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Zion Memorial Cemetery - Burial Records
Canby, Clackamas County, Oregon

GPS: 45.261591, -122.669224

2010 S Township Rd
Canby, OR 97013

Date published: November 16, 2017
Total records: 6,517

Surnames P-S

Records published here were acquired from the City of Canby on November 12, 2017.

PADILLA, Betty, death: 8/9/1983, NEW-R-1-A
PADILLA, Thomas, death: 11/4/1986, age: 86, NEW-R-26-E
PALMER, Brian Christopher, death: 7/19/1990, age: 2, NEW-U-35-B N 1/2
PALMER, Eric Bent, death: 6/4/1986, age: 4 DAYS, NEW-U-35-C NW 1/4
PALMER, Hazel F., death: 3/8/1969, NEW-S-58-B
PALMER, Ida, death: 3/11/1984, NEW-Y-56-B
PALMER, Marshall Francis Jr., death: 5/12/2001, age: 68, NEW-F WEST-86-E
PALMER, William, NEW-S-58-A
PARBERRY, James J., death: 11/4/1959, NEW-K-30-B
PARBERRY, Linnie, death: 7/14/1943, NEW-K-30-A
PARDEY, Edwin Ferdinand, death: 6/7/2016, age: 93, NEW-R-5-A
PARDEY, Henry F., death: 12/8/1984, NEW-W-36-B
PARDEY, Olga P., death: 3/7/1987, age: 86, NEW-W-36-C
PARDEY, Patricia Margaret, death: 10/28/2014, age: 90, NEW-R-5-B
PARKER, Jennie M., Old-6-37-E
PARKER, Louisa, Old-3-11-D
PARKER, Margaret Adell, death: 4/24/2012, age: 81, NEW-H-46-A
PARKER, Richard L., death: 9/17/1980, NEW-M-27-D
PARKER, William, Old-3-11-C
PARKINSON, Joyce Geraldine, death: 5/4/2010, age: 86, NEW-I-60-D
PARKS, Edward, Old-3-13-B
PARKS, Luzetta, Old-3-13-C
PARKS, Mary A., death: 9/4/1967, NEW-N-18-A
PARKS, Thadeus S., death: 7/20/1961, NEW-N-19-E
PARMENTER, Corwin, death: 3/31/1977, NEW-T-1-C
PARMENTER, D. J., Old-3-32-B
PARMENTER, Harriet S., Old-3-32-D
PARMENTER, Howard, death: 8/22/1987, age: 70, Old-2-30-J
PARMENTER, Josie M., death: 6/30/1975, NEW-T-1-B
PARMENTER, Lawrence, death: 7/15/1982, Old-3-32-A
PARMENTER, Leonard L., death: 1/1/1947, NEW-T-1-A
PARMENTER, Leroy D., death: 12/16/1967, Old-2-30-H
PARMENTER, Lilah, Old-3-32-H
PARMENTER, Lillian G., death: 5/6/1970, Old-2-30-I
PARMENTER, M. L., Old-3-32-C
PARMER, Anthony J., death: 11/15/1981, NEW-U-9-D NW 1/4
PARMER, Charley A., Old-3-2-F
PARMER, Pauloma, Old-3-2-E
PARMLEY, Elsie C., Old-8-68-B
PARMLEY, Joseph E., death: 9/3/1964, Old-8-68-A
PARROTT, Joseph, Old-7-56-E
PARSON, James Thomas, death: 1/15/1995, age: 31, NEW-H-53-C
PATARAY, Stacey Harumi, death: 8/8/2007, age: 40, NEW-W-25-E
PATCH, Francis, Old-2-35-E
PATCH, Grace W., Old-7-41-C
PATCH, John F., Old-7-41-A
PATCH, Margarett, Old-7-41-B
PATRICK, Mildred, death: 1/1/1940, NEW-Y-36-B
PATTERSON, Elizabeth, NEW-X-40-E
PATTERSON, Hubert N., death: 10/6/1958, NEW-X-40-D
PAYNE, David D., death: 6/9/2000, age: 32, NEW-H-36-103
PAYTE, Mary Belle, death: 1/4/1981, NEW-W-13-A
PAYZANT, Ethel, death: 4/7/2008, age: 95, NEW-N-65-D
PAYZANT, Kate, death: 1/18/1968, NEW-N-2-B
PAYZANT, Leverette Hoyt, death: 7/3/1999, age: 91, NEW-N-65-C
PAYZANT, William E., death: 6/18/1962, NEW-N-2-A
PEABODY, Jay J., death: 11/29/1958, NEW-S-30-D
PEABODY, Phoebe, death: 7/29/1994, age: 95, NEW-S-30-E
PEARSON, Carol, death: 9/15/1971, NEW-M-42-A
PEARSON, Eva June, death: 1/8/2006, age: 92, NEW-M-42-B
PEARSON, Helen Agnes Marie, death: 4/10/2012, age: 94, Maus-Row6-ColB-NicheM
PEARSON, John P., NEW-P-34-A
PEARSON, Margeret Belle, death: 6/12/2001, age: 90, NEW-I-10-B
PEARSON, Nannie Ann, death: 10/23/1958, NEW-P-34-B
PEARSON, Ray A., death: 8/11/1976, NEW-I-10-A
PEARSON, Werner Gustave, death: 8/3/1997, age: 86, NEW-M-42-B-2
PEAVY, Geno Bell, Old-6-25-C
PEDERSON, Peder C., death: 6/21/1978, NEW-W-43-D
PEDERSON, William J., death: 3/8/1970, NEW-J-21-D
PEEK, William, death: 6/15/1959, NEW-X-30-E
PELLATZ, Otto Leland, death: 8/10/2008, age: 84, NEW-H-6-B
PELLATZ, Rudolph, NEW-X-51-A
PEMBLE, Marry E., death: 1/1/1955, NEW-T-12-B
PEMBLE, Raymond H., death: 1/1/1946, NEW-T-12-A
PEMBROKE, Julia A., Old-3-3-C
PEMBROKE, T. C., Old-3-3-B
PENCE, Thelma Irene, death: 6/18/1983, NEW-J-74-B
PENDLETON, C., Old-4-15-D
PENDLETON, Phoeby, Old-4-15-C
PENDLETON, Sr., Old-4-15-H
PENNER, Beatrice J., death: 3/10/2008, age: 79, Maus-Row6-ColD-NicheK
PENNOYER, Dorothy Lydia, death: 12/10/1976, NEW-I-11-C
PENNOYER, Elgin Claude, death: 5/29/2001, age: 90, NEW-I-69-B
PENNOYER, Henry H., death: 1/16/1985, NEW-I-74-A
PENNOYER, Lelia Mae, death: 6/18/1994, age: 89, NEW-I-69-C
PENNOYER, Luther E., death: 10/7/1996, age: 91, NEW-I-11-B
PENZA, Stanley Henry, death: 5/3/2000, age: 73, NEW-F WEST-100-E
PERKETT, Donna, death: 7/27/1959, NEW-K-12-C NE 1/4
PERKETT, Elizebeth R., death: 7/9/1961, NEW-Y-34-B
PERKETT, Florence, death: 5/31/2000, age: 96, NEW-J-25-E
PERKETT, Frank, death: 1/1/1943, NEW-Y-34-A
PERKETT, Paul, death: 10/25/1969, NEW-J-25-D
PERKINS, Daniel L., death: 5/5/1984, NEW-I-83-A
PERKINS, Donald Leroy, death: 11/5/2016, age: 74, New-H-36-117
PERKINS, Roger Dale (AKA Wyatt), NEW-I-55-A
PERRINGER, J., Old-4-8-B
PERRINGER, Louise M., Old-4-8-A
PERRINGER, Mike J., death: 4/24/1962, Old-4-8-E
PERRY, Verlena P (Schwietert), death: 10/27/2002, age: 89, NEW-R-28-A
PETERS, Joseph K., death: 5/31/1981, NEW-R-51-C
PETERS, Phyllis Lavelle, death: 1/22/2010, age: 84, NEW-R-51-D
PETERSON, Alma, death: 10/3/1986, age: 94, NEW-S-2-A
PETERSON, Anna L., death: 1/1/1948, NEW-O-28-E
PETERSON, Arnold M., death: 1/5/1965, NEW-W-38-E
PETERSON, Carl A., death: 3/26/1962, NEW-S-25-E
PETERSON, Donald, death: 2/11/1960, BABY, NEW-K-12-D SE 1/4
PETERSON, Donald Lee, death: 7/25/2015, age: 74, NEW-H-52-D
PETERSON, Eunice R., NEW-S-37-D
PETERSON, Florence Leona, death: 7/8/1999, age: 86, NEW-X-6-C
PETERSON, Jens C., death: 12/4/1962, NEW-O-28-D
PETERSON, Joseph Kent, death: 2/21/1998, age: 22, NEW-H-52-C
PETERSON, Kathryn Virginia, death: 9/9/2005, age: 96, NEW-J-55-C
PETERSON, Maurace, death: 7/17/1963, NEW-N-8-E
PETERSON, Peter H., death: 6/9/1962, NEW-S-37-C
PETTIT, Almeda, death: 6/7/1988, age: 79, NEW-W-35-B
PETTIT, James, death: 6/4/1991, age: 87, NEW-W-35-A
PETTY, Arredtha, Old-8-25-E
PFEIFER, Blanche, death: 6/14/1958, Old-1-12-G
PFEIFER, Edward D., death: 4/10/1963, NEW-S-1-E
PFEIFER, Marie M., death: 11/14/1958, NEW-T-22-C
PFISTER, Ben, death: 1/1/1944, Old-5-56-C
PFISTER, Grace A., Old-5-56-E
PFISTER, Minnie, death: 2/14/1974, Old-5-56-B
PFISTER, Raymond S., Old-5-56-D
PHARIS, Maggie A., Old-2-17-G
PHEGLEY, Celia, Old-1-33-A
PHEGLEY, Fred, Old-1-33-G
PHEGLEY, James A., Old-1-33-B
PHEGLEY, James A., Old-1-33-C
PHEGLEY, James H., Old-1-33-D
PHEGLEY, Samuel, Old-1-33-H
PHILLIPS, Charley R., death: 6/22/1968, NEW-J-32-E
PHILLIPS, Ione L., death: 6/6/1992, age: 87, NEW-J-17-A
PHILLIPS, Katherine, death: 9/17/1970, NEW-R-65-A
PHILLIPS, Lola Bernice, death: 4/5/2006, age: 84, NEW-N-7-B-2
PHILLIPS, Mathilda, Old-8-21-B
PHILPOT, Alvin Estes, death: 4/15/2008, age: 86, NEW-H-65-A
PHILPOT, Helen M., death: 3/13/1980, NEW-M-20-D
PHILPOT, Homer, death: 5/10/1980, NEW-N-4-B
PHILPOT, Leetha, death: 5/26/1977, NEW-N-4-C
PHILPOT, Louis, death: 11/19/2005, age: 81, NEW-M-20-C
PHILPOT, Wallace P., death: 2/18/1964, NEW-N-4-A
PIARCE, Barbara Fay, death: 6/21/1964, NEW-S-6-E
PIARCE, Cathern Ann, death: 6/13/1964, NEW-S-7-E
PIATT, Edward, death: 3/5/1962, Old-8-16-C
PIATT, Lenora, Old-8-16-D
PICKETT, Robert C., death: 12/30/1980, NEW-R-31-A
PIEPKE, Agusta, Old-3-24-C
PIEPKE, Carl, Old-3-24-B
PIEPKE, Edith Mary, Old-7-4-A
PIEPKE, Fred H., death: 9/19/1956, Old-7-4-B
PIEPKE, Herman A., death: 1/3/1961, Old-3-24-D
PIEPKE, Mathilda, Old-3-24-E
PIEPKE, William R., death: 1/19/1967, NEW-W-44-A
PIERSON, Lucille Leona, death: 9/30/1999, age: 88, NEW-E-29-E
PIERSON, Ralph Whitfield, death: 11/21/2000, age: 88, NEW-E-29-E-2
PIIL, Scott Vance, death: 8/25/2002, age: 39, NEW-O-51-D
PILGREEN, Joseph Wayne, death: 2/2/1990, age: 19, NEW-H-12-44
PILGRIM, Ezeia, death: 7/30/1990, NEW-R-8-C
PINION, Mary E., death: 4/1/1991, age: 61, NEW-I-64-B
PIPPO, Janet Marie, death: 9/19/1987, age: 29, NEW-N-46-E
PITTS, Alice M., death: 5/28/1966, NEW-Y-58-B
PITTS, Charles R., death: 12/27/1964, NEW-Y-58-D
PITTS, James R., death: 9/1/1940, NEW-Y-58-A
PITTS, Marshall D., death: 1/1/1943, NEW-Y-39-C
PITTS, Richard & Wallace, NEW-Y-58-E
PITTS, Rodney Marvin, death: 3/24/1998, age: 86, NEW-Y-58-C
PITTS, Roy J., death: 1/1/1943, NEW-Y-39-A
PLANT, Betty C., death: 9/18/1986, age: 64, NEW-Y-68-B
PLASKET, Sara Lee, death: 6/28/1989, age: 80, NEW-O-50-D
PLASTER, Addie, NEW-K-36-C
PLATT, Rose Ellen, Old-5-58-E
PLEMON, Roger Francis, death: 7/18/1994, age: 53, NEW-N-58-A
PLUMER, Amos J., death: 5/31/1963, Old-1-25-D
PLUMER, Gus W., Old-1-25-B
PLUMER, Sophie J., Old-1-25-C
POFF, David Lavern, death: 9/21/2017, age: 56, New-F West-112-A
POLONIO, Abel N., death: 10/11/1993, age: 69, NEW-S-84-A
POLONIO, John D., death: 8/5/1995, age: 45, NEW-S-84-C
POND, Eileen, death: 4/29/1963, NEW-N-12-E
POND, Ethel, death: 1/12/1959, NEW-X-28-D
POND, Frank Orville, death: 5/12/1993, age: 83, NEW-X-28-C
POND, John B., death: 3/10/1997, age: 77, NEW-N-12-D-2
POND, Joseph W., death: 10/27/1953, NEW-S-57-D
POND, Rosa B., death: 6/15/1961, NEW-S-57-E
POND, Stella, death: 8/22/2007, age: 91, NEW-N-12-D
PORTER, Aletha, Old-7-57-E
PORTER, C. H., Old-5-64-A
PORTER, Ethel M., death: 7/31/1975, NEW-X-48-B
PORTER, Harry, death: 6/23/1973, NEW-X-48-A
PORTER, Ida May, Old-1-17-B
PORTER, James, Old-1-17-A
PORTER, Lauren D., death: 1/21/2014, age: 92, NEW-H-22-C
PORTER, Marilla, Old-1-1-D
PORTER, Phyllis Jane, death: 2/19/2005, age: 82, NEW-H-22-D
PORTER, William R., Old-1-1-C
PORTWOOD, Jerry W. Jr., death: 9/5/1996, age: 23, NEW-H-60-D
POSCHWEATA, Carl C., death: 1/27/1967, NEW-W-52-C
POSTAL, Mae, death: 1/1/1945, NEW-Y-40-D
POSTLEWAIT, Bettie Verlene, death: 12/31/2012, age: 86, NEW-E-25-E
POSTLEWAIT, Hannah, death: 8/30/1980, NEW-R-58-B
POSTLEWAIT, Mabel K., death: 11/25/1988, age: 78, NEW-R-58-C
POSTLEWAIT, Robert Cloyde, death: 5/11/1998, age: 82, NEW-R-5-D
POSTLEWAITE, Joesphine E, death: 12/10/2005, age: 86, NEW-R-6-E
POSTLEWAITE, John, death: 9/12/1994, age: 76, NEW-R-6-D
POTTRATZ, Arden L., death: 12/24/1986, age: 69, NEW-M-43-E
POTTRATZ, Glen, death: 10/24/1977, NEW-I-32-B
POTTRATZ, Louise, death: 7/28/1978, NEW-M-30-A
POTTRATZ, Roy, death: 10/28/1973, NEW-J-8-E
POTTRATZ, Wilma, death: 7/16/1994, age: 87, NEW-N-10-E
POWELL, Amaryllis Lilles, death: 11/12/1931, age: 82, NEW-I-65-D-2
POWELL, Anna H, death: 7/21/2001, age: 86, Maus-Row6-Single-CryptB
POWELL, Dallas, death: 1/1/1944, NEW-Y-53-A
POWELL, Donald F., death: 11/27/1994, age: 84, NEW-Y-53-C
POWELL, Elvira R., death: 12/3/1963, NEW-Y-53-B
POWELL, Ethel F., death: 2/26/1964, NEW-N-7-E
POWELL, Mabel M., death: 2/28/1989, age: 77, NEW-W-17-B
POWELL, Patricia, NEW-Y-53-E
POWELL, Richard L., death: 1/6/1986, NEW-I-65-D
POWELL, Robert K., death: 6/2/1974, NEW-W-17-A
POWELL, Viola, death: 12/17/1974, NEW-Y-53-D
PRAHL, Ferdinand J., Old-2-8-A
PRAHL, Kathryn M., Old-7-40-B
PRAHL, William F., Old-7-40-A
PRAKKEN, J. Gordon, death: 10/9/2006, age: 82, Maus-Row6-ColD-NicheJ
PRALL, Donald Elmer, death: 2/3/1999, age: 86, NEW-Y-27-D
PRALL, Ella M., death: 1/1/1952, NEW-Y-27-C
PRALL, Thelma Kathryn, death: 12/12/2000, age: 96, NEW-Y-27-E
PRATHER, Frances Geraldine, death: 12/8/2003, age: 63, NEW-F WEST-87-C
PRATT, Baby, (BABY), Old-4-38-H
PRATT, Deryl, death: 9/29/1982, NEW-R-50-D
PRATT, Justine Mathilda, death: 1/18/1998, age: 82, NEW-R-50-E
PRATT, Maggie H., Old-4-38-A
PREISS, Martha Helen, Old-3-20-E
PRESCOTT, Mark Allen, death: 10/29/2004, age: 41, NEW-H-32-C
PRESCOTT, Richard W., death: 5/6/2006, age: 76, NEW-H-32-A
PRESTION, George, NEW-K-20-C
PRESTON, Elizabeth, death: 6/4/1964, NEW-W-38-B
PRESTON, William L., death: 12/24/1975, NEW-W-38-A
PRIEST, Cora M., death: 9/20/1986, age: 83, NEW-J-47-C
PRIEST, Donald D., death: 3/27/1969, NEW-J-47-B
PROBASCO, Gladys W., death: 4/19/1989, age: 88, NEW-R-49-B
PROBASCO, John H., death: 3/19/1984, NEW-R-49-A
PROCK, Lois Audrey, death: 12/12/1976, NEW-J-11-C
PRUTZEL, Frank, Old-1-16-H
PRYCE, Alvin A., NEW-Y-20-A
PRYCE, Elsie M., death: 5/23/1968, NEW-Y-20-B
PRYCE, Gladys C., death: 1/1/1945, NEW-Y-20-C
PRYER, John J., death: 1/1/1946, NEW-T-44-A
PUETT, Gerald E., death: 10/5/1991, age: 19, NEW-M-47-D
PUETT, Mary F., death: 11/19/1986, age: 42, NEW-M-47-E
PUGH, John J., Old-4-9-E
PULLEY, Dorothy, death: 7/11/1983, NEW-O-60-B
PULLEY, Elvis Earl, death: 5/16/1976, NEW-W-24-A
PULLEY, Hedwig A., death: 7/21/1978, NEW-W-24-B
PULLEY, Ivan Wilson, death: 3/7/1996, age: 92, NEW-O-60-A
PULLEY, Ora M., NEW-S-35-A
PULS, Edwin Leo Jr., death: 8/2/2000, age: 53, NEW-J-3-E
PULS, Helen L, death: 7/29/2006, age: 80, NEW-J-3-B-2
PULS, Judy Ann, death: 11/27/2005, age: 57, NEW-J-3-B
PURINTUN, Ethel V., death: 7/1/1967, NEW-J-31-B
PURINTUN, Louis V., death: 2/19/1973, NEW-J-31-A
QUANT, Dorothy, Old-8-7-E
RACETTE, George A., death: 1/1/1944, NEW-T-25-E
RADDAITZ, Richard, NEW-K-16-B
RADDAITZ, Richard T., death: 3/18/1968, NEW-P-6-E
RADDAITZ, Walter J., NEW-P-6-D
RADDATZ, Bertha G., Old-6-35-B
RADDATZ, Emma W., Old-6-35-E
RADDATZ, Florence E., Old-6-35-A
RADDATZ, Mary E., Old-6-35-D-2
RADDATZ, William M., Old-6-35-D
RAHN, Harriet J, death: 7/27/1989, age: 68, Maus-Row4-ColB-NicheM
RAHN, Stanley James, death: 11/17/1976, age: 55, Maus-Row4-ColB-NicheN
RAINES, Carl L., death: 1/3/1978, NEW-I-18-A
RAINES, Elsie, death: 1/29/1987, age: 88, NEW-I-18-B
RAINS, Beth J., death: 3/9/2001, age: 74, Maus-Row3-ColB-NicheA
RAINS, Monty Floyd, death: 8/6/1972, NEW-J-37-B SW 1/4
RAMBERG, August H., death: 1/1/1956, NEW-X-37-D
RAMBERG, August Julius, death: 4/28/2001, age: 84, NEW-X-37-D & E
RAMBERG, Julia, death: 1/1/1955, NEW-X-37-E
RAMEY, Edna Vivian, death: 5/26/1974, NEW-R-41-E
RAMEY, Homer, death: 9/19/1983, NEW-R-41-D
RAMEY, Mary E., death: 7/9/1962, NEW-N-30-E
RANDALL, Minnie, NEW-P-11-E
RANDALL, William F., NEW-P-11-D
RANEY, Jack Samuel, death: 2/24/2005, age: 80, NEW-P-10-E
RANKINS, Garnet Fay, death: 8/23/2002, age: 50, MausII-Row9-Single-CryptB
RANSDELL, Edna, death: 5/20/1985, NEW-T-42-E
RAPE, Charles P., Old-2-32-E
RAPE, Joseph R., Old-2-32-B
RAPE, Martham, Old-2-32-A
RAPE, Sarane, Old-2-32-F
RASMUSSEN, John, death: 2/29/1980, NEW-W-47-C
RASMUSSEN, Marie, death: 5/10/1984, NEW-W-47-D
RASNICK, Helen, death: 7/9/1999, age: 90, NEW-R-17-D
RASNICK, Sidney, death: 7/5/1982, NEW-R-17-C
RATCLIFF, Elaine Clare, death: 3/23/2005, age: 83, NEW-W-16-C
RAUCH, Baby, Old-1-4-E
RAUCH, Charles F., Old-1-4-G
RAUCH, George Jr., Old-1-3-A
RAUCH, George Sr., Old-1-3-B
RAUCH, Ivan L., Old-1-4-F
RAUCH, Margaret J., Old-1-3-C
RAY, George A. Jr., death: 5/29/1995, age: 81, NEW-S-74-A
RAYMON, Lydia B., death: 7/27/1961, NEW-N-32-C
RAYMON, Warren D., death: 1/5/1963, NEW-N-32-B
REAMES, Emily, Old-8-12-B
REAMES, Moses, Old-6-10-A
REAMES, Phene, Old-6-10-B
REAMES, William Dodson, Old-8-12-A
REBMANN, Dean C., death: 8/10/1969, NEW-S-55-B
REDDING, Clarence, death: 2/27/1960, NEW-X-18-E
REED, Arthur Lee, death: 12/25/2001, age: 78, Maus-Row11-Single-CryptB
REED, Bert, Old-8-8-C
REED, Bertrum, Old-8-8-E
REED, Bobbie Noble, death: 7/5/2003, age: 75, NEW-T-70-D
REED, Bonnie L., death: 2/13/1987, age: 64, NEW-N-63-B-2
REED, Charles, death: 1/4/1960, NEW-K-6-C
REED, Clarence, death: 1/1/1949, NEW-T-27-A
REED, Esther Katherine, death: 2/4/2003, age: 80, Maus-Row12-Single-CryptB
REED, Hazel, death: 6/19/1987, age: 78, NEW-R-64-D
REED, Henry Leland, death: 4/28/1973, NEW-R-64-C
REED, Kenneth Leon, death: 7/16/2006, age: 79, NEW-N-63-B
REED, Lee, death: 12/23/1990, age: 62, NEW-T-70-E
REED, Louise E., death: 3/25/1966, NEW-W-42-C
REED, Mary E., death: 8/8/1970, NEW-T-27-B
REED, Maynord, death: 4/4/1966, NEW-W-42-B
REED, Ronald, BABY, NEW-K-37B-A
REED, Rosetta, death: 1/9/1966, NEW-X-59-D
REED, Thomas E., death: 6/12/1970, NEW-X-59-C
REICHERT, Marie Anna, death: 10/1/2009, age: 92, NEW-P-31-E
REICHERT, Nancy Jan, NEW-P-24-B
REICHERT, Stuart E., death: 3/24/1978, age: 69, NEW-P-24-A
REIF, Jeanne Charles, death: 7/16/2001, age: 75, Maus-Row5-SxS-CryptAW-2
REIF, Raymond Roger, death: 11/13/2006, age: 82, Maus-Row5-SxS-CryptAW-3
REIFSCHNEIDER, Christine, death: 6/12/1967, Old-5-66-D
REIFSCHNEIDER, James H., Old-5-66-A
REIFSCHNEIDER, Julius, Old-5-66-E
REINHARDT, Berenice A., death: 5/9/1988, age: 74, NEW-I-21-A
REINHARDT, Eugene C., death: 1/18/1976, NEW-I-28-E
REIS, Barbra, death: 4/2/1965, NEW-S-37-B
REIS, George John, death: 5/14/1973, NEW-S-37-A
REMILY, Brian Clark, death: 10/18/2001, age: 39, NEW-F WEST-97-B
RENTENAAR, Milo, death: 3/7/1988, age: 89, NEW-X-49-B
RESER, Rhonda Rae, death: 1/30/2012, age: 30, NEW-O-42-C
RESER, Rollin J., NEW-O-42-A
RESER, Stephen Edward, death: 7/25/2014, age: 50, NEW-O-42-D
REUSSER, Christian, death: 1/1/1945, NEW-T-60-A
REUSSER, Louisa, death: 12/16/1958, NEW-T-60-B
REUTH, Rudolph, death: 6/9/1992, age: 88, NEW-O-51-A
REYNOLDS, Almos, Old-4-40-B
REYNOLDS, Charles, Old-4-40-H
REYNOLDS, Elizabeth, Old-4-40-A
REYNOLDS, Rena E., death: 10/28/1988, age: 88, Old-4-40-C
REYNOLDS, Richard Henry, death: 9/29/2000, age: 101, Old-4-40-D CREMAINS
REYNOLDS, Richard J., death: 6/1/1980, Old-4-40-E
REYNOLDS, Robert Wetzel, death: 6/21/2011, age: 79, NEW-F WEST-64-D
REYNOLDS, Roger A, death: 9/16/1984, Old-4-40-C CREMAINS
REYNOLDS, William H., Old-4-40-F
RHODES, Earl Allen, death: 1/13/2014, age: 83, New-W-31-B2
RHODES, Ella M., Old-6-42-E
RHODES, Ira A., Old-6-42-C
RHODES, Minnie E., death: 3/7/1967, NEW-W-31-B
RHODES, William B., NEW-W-31-C
RICE, Barbro, Old-2-36-D
RICE, Daisy, death: 11/24/1999, age: 89, NEW-N-9-B
RICE, Dave, Old-3-25-G
RICE, Frank X., death: 5/18/1967, NEW-W-51-A
RICE, John, Old-2-23-D
RICE, Rose Elizabeth, death: 3/1/2000, age: 90, NEW-W-51-B
RICE, Sarah June, death: 4/6/2003, age: 85, NEW-H-54-D
RICHARD, Albert E., death: 8/18/1960, Old-7-53-A
RICHARDS, Jayne Mary Irene, Old-8-18-E
RICHARDS, Vernon F., death: 7/9/1956, Old-8-18-D
RICHARDSON, Jarrel R., death: 6/26/1979, NEW-R-27-C
RICHARDSON, Patrick Lee, death: 8/19/1995, age: 54, NEW-J-77-C
RICHARDSON, Robert & Judith, death: 7/21/2013, age: 75, NEW-X-71-C
RICHARDSON, Romona Joy, death: 1/30/1988, age: 72, NEW-R-27-D
RICHEY, Kaylen Bea, death: 3/9/2013, age: 21 DAYS, NEW-K-50-C
RICHMOND, Dakota Franklin, death: 8/14/2005, age: 18, NEW-H-70-A
RICHMOND, Earl, death: 1/24/1964, NEW-N-2-D
RICHMOND, Helen Elizabeth, death: 8/3/1996, age: 89, NEW-N-2-E
RICHTER, Anna, death: 2/16/1980, NEW-J-57-E
RICHTER, Carl, death: 9/26/1966, NEW-J-57-D
RICHTER, Christian, death: 1/1/1955, NEW-O-36-D
RICHTER, Christian Ernest, death: 6/9/2013, age: 95, NEW-J-62-E
RICHTER, Edwin Maurice, death: 5/1/1993, age: 89, NEW-S-71-C
RICHTER, Esther, death: 2/11/1976, NEW-O-19-C
RICHTER, Eva A., death: 12/10/1993, age: 78, NEW-J-63-A
RICHTER, Flora R., death: 9/20/1963, NEW-O-36-C
RICHTER, Fredrick W., death: 10/26/1975, NEW-O-19-B
RICHTER, Henry L., death: 10/21/1962, Old-3-25-H
RICHTER, Katherine, Old-3-25-B
RICHTER, Martin, Old-3-25-F
RICHTER, Martin Jr. A., Old-3-25-E
RICHTER, Martin, Sr., Old-3-25-A
RICHTER, Marvin Martin, death: 2/11/2012, age: 89, NEW-O-36-A
RICHTER, Nylene Elizabeth, death: 3/16/2016, age: 102, NEW-S-71-D
RICHTER, Patricia Ann, death: 7/22/1976, NEW-O-36-B
RICHTER, Simon, death: 6/28/1959, Old-3-25-C
RICKSGER, Darrell, death: 5/31/2016, Maus-Row9-ColB-NicheK
RICORD, John E., death: 1/1/1946, NEW-T-58-A
RICORD, Lillie S., death: 1/1/1948, NEW-T-58-B
RIDEOUT, Katherene, NEW-S-60-C
RIDER, Claude, death: 6/27/1969, NEW-X-12-A
RIDER, Elsie, death: 7/10/1966, Old-7-59-B
RIDER, Hazel Marie, death: 7/19/1993, age: 84, NEW-R-24-B
RIDER, Joanna M., death: 5/28/1979, NEW-R-50-C
RIDER, Julia Mari, Old-7-59-E
RIDER, Marjorie E., death: 12/9/1974, NEW-X-12-C
RIDER, Mildred E., death: 1/10/1958, NEW-X-12-B
RIDER, Ross Lyle, death: 10/26/1991, age: 83, NEW-R-24-A
RIDER, Samuel J., Old-7-59-D
RIDER, Sarah Louise, death: 3/7/1969, Old-8-44-B
RIDER, William, death: 12/31/1956, Old-7-59-A
RIDINGS, Barbara Marie, death: 2/16/2012, age: 90, Old-7-34-E-2
RIDINGS, Duane Arnold, death: 12/26/2004, age: 78, Old-5-12-A
RIDINGS, Kenneth, death: 12/8/1988, age: 76, Old-7-34-E
RIEGEL, Louise A., death: 11/5/1975, NEW-J-19-D
RIEGEL, Oscar, death: 1/20/1969, NEW-J-19-C
RIES, Ruth, death: 2/1/1981, NEW-Y-44-C
RIES, Vincent S., death: 11/29/1984, NEW-J-64-B
RIES, Wesley F., death: 3/11/1958, NEW-Y-44-D
RIGGS, Charles, Old-4-19-C
RIGGS, Dora, death: 7/28/1979, NEW-I-47-A
RIGGS, Elisha, Old-4-19-A
RIGGS, Elizabeth M., Old-3-12-A
RIGGS, George W., Old-6-29-D
RIGGS, Lester F., death: 9/25/1973, NEW-I-50-E
RIGGS, Levy G., Old-3-4-A
RIGGS, Nettie V., Old-3-4-B
RIGGS, Sarah, Old-4-19-B
RIGSBY, Evalyn, death: 9/6/1982, Old-1-34-F
RIMINGTON, Elma Irene, death: 1/1/1994, age: 76, NEW-Y-70-C
RIMINGTON, Weston F., death: 4/11/1997, age: 83, NEW-Y-70-A
RIMINGTON, Weston II, death: 2/2/2016, age: 74, NEW-Y-70-B
RING, John, Old-5-5-A
RINGERING, Dale Leroy, death: 12/1/2009, age: 82, NEW-H-12-30
RINGERING, Franklin A., death: 2/19/1996, age: 82, NEW-O-61-D
RINGERING, Gilbert, death: 11/25/1979, NEW-R-36-B
RINGERING, Kermit, death: 9/29/1984, NEW-R-66-A
RINGERING, Louis, death: 7/2/1993, age: 92, NEW-O-39-D-2
RINGERING, Louvisa, NEW-O-39-E
RINGERING, Marguerite Grace, death: 8/15/2006, age: 97, NEW-O-39-E-2
RINGERING, Martha, death: 2/27/1986, NEW-R-36-C
RITCHEY, Harland D., death: 9/18/1964, NEW-W-57-A
RITCHEY, Lena, death: 12/10/1987, age: 94, NEW-W-57-B
RITTER, Agnes C., death: 12/2/1968, NEW-W-18-E
RITTER, Chester D., death: 11/10/1958, NEW-X-1-A
RITTER, Forrest A., death: 4/1/1968, NEW-W-10-C
RITTER, Glenda, BABY, NEW-N-43-A
RITTER, Glenn Samuel, death: 3/5/2001, age: 82, NEW-N-43-C
RITTER, J. Percy, death: 12/10/1960, NEW-S-15-D
RITTER, John A., death: 1/1/1967, NEW-Y-16-D
RITTER, Laura A., death: 2/9/1965, NEW-S-15-E
RITTER, Lucile E., Old-3-38-H
RITTER, Raymond, death: 3/27/1957, NEW-N-43-B
RITTER, Rudolph W., death: 7/8/1978, NEW-W-18-D
RIVENES, Ida C., death: 12/19/1967, NEW-W-59-B
RIVENES, Joseph, death: 9/14/1973, NEW-W-59-A
RIVERS, Edward Victor, NEW-S-59-C
ROACH, Brian Phillip, death: 2/25/2017, age: 39, New-F West-104-C
ROACH, Caroline Jane, death: 4/7/2011, age: 92, NEW-O-65-B
ROACH, John Michael, death: 8/2/1973, NEW-I-24-D
ROACH, Mary C., NEW-O-17-B
ROACH, Wilford Merritt, death: 10/19/2004, age: 92, NEW-O-65-A
ROACH, William H., death: 9/23/1960, NEW-O-17-A
ROBENALT, Carson B., death: 2/7/1986, NEW-I-13-D
ROBENALT, Esther E., death: 2/24/1977, NEW-I-13-E
ROBERTS, Caroline, death: 8/18/1986, age: 75, NEW-O-47-E
ROBERTS, Caroline, Old-1-16-D
ROBERTS, Gene, death: 9/17/1958, NEW-K-5-B
ROBERTS, Mary Frances, death: 11/4/2005, age: 82, Maus-Row8-ColD-NicheK
ROBERTS, Virgil, death: 9/17/1958, NEW-K-5-A
ROBERTS, Wilhelmina (Minnie), death: 11/26/1957, Old-1-16-G
ROBERTSON, Arthur, death: 11/24/1972, NEW-N-20-D
ROBERTSON, Audrey, death: 3/8/1992, age: 64, NEW-X-71-A
ROBERTSON, Chester Clair, death: 10/10/2007, age: 85, NEW-X-55-A
ROBERTSON, Clara, death: 9/4/1978, NEW-I-8-E
ROBERTSON, Daniel Allen, death: 3/2/2005, age: 42, NEW-X-55-A-2
ROBERTSON, Florence, death: 7/28/1995, age: 68, NEW-X-55-B
ROBERTSON, Gladys, death: 6/21/1988, age: 92, NEW-N-20-E
ROBERTSON, Howard C., death: 6/14/1970, NEW-Y-51-D
ROBERTSON, Nora B., death: 9/19/1995, age: 93, NEW-Y-51-E
ROBIN, Alfred, Old-2-22-C
ROBINSON, Robert L., death: 7/29/1984, NEW-O-46-C
ROBINSON, Roger Joel, death: 4/23/1999, age: 57, NEW-H-55-E
ROCHE', Joy Mae, death: 8/23/1991, age: 71, Maus-Row5-ColD-NicheA
ROCHE', Michael A., death: 8/30/1989, age: 69, Maus-Row5-ColD-NicheB
ROEDER, Calvin S., death: 12/22/2013, age: 84, Maus-Row8-ColD-NicheP
ROGANTINE, Gilbert, death: 1/10/1994, age: 84, NEW-I-68-A
ROGANTINE, Joan M., death: 5/12/2003, age: 91, NEW-I-68-B
ROGERS, David Paul, death: 8/28/2009, age: 79, NEW-N-53-C
ROGERS, Erma J., death: 2/5/2009, age: 81, NEW-N-53-B
ROGERS, Florine, death: 12/31/1944, NEW-K-33-B
ROGLER, Emilie E., death: 1/1/1952, NEW-Y-46-E
ROGLER, John M., Old-2-8-B
ROMAINE, Jack S., death: 2/20/2017, age: 53, Maus-Row9-ColD-NicheJ
RONDEAU, Peggy Robin, death: 3/24/2003, age: 47, NEW-R-25-B
RONGLIEN, (Boy), death: 3/15/1961, BABY, NEW-K-11-E NW 1/4
RONGLIEN, (Girl), death: 4/30/1962, BABY, NEW-K-11-E SW 1/4
RONGLIEN, Gordon C., death: 6/2/1980, NEW-J-62-C
RONGLIEN, Henry, death: 3/20/1991, age: 93, NEW-Y-30-C
RONGLIEN, Lillian Theodora, death: 11/7/1996, age: 99, NEW-Y-30-B
RONGLIEN, Nadine Marie, death: 2/20/2005, age: 44, NEW-J-62-D
RONNEBERG, Elias, death: 12/19/1959, NEW-S-13-A
ROSENOW, Doris Lavelle, death: 2/8/2014, age: 89, NEW-M-29-C
ROSENOW, Eldon A., death: 8/14/1994, age: 79, NEW-M-29-B
ROSENTRATER, James Merle, death: 10/20/2007, age: 85, NEW-H-12-34
ROSENTRATER, Jeanne Lois, death: 1/16/2007, age: 83, NEW-H-12-25
ROSS, C.W. Rev., Old-1-25-A
ROSS, Lowell B., death: 5/30/1996, age: 88, NEW-N-54-A
ROSS, Marianne Chavez, death: 6/12/2004, age: 36, NEW-F WEST-100-B
ROSS, Virginia R., death: 8/13/1990, age: 78, NEW-N-54-B
ROSSITER, Ramon L., death: 2/14/1969, NEW-W-30-B
ROTH, Alice M., death: 11/30/1962, Old-1-30-E
ROTH, Charlie, Old-1-30-A
ROTH, Florence M., Old-8-28-C
ROTH, Francesca, Old-1-30-C
ROTH, Fred, Old-8-28-D
ROTH, J. Y., (BABY), Old-1-30-H
ROTH, John, Old-1-30-D
ROTH, John Capt. O., Old-5-20-E
ROTH, Kenneth S., Old-8-28-E
ROTH, Samuel, Old-1-30-B
ROTH, Samuel Wayne, death: 8/17/1991, age: 78, Old-1-30-G
ROTHI, Judelle Cecelia, death: 11/3/2012, age: 74, NEW-P-31-B
ROTHI, Peter J., NEW-P-31-C
ROVER, Elizabeth Patricia, death: 2/13/1998, age: 89, NEW-M-5-D
ROVER, Henry, death: 10/13/1982, NEW-M-5-C
ROVER, Jack Terry, death: 4/22/1997, age: 56, NEW-M-14-E
ROVER, Terry, death: 8/6/1981, NEW-M-5-E
ROWAND, Isabella, death: 4/9/1984, NEW-J-60-E
ROWAND, James, death: 10/29/1995, age: 70, NEW-J-61-C
ROWAND, Janet E., death: 4/5/1984, NEW-J-61-E
ROWAND, Pauline Fern, death: 5/21/2017, age: 93, NEW-J-61-D
ROWLEY, Elma M., death: 1/1/1947, NEW-T-26-E
RUCKER, Matilda, death: 12/16/1989, age: 94, NEW-J-4-C
RUFF, Ernest D., death: 5/2/1958, NEW-X-30-C
RUFF, Mable, death: 6/14/1991, age: 84, NEW-X-30-D
RUGG, Edward E., NEW-S-40-A
RUGG, Maud, NEW-S-40-B
RULIFSON, Lyle, death: 4/16/1982, NEW-I-60-A
RUMERY, Grace B., death: 1/1/1945, NEW-Y-42-B
RUMERY, Rose M., death: 1/1/1943, NEW-Y-42-A
RUNDELL, Ralph W, death: 1/9/2004, age: 75, NEW-N-51-A
RUNDELL, Shirley M., death: 8/22/1989, age: 60, NEW-N-51-B
RUPP, Alice E, death: 4/16/2001, age: 95, Old-7-31-A
RUPP, Clarence H., death: 11/7/1975, NEW-W-28-C
RUPP, Doretta M., death: 4/2/2002, age: 95, NEW-W-28-D
RUPP, Harlan, death: 11/15/1993, age: 91, Old-7-31-B
RUPP, Jacob, Old-7-31-C
RUPP, Lena, Old-7-31-D
RUPP, Lester, death: 10/2/1974, Old-7-31-E
RUSSELL, Frank Putman, death: 5/17/2011, age: 87, Maus-Row3-ColB-NicheJ
RUSSELL, George, death: 6/27/1967, NEW-J-42-D
RUSSELL, Martha, death: 12/5/1978, age: 85, NEW-J-42-E
RUSSELL, Nellie, death: 11/28/1988, age: 93, NEW-M-42-E
RUSSELL, Ward C., death: 7/25/1976, NEW-M-42-D
RUSSELL, Winona Goldy, death: 7/29/2013, age: 80, NEW-E-42-E
RUTHEFORD, Maud, death: 7/17/1965, NEW-N-16-E
RUTHERFORD, Helen Irene, death: 9/21/1994, age: 78, NEW-W-3-C
RUTHERFORD, Logan, death: 1/15/1959, NEW-K-21-E
RUTHERFORD, Marie Belle, death: 3/30/2000, age: 83, NEW-I-49-A-2
RUTHERFORD, Russel J, death: 1/15/2002, age: 89 YRS, NEW-I-49-A
RYAN, David Allen, death: 8/20/1991, age: 44, NEW-R-35-C-2
RYAN, Emery, death: 12/19/1944, NEW-T-62-D
RYAN, James, death: 11/11/1941, Old-8-35-A
RYAN, Lillian, death: 3/15/1981, NEW-T-78-A
RYAN, Sarah A., death: 1/1/1956, NEW-T-62-E
RYAN, William Albert, death: 8/17/1980, NEW-R-35-C
RYDMAN, Ida, Old-5-57-D
RYDMAN, John A., Old-5-57-C
RYDMARK, Mary Frances, death: 4/5/1994, age: 90, NEW-I-44-C
RYDMARK, Theodore, death: 10/26/1981, age: 81, NEW-I-44-C-2
SAGER, Cecil Wallace, death: 11/6/1996, age: 69, NEW-H-59-E
SAGER, Clarence E., death: 1/8/1972, NEW-I-12-E
SAGER, Douglas Scott, death: 1/24/2009, age: 58, NEW-H-38-C
SAGER, Patsy Ruth, death: 7/9/2002, age: 72, NEW-H-38-A
SAGER-CLUNES, Kalee Paige, death: 4/3/2000, age: 2HRS 1 MIN, NEW-H-38-B
SAHM, Hazel Irene, death: 11/3/2002, age: 72, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheI
SAHM, Kelsey Marie, death: 10/6/2016, age: 22, New-H-36-115
SAIDERS, John H., Old-4-26-B
SAINE, Samuel, death: 6/7/1996, age: 30, NEW-H-54-C
SALAZAR, Eileen Norma, death: 8/13/2009, age: 62, NEW-H-50-B
SALLEE, Larry Dean, death: 12/26/1995, age: 55, NEW-R-3-B
SALSER, Beulah, death: 7/11/1991, age: 75, NEW-H-12-36
SALTKILL, Aaron, death: 3/4/1986, NEW-I-41-D
SALTKILL, Robert Clay, death: 4/28/1977, NEW-I-41-C
SALTKILL, Virgie Irma, death: 12/7/1984, NEW-N-18-D
SAMANO, David, death: 1/8/2002, age: 32, NEW-H-6-E
SAMMONS, Emily N., death: 3/17/1967, NEW-J-42-C
SAMPLE, Bernice, NEW-X-6-B
SAMPLE, Walter G., death: 3/6/1961, NEW-X-6-B-2
SAMUELSON, Charlotte, death: 1/25/1958, Old-5-51-C
SAMUELSON, John, death: 1/1/1944, Old-5-51-B
SAMUELSON, Rudolph, Old-5-51-A
SANCHEZ, Asael Morales, death: 9/16/2001, age: 2, NEW-U-17-A N 1/2
SANDBERG, Chester, death: 10/13/1987, age: 66, NEW-R-23-E
SANDBERG, Florence E., death: 5/22/2014, age: 91, NEW-R-4-A
SANDERS, Carl H., Old-1-21-A
SANDERS, Elbert, death: 6/27/2010, age: 85, NEW-N-48-A
SANDERS, Frances M, death: 7/3/2013, age: 100, NEW-E-38-A
SANDERS, Herman D., death: 2/6/2016, age: 77, Maus-Row2-ColD-NicheN
SANDERS, Mae Chapin, death: 4/24/1995, age: 76, NEW-R-26-D
SANDERS, Rita (Rickje), death: 5/6/1988, age: 62, NEW-N-48-B
SANDNESS, Wilmer J., death: 1/15/1967, NEW-Y-59-A
SANDSNESS, Charles, death: 1/25/1989, age: 73, Maus-Row4-ColA-NicheB
SANDSNESS, Clara, death: 11/6/1987, age: 91, Old-8-43-B
SANDSNESS, Leona Bertha, death: 10/31/2012, age: 93, Maus-Row4-ColA-NicheA
SANFORD, Frances M., death: 7/2/1982, NEW-M-11-A
SANFORD, Loretta E., death: 12/3/2008, age: 92, NEW-U-41-E
SANFORD, Robert W., death: 2/28/2006, age: 97, NEW-U-41-D
SANNES, Oscar L., Old-5-12-C
SANNES, Regina, Old-1-21-C
SANNES, Rogan, Old-1-21-B
SARTY, (Baby), death: 6/29/1960, age: 3 DAYS, NEW-K-12-E SE 1/4
SARTY, Charlie Gene, death: 9/26/2016, age: 78, MausII-Row6-SxS-LevelF
SARTY, Eugene Charles, death: 6/19/1976, Old-1-5-D
SARTY, Viola V., death: 12/12/1985, Old-1-5-H
SATHER, Ole H., death: 1/1/1949, NEW-T-34-D
SAULSBURG, Elroy O., death: 1/15/1988, age: 68, NEW-I-31-C-2
SAUVAGEAU, Cecile G., death: 10/1/1973, NEW-I-23-E
SAUVAGEAU, Lyle, death: 8/21/2014, age: 67, NEW-E-19-B
SAUVAGEAU, Stanley W., death: 12/5/2008, age: 70, NEW-I-2-B
SAUVAGEAU, Thelma H., death: 8/19/1996, age: 77, NEW-I-2-A
SAVAGE, Bill William, death: 4/12/2008, age: 77, Maus-Row4-Tandem-CryptF
SAVAGE, Nicky Darwyn, death: 12/21/2003, age: 63, MausII-Row11-Tandem-CryptB
SAVORY, Louie David, death: 1/2/2016, age: 0, New-K-54-A
SAWIN, Clarence W., death: 12/14/1986, age: 82, NEW-R-46-C
SAWIN, Olive B., death: 8/24/1994, age: 85, NEW-R-46-D
SAWLEY, Orville (Bob) B., death: 4/7/1985, NEW-Y-62-A
SAXTON, Emma Irene, death: 4/2/1969, NEW-N-15-E
SAXTON, Victor S., death: 2/6/1964, NEW-N-15-D
SAYLER, Alfred Reinholt, death: 10/25/2005, age: 93, NEW-E-45-B-2
SAYLER, Freda Irene, death: 10/29/2002, age: 90, NEW-E-45-B
SCALLON, Fredrich, NEW-O-15-A
SCALLON, Helen S., death: 1/6/1979, NEW-O-15-B
SCHAAD, George F., death: 8/16/1965, age: 17, NEW-W-15-C
SCHAAD, William F., death: 1/9/1969, NEW-W-15-B
SCHAARSCHMIDT, Carl Frederick, death: 3/13/1979, NEW-X-3-A
SCHAARSCHMIDT, Carl Jr., death: 5/23/1960, NEW-X-22-E
SCHAARSCHMIDT, Goldie Mae, death: 9/28/2008, age: 99, NEW-X-3-B
SCHAFER, Grace May, death: 5/22/1974, NEW-X-35-D
SCHAFER, Lillian, Old-1-28-D
SCHANK, Alice Mary, death: 2/7/1998, age: 88, NEW-T-82-D
SCHANK, Greda C., NEW-S-55-C
SCHANTIN, Aaron Job, death: 1/3/1992, INFANT, NEW-U-35-B SW 1/4
SCHATZ, Barbra, death: 8/5/1967, NEW-X-42-B
SCHATZ, Henry, NEW-X-42-A
SCHATZ, Meta E., death: 2/3/1996, age: 82, NEW-M-28-B
SCHATZ, Robert W., death: 1/18/1976, NEW-M-45-E
SCHATZ, William, death: 3/30/1982, NEW-M-28-A
SCHAUBEL, Marie, Old-5-36-A
SCHEER, Albert J., death: 12/11/1978, NEW-N-7-A
SCHEER, Anna, Old-4-25-C
SCHEER, August C., age: 1951, NEW-T-24-D
SCHEER, Bonnie J, death: 9/16/2004, age: 76, Maus-Row6-ColD-NicheA
SCHEER, Claire M., Old-6-20-E
SCHEER, Clara, Old-6-20-B
SCHEER, Elsie A., death: 8/5/1963, NEW-T-24-E
SCHEER, George Jr., Old-4-25-A
SCHEER, George Sr., Old-4-25-B
SCHEER, Henry, Old-6-20-A
SCHEER, Herman F., Old-4-26-A
SCHEER, Julia L., death: 11/1/1962, NEW-N-7-B
SCHEER, Lillie A., death: 1/21/1970, Old-4-25-E
SCHEER, Louis, Old-6-20-C
SCHEER, Martha, death: 6/9/1982, Old-8-4-E
SCHEER, Minnie A., Old-4-26-D
SCHEER, Miss May, Old-4-25-D
SCHEER, Phillip, Old-8-4-D
SCHEER, Robert George, death: 10/26/1997, age: 81, Maus-Row6-ColD-NicheB
SCHEER, Stanley, death: 12/3/1984, NEW-J-64-D
SCHEER, Virgil Dale, death: 3/22/2006, age: 81, NEW-N-7-(A&B)
SCHEER, Werner Johann, death: 2/12/2000, age: 84, Old-8-4-B
SCHEER, William N., Old-8-4-C
SCHELLER, Lillie M., death: 10/15/1975, NEW-K-5-E
SCHELLER, Ray, death: 4/2/1959, NEW-K-5-D
SCHELLER, Raymond, death: 1/1/1945, NEW-K-31-C
SCHENK, Edna, death: 12/18/1980, NEW-X-43-E
SCHENK, William, NEW-X-43-D
SCHIEDEL, Archie W., death: 2/14/1979, NEW-S-41-D
SCHIEDEL, Bertha I., death: 8/11/1990, age: 97, NEW-S-41-E
SCHLEMMER, Max, death: 5/7/1973, NEW-M-45-C
SCHLEMMER, Tressie, death: 1/11/1980, NEW-M-45-D
SCHMEISER, Carl Fred, death: 8/23/1976, NEW-N-24-A
SCHMEISER, Elsa A., death: 7/9/1961, NEW-N-24-B
SCHMEISER, Louise, death: 3/21/1986, NEW-X-26-B
SCHMEISER, Walter C., death: 6/23/1991, age: 34, NEW-I-65-A
SCHMEISER, Walter Otto, death: 7/15/2004, age: 80, NEW-I-65-B
SCHMIDT, Armin J., death: 3/2/1963, NEW-X-24-A
SCHMIDT, Esther, death: 12/28/1960, NEW-X-20-E
SCHMIDT, Frank A., death: 1/1/1958, NEW-Y-42-C
SCHMIDT, Gedren, death: 7/30/1957, NEW-X-24-B
SCHMIDT, Henry, death: 8/1/1967, NEW-J-44-A
SCHMIDT, John, death: 1/26/2003, age: 89, NEW-T-81-D
SCHMIDT, John, death: 1/1/1948, NEW-U-24-D
SCHMIDT, Laura Lillian, death: 4/17/2010, age: 81, NEW-H-12-24
SCHMIDT, Lester, death: 1/1/1940, NEW-U-23-E
SCHMIDT, Lois Vivian, death: 7/9/2005, age: 90, Maus-Row5-ColD-NicheQ
SCHMIDT, Mabel Amanda, death: 2/6/2011, age: 94, NEW-U-23-B-2
SCHMIDT, Marlene, death: 1/1/1939, NEW-U-23-A-2
SCHMIDT, Mary Aline, death: 8/1/1998, age: 83, NEW-T-81-C
SCHMIDT, Matilda, death: 8/18/1983, NEW-U-24-E
SCHMIDT, Maxine, death: 1/9/1971, NEW-J-44-B
SCHMIDT, Oliver F., death: 3/6/1999, age: 88, Maus-Row5-ColD-NicheR
SCHMIDT, Ora Fay, death: 1/1/1953, NEW-Y-42-D
SCHMIDT, Otto A., death: 1/11/1981, NEW-X-20-D
SCHMIDT, Walter G., death: 8/1/1995, age: 79, NEW-U-23-B
SCHMIDT, Warren Glen, death: 10/24/2007, age: 78, NEW-H-12-33
SCHMITT, Carl E., Old-8-9-A
SCHMITT, Jennie M., death: 9/30/1969, Old-8-9-B
SCHNEIDER, Arthur A., death: 1/1/1946, NEW-T-52-A
SCHNEIDER, Bertha, death: 3/2/1989, age: 79, NEW-Y-25-B
SCHNEIDER, Christian, death: 4/11/1973, NEW-I-51-C
SCHNEIDER, Elmer H., death: 7/18/1974, NEW-O-27-B
SCHNEIDER, Ruth, death: 2/19/1993, age: 75, NEW-O-27-C
SCHNEIDER, Wilber E., NEW-O-27-A
SCHNEIDEWENT, Ruby, death: 5/2/1943, Old-2-7-A
SCHRADER, Dora Bernice, death: 2/13/1993, age: 80, NEW-R-25-D
SCHRADER, John, death: 7/13/1990, age: 55, NEW-O-57-B
SCHRADER, John E, death: 4/11/2001, age: 92, NEW-R-25-C
SCHRAM, Mathilda G., death: 5/20/2007, age: 84, Maus-Row7-ColB-NicheJ
SCHRAM, Richard Lee, death: 1/5/2016, age: 66, Maus-Row7-ColB-NicheI
SCHRINER, George, Old-6-13-B
SCHRINER, Sophrona, Old-6-13-A
SCHRODER, Anna, death: 2/16/1984, NEW-I-45-B
SCHRODER, Henry, death: 12/15/1979, NEW-I-45-A
SCHRODER, Lavona Ruth, death: 12/20/2006, age: 68, NEW-H-53-A
SCHROEDER, Veda A., death: 12/4/1987, age: 87, Old-8-58-D
SCHROLL, Georgia F., death: 1/27/1993, age: 80, NEW-R-55-E
SCHROLL, Jesse, death: 9/8/1996, age: 86, NEW-R-55-D
SCHULD, Dorothy C., death: 1/8/2004, age: 83, NEW-E-31-E
SCHULTZ, Mable O., Old-5-24-A
SCHUMACHER, Cora A., death: 3/9/1969, Old-6-69-E
SCHUMACHER, Genevieve Bernice, death: 6/16/2001, age: 79, NEW-M-10-C
SCHUMACHER, Henry G., death: 6/30/1969, NEW-J-47-D
SCHUMACHER, John J., death: 11/16/1959, Old-6-69-D
SCHUMACHER, Wayne, death: 8/10/1982, NEW-M-10-B
SCHUMACKER, Eldora, death: 2/10/1994, age: 88, NEW-J-47-E
SCHUPP, Delores, death: 5/28/1990, age: 60, NEW-O-48-E
SCHUPP, Helen, death: 2/1/1990, age: 84, NEW-U-2-B
SCHUPP, Sylvanus, NEW-U-2-A
SCHWABAUER, Raymond, death: 11/15/2012, age: 79, NEW-H-29-A
SCHWABAUR, Emanuel R., Old-6-40-E
SCHWABAUR, George W., death: 6/21/1984, Old-6-40-A
SCHWABAUR, John, Old-6-40-D
SCHWABAUR, Kathrena, Old-6-40-C
SCHWEITZER, Bertha, death: 1/6/1973, NEW-S-63-E
SCHWEITZER, Harold Edward, death: 10/30/2002, age: 82, MausII-Row6-SxS-CryptD
SCHWIETERT, M. John, death: 12/3/1978, NEW-R-51-E
SCOGGIN, Ellen, Old-5-11-E
SCOTT, Albert O., death: 8/31/1974, NEW-M-44-A
SCOTT, Charles Mckinley, death: 3/29/2000, age: 73, Maus-Row2-Tandem-CryptC
SCOTT, Delores J., death: 11/11/1995, age: 66, Maus-Row2-Tandem-CryptC-2
SCOTT, Nora Gregory, death: 1/20/1964, Old-7-68-A
SCOTT, Roy Frederick, death: 12/5/1943, NEW-K-29-B
SCOTT, Thomas Macey, death: 3/8/2015, age: 65, New-H-46-A-2
SCOTT, Virginia Rose, death: 7/3/1992, age: 71, NEW-M-44-B
SCRAMLIN, Edith C., death: 1/24/1967, NEW-J-39-D
SCRAMLIN, Russell, death: 1/14/1974, NEW-J-39-C
SEABORG, Jean F., death: 2/27/2003, age: 78, NEW-N-56-A
SEABORG, Vernon E., death: 1/7/1997, age: 82, NEW-N-55-E
SEAMAN, Emma, death: 12/11/1967, NEW-W-12-C
SEAMAN, Warren J., death: 7/23/1964, NEW-W-12-B
SEATON, Carie, Old-5-50-B
SECREST, Lewis, death: 3/16/1958, NEW-S-16-C
SEHORN, Jacob, Old-2-5-H
SELLEY, Ida E., death: 2/4/1986, age: 70, NEW-T-74-A
SELNAU, Emma, death: 7/14/1991, age: 71, Maus-Row3-Tandem-CryptB
SELNAU, Gustaav, death: 7/19/1998, age: 87, Maus-Row3-Tandem-CryptB-2
SELTZER, William H., Old-5-39-A
SELVESTER, George, death: 10/13/1958, NEW-X-32-A
SELVESTER, Leota E., death: 2/21/1959, NEW-X-10-C
SELVESTER, Sarah, death: 12/6/1956, NEW-X-32-B
SELVESTER, William, death: 5/13/1959, NEW-X-10-B
SEMMLER, Sophia K., death: 4/24/1973, NEW-W-17-E
SEMMLER, William O., death: 12/3/1981, NEW-W-17-D
SEMPERBONI, Deborah Croeni, death: 11/14/1998, age: 45, NEW-H-36-96
SEMPERBONI, John Bernard, death: 12/23/2012, age: 54, NEW-H-35-D
SERATT, Elizabeth F., death: 7/6/1992, age: 77, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheV
SERATT, Kelly Lee, death: 8/31/1976, NEW-M-31-A
SERATT, Lurie M., death: 1/1/1949, NEW-T-31-E
SERATT, Richard V., death: 4/8/1954, NEW-T-31-D
SERENE, Carroll Dunne, death: 12/26/1996, age: 64, NEW-M-25-E
SERENE, Dianne Marie, death: 1/29/2008, age: 68, NEW-M-25-D
SERENE, Dorthey, death: 8/6/1981, NEW-M-25-C
SERRANO, Rogelio Madrigal, death: 9/3/2002, age: 61, NEW-E-32-C
SERRANO-VASQUEZ, Rosaura, death: 5/21/2015, age: 45, New-F West-65-C
SETHER, Andrew P., NEW-O-13-D
SETHER, Emma H., NEW-O-13-E
SETHER, George M., death: 5/31/1979, NEW-R-14-C
SETHER, Grace I., death: 3/25/1966, NEW-O-13-B
SETHER, Merle Raymond, death: 7/16/2013, age: 90, NEW-F WEST-64-B
SETHER, Palma, death: 12/16/1981, NEW-R-14-D
SETHER, Palmer, death: 5/29/1957, NEW-O-13-C
SETHER, Virginia Lavelle, death: 7/12/2014, age: 84, NEW-F WEST-64-C
SEVCIK, Antone, Old-2-28-D
SEVCIK, Emma, death: 12/25/1980, NEW-O-40-E
SEVCIK, Francis, Old-2-23-F
SEVCIK, Joe, Old-2-23-E
SEVCIK, Joseph, death: 12/24/1923, Old-2-28-B
SEVCIK, Lydia Mary, Old-2-28-C
SEVCIK, Vaclav, NEW-O-40-D
SHAFER, June Elizabeth, death: 5/23/2001, age: 85, NEW-F WEST-95-B
SHAFFER, Myrtle H., death: 11/22/1972, NEW-N-41-B
SHAFFER, Peter A., death: 1/1/1956, NEW-N-41-A
SHANK, Delta J., death: 12/3/1967, Old-6-19-A
SHANK, George W., Old-6-19-C
SHANK, Mary, death: 2/18/1965, Old-6-19-B
SHANK, Mary C., Old-6-19-D
SHANK, Nellie, Old-4-37-A
SHAW, John T., death: 1/1/1956, NEW-X-56-C
SHELDON, Sean E., death: 5/4/1984, NEW-U-35-E SW 1/4
SHELHAMER, Jerry Lester, death: 11/8/1999, age: 83, NEW-Y-68-C
SHELHAMER, Laverne W., death: 2/11/2005, age: 88, NEW-Y-68-D
SHELLER, Alvin B., death: 4/28/1961, NEW-N-11-A
SHELLER, Alvin Ward, death: 2/26/2002, age: 34, Maus-Row3-ColB-NicheE
SHELLER, Monna M., death: 1/12/1968, NEW-N-11-B
SHELLER, Ward Marshall, death: 12/24/1990, age: 60, Maus-Row3-ColB-NicheD
SHELLEY, Christie, death: 10/1/1961, NEW-S-20-A
SHEPARD, Abigail Joleen, death: 4/8/2001, age: 9 MONTHS, NEW-K-56-A
SHEPPARD, Adris Darlene, death: 4/23/2014, age: 93, NEW-N-29-E
SHEPPARD, Champ Clark, death: 2/5/2002, age: 83, NEW-N-29-C
SHEPPARD, Peggie L., death: 4/24/1959, NEW-N-29-D
SHEPPARD, Robert Lewis, death: 11/17/2013, age: 67, NEW-E-33-A
SHERMAN, Brit H., death: 10/26/2014, age: 81, NEW-H-12-41
SHERMAN, Maxson William, death: 1/7/2010, age: 76, NEW-H-12-50
SHERRELL, Audrey, death: 2/27/1993, age: 67, Maus-Row4-Tandem-CryptC
SHERRELL, Grace Arlien, death: 11/7/1985, NEW-O-33-A
SHERRELL, Wilbur B., death: 8/7/2003, age: 79, Maus-Row4-Tandem-CryptC-2
SHIPLEY, Isabella, death: 9/18/1958, NEW-K-21-D
SHIRRELL, Donald Lee, death: 2/16/2009, age: 43, NEW-H-16-D
SHOCKLEY, Allen Raymond, death: 8/19/1976, NEW-W-14-E
SHOCKLEY, Bernice, death: 3/22/1977, NEW-W-11-A
SHULL, Addie, death: 3/30/1957, NEW-O-25-B
SHULL, Edgar C, NEW-O-25-A-2
SHULTZ, Rex T., NEW-M-24-A
SHULTZ, Vivian M., death: 12/5/1995, age: 73, NEW-M-24-B
SICKLER, Floyd Dean, death: 4/8/1974, NEW-I-45-C
SICKLER, Judy M, death: 10/7/2002, age: 58, NEW-I-45-D
SIEBKIN, Almira, Old-4-12-A
SIEVERS, Edna O., death: 7/14/1983, NEW-J-49-B
SIEVERS, Lawrence, death: 9/8/1967, NEW-J-49-A
SILVEY, Asa A., NEW-K-17-B
SIMKINS, Elizabeth, Old-4-23-C
SIMKINS, George A., death: 10/18/1957, Old-4-23-B
SIMKINS, Lois, Old-4-23-D
SIMPSON, Michael D, death: 9/21/2016, age: 61, Maus-row9-ColB-NicheA
SIMPSON, Michael Matthew, death: 3/17/2009, age: 62, Maus-Row1-ColB-NicheC
SIMPSON, Morrice Mcgregor, death: 4/1/2011, age: 86, NEW-F WEST-91-C-2
SIMPSON, Patricia Jean, death: 8/10/2000, age: 75, NEW-F WEST-91-C
SIMPSON, Remona Mozell, death: 5/25/2015, age: 82, New-M-10-A
SIMPSON, Warren R., death: 9/4/1989, age: 64, NEW-J-66-C
SINCLAIR, Lonnie M., death: 1/1/1955, NEW-O-4-A
SINGH, Daphne Susan, death: 2/14/2000, age: 36, NEW-M-22-C-2
SISSON, Linda Colleen, death: 5/8/2002, age: 41, NEW-E-32-A
SISSON, Rodney Alan, death: 9/15/2006, age: 56, NEW-E-43-E
SKEEN, Alta, Old-6-52-D
SKEEN, Ella, Old-6-52-E
SKEEN, William, Old-6-52-C
SKINNER, Albert Gile, Old-1-24-F
SKINNER, Bernice, death: 10/14/1989, age: 87, NEW-I-34-E
SKINNER, Flavilla A., death: 6/6/1964, NEW-T-10-D
SKINNER, Florence May, death: 10/1/1975, NEW-Y-47-B
SKINNER, Floyd H., death: 1/1/1947, NEW-T-10-E
SKINNER, Francis W., death: 5/6/1993, age: 87, NEW-S-64-D
SKINNER, Harvey Hilton, death: 1/11/2006, age: 42, NEW-H-12-53
SKINNER, Henry E., death: 1/1/1951, NEW-T-10-C
SKINNER, Howard V., death: 12/30/1962, Old-1-24-D
SKINNER, Jane E., Old-1-24-C
SKINNER, John Kenneth, NEW-I-12-B
SKINNER, Lyman, death: 12/8/1974, NEW-I-39-E
SKINNER, Lyman, Old-1-24-A
SKINNER, Melville W., death: 1/26/1975, NEW-I-34-D
SKINNER, Thomas E., death: 1/9/1950, NEW-Y-47-A
SKINNER, William F, death: 11/17/2001, age: 71, NEW-H-12-54
SKINNER, William Lafayette, Old-1-24-B
SKOGLAND, John E., death: 5/13/1960, NEW-X-2-A
SLATER, Carrie J., Old-3-38-E
SLEDD, Josephine Pearl, death: 11/22/2001, age: 84, NEW-W-40-B
SLEIGHT, Belle A., NEW-S-36-E
SLUSHER, Donna Jeanne, death: 11/18/1995, age: 71, NEW-S-37-E
SLUSHER, John Dodds, death: 6/10/2002, age: 83, NEW-S-16-A
SLYTER, H. H., Old-2-30-C
SLYTER, Linda Helen, death: 5/16/1974, Old-1-34-H
SMALLEY, Elijah, death: 6/10/1969, NEW-N-40-A
SMALLEY, Pearl A., death: 7/24/1957, NEW-N-40-B
SMELTZER, Charles A., NEW-I-25-A
SMIDT, Harold, death: 4/9/2016, age: 78, Maus-Row8-ColD-NicheL
SMITH, Adaline, Old-7-45-B
SMITH, Albert A., Old-2-2-F
SMITH, Albert H., death: 1/1/1959, NEW-O-37-D
SMITH, Alma Bernice, death: 2/5/2015, age: 87, NEW-H-34-C
SMITH, Alyce M., death: 3/10/1991, age: 66, NEW-I-20-D
SMITH, Anna C., death: 12/21/1966, Old-3-24-F-2
SMITH, Bertha C., death: 12/3/1969, NEW-Y-56-D
SMITH, Berthena A., death: 8/16/1974, NEW-X-52-A
SMITH, Bessie L., death: 5/21/1989, age: 82, NEW-X-62-B
SMITH, Carden, Old-6-51-D
SMITH, Carol Jane, death: 9/29/1995, age: 58, NEW-R-3-C
SMITH, Catherine, Old-3-14-A
SMITH, Chester, death: 10/4/1992, age: 78, NEW-I-31-A
SMITH, Clinton Howard, death: 5/3/2014, age: 71, MausII-Row7-Single-CryptC
SMITH, Clyde, death: 9/24/1957, NEW-X-52-B
SMITH, Cora E., Old-6-51-E
SMITH, Dale Sydney, Old-6-51-C
SMITH, Dean Holbrook, death: 8/21/1997, age: 71, Old-6-51-B
SMITH, Donald E., death: 10/1/1993, age: 72, Old-6-51-A
SMITH, Edward Wm., death: 5/6/1977, NEW-Y-42-E
SMITH, Elma, NEW-X-60-E
SMITH, Elmer W., NEW-X-38-E
SMITH, Erna, death: 1/7/1985, NEW-R-18-C
SMITH, Ethel, NEW-K-37A-A
SMITH, Ethella Donaldson, death: 4/25/2003, age: 76, MausII-Row10-SxS-CryptB-2
SMITH, Evelyn Ruth, death: 10/5/2015, age: 95, Maus-Row1-Tandem-CryptC-2
SMITH, Frank B., NEW-O-6-D
SMITH, Genevieve L., death: 7/17/2009, age: 97, NEW-I-54-B
SMITH, George W., Old-2-24-A
SMITH, Hallie, Old-7-45-C
SMITH, Harriet G., NEW-O-37-E
SMITH, Helen E., Old-2-11-D
SMITH, Helen Irene, death: 7/11/1992, age: 94, Old-6-51-C-2
SMITH, Henry, Old-7-45-A
SMITH, Herman Legrand, death: 12/21/2002, age: 92, NEW-I-54-A
SMITH, Howard James, death: 3/13/2005, age: 88, Maus-Row1-Tandem-CryptC
SMITH, Howard W., NEW-S-54-C
SMITH, Hulen Leroy, death: 1/11/2005, age: 80, NEW-H-34-B
SMITH, Isebella, NEW-Y-26-E
SMITH, J. W., Old-6-63-B
SMITH, James F., NEW-W-25-D
SMITH, Jason E, death: 12/9/2003, age: 17, NEW-H-69-C
SMITH, Jessie, death: 4/14/1984, NEW-K-21-C
SMITH, John A., NEW-X-60-D
SMITH, John T, death: 6/9/2013, age: 44, NEW-M-9-C
SMITH, Josephine, Old-6-63-D
SMITH, Kenneth Robert Jr., death: 3/1/2001, age: 85, NEW-H-24-E
SMITH, Laben, Old-2-6-C
SMITH, Leroy Irvin, death: 1/20/2002, age: 73 YRS, NEW-K-21-BETWEEN B&C
SMITH, Lewis R., death: 1/27/1976, NEW-I-20-C
SMITH, Lewis W., death: 7/20/1958, NEW-K-21-B
SMITH, Loretta Jane, death: 7/19/2017, age: 78, NEW-J-53-B
SMITH, Louis, Old-3-24-F
SMITH, Lydia C., death: 1/13/2008, age: 95, NEW-W-25-D-2
SMITH, Mabele, Old-6-63-E-2
SMITH, Margaret B., death: 10/12/2000, age: 80, Old-6-51-A-2
SMITH, Marjorie Adele, death: 12/10/1980, NEW-M-23-C
SMITH, Mary Dorris, death: 10/22/1997, age: 80, NEW-I-31-B
SMITH, Mary E., Old-2-36-B
SMITH, Myrtle, Old-6-63-E
SMITH, Nedra Bernice, death: 10/27/2014, age: 98, New-H-24-E-2
SMITH, Norma Mary, death: 7/14/1990, age: 57, NEW-M-48-B
SMITH, Patricia Elizabeth, death: 3/29/2011, age: 78, NEW-O-20-C
SMITH, Paul V., death: 8/12/1992, age: 78, NEW-M-23-B
SMITH, Ray W., NEW-U-7-C
SMITH, Rodney Benjamin, death: 11/19/2015, age: 92, MausII-Row10-SxS-CryptB
SMITH, Roger Keith, death: 8/15/1991, age: 61, NEW-M-50-B
SMITH, Rosetta, death: 7/28/2001, age: 63, Maus-Row5-ColD-NicheH
SMITH, Ruth Leona, death: 9/26/2000, age: 79, Maus-Row7-ColD-NicheI
SMITH, Shane Allen, death: 10/4/1981, NEW-I-16-A
SMITH, Tamar Thomas, death: 1/1/1904, NEW-O-41-A
SMITH, Thomas, death: 1/1/1948, age: 84, NEW-Y-26-D
SMITH, Thomas H., Old-2-8-C
SMITH, Thomas Lee, death: 3/21/2013, age: 94, NEW-M-48-C
SMITH, Walter, death: 5/8/1963, Old-6-51-B-2
SMITH, Walter W., Old-2-34-B
SMITH, Warren A., Old-3-14-H
SMITH, Yvonne, death: 8/23/1962, age: 50, NEW-F WEST-108-A
SMITHEY, Jared Preston Lee, death: 1/12/1990, age: 2 mon, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheJ
SMYTH, C. P., NEW-O-28-A
SMYTH, Cecil E., death: 11/7/1981, NEW-R-26-B
SMYTH, Margaret E., death: 2/24/1961, NEW-O-28-B
SNELL, Albert Ray, Old-6-45-C
SNELL, Duena Vista, Old-6-45-D
SNELL, Florence, Old-6-45-E
SNELL, Ross, Old-6-45-A
SNIDER, Filicia N.M., death: 2/10/1998, age: 3, NEW-H-9-D
SNIDER, Joyce E., death: 2/3/1986, age: 59, NEW-I-64-E
SNIDER, Mollie J., Old-7-3-B
SNIDER, Raymond Edward, death: 5/23/2006, age: 83, NEW-I-64-D
SNIPES, Mary Ruth Mead, death: 2/5/1985, Old-6-22-B
SNIVELY, Barney Richard, death: 3/29/1976, NEW-S-39-C
SNIVELY, John H., death: 12/24/1995, age: 79, NEW-S-39-D
SNIVLEY, June, death: 6/14/1955, NEW-S-39-D-2
SNYDER, George W., Old-2-27-B
SNYDER, James W., Old-7-3-A
SNYDER, Phillip Edward, death: 10/17/2015, age: 0, New-K-45-E
SOLES, Carl A Sr., death: 6/5/1986, age: 73, NEW-I-62-C
SOLES, Wilma M., death: 9/7/1986, age: 72, NEW-I-62-D
SOLOMON, Daniel, NEW-P-7-A
SOLOMON, Teresa Rose May, death: 6/21/1977, NEW-P-7-B
SOMMERFIELD, Alice, death: 1/1/1945, NEW-Y-13-B
SOMMERFIELD, Daniel A., death: 8/24/1961, NEW-Y-13-A
SOPER, Ramona, NEW-K-44-A
SORENSEN, Mathilde K., death: 7/14/1968, NEW-Y-37-E
SORENSEN, Tolnstrup, death: 1/1/1945, NEW-Y-37-C
SORENSON, Jack, NEW-K-32-D-2
SOSA, Alexander Isidro, death: 10/4/1998, age: 5, NEW-U-17-D S 1/2
SOUTHER, Edna C., NEW-O-25-B-2
SOUTHER, William Elba, death: 4/6/1976, NEW-O-25-A
SOUTHWELL, Gregory A., death: 1/1/2005, age: 53, NEW-P-15-C-2
SOUTHWELL, Jean, death: 3/21/2017, age: 96, New-N-66-C
SOUTHWELL, Joseph, death: 9/13/1942, NEW-P-15-C
SOUTHWELL, Norma, death: 5/4/1991, age: 86, NEW-P-15-B
SOUTHWELL, Norman G., death: 6/8/1980, NEW-P-15-E
SOUTHWELL, Raymond E., death: 1/1/2005, age: 79, NEW-P-15-A-2
SOUTHWELL, Thomas Glenn, death: 3/28/1994, age: 92, NEW-P-15-A
SOUTHWELL, Walter Glenn, death: 5/8/2017, age: 95, New-N-66-D
SOWERS, Chad Michael, death: 7/6/2013, age: 32, NEW-F WEST-107-D
SOWLES, Brian J., death: 7/2/1987, age: 3 DAYS, NEW-U-18-B NW 1/4
SOWLES, Diane Marcia, death: 8/22/1991, age: 56, NEW-H-40-C
SOYRING, Aldrich, death: 7/27/1967, NEW-J-43-A
SOYRING, Angella M., death: 2/11/1981, NEW-J-78-A
SOYRING, Arvo, death: 4/6/1982, NEW-J-78-B
SOYRING, David Lee, death: 5/26/2015, age: 65, NEW-J-79-A
SOYRING, Emily Marie, death: 4/10/2011, age: 77, NEW-J-79-B
SOYRING, Marjorie M., death: 11/16/1977, NEW-J-43-B
SPADY, Joseph, death: 9/28/1959, Old-3-35-E
SPADY, Lydia C., death: 1/3/1974, Old-3-35-F
SPAGLE, Charles F., NEW-O-36-E
SPAGLE, Freeda, NEW-J-50-B
SPAGLE, Johnnie, death: 7/31/1990, age: 76, NEW-J-50-C
SPAGLE, Louis P., death: 7/2/1968, NEW-J-50-A
SPAGLE, Vera Victoria, death: 8/17/2002, age: 83, NEW-J-50-D
SPATZ, Martha, death: 4/27/1974, NEW-J-31-E
SPATZ, Pauline, death: 1/1/1944, NEW-Y-55-E
SPATZ, Walter, death: 6/4/1965, NEW-Y-55-D
SPAULDING, Leonard A., death: 1/1/1955, NEW-Y-41-C
SPAULDING, Valeria, death: 2/8/1967, NEW-Y-41-B
SPEAKE, Amanda, death: 6/6/1959, NEW-X-16-D
SPEAKE, Lewis, death: 2/7/1959, NEW-X-16-C
SPEARS, Patricia, death: 9/1/1986, age: 55, Old-5-48-D
SPEAS, Alma Malinda, death: 10/21/1974, NEW-T-40-B
SPENCER, Billie Louis, Old-8-66-D
SPENCER, Marc, death: 1/5/1975, NEW-Y-14-D
SPENCER, Ramona & Linda, NEW-Y-14-E
SPENCER, Raymond, death: 10/12/1983, NEW-Y-14-B
SPENCER, Verele Gladys, death: 3/29/2000, age: 85, NEW-Y-14-C
SPENCER, William, Old-8-66-C
SPERB, Elta, Old-8-23-C
SPERB, Frank H., death: 9/2/1976, NEW-O-2-D
SPERB, Genevieve Jackson (Lester), death: 8/21/2013, age: 96, NEW-I-42-B
SPERB, Louis R., death: 10/1/1960, Old-8-23-B
SPERB, Pearl, death: 3/23/1983, NEW-O-2-E
SPERB, William Francis, death: 7/3/2010, age: 85, NEW-O-2-B
SPERL, Joseph M., Old-2-6-B
SPERLING, George J., death: 8/14/1999, age: 77, NEW-H-26-B
SPERLING, Marianne, death: 5/13/2006, age: 82, NEW-H-26-A
SPOOR, Mary B., NEW-K-10-E
SPOOR, Wayne, NEW-K-15-E
SPOOR, Wayne Leroy, death: 3/11/1996, age: 66, NEW-J-69-B
SPOWHN, Lester, death: 1/1/1942, NEW-P-21-D
SPRAGUE, Chad Douglas, death: 8/26/1981, age: HOURS, NEW-U-18-A SE 1/4
SPRING, Robert L, death: 3/23/2005, age: 76, NEW-H-49-D
SPRING, Robert Lee II, death: 2/6/1997, age: 37, NEW-H-49-C
SPRING, Shirley Patricia, death: 6/14/2009, age: 80, NEW-H-49-E
SPROUT, Michael, death: 5/22/1990, age: 20, NEW-J-55-A
SPULAK, Emily, death: 6/5/1984, age: 100, NEW-M-47-A
ST. JOHN, Amanda L., Old-6-61-D
ST. JOHN, Bela J., Old-6-61-C
ST. JOHN, Elsie L., death: 5/23/1979, NEW-R-42-E
ST. JOHN, Herbert, death: 6/15/1985, NEW-R-42-D
ST. JOHN, Lois Laverne, death: 6/25/2004, age: 75, NEW-H-13-56
ST. JOHN, William L., death: 5/19/1991, age: 65, NEW-H-13-62
STACHER STAEBER, Bonnie Jean, Old-1-24-E
STACKHOUSE, Margaret, death: 7/19/1963, NEW-S-22-E
STAEHELY, Arthur Raymond, death: 3/2/2009, age: 82, Maus-Row7-ColB-NicheL
STAEHELY, August, Old-7-44-A
STAEHELY, Clara M., death: 1/6/1968, NEW-W-46-A
STAEHELY, Evelyn, death: 4/1/2017, age: 97, Old-8-43-E
STAEHELY, Herman, death: 12/14/1979, Old-7-16-A
STAEHELY, Jane Irene, death: 2/13/2007, age: 59, NEW-F WEST-94-C
STAEHELY, Lydia, Old-7-44-B
STAEHELY, Mae, Old-7-16-B
STAEHELY, Mamie, Old-7-29-D
STAEHELY, Martha, death: 1/14/1986, NEW-R-67-C
STAEHELY, Merle Everett, death: 2/24/1999, age: 80, Old-8-43-D
STAEHELY, Richard Roy, death: 8/22/2008, age: 65, NEW-S-65-D
STAEHELY, Roy W., death: 9/27/1997, age: 80, NEW-R-67-B
STAEHELY, William, death: 2/17/1980, NEW-W-51-E
STAHLNECKER, Lewis E., death: 11/30/1983, NEW-R-41-B
STAHLNECKER, Patricia, death: 4/28/1986, age: 62, NEW-R-41-C
STAJGR, Frank H., death: 4/10/1966, NEW-W-53-C
STAJGR, Mary, death: 6/13/1989, age: 88, NEW-W-53-D
STALNAKER, Bud Lester, death: 1/8/2009, age: 90, Maus-Row10-SxS-CryptF-2
STALNAKER, Ethel, death: 9/17/1961, Old-3-15-B
STALNAKER, Glen D., death: 4/17/1990, age: 84, Old-3-15-E
STALNAKER, John D., Old-3-15-A
STALNAKER, June Leone, death: 7/26/2001, age: 75, Maus-Row10-SxS-CryptF
STALNAKER, Leona Vivian, death: 11/24/2001, age: 87 YRS, Old-3-15-F
STALNAKER, Martha, Old-3-15-D
STALNAKER, William K., Old-3-15-C
STANBERY, David, death: 8/28/1990, age: 51, NEW-M-13-D-2
STANBERY, John Burle, death: 1/15/1983, NEW-M-13-A-2
STANBERY, Sally Rose, death: 5/26/2008, age: 70, NEW-M-13-D
STANFIELD, Galen Lyle, death: 10/20/2009, age: 70, NEW-Y-64-C
STANFIELD, Sharon, death: 11/12/1993, age: 55, NEW-Y-64-D
STANTON, Ethna T., death: 9/21/1981, NEW-H-12-12
STAPELTON, Marge (Or Elmira?), death: 1/18/1964, NEW-X-11-E
STAPLES, Andrew J., Old-7-20-A
STAPLES, Carrie, death: 10/5/1982, age: 92, NEW-X-8-B
STAPLES, Daniel E., death: 11/20/1981, NEW-R-30-B
STAPLES, Frank E., death: 8/10/1983, NEW-O-66-A
STAPLES, Julia J., Old-7-20-B
STAPLES, Keith Ray, death: 12/3/1996, age: 77, NEW-O-59-C
STAPLES, Leroy, death: 10/24/1959, NEW-X-8-A
STAPLES, Pearl Agnes, death: 6/25/1996, age: 98, NEW-O-66-B
STAPLES, Pearl R., death: 1/3/1981, NEW-R-30-C
STAPLES, Rex E., Old-2-5-C
STAPLETON, Mary E., death: 4/30/1982, NEW-X-54-D
STARNES, Hazel J., death: 5/21/1976, NEW-S-9-B-2
STAUSS, Ernest J., death: 1/1/1944, NEW-T-36-A
STAUSS, Lena, death: 7/3/1989, age: 94, NEW-T-36-B
STEADMAN, James C., death: 8/11/1961, NEW-X-7-E
STEFANI, Alaide, death: 9/6/1958, NEW-O-22-B
STEFANI, Alfredo, NEW-O-22-A
STEFANI, Fred Geno, death: 1/4/1994, age: 79, Maus-Row5-SxS-CryptB-2
STEFANI, John Harold, death: 12/19/1998, age: 88, NEW-O-63-A
STEFANI, Laura Irene, death: 3/2/2003, age: 88, Maus-Row5-SxS-CryptB
STEFANI, Ruth Hazel, death: 4/21/2008, age: 96, NEW-O-63-B
STEFENI, Jasmine, Old-2-24-C
STEFFINSON, Bertha, Old-8-36-C
STEFFINSON, Nells, Old-8-36-D
STEGE, Anna, death: 6/27/1956, Old-7-17-A
STEGE, George W., Old-7-40-D
STEGMEIER, Calvin Hugo, death: 9/21/1997, age: 89, NEW-S-72-C
STEGMEIER, Leontina Pauline, death: 8/31/2007, age: 93, NEW-S-72-D
STEIN, Priscilla E., death: 3/9/1975, NEW-O-32-E
STEIN, William P., NEW-O-32-D
STEINER, Ernestine, Old-2-33-D
STEINERT, Gertrude Elizabeth, death: 2/4/2008, age: 93, NEW-I-73-D
STEINERT, Martin Hellmuth, death: 2/27/1997, age: 81, NEW-I-73-C
STEMM, Dora M., death: 1/1/1945, NEW-Y-27-B
STEMM, John William, death: 4/20/1969, NEW-Y-27-A
STENHJEM, Millie A., death: 6/1/1994, age: 87, NEW-M-53-C
STENHJEM, William H., death: 10/9/1994, age: 85, NEW-M-53-C-2
STENHJEM, William H. Jr., death: 6/22/1997, age: 64, NEW-M-53-B
STEPHENSON, Floyd E., Old-4-11-F
STEVENS, Arthur A., death: 6/3/1990, age: 84, NEW-M-44-C
STEVENS, Arthur A., death: 2/14/1976, NEW-M-43-C
STEVENS, Charles E., Old-1-26-B
STEVENS, Ella Laura, death: 9/16/1974, NEW-M-44-D
STEVENS, Frank Charles, Old-1-26-D
STEVENS, Gus Allen, death: 8/16/1990, age: 35, NEW-M-11-B
STEVENS, Jeffery Max, death: 3/10/2007, age: 39, NEW-M-43-D-2
STEVENS, Leland L., Old-1-26-A
STEVENS, Reva, death: 6/14/1989, age: 76, NEW-O-57-A
STEVENS, Sarah F., Old-1-26-C
STEVENS, Shirley Ann, death: 11/23/2001, age: 65, NEW-M-43-D
STEVENSON, Bessie Mae, death: 2/23/1997, age: 93, NEW-Y-66-C
STEVENSON, Carolyn Lorene, death: 9/3/2013, age: 61, Maus-Row8-ColD-NicheG
STEVENSON, Charlie E., death: 9/16/1972, NEW-R-59-D
STEWART, Carol A., death: 1/11/2017, age: 65, Maus-Row1-ColC-NicheB
STEWART, Carol Louise, death: 10/2/2016, age: 84, NEW-E-23-B
STEWART, Clara, death: 11/4/1989, age: 91, NEW-S-47-A
STEWART, Eula, death: 9/30/1986, age: 78, NEW-T-57-C
STEWART, Hazel H., death: 1/1/1948, NEW-T-18-B
STEWART, Homer, death: 11/15/1974, NEW-M-43-A
STEWART, Louis F., death: 11/6/1995, age: 98, NEW-T-18-A
STEWART, Marjorie Irene, death: 1/5/2012, age: 88, NEW-M-43-A-2
STEWART, Nancy Ethel, death: 11/28/1977, NEW-I-60-C
STEWART, R. L., death: 10/10/2010, age: 83, NEW-E-23-A
STEWART, Violet, death: 8/10/1964, Old-4-20-C
STEWART, Wayne R., death: 1/6/1984, NEW-R-10-B
STIER, Caroline, Old-5-5-E
STIER, Dorothy Anne, death: 12/3/2000, age: 87, Old-8-37-B-2
STIER, Fred, Old-8-37-A
STIER, George, Old-8-37-B
STIER, Henry, Old-5-5-D
STIER, John, death: 8/10/1962, NEW-S-2-D
STIER, Mary, (BABY), Old-5-5-E-2
STINSON, Clark, death: 8/21/1992, age: 64, NEW-W-46-C
STINSON, David C., death: 1/25/1968, NEW-W-46-B
STINSON, Marion, death: 2/9/2006, age: 82, NEW-H-3-B
STINSON, Raymond C., death: 3/5/1989, age: 68, NEW-O-49-C
STOBER, Pearl C., death: 12/6/1985, Old-6-20-D
STODDARD, Carolina, NEW-X-46-E
STODDARD, Earle, death: 8/2/1965, NEW-W-41-C
STODDARD, Elmer, death: 5/9/1963, NEW-X-46-D
STODDARD, Mary Loleta, death: 10/23/1973, NEW-W-41-D
STOGSDILL, Asa G., Old-3-1-D
STOGSDILL, Hezekiah, Old-3-1-B
STOGSDILL, Kesiah, Old-3-1-C
STOLLER, Earl Harlan, death: 4/14/2001, age: 73, Maus-Row12-Single-CryptAW
STOLLER, Marilyn Ruth, death: 10/19/2007, age: 79, Maus-Row12-Single-CryptAW-2
STOLLER, Susanna, Old-2-3-B
STONE, (Baby), BABY, NEW-K-12-A NW 1/4
STONE, Althea Eleanor, death: 11/3/2009, age: 86, Maus-Row8-ColB-NicheD
STONE, Alzora, death: 8/6/1963, NEW-O-13-A
STONE, Nancy May, death: 12/19/2016, age: 83, Maus-Row8-ColB-NicheB
STONE, Roger Edward, death: 6/23/2014, age: 71, Maus-Row8-ColB-NicheC
STONE, William A., NEW-O-13-A-2
STONER, Angie Mae, death: 10/1/1979, NEW-M-26-B
STONER, Claire W., death: 8/29/1988, age: 71, NEW-N-44-B
STONER, Helena, death: 2/26/1992, age: 84, NEW-J-80-C
STONER, Raymond J., death: 10/13/1992, age: 82, NEW-J-80-B
STONER, Shirley, NEW-N-44-A
STONER, Viola Ahsum, death: 5/27/2005, age: 86, NEW-N-44-C
STORM, Gladys Delilah, death: 4/23/2010, age: 85, Maus-Row7-ColD-NicheQ
STRAHAM, Letty E., death: 10/29/1943, NEW-P-36-B
STRAWN, Louise M., death: 3/3/1966, NEW-J-55-B
STREJC, Frances, Old-8-33-B
STREJC, Frank, Old-8-33-A
STREJC, Joseph, Old-8-33-B-2
STREJC, Mataj, Old-8-33-C
STREJC, Milloid, death: 3/25/1962, Old-8-33-E
STREJC, Rudolph M., death: 10/29/1961, Old-8-33-D
STREUFERT, Lena, death: 9/11/1983, NEW-X-58-D
STRIKER, Cora F., death: 2/5/1961, Old-4-30-C
STRIKER, Oscar F., death: 7/1/1959, Old-4-8-D
STRIKER, Otto F., Old-4-30-B
STRONG, Clifford, death: 3/6/1970, NEW-J-21-B
STRONG, Clyde, Old-6-16-A
STRONG, Laura, death: 12/8/1970, NEW-J-21-C
STUCK, George E., death: 10/2/1975, NEW-O-8-A
STUCK, Lazima, NEW-O-8-B
STUCK, Richard M., NEW-O-8-C
STUHR, George Hubert III, death: 3/12/2005, age: 51, Maus-Row2-ColD-NicheG
STUIVENGA, Vertabell, death: 12/1/1959, NEW-K-6-B
STUMM, Beverly, Old-7-24-C
STUMM, Henry, Old-2-14-H
STURGES, Charles A., Old-5-32-E
STURGES, Francis M., Old-5-32-D
STURGES, Oscar W., Old-5-32-C
STUWE, Elsie M., death: 11/21/1988, age: 94, Old-6-35-C
SUHRBIER, Bertha H., death: 10/23/1999, age: 88, NEW-Y-67-B
SUHRBIER, Chris, death: 1/1/1943, NEW-Y-43-A
SUHRBIER, John Edward, death: 6/25/1997, age: 90, NEW-Y-67-A
SUHRBIER, Mary, death: 8/9/1970, NEW-Y-43-B
SUHRBIER, Nellie Gene, death: 6/7/2016, age: 91, NEW-Y-43-D
SUITTER, Homer Lyle, death: 5/1/2003, age: 77, NEW-H-34-D
SULLIVAN, Con C., death: 5/7/1991, age: 61, NEW-S-69-A
SUMMERFIELD, Amelia, Old-5-55-D
SUMMERFIELD, Dan A., Old-5-55-A
SUMMERFIELD, Edward, Old-5-55-C
SUMMERFIELD, Edward A., death: 10/3/1965, Old-5-55-B
SUMMERFIELD, Rose, Old-5-55-E
SUMMERS, Joseph Marion, death: 7/14/2000, age: 92, NEW-H-25-E
SUMMERS, Sara Catherine Mae, death: 5/10/2002, age: 91, NEW-H-24-A
SUMNER, Louise Lenora, death: 11/30/1999, age: 85, Maus-Row4-ColC-NicheA
SUMPTER, David Richard, death: 6/2/1998, age: 29, NEW-H-64-B
SUMPTER, Dean Gregory, death: 12/26/2016, age: 52, New-N-48-C
SUTER, John R., death: 2/3/1982, NEW-J-60-A
SUTER, Mary, NEW-J-60-B
SUTHERLAND, J. H., Old-5-50-A
SUTTER, George J., NEW-K-18-C
SWAN, Eva, death: 12/30/1989, age: 64, Old-7-56-D
SWANBY, Baby, (BABY), Old-6-15-E
SWANBY, Chrissie M., death: 6/1/1961, Old-6-15-C
SWANBY, Ralph, Old-6-15-D
SWANBY, Ralph S., death: 8/7/1981, Old-6-15-B
SWANK, Amy, Old-6-43-D
SWANK, Ernest J., Old-6-41-E
SWANK, William W., Old-6-43-E
SWANSON, B. W., NEW-J-45-B-2
SWANSON, Betty Lorraine, death: 7/28/2003, age: 80, Maus-Row4-ColB-NicheF
SWANSON, Ellen K., death: 1/1/1930, NEW-T-30-B
SWANSON, Eric Algar, death: 2/28/1976, age: 68, Maus-Row5-ColB-NicheB
SWANSON, Helen Maye, death: 5/8/1999, age: 92, Maus-Row5-ColB-NicheA
SWANSON, Ollie B., death: 5/5/1968, NEW-J-46-B
SWANSON, Sigfrid, death: 1/1/1950, NEW-T-30-A
SWEARINGEN, Merle R., death: 10/26/1965, NEW-J-56-A
SWEARINGEN, Myrna, death: 11/20/1991, age: 82, NEW-J-56-B
SWEEK, Cecil, NEW-X-54-C
SWEEK, Pearl J., NEW-X-54-B
SWENSON, Dorthy, death: 12/21/1998, age: 78, NEW-I-84-D
SWENSON, Joseph, NEW-Y-24-A
SWENSON, Kermit B., death: 3/2/1998, age: 83, NEW-I-84-D-2
SWENSON, Mina, death: 8/28/1965, NEW-Y-24-B
SWICK, Clarence, Old-6-6-A
SWICK, Flora Etta, death: 11/11/1972, Old-6-6-B
SWIFT, Alfred J., death: 3/30/1982, NEW-R-51-A
SWIFT, Myrtle E., death: 4/25/1976, NEW-R-51-B
SWIGART, Edna, death: 4/26/1989, age: 92, NEW-P-9-E
SWIGART, Harley A., NEW-P-9-D
SWIGART, Samuel A., NEW-P-9-A
SWINT, Adam, Old-6-31-C
SWINT, Kathryn, Old-6-31-D
SWITZER, Ray, death: 4/2/1945, NEW-W-34-C

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