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Zion Memorial Cemetery - Burial Records
Canby, Clackamas County, Oregon

GPS: 45.261591, -122.669224

2010 S Township Rd
Canby, OR 97013

Date published: November 16, 2017
Total records: 6,517

Surnames L-O

Records published here were acquired from the City of Canby on November 12, 2017.

LACK, Lovelle Fay, death: 7/22/1939, age: 73, NEW-F EAST-7-D
LACK, Verna Louise, death: 4/17/2016, age: 74, NEW-F EAST-7-E
LACROSS, John, death: 6/5/1992, age: 3 WEEKS, NEW-U-10-A NW 1/4
LACROSS, Susan Ann, death: 11/2/2013, age: 49, NEW-M-13-A
LAFARGE, Vernon G, NEW-I-13-A
LAGERS, Elva Monroe, death: 8/13/2003, age: 61, NEW-H-10-A
LAIER, Mathilda, NEW-X-53-B
LAISNER, Dorothy, death: 1/15/1992, age: 72, NEW-S-21-C
LAISNER, Kenneth Joseph, death: 12/1/2008, age: 85, NEW-S-21-B
LAKIN, David L., death: 1/20/1996, age: 47, Maus-Row7-ColD-NicheR
LAMB, Beulah, Old-7-11-A-3
LAMB, Charles C., death: 12/21/1974, Old-7-11-A-2
LAMB, Eugene H., Old-7-11-A
LAMB, Fred E., death: 11/16/1974, NEW-T-43-A
LAMB, Jason, death: 10/22/1989, age: 21, NEW-H-31-C
LAMB, Neva T., death: 1/1/1945, NEW-T-43-B
LAMB, Stella A., Old-7-11-B
LAMB, William, death: 12/11/1963, NEW-S-8-E
LAMON, Elsie Irene, death: 2/18/2001, age: 89, NEW-M-37-C
LAMON, Marvin J., death: 12/12/1974, NEW-M-37-B
LAMOUR, Rose, death: 6/14/1988, age: 87, Old-6-65-E
LANCASTER, Jessie, Old-6-64-B
LANCE, John Robert, death: 7/28/2014, age: 69, NEW-T-83-A
LANDIS, Arlene Sophie, death: 6/28/2016, age: 87, New-M-44-D-2
LANEY, Hugh, death: 5/25/1986, age: 46, NEW-N-47-A
LANFORD, Unknown, Old-8-63-D
LANG, Everett M., death: 2/23/1964, NEW-N-27-D
LANG, John Conrad, NEW-K-38-A
LANG, Mary Margaret, death: 11/16/2004, age: 78, NEW-N-50-E
LANG, Olenia, NEW-K-38-B
LANG, Ralph Warren, death: 12/13/2002, age: 81, NEW-N-50-D
LANG, Ruth N., death: 1/1/1958, NEW-N-27-E
LANGHAM, James C., death: 10/7/1993, STILLBORN, NEW-U-10-B NW 1/4
LANGHOLZ, Emil F. L., death: 8/10/1969, NEW-S-53-A
LANGHOLZ, Emma, death: 6/7/1964, NEW-S-53-B
LAPOINTE, Dorothy Elizabeth, death: 2/17/2017, age: 95, NEW-F WEST-82-D
LAPOINTE, Patrick Gerard, death: 8/27/2005, age: 84, NEW-F WEST-82-E
LARABEE, Clyde E., death: 3/8/1988, age: 78, NEW-I-25-E
LARABEE, Evelyn N., death: 8/23/1972, NEW-I-24-A
LARSEN, Dorothy, death: 8/1/1993, age: 75, NEW-I-55-C
LARSEN, Louis E., death: 9/27/1974, NEW-I-55-B
LARSEN, Mary, death: 3/25/2006, age: 58, Maus-Row3-ColB-NicheK
LARSEN, Phyllis Eleanor, death: 12/19/1998, age: 64, NEW-H-46-E
LARSEN, Richard Clifford, death: 2/12/2000, age: 68, NEW-H-46-D
LARSON, Andrew, NEW-U-8-C
LARSON, Anna Kohl, death: 7/29/2000, age: 88, NEW-W-52-D
LARSON, Baby, (BABY), Old-2-5-F
LARSON, Carl H., death: 1/1/1944, NEW-Y-17-A
LARSON, Clara, death: 3/20/1981, NEW-J-84-A
LARSON, Clarence, death: 5/27/1983, NEW-J-73-A
LARSON, Franklin, Old-8-53-D
LARSON, Fred, NEW-K-19-A
LARSON, Jerie Kay, death: 5/13/1957, NEW-O-34-E
LARSON, Lawrence L., death: 5/17/1966, NEW-W-16-B
LARSON, Ray C., death: 10/28/1969, NEW-J-1-A
LARSON, Robert L., death: 5/22/1982, NEW-J-84-B
LARSON, Rose, Old-8-53-E
LASH, Grandfather, Old-6-56-E
LASHIER, Vera Marie, death: 12/30/1992, age: 81, Maus-Row7-Single-CryptE
LAWER, Melanie Rhea, death: 3/23/2000, age: 58, NEW-P-17-C
LAWER, Robert L., death: 4/9/2016, age: 78, New-P-17-C2
LAWRENCE, Alyce Viola, death: 8/5/2000, age: 83, NEW-H-13-87-2
LAWRENCE, Charles R., death: 2/21/1986, age: 56, NEW-J-63-D
LAWRENCE, Marcella Antoinette, death: 1/17/2003, age: 65, NEW-J-63-E
LAWRENCE, William Kenneth, death: 7/9/1992, age: 77, NEW-H-13-87
LAWSON, Harriet, death: 1/27/1976, NEW-I-35-A
LAWSON, Joshua G., death: 3/27/1992, age: 5 MONTHS, NEW-U-17-D NW 1/4
LAWTHORN, Lena, death: 12/19/1966, NEW-X-29-D
LAWTHORN, Thomas, death: 11/20/1958, NEW-X-29-C
LAY, Myrtle M., death: 2/29/1988, age: 95, NEW-S-42-E
LAY, Walter, death: 1/23/1971, NEW-S-42-D
LAY, Willis (Or William ?) S, NEW-S-42-C
LAYTON, Mary G., Old-2-2-D
LAYTON, Virginia Mae, death: 10/4/2015, age: 94, NEW-J-64-C
LE, Cuc Thi, death: 2/1/2001, age: 84, NEW-T-79-B
LEACH, Helen S., death: 11/25/2014, age: 94, NEW-M-49-A
LEACH, Josephine C., death: 9/9/1966, NEW-N-20-B
LEACH, Raymond, death: 8/3/1988, age: 77, NEW-M-46-E
LEACH, Vern, Old-7-55-A
LEACHMAN, Michael Jack, death: 11/20/2015, age: 60, Maus-Row9-ColD-NicheA
LEARFIELD, Emery R., death: 6/19/1970, NEW-S-26-A
LEARFIELD, Rachel M., death: 5/20/1960, NEW-S-26-B
LEASK, John W., death: 1/1/1943, NEW-T-40-A
LEDGER, Richard A., NEW-T-21-C
LEDINGHAM, Alexander, Old-7-1-A
LEDINGHAM, Martha A., death: 1/1/1945, Old-7-1-B-2
LEDYARD, Gleason Hines, death: 1/6/2006, age: 86, NEW-M-51-B
LEDYARD, Kathryn Irene, death: 5/17/2008, age: 90, NEW-M-51-A
LEE, Alice May, death: 2/24/1987, age: 69, NEW-R-70-B
LEE, Alvin H., death: 4/18/1968, NEW-W-11-C
LEE, Bertha E., Old-1-15-G
LEE, Clarence M., death: 9/22/1965, NEW-W-11-D
LEE, Dale E, death: 10/30/2003, age: 55, NEW-H-27-C
LEE, Eda E. Tice, death: 1/1/1911, Old-6-59-C
LEE, Eliza Jane, death: 3/25/1978, NEW-X-33-E
LEE, Elizabeth, death: 11/7/1984, NEW-W-11-E
LEE, Fran E., NEW-S-54-D
LEE, Francis Mary, NEW-S-54-E
LEE, Freda, death: 10/28/1999, age: 73, NEW-T-83-D
LEE, Herman (Or Heman) A., death: 1/1/1914, Old-6-59-D
LEE, Iris, death: 7/23/1975, NEW-I-44-B
LEE, John Bradford, death: 12/29/2004, age: 34, NEW-H-31-B
LEE, Lela, death: 9/28/1989, age: 84, NEW-O-34-B
LEE, Louisa, Old-1-7-A
LEE, Lyle Newton, death: 5/29/2000, age: 82, NEW-T-83-C
LEE, Marvin B., death: 4/20/1972, NEW-W-11-B
LEE, Mary, Old-7-63-D
LEE, Melvin D., death: 2/4/1988, age: 75, NEW-R-70-A
LEE, Milo, Old-7-63-C
LEE, Ray Everman, death: 2/19/1990, age: 84, NEW-O-34-A-2
LEE, Robert William, death: 1/29/1941, age: 59, NEW-H-5-D
LEE, Verna, Old-7-63-E
LEE, Warren P., death: 12/29/1956, NEW-X-33-D
LEECE, Theresa, death: 6/7/1987, age: 59, NEW-N-47-D
LEECE, William Albert, death: 12/6/2002, age: 67, NEW-I-77-A
LEEDY, Eloise, death: 9/21/2000, age: 57, NEW-O-9-C
LEHMAN, Harry A., death: 12/12/1961, NEW-N-35-B
LEHR, Cleo (Larry) H., death: 2/24/1988, age: 77, NEW-W-32-A
LEHR, Rose K., death: 2/27/1966, NEW-W-41-E
LEISCHNEER, Gotthilf, death: 1/1/1946, NEW-T-20-A
LEISCHNEER, Maria, death: 7/10/1957, NEW-T-20-B
LEISCHNER, Ernest, death: 7/31/1984, NEW-R-32-A
LEISCHNER, Mildred E., death: 8/5/1982, NEW-R-47-E
LEITH, Juanita M., death: 1/7/2005, age: 88, Maus-Row6-ColD-NicheQ
LEITH, Leonard J., death: 6/25/1995, age: 89, Maus-Row6-ColD-NicheR
LELAND, Anna Lou, death: 12/1/2009, age: 72, NEW-R-2-E
LELAND, Bertha, death: 6/8/1982, NEW-R-2-C
LELAND, Lyman Iseli, death: 6/27/2011, age: 83, NEW-R-2-D
LEMONS, Edward Paul, death: 6/8/2006, age: 84, NEW-M-49-C
LEMONS, Homer, death: 2/12/1978, NEW-W-60-C
LEMONS, Jason Patrick, death: 12/4/2007, age: 25, Maus-Row5-ColB-NicheM
LEMONS, Sadie V., death: 3/2/1964, NEW-W-60-D
LEMOS, Anita, NEW-W-6-A
LEMOS, Jose, death: 12/8/1972, NEW-W-19-E
LENHART, Edel, death: 10/5/1982, NEW-J-82-B
LENHART, Uria C., death: 6/21/1981, NEW-J-82-A
LENNON, Emily, death: 11/12/1999, INFANT, NEW-K-52-D
LENOX, Katherine I, death: 1/22/2004, age: 87, NEW-I-44-A
LENT, Anna B., death: 4/24/1972, NEW-P-1-D
LENT, Anna E., NEW-P-1-B
LENT, Fred D., death: 9/22/1957, NEW-O-3-A
LENT, J. H., NEW-P-1-A
LENT, James E., death: 10/26/1950, NEW-O-3-C
LENT, John B., Old-7-58-A
LENT, Laura May, death: 4/11/1963, NEW-O-3-B
LENT, Louis, NEW-P-1-E
LENT, Marjorie, Old-7-58-D
LENT, Norman F. & Baby, (BABY), Old-7-58-E-2
LENT, Norman Freddie, Old-7-58-E
LENT, Viola N., Old-7-58-B
LENZ, Vernon H., death: 10/27/1995, age: 77, Maus-Row5-ColD-NicheD
LEONARD, Curtis A., NEW-P-13-C
LEONARD, John A., NEW-P-13-A
LEONARD, Louetta, death: 1/1/1946, NEW-P-13-B
LEONARD, Savannah Faith, death: 3/29/2010, age: 2 HRS, NEW-K-56-C
LEPINSKY, Clarence C, death: 11/1/2000, age: 91, NEW-W-5-A
LEPINSKY, Edward W., death: 5/7/1969, NEW-Y-8-C
LEPINSKY, Nettie, death: 12/22/1986, age: 73, NEW-W-5-B
LEPINSKY, Wilhelmina C., death: 3/7/1978, NEW-Y-8-B
LEPINSKY, William, NEW-Y-8-A
LERUD, Bernice M., death: 6/13/1996, age: 90, Maus-Row3-ColD-NicheN
LERUD, Ole Morten, death: 1/12/1997, age: 93, Maus-Row3-ColD-NicheM
LESTER, Raymond W., death: 9/15/1976, NEW-I-42-A
LEUTWYLER, Marie, death: 4/21/1969, NEW-N-42-E
LEUTWYLER, Wilbur, death: 9/23/1957, NEW-N-42-D
LEWELLING, Kathryn V., death: 4/12/2017, age: 88, New-M-21-B-2
LEWELLING, L. Guy, death: 1/22/1984, NEW-M-21-B
LEWIS, (Baby), death: 3/14/1967, NEW-K-11-C NE 1/4
LEWIS, Anna, NEW-O-29-D
LEWIS, Beatrice, death: 12/18/1950, Old-2-6-D - SE1/4
LEWIS, Calvin O., NEW-W-27-E
LEWIS, Charles A., Old-5-17-A
LEWIS, Ella Anita, death: 3/29/1969, NEW-W-22-A
LEWIS, Farrell E., death: 1/25/1996, age: 62, NEW-S-76-A
LEWIS, Francis, Old-5-17-B
LEWIS, John V., Old-4-12-F
LEWIS, Mae A., NEW-X-46-C
LEWIS, Myrle Lillie, death: 4/8/2013, age: 87, Maus-Row1-Tandem-CryptAW(2)
LEWIS, Neal Francis, death: 4/9/2012, age: 91, Maus-Row1-Tandem-CryptAW(1)
LEWIS, Thurber, NEW-O-29-A
LEWIS, Wallace C., death: 1/16/1959, NEW-O-29-B
LEWIS-TRICE, Irma Diane, death: 8/10/2016, age: 67, Maus-Row2-ColD-NicheM
LEYERLY, James R., death: 11/5/1983, NEW-R-10-C
LEYERLY, Roselle Mclaren, death: 3/18/1998, age: 83, NEW-R-10-D
LIBKE, Emma C., death: 10/14/1978, NEW-I-32-A
LIBKE, Otto, death: 9/19/1981, NEW-I-41-E
LIEBIG, Charlotte, Old-7-35-A
LIEBIG, Frieda M., death: 6/27/1957, Old-7-35-C
LIEBIG, Herman, Old-7-35-B
LIEN, Christina, death: 7/23/1965, Old-7-23-C
LIEN, Christina, Old-7-23-D
LIEN, Clifford, death: 2/19/1983, NEW-M-19-B
LIEN, Ingvald John, Old-7-23-E
LIEN, Raymond C., death: 1/11/1978, Old-7-23-B
LIGHTBODY, Daniel D., death: 7/31/1984, NEW-U-35-C NE 1/4
LIGHTHILL, Ida, death: 9/29/1970, NEW-W-34-B
LIGHTHILL, John A., death: 3/23/1965, NEW-W-34-A
LIGHTNER, Monte Harvey, death: 2/26/2000, age: 60, NEW-F WEST-100-C
LILLIE, Frank C., death: 3/16/1995, age: 86, Old-7-42-E
LILLIE, George, death: 3/7/1956, Old-7-42-D
LILLIE, Iva E., Old-7-42-C
LILLY, Alma, death: 8/7/1985, NEW-X-46-B
LILLY, Andrew N., death: 8/31/1953, NEW-X-46-A
LILY, Cynthia, Old-7-32-A
LINDQUIST, Amanda, death: 1/3/1986, STILLBORN, NEW-U-35-C SE 1/4
LINDQUIST, Audrey M., death: 12/7/1976, NEW-N-37-E
LINDQUIST, Brenda Louise, death: 8/6/1999, age: 52, NEW-U-39-D
LINDQUIST, Donald L, death: 5/5/1957, NEW-N-37-D
LINDQUIST, Edwin, death: 2/13/1990, age: 86, NEW-N-37-C
LINDSTROM, Mabel A., death: 5/4/1968, NEW-J-44-E
LINDSTROM, Robert Napolean, death: 6/8/1993, age: 96, NEW-J-44-D
LINGEL, Donald D., death: 12/28/1963, NEW-N-16-A
LINGEL, Doris Ida, death: 3/1/2016, age: 87, NEW-H-39-C
LINGEL, Edwin Arthur, death: 12/27/2001, age: 75, NEW-H-39-D
LINGEL, George W. Sr., death: 8/2/1973, NEW-S-51-D
LINGEL, George Wesley Jr., death: 7/3/2000, age: 89, NEW-S-27-C
LINGEL, Maude, death: 11/3/1981, NEW-S-51-E
LINGEL, Phoebe E., death: 4/21/1959, NEW-S-27-D
LINK, William, death: 1/12/1970, NEW-T-34-E
LITTLE, Anabel, death: 1/1/1977, age: 84, NEW-S-32-C
LITTLE, David Eugene, death: 4/26/2016, age: 83, Maus-Row12-ColD-NicheA
LITTLE, James W., death: 3/4/1979, NEW-S-32-C-2
LITTLE, James W. Jr., death: 11/22/2015, age: 92, Maus-Row12-ColD-NicheB
LIVINGSTONE, Bonita Dawn, death: 7/5/2016, age: 61, New-I-65-A2
LOCKWOOD, Agnes W., death: 2/9/1994, age: 81, NEW-X-62-C
LOCKWOOD, Joseph M., death: 4/11/1964, NEW-W-59-C
LOE, Caroline, death: 7/1/1987, age: 79, NEW-R-32-C
LOE, Einer, death: 3/12/1980, NEW-R-32-B
LOEFFELBIEN, Reva F., death: 1/31/2011, age: 88, NEW-H-25-D
LOFTEN, Sybil Helen, death: 11/14/2015, age: 76, New-F East-8-C
LOGAN, Cecil, NEW-W-24-E
LOGAN, Clyde, death: 12/23/1989, age: 55, NEW-R-70-C
LOGAN, Frank D., death: 3/2/1978, NEW-I-7-C
LOGAN, Mabel, death: 6/9/1982, NEW-W-1-A
LOGAN, Mary A., death: 8/5/1991, age: 78, NEW-I-63-B
LONBORG, Nada, death: 4/15/2004, age: 47, NEW-F WEST-88-C
LONG, Catherine G., NEW-K-17-D
LONG, Francis C., death: 12/21/1964, NEW-X-41-B
LONG, Hazel Jean, death: 1/5/2001, age: 71, Old-5-66-C
LONG, Rose Ileen, death: 10/27/2001, age: 59, NEW-F WEST-85-D
LONG, William E., death: 8/24/1953, NEW-X-41-A
LOOMIS, Dwight C., NEW-O-17-C
LOOMIS, Mabel, death: 10/25/1963, NEW-N-32-A
LOOMIS, Porter J., NEW-O-17-D
LOOMIS, Winnie, NEW-O-17-E
LOONEY, Adam Wesley, death: 10/5/1966, (BABY), Old-7-19-C
LOONEY, Amanda, Old-7-27-B
LOONEY, Burrel P., death: 1/11/1960, Old-7-26-E
LOONEY, Dale E., death: 7/20/1974, Old-7-19-D
LOONEY, David H., Old-7-27-D
LOONEY, Edna, death: 2/28/1982, NEW-J-30-D
LOONEY, Eldon, death: 4/28/1991, age: 77, NEW-J-30-C
LOONEY, Evelyn, NEW-T-15-A
LOONEY, George P., death: 10/1/1966, Old-6-12-B
LOONEY, Gladys O., death: 4/20/1985, Old-6-12-A
LOONEY, Glenn M., death: 8/8/1945, NEW-T-15-A-2
LOONEY, Harold Eugene, death: 6/16/2009, age: 81, NEW-T-41-A
LOONEY, Hugh Harold, Old-6-11-A
LOONEY, John W., death: 6/25/1966, Old-7-19-A
LOONEY, Lee B., death: 8/9/1983, NEW-T-41-E
LOONEY, Neva Aline, death: 2/18/2003, age: 77, NEW-T-64-E
LOONEY, Norma Jean, death: 7/22/2017, age: 84, NEW-T-69-E
LOONEY, Otto F., death: 3/3/1951, NEW-T-15-B
LOONEY, Robert W., Old-6-11-B
LOONEY, Viola E., death: 5/23/1982, Old-7-19-B
LOOSE, Maude, death: 11/20/1980, NEW-R-16-B
LORENZ, Alvin, NEW-P-22-C
LORENZ, Anna May, NEW-P-22-D
LORENZ, Chris H., death: 2/23/1964, NEW-P-22-E
LORENZ, Christin, Old-3-40-A
LORENZ, Clyde M., Old-3-40-E
LORENZ, Dariel Nathiel, death: 5/19/2011, age: 92, NEW-F WEST-90-C
LORENZ, Lesetta, Old-3-40-B
LORENZ, Louis C., Old-3-40-D
LORENZ, Luther, death: 12/29/1992, age: 89, NEW-P-33-B
LORENZ, Velma M., death: 10/15/1971, NEW-P-33-A
LOSCAVO, Baby, death: 1/1/1940, (BABY), Old-7-26-A
LOSCAVO, Louis, death: 9/6/1960, Old-7-26-B
LOVALL, John, Old-7-37-D
LOVELAND, Augusta, Old-5-1-A
LOWERY, Emma, Old-5-21-E
LOWERY, Estella, Old-4-9-D
LOWERY, Ethel L., death: 1/21/1968, Old-4-9-H
LOWERY, George, Old-3-37-G
LOWERY, Glen, death: 7/8/1969, Old-6-23-E
LOWERY, Ida May, Old-4-9-B
LOWERY, Jacqline, Old-3-37-H
LOWERY, John W., death: 5/31/1956, Old-6-23-C
LOWERY, Julia A., death: 7/30/1961, Old-6-23-D
LOWERY, Martha, Old-3-37-C
LOWERY, Samuel, death: 11/6/1965, Old-4-9-C
LOWERY, William, Old-3-37-D
LOWRY, Dona Mildred, death: 6/18/1974, Old-6-23-A
LOWRY, Edmund Perry, death: 3/25/2008, age: 47, NEW-F WEST-113-A
LOWRY, Zachary Joseph, death: 4/2/2017, age: 27, NEW-F WEST-113-B
LOZANO, Rhea Carlson, death: 8/17/2002, age: 86, NEW-E-22-E
LUCAS, Darline F., death: 10/1/1975, NEW-I-4-A
LUCAS, Harry A., Old-8-40-C
LUCERO, Erica Renee, death: 3/19/1990, age: 1 DAY, NEW-U-9-D SW 1/4
LUCHT, Arleta May, death: 6/6/2016, age: 80, NEW-J-79-D
LUCHT, Craig L., death: 11/3/1976, NEW-I-43-C
LUCHT, Gerald W, death: 2/28/2003, age: 84, NEW-Y-63-A
LUCHT, Marie Helen, death: 10/11/1994, age: 85, NEW-Y-63-B
LUCHT, Paul Eugene, death: 4/17/1993, age: 60, NEW-J-79-C
LUCKE, Sade Mae, death: 3/30/1977, Old-7-28-B
LUCKE, William H., Old-7-28-A
LUELLEN, Mary, death: 4/29/1926, age: 59, NEW-J-19-E
LUELLING, Alfred, Old-8-30-E
LUELLING, Charles A., Old-8-30-C
LUELLING, Laura M., Old-8-30-D
LUKE, Marie Anna, Old-8-23-A
LUND, Herbert, NEW-I-60-D-2
LUNDSTEN, Dorene, age: 37, NEW-W-19-C
LUNDSTEN, Hazel L., death: 2/20/1996, age: 72, NEW-N-56-C
LUNDSTEN, Karen Eileen, death: 5/7/2012, age: 71, NEW-S-9-E-2
LUNDSTEN, Wayne Levard, death: 8/14/2002, age: 74, NEW-N-56-B
LUSSIER, Adeline, death: 3/2/1967, NEW-W-35-E
LYNCH, Charles /W., death: 10/31/1944, NEW-Y-46-A
LYNCH, Ida K., death: 4/15/1970, NEW-Y-46-B
LYTLE, Fred, death: 3/3/1973, NEW-R-58-D
LYTLE, Sylvia Carter, death: 7/3/1989, age: 88, Old-6-50-B
LYTSELL, Clara Alice, death: 1/28/2005, age: 70, NEW-H-13-88
M., P., Old-2-11-E
M., T., Old-2-14-G
MABEN, Audrey Rae, death: 12/2/1997, age: 57, NEW-H-55-D-2
MABEN, Billy Leroy, death: 12/5/2012, age: 74, NEW-H-55-C
MABEN, Peter Sylvester, death: 1/8/2005, age: 86, NEW-H-20-C
MABEN, Roberta Gertrude, death: 4/24/2013, age: 91, NEW-H-20-D
MABEN, Susan Elizabeth, death: 12/15/2006, age: 42, NEW-H-55-D
MACK, Ashel D., death: 8/15/1975, NEW-O-3-D-2
MACK, Hessie E., death: 1/1/1935, Old-7-39-B
MACK, Kenneth Martin, Old-7-39-A
MACK, Ormel Roscoe, death: 12/20/1965, Old-7-39-C
MACK, Ronald Marshall, death: 10/15/2010, age: 71, NEW-O-3-D
MACK, Viola Olive, death: 4/23/1998, age: 78, NEW-O-3-E
MACK, William E., death: 3/11/1979, Old-7-39-D
MACKLIN, Helen, death: 4/9/1987, age: 75, NEW-I-40-D
MACKLIN, Jesse, death: 2/1/1973, NEW-I-40-C
MACKLIN, Marion D., death: 10/25/1985, age: 50, NEW-I-61-E
MACLEAN, George, death: 1/1/1949, NEW-K-16-A
MACOMBER, Gary Dean, death: 6/29/1997, age: 41, NEW-T-64-C
MACOMBER, Ray, death: 3/8/1985, age: 74, NEW-T-64-A
MADDAFORD, Beatrice, death: 8/20/1963, NEW-N-36-B
MADDAFORD, John F., death: 12/28/1957, NEW-N-36-A
MADDOCK, Rollin M., death: 2/27/1980, NEW-M-28-E
MADDOX, Randall Blake, death: 1/28/1959, age: 40, NEW-H-46-C
MADEIRA, Grace Lee, death: 1/5/1983, NEW-H-12-11
MADEIRA, Jesse Granville, death: 10/16/1987, age: 87, NEW-H-12-10
MADISON, Gertrude M., death: 5/30/1979, Old-5-12-B
MAHLUM, Edith, death: 1/28/1987, age: 94, NEW-W-45-A
MAHLUM, James, death: 4/2/1979, NEW-W-52-E
MAHONEY, Hulda, death: 9/12/2008, age: 93, Maus-Row3-ColA-NicheB
MAHONEY, Irwin James, death: 8/3/1996, age: 86, Maus-Row3-ColA-NicheA
MAIER, Charles, Old-2-17-H
MAINS, George S., NEW-P-7-D
MAINS, Margaret, NEW-P-7-E
MAINWOOD, Clinton Clayton ?, NEW-X-42-D
MAINWOOD, Linda, Old-2-15-C
MAKOWSKI, Ryan Glenn, death: 3/11/1988, age: 4, NEW-U-9-A W 1/2
MAKOWSKI, Walter Donald, death: 3/22/2001, age: 76, NEW-F WEST-89-A
MALLETT, Arthur, Old-1-6-G
MALLETT, Clarence, Old-1-6-A
MALLETT, Ella Frances, death: 12/11/1957, Old-1-6-H
MALLETT, Lydia R., Old-1-6-C
MALLETT or MALLATT, Joshua J., Old-1-6-D
MALLONEE, Judy Earline, death: 6/28/2016, age: 68, NEW-F WEST-103-D
MALLONEE, Larry Richard, death: 5/7/2008, age: 68, NEW-F WEST-103-C
MALONE, Beverly, death: 12/19/2012, age: 54, NEW-H-10-B
MAMOYAC, Velma Luella, death: 7/24/1998, age: 85, Old-7-36-C
MANDEVILLE, Alphid M., death: 12/27/1943, age: 46, Old-6-37-B
MANDEVILLE, Donald R., death: 1/9/2006, age: 79, Old-6-37-A
MANDEVILLE, Julia M., Old-6-37-C
MANDEVILLE, William H., Old-6-37-D
MANN, Howard Nelon, death: 10/14/2010, age: 56, Maus-Row1-ColD-NicheE
MANN, Lois Marie, death: 8/3/1990, age: 88, NEW-S-34-B
MANN, Pearl S., death: 8/4/1960, NEW-X-20-B
MANN, Robert M., death: 11/2/1967, NEW-X-20-C
MANSELLE, Jessie, death: 8/13/1993, age: 78, NEW-U-44-E
MANSELLE, Leroy Lyle, death: 7/17/2012, age: 97, NEW-U-44-D
MANTZKE, Edzel G., death: 6/13/1978, NEW-R-53-E
MANUEL, Orville J., death: 1/18/2007, age: 85, Maus-Row2-ColB-NicheH
MANWILLER, Elzia N. (Curly), death: 10/12/1975, NEW-R-56-D
MANWILLER, Evalena, death: 11/26/1982, NEW-R-56-E
MAPLE, Lillie, death: 3/6/1956, Old-7-24-A
MAPLE, William S., Old-7-24-B
MAPLES, Paul Raymond, death: 2/1/1994, age: 77, NEW-R-11-D
MARAVILLE, Maricela, death: 7/20/2017, age: 53, New-H-19-D
MARIANO, Randy Allen, death: 2/10/1998, age: 23, NEW-H-9-C
MARIEN, John H., NEW-U-3-C
MARK, Mary, Old-5-8-C
MARK, Vesta, death: 3/17/2006, age: 105, NEW-M-27-A
MARKS, (Baby), BABY, NEW-K-12-B SE 1/4
MARKS, Albert, Old-8-16-A
MARKS, Bertha M., death: 4/30/1986, age: 82, Old-8-16-B
MARKS, Charles, Old-6-29-E
MARKS, Floyd C., death: 5/19/1994, age: 63, NEW-M-51-C
MARKS, Robert D., Old-6-27-A
MARQUIS, Alice Valentine, death: 9/11/1997, age: 74, NEW-T-71-C
MARQUIS, Ronald Bruce, death: 8/23/2001, age: 56, NEW-H-22-A
MARRIOTT, Maurice B., death: 6/18/1994, age: 73, NEW-M-35-A
MARSH, Luke B., death: 8/8/1990, age: 81, NEW-I-38-C
MARSH, Rachel Jeannette, death: 4/17/2012, age: 97, NEW-I-38-D
MARSHALL, Emma J., death: 12/26/1988, age: 84, NEW-W-32-E
MARSHALL, Erwin Clair, death: 10/20/1991, age: 62, NEW-S-68-C
MARSHALL, Harry E., death: 5/17/2019, NEW-W-32-D
MARSHALL, Irma M., death: 1/1/1995, age: 97, NEW-O-29-C
MARSHALL, Joseph A., death: 3/19/1995, age: 82, NEW-W-33-D
MARSHALL, Konner, death: 10/28/2003, age: 2 MO 4 DAYS, NEW-U-36-E SW 1/4
MARSHALL, Myrtle, death: 8/7/1991, age: 82, NEW-W-33-C
MARSHALL, Omar G., death: 3/4/1966, NEW-W-33-B
MARSHALL, Stevie, death: 5/22/1951, Old-2-6-D NE 1/4
MARSHALL, Violet May, death: 12/23/1997, age: 84, NEW-W-33-E
MARSON, Clara Irene, death: 9/17/2001, age: 90, NEW-J-20-D
MARSON, Oswald, death: 2/21/1970, NEW-J-20-C
MARTIN, Amos, Old-3-33-B
MARTIN, Hazel V., death: 7/10/1977, NEW-I-16-B
MARTIN, Jess, NEW-S-44-D
MARTIN, Jess S., Old-3-33-D
MARTIN, Lawrence, Old-5-17-E
MARTIN, Leola, Old-2-7-D
MARTIN, Lura E., Old-4-37-E
MARTIN, Margaret, Old-3-33-C
MARTIN, Sara Amber, death: 6/20/2015, New-H-36-123
MARTIN, Verna E., NEW-S-44-E
MARVIN, Arvelda R., death: 3/13/2009, age: 75, NEW-H-60-C
MARVIN, David Sidney, death: 1/8/2005, age: 95, NEW-I-67-C-2
MARVIN, F. Lavona, death: 6/24/1988, age: 77, NEW-I-67-C
MARVIN, Grace E., death: 6/15/1976, NEW-N-17-B
MARVIN, James, death: 2/2/1994, age: 55, NEW-I-67-D
MARVIN, John W., death: 7/16/1984, NEW-I-12-C
MARVIN, Nile E., death: 4/10/1962, NEW-N-17-A
MARVIN, Nyle B., death: 4/10/2013, age: 92, NEW-I-67-E
MASINI, Violet Teresa, death: 8/9/2017, age: 90, Maus-Row14-Single-CryptF
MASON, Charles E., Old-7-42-A
MASON, George A., Old-3-13-E
MASON, Hazel, death: 2/17/1990, NEW-S-66-B
MASON, James D., death: 7/18/1985, NEW-S-66-A
MASON, Jessica Marie, death: 7/29/2015, age: 33, New-F West-93-E
MASON, Lena E., Old-7-42-B
MASSEY, Addie A., death: 10/11/1994, age: 84, NEW-M-10-E
MASSEY, Levin, death: 3/12/1983, NEW-M-10-D
MASTERSON, Deborah, death: 1/5/2016, age: 64, New-H-9-C-2
MASTERSON, Henry Ralph, death: 9/21/1990, age: 72, NEW-R-19-C
MASTERSON, Virginia Annette, death: 2/15/2013, age: 92, NEW-R-19-B
MATHENY, Gwelda, death: 9/8/1993, age: 75, NEW-T-84-B
MATHENY, Jack Stewart, death: 5/27/1994, age: 68, NEW-T-84-A
MATHEWS, Emily, Old-6-48-C
MATHEWS, Francis M., Old-6-48-D
MATHEWS, Lazarus P., Old-2-31-B
MATT, E. E., Old-5-3-B
MATT, Key, Old-5-3-C
MATTATALL, Jordon, death: 3/24/1944, NEW-Y-51-A
MATTATALL, Pearl M., death: 6/23/1964, NEW-Y-51-B
MATTISON, Ethel Rosetta, death: 7/23/2004, age: 87, NEW-N-65-B
MATTISON, Ralph, death: 6/17/1989, age: 74, NEW-N-65-A
MATTOCKS, Charles, death: 1/1/1946, NEW-T-57-D
MATTOCKS, Lena C., death: 1/1/1956, NEW-T-57-E
MATTOCKS, Percy, (BABY), Old-3-15-H
MATZKE, Dale W., death: 12/13/1988, age: 73, NEW-X-68-A
MATZKE, Erna Amanda, death: 12/26/2009, age: 94, NEW-X-68-B
MATZKE, Jeffery, death: 2/13/1960, NEW-X-29-A
MATZKE, Lydia H., death: 7/28/1958, NEW-X-29-B
MAURER, Donna Louise, death: 3/18/2016, age: 80, New-H-13-76-2
MAURER, James Howard, death: 12/2/2013, age: 80, NEW-H-13-76
MAUZEY, Annette Louise, death: 10/30/2016, age: 94, Maus-Row4-Tandem-CrypyAW-3
MAUZEY, James Francis, death: 1/25/2000, age: 80, Maus-Row4-Tandem-CryptAW-2
MAUZEY, Michael J., death: 10/14/2011, age: 63, Maus-Row4-Tandem-CryptAW
MAY, James Frank, death: 2/10/1966, NEW-O-35-A
MAY, Laura C., NEW-O-35-B
MAY, Monica Sue, death: 7/3/1969, BABY, NEW-J-37-C NE 1/4
MAY, Robert, BABY, NEW-J-37-C NW 1/4
MAYER, Caroline, Old-5-52-B
MAYER, George, Old-5-52-D
MAYER, Herbert, Old-5-52-A
MAYER, Louie, death: 1/1/1913, Old-5-52-E
MAYER, Louie & Baby Boy Mayer, (BABY BOY), Old-5-52-E-2
MAZURKIEWICZ, Bejamin Joseph, death: 1/8/2009, age: 31, NEW-F WEST-93-A
MCARTHUR, David, Old-8-11-C
MCARTHUR, David E., death: 2/23/1960, NEW-X-37-A
MCARTHUR, Isabell, death: 1/1/1944, Old-8-11-D
MCCANN, Judieth Rae, death: 4/17/2017, age: 80, MausII-Row5-SxS-CryptB
MCCARTHY, Bernice Myrtle, death: 12/20/2001, age: 94, Maus-Row2-ColD-NicheS
MCCAULEY, Charlie, death: 1/31/1994, age: 69, NEW-M-9-D
MCCAULEY, Mary Arlene, death: 8/30/1983, NEW-M-9-E
MCCAUSLAND, William, Old-5-40-E
MCCLAY, Alonzo B., death: 2/19/1997, age: 94, NEW-T-74-B
MCCLAY, Dorothy Eleanor, death: 2/25/2003, age: 98, NEW-T-74-C
MCCLAY, Marjory May, death: 4/18/2001, age: 69, NEW-Y-69-D
MCCLOUAR, Helga M., Old-7-51-B
MCCLOUARD, Chas E., death: 12/29/1957, NEW-K-6-A
MCCLURE, Ethel, death: 8/30/1962, Old-7-1-B
MCCLURE, William H., Old-7-27-C
MCCOMB, Heneretta, Old-6-5-B
MCCOMB, James F., Old-6-5-C
MCCONNELL, Gladys Maxine, death: 2/12/2009, age: 83, Maus-Row8-ColD-NicheT
MCCONNELL, Marissa Lynne, death: 8/17/2016, age: 43, New-H-30-D
MCCONNELL, William Edward, death: 12/31/2011, age: 83, Maus-Row8-ColD-NicheS
MCCORD, Florence M., death: 6/5/1958, NEW-O-24-E
MCCORD, William E., NEW-O-24-D
MCCORMICK, Corneluis, NEW-I-12-D
MCCORMICK, Dorothy Mae, death: 1/8/2017, age: 88, New-Y-11-C-2
MCCORMICK, Hazel L., death: 3/8/1974, NEW-W-29-A
MCCORMICK, Patrick Clinton, death: 4/17/2005, age: 84, NEW-Y-11-C
MCCORMICK, Ronald, death: 10/13/1967, NEW-W-44-E
MCCOY, Glenn D., death: 1/26/1981, NEW-M-22-D
MCCOY, Violet Theresa, death: 11/14/2000, age: 91, NEW-M-22-E
MCCUTCHIN, Alma A., death: 1/24/1982, Old-7-34-B
MCCUTCHIN, H. A., death: 7/7/1977, Old-7-34-A
MCCUTCHIN, Joseph P., Old-7-34-C
MCDONALD, Betty Lou, death: 2/16/2014, age: 78, MAUSII-Row9-Single-CryptC
MCDONALD, John J. Or H., death: 9/28/1951, NEW-X-50-D
MCDONALD, Mary H., death: 10/6/1958, NEW-X-50-E
MCDONALD, Mary J., death: 2/5/1969, NEW-J-28-A
MCDOWELL, Randall, death: 3/4/1949, Old-2-6-B NE 1/4
MCELORY, Archie, NEW-X-57-D
MCELROY, Frieda Ernstena, death: 4/4/2015, age: 95, NEW-W-21-B
MCELROY, George A., death: 12/17/1988, age: 72, NEW-N-34-E
MCELROY, Rita, death: 1/1/1944, Old-2-7-C
MCELROY, Rose E., death: 2/14/1963, NEW-N-34-E-2
MCELROY, William K., death: 4/23/1981, NEW-W-21-A
MCELROY, William T., death: 3/21/1966, NEW-N-34-D
MCELWAIN, John Wesley, death: 7/23/1985, NEW-M-49-D
MCELWAIN, Mae Belle, death: 11/8/2006, age: 84, NEW-M-49-E
MCEWEN, Gloria Allison, death: 4/2/2004, age: 77, NEW-N-48-E
MCEWEN, Lyle Warren, death: 10/28/2011, age: 84, NEW-N-48-E-2
MCFARLAND, Alexander, Old-7-29-A
MCFARLAND, Bertha M., death: 3/10/1973, Old-5-32-A
MCGAUGH, Albert, death: 7/11/1995, age: 64, NEW-M-9-A
MCGILL, James, NEW-K-33-E
MCINTIRE, Bob & (Harrys Cremains), death: 5/11/1982, NEW-I-14-C
MCINTIRE, Harry G., NEW-I-14-C-2
MCINTIRE, Mark Edward, death: 6/4/1959, age: 54, NEW-I-14-C-3
MCINTOSH, Dorothy Lucille, death: 7/1/1998, age: 85, Maus-Row2-Tandem-CryptE-2
MCINTOSH, Fred, death: 9/8/2004, age: 89, Maus-Row2-Tandem-CryptE
MCINTOSH, Ida, death: 12/7/1983, NEW-M-28-D
MCINTOSH, James William, death: 10/15/1977, NEW-M-28-C
MCINTYRE, Kelly Eugene, death: 10/27/1996, age: 36, NEW-H-50-C
MCKEE, Loyd, death: 1/1/1949, NEW-K-39-E EAST PART
MCKENNEY, Carmie W., death: 6/1/1963, NEW-N-21-A
MCKENNEY, Connie, death: 3/7/1982, NEW-M-6-C
MCKENNEY, Kevin Scott, death: 10/3/1995, age: 34, NEW-N-64-B
MCKENNEY, Leona, death: 3/23/1988, age: 79, NEW-N-21-B
MCKNIGHT, Virginia, death: 4/12/1966, NEW-W-32-C
MCNAMEE, Claud H., death: 3/15/1968, NEW-W-31-D
MCNAMEE, Don, death: 11/15/1987, age: 75, NEW-R-68-C
MCNAMEE, Kathleen Mary, death: 1/16/2013, age: 91, NEW-R-68-D
MCNAMEE, Kenneth B., death: 11/19/1978, NEW-R-40-E
MCNAMEE, Mary E, death: 12/27/1969, NEW-W-31-E
MCNAMEE, Maxine L., death: 9/15/1966, NEW-R-40-D
MCNATT, Gertie P., death: 5/5/1992, age: 79, NEW-J-74-C
MCPHERSON, Dorothy May, death: 9/4/2008, age: 89, NEW-R-66-B
MCPHERSON, Mary Ogle, Old-6-48-B
MCVEY, A. C., death: 3/15/1995, age: 73, NEW-S-70-D
MCVEY, Shane Eugene, death: 8/1/1991, age: 17, NEW-S-69-D
MCWILLIAMS, Bernie, death: 2/10/1986, NEW-T-67-E
MCWILLIAMS, Richard W., death: 7/16/1996, age: 39, NEW-Y-48-C
MCWILLIAMS, Wanda June, death: 5/18/2001, age: 70, NEW-T-68-A
MEAD, George E., death: 1/30/1970, Old-8-13-D
MEAD, Helen Jonetta, death: 6/10/1990, Old-7-67-C
MEAD, Mary A., Old-7-67-D
MEAD, Owena Gladys, Old-8-13-E
MEAD, Philander, Old-7-67-E
MEAD, Ruth Alberta, Old-6-22-A
MEAD, Stephen, death: 6/14/1977, Old-7-67-B
MEAD, W. L., Old-6-22-C
MEDFORD, Arvol Emery, death: 12/1/2002, age: 75, Maus-Row6-ColD-NicheL
MEDLOCK, Eleanor, death: 9/4/1982, NEW-R-29-E
MEEK, Clarissa S., death: 1/1/1950, NEW-Y-35-C
MEEK, Georgia & Duffy (Baby), NEW-Y-35-E
MEEK, James R., death: 1/1/1947, NEW-Y-35-D
MEEK, John Robert, death: 1/21/2013, age: 88, NEW-Y-35-B
MEEKS, Eleanor, death: 6/23/1968, Old-8-1-E
MEEKS, Eunice, Old-5-14-A
MEEKS, Frank, death: 1/1/1919, Old-5-14-E
MEEKS, George F., Old-8-1-D
MEEKS, Harold E., death: 1/5/1975, NEW-T-42-C
MEEKS, Isabelle Clara, death: 2/23/1997, age: 80, Old-8-1-C
MEEKS, Ivan E., death: 1/13/1965, NEW-S-11-A
MEEKS, Marguerite, death: 6/1/1976, Old-5-15-B
MEEKS, Martha, Old-5-15-D
MEEKS, Mary, death: 1/1/1936, Old-5-14-D
MEEKS, Perry, Old-5-14-C
MEEKS, Perry Weaver?, Old-5-15-C
MEEKS, Sarah, death: 7/26/1964, NEW-W-12-A
MEEKS, Thomas E., death: 1/1/1948, NEW-T-42-A
MEEKS, Vina E., death: 1/1/1949, NEW-T-42-B
MEEKS, William Ernest, death: 8/30/1978, Old-8-1-B
MEIER, H. W., death: 6/25/1941, NEW-K-42-E
MEIER, Mr. C. L., Old-2-26-G
MEIER, Mrs. C. L., Old-2-26-H
MEIKLE, James L., death: 1/13/1988, age: 86, NEW-N-5-C
MEIKLE, Vivian W., death: 1/24/1964, NEW-N-5-B
MEIN, Candace Lee, death: 8/8/2005, age: 55, NEW-N-48-D
MEINDL, Olive, death: 3/9/1960, NEW-S-25-B
MEINDL, Otto E., death: 12/15/1969, NEW-S-25-A
MEISCH, Albert, NEW-S-41-A
MEISCH, Lyle, death: 11/29/1971, NEW-R-65-B
MEISCH, Lyle D. Jr., death: 5/12/1998, age: 49, NEW-R-65-BETWEEN B&C
MEISCH, Selma I, death: 3/5/1996, age: 68, NEW-R-65-C
MEISER, Brent, death: 10/3/2014, age: 41, New-E-34-B-2
MEISER, Cecil D., death: 2/10/2002, age: 59, NEW-E-34-B
MEISSEL, Herbert Sr., death: 10/31/1988, age: 73, NEW-O-49-B
MELODY, Margaret, NEW-S-65-C
MELROSE, Frank G., death: 3/12/1965, Old-8-54-A
MELROSE, M. Ethel, death: 1/20/1970, Old-8-54-B
MELVIN, Albert B., death: 1/1/1952, NEW-Y-4-D
MELVIN, Harry T., Old-5-11-A
MELVIN, Lillian, death: 1/1/1946, NEW-Y-4-E
MERCER, Dejay J., death: 5/22/1993, age: 3 MONTHS, NEW-U-10-D NW 1/4
MERRIOTT, Donna Lee, death: 5/9/2001, age: 56, NEW-O-56-C
MERRIOTT, Wallace Gene, death: 7/18/2015, age: 70, New-O-56-C-2
MERZ, Anna, Old-8-64-C
MERZ, Eric, death: 1/10/1980, Old-8-64-B
MERZ, Ferdinand E., death: 2/16/1976, NEW-I-20-A
MERZ, Helen Margaret, death: 8/10/2004, age: 91, Old-8-64-A
MERZ, Tilda, death: 3/7/1981, NEW-I-20-B
MEYER, Anna, death: 9/11/1953, NEW-Y-38-B
MEYER, Anna K., death: 8/3/1987, age: 78, NEW-R-19-A
MEYER, George Henry, death: 3/20/1990, age: 88, NEW-Y-38-D
MEYER, Henry, death: 1/1/1943, NEW-Y-38-A
MEYER, Marian Evelyn, death: 1/26/2007, age: 88, Maus-Row7-ColD-NicheU
MEYER, Robert Henry, death: 1/17/2001, age: 86, Maus-Row7-ColD-NicheV
MEYER, Roy C., death: 3/15/1986, NEW-Y-38-C
MEYER, William, death: 12/10/1980, NEW-R-34-E
MEYERS, Andrew, NEW-U-30-A
MEYERS, Arthur Albert, death: 2/13/2004, age: 93, NEW-R-3-A
MEYERS, Dorathy, death: 6/26/1988, age: 72, NEW-N-46-B-2
MEYERS, Dorothy H, death: 2/26/2005, age: 93, NEW-R-24-E
MEYERS, Elizabeth G., Old-6-36-D
MEYERS, Ellsworth E., Old-6-36-C
MEYERS, Fredrick, death: 4/4/2010, age: 89, NEW-N-46-B
MEYERS, Gladys E., Old-6-36-B
MEYERS, Hazel Blanche, death: 12/5/2000, age: 94, NEW-J-3-C
MEYERS, Johanna, NEW-U-30-B
MEYERS, John H., NEW-U-30-D
MEYERS, Leo R., death: 11/20/1970, NEW-J-3-C-2
MEYERS, Melvin Dee, Old-8-68-D
MEYERS, Mose, death: 2/6/1965, NEW-J-3-D
MICHAIL, Amota, NEW-K-40-B
MICKEL, Dorothy Lorraine, death: 8/23/2009, age: 92, NEW-I-24-C
MICKELSEN, Geraldine, death: 10/1/1990, age: 63, NEW-H-41-C
MICKELSEN, Harold J., death: 6/5/2000, age: 71, NEW-H-41-B
MIDDLETON, Fannie T., death: 6/3/1968, NEW-J-29-A
MILES, Gene Thelma, death: 2/15/1983, NEW-J-76-A
MILES, Jerry Allan, death: 3/20/2001, age: 62, NEW-H-45-C
MILLAR, Alfred J., death: 2/7/1998, age: 73, NEW-W-44-D
MILLAR, Jacqueline Mae, death: 2/19/2014, age: 83, NEW-W-44-D-2
MILLER, Alberta, death: 1/13/1982, NEW-I-34-C
MILLER, Alice, NEW-P-35-B
MILLER, Anna K., Old-1-19-A
MILLER, Anna Lucinda, death: 11/5/1985, NEW-S-36-D
MILLER, Authur, NEW-O-6-A
MILLER, Caleb, NEW-P-35-A
MILLER, Caroline Mary, death: 9/12/2008, age: 75, Maus-Row6-ColD-NicheU
MILLER, Clarence E., death: 1/1/1950, NEW-T-61-A
MILLER, Dorris Emma, death: 6/20/1992, age: 81, NEW-S-A-A
MILLER, Eddie U., NEW-R-53-C
MILLER, Edgar L., Old-5-68-A
MILLER, Edna, death: 3/6/1976, NEW-W-35-D
MILLER, Elisha P., Old-8-46-A
MILLER, Ella Sanders, Old-7-33-B
MILLER, Erven V., death: 10/8/1965, NEW-S-25-C
MILLER, Eva Love, NEW-I-50-A
MILLER, Florence S., Old-8-46-B
MILLER, Frances, death: 6/24/2006, age: 95, NEW-I-1-A
MILLER, Fred G., death: 10/8/1975, NEW-S-36-C
MILLER, George, death: 9/10/1990, age: 51, NEW-I-80-D
MILLER, Gladys, death: 2/18/1980, NEW-K-36-B
MILLER, Gladys A., death: 1/1/1972, NEW-O-6-B
MILLER, Harold E., NEW-S-27-A
MILLER, Henry A., death: 3/11/1969, NEW-W-7-A
MILLER, Homer Edward, death: 12/31/1982, NEW-M-6-D
MILLER, Ivadel Mary, death: 10/4/2010, age: 88, NEW-W-7-A-2
MILLER, John J., Old-3-30-D
MILLER, John Thomas, death: 12/2/1973, NEW-W-26-E
MILLER, Julie Ann, death: 8/17/2011, age: 64, Maus-Row1-ColD-NicheS
MILLER, Kathleen, death: 1/14/1975, NEW-U-9-D SE 1/4
MILLER, Lee, death: 12/9/1962, NEW-S-19-E
MILLER, Louvie Estelle, death: 1/6/1997, age: 90, NEW-S-27-B
MILLER, Mabel Ruie, death: 8/19/1992, age: 85, NEW-M-6-E
MILLER, Malisa A., NEW-P-16-A
MILLER, Merle M., death: 5/29/1978, NEW-R-53-D
MILLER, Michael Allen, death: 8/25/1998, age: 28, NEW-X-62-D
MILLER, Otto, death: 12/5/1964, NEW-W-35-C
MILLER, P. H., Old-1-19-C
MILLER, Patsy, death: 11/20/2016, age: 75, NEW-I-80-C
MILLER, Peter H., Old-1-19-B
MILLER, Philip H., death: 1/1/1954, NEW-T-61-C
MILLER, Roscoe, death: 12/5/1989, age: 96, Old-7-33-C
MILLER, Russell T., Old-7-33-E
MILLER, Samuel P., Old-7-33-A
MILLER, Terry Lee, death: 9/4/1994, age: 41, Maus-Row3-ColD-NicheT
MILLER, Thelma Lou, death: 7/8/1958, NEW-K-28-C
MILLER, Tryphena O, death: 1/1/1944, NEW-T-61-B
MILLER, Vera Fay, death: 1/7/1995, age: 89, NEW-W-23-A
MILLER, William T., death: 11/8/1972, NEW-I-24-E
MILLER, William T. Jr., death: 4/25/1999, age: 66, NEW-I-4-D
MILLS, Hildagard, death: 7/26/1997, age: 98, Maus-Row8-ColA-NicheA
MILLS, Thomas Griffin, death: 6/6/1963, age: 70, Maus-Row8-ColA-NicheB
MIRACLE, Elroy I., death: 4/29/2006, age: 84, NEW-H-12-52
MITCHELL, Annamarie C., death: 9/14/1995, age: 86, NEW-R-40-B
MITCHELL, Frances, death: 3/21/1951, NEW-P-10-B
MITCHELL, Jesse J., death: 11/19/1961, NEW-X-3-C
MITCHELL, Kendall M., death: 4/15/1973, NEW-R-40-A
MITCHELL, Lulu, death: 4/15/1969, NEW-X-21-A
MITCHELL, Margaret R., death: 6/27/1982, NEW-S-5-A
MITCHELL, Victoria Darlene, death: 4/25/2012, age: 80, NEW-N-5-A
MITCHELL, William J., death: 3/15/1959, NEW-X-28-E
MITTS, Alva W., Old-3-8-E
MITTS, Anita Marie, death: 10/28/1997, age: 88, NEW-R-17-B
MITTS, Azilee, death: 10/25/1961, NEW-S-1-B
MITTS, Baby Girl, (BABY), Old-6-45-B
MITTS, Buena E., death: 1/1/1945, NEW-Y-19-B
MITTS, Caric Edward, death: 12/25/1977, Old-5-26-C
MITTS, Christopher Edward, death: 3/19/2007, age: 8, NEW-U-35-A S 1/2
MITTS, Clifford, death: 2/15/1980, NEW-R-62-A
MITTS, Eliza, Old-3-8-B
MITTS, George C., death: 12/28/1988, age: 98, NEW-S-1-A
MITTS, Gungadene Alene, death: 1/31/1976, NEW-R-62-B
MITTS, Jake, death: 10/19/1965, NEW-Y-7-D
MITTS, James, death: 12/23/1967, Old-1-28-C
MITTS, James B., death: 1/1/1946, NEW-Y-7-A
MITTS, Jessie, Old-3-8-A
MITTS, Lester W., Old-1-28-A
MITTS, Lewis A., death: 11/28/1948, NEW-Y-19-C
MITTS, Lydia, death: 1/3/1958, Old-5-26-D
MITTS, Mary E., death: 1/1/1956, NEW-Y-7-B
MITTS, Melvin E., death: 8/7/1981, NEW-R-17-A
MITTS, Meredith Nichole, death: 11/10/1995, age: 3 DAYS, NEW-U-35-A NW 1/4
MITTS, Minnie, death: 12/3/1958, Old-1-28-B
MITTS, Vernon, Old-5-26-E
MITZNER, Frederick, Old-3-24-A
MIZER, Charles W., death: 10/21/1974, NEW-N-22-E
MIZER, Ruth, death: 12/22/1963, NEW-N-15-A
MOEN, Shirley Jean, death: 8/31/1995, age: 56, NEW-J-76-C
MOFFETT, Clarence, death: 4/12/1983, NEW-U-31-A
MOFFETT, Dorothy E., death: 1/28/1968, NEW-U-31-B
MOHNING, Earl H., death: 10/14/1977, NEW-I-43-D
MOHNING, Laverne, death: 10/9/2016, age: 93, NEW-I-43-E
MOLLETT, Neva J., death: 5/28/1981, NEW-R-32-E
MOLZAN, Dorothy J., Old-5-29-E
MOLZAN, Frederick A., Old-8-42-C
MOLZAN, Ivan, death: 5/3/1985, Old-5-29-B
MOLZAN, John August, Old-5-29-A
MOLZAN, Matilda, Old-5-29-C
MOLZAN, Maxine, death: 3/4/1964, Old-8-42-A
MOLZAN, Susan, Old-5-29-B-2
MONAHAN, Annie, Old-7-2-A
MONAHAN, William S., Old-7-2-B
MONEAR, Thane Allen, death: 8/25/1972, NEW-M-39-A
MONICAL, Joanne Laura, death: 2/25/2008, age: 75, NEW-F WEST-101-E
MONTGOMERY, Raymond S., death: 10/30/1994, age: 50, NEW-I-84-C
MOON, A. Reed, death: 1/1/1952, NEW-T-4-C
MOONEY, James E., death: 10/28/1974, NEW-R-39-B
MOONEY, Julia B., death: 1/1/1947, NEW-T-16-E
MOONEY, Michael H., death: 1/1/1950, NEW-T-16-D
MOONEY, Mildred, death: 12/2/1979, NEW-R-39-C
MOORE, Arnold Lester, death: 10/4/2006, age: 81, NEW-N-25-C-2
MOORE, Boy, BABY, NEW-U-9-E SE 1/4
MOORE, David N., death: 2/22/1966, NEW-W-43-A
MOORE, Elizabeth, Old-6-24-B
MOORE, George, NEW-K-13-A
MOORE, George M., Old-2-17-B
MOORE, John, Old-6-24-C
MOORE, Mildred G., death: 2/22/1994, age: 79, Old-6-24-D
MOORE, Thomas, Old-6-24-A
MOORE, Thomas Cole, death: 6/28/1997, age: 27, Maus-Row4-ColB-NicheJ
MOORE, Viola T., death: 5/29/1991, age: 78, NEW-N-25-D
MOORE, Willard P., death: 10/25/1998, age: 86, Old-6-24-E
MOORE, Willard Sr. Thomas, death: 2/2/2007, age: 71, NEW-U-42-D
MOORE, William Ernest, death: 4/3/2007, age: 87, NEW-E-39-C
MOOTZ, Ethel C., death: 12/6/1969, NEW-J-23-D
MOREHEAD, Tillie, death: 7/4/1974, NEW-I-1-B
MORENA, Naoma Gertrude, death: 3/11/2010, age: 64, NEW-H-65-E
MORENO, Hesus, death: 4/29/1997, age: 28, NEW-R-67-E
MORENO, Pedro, death: 5/26/2005, age: 38, NEW-M-55-E
MORFORD, Boy, death: 10/28/1957, BABY, NEW-K-12-B NE 1/4
MORGAN, Amy Virginia, death: 2/10/2012, age: 83, NEW-M-6-B
MORGAN, David Edgar, death: 8/23/2001, age: 83, NEW-M-6-A
MORGAN, Minnie Lou, death: 5/18/1993, age: 95, NEW-O-50-B
MORGAN, Roy Ernest, death: 2/13/1995, age: 99, NEW-O-50-A
MORRIS, Charles, death: 11/10/1959, NEW-X-52-D
MORRIS, F. J., Old-2-20-D
MORRIS, Frank, Old-5-41-C
MORRIS, Helen, Old-5-41-B
MORRIS, Ira, Old-5-41-A
MORRIS, Ivan E., death: 5/22/1995, age: 79, NEW-R-21-E
MORRIS, Lena, Old-2-17-A
MORRIS, Lena, Old-2-20-C
MORRIS, Mildred Retta, death: 5/3/2003, age: 85, NEW-R-6-A
MORRIS, Millie, Old-5-41-D
MORRIS, Rose Anna, death: 11/7/1968, NEW-X-52-E
MORRISON, Evalyn M., death: 12/12/1982, NEW-T-73-B
MORRISON, James Robert, death: 11/5/2001, age: 85, NEW-T-73-A
MORRISON, Thomas, Old-8-10-A
MORRISON, Thomas C., death: 1/1/1933, NEW-T-12-D
MORRISON, Viletta A., death: 1/1/1951, NEW-T-12-E
MORROW, Minnie A., death: 12/15/1963, NEW-S-9-E
MORROW, Raleigh F., death: 5/1/1966, NEW-S-9-D
MORSE, Benjamin, death: 3/28/1973, NEW-X-36-A
MORSE, Bernice E., NEW-X-36-B
MORSE, Pearl J., death: 8/6/1964, NEW-W-59-E
MORSE, Solon O., death: 5/1/1964, NEW-W-59-D
MOSHBERGER, Alfred N., Old-8-54-E
MOSHBERGER, Julius, Old-8-31-C
MOSHBERGER, Laura, Old-8-31-B
MOTA, Denise Marie, death: 10/2/2007, age: 42, Maus-Row2-ColB-NicheK
MOTT, Joyce Marie, death: 2/14/2007, age: 86, Maus-Row2-ColD-NicheR
MOULTON, Elton J., NEW-U-33-A
MOULTON, Minie, NEW-U-33-B
MOWRY, Allison (Al) Brockway, death: 6/27/2005, age: 85, Maus-Row10-SxS-CryptE
MOWRY, Ruth Louise, death: 1/14/1993, age: 71, Maus-Row10-SxS-CryptE-2
MUFF, Howard A., death: 5/12/1997, age: 69, NEW-H-52-A
MULBREGHT, Louanna, NEW-H-36-93
MULBREGHT, Peter, NEW-H-36-92
MUNDEN, Elizabeth, Old-5-33-D
MUNDORFF, Jacob, death: 1/1/1909, Old-3-23-C
MUNDORFF, Pauline, death: 1/1/1924, Old-3-23-B
MUNSON, Chas W., death: 1/1/1945, NEW-Y-2-A
MUNSON, Claude Elmer, death: 4/29/2014, age: 85, NEW-Y-2-C
MUNSON, Cora M., NEW-Y-2-B
MURDOCK, Hattie F., Old-1-20-A
MURDOCK, Katie, Old-2-31-D
MURDOCK, Robert F., Old-1-20-B
MURPHY, Ernestine, death: 11/23/1996, age: 90, Old-5-27-E
MURPHY, Minnie, death: 10/8/1974, NEW-R-41-A
MURPHY, Russell Ambrose, death: 12/29/1992, age: 89, NEW-R-64-E
MURRY, Donald Gene, death: 2/28/2017, age: 89, MausII-Row10-SxS-CryptD
MURRY, Earnest, death: 2/11/1958, NEW-X-25-B
MURRY, Jack Maxwell, death: 6/18/1998, age: 84, NEW-J-54-B
MURRY, Lois Elsie, death: 9/7/2013, age: 98, NEW-J-54-C
MURRY, Margaret Arlene, death: 5/10/2017, age: 88, MausII-Row10-SxS-CryptD-2
MURRY, Marleen R., death: 1/7/1967, NEW-J-54-A
MURRY, Ruth, death: 5/24/1966, NEW-X-25-C
MYERS, Barbara Janea, death: 6/2/2017, age: 74, Maus-Row9-ColD-NicheP
MYERS, Mattie R., death: 12/13/1974, Old-6-36-E-2
MYERS, Maude Esther, death: 8/17/1972, NEW-O-40-B
MYERS, Maurice, death: 6/18/1966, Old-6-36-E
MYERS, Shirley Clair, death: 12/27/1996, age: 64, NEW-S-84-D
MYLER, Mildred Ruth, death: 6/13/2011, age: 91, NEW-T-54-A
MYRTLE, David, death: 6/30/1969, NEW-W-19-D
NAKAMURA, Yoshio, death: 2/17/1923, age: 1YR. 2MO., NEW-K-41-BETWEEN C&B
NANNEY, Leona, death: 6/13/1994, age: 83, NEW-O-61-C
NARAYAN, Radindra, death: 7/4/2011, age: 62, NEW-F WEST-107-A
NAURETZ, Albert, Old-3-31-G
NAURETZ, Maggie, Old-3-31-H
NAURETZ, Peter, Old-3-31-F
NEALEIGH, Rhonda Jean, death: 9/17/1976, NEW-I-16-E
NEASHAM, Henry R., death: 4/5/1960, NEW-X-19-D
NEASHAM, Robert D., death: 10/13/1968, NEW-W-30-D
NEEDHAM, Arthur F., death: 12/18/1986, age: 77, Old-5-36-B
NEEDHAM, Elsie K., Old-5-49-E
NEEDHAM, Flora T., death: 3/17/1956, Old-5-49-B
NEEDHAM, Frank, Old-5-49-D
NEEDHAM, Frederich A., Old-5-49-A
NEEDHAM, Unknown, Old-8-29-A
NEELY, Stewart, death: 9/30/1988, age: 81, NEW-X-63-A
NEELY, Virginia A, death: 4/29/2004, age: 94, NEW-X-63-B
NEEP, Edna L., death: 9/3/1966, Old-7-15-E
NEEP, William John, death: 4/7/1975, NEW-I-9-D
NEES, Margaret Zenger, age: 1924, Old-8-3-B
NEFF, Harold Sherman, death: 4/20/2010, age: 69, Maus-Row3-Tandem-CryptAW-2
NEIBLAS, Larry, death: 4/24/1987, age: 33, NEW-M-14-B
NEILAND, Anna L., Old-8-45-B
NEILAND, John J., death: 11/22/1956, Old-8-45-A
NEILSON, Lena, Old-2-5-B
NEITLING, Velma Mae, death: 12/25/1994, age: 63, Old-6-17-D
NELSON, Adolph G., death: 2/24/1968, NEW-T-49-D
NELSON, Albert D., death: 3/28/1976, Old-7-18-C
NELSON, Andrew W., Old-7-18-E
NELSON, Arthur M., death: 9/28/1991, age: 87, NEW-Y-64-A
NELSON, Arthur Olaf, death: 1/8/2008, age: 83, NEW-R-6-B
NELSON, Bert, death: 6/24/1959, Old-1-4-B
NELSON, Blanche Olive, death: 6/1/1997, age: 83, NEW-J-72-D
NELSON, Clara, Old-5-30-A
NELSON, Clarence, Old-1-3-H
NELSON, Claude, death: 10/31/1958, NEW-S-14-D
NELSON, George, death: 4/17/1969, Old-1-3-E
NELSON, Ida A., Old-7-18-D
NELSON, Jessie, Old-1-3-G
NELSON, Julia Lucille, death: 2/2/1999, age: 89, NEW-Y-64-B
NELSON, Karl, Old-5-30-B
NELSON, Lewis, NEW-O-40-A
NELSON, Lorentza O., death: 5/11/1957, NEW-X-46-B-2
NELSON, M. Effie E., death: 5/15/1958, Old-1-3-F
NELSON, Mary, death: 6/6/1949, NEW-T-49-E
NELSON, Nels, death: 2/28/1985, NEW-T-77-A
NELSON, Orval D., death: 12/6/1969, NEW-J-33-A
NELSON, Oscar Edward, death: 11/4/2014, age: 79, Maus-Row9-ColC-NicheB
NELSON, Rose E., death: 3/8/1984, NEW-S-14-E
NELSON, Ruth D., death: 1/7/1994, age: 64, NEW-R-6-C
NELSON, Selmer Oliver, death: 3/2/1998, age: 90, NEW-J-72-C
NELSON, Verna Edna, death: 12/26/2001, age: 87, Old-7-18-B
NELSON, Virginia Mae, death: 10/26/2013, age: 87, NEW-E-7-B
NEPTON, Edward, NEW-S-58-D
NERLAND, Edward Smith, death: 5/9/2003, age: 94, Maus-Row8-ColB-NicheA
NETTELTON, Bertha Mary, NEW-P-23-A
NEUFELT, George, NEW-X-1-E
NEVAREZ, Sandra Knash, death: 10/17/1999, age: 51, Maus-Row2-ColD-NicheQ
NEVIL, Lucye, death: 12/12/1979, NEW-M-21-A
NEVIL, Steve V., death: 9/22/1995, age: 97, NEW-M-34-E
NEVILL, Bobby D, death: 4/11/2002, age: 70, NEW-F WEST-98-C
NEWBERRY, David Andrew, death: 12/24/1999, age: 39, NEW-F WEST-87-E
NEWCOMB, Iva, death: 8/21/1965, Old-2-7-B
NEWELL, Frieda, death: 4/8/1973, NEW-S-14-A
NEWELL, Harry Frederick, death: 1/30/2011, age: 93, NEW-S-68-D
NEWELL, Joel L., death: 7/29/1979, NEW-R-49-E
NEWELL, Karl D., death: 1/20/1968, NEW-S-39-E
NEWELL, Lorraine M., death: 7/20/1991, age: 71, NEW-S-68-E
NEWGREN, Guy Dean, death: 7/23/2016, age: 73, New-E-14-C
NEWMAN, Andrew Gregory, death: 4/25/2015, age: 41, New-H-36-126
NEWMAN, Isabel, death: 1/1/1950, age: 78, NEW-O-23-C
NEWSTROM, Naomi E., death: 7/1/1962, NEW-Y-28-B
NEWTON, Adele May, death: 5/13/2008, age: 86, NEW-I-47-B
NEWTON, Charles, Old-6-58-C
NEWTON, Mary E., Old-6-58-D
NGUYEN, Dinh, death: 12/11/1986, age: 68, NEW-T-79-A
NICESHWANDER, Mary A., death: 1/1/1948, BABY, NEW-T-2-A
NICHOL, Walter, Old-5-49-C
NICHOLS, Chester E., death: 12/25/1962, NEW-S-31-A
NICHOLS, Kate Alina, NEW-P-6-B
NICHOLS, Margaret M., death: 5/10/1970, NEW-S-48-E
NICHOLS, Ora Frost, death: 2/8/1997, age: 88, Old-5-36-C
NIDAY, David Edward, death: 1/20/2009, age: 84, Maus-Row6-ColB-NicheL
NIDAY, Josephine Rae, death: 11/22/2015, age: 90, Maus-Row6-ColB-NicheK
NIEDERFRANK, Helen Pauline, death: 2/8/2007, age: 94, Old-3-23-A
NIELAND, (Boy), death: 10/4/1959, BABY, NEW-X-34-C-2
NIELAND, Eva Neoma, death: 1/19/2001, age: 79, NEW-X-34-E
NIELAND, Glendolene Vinyard, death: 4/9/1996, age: 80, NEW-O-45-E
NIELAND, Ivor C., death: 12/7/1987, age: 79, NEW-O-45-D
NIELAND, John R., death: 8/15/1982, NEW-X-34-D
NIELAND, Ruth Ann, death: 7/1/1956, NEW-X-34-C
NIELSEN, Mary Florence, death: 12/27/1992, age: 72, NEW-S-75-A
NIELSEN, William, death: 10/29/1992, age: 71, NEW-S-75-A-2
NOBLE, Agnes Mae, death: 9/18/1973, Old-8-32-E
NOBLE, George E., Old-8-32-C
NOBLE, Hilda, death: 1/17/1973, Old-8-32-B
NOBLE, Issac, Old-8-32-D
NOBLE, Myles E., death: 2/2/1976, Old-8-32-A
NOBLITT, Albert, Old-5-39-B
NOBLITT, Jennie, Old-5-39-C
NODDINGS, Edward, death: 6/4/1986, age: 78, NEW-N-59-B
NODDINGS, Elizabeth Adelia, death: 10/10/2007, age: 94, NEW-N-59-C
NODDINGS, Jill, death: 12/7/1994, age: 57, NEW-N-59-A
NOE, Edythe M., death: 1/1/1950, NEW-T-47-E
NOE, Ethel, Old-3-8-C
NOE, John G., death: 1/1/1953, NEW-T-47-D
NOE, Julia E., Old-3-8-D
NOEL, Lorenia E., death: 7/11/1967, NEW-J-53-D
NOEL, Percey, death: 12/30/1981, NEW-J-53-E
NOFZIGER, Ashley Kay, death: 5/24/2009, age: 14, NEW-H-19-A
NOFZIGER, Ervin C., NEW-X-41-D
NOFZIGER, Sandra K., NEW-X-41-E
NOFZIGER, Virgil L, death: 10/4/2004, age: 68, NEW-H-65-C
NOLDER, Pauline, death: 8/6/2008, age: 102, NEW-S-79-C
NOLDER, Vachel Arthur, death: 4/14/1993, age: 82, NEW-S-79-B
NOOLITT, Charles R., death: 1/1/1930, age: 73, Old-7-45-E
NORMO, Johannes A., death: 1/1/1911, Old-2-13-D
NORRIS, Alta Mae, death: 3/25/2000, age: 72, NEW-I-37-D
NORRIS, Bertha R., death: 6/25/1987, age: 88, Old-5-5-B
NORRIS, Evelyn, death: 3/22/1990, age: 81, NEW-I-48-E
NORRIS, Harry Charles, death: 10/20/1976, NEW-I-48-D
NORRIS, Jessie H., death: 12/28/1966, NEW-J-41-B
NORRIS, Silas William, death: 5/19/1971, NEW-I-37-C
NORTON, Norma V., death: 8/9/1984, NEW-R-9-C
NOVOTING, Edna, death: 4/30/1962, Old-4-19-H
NUESE, Barbara J., death: 6/9/2009, age: 79, Maus-Row9-Single-CryptE
NYBERG, Gary Todd, (BABY), Old-7-30-E
OATHES, Atha Mabel, death: 6/23/1973, NEW-O-11-D
OATHES, Dena M., death: 8/8/1952, NEW-Y-36-E
OATHES, Earl, death: 10/19/1983, NEW-O-11-C
OATHES, Evelyn Myrtle, death: 2/22/1993, age: 93, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheO
OATHES, Harold T., death: 3/25/1993, age: 93, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheP
OATHES, Lula, death: 11/27/1984, NEW-O-66-D
OATHES, Nels, death: 1/1/1945, NEW-Y-36-D
OATHES, Noel, death: 3/7/1988, age: 85, NEW-O-66-C
OBERMEIER, Carl, death: 10/7/2000, age: 92, NEW-T-68-B
OBERMEIER, Konrad, death: 7/4/2009, age: 77, NEW-H-13-61
OBERMEIER, Marie, death: 12/25/1988, NEW-T-68-C
OBLACK, Violet, death: 4/10/1981, Old-7-50-E
OBREGON, Juanito Rivera, death: 5/18/2010, age: 89, NEW-H-51-C-2
OBREGON, Soledad P.D., death: 11/15/1997, age: 74, NEW-H-51-C
OCHSNER, Ellen, NEW-M-45-B
OCHSNER, Jacob J, death: 12/29/2002, age: 98, NEW-M-45-A
O'DONNELL, Harold R., death: 6/22/1957, NEW-Y-10-C
O'DONNELL, Marie E., death: 1/1/1972, NEW-Y-10-B
O'DONNELL, William E, death: 1/1/1954, NEW-Y-10-A
OGDEN, Orland O, death: 5/6/2002, age: 94, NEW-E-31-C
OGEL, Daisy D., death: 1/1/1956, NEW-Y-18-E
OGEL, James H., death: 11/2/1945, NEW-Y-18-D
OGLE, Charley, Old-4-21-A
OGLE, Delvin D., Old-8-22-B
OGLE, Earl, death: 6/6/1956, Old-5-16-D
OGLE, Edward, Old-4-21-C
OGLE, Ethel Madeline, death: 6/20/1975, Old-8-22-E
OGLE, George, Old-6-61-B
OGLE, Homer, death: 1/1/1952, Old-8-22-D
OGLE, John, Old-4-21-D
OGLE, Louisa, Old-4-21-B
OGLE, Ola M., Old-6-61-A
OGLE, Onley, Old-5-16-A
OGLE, Phillip M., Old-6-48-A
OGLE, Robert, Old-5-16-C
OGLE, Sarah M., Old-5-16-B
OGLE, Stanley W., death: 3/11/1970, NEW-J-4-B
OGLE, Thea, death: 9/15/1956, Old-8-22-A
OGLESBY, Clarence D., Old-8-60-A
OGLESBY, Eldon E., Old-8-60-B
OGLESBY, Frank, Old-8-60-C
OGLESBY, Lillie E., death: 3/9/1963, Old-8-60-D
OGREN, David E., death: 5/5/1986, age: 56, NEW-X-61-C
OGREN, Edward G., Old-5-26-A
OGREN, Shirley H., death: 6/29/1956, Old-5-26-B
OILAR, Ben, death: 12/29/1956, NEW-X-35-C
OILAR, Blanche Mary, death: 6/30/1999, age: 89, NEW-R-39-E
OILAR, Wayland, death: 5/24/1979, NEW-R-39-D
OLIN, Alma, Old-5-44-D
OLIN, Chester, Old-5-44-E
OLIN, H. J., Old-5-44-B
OLIND, Chester C., Old-2-3-A
OLIVER, Earl John, death: 3/10/1991, age: 79, Maus-Row5-SxS-CryptC
OLIVER, Earl Wayne, death: 2/6/2014, age: 70, MAUS-Row6-Single-D
OLIVER, Ellen, death: 10/2/1983, NEW-Y-13-E
OLIVER, Elsie, death: 2/5/1983, NEW-R-9-E
OLIVER, Frank C., death: 2/10/1981, NEW-R-9-D
OLIVER, Sabina Irene, death: 11/21/1999, age: 86, Maus-Row5-SxS-CryptC-2
OLIVER, Tom, death: 1/4/1973, NEW-Y-13-D
OLMSTEAD, Randall, death: 7/23/1984, NEW-O-46-A
OLMSTEAD, Richard E., death: 6/21/1985, NEW-O-46-B
OLSEN, Carrie J., Old-5-24-B
OLSEN, Delila K., death: 10/16/1978, NEW-M-32-A
OLSEN, Gulich, Old-5-24-C
OLSEN, Harlon, Old-5-48-A
OLSEN, Helmar, Old-5-48-C
OLSEN, Herman, Old-5-24-E
OLSEN, Mary, Old-5-48-B
OLSEN, Walter, death: 10/17/1982, NEW-M-41-E
OLSON, Alma J., death: 6/20/1975, NEW-R-54-B
OLSON, Bernt E., death: 10/13/1976, NEW-R-54-A
OLSON, Dennis Edward, death: 1/3/1993, age: 44, NEW-N-53-A
OLSON, Edna, death: 1/29/1982, NEW-S-57-B
OLSON, Ella N., death: 12/25/1982, NEW-X-12-E
OLSON, Emma, death: 7/1/1956, NEW-X-18-B
OLSON, Newell O., death: 9/1/1961, NEW-X-12-D
OLSON, Oscar Jethro, death: 7/2/1983, age: 85, NEW-X-18-A
OLSON, William O., NEW-S-57-A
OLSON, William Oliver, death: 10/20/1990, age: 63, NEW-T-80-B
OLSTAD, Effie, death: 12/20/1985, NEW-I-51-B
OLSTAD, Jens, death: 12/7/1972, NEW-I-51-A
ORAVA, Alex, death: 7/22/1958, NEW-X-47-C
OROPEZA VASQUEZ, Lindsey Diann, death: 7/30/2006, age: 5 DAYS, NEW-U-17-E SW 1/4
OSBORN, Harry, death: 7/16/1989, age: 75, NEW-I-81-C
OSBORN, Myrle Edith, death: 11/17/1999, age: 84, NEW-I-81-D
OSBORNE, Mona J., death: 1/1/1988, age: 49, NEW-I-62-B
OSGOOD, Glenn T., death: 9/3/1986, age: 72, NEW-J-70-C
OSNESS, Kermit James, death: 1/5/2001, age: 88, Maus-Row3-ColD-NicheR
OSNESS, Marget D., death: 1/28/2011, age: 91, Maus-Row3-ColD-NicheQ
OSTERMILLER, Helen Louise, death: 10/20/2006, age: 79, Maus-Row5-SxS-CryptF-2
OSTERMILLER, Robert Irwin, death: 12/22/1996, age: 73, Maus-Row5-SxS-CryptF
OSTROM, W. Jean, death: 1/7/2004, age: 60, Maus-Row3-ColC-NicheB
OVERHOLSER, Katie E., death: 10/6/1988, age: 82, NEW-R-63-D
OVERHOLSER, Samuel Clair, death: 1/17/1988, age: 84, NEW-R-63-C
OWINGS, Kenneth Allen, death: 4/26/1996, age: 52, NEW-N-61-C

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