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Zion Memorial Cemetery - Burial Records
Canby, Clackamas County, Oregon

GPS: 45.261591, -122.669224

2010 S Township Rd
Canby, OR 97013

Date published: November 16, 2017
Total records: 6,517

Surnames T-Z

Records published here were acquired from the City of Canby on November 12, 2017.

T., C., Old-1-35-A
TAGHON, Desiree Mechele, death: 6/23/2012, age: 45, NEW-H-12-22
TALLMAN, Horace C., NEW-K-13-B
TANGEN, Olaf H., death: 1/23/1961, NEW-N-25-A-2
TANGEN, Sara, death: 9/19/1991, age: 95, NEW-N-25-B
TANNER, Charlotte R., death: 2/2/2009, age: 83, Maus-Row4-ColB-NicheI
TAPLEY, Leland W., death: 2/7/1970, NEW-J-21-A
TARTER, Charles Willis, death: 5/19/1988, age: 60, NEW-H-12-28
TATE, Carlos Y., death: 1/1/1951, NEW-T-39-D
TATE, Ella E., death: 4/1/1974, NEW-T-39-E
TATONE, Annette Beatrice, death: 6/29/2014, age: 85, NEW-I-76-C
TATRO, Edna Blanche, death: 8/19/1978, Old-6-17-A
TAYLOR, Alonzo, Old-6-8-C
TAYLOR, Bessie J., NEW-S-59-E
TAYLOR, Clarence, death: 12/18/1990, age: 86, NEW-H-12-19
TAYLOR, Dolores Ann, death: 3/20/1977, NEW-U-9-A NE 1/4
TAYLOR, Elsie Agnes, death: 2/5/2000, age: 90, NEW-H-13-77
TAYLOR, Emerson H., death: 4/19/1959, NEW-S-59-D
TAYLOR, Gerald Robert, death: 6/1/2011, age: 63, MausII-Row15-Tandem-CryptF
TAYLOR, Gordon J., death: 1/1/1946, NEW-Y-5-E
TAYLOR, Harold Densley, death: 9/8/2003, age: 94, NEW-H-13-71
TAYLOR, Jewell A., death: 8/8/1977, NEW-I-38-E
TAYLOR, John, Old-3-6-A
TAYLOR, Lawrence, Old-6-8-A
TAYLOR, Marion May, Old-7-16-C
TAYLOR, Mary, Old-3-6-E
TAYLOR, Sherri, death: 3/20/1977, NEW-U-9-A SE 1/4
TAYLOR, Walter R., death: 8/3/1965, Old-4-11-H
TECKER, Ralph, Old-4-14-E
TEJERANO, Margarito Zurita, death: 4/20/2012, age: 78, NEW-F EAST-24-A
TELENGA, George, death: 1/1/1952, NEW-Y-21-C
TELENGA, Harriet S., death: 1/1/1955, NEW-Y-21-D
TELFORD, Isabel Elaine, death: 7/25/2016, age: 90, NEW-H-2-C
TELFORD, Wallace Maxwell, death: 3/21/2005, age: 93, NEW-H-2-B
TERRILL, Shawn, death: 7/21/1989, age: 21, NEW-J-71-B
TERRY, William D., Old-2-22-B
TESHERA, Richard L., death: 9/9/1993, age: 71, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheS
THACKERY, Johnnie L, death: 12/29/2003, age: 63, NEW-E-37-D
THACKERY, Lawrence Ralph, death: 10/10/2015, age: 90, NEW-J-61-B
THACKERY, Lois Marie, death: 8/31/2009, age: 80, NEW-J-61-A
THAYER, Jane Dix, death: 8/11/1946, Old-7-47-A
THELANDER, Vergil Hilmert, death: 9/9/2003, age: 82, NEW-F WEST-90-A
THIEL, Arthur F., death: 12/20/1961, NEW-N-24-C
THIEL, Eldred, death: 7/12/1974, NEW-M-41-A
THIEL, Ernest H., death: 12/8/1960, NEW-N-31-C
THIEL, Esther M., death: 11/7/1998, age: 85, NEW-M-41-B
THIEL, Frieda, death: 6/13/1958, NEW-N-29-B
THIEL, Herman, death: 2/2/1958, NEW-N-29-A
THIEL, Martha, death: 12/28/1969, NEW-N-24-D
THIEL, Michelle Lynn, death: 11/17/1998, age: 33, NEW-N-60-D
THIEME, Carl T., Old-2-18-D
THOMAS, (Baby), NEW-K-12-E NW 1/4
THOMAS, Caroline, Old-1-34-B
THOMAS, Charles A., death: 6/24/1957, NEW-Y-3-D
THOMAS, Clifford A., death: 12/9/1990, age: 74, Old-1-34-G
THOMAS, Dairrel U., Old-1-34-D
THOMAS, Ella, death: 9/15/1978, NEW-Y-3-C
THOMAS, Gilbert Allen, death: 9/13/2009, age: 66, NEW-E-36-E
THOMAS, Joanne Lynn, death: 5/28/2010, age: 63, NEW-H-14-D
THOMAS, Joseph E., Old-1-34-C
THOMAS, Leona, death: 4/22/1985, NEW-O-18-D
THOMAS, Mary H., Old-8-13-B
THOMAS, Owen C., Old-8-13-A
THOMPSON, Almeda, Old-8-52-E-2
THOMPSON, Barbara Jean, death: 3/18/2004, age: 82, NEW-H-26-C
THOMPSON, Betty Joan, death: 8/24/2012, age: 65, NEW-E-34-A
THOMPSON, Betty L., Old-8-52-E
THOMPSON, Carol Ellen, death: 1/9/2017, age: 93, NEW-E-22-D
THOMPSON, Elsie, death: 7/7/1997, age: 101, NEW-T-80-D
THOMPSON, Emma, Old-8-52-D
THOMPSON, Gladys Esther, death: 7/10/2002, age: 98, NEW-R-65-E
THOMPSON, Jacob A., death: 3/17/1972, NEW-R-65-D
THOMPSON, James Junior, death: 4/4/2003, age: 79, NEW-E-22-C
THOMPSON, Laura Helena, death: 5/8/1978, Old-8-52-A
THOMPSON, Lester W., death: 6/13/1964, NEW-S-60-D
THOMPSON, M., death: 1/1/1943, NEW-K-33-A
THOMPSON, Marilyn, death: 9/14/1984, NEW-N-51-E
THOMPSON, Neal Raymond, death: 3/29/2001, age: 87, NEW-X-48-D
THOMPSON, Ruth C., NEW-X-48-D-2
THOMPSON, Wesley H., Old-8-52-B
THOMPSON, Zera, death: 4/18/1959, NEW-N-38-C
THORN, Jill, death: 4/27/2012, age: 68, NEW-E-2-A
THORNTON, Edward, death: 1/1/1945, NEW-T-13-C
THORNTON, Elmer M., death: 11/1/1959, NEW-T-13-E
THORNTON, Elvis L., death: 12/2/1964, NEW-J-59-A
THORNTON, Howard, death: 6/25/1994, age: 81, NEW-T-13-B
THORNTON, Ibbie L., death: 3/24/1967, NEW-T-13-D
THORNTON, Irene B., death: 2/11/1985, NEW-J-59-B
THORNTON, Kenneth, BABY, NEW-J-59-
THORNTON, Verlin E., death: 1/1/1946, NEW-T-13-A
THROOP, Lewis E., death: 11/7/1963, NEW-X-2-E
THRUSH, Silvester H., death: 5/29/1968, NEW-J-16-C
THRUSH, Zora Leona, death: 2/6/1995, age: 97, NEW-J-16-D
TIBBETTS, Donald Paul, death: 7/28/2015, age: 83, New-H-36-120
TIBBETTS, Marjory Ann, death: 8/9/2016, age: 84, New-H-36-120-2
TIBBS, Frances W., death: 12/11/1964, NEW-W-40-A
TICE, Alex, Old-4-32-A
TICE, Bill, Old-4-32-B
TICE, H. S., Old-4-32-C
TICE, John W., Old-4-32-D
TICEN, Jaimie K., death: 11/18/2006, age: 19, NEW-H-70-A-2
TILDEN, Ezra E., death: 5/9/1962, NEW-N-40-E
TINDALL, Ernest G., death: 9/28/1988, age: 83, NEW-I-63-C
TINDALL, Esther Mae, death: 7/4/1997, age: 93, NEW-I-63-D
TINDALL, Katie, NEW-P-19-B
TINDALL, Mona Lea, NEW-P-19-A
TIPTON, Arbutus Joy, death: 5/13/1998, age: 90, NEW-Y-34-E
TIPTON, Beatrice, death: 7/18/1980, NEW-T-29-B
TIPTON, Jessie B., death: 1/1/1949, NEW-T-21-E
TIPTON, Leroy N., death: 7/7/1983, NEW-T-45-C
TIPTON, Thomas W., death: 1/1/1950, NEW-T-21-D
TIPTON, William, death: 9/9/1980, NEW-T-29-A
TITUS, Nicholas Joseph, death: 4/14/1996, age: 10, NEW-H-63-B
TODD, Beatrice, death: 11/28/1966, NEW-W-53-E
TODD, Beauford, age: 2002, Maus-Row7-ColB-NicheC
TODD, Betty J., age: 2003, Maus-Row7-ColB-NicheD
TODD, Eugene E., Old-2-20-B
TODD, Gerald Wayne, death: 8/16/1998, age: 54, Maus-Row7-ColB-NicheG
TODD, John F., death: 2/21/1986, NEW-W-34-E
TODD, Minnie, death: 7/28/1965, NEW-W-15-A
TODD, Norma J., death: 6/28/1987, age: 55, NEW-I-41-A
TOEDTEMEIER, Emma I., death: 8/29/1981, NEW-O-22-C
TOKSTAD, Emil Odin, death: 10/16/1998, age: 61, NEW-N-3-E
TOKSTAD, Lars E., death: 4/11/1964, NEW-N-3-C
TOKSTAD, Sallie E., death: 9/27/1975, NEW-N-3-D
TOLLEFSON, Elsie, death: 12/1/1961, NEW-T-5-E
TOLLEFSON, Olaf, death: 1/1/1948, NEW-T-5-D
TOMBELSON, Leonard V., death: 1/1/1945, NEW-Y-18-A
TONKIN, William H., NEW-K-16-C
TOOGOOD, Francis E., death: 7/3/1967, NEW-Y-12-A
TOOGOOD, James E., Old-2-8-G
TOOGOOD, Ruth Gelbrich, death: 11/26/1963, NEW-Y-12-B
TOOMBS, George Lorenzo, death: 2/26/2016, age: 85, New-E-1-B
TOOZE, Judith A, death: 4/23/1974, NEW-I-22-C
TOPFER, Rosina, Old-1-2-A
TORGESON, Claude, NEW-S-64-A
TORGESON, Dorothy Irene, death: 2/2/2002, age: 84, NEW-T-73-D
TORGESON, Robert A., death: 10/27/1991, age: 73, NEW-T-73-C
TORRANCE, Robert Eugene, death: 7/16/2008, age: 68, Maus-Row6-ColD-NicheN
TOWNSEN, Otis W., death: 8/26/1951, age: 79, Old-7-45-D
TRACY, Joseph Albert, death: 11/1/1982, NEW-R-54-D
TRACY, Leila Nettie Mae, NEW-R-54-E
TRACY, Thomas E., death: 3/15/1967, NEW-J-53-A
TRAFTON, Alvin, Old-8-39-A
TRAFTON, Clara Jane, Old-8-39-B
TRAFTON, Janet, Old-7-28-E
TRAGLIO, Lola Mae, death: 5/28/1998, age: 79, Maus-Row6-Single-CryptE-2
TRAGLIO, Wilbur Lorrine, death: 8/22/1997, age: 81, Maus-Row6-Single-CryptE
TRAISE, Irma M., death: 5/8/1987, age: 74, NEW-S-4-D
TRAISE, Tom J., death: 5/17/1963, NEW-S-4-C
TRAUTMAN, Emil Edwin, death: 5/19/1995, age: 87, Maus-Row4-Tandem-CryptB-2
TRAUTMAN, Louise, death: 6/22/2004, age: 91, Maus-Row4-Tandem-CryptB
TRAVERSO, Robert Dennis, death: 12/20/2015, age: 70, Maus-Row8-ColD-NicheC
TREADWELL, Elsie R., death: 6/11/1983, NEW-W-22-E
TREADWELL, Karl, death: 8/23/1970, NEW-W-22-D
TRETHEWAY, James, death: 1/1/1947, NEW-T-20-D
TRETHEWAY, Mary E., death: 4/6/1963, NEW-T-20-E
TRIETSCH, Irma Mae, death: 4/16/2012, age: 75, NEW-T-77-C
TRIPLETT, Evelyn America, death: 10/17/2004, age: 90, NEW-M-53-E
TRIPLETT, Laurel Lee, death: 10/16/2012, age: 58, Old-7-56-B
TRIPLETT, Rudesel (Rudy), death: 2/26/1994, age: 81, NEW-M-53-D
TROST, Leroy Samuel, death: 9/12/2000, age: 73, NEW-I-34-B
TROYER, Helen, death: 1/14/1983, NEW-M-3-C
TRUESDELL, Eugene E., death: 7/15/1968, NEW-J-4-D
TRUSHEIM, Jack, death: 2/4/1983, NEW-R-23-C
TRUSHEIM, John D., death: 1/10/1984, NEW-R-30-D
TRUSHEIM, Sarah, death: 4/17/1981, NEW-R-30-E
TUCKER, Carol Jo, death: 7/27/2014, age: 58, Maus-Row9-ColD-NicheV
TUCKER, Charles Albert, death: 2/5/2000, age: 97, NEW-O-58-A
TUCKER, Josephine, death: 10/9/2011, age: 86, Maus-Row2-Tandem-CryptF
TUCKER, Vesta J., death: 5/7/1983, NEW-O-58-B
TUCKER, Wayne, death: 7/30/2010, age: 76, New-Row11-ColC-NicheA
TUFT, Ing (Engebret), death: 8/16/1966, NEW-J-55-D-2
TUFT, Katherine Marie, death: 2/28/2000, age: 84, NEW-J-55-D
TUFT, Lauritz N., Old-7-51-A
TULL, Sophie P., death: 8/20/1968, NEW-J-58-E
TURK, Dorothy Mary, death: 3/15/2000, age: 82, NEW-N-34-C
TURK, Lloyd R., death: 1/12/1997, age: 87, NEW-J-35-D
TURK, Rena A., death: 10/24/1965, NEW-J-35-C
TURNER, Aaron Clark, death: 7/8/1960, Old-8-6-E
TURNER, Estella (Belle) D., death: 9/23/1951, NEW-T-4-B
TURNER, Hannah, Old-2-26-D
TURNER, Jennie G., death: 10/3/1978, Old-8-6-D
TURNER, Mack R., death: 11/23/1969, NEW-T-4-A
TURNER, Patricia Alice, death: 3/5/2002, age: 70, Maus-Row3-ColD-NicheO
TURPENING, Terry, death: 2/2/1987, age: 43, NEW-I-58-A
TWEEDIE, Aileen Bladorn, death: 11/5/1998, age: 95, NEW-U-5-C-2
UDELHOFEN, John C., death: 1/1/1945, NEW-T-60-D
UDELHOFEN, Vema J., death: 3/22/1974, NEW-T-60-E
UNKNOWN, Baby Anthony, (BABY), Old-2-25-D
UNKNOWN, No Name, Old-1-35-B
UNKNOWN, No Name, Old-1-35-C
UNKNOWN, No Name, Old-4-16-G
UNKNOWN, No Name - Baby, (BABY), Old-7-27-A
UPPENDAHL, Alma A., death: 9/29/1994, age: 84, NEW-W-2-E
URICH, Melinda Karen Egli, death: 5/21/1987, age: 31, NEW-O-46-D
UTIGER, Blanch L., death: 8/5/1968, NEW-J-13-C
UTIGER, Edward K., death: 7/7/1968, NEW-J-13-B
UTIGER, Harold M., death: 1/1/1952, NEW-T-22-D
UTIGER, Milo, death: 11/28/1966, NEW-J-36-E
UTIGER, Peter, Old-2-3-C
UTLEY, Nettie B., death: 4/7/1967, NEW-K-21-A
VALDEZ, Orlando J., death: 3/6/1995, age: 37, Maus-Row5-ColD-NicheG
VAN HORNE, Charles W., Old-8-69-A
VAN VELARAH, Frank, Old-8-62-B
VAN VELARAH, Metissa, Old-8-62-A
VANATTA, Richard Garth, death: 3/31/1988, age: 28, NEW-I-62-E
VANCE, Penny, death: 5/5/1964, BABY, NEW-K-11-B SE 1/4
VANCE, Valery, Old-2-5-A
VANDEMOORTELE, Daisy D., death: 1/22/1969, NEW-T-56-D
VANDEMOORTELE, Louis, death: 3/28/1966, NEW-T-56-E
VANDEMOORTELE, Raymond, death: 1/27/2002, age: 85, NEW-T-56-E-2
VANLANINGHAM, Dolores Christina, death: 3/31/2002, age: 78, Maus-Row4-ColB-NicheK
VANNIER, Agnes Kay, death: 9/26/2004, age: 83, NEW-J-63-C
VANNIER, Dennis R., death: 9/12/1996, age: 53, Maus-Row4-ColB-NicheB
VANNIER, Maurice I., death: 7/10/1985, NEW-J-63-B
VANNIER, Shiela M., death: 2/10/2012, age: 64, Maus-Row4-ColB-NicheA
VANRENS, James, death: 1/23/1958, age: 77, NEW-S-43-C
VANTASSEL, Nicholas Cody, death: 8/20/2013, age: 22, NEW-F WEST-91-E
VANVELKENBERG, Velma, death: 12/29/1988, age: 90, NEW-N-26-E
VANVORCE, Georgia Mildred, death: 12/7/2002, age: 92, NEW-T-9-C
VARGARA, Mary Elizabeth, death: 8/6/2016, age: 80, NEW-M-17-D
VAUGHN, Ester, death: 10/12/1959, NEW-X-9-C
VAUGHN, John E., death: 1/28/1961, NEW-X-9-B
VENNES, Bertha S., death: 11/27/1965, Old-3-24-H
VENNES, George Sr. J., death: 1/11/1996, age: 97, Old-3-24-H-2
VERGARA, Joe G., death: 12/25/1980, NEW-M-2-B
VERGARA, Letha, death: 10/6/1989, age: 80, NEW-M-2-C
VERGARA, Linda Lou, Old-7-36-E-2
VERGARA, Marie, death: 10/11/1980, NEW-M-17-B
VERGARA, Melvin Joe, death: 7/5/1992, age: 61, NEW-M-17-C
VERNIER, Bernice, death: 11/10/1983, NEW-W-2-C
VERNIER, Raymond D., death: 3/2/1997, age: 80, NEW-W-2-B
VERNON, Barbara M, death: 3/4/2004, age: 90, NEW-T-72-B
VERNON, Burnell, death: 1/22/1983, NEW-T-72-A
VERTNER, Bruce, death: 8/19/1979, NEW-R-36-A
VERTNER, Carl, death: 1/1/1953, NEW-Y-15-A
VERTNER, Maida L., death: 1/1/1944, NEW-Y-15-B
VETETO, Cecil, death: 8/3/1989, age: 78, Old-4-22-E-2
VETETO, Clyde, NEW-K-19-B
VETETO, Della, Old-2-30-G
VETETO, Docia C., Old-6-14-A
VETETO, Elmer F., Old-4-22-A
VETETO, Florence, death: 11/20/1983, Old-4-22-E
VETETO, George, death: 12/2/1959, Old-2-30-F
VETETO, George W., Old-4-22-B
VETETO, Hurman, Old-2-31-G
VETETO, Ira Lee, death: 10/28/1957, NEW-K-7-A
VETETO, Mary, Old-4-22-D
VETETO, Riley, Old-6-14-B
VETETO, Tralee, death: 10/30/1957, NEW-K-7-B
VETETO, Verna, death: 10/5/1983, age: 96, Old-4-22-C
VIAL, Randall Kent, death: 1/25/2013, age: 66, NEW-E-4-B
VICK, Bessie D., Old-5-68-D
VICK, Christopher C. E., death: 5/22/1968, Old-5-68-C
VICK, Florence Etta, death: 10/26/1987, age: 90, Old-5-68-B
VICK, Grace Evelyn, Old-5-68-E
VIGUS, John T., death: 9/27/1991, age: 88, NEW-N-18-B
VIGUS, Opal, death: 9/9/1994, age: 96, NEW-N-18-C
VINCENZI, Bell, death: 1/29/1959, NEW-X-18-D
VINCENZI, Charles, death: 5/15/1995, age: 83, NEW-M-48-D
VINCENZI, James A., death: 10/29/1993, age: 78, NEW-X-18-C
VINCENZI, Myrna Inez, death: 11/2/1998, age: 79, NEW-X-61-B
VINCENZI, Viola Marion, death: 6/2/2006, age: 91, NEW-M-48-E
VINT, Arlene, death: 5/24/1982, NEW-R-22-A
VINT, Paul E, death: 4/26/2000, age: 78, NEW-R-31-E
VINYARD, Albert W., Old-5-19-E
VINYARD, Hazel V., death: 12/1/1975, NEW-O-45-B
VINYARD, John Raymond, NEW-O-45-A
VINYARD, Mary E., Old-5-19-D
VIOL, Edward W., death: 2/21/1977, NEW-I-19-D
VIOL, Lillian Sophia, death: 7/24/2011, age: 95, NEW-I-19-E
VOGELTANZ, Larry Lawerance, death: 6/30/2012, age: 67, NEW-H-18-C
VORPHAL, Herman, Old-3-14-E
VOSS, Elizabeth, death: 3/6/1981, NEW-M-39-C
VOSS, Herman E., death: 6/8/1974, NEW-M-39-B
W., P., Old-2-26-E
WAGNER, (Baby), death: 8/5/1982, STILLBORN, NEW-J-58-C
WAGNER, Lela Lowry (Egli), death: 4/20/1993, age: 93, NEW-O-43-B
WAGNER, Margaret Janet, death: 9/30/2007, age: 86, NEW-J-58-B
WAGNER, Morgan, death: 7/5/1988, age: 2, NEW-J-58-C-2
WAGNER, Robert, death: 5/16/1980, NEW-J-58-A
WAIT, Charles N., Old-3-10-B
WAIT, Wilhemina, Old-3-10-A
WAITE, Ernest G., Old-2-14-A
WALCH, (Baby), BABY, NEW-U-1-B
WALCH, Albert John, death: 3/11/2009, age: 96, Maus-Row4-Tandem-CryptE-2
WALCH, Anna, Old-1-2-F
WALCH, Benjamin G., death: 5/23/1979, NEW-W-9-B
WALCH, Benny M., death: 7/18/1966, NEW-W-9-A
WALCH, Bertha, death: 6/23/2000, age: 93, NEW-U-1-E
WALCH, Clifford V., death: 8/22/1990, age: 67, NEW-I-76-A
WALCH, Dolores B. Johnson, death: 7/1/2007, age: 87, NEW-W-9-C
WALCH, Emil, age: 85, NEW-U-26-D
WALCH, Emma E., death: 5/30/1977, NEW-X-15-B
WALCH, Florence Lorraine, death: 11/11/2014, age: 97, NEW-I-72-B
WALCH, Fred, death: 1/1/1950, Old-1-2-E
WALCH, Frieda, death: 9/26/1962, NEW-S-18-D
WALCH, George, death: 8/16/1958, NEW-X-15-A
WALCH, George, Old-5-45-A
WALCH, George J., death: 10/15/1994, age: 77, NEW-I-72-A
WALCH, Henry, NEW-P-11-A
WALCH, Iola Mary, death: 1/16/2008, age: 96, NEW-U-26-E
WALCH, John, death: 7/17/1969, NEW-S-18-E
WALCH, Katherine, Old-5-45-B
WALCH, Lania M., NEW-P-11-B
WALCH, Leonard, death: 10/10/1975, age: 95, Old-5-45-E
WALCH, Louis Fredrick, death: 4/10/2003, age: 93, NEW-U-1-D
WALCH, Lydia F., Old-1-2-G
WALCH, Marian Adella, death: 1/21/2003, age: 87, Maus-Row4-Tandem-CryptE
WALCH, Melody Kay, death: 4/5/1977, NEW-U-18-D NE 1/4
WALCH, Michael, death: 3/26/1968, Old-5-45-D
WALCH, Richard A., death: 4/23/1974, NEW-I-46-E
WALDORF, Richard, death: 1/11/1972, NEW-T-51-C
WALDORF, Walter, death: 1/1/1947, NEW-T-51-A
WALDRON, Amanda, Old-5-9-B
WALDRON, Clintin Roy, Old-5-9-C
WALDRON, George, Old-5-9-A
WALGGNANT, Dr. Frank, Old-2-19-F
WALGRMAN or WALL, J. C., Old-2-19-B
WALKER, Burl Murtin, death: 5/15/2000, age: 82, Maus-Row3-Tandem-CryptF-2
WALKER, George C., death: 2/18/1994, age: 77, NEW-R-22-B
WALKER, Jerry L., death: 8/4/1960, NEW-X-8-C
WALKER, Leonard Jr., death: 10/8/2016, age: 84, NEW-F EAST-21-E
WALKER, Mildred Bernice, death: 10/13/2010, age: 89, NEW-R-22-C
WALKOSKI, Bennie A., death: 11/9/1991, age: 78, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheE
WALKOSKI, Frank A., death: 7/13/1996, age: 42, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheF
WALKOSKI, Lloyd Thomas, death: 9/19/2013, age: 62, MAUS-Row8-ColD-NicheI
WALL, Edith A. M., death: 10/31/1990, age: 91, Maus-Row8-Single-CryptB
WALL or WALGRMAN, Wife Of J.C., Old-2-19-A
WALLACE, Albert L., death: 11/15/1959, NEW-X-19-A
WALLACE, Betty A., death: 2/21/2017, age: 87, New-X-27-C-2
WALLACE, Betty Marie, death: 7/31/1997, age: 79, NEW-X-19-A-2
WALLACE, Charles A., death: 6/18/1961, NEW-X-19-C-2
WALLACE, David Lester, death: 9/29/2015, age: 93, NEW-E-32-D
WALLACE, Edie Merna, death: 12/26/2008, age: 82, NEW-E-32-E
WALLACE, Etta B., death: 11/2/1955, NEW-T-6-B
WALLACE, J. L., Old-6-9-A
WALLACE, John Lynn, death: 4/12/1969, Old-6-9-B
WALLACE, John S., death: 12/6/1963, NEW-T-6-A
WALLACE, Lew Edward, death: 5/20/2008, age: 80, New-X-27-C
WALLACE, Louis A., death: 1/1/1946, NEW-T-45-D
WALLACE, Mabel S., death: 5/11/1967, NEW-X-19-B
WALLACE, Nellie B., death: 7/10/1968, NEW-T-45-E
WALLACE, Paul Gentry, death: 4/21/1992, age: 80, NEW-X-19-C
WALLACE, Richard P., Old-6-65-A
WALLACE, Rosina M. (Dozier), Old-6-65-B
WALLACE, William, NEW-K-35-A
WALLS, Arble W., death: 1/8/1994, age: 91, NEW-R-11-B
WALLS, Billy J., death: 2/12/1995, age: 56, NEW-R-18-D
WALLS, Helen M., death: 1/22/1986, age: 75, NEW-R-11-A
WALLS, Ire, death: 5/18/1979, NEW-R-11-C
WALLS, Ruth Evangeline, death: 6/4/2001, age: 67, NEW-H-70-E
WALLS, William Lee, death: 12/2/1924, age: 74, NEW-H-70-D
WALSH, Mary Cecille, death: 11/8/1991, age: 46, NEW-J-71-A
WALTERS, Margaret J., death: 11/24/1975, NEW-I-5-C
WALTERS, Samuel G., death: 9/25/1976, NEW-I-5-B
WALTON, Grace, NEW-S-30-B
WALTON, Loren, death: 10/5/1957, NEW-S-30-A
WALTON, Mary, death: 2/17/1995, age: 80, Maus-Row7-ColA-NicheB
WALWORTH, Reuben C., Old-8-67-C
WALWORTH, Sophia, Old-8-67-D
WANG, Caroline, Old-8-35-D
WANG, Louis N., Old-8-35-E
WANMER, Etiole, death: 7/3/1997, age: 65, NEW-I-70-C
WANNER, William, NEW-S-55-A
WANVIG, Delores Ethel, death: 5/30/2010, age: 80, NEW-H-27-B
WANVIG, Henry Arnold, death: 10/8/1977, NEW-I-20-E
WANVIG, Lyla A., death: 2/24/1976, NEW-I-5-A
WARD, Larry Lee, death: 3/22/1998, age: 54, NEW-S-78-C
WARD, Oliver C., death: 11/24/1975, NEW-R-14-A
WARD, Pearl, death: 6/23/1989, age: 83, NEW-R-14-B
WARD, W. C., NEW-K-35-D
WARDEN, Leslie Earl, death: 12/6/1994, age: 80, NEW-M-8-D
WARDEN, Ruth E., death: 1/15/1994, age: 79, NEW-M-8-E
WARDEN, Sandra Marian, death: 9/19/2012, age: 66, NEW-F EAST-2-B
WARING, Jeffie, death: 11/2/1963, BABY, NEW-K-11-E SE 1/4
WARING, Kenneth Vernon, death: 10/9/2004, age: 70, NEW-T-66-A
WARING, Nancy Jo, death: 10/1/2003, age: 66, NEW-T-66-B
WARNER, Arla, death: 11/3/1979, NEW-S-55-E
WARNER, Delbert, death: 11/21/1968, NEW-W-27-D
WARNER, Donald Oliver, death: 3/24/1991, age: 55, NEW-N-60-B
WARNER, Margaret, death: 9/26/1985, NEW-N-60-A
WARNSTAFF, Nora, Old-8-70-B
WARREN, Frances, death: 10/24/1989, age: 68, Old-5-48-D (CREMAINS)
WARREN, James R., death: 7/23/2005, age: 81, NEW-H-12-38
WATERHOUSE, Bergie, death: 2/24/1981, NEW-R-55-C
WATSON, Andrew L., Old-7-61-E
WATSON, Blain H., death: 5/8/1963, Old-7-61-D
WATSON, Eunice, NEW-S-36-B
WATSON, Floyd Arthur, death: 7/3/2009, age: 54, NEW-H-12-20
WATSON, Hazel P, death: 12/12/2000, age: 97, NEW-R-10-A
WATSON, Huldah Annie, death: 9/26/1977, Old-7-61-C
WATSON, James Lee, death: 3/10/1974, NEW-R-53-B-2
WATSON, James O.D., death: 3/19/1992, age: 83, NEW-R-17-E
WATSON, Minnie Almira, death: 5/28/2002, age: 95, NEW-W-38-C
WATSON, Patricia Joanne, death: 2/12/1981, age: 24, NEW-R-53-B
WATSON, Randy, death: 1/11/1991, age: 30, NEW-W-29-B
WATSON, Ray A., death: 2/2/1966, NEW-W-38-D
WATSON, Wayne, death: 9/27/1970, NEW-S-36-A
WATSON, Wayne Walter, death: 4/9/2008, age: 78, Maus-Row2-ColB-NicheD
WATT, Yvonne Dianne, death: 2/16/2002, age: 78, NEW-H-21-B
WATTS, Emma F., Old-3-16-D
WAYTT, Walter S., death: 1/31/1957, NEW-K-8-A
WEAVER, Dianne A., death: 2/5/1959, NEW-Y-28-C
WEBB, Charles, death: 8/26/1970, NEW-N-5-D
WEBB, Debra Gene, death: 6/5/2010, age: 53, NEW-F WEST-88-A
WEBB, George B., death: 2/7/1970, NEW-J-28-D
WEBB, Lillian Abigail, death: 5/10/1978, NEW-N-5-E
WEBB, Martha Roberta, death: 12/9/1992, age: 97, NEW-J-28-E
WEBBER, Deanna K., death: 6/19/1967, NEW-J-32-B
WEBBER, Matthew George, death: 4/21/1994, age: 31, NEW-O-62-C
WEBER, Cora L., death: 9/15/1962, NEW-S-50-E
WEBER, Edward, death: 1/12/1988, age: 74, NEW-R-23-A
WEBER, Margaret N., death: 11/26/1982, NEW-R-23-B
WEBER, Marjorie May, death: 12/1/2013, age: 80, NEW-I-64-A
WEBER, Peter, death: 7/12/1960, NEW-S-50-D
WEBER, Sadie Marie, death: 7/20/1987, age: 75, NEW-S-50-C
WEBLEY, Martha, death: 3/18/1966, NEW-J-38-E
WEBSTER, Delry R., death: 11/1/1990, age: 91, NEW-O-47-C
WEBSTER, Gladys, death: 4/17/1985, NEW-O-47-D
WEDEKIND, Dessie C., death: 5/25/1980, NEW-S-49-E
WEEKS, Tricia Rae, death: 7/3/1967, NEW-J-51-A
WEGESEND, William Fred Jr., death: 6/17/2012, age: 74, NEW-E-3-B
WEHNER, Herman, death: 11/12/1963, NEW-S-7-C
WEHNER, Kate, death: 1/18/1979, NEW-S-7-D
WEICKER, Carl Leonard, death: 11/4/2002, age: 53, NEW-H-70-C
WEICKER, George F., death: 5/4/1963, NEW-S-26-E
WEICKER, Leona Irene, death: 12/29/1996, age: 69, NEW-S-26-E-2
WEIGEL, Steven, death: 11/22/1987, age: 19, NEW-O-51-B
WEISHAN, Jonathan, death: 2/4/1988, age: 10 DAYS, NEW-U-18-D SW 1/4
WEISS, Arleta Mae, death: 8/3/2008, age: 84, NEW-R-21-D
WEISS, Ernest, death: 4/29/1961, NEW-N-33-A
WEISS, Nora Elizabeth, death: 11/5/2009, age: 93, NEW-N-33-B
WEISS, Sarah Maria, Old-4-10-E
WEISS, Solomon, death: 10/30/1999, age: 86, NEW-R-21-C
WEISS, William, death: 6/4/1980, NEW-R-37-E
WEISS, Wm. Oscar, Old-4-10-F
WELCH, Beverly Ann, death: 4/29/2008, age: 70, NEW-H-16-A
WELCH, Cecil Willard, death: 2/8/1959, NEW-X-15-E
WELCH, Earl, death: 11/29/1956, NEW-X-13-B
WELCH, Edythe, death: 2/12/1988, age: 79, NEW-P-33-D
WELCH, Emma D., death: 7/13/1978, NEW-W-21-E
WELCH, Gerald James, death: 8/1/1973, NEW-W-21-E-2
WELCH, Hazel Inez, death: 6/10/2000, age: 95, NEW-X-10-A
WELCH, John William, death: 4/15/1976, NEW-W-43-B
WELCH, Maitland, death: 12/18/1985, NEW-P-33-E
WELCH, Mary C., death: 1/1/1956, NEW-X-34-B
WELCH, Mary D., death: 6/23/1967, NEW-X-13-C
WELCH, Timothy Edward, death: 10/7/1999, age: 20, NEW-M-13-E-2
WELCH, William, NEW-X-34-A
WELDY, Sarah B., Old-2-17-F
WELLBAUM, Mildred, death: 4/29/1986, age: 86, NEW-X-61-D
WELLS, Carlton P., death: 2/13/1969, BABY, NEW-K-11-B NE 1/4
WELLS, Clarence C., death: 12/27/1975, Old-3-31-C
WELLS, Dorothy B., death: 5/18/1974, Old-3-31-D
WELLS, Essie May, death: 5/30/1976, NEW-N-42-B
WELLS, Forest, Old-7-53-E
WELLS, George E., NEW-X-44-A
WELLS, Gerty, death: 1/26/1962, NEW-S-3-A
WELLS, J. Jr., Old-7-53-B
WELLS, Jack L., death: 1/23/1960, NEW-N-42-C
WELLS, John E., Old-7-53-D
WELLS, John H., death: 11/30/1968, NEW-S-3-B
WELLS, Joshua, Old-3-31-A
WELLS, Minnie, Old-3-31-B
WELLS, Troy, NEW-N-42-A
WENIGER, John, death: 4/15/1967, NEW-J-33-B
WENINGER, Franz, Old-8-36-A
WENINGER, Theressa, Old-8-36-B
WENINGER, Thresa, death: 9/3/1966, NEW-J-34-B
WENNER, Ferdinand, Old-5-7-B
WENNER, Leonard, Old-5-7-A
WENNER, Mary, Old-5-7-D
WENNER, William, Old-5-7-E
WENRICK, Adoree Helen, death: 2/26/1979, NEW-X-36-E
WENRICK, Bernice (Beanie), death: 3/13/1994, age: 70, Maus-Row7-Single-CryptD
WERDELL, Nadine Adele, death: 11/23/2002, age: 73, NEW-I-82-D
WERNER, Alice, death: 1/1/1962, Old-7-62-A
WESENBERG, O. Mae, death: 5/20/1981, NEW-R-31-D
WESENBERG, W. J., death: 3/26/1990, NEW-R-31-C
WESTWICK, Laverne, death: 10/14/1991, age: 74, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheG
WETHERBEE, Frank, death: 1/1/1938, NEW-Y-37-A
WETHERBEE, Rose, death: 1/1/1951, NEW-Y-37-B
WEYGANDT, Arthur, Old-7-60-E
WEYGANDT, Dorothy M., death: 4/11/1991, age: 83, Old-7-60-B
WEYGANDT, Fredrick, Old-7-60-D
WEYGANDT, Katie, death: 4/28/1962, Old-7-7-B
WEYGANDT, Raymond, death: 10/22/1979, Old-7-60-C
WEYGANDT, Robert, death: 10/28/1991, age: 44, NEW-O-64-A
WHEELER, Bert, Old-2-1-A
WHEELER, Harvey H., death: 3/29/1974, NEW-X-43-C
WHEELER, Irwin, NEW-X-43-A
WHEELER, Jennie, death: 1/1/1956, NEW-X-43-B
WHEELER, Mary Jane, Old-2-2-E
WHERLEY, Harold Duane, death: 12/21/1996, age: 59, NEW-T-67-C
WHERLEY, Mary E., death: 9/9/1988, age: 49, NEW-T-67-D
WHITE, Clyde, NEW-K-19-E
WHITE, Elizabeth, death: 5/11/1964, NEW-N-38-B
WHITE, Grant W., death: 7/22/1957, NEW-N-38-A
WHITE, John L., Old-7-5-B
WHITE, Louise Mareta, death: 1/8/2011, age: 85, NEW-F EAST-7-B
WHITE, Ruth, Old-7-5-A
WHITEHEAD, Robert, death: 3/24/1979, NEW-I-56-E
WHITEHILL, Gladys, death: 6/28/1982, NEW-R-35-B
WHITEHILL, James E., death: 2/28/1980, NEW-R-35-A
WHITEIS, Ida, death: 6/11/1974, NEW-T-37-E
WHITEIS, John L., death: 2/11/1958, NEW-T-37-D
WHITESIDE, John, death: 11/9/1987, age: 45, NEW-I-75-A
WHITMAN, Alan M., death: 6/11/1964, NEW-S-7-A
WHITMAN, Kandie Kay, death: 6/25/1981, NEW-M-16-C
WHITMAN, Kenneth T., death: 6/10/1956, NEW-I-35-C
WHITMAN, Larry Gene, death: 8/24/2012, age: 75, NEW-M-16-A
WHITMAN, Laura Fish, death: 9/16/1961, NEW-U-34-D
WHITMAN, Laura I., death: 10/30/1984, NEW-S-7-B
WHITMAN, Lida Elaine, death: 4/17/2011, age: 87, NEW-I-35-D
WHITMAN, Nancy K., death: 4/14/1974, NEW-I-35-B
WHITNEY, Emma F., Old-5-33-B
WICHER, Kenneth Edward, death: 7/10/2010, age: 37, NEW-F WEST-82-B
WICKER, George C., death: 1/1/1948, NEW-Y-4-A
WICKER, Marie I., death: 1/1/1946, NEW-Y-4-B
WICKLANDER, Sandra Sue, death: 7/11/1998, age: 52, NEW-H-57-E
WIDDOWS, Abraham B., NEW-U-19-D
WIDDOWS, Adaline, NEW-U-19-E
WIDDOWS, Dora C., death: 3/26/1988, age: 91, NEW-S-8-B
WIDDOWS, Glen W., death: 8/6/1989, age: 62, NEW-S-8-D
WIDDOWS, Hazel, death: 3/25/1980, NEW-K-8-D
WIDDOWS, Martin S., NEW-K-8-C
WIDDOWS, Walter O., death: 2/13/1963, NEW-S-8-C
WIDMAN, John, NEW-K-43-C
WIDNER, Alice Dorothy, death: 8/1/2003, age: 78, NEW-R-66-D
WIDNER, Charles J., death: 7/9/1967, NEW-W-51-C
WIDNER, Harold A., death: 7/10/1985, NEW-R-66-C
WIEDERHOLD, George H., death: 5/19/1973, NEW-X-31-C
WIEDERHOLD, Margaret, death: 6/5/1995, age: 87, NEW-X-31-D
WIEDERHOLD, Robert, death: 12/17/1959, NEW-X-31-B
WIEDERHOLD, Robert Vern, death: 3/24/1997, age: 43, NEW-X-31-E
WIEDERHOLD, Thomas E., death: 1/1/1927, NEW-X-31-A
WILBERT, Laura, Old-5-14-B
WILBOURN, Chas. W, Old-8-66-A
WILBOURN, Martha J., death: 9/30/1964, Old-8-66-B
WILCOX, Anna Alice, death: 4/5/2001, age: 93, Maus-Row1-Tandem-CryptB-2
WILCOX, Norman Charles, death: 4/29/2009, age: 95, Maus-Row1-Tandem-CryptB
WILDER, Millard, NEW-K-39-A
WILEY, Matilda C., Old-6-53-A
WILFING, Audrey Renee, death: 5/4/2004, age: 53, NEW-E-25-C
WILHELM, Edith, death: 1/31/1980, Old-7-26-C
WILHELM, Jacob, death: 9/20/1973, Old-7-26-D
WILKEN, Conrad, death: 3/15/1983, NEW-I-21-C
WILKEN, Olive Irene, death: 11/4/1980, NEW-I-21-B
WILKERSON, B. M., death: 7/4/1913, Old-5-53-E-2
WILKERSON, Hannah M., death: 7/4/1913, Old-5-53-E
WILKERSON, Jim, Old-5-53-C
WILKERSON, Martha, Old-5-54-D
WILKERSON, Ora Z., death: 1/1/1929, Old-7-37-A
WILKERSON, R. A., Old-5-53-D
WILKERSON, Samuel, Old-5-53-B
WILKERSON, Sarah, Old-5-54-E
WILLBROAD, Julie A., death: 7/4/1966, NEW-S-4-E
WILLCOCK, Clifford, Old-3-39-A
WILLCOCK, Cornevill B., Old-3-39-D
WILLCOCK, Father, Old-3-39-B
WILLCOCK, Lucinda, Old-3-39-C
WILLETT, Frank T., Old-6-26-A
WILLETT, Louisa, Old-6-26-B
WILLHOFT, Birdeena M., death: 12/2/1974, NEW-S-50-B
WILLIAM, Christian G., death: 12/18/1956, age: 1 DAY, NEW-Y-21-E
WILLIAMS, Alpha L., death: 3/16/1986, NEW-O-48-D
WILLIAMS, Archie, death: 9/24/1986, age: 101, NEW-O-48-C
WILLIAMS, Blanche Mary, death: 12/10/1992, age: 99, NEW-W-29-E
WILLIAMS, Clara E., NEW-X-47-B
WILLIAMS, Clara Louise, death: 8/8/2005, age: 80, NEW-H-11-D
WILLIAMS, Dorothy C., death: 1/1/1946, NEW-Y-5-B
WILLIAMS, Dustin, death: 7/16/1993, age: 17, NEW-T-72-C
WILLIAMS, Edward W., death: 1/1/1959, NEW-Y-5-A
WILLIAMS, Ella Jane, death: 4/17/1976, NEW-I-36-E
WILLIAMS, Ellen, death: 6/29/1966, NEW-X-58-B
WILLIAMS, Gene D., death: 3/6/1994, age: 77, NEW-S-38-A
WILLIAMS, George, death: 7/14/1958, NEW-X-58-A
WILLIAMS, Hattie, NEW-X-29-E
WILLIAMS, John Henry, death: 3/1/1973, NEW-I-36-D
WILLIAMS, Marie, death: 2/7/1982, NEW-M-29-A
WILLIAMS, Ralph, death: 7/8/1986, age: 63, NEW-H-12-14
WILLIAMS, Robert M., death: 3/9/1976, NEW-M-44-E
WILLIAMS, Sina May, death: 3/12/1975, NEW-S-38-D
WILLIAMS, Stanley H., NEW-S-43-D
WILLIAMS, Stephen H., death: 1/1/1969, NEW-W-29-D
WILLIAMS, Violet M., NEW-S-38-B
WILLIAMSON, Dorothy Mildred, death: 6/25/2010, age: 93, NEW-J-82-D
WILLIAMSON, Roger Dewayne, death: 8/13/1992, age: 28, NEW-J-84-C
WILLIAMSON, Thomas E., death: 9/23/1994, age: 77, NEW-J-82-C
WILLIS, Dean Michael, death: 1/15/2005, age: 41, NEW-E-38-B
WILLIS, Paul D., death: 6/4/1976, NEW-M-41-C
WILLIS, Thelma, death: 6/15/2002, age: 97, NEW-M-41-D
WILLOUGHBY, Ulrike, death: 2/22/1994, age: 33, Maus-Row3-ColD-NicheV
WILLS, Chester, Old-6-66-C
WILSEY, James R., death: 6/19/1982, NEW-R-1-B
WILSON, Alice, death: 9/16/1990, age: 79, NEW-S-25-D
WILSON, Arthur R., death: 5/16/1996, age: 79, NEW-N-58-B
WILSON, Arthur V., death: 8/22/1957, Old-5-61-D
WILSON, Bessie Montana, death: 9/13/1997, age: 83, NEW-M-7-C
WILSON, Charis M., death: 11/6/1974, NEW-I-10-E
WILSON, Clarence H., NEW-P-2-A
WILSON, Edward, Old-2-15-D
WILSON, Eliza Ann, Old-3-41-D
WILSON, Elizabeth, death: 1/22/1977, Old-3-41-H
WILSON, Elsie Mae, death: 12/12/2009, age: 90, NEW-N-58-C
WILSON, Erve Lee, death: 11/23/1998, age: 17, NEW-H-46-B
WILSON, Fay, death: 8/9/1981, Old-3-41-G
WILSON, Gertrude, NEW-P-36-D
WILSON, Harison, Old-2-22-A
WILSON, Henry Gager, death: 3/30/1994, age: 91, NEW-P-2-C
WILSON, Hilda Emelia, death: 6/28/1996, age: 101, Old-3-41-A
WILSON, James, Old-5-64-E
WILSON, James Edward, death: 8/2/2006, age: 81, NEW-S-11-C
WILSON, James M. Jr., death: 1/1/1943, NEW-Y-54-A
WILSON, James Sr., death: 1/1/1949, NEW-Y-54-C
WILSON, Joe, Old-3-41-B
WILSON, Lawrence, Old-3-12-E
WILSON, Leona H., death: 3/23/1970, NEW-Y-54-B
WILSON, Lorand, Old-2-10-A
WILSON, Marilyn Lucille, death: 1/7/2015, age: 79, New-M-45-E2
WILSON, Mary Hunt, death: 2/1/2015, age: 67, Maus-Row5-ColB-NicheC
WILSON, Nancy Pauline, death: 8 MONTHS, NEW-P-2-B
WILSON, Raymond, death: 1/1/1950, NEW-O-9-A
WILSON, Rose, death: 3/17/1963, NEW-Y-54-D
WILSON, Ross (Baby), death: 1/1/1915, Old-5-61-E
WILSON, W. C., Old-3-41-C
WILSON, Wesley, death: 12/24/1990, age: 83, Old-5-61-C-2
WILSON, Wilna Mae, death: 6/28/2012, age: 96, NEW-S-11-B
WIMER, Joseph A., death: 6/17/1987, age: 77, NEW-X-64-A
WIMER, Lorena A., death: 5/10/1987, age: 73, NEW-X-64-B
WINDER, Louise A., NEW-W-3-A
WINDON, Granville, death: 12/8/1996, age: 76, NEW-R-68-A
WINDON, Muriel Dunn, death: 12/13/2002, age: 77, NEW-R-68-B
WING, Albert F., Old-3-12-B
WING, Albert H, Old-3-12-D
WING, Charles E., Old-3-12-G
WING, Mary Jane, Old-3-12-C
WINK, Arthur, death: 10/25/1942, NEW-P-21-A
WINK, Delia J., death: 7/27/1957, NEW-P-21-B
WINK, Earl, death: 6/24/1963, Old-1-13-C
WINK, H. P., Old-1-13-B
WINK, Lillian, Old-1-13-A
WINN, Wayne Jeffrey, death: 7/2/1997, age: 40, Maus-Row4-ColB-NicheH
WINTER, Clinton Charles, death: 11/13/2003, age: 83, NEW-H-13-66
WINTER, Delmer, death: 9/13/1950, Old-2-6-C-NE1/4
WINTER, Harold Irven, death: 6/26/2003, age: 93, Maus-Row2-ColD-NicheV
WINTER, Velta Marie, death: 10/10/2003, age: 94, Maus-Row2-ColD-NicheU
WINTERMANTEL, Christian, Old-3-22-C
WINTERMANTEL, Matilda, Old-3-22-B
WINZLER, Arthur S., Old-4-13-C
WINZLER, George, Old-4-13-B
WINZLER, Nellie, Old-4-13-A
WIRES, Alma, death: 12/15/1985, NEW-R-15-B
WIRES, Garald William, death: 4/30/1995, age: 90, NEW-R-15-A
WISE, Richard Dale, death: 8/3/2009, age: 73, NEW-F WEST-102-E
WITHAM, Mary Dell, death: 1/10/2012, age: 90, NEW-I-57-E
WITSKE, Hilda, death: 1/1/1955, NEW-K-40-E
WITT, Charles John, NEW-P-5-A
WITT, Herman O., death: 8/13/1960, NEW-K-5-C
WITT, John E., death: 12/24/1982, NEW-P-5-B
WITT, Sophia, death: 3/4/1960, NEW-P-5-B-2
WITT, Walter, death: 1/1/1988, age: 80, NEW-K-30-E
WITTROCK, Arnold Hans, death: 5/22/2011, age: 85, Old-8-61-A
WITTROCK, Marcia Dolores, Old-8-61-B
WITZKE, Henry H., NEW-K-40-D
WOLCOTT, Charles Gordon, death: 5/14/2003, age: 74, NEW-H-13-89
WOLF, James Henry, death: 6/24/2011, age: 76, NEW-H-37-B
WOLF, Lisa Joell, death: 6/13/1966, BABY, NEW-K-11-C SE 1/4
WOLF, Willa Yvonne, death: 8/31/2008, age: 73, NEW-H-37-C
WOLFE, Merrill V., death: 2/24/2012, age: 91, NEW-H-42-B
WOLFER, A., Old-3-13-A
WOLFER, Benjamin, death: 7/25/1968, NEW-W-8-D
WOLFER, Hazel, death: 4/24/1959, NEW-N-30-A
WOLFER, Henry L., Old-3-13-D
WOLFER, Jabes W., Old-3-13-H
WOLFER, Leonard, death: 1/22/2004, age: 91, NEW-N-43-E
WOLFER, Lloyd A., death: 10/5/1964, NEW-W-39-A
WOLFER, Martin R., death: 9/24/1992, age: 64, NEW-W-8-D-2
WOLFER, Violet V, death: 9/28/2000, age: 96, NEW-W-8-E
WOOD, Adlai, death: 1/20/1981, NEW-I-15-A
WOOD, Amos D., NEW-S-61-A
WOOD, Bertha M., death: 1/30/1964, NEW-S-61-B
WOOD, Carry B., death: 3/1/1968, NEW-S-61-C
WOOD, Charlotte E., death: 9/5/1978, NEW-I-15-B
WOOD, Jack Earl, death: 7/13/1995, age: 75, NEW-I-15-A-2
WOOD, Leo, death: 8/19/1980, NEW-M-23-A
WOOD, Margaret T., death: 5/18/2013, age: 92, New-I-15-B-2
WOOD, Norman S., death: 10/3/1987, age: 68, NEW-M-37-D
WOOD, Ralph K., Old-2-8-E
WOOD, Rose Jane, Old-6-4-A
WOOD, Vivian B., death: 9/1/2001, age: 82, NEW-M-37-E
WOODARD, Hilton, death: 1/1/1948, NEW-T-32-A
WOODARD, Lillie, death: 7/6/1944, NEW-K-34-B
WOODRUFF, Beulah J., death: 7/6/1986, age: 72, NEW-W-10-E
WOODRUFF, Curtis D., death: 12/6/1955, NEW-W-10-D
WOODS, Lawrence, death: 2/20/1985, NEW-R-45-C
WOODS, Leafy, death: 12/20/2010, age: 69, MAUSII-Row9-Cryptc-2
WOODWARD, Opal Irene, death: 11/16/2004, age: 96, NEW-W-52-D-2
WORKMAN, Albert C., death: 9/30/1965, NEW-N-23-A
WORKMAN, Harold Eugene, death: 4/14/1999, age: 85, NEW-R-24-C
WORKMAN, Lilly P., death: 5/27/1962, NEW-N-23-B
WORKMAN, Patricia Marcella, death: 8/26/2015, age: 86, NEW-R-24-D
WORLEY, Kay Elaine, death: 8/2/1979, Old-7-25-C
WORMDAHL, Edna, death: 9/29/1965, NEW-W-14-D
WORMDAHL, Harry, death: 1/12/1965, NEW-W-14-C
WRIGHT, Adrian Arlo, death: 12/2/2011, age: 70, NEW-O-14-D
WRIGHT, Adrin J., death: 8/3/1964, NEW-O-14-A
WRIGHT, Arleta I., death: 9/28/1962, Old-4-40-G
WRIGHT, Arthur Albert, death: 4/6/1996, age: 66, Maus-Row2-ColD-NicheO
WRIGHT, Bertha E., Old-5-63-D
WRIGHT, Gary B., death: 8/12/1950, NEW-O-14-C
WRIGHT, Gary Dean, death: 1/4/2014, age: 65, NEW-M-43-B
WRIGHT, James Richard, death: 3/9/2006, age: 63, Maus-Row1-ColD-NicheV
WRIGHT, Lawrence Arlo, death: 10/3/1998, age: 88, NEW-N-31-B
WRIGHT, Louise M., death: 11/4/1960, NEW-N-31-A
WRIGHT, Mary M., death: 3/5/1968, NEW-N-33-E
WRIGHT, Talliene H., death: 1/29/1964, NEW-O-14-B
WROLSTAD, Anne W., death: 9/4/1995, age: 89, NEW-I-29-C
WROLSTAD, Annette, death: 2/4/1999, age: 89, NEW-I-61-B
WROLSTAD, Cora Pauline, death: 8/12/2015, age: 94, NEW-R-13-E
WROLSTAD, George, NEW-R-13-D
WROLSTAD, J. Sanford, death: 8/4/1984, NEW-I-61-A
WROLSTAD, Keith H, death: 3/12/2001, age: 58, NEW-R-13-C
WROLSTAD, Lorin E., death: 2/28/1993, age: 83, NEW-I-29-B
WROLSTAD, Lorin W., death: 8/3/1976, NEW-I-44-E
WUBBEN, Elizabeth Irene, death: 8/9/2011, age: 70, NEW-H-26-D
WUERL, Emma, death: 1/8/1987, age: 82, NEW-Y-56-E
WURDINGER, (Baby), death: 7/10/1955, NEW-K-12-E SW 1/4
WURDINGER, Dolores Darlene, death: 11/15/1998, age: 62, NEW-Y-71-D
WURSTER, Clara J., death: 2/17/1975, NEW-S-41-C
WURSTER, George, NEW-S-41-B
WYATT, Betty Irene, death: 5/30/1999, age: 70, NEW-I-55-A-2
WYATT, Cora G., death: 3/28/2002, age: 95, NEW-J-18-E
WYATT, James Frank, death: 6/29/1993, age: 94, NEW-J-18-D
WYATT, Kenneth, death: 8/27/2017, age: 81, New-J-18-C-2
WYATT, Roger Dale (AKA Perkins), death: 1/1/1972, age: 2, NEW-I-55-A-3
WYMAN, Harold A., death: 2/28/1982, NEW-R-8-D
WYMAN, Mary Elizabeth, death: 3/29/2005, age: 85, NEW-R-8-E
WYNN, Guy, death: 1/1/1967, NEW-W-8-A
WYNN, Irene D., death: 8/10/1994, age: 86, NEW-W-8-B
WYNN, James H., death: 1/1/1955, NEW-X-38-A
WYNN, Mabel D., NEW-X-38-B
YEARY, (Baby), Old-6-17-E-2
YEARY, Fern Ross, death: 2/4/2006, age: 87, Old-6-17-B
YEARY, H. N., Old-6-17-C-2
YEARY, Harmon Henry, death: 11/1/2001, age: 86, Old-6-17-C
YEARY, James Herbert, death: 10/1/2008, age: 88, Old-6-17-E
YEARY, Lucy, Old-6-17-D-2
YEARY, William A., Old-6-17-B-2
YERGEN, Hazel, death: 6/6/1975, NEW-X-21-C
YERGEN, Hubert Ray, death: 5/30/1994, age: 67, NEW-X-45-E
YERGEN, Ray, death: 4/18/1972, NEW-X-21-B
YERGEN, Richard, death: 4/10/1958, NEW-X-45-D
YODER, Alma Haines, death: 12/8/1998, age: 85, NEW-U-6-C
YODER, Clayton C., death: 3/25/1975, NEW-S-52-B-2
YODER, Frank, NEW-J-38-A
YODER, Lorin, NEW-W-4-A
YODER, Marvin, death: 2/5/1990, age: 81, NEW-U-6-B
YODER, Melvin, BABY, NEW-U-6-A
YODER, Velma Maxine, death: 12/23/2013, age: 90, NEW-W-4-B
YODER, Viola, death: 12/25/1981, NEW-S-52-C
YODER, Willis W, death: 11/11/2001, age: 81, NEW-O-49-A
YOERGER, Joseph F., death: 1/29/1997, age: 93, NEW-I-73-A
YOHEY, Gladys Maxine, death: 1/20/2001, age: 85, NEW-T-7-E
YOHN, Earl W., death: 6/2/1980, NEW-W-49-A
YOHN, Mary May, death: 8/21/1967, NEW-W-49-B
YOUNCE, Nora Opal, death: 4/22/1997, age: 88, NEW-M-48-A
YOUNG, Anna, death: 5/2/1980, NEW-M-17-A
YOUNG, Darrell, NEW-O-38-D
YOUNG, Fern Adelia, death: 12/23/2006, age: 95, NEW-O-47-B
YOUNG, Franklin L., death: 3/18/1996, age: 90, NEW-O-47-A
YOUNG, Lena Engel, death: 7/26/1963, Old-4-27-F
YOUNG, Louis, death: 10/1/1985, NEW-M-20-E
YOUNG, Maude H., NEW-K-14-B
YOUNG, Ollie, death: 1/1/1955, age: 72, NEW-O-38-E
YOUNG, Walter, death: 5/7/1969, NEW-K-14-C
YOUNGE, John Allen, death: 8/8/1975, NEW-P-17-E
YOUNGE, Mildred F., death: 4/28/1989, age: 72, NEW-P-17-D
YOUNGER, Yvonne Joyce, death: 5/26/2004, age: 74, NEW-N-16-A-2
YOUNGREN, Laura Berg, death: 11/30/1979, Old-5-22-A
YOUSSEF, Ramzi Sadek, death: 7/6/2000, age: 73, NEW-H-26-E
ZABEL, Julia H., Old-7-10-B
ZACHER, Agnes Louise, death: 7/27/2012, age: 93, NEW-E-37-A
ZACHER, Arthur Max, death: 1/5/1993, age: 87, NEW-X-17-D
ZACHER, August, NEW-U-27-A
ZACHER, Edwin, Old-2-17-D
ZACHER, Elizabeth U., death: 2/26/1955, NEW-T-45-B
ZACHER, Frances C., death: 10/19/1962, NEW-S-47-E
ZACHER, Frederick, death: 1/1/1945, NEW-T-45-A
ZACHER, John, NEW-S-47-D
ZACHER, Karolina, death: 1/17/1954, NEW-U-27-B
ZACHER, Katherina, NEW-K-40-C
ZACHER, Martha, death: 8/11/1989, age: 80, NEW-X-17-E
ZACHER, Reuben E., death: 5/18/1946, NEW-T-44-D
ZACHER, Theodore Frederick, death: 12/12/2014, age: 93, NEW-E-38-E
ZACHER, Walburga, death: 3/25/1979, NEW-M-30-E
ZACHER, Walter E., death: 7/26/1982, NEW-M-30-D
ZACKER, Walter, death: 1/21/1990, age: 57, NEW-M-50-A
ZALDIVAR, Elizabeth J., death: 9/13/1998, age: 67, Maus-Row5-ColB-NicheG
ZEEK, Chloe L., Old-6-60-E
ZEEK, John, Old-6-60-D
ZEEK, John Jr., Old-6-60-A
ZEEK, Nancy E., NEW-O-34-D
ZEEK, Thomas E., death: 6/26/1965, NEW-O-34-C
ZEEK, W. Arthur, Old-7-14-A
ZEGERS, Harold J., death: 3/2/1994, age: 65, NEW-S-75-B
ZEGGERS, Louise M., NEW-S-43-B
ZEGGERS, William, death: 12/19/1958, NEW-S-43-A
ZEISE, Donald J., death: 8/27/1982, NEW-M-40-C
ZEISE, Joan Clair, death: 11/29/1975, NEW-M-40-D
ZIEBER or ZIRBER, Ruth, death: 6/30/1969, NEW-J-3-D-2
ZIEGENBEIN, Florence Eva, death: 11/5/2001, age: 88, NEW-O-42-B
ZIGLER, Benjiman W., death: 9/25/1968, NEW-J-57-B
ZIGLER, Clara, NEW-U-29-B
ZIGLER, Lurell, death: 4/7/1965, NEW-J-57-C
ZIMMER, Christian, Old-5-10-A
ZIMMER, George E., Old-5-10-D
ZIMMER, Mary, Old-5-10-C
ZIMMER, Raymond, Old-5-10-B
ZIMMERMAN, Adam, Old-3-28-D
ZIMMERMAN, Alleta Leona, death: 3/15/1997, age: 96, NEW-S-62-BETWEEN C&D CREMAINS
ZIMMERMAN, Annie C., death: 12/6/1960, NEW-S-62-C
ZIMMERMAN, Elizabeth, Old-3-28-C
ZIMMERMAN, George, death: 4/19/1965, Old-3-28-H
ZIMMERMAN, Henry, death: 10/17/1987, age: 92, NEW-S-44-A
ZIMMERMAN, Mary, Old-3-28-E
ZIMMERMAN, Minnie, death: 2/16/1959, Old-3-28-G
ZIMMERMAN, Myrtle Fikan, death: 3/9/1998, age: 94, NEW-S-44-B
ZIMMERMAN, Rudolph, death: 5/7/1953, NEW-S-62-D
ZIMMERMAN, Sharon May, death: 5/31/2014, age: 73, NEW-S-44-C
ZIMMERMAN, William, Old-3-28-A
ZOLLNER, Birdie, Old-1-18-F
ZOLLNER, Florence, Old-1-18-G
ZOLLNER, Melvin, Old-1-18-H
ZWEIFEL, Anna M., death: 2/7/1959, Old-4-35-B
ZWEIFEL, Caroline, Old-4-35-A
ZWEIFEL, Christopher, Old-4-35-C
ZWEIGART, Clarence William, death: 10/30/2003, age: 91, NEW-M-18-C
ZWEIGART, Esther F., death: 10/18/1998, age: 93, NEW-M-18-B
ZWEIGART, Muriel, death: 9/25/1984, NEW-M-18-D
ZWEIGART, Phyllis Jean, death: 3/20/2009, age: 82, NEW-H-68-D
ZWEIGART, Sherman, death: 4/15/1980, NEW-M-18-A
ZWEIGART, Wanda R., death: 11/17/2004, age: 86, NEW-H-67-C

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