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Granite Hill Cemetery
Grants Pass, Josephine County, Oregon

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net.

Abel, Elmer, no dates, Plot F/19/L6-6, [JB]
Abel, Emily, no dates, Plot F/19/L6-4, [JB]
Abel, Frank, no dates, Plot S/35/L4-6, [JB]
Abel, Julia Annice, b. 3/06/1889, d. 7/21/1923, Plot F/19/L6-8, [JB]
Abel, Winifred Jane, no dates, Plot F/19/L6-2, [JB]
Abraham, Albert, d. 8/25/1896, Son of Mr & Mrs CE Abraham, Aged 6 mos, Though taken from sight to memory dear, Plot O/08/L05-2, [JB]
Abraham, Rachel, d. 6/02/1897, Aged 60 years, Plot O/08/L5-5, [JB]
Abreu, Emily, b. 1914, d. (1/24)1969, Shared stone w/ William G Abreu, Plot F/38/L11-4, [JB]
Abreu, William G, b. 1904, d. (3/08/1995), Shared stone w/ Emily Abreu, Plot F/38/L11-2, [JB]
Abreu, William G, b. 1904, d. 1995, Age 90, mortuary marker, Plot F/38/L11-2, [JB]
Ackard, John C, no dates, Plot S/18/L7-6, [JB]
Ackard, John Milford, b. 5/12/1878, d. 8/17/1951, Plot S/18/L6-3, [JB]
Adams, (Alan) Devey Jr, b. 1940, d. 1990, Plot S/32/L1-6, [JB]
Adams, Brady, d. (10/31/1931), County Home, LBH p321/b7a, [JB]
Adams, Francis Hiram, d. 9/10/1959, mortuary marker, Plot S/44/L4-4, [JB]
Adams, Francis, no dates, Plot S/44/L4-4, [JB]
Adams, Ida, b. 1872, d. 1933, Mother, Plot S/10/L5-6, [JB]
Adams, J(ames) N, b. 1845, d. 1935, Shared stone w/ Sarah J Adams, DOD not on stone, Plot F/22/L4-5, [JB]
Adams, J(ames), d. (9/12/1923), Born Scotland, Grave # from family, Plot F/23/L4-8*, [JB]
Adams, John, no dates, Plot S/41/L7-3, [JB]
Adams, Joseph Earl, b. 1936, d. 1951, Plot S/32/L1-3, [JB]
Adams, Sarah J, b. 1846, d. 1922, Shared stone w/ J N Adams, Plot F/22/L4-7, [JB]
Adams, Stephen, b. 1867, d. 1933, Father, Plot S/10/L5-8, [JB]
Adams, Tamara Lynn, no dates, Plot S/38/L7-20, [JB]
Adamson, Edgar A Poe, b. 1/09/1883, d. 2/17/1977, Father, Married Dec 1, 1913, Shared stone w/ Viva DeF. Royal, Plot S/47/L5-5, [JB]
Adamson, Letch, b. 1866, d. 1943, Plot S/27/L8-7, [JB]
Adamson, Mills W, b. 5/31/1879, d. 5/23/1917, Nevada, PFC 27 Engrs, World War I, Plot S/29/L6-4, [JB]
Adamson, Milton M(erten), d. (12/17/1925), Co I, 1 Neb Cav, Plot F/15/L8-3, [JB]
Adamson, Stephanie J, b. Feb 1891, d. Feb 1950, Plot S/29/L6-2, [JB]
Adamson, Viva DeF Royal, b. 5/20/1883, d. 1/27/1964, Mother, Married Dec1, 1913, Shared stone w/ Edgar A Poe Adamson, Plot S/47/L5-7, [JB]
Adamson, William W, b. Nov 1875, d. Jan 1947, Plot S/29/L6-6, [JB]
Adcock, Baby, no dates, Plot S/38/L8-18, [JB]
Addy, Emmett, no dates, Plot S/18/L4-3, [JB]
Adkins, Henry, b. 1877, d. 1936, Plot S/41/L8-1, [JB]
Adkins, Manuel J(ackson), d. 2/12/1970, Aged 88? yrs 9 mos 2 days, mortuary marker, Plot F/44/L16-4, [JB]
Adkins, Manuel J, d. 2/12/1970, Aged 38 yrs 9 mos 2 days, mortuary marker, Plot F/44/L16-2, [JB]
Agee, Amanda, b. 1857, d. 1947, Mother, Shared stone w/ Charles Agee, Plot O/03/L2-4, [JB]
Agee, Charles, b. 1858, d. 1939, Father, Shared stone w/ Amanda Agee, Plot O/03/L2-6, [JB]
Akerill, Bessie N, b. 6/30/1889, d. 2/03/1975, Plot F/30/L8-4, [JB]
Akerill, Milton H, b. 12/21/1885, d. 12/10/1960, Washington, Sgt 182 Aero Sq, World War I, Plot F/30/L8-2, [JB]
Akin, Temperance A(melia), b. 1880, d. 1962, Shared stone w/ William J Akin, Plot S/26/L5-6, [JB]
Akin, William J(ustin), b. (10/25)1871, d. (3/9)1940, Shared stone w/ Temperance A Akin, b Lincoln NE, farmer, father Carl D Akin, mother Waita Bryan, Rt#2, Box 646, GP, LBH p248/b9, Plot S/26/L5-8, [JB]
Alberts, Alfred, b. 1872, d. 1929, Metal mortuary marker embedded, Plot F/11/L4-6, [JB]
Alberts, Emma, b. 1882, d. 1929, Metal mortuary marker embedded, Plot F/11/L4-8, [JB]
Aldine, George, no dates, Plot F/27/L1-5, [JB]
Alexander, H M, b. 1877, d. 1923, Plot F/17/L1-1, [JB]
Allen, Charles B, d. (6/19/1928), Miner, b Miss, Father James Allen, mother Mary Cujer, County Home, LBH p446/b7, [JB]
Allen, Elizabeth (Betty), no dates, Plot F/20/L6-1, [JB]
Allen, Isaac, b. 10/11/1833, d. 6/25/1911, Plot O/39/L3-4, [JB]
Allen, James Edwin, b. 1859, d. 1926, Plot F/19/L1-5, [JB]
Allen, James Jesse, b. Dec 1962, d. Dec 1962, Plot S/47/L6&8, [JB]
Allen, John H, no dates, Plot F/13/L5-8, [JB]
Allen, Karen, no dates, Plot S/27-28/L7-6, [JB]
Allen, Ralph, d. 11/05/1901, Infant son of Mr & Mrs BF Allen, Age 3 mos 1 d, Plot O/05/L6-7, [JB]
Allen, Rollin Bert, b. 4/03/1900, d. 11/03/1902, Son of Lynn & Dixie Allen, Plot O/16/L2-1, [JB]
Allison, Helen Meda, b. 5/21/1899, d. 3/?/191?, Plot O/36/L2-7, [JB]
Alston, Margaret M(ay), b. 1886, d. 1948, Our dear mother, Plot S/35/L4-1, [JB]
Altpeter, George, b. 4/04/1847, d. 11/26/1926, Plot F/15/L8-6, [JB]
Alverson, G(alatia) B, b. 1814, d. 1907, Age 92y4m20d, Plot O/32/L1-8, [JB]
Alverson, Helen M, b. 1843, d. 1936, Shared stone w/ Herbert B Alverson, Plot O/32/L1-4, [JB]
Alverson, Herbert B, b. 1839, d. 1916, Co A 147 Ill Vol Inf, Shared stone w/ Helen M Alverson, Plot O/32/L1-2, [JB]
Ament, Annis E, b. 1916, d. 2003, Plot F/30/L6-8, [JB]
Ament, Charles Glen, no dates, Plot F/28/L1-5, [JB]
Ament, Cyrus William, b. 1848, d. 1923, Plot F/30/L6-1, [JB]
Ament, Edith M, b. 1878, d. 1957, Metal mortuary marker embedded, Plot F/30/L6-4, [JB]
Ament, Emma Sims, no dates, Plot F/28/L1-7, [JB]
Ament, Herbert E(dward), b. 7/14/1899, d. 2/22/1981, US Navy, World War I, Plot F/30/L6-7, [JB]
Ament, Lucy Preston, b. 1842, d. 1919, Plot F/30/L6-3, [JB]
Ament, Marion C, b. 1868, d. 1926, Metal mortuary marker embedded, Plot F/30/L6-2, [JB]
Ament, William C, b. 1903, d. 1987, Plot F/30/L6-6, [JB]
Amster, Gloria Saldana, b. 1933, d. (7/10)1996, Age 63, mortuary marker, Plot S/09/L5-7, [JB]
Anderson, Ann, d. 4/25/1957, Aged 70 yrs 7 mos 2 days, mortuary marker, [JB]
Anderson, Carl Enoch, no dates, Plot S/52/L10-8, [JB]
Anderson, Frank, no dates, Plot S/31/L1-6, [JB]
Anderson, Henry H, d. 8/16/1963, mortuary marker, Plot S/47/L7-5, [JB]
Anderson, Mary Ann, b. 1936, d. 1936, Metal mortuary marker embedded, Plot F/31/L5-8a, [JB]
Anderson, Victoria Lynn, b. 7/26/1971, d. 3/21/1972, In God's care, Plot S/38/L7-17, [JB]
Andersson, Matilda Maria, d. 6/03/1965, Aged 89 yrs 3 mos 10 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/53/L9-5, [JB]
Andrews, Dorothy J, b. 6/21/1909, d. 11/28/1986, Mother, Plot F/06/L3-5, [JB]
Andrews, Eugene A, b. 1866, d. 1947, Metal mortuary marker embedded, Plot S/09/L3-5, [JB]
Andrews, Fannie, b. (5/02/1845), d. 4/06/1919, Widow of Moses Andrews, Aged 73 yrs 11 mos 11 days, B Missouri, res 11th Street, GP, age 73y11m4d, LBH p254/b1919, Plot F/24/L8-7, [JB]
Andrews, Horton, no dates, Plot S/23/L3-2, [JB]
Angle, Hattie M, d. 3/15/1930, Age 64y5m23d, widow, b Forest Grove, OR, father Herman Hyde, mother Eliza Pierce, LBH p86/b7a, Plot F/37/, [JB]
Anglin, Edna (Elizabeth), b. 7/06/1932, d. 10/13/1971, Homemade, Plot F/06/L3-7, [JB]
Anglin, Leonard, b. 1/07/1893, d. 12/29/1967, West Virginia, Pvt Co E 2 Bn CWS, World War I, Plot F/38A/L9-4, [JB]
Appercel, Alexine A, no dates, Plot S/38/L6-6, [JB]
Archer, T Charles, d. 5/20/1934, LBH p40/b7b, [JB]
Archerd, Ida G, no dates, Plot S/29/L2-8, [JB]
Armbruster, Charles, d. 1964, mortuary marker, Plot S/53/L8-5, [JB]
Armbruster, Estelle Maude, no dates, Plot S/53/L8-7, [JB]
Arms, Robert LeRoy, d. 6/08/1937, Aged 10 yrs 10 mos 15 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/41/L6-3, [JB]
Armstrong, Bessie Bernice, b. 4/10/1907, d. 10/18/1985, Beloved mother & grandmother, Praise the Lord, Born, Went with Jesus, Plot S/18/L8-8, [JB]
Armstrong, Charles B, b. 1871, d. 1947, Father, Shared stone w/ Nancy J Armstrong, Plot S/29/L1-1, [JB]
Armstrong, James, d. (11/02/1976), Handmade - scratched, Plot S/18/L8-6, [JB]
Armstrong, Jesse Earl, b. 1894, d. (4/1)1972, Plot S/20/L5-3, [JB]
Armstrong, Keith, no dates, Plot S/42/L6-1, [JB]
Armstrong, Nancy J, b. 1872, d. 1952, Mother, Shared stone w/ Charles B Armstrong, Plot S/29/L1-3, [JB]
Arnett, James S, no dates, Co D, 18 Ia Inf, Plot O/34/L2-4, [JB]
Arnold, Charles M, no dates, Plot F/29/L1-8, [JB]
Arnold, Elizabeth, no dates, Plot F/29/L1-6, [JB]
Arnold, Grace, no dates, Plot F/38/L12-5, [JB]
Arnold, John, no dates, Plot S/52/L15-6, [JB]
Arnold, Marshal, no dates, Plot S/29/L4-1, [JB]
Arnold, Samuel T, b. 9/08/1855, d. 3/04/1926, Plot F/19/L8-6, [JB]
Arnold, Weston, no dates, Plot F/29/L1-4, [JB]
Arthurs, Hugh, no dates, Plot F/32/L3-1, [JB]
Arthurs, Mary (Ardiel), d. 3/22/1930, 57y10m29d, b Canada, Plot F/32/L3-3, [JB]
Ashfield, Henrietta (Enriqueta), b. 1882, d. (1/24)1964, Metal mortuary marker embedded, Plot F/17/L3-5, [JB]
Ashfield, William (H), b. (9/28)1862, d. (6/?)1933, Age 70y8m7d, farmer, b Canada, wife Enriqueta Ashfield, Plot F/17/L3-7, [JB]
Atwood, Charles H, b. 1880, d. 1946, Plot S/48/L3-4, [JB]
Atwood, Mary Belle, b. 1874, d. 1972, Plot S/48/L3-8, [JB]
Austin, Infant, b. (9/15/1916), d. (9/15/1916), Father Edwin N Austin, mother Alice V Smith, LBH p81b5-1916, [JB]
Austin, Mabel E, no dates, Plot S/41/L2-5, [JB]
Austin, Ray, no dates, Plot S/35/L5-1, [JB]
Autrey, Cora Annie, b. 12/22/1918, d. 6/10/1996, Our beloved mother, Plot F/13/L3-3, [JB]
Autry, Ader L, b. 1891, d. 1966, Beloved parents, Shared stone w/ Jack W Autry, Plot S/45/L8-3, [JB]
Autry, Bud Earn, b. 7/02/1919, d. 12/03/1976, Pvt US Army, World War II, Also: Beloved husband of Annie separate stone, Plot F/39/L12-4, [JB]
Autry, Jack W(illiam), b. 1867, d. 1958, Beloved parents, Shared stone w/ Ader L Autry, Plot S/45/L8-5, [JB]
Autry, Toni Valeria, b. 7/25/1968, d. 9/06/1968, Our precious angel, Plot F/39/L12-2, [JB]
Auzerlavoie, Frances P, d. 5/10/1952, Aged 0 yrs 1 mos 23 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/15/L6-8, [JB]
Ayers, Joy V, b. 1880, d. 1947, Plot S/35/L5-8, [JB]
Ayers, Mary (Mace), b. (8/30/1852), d. (4/10/1921), Age 68y7m11d, res Pickett Creek, father John Mace, mother Kate Klear, b Dayton, OH, LBH p133/b1921, Plot F/22/L6-8, [JB]
Ayers, Mary E, b. 7/17/1889, d. 11/07/1980, Plot S/35/L5-6, [JB]
Babb, Marguerite, no dates, Plot S/57/L5-6, [JB]
Babcock, Benjamin F, b. 10/13/1881, d. 12/02/1958, Plot F/30/L6-5, [JB]
Babington, Bertha V, b. 5/02/1871, d. 2/10/1959, Plot S/28/L4-3, [JB]
Babington, Oscar H, b. 7/07/1873, d. 2/12/1952, Plot S/28/L4-1, [JB]
Bacher, Henry J, b. 1857, d. 1953, Plot S/34/L2-8, [JB]
Bacon, John Henry, no dates, Plot F/30/L5-2, [JB]
Baggott, Charles, no dates, Plot S/08/L6-5, [JB]
Baggott, Rose C(leveland), b. 8/20/1889, d. 10/11/1964, Oregon Rose, Plot S/08/L6-3, [JB]
Bagley, Alpha N, b. 1876, d. 1942, Beloved uncle, Plot S/26/L2-8, [JB]
Bagley, Grace, no dates, Plot S/31/L6-8, [JB]
Bailey, Henry S, no dates, Plot S/38/L6-2, [JB]
Bakeman, John F, b. 1858, d. 1922, Plot F/32/L6-3, [JB]
Baker, Anna Paarmann, b. 8/06/1892, d. 5/03/1979, Plot S/22/L1-8, [JB]
Baker, Clarence, d. 4/10/1943, Illinois, Cook 346 Inf, 87 Div, Plot S/22/L1-6, [JB]
Baker, Edith G Hoffman, b. 3/05/1906, d. 2/19/1987, Beloved wife of Glen Baker, Plot S/35/L1-7, [JB]
Baker, Etta, b. 3/05/1877?, d. 3/18/1902, Wife of O C Baker, Plot O/06/L2-1, [JB]
Baker, Gilbert Henry, b. 11/02/1930, d. 12/1/1996, 'Papadog', Plot S/35/L7-1, [JB]
Baker, Glen Franklin, b. 8/05/1900, d. 4/26/1969, Beloved husband of Edith Baker, Plot S/47/L7-1, [JB]
Baker, Jno, no dates, Co E, 148 Ohio Inf, Plot O/06/L2-8, [JB]
Baker, John A, b. 10/20/1829, d. 12/05/1905, BAKER on base, Plot O/06/L2-8, [JB]
Baker, John W, b. 1863, d. 1933, Plot O/06/L2-6, [JB]
Baker, Omar C, b. 10/03/1871, d. 4/24/1959, McDonalds Chapel marker, embedded, Plot O/06/L2-5, [JB]
Baker, Samuel, no dates, Plot F/43/L4-1, [JB]
Bakos, Michael S, b. 1919, d. 1996, Age 76, mortuary marker, Plot S/30/L2-5, [JB]
Balaoro, Metodio A, b. 7/09/1898, d. 1/26/1932, Age 33y6m17d, married, Band Manager, res Glendale Junction, b Philippines, LBH p359/b7a, Plot F/01/L7, [JB]
Baldwin, William W, no dates, Artificer, 2 NY Inf, Sp Am War, Plot F/18/L2-1, [JB]
Ball, James Lee, no dates, Plot F/38/L10-3, [JB]
Ballenger, Oliver Guss, b. 1841, d. 1922, Plot S/47/L2-3, [JB]
Ballenger, Oliver Guss, d. 5/10/1956, Aged 64 yrs 7 mos 13 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/47/L2-3, [JB]
Balling, Hans G, no dates, Plot S/41/L8-8, [JB]
Ballinger, Pearl, no dates, Plot S/47/L4-8, [JB]
Banfield, Alice A, b. 7/16/1873, d. 6/16/1903, Shared stone w/ John P Banfield, Plot O/13/L4-5, [JB]
Banfield, John P, b. (4/3)1868, d. (3/19)1918, Shared stone w/ Alice A Banfield, Age 49y11m14d, b Eugene OR, mechanic, LBH p359/b7a, Plot O/13/L4-7, [JB]
Banks, Bert F, b. 1871, d. 1938, Yet again we hope to meet thee/When the day of life is fled/Where in heaven with joy to greet thee/Where no farewell tears are shed, Shared stone w/ Alice A Banks & A J Shade, Plot O/10/L2-3, [JB]
Banks, C E, b. 1858, d. 1949, Wife of B F Banks, Shared stone w/ Bert F Banks & A J Shade (See Bert Banks), Plot O/10/L2-5, [JB]
Banks, George, no dates, Husband of Loretta Banks, Plot F/01/L6-4, [JB]
Banks, Loretta, d. 2/24/1936, Age 72y, widow of George Banks, Plot F/01/L6-2a, [JB]
Banta, Leonard Edward, b. 1901, d. 1967, Shared stone w/ Mildred May Banta, Plot F/44/L10-5, [JB]
Banta, Mildred May, b. 1900, d. 1971, Shared stone w/ Leonard Edward Banta, Plot F/44/L10-7, [JB]
Barber, Ellen, b. 1902, d. 1992, Shared stone w/ Marshall Barber, Plot S/21/L5-5a, [JB]
Barber, Marshall, b. (3/20)1903, d. 1979, Shared stone w/ Ellen Barber, Plot S/21/L5-5b, [JB]
Barcus, Charles, no dates, Plot S/42/L8-7a, [JB]
Bardon, Elizabeth C, b. 1860, d. 1942, Metal mortuary marker embedded w/ Henry Bardon, Plot S/41/L4-8, [JB]
Bardon, Henry, b. (2/15)1853, d. (2/26)1933, Metal mortuary marker embedded w/ Elizabeth C Bardon, Age 80y8d, b Erie, PA, painter, father Michael Bardon, LBH p509/b7a, Plot S/41/L4-6, [JB]
Barker, Sydney, b. 1870, d. 1950, Plot O/05/L3-3, [JB]
Barlow, Frances Mariam, b. 1862, d. 1930, Plot F/37/L7-3, [JB]
Barnes, Alice, no dates, Plot F/22/L4-4, [JB]
Barnes, John Calvin, b. 4/14/1853, d. 11/05/1938, b Bangor,ME, res 619 J St, GP, husband Julia A, merchant, father Shepheard Barnes, mother Olive Small, LBH p96/b9, Plot F/22/L4-2, [JB]
Barnes, John Daniel, b. (11/05/1930), d. (2/07/1931), Age 3 m2d,Father JW Barnes, Mother Irene Cooper, RR#3, GP, LBH p214/b7a, Plot F/02/L6-, [JB]
Barnes, Vernon R(ay), b. 1938, d. 1965, Beloved son, Plot S/52/L13-1, [JB]
Barnett, E(linear) Louise, b. 10/16/1908, d. 5/07/1969, Shared stone w/ Theo W Barnett, Plot F/37/L10-3, [JB]
Barnett, Theo(dore) W(illiam), b. 10/12/1902, d. 4/1/1969, Shared stone w/ E Louise Barnett, Plot F/37/L10-1, [JB]
Barr, Herbert, no dates, Plot S/37/L2-3, [JB]
Barrell, Mary, b. 1846, d. 1918, Plot F/38/L4-3, [JB]
Barrett, Eunice A(lthea) 'Babe', b. 12/1/1906, d. 2/17/1965, Beloved mother, Plot S/47/L15-5, [JB]
Barrett, Eunice A(lthea), d. 2/17/1965, Aged 56 yrs 2 mos 16 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/47/L15-5, [JB]
Barrett, W, no dates, Plot F/17/L7-8, [JB]
Barrick, Bessie G, b. 1881, d. 1938, Plot F/20/L8-7, [JB]
Barrick, Cecil K, b. 1904, d. 1946, Plot F/20/L8-3, [JB]
Barrick, Marvin Kermit, no dates, Plot F/20/L8-1, [JB]
Barrick, Robert L, b. 1877, d. 1957, Plot F/20/L8-5, [JB]
Bartlett, Guy A, b. (7/5)1911, d. (9/16)2003, Shared stone w/ Nevva N Bartlett, Plot S/29/L2-5a, [JB]
Bartlett, Nevva N(oreen), b. (6/25)1916, d. (3/16)2001, Shared stone w/ Guy A Bartlett, Plot S/29/L2-5b, [JB]
Batchelor, Estella Mae, no dates, Aged 67, mortuary marker, Plot O/26/L1-3, [JB]
Batchelor, Frank A Jr, d. 11/29/1968, Aged 54 yrs 1 mos 29 days, mortuary marker, Plot O/26/L1-1, [JB]
Bates, Vera E, b. 3/03/1881, d. 11/27/1910, Plot O/40/L1-3, [JB]
Bauer, Frank, d. 2/20/1942, Aged 61 yrs 2 mos, mortuary marker, Plot S/26/L1-5, [JB]
Bauer, John, d. 7/1/1966, Aged 95 yrs 4 mos 21 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/52/L15-4, [JB]
Baughman, Roy O, no dates, California, Cpl US Army, World War I, Date portion of stone buried, Plot F/13/L5-1, [JB]
Baughman, William, d. 2/20/1907, Gardener, LBH p100/b1907, [JB]
Baxter, Elmer, no dates, Plot S/41/L7-2, [JB]
Beamer, Ben, no dates, Plot S/23/L8-6, [JB]
Beamer, Homer C, d. 1947, mortuary marker, Plot S/36/L8-8, [JB]
Beamer, M(elvin) Briscoe, b. 1881, d. 1977, Plot F/30/L2-2, [JB]
Beamer, Myrtle M, b. 1891, d. 1980, Plot F/30/L2-6, [JB]
Bean, Charles H, b. 8/12/1851, d. 10/21/1929, Born in Mass, Died in Oregon, Plot F/18/L5-6, [JB]
Beaudro, Nina M(adeline), b. 1899, d. 1964, Mother, Plot S/47/L14-4, [JB]
Beaulieu, Edward, b. 7/25/1889, d. 11/12/1956, Michigan, Cpl 447 Engr Depot Det, World War I, Plot S/45/L1-7, [JB]
Beaulieu, Victor U, no dates, Plot S/41/L3-8, [JB]
Beaupre, Ella McKay, b. 1/06/1854, d. 7/03/1916, Sp Byron E Beaupre, housewife/nurse, b Philadelphia PA, father Dr McKay, LBH p96/b1916, [JB]
Bell, Baby, no dates, Plot S/38/L8-23, [JB]
Bell, Clyde Judson, d. 8/23/1959, Aged 77 yrs 6 mos 2 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/44/L7-1, [JB]
Bell, Infant Girl, no dates, Plot S/38/L2-15, [JB]
Bell, Martin Luther, b. 8/12/1912, d. 6/24/1947, Ohio, Tec3 736 Engr Hq & Svc Co, World War II, Plot S/36/L2-1, [JB]
Bellah, George Riley, b. 6/24/1887, d. 4/08/1954, Our loving father, Plot S/17/L1-3, [JB]
Bellah, Rose N, b. 1894, d. 1968, Mother, Plot S/17/L2-8, [JB]
Bellanger, Danny E, b. 3/21/1957, d. 3/23/1957, Son of, Shared stone w/ Earl E Bellanger, Plot F/03/L8-2, [JB]
Bellanger, Earl E, b. 6/07/1927, d. 8/21/2000, Shared stone w/ Danny E Bellanger, Plot F/03/L8-2a, [JB]
Beller, Ed, b. 1874, d. 1950, Plot S/22/L8-2, [JB]
Beltz, Eathel M(inerva), b. 1885, d. 1967, Shared stone w/ Henry A Beltz, Plot S/09/L5-3, [JB]
Beltz, Henry A, b. (5/3)1881, d. (9/1)1980, Shared stone w/ Eathel M Beltz, Plot S/09/L5-1, [JB]
Benedict, Arthur T, no dates, Plot S/38/L1-6, [JB]
Bengtson, Ernest B, b. 1888, d. 1950, Plot S/40/L6-1, [JB]
Benjamin, Edith, no dates, Plot F/23/L1-3, [JB]
Benjamin, W O, no dates, Plot F/23/L1-1, [JB]
Benn, Margery Ann, b. 8/23/1842, d. 5/08/1925, Plot O/41/L4-4, [JB]
Benn, Samuel C, no dates, Co K 30 Ia Inf, Plot O/41/L4-2, [JB]
Bentley, Baby, no dates, Plot S/42/L6-9, [JB]
Berg, Ingrid D(ortia), b. 1908, d. (5/26)1914, Age 6y1m11d, res 452 West G St, GP, LBH p230/b5-1917, Plot F/27/L2-1, [JB]
Berg, Lars, b. 1/21/1875, d. 11/21/1948, Maine, Pvt, 2 Co Coast Arty, Plot F/18/L2-2, [JB]
Berry Silas A, b. (11/19/1859), d. (7/21/1931), Co H (?) 14Kans Cav, Plot F/23/L1-2, [JB]
Berry, Annie, no dates, Plot F/23/L1-4, [JB]
Berry, Silas A, b. 1846, d. 1924, GAR Post ND, Plot F/23/L1-2, [JB]
Berseth, Olaf H, no dates, Plot F/12/L5-4, [JB]
Bertleman, Paul, b. 12/31/1868, d. 8/18/1911, Plot O/39/L3-3, [JB]
Bertrand, Gabriel Rodney, b. 9/04/1972, d. 9/13/1973, Homemade jigsaw piece shape, Plot F/19/L4-5, [JB]
Bertrand, Gilbert E, b. 5/29/1893, d. 11/16/1962, Plot F/19/L4-1, [JB]
Bertrand, Julia M, b. 1/08/1896, d. 12/11/1978, Plot F/19/L4-3, [JB]
Beswick, Murl, no dates, Plot S/35/L2-4, [JB]
Beverly, Frank, no dates, Plot S/41/L2-3, [JB]
Beverly, Martha E, b. 1869, d. 1925, Plot F/09/L4-4, [JB]
Bewley, Claud (F), b. 7/16/1897, d. 5/31/1954, California, AS USNRE, World War I, Plot S/17/L2-7, [JB]
Bewley, John, b. 12/21/1890, d. 12/09/1972, In God's care, Plot S/17/L2-5, [JB]
Bewley, John, d. 12/09/1972, Aged 81 yrs 18 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/17/L2-5, [JB]
Bewley, Reatha, b. 1900, d. 1987, Beloved mother, Plot S/17/L2-2, [JB]
Bickley, Arthur H, b. 1884, d. 1939, Plot S/23/L5-3, [JB]
Bigelow, Osborne F, no dates, Plot S/52/L4-4, [JB]
Billger, Salathiel R, b. 1/16/1879, d. 7/1/1959, Indiana, Pvt Trp K 7 Regt Cavalry, Spanish American War, Plot S/30/L4-5, [JB]
Billings, George, no dates, Plot S/27/L3-3, [JB]
Billings, Liliam C, no dates, Plot S/17/L4-5, [JB]
Billings, Sharon Marie, no dates, Plot S/28/L7-9, [JB]
Bills, Anna, no dates, Plot S/10/L2-8, [JB]
Binkley, William H, no dates, Plot F/03/L5-6, [JB]
Bird, E(lizabeth) Pearle, b. 3/1/1894, d. 3/24/1966, Plot F/10/L8-1, [JB]
Bird, Infant, d. 5/06/1971, mortuary marker, Plot S/38/L7-22, [JB]
Birmingham, Vernon, no dates, Plot S/38/L8-21, [JB]
Birom, Carlus O, no dates, Co G, 38 Wis Inf, Plot F/13/L2-8, [JB]
Biss, Abner, no dates, Plot F/03/L8-5, [JB]
Blachly, Eddie H, d. 5/1/1907, In loving remembrance, Aged 36 yrs 7 mos 8 days, Plot O/27/L4-1, [JB]
Black, Arthur L, b. 1865, d. 1950, Plot F/39/L5-2, [JB]
Black, Charlie C, b. 6/04/1892, d. 12/13/1945, Plot S/37/L7-7, [JB]
Black, Ella M(ary), b. 1908, d. 1956, Shared wooden plaque w/ F Vern Black, Plot S/37/L8-8, [JB]
Black, Etta M, b. 1873, d. 1942, Plot F/39/L5-4, [JB]
Black, F(elix) Vern, b. 1898, d. 1973, Shared wooden plaque w/ Ella M Black, Plot S/37/L8-6, [JB]
Black, Mary A, b. Oct 1853, d. 11379, Plot O/10/L3-2, [JB]
Black, Robert W, b. Oct 1828, d., Plot O/10/L3-8, [JB]
Black, William Henry, b. 1/22/1852, d. 12/1/1917, Gardener, res GP, married, Age 65y10m9d, father Robert W Black, mother Elizabeth Black, LBH p155/b5-1917, Plot O/10/L-3, [JB]
Blackwell, Jessie Marie, b. 4/28/1908, d. 9/02/1908, Dau of JG & ML Blackwell, Weep not, she is at rest, Plot O/21/L3-2, [JB]
Blake, Joanne, no dates, Plot S/32/L6-1, [JB]
Blake, John, no dates, Plot S/32/L6-3, [JB]
Blanchard, Elizabeth 'Betty', b. 4/1/1922, d. 3/27/2001, Beloved mother, Plot F/20/L5-8, [JB]
Blanchard, Harvey Dewitt, b. 1882, d. 1957, Shared stone w/ Stella Peelor Blanchard, Plot F/20/L6-3, [JB]
Blanchard, Stella (Ava) Peelor, b. (3/12)1888, d. (3/15)1926, Shared stone w/ Harvey Dewitt Blanchard, age 38y3d, b Henry County, MO, father Thomas Peelor, mother Ellen L Witherspoon, died Good Sam Hosp, LBH p107/bk1926, Plot F/20/L6-5, [JB]
Blood, Christina, d. 3/1/1958, Shared w/ Delores Blood, Plot , [JB]
Blood, Delores, d. 3/1/1958, Shared w/ Christina Blood, [JB]
Blough, Evelyn, b. 8/27/1899, d. 3/16/1961, Plot S/52/L7-6, [JB]
Blough, Evelyn, d. 3/16/1961, Aged 60 yrs 8 mos 19 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/52/L7-6, [JB]
Boardman, Mary I, d. (9/24/1936), Widow of William O Fulmer, Plot O/02/L2-3, [JB]
Boatman, Vickie Lee, no dates, Plot S/15/L1-19, [JB]
Bobroff, Eva, b. 1898, d. 1956, Plot S/28/L5-7, [JB]
Boelman, Jess C, no dates, Plot S/42/L8-8a, [JB]
Boeschke, Baby, no dates, Plot S/15/L5-2, [JB]
Boffi, Tony, no dates, Plot S/42/L8-5, [JB]
Bonebrake, Howard, d. 1/08/1942, Aged 69 yrs 6 mos 2?days, mortuary marker, Plot S/23/L8-2, [JB]
Booth, Daisy, no dates, Plot F/17/L7-1, [JB]
Booth, Ellis, d. 10/09/1962, Aged 71 yrs 2 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/53/L1-5, [JB]
Booth, Oliver Perry, b. 1881, d. 1968, Dear brother, Plot F/44/L15-6, [JB]
Borchert, Fanny B, b. 9/18/1875, d. 6/16/1959, Plot O/05/L3-6, [JB]
Borden, Mary Georgianna, b. 1847, d. (4/17)1917, Mother, LBH p133/bk1917, b2/10/1849, New York, res near Jones Creek & A St, age 68y2m5d, housewife, father John Mallory b Scotland, Plot F/33/L8-4, [JB]
Boren, Murl J, b. 1905, d. 1952, Plot S/37/L6-4, [JB]
Boren, Susie M, b. 1880, d. 1964, Plot S/37/L5-8, [JB]
Boren, Teddy J, b. 12/02/1921, d. 3/19/1993, Sgt US Army AIr Corps, World War II, Plot S/37/L6-2, [JB]
Boren, Thomas J , b. 1869, d. 1945, Plot S/37/L6-6, [JB]
Borovan, Hattie E, b. 1891, d. 1954, Plot O/03/L1-3a, [JB]
Boucher, Charles Fred, no dates, Plot F/44/L6-3, [JB]
Boucher, Flossie, no dates, Plot F/29/L7-8, [JB]
Boucher, Walter W, b. 1914, d. (7/3)1968, Very poor condition painted wood /Also listed as F/38/L11-7, Plot F/38/L11-7, [JB]
Bovingdon, Lila, b. 1878, d. 1927, Plot F/09/L8-3, [JB]
Bowden, Ethel Maude, no dates, Plot S/45/L6-2, [JB]
Bowden, Roy, d. (4/25/1906), LBH p18/bk1906, Age 1y3m29d, father Samuel Bowden, [JB]
Bowdin, Walter James, no dates, Plot S/52/L6-7, [JB]
Bowers, Harry A, no dates, Plot S/36/L3-7, [JB]
Bowman, Judson P, d. (10/21/1919), Co A 1 Ore Inf, LBH p298/bk1919, born Iowa, died near Leland OR, cau: killed SP Engine 53 train, age 75y, occ: retired, father Wm Bowman b TN, mother Polley Stulley/Shelley? b KY, Plot F/23/L5-6, [JB]
Bowman, Levi Joe, d. 5/12/1943, Aged 73 yrs, mortuary marker, Plot S/48/L3-6, [JB]
Bowser, Baby (Peterson), no dates, Plot S/31/L4-15, [JB]
Box, Algernon L, b. 5/12/1873, d. 5/30/1946, Plot S/28/L8-3, [JB]
Boyan, Jack, no dates, Plot S/35/L2-3, [JB]
Boyce, Edna (Minerva), b. 1907, d. (6/27)2003, Aged 95, mortuary marker, Plot F/14/L4-3, [JB]
Boyce, Gleneva Mae, b. 11/08/1918, d. 4/19/1999, In loving memory, Plot F/17/L1-7, [JB]
Boyce, Marie House, b. 1/09/1900, d. 7/14/1925, Mother, 1st wife of Vernon Boyce, Plot F/14/L4-7, [JB]
Boyce, Vernon, b. 9/11/1897, d. 3/06/1953, Plot F/14/L4-5, [JB]
Boyer, Ethel L, no dates, Plot S/21/L8-2, [JB]
Boyer, Florence M, no dates, Plot S/52/L4-6, [JB]
Boyer, Florence, b. 1894, d. 1968, Plot S/48/L4-6, [JB]
Boyer, O D, no dates, Plot S/42/L7-5, [JB]
Boynton, Nelson C(ambridge), d. (5/13/1927), Co H, 31 Me Inf, Plot O/39/L1-1, [JB]
Bradford, Chalmers, d. 5/18/1945, mortuary marker, Plot S/37/L2-6, [JB]
Bradley, David Wells, b. 9/10/1899, d. 9/10/1972, Oregon, Pvt US Army, World War I, Plot F/37/L9-1, [JB]
Bradley, Lila M, no dates, Plot F/37/L9-3, [JB]
Bradley, Nathan T, b. 1865, d. 1941, Plot O/05/L3-8, [JB]
Bradshaw, Edward L, d. 10/16/1940, Iowa, Chief Machinist Mate US Navy, Plot S/09/L2-2, [JB]
Bragley, Alf, no dates, Plot S/26/L2-8, [JB]
Brandham, Frank, b. 1852, d. 1926, Plot F/32/L2-3, [JB]
Branham, Marie M, b. 7/05/1863, d. 10/13/1904, In loving memory of our mother, Erected by the Women of Woodcraft, Plot O/17/L8-3, [JB]
Brauner, Baby, no dates, Plot S/42/L5-14, [JB]
Breeding, Baby, d. 1949, mortuary marker, Plot S/31/L4-13, [JB]
Breeding, Jacob, no dates, Plot S/21/W-6, [JB]
Breeding, Ruth Myrtle, no dates, Plot F/04/L7-3a, [JB]
Breening, Claus, no dates, Plot S/39/L5-4, [JB]
Brennan, Charles, no dates, Plot S/37/L5-2, [JB]
Brewer, Charlie (Charles) R, b. 1870, d. 1932, Shared stone w/ M Rolland Brewer, Plot S/57/L4-1, [JB]
Brewer, M(arion) Rolland, b. 1908, d. 1935, Shared stone w/ Charlie R Brewer, Plot S/57/L4-1a, [JB]
Brewer, Marion Rollin, no dates, Plot S/57/L4-1a, [JB]
Brickell, Charles W, b. 1884, d. (8/19)1944, Plot S/10/L7-?, [JB]
Brickell, Edith M, b. 1883, d. 1926, Plot F/25/L1-8, [JB]
Brickell, Elmer E(llsworth), b. 1889, d. 1971, In loving memory, Shared stone w/ Irene M Brickell, Plot S/10/L7-4, [JB]
Brickell, George E, b. 12/23/1918, d. 2/13/2001, Forever in the hearts of your beloved family, Shared stone w/ Faye L Brickell (N/D), Plot S/10/L7-5, [JB]
Brickell, George E, b. 1918, d. 2001, Age 82 yrs, mortuary marker, Plot S/10/L7-5, [JB]
Brickell, Irene M(ay), b. 1889, d. 1936, In loving memory, Shared stone w/ Elmer E Brickell, Plot S/10/L7-6, [JB]
Bridges, Eleaner L, b. 9/09/1929, d. 12/24/2001, Ellie, Married 11/26/1948, Beloved wife & mother, Shared stone w/ Wesley E Bridges (N/D), and mortuary marker, Plot F/38/L7-7, [JB]
Bridges, Kenneth L, b. 1/17/1953, d. 8/25/1983, Forever in our hearts, Plot F/38/L7-8, [JB]
Bridges, Wesley E, b. 9/02/1929, d. N/D, Wes, Married 11/26/1948, Beloved husband & father, Shared stone w/ Eleaner L Bridges, Plot F/38/L7-?, [JB]
Briere, Henry, b. 1850, d. 1930, Plot F/09/L2-8, [JB]
Briggs, Frances D, d. (5/14/1946), mortuary marker, Plot S/23/L3-7, [JB]
Briggs, Walter F, b. 9/18/1877, d. 2/23/1948, Aged 70 yrs 5 mos 5 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/23/L3-5, [JB]
Brightman, A Burtus, b. 1874, d. 1928, Father, Shared stone w/ Laura L Brightman, Plot F/18/L6-2, [JB]
Brightman, Laura L, b. 1873, d. 1939, Mother, Shared stone w/ A Burtus Brightman, Plot F/18/L6-4, [JB]
Brink, Andrew, no dates, Plot S/41/L7-8, [JB]
Brink, Parmenas J, d. (10/16/1925), LBH p52/bk1925, single, laborer, b PA, age 49y3m7d, died Merlin OR, [JB]
Brinkerhoff, Amanda, no dates, Plot F/19/L3-7, [JB]
Brinkerhoff, Thomas J, b. 1868, d. 1944, Age 76, mortuary marker, Plot F/19/L3-5, [JB]
Brinkley, Kevin, d. 4/14/1960, Plot F/38/L2-19, [JB]
Bristow, Dewey L, b. 4/14/1896, d. 12/31/1957, HA2, USNRF, World War I, Plot O/36/L1-8, [JB]
Bristow, G B, b. ?, d. 1921, Plot O/36/L1-3, [JB]
Bristow, M A, b. 10/12/1842, d. 4/18/1909, Wife of G B Bristow, Plot O/36/L1-1, [JB]
Britton, Dwight F(rederick), b. 6/16/1914, d. 10/05/1973, Pvt US Army, Plot F/28/L8-1, [JB]
Britton, Fred, b. 1884, d. 1962, Shared stone w/ Violet Britton, Plot F/28/L8-4, [JB]
Britton, Glen Agee, b. 4/02/1911, d. 4/13/1965, Plot F/28/L8-2, [JB]
Britton, Ronald Glenn, b. 4/07/1939, d. 1/08/2000, A2C US Air Force, Plot F/28/L8-2a, [JB]
Britton, Violet (Agee), b. 1897, d. 1961, Shared stone w/ Fred Britton, Plot F/28/L8-6, [JB]
Brockman, Benjamin F, b. 7/23/1921, d. 5/28/1994, Cpl US Army, World War II, Plot F/07/L6-3, [JB]
Brockman, Johnnie M, no dates, Plot S/28/L8-2, [JB]
Brockman, Josephine M, no dates, Plot F/07/L6-2, [JB]
Broderick, Jennie Agnes, b. 1889, d. 1969, RIP, Plot F/10/L3-7, [JB]
Broderick, William Eugene, b. 1880, d. 1952, RIP, Plot F/10/L3-5, [JB]
Brooks, Charles A, no dates, Plot F/21/L8-4, [JB]
Brooks, George Washington, b. (4/16/1841), d. (8/27/1924), LBH p518/bk1924, farmer, b Mapleton, Ont, Canada, father David Brooks, VT, mother Charlett Chase, VT, [JB]
Brooks, Nellie Grace Godfrey, b. 5/20/1882, d. 7/15/1969, Plot S/45/L3-3, [JB]
Brooks, Ruby, no dates, Plot F/18/L1-8, [JB]
Brooks, Samuel, no dates, Plot F/18/L1-6, [JB]
Brooks, Warren E, no dates, Plot S/40/L6-7, [JB]
Brotzman, Margaretha, no dates, Plot S/45/L3-5, [JB]
Brown, Agnes, no dates, Plot O/01/L8-6a, [JB]
Brown, Albert S, b. 8/04/1859, d. 1/1/1940, Plot S/40/L5-2, [JB]
Brown, Alice M, b. 1867, d. (1/26)1932, LBH p360/bk7a, died Portland, OR, age 65y14d, married, housewife, b New York, Plot S/40/L5-4, [JB]
Brown, Andy L, b. 11/1/1910, d. 5/09/1966, California, Sgt Co B 822 TD Bn, World War II, Plot F/13/L5-2, [JB]
Brown, Arno C, b. 11/26/1882, d. 10/22/1956, Oregon, Cook Btry C 69 Arty CAC, World War I, Plot O/01/L8-6, [JB]
Brown, Baby Boy, no dates, Plot S/16/L4-11, [JB]
Brown, Benjamin G(lenn), b. 1/25/1892, d. 9/08/1950, California, PFC 115 Engineers, Hq Div, World War I, Plot S/42/L2-1, [JB]
Brown, Charles A, b. 7/15/1877, d. 8/23/1914, Plot O/01/L7-4, [JB]
Brown, Charles A, no dates, Plot O/01/L7-8a, [JB]
Brown, Frank Minton, b. 8/30/1882, d. 8/16/1975, Plot F/07/L6-7, [JB]
Brown, George W, b. 1887, d. 1943, Father, Shared stone w/ Sylvia A Brown, Plot S/22/L1-2, [JB]
Brown, Harry C, no dates, Plot S/10/L4-7, [JB]
Brown, Hosea, b. 7/18/1792, d. 11/15/1897, Veteran War of 1812, Plot O/01/L8-1, [JB]
Brown, Ira Eugene, b. 1874, d. 1958, Plot S/45/L7-8, [JB]
Brown, J H, d. (8/06/1906), LBH p43/bk1906, single, age 41y, [JB]
Brown, J Wesley Jr, b. 8/17/1917, d. 11/27/1988, WO US Army Air Corps, World War II, Plot F/39/L3-6, [JB]
Brown, J Wesley, b. 1863, d. 1962, Plot F/39/L4-7, [JB]
Brown, Jean M(arion), b. (8/30)1919, d. (6/11)1933, LBH p537/bk7a, age 13y9m11d, student, b Prineville, OR, father Horace B Brown, PA, mother Mary Foster, res GP, Plot S/23/L4-2, [JB]
Brown, John J, b. 12/31/1899, d. 5/19/1909, Plot O/40/L5-3, [JB]
Brown, Julius, no dates, Plot F/08/L2-7, [JB]
Brown, Mildred E, b. 1893, d. 1939, Plot F/39/L4-8, [JB]
Brown, Myrtle Cleora, b. 6/19/1905, d. 2/1/1939, Plot F/06/L1-1, [JB]
Brown, Nancy (Rowley), b. 7/18/1833?, d. 8/06/1908, Plot O/36/L6-6, [JB]
Brown, Orr, b. 5/21/1842, d. 6/26/1915, Plot O/01/L8-7, [JB]
Brown, Ralph L, b. 10/10/1896, d. 9/26/1962, Plot O/01/L8-4, [JB]
Brown, Sarah Eliza, b. 2/1/1855, d. 6/03/1916, Plot O/01/L8-5, [JB]
Brown, Stephen D(ennis), b. 8/1/1943, d. 10/22/1967, Oregon, A 2C US Air Force, Plot F/39/L4-5, [JB]
Brown, Sylvia A(lice), b. 1897, d. 1966, Mother, Shared stone w/ George W Brown, Plot S/22/L1-4, [JB]
Brown, Velma, b. 1904, d. 1964, Plot O/01/L8-2, [JB]
Brown, William, no dates, Plot S/22/L5-3, [JB]
Brownfield, Tony Omer, d. 11/28/1966, Aged 1 yrs 5 mos 27 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/38/L2-5, [JB]
Browns, Frederick B, no dates, Plot S/26/L1-1, [JB]
Brownson, George W, no dates, Plot S/44/L4-3, [JB]
Bruhn, Emie, no dates, Plot S/17/L4-6, [JB]
Buchanan, James M, b. 11/03/1867, d. 12/26/1934, Plot S/24/L8-6, [JB]
Buck, Emma Amelia, b. 1836, d. 1911, Mother - top, Plot O/22/L7-6, [JB]
Buck, Joshua Shackford, b. 1832, d. 1909, Father - top, Plot O/22/L7-8, [JB]
Buckholz, Wallie W, b. 1/02/1904, d. 11/06/1965, Oregon, Sgt 4511 Base Unit AAF, World War II, Plot F/13/L5-7, [JB]
Buckner, Estle D(avid), b. 1926, d. 1975, Plot S/25/L8-3, [JB]
Buell, Cora Maud, b. 1873, d. 1925, Plot F/06/L1-8, [JB]
Buell, George J, no dates, Plot F/08/L7-6, [JB]
Buell, Gladys B, b. 1902, d. (10/24)1984, Age 82, mortuary marker, Plot F/07/L4-6, [JB]
Buell, Mary Elizabeth, no dates, Plot F/08/L7-8, [JB]
Buhlman, Edward, no dates, Plot S/22/L6-7, [JB]
Bunn, George, no dates, Plot S/45/L7-1a, [JB]
Bunn, Robert J, b. 4/12/1888, d. 3/21/1966, Oregon, Pvt 331 Aux Rmt Drp, QMC, World War I, Plot F/13/L6-4, [JB]
Buoy, John William, b. 1867, d. 1934, Oregon Pioneer, Plot S/10/L5-1, [JB]
Burbee, Elmer E, b. 3/29/1891, d. 10/15/1953, Washington, Sgt 5 Aero Sq, WorldWar I, Plot S/20/L5-1, [JB]
Burch, Baby, no dates, Plot S/28/L7-11, [JB]
Burch, Charlotta Sophia, b. 7/03/1872, d. 9/05/1944, Shared stone w/ James Alfred Burch, Plot S/08/L6-6, [JB]
Burch, James Alfred, b. 10/04/1872, d. 8/18/1949, Shared stone w/ Charlotta Sophia Burch, Plot S/08/L6-8, [JB]
Burch, May, no dates, Plot S/31/L2-5, [JB]
Burch, Noah Matthew, no dates, Plot S/31/L2-7, [JB]
Burdic, Nancy Ann, d. 1/13/1927, LBH p231/b1927, [JB]
Burnett, Robert H, no dates, Plot F/07/L7-7, [JB]
Burnham, Constance Esme, b. 1895, d. 1979, Age 83, mortuary marker, Plot S/29/L2-4, [JB]
Burns, Dwight H, no dates, Shared stone w/ Margaret Cameron Burns, Plot F/29/L3-3, [JB]
Burns, Edith M, b. 4/02/1878, d. 9/02/1905, Also listed in O/14/L3-1, Plot O/10/L6-10, [JB]
Burns, Elizabeth, b. 1857, d. 1940, Shared stone w/ George W Burns, Plot S/09/L2-3, [JB]
Burns, George W(ashington), b. (11/5)1854, d. (7/19)1947, Shared stone w/ Elizabeth Burns, LBH p108/bk1946 lists as BURN, farmer, age 92y8m14d, born Burr Oak, IN, father Michael Burns, Ohio, mother Nancy Shock, Ohio., Plot S/09/L2-5, [JB]
Burns, Margaret Cameron, no dates, Shared stone w/ Dwight H Burns, Plot F/29/L3-1, [JB]
Burris, Edward M, no dates, Plot S/41/L7-5, [JB]
Burton, Henry B, b. 2/13/1834, d. 4/09/1918, Plot O/40/L5-5, [JB]
Burton, Howard (Bennett), b. 8/16/1908, d. 9/28/1909, Plot O/27/L7-5, [JB]
Burton, John, no dates, Plot S/42/L7-3, [JB]
Buschmann, Melinda E(laine), b. 10/27/1971, d. 1/1/1972, In memory of, Plot S/38/L7-15, [JB]
Bush, John Skidmore, b. 9/28/1881, d. 3/26/1954, California, Pvt Btry D 25 Artillery, World War I, Plot S/35/L1-5, [JB]
Bushmann (Buschmann), Donald U, b. 1952, d. 1952, mortuary marker, Plot S/15/L6-17, [JB]
Bushnell (Schwiger), Bessie Agnes, b. 7/14/1894, d. 12/31/1968, Loving wife and mother, Plot S/18/H5-7, [JB]
Bushnell, Charles L, b. 10/27/1887, d. 12/12/1949, Father - Brother, Plot S/18/L5-5, [JB]
Bushnell, Charles R, no dates, Plot S/42/L5-23, [JB]
Butler, Robert L, b. 4/27/1947, d. 3/10/2000, In memory of, Plot S/38/L7-23a, [JB]
Byford), Geneva (Mary), b. (5/1)1927, d. (3/22)1996, Nothing but Geneva and years on cross, Plot F/33/L4-2, [JB]
Byrd, Maude Holbrook, b. (6/16/1877), d. (5/03/1917), LBH p135/bk1917, widow of Robert Lee Byrd, housewife, age 39y10m18d, b Arkansas, father VA Holbrook, mother VA Holbrook, [JB]
Byrd, Robert Lee, d. (4/06/1913), LBH p120/bk1913, age 52y11mp, sp Maude Byrd, occ barber, [JB]
Byrne, Francis Andrew, no dates, Plot S/47/L7-4, [JB]
Byrne, William F, b. 1848, d. 1916, 2 stones, Co A, ? Mass Cav, Plot F/34/L7-7, [JB]


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