-3, [JB]
Yarnall, Alberta Jean, b. 1927, d. (6/5)1936, Completely covered by bush, Plot F/08/L5-8, [JB]
Yetter, Harley, no dates, Plot S/31/L1-4, [JB]
Yoder, Ralph, no dates, Plot S/47/L18-2, [JB]
York, Baby, d. 10/20/1917, Our darling baby, Shared stone w/ Ross Alwin York, Plot O/28/L3-1, [JB]
York, Infant Son, d. 6/29/1916, LBH p95/bk1916, d near New Hope, stillborn, father Bert York, Oregon, mother Grace McAllister, Oregon, [JB]
York, Ross Alwin, d. 6/28/1915, Our darling baby, Shared stone w/ Baby York, Plot O/28/L3-3, [JB]
Young, Aretha, b. 11/08/1884, d. 2/12/1907, Plot O/22/L8-2, [JB]
Young, Barbara, no dates, Plot S/31/L1-3, [JB]
Young, Charles Edward, no dates, Plot F/26/L1-6, [JB]
Young, Coradine M, b. 1910, d. (2/6)1992, Daughter, Young-McCauley, Shared stone w/ William A & Anna M McCauley & Ellis E Young, Plot O/06/L1-4, [JB]
Young, Edgar Spear, b. 1874, d. 1944, Plot S/37/L4-5, [JB]
Young, Edward E, no dates, Plot S/35/L4-2, [JB]
Young, Edward, no dates, Plot F/26/L1-7, [JB]
Young, Edward, no dates, Plot S/15/L5-16, [JB]
Young, Ellis E(ngel), b. 1903, d. (11/24)1988, Young-McCauley, Shared stone w/ William A & Anna M McCauley & Coradine M Young, Plot O/06/L1-4a, [JB]
Young, Grace Virginia, no dates, Plot F/26/L1-8, [JB]
Young, Howard Edward, d. 7/14/1920, Aged 14 yrs 2 mos 2 days, mortuary marker, Plot F/26/L1-5, [JB]
Young, Levi Lewis, d. 7/26/1942, Aged 44 yrs 4 mos 10 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/22/L5-6, [JB]
Young, Luther L, no dates, Plot S/39/L8-2, [JB]
Young, Mary J, no dates, Plot S/30/L5-1, [JB]
Young, Newlin D, no dates, Corp, 1 Bn, Mountaineers, Calif Inf, Plot O/21/L4-8, [JB]
Young, Rebecca, d. 3/24/1920, Aged 83 yrs 3 mos 1 days, mortuary marker, Plot F/26/L1-3, [JB]
Young, Sarah E, b. 1848, d. 1929, Plot O/22/L8-1, [JB]
Young, William (Chamberlain), d. 6/29/1920, Aged 66 yrs ?, mortuary marker, Plot F/26/L1-1, [JB]
Youngblood, Frank O, b. 1863, d. 1931, Shared stone w/ Linnie B Youngblood, Plot F/10/L8-4, [JB]
Youngblood, Linnie B(lanche), b. 1869, d. 1954, Shared stone w/ Frank O Youngblood, Plot F/10/L8-2, [JB]
Youngblood, Paul K, b. 9/10/1899, d. 9/04/1943, Oregon, Pvt US Army, Plot F/10/L8-6, [JB]
Yount, Barbara C, no dates, Plot S/09/L7-8, [JB]
Yowell, Baby, d. 1949, mortuary marker, Plot S/31/L4-7, [JB]
Zimmer, Wenzel, no dates, Plot S/32/L1-7, [JB]
Zimmerman, Royal, d. 4/14/1911, LBH p222/vol2, single, surv W G Zimmerman, 715 N 9th St, GP, [JB]
Zimmerman, Ruby Clementine, b. 4/18/1912, d. 5/14/1916, LBH p87,bk1916, father W G Zimmerman, PA, mother Etta Turner, MO, age 4y1m13d, res West L St, GP, [JB]
Zimmerman, William G, b. 5/28/1856, d. 6/16/1933, LBH p541/bk7a, res 432 Bridge St, GP, age 77y18d, sp Etta Zimmerman, occ carpenter, b Bellefonte, PAfather William Zimmerman, Snyder PA, mother Sarah Strawser, Snyder PA, [JB]
Zook, Ella A, b. 1865, d. 1929, Plot F/37/8-3, [JB]
Zook, Esther, no dates, Plot S/39/L5-7, [JB]
Zook, William, no dates, Plot F/37/L8-1, [JB]
Zuppe, Lukki A, b. 6/18/1918, d. 10/26/1981, SK3 US Navy, World War II, Plot,S/47/L12-1, [JB]


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