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Zion Memorial Cemetery - Burial Records
Canby, Clackamas County, Oregon

GPS: 45.261591, -122.669224

2010 S Township Rd
Canby, OR 97013

Date published: November 16, 2017
Total records: 6,517

Surnames D-G

Records published here were acquired from the City of Canby on November 12, 2017.

DAHL, Edward A., NEW-S-48-A
DAHL, Henry H., death: 3/12/1951, NEW-K-13-C
DAHL, Mary A., death: 4/16/1958, NEW-K-7-D
DAKAN, Robert L., death: 9/30/1979, NEW-R-10-E
DAKAN, Sharon Leota, death: 7/7/2012, age: 68, NEW-H-12-32
DALLAS, Anna, death: 1/1/1955, NEW-S-32-A
DALLAS, Gladys, death: 10/7/1969, NEW-S-32-B
DALLEY, Bettylou, death: 5/3/2017, age: 88, Maus-Row3-ColD-NicheB
DALLEY, David James, death: 3/25/2002, age: 72, Maus-Row3-ColD-NicheA
DALLMAN, Jaunita, death: 4/28/1974, NEW-R-57-D
DALLMAN, Oscar S., death: 4/6/1976, NEW-R-57-E
DALY, Denise L. Thompson, death: 3/17/1994, age: 30, Maus-Row5-ColD-NicheC
DAMM, Carl, (BABY), Old-5-42-A
DAMM, Carl W., death: 2/5/1968, Old-5-42-C
DAMM, John, death: 5/31/1970, NEW-J-34-D
DAMM, Katherine W., NEW-J-34-C
DAMM, Rossie, Old-5-42-B
DANIELS, Edith, Old-5-38-E
DANIELS, Eliza Jane, Old-6-32-B
DANIELS, Gary L, death: 5/24/2004, age: 63, NEW-H-12-46
DANIELS, Jesse Leman, death: 11/25/1975, NEW-O-7-D
DANIELS, Joseph Lee, Old-6-32-A
DANIELS, Lee, death: 8/9/1990, age: 81, NEW-T-70-B
DANIELS, Mary, Old-5-38-C
DANIELS, Myrtle G, death: 7/28/2004, age: 89, NEW-T-70-C
DANIELS, Oscar, Old-5-38-B
DANIELS, Ray, Old-5-39-D
DANIELS, Venita P., NEW-O-7-E
DANIELSON, Daniel, Old-6-38-A
DANIELSON, Inge, Old-6-38-B
DANIELSON, Martha, Old-7-10-A
DANN, Martha L., Old-7-47-C
DANN, Orval, death: 1/9/1973, Old-7-47-D
DARNALL, Beatrice, death: 11/13/1995, age: 88, NEW-O-54-C
DARNALL, Charles M., death: 6/1/1984, NEW-O-54-B
DARSEY, Mike, Old-2-9-D
DAVENPORT, Amelia, death: 6/13/2005, age: 75, NEW-E-27-D
DAVENPORT, David H., Old-7-22-C
DAVENPORT, James H., Old-6-42-A
DAVENPORT, John H., death: 8/27/1940, NEW-U-2-D
DAVENPORT, Mary, Old-6-42-B
DAVENPORT, Norah G, death: 7/1/1977, age: 83, Old-7-22-D
DAVENPORT, Robert Cecil, death: 6/24/2009, age: 89, NEW-F WEST-91-A
DAVIDOFF, Helen Bernice, death: 7/28/2012, age: 91, NEW-T-78-B
DAVIDOFF, Raymond B., death: 7/20/2007, age: 85, NEW-T-78-B-2
DAVIDSON, Amelia, death: 1/23/1980, Old-5-43-E
DAVIDSON, Gilbert, Old-5-43-D
DAVIDSON, Verona L., Old-5-43-C
DAVIES, Edmund Eugene, death: 3/10/2003, age: 80, MausII-Row8-Single-CryptB
DAVIS, Alta, NEW-P-34-E
DAVIS, Arther L., death: 6/24/1984, NEW-T-69-A
DAVIS, Augusta P., death: 1/1/1953, NEW-T-19-E
DAVIS, Calla L., death: 12/23/1983, NEW-T-51-B
DAVIS, Chas L., death: 5/28/1951, NEW-Y-11-A
DAVIS, Elizabeth B., death: 4/13/1946, NEW-Y-11-B
DAVIS, Foren Dell, death: 6/9/1980, NEW-I-39-B
DAVIS, Frank, NEW-K-29-A
DAVIS, Irl, death: 11/3/1986, age: 90, NEW-Y-15-C
DAVIS, James S., Old-2-17-E
DAVIS, John R., death: 3/9/1995, age: 82, NEW-M-5-A
DAVIS, Lillian, Old-2-29-E
DAVIS, Lois Dean, death: 1/24/2012, age: 78, NEW-H-51-E
DAVIS, Lora E., death: 5/25/2000, age: 79, NEW-T-69-B
DAVIS, Mary N., death: 4/7/1957, NEW-K-20-E
DAVIS, Minnie, death: 3/11/1980, NEW-I-39-A
DAVIS, Mr., NEW-P-34-D
DAVIS, Ralph M., death: 2/13/2009, age: 89, Maus-Row8-ColB-NicheN
DAVIS, Randy Claude, death: 1/24/2006, age: 57, NEW-H-9-A
DAVIS, Rick, death: 10/10/1980, NEW-H-12-2
DAVIS, Rutha G., death: 4/5/1994, NEW-M-5-B
DAVIS, Stephen Alan, death: 6/21/1998, age: 23, NEW-H-51-D
DAVIS, Vale Mary, death: 1/1/1952, NEW-Y-15-D
DAVIS, William, death: 7/2/1982, age: 56, NEW-H-12-21
DAVIS, William C., death: 7/23/1968, NEW-T-19-D
DAVLIN, Michael, death: 9/18/1986, age: 48, NEW-Y-66-A
DAWES, Myrtle Josephine, death: 11/6/2004, age: 93, NEW-O-52-B
DAWES, Ralph E., death: 4/16/1986, age: 78, NEW-O-52-A
DAWSON, Elenora, Old-4-33-E
DAY, Helen B., death: 7/18/1964, NEW-W-13-E
DAY, Milton Homer, death: 5/17/1998, age: 80, NEW-R-69-E
DAYTON, Frances G., death: 3/16/1978, NEW-J-60-D
DAYTON, Jerry Edward, death: 4/28/1976, NEW-J-60-C
DE BORD, Ona Lee, death: 7/28/1991, age: 92, NEW-T-39-B
DEAN, Frances H., death: 2/22/1952, NEW-Y-12-E
DEBORD, Mack C., death: 1/1/1944, NEW-T-39-A
DECARTERET, Arnold Edward, death: 1/3/2005, age: 88, NEW-H-22-E
DECKER, Gilbert C., death: 10/29/1960, NEW-N-10-A
DEDMAN, Bertha, death: 11/15/1983, NEW-Y-48-B
DEDMAN, Craig C., death: 1/1/1947, NEW-Y-48-A
DEDMAN, Lyle Everett, death: 6/5/2000, age: 65, NEW-Y-72-D
DEETZ, Alvie J., death: 4/21/1986, age: 89, NEW-J-22-B
DEETZ, Elmer, NEW-J-27-E
DEETZ, Eva Loretta, death: 5/4/1989, age: 85, NEW-J-22-A-2
DEETZ, Selma K., death: 12/24/1969, NEW-J-22-C
DEFOREST, Eliza Caroline, death: 8/28/1991, age: 94, NEW-K-6-E
DEFOREST, Fred, death: 8/9/1960, NEW-K-6-D
DEHNER, William Raymond, death: 8/25/2003, age: 55, NEW-W-30-C
DEIZEL, Louise Syble, death: 10/23/2012, age: 87, NEW-H-47-B
DELAGHMUTT, Edna Mae, death: 6/28/1972, NEW-I-48-B
DELAIR, Vera A., NEW-I-37-B
DELAIR, William, death: 11/6/1981, NEW-I-37-A
DELAY, Alma, death: 1/18/1992, age: 72, NEW-T-35-E
DELKER, Donald Edward, death: 2/11/2004, age: 63, NEW-N-21-D
DELKER, Edward A., death: 6/22/1963, NEW-N-21-C
DELKER, Evelyn Louise, death: 2/23/2015, age: 71, NEW-I-66-B
DELKER, Kathleen N., death: 3/11/1985, NEW-I-66-C
DELZER, Christian G., death: 7/20/1994, age: 87, NEW-I-47-D
DELZER, Donald Marvin, death: 3/26/1998, age: 57, NEW-H-50-E
DELZER, Olivia M., death: 12/8/1973, NEW-I-47-E
DEMENT, Mack, Old-2-18-C
DEMSHER, Fred, death: 4/10/1981, NEW-J-52-E
DEMSHER, Joseph, death: 3/12/1968, NEW-J-57-A
DEMSHER, Mary, death: 8/22/1957, NEW-K-9-D
DENNIS, Alma, death: 12/25/1992, age: 96, NEW-I-39-D
DENNIS, Nathan, death: 9/1/1974, NEW-I-39-C
DENNISTON, Doii Ball J., death: 11/19/1995, age: 76, NEW-H-13-79
DENNISTON, Geneva Crann, death: 12/8/1994, age: 86, NEW-M-36-B
DENNY, Glenard Orvis, death: 5/3/2006, age: 84, NEW-N-49-C
DENNY, Mary V., death: 2/21/1991, NEW-N-49-D
DENTEL, Pearl L., death: 9/2/1986, age: 89, NEW-J-41-A
DENTEL, William C., death: 9/28/1966, NEW-J-56-E
DEOS, Cecil, death: 10/21/1973, NEW-I-52-C
DEOS, Myrtle, death: 11/3/1988, age: 85, NEW-I-52-D
DERRY, Elsie N., death: 8/1/1985, NEW-O-4-D
DERRY, Herbert, NEW-O-4-E
DERRY, Lyle A. (Keith), death: 12/3/1950, NEW-O-4-C
DESKO, Juanita L., death: 9/19/1996, age: 71, NEW-J-55-A-2
DEVINE, Walter Richard, death: 9/24/2011, age: 75, NEW-H-60-A
DEVLIN, Marie Coleman, death: 6/16/1984, NEW-J-38-D
DEVORE, Charlie, death: 1/1/1948, NEW-K-31-D
DEVORE, Donald D., death: 5/27/1981, NEW-K-31-D-2
DEVORE, Julia Margaret, death: 11/1/1972, NEW-K-31-E
DEWEESE, Irene R., NEW-S-61-E
DEYOE, Chloan, Old-1-9-B
DEYOE, James F., Old-1-9-A
DEYOUNG, Susan, death: 3/26/1988, age: 39, NEW-I-33-A
DEYOUNGHE, Marie G., death: 12/5/1961, Old-7-24-D
DICK, Clyde, NEW-K-19-C
DICKENSON, Esther L., death: 12/13/1970, NEW-J-52-E-2
DICKERSON, Albert, Old-5-63-E
DICKERSON, George H., Old-5-63-A
DICKERSON, Mother, Old-5-63-C
DICKEY, Elma C., NEW-X-42-C
DIEL, Jess Lee, death: 8/1/1997, age: 66, NEW-I-71-C
DIEM, Anna Mae, death: 12/21/1987, age: 59, NEW-I-66-E
DIEM, Robert Eugene, death: 6/15/2010, age: 85, NEW-I-66-D
DIETRICH, Anna F., death: 3/20/1967, NEW-T-61-E
DIETRICH, Herman, death: 1/1/1948, age: 76, NEW-T-61-D
DIETZ, Anna, death: 8/3/1983, NEW-J-37-E
DIETZ, Augusta H., death: 8/8/1959, NEW-T-4-E
DIETZ, Clem, death: 1/1/1960, NEW-S-23-A
DIETZ, Clemens T., death: 1/1/1951, NEW-T-4-D
DIETZ, Fredrick J., death: 10/27/1964, NEW-W-57-C
DIETZ, Gary, death: 12/31/1947, Old-2-6-B-SE1/4
DIETZ, Judith Daline, Old-5-47-A
DIETZ, Mary S., death: 1/21/2007, age: 89, NEW-O-16-B
DIETZ, Minnie, death: 10/6/2010, age: 106, NEW-J-11-E
DIETZ, Otto, death: 9/26/1966, NEW-J-11-D
DIETZ, Ralph, death: 12/27/1980, NEW-O-16-A
DIETZ, Robert F., death: 10/28/1974, Old-5-47-B
DIETZ, Roberta Rose, death: 6/21/1995, age: 60, Old-5-47-C
DIETZ, Ruth E., death: 7/9/1981, NEW-W-57-D
DIETZ, Stanley Otto, death: 4/23/2010, age: 83, NEW-J-74-D
DIETZ, Terry, death: 4/5/1982, NEW-J-74-A
DIETZ, William Sr., death: 10/31/1968, NEW-J-37-D
DILLON, Mabel, death: 6/19/1992, age: 84, NEW-O-62-A
DILLON, Merrie Oathes, death: 6/28/2014, age: 78, Maus-Row1-ColD-NicheO
DILLON, Thomas Russ, death: 5/24/1991, age: 54, NEW-O-62-A-2
DILLON, Travis Tad, death: 3/29/1979, NEW-U-18-B NE 1/4
DIMENT, Evelyn Maxine, death: 1/20/2014, age: 89, OLD-8-1-A
DIMICK, Douglas R, Old-4-36-D
DIMICK, Fannie L., Old-4-36-C
DIMICK, Ray, Old-4-36-A
DIX, E.O., Old-7-47-B
DOANE, May, Old-5-23-B
DOANE, Robert, Old-5-23-A
DOBAK, James Dean, death: 5/18/1988, age: 30, NEW-R-68-E
DOBYNS, Ina Mae, death: 10/22/1960, NEW-S-52-D
DOBYNS, Raymond L., death: 10/22/1960, NEW-S-52-E
DODD, Keith E., death: 1/20/1988, age: 70, NEW-N-30-C
DODD, Owen Palmer, death: 11/6/1960, NEW-N-30-B SW 1/4
DODD, Palmer A., NEW-N-30-D
DODEL, Arla, death: 11/22/1985, NEW-X-57-BETWEEN A&B
DODGE, Belle S., Old-3-6-H
DODGE, Dallas Atrevos, death: 11/7/1992, age: 83, NEW-H-51-A
DODGE, Eber L., Old-3-6-D
DODGE, Elma, NEW-P-26-E
DODGE, Frank E., death: 2/8/1959, Old-3-6-G
DODGE, Freda Blanche (Young), death: 8/31/1991, age: 90, NEW-X-3-E
DODGE, Lavina Yates, death: 9/12/1997, age: 89, NEW-H-51-A-2
DODGE, Margaret, Old-3-6-C
DODGE, Mark, death: 8/3/1961, NEW-X-3-D
DODGE, William A., death: 1/28/1983, NEW-P-26-D
DOEPPLEB, Sarah C., Old-8-65-B
DOHL, Annie, Old-2-27-E
DOHRMAN, Carl August, death: 1/14/1974, NEW-I-58-C
DOHRMAN, Leona, death: 11/6/1989, age: 91, NEW-I-57-D
DOHRMAN, Walter, death: 7/15/1982, NEW-I-57-C
DOLSON, Agnes, Old-4-11-B
DOLSON, Charles, Old-4-11-A
DOLSON, Charles W., death: 10/7/1957, Old-4-11-C
DOMAN, Brad Stephen, death: 11/18/2000, age: 23, NEW-H-3-C
DOMAN, Tanner Hugh, STILLBORN, NEW-U-10-E NW 1/4
DON, Jessica R., death: 11/18/1985, age: 3 1/2 MONTHS, Old-1-7-G
DONALDSON, A.B., Old-2-11-A
DONEGON, Frances Z., Old-6-60-B
DONEY, Kenneth D., death: 3/2/1964, NEW-W-37-B
DONNELLY, Alba O., death: 3/27/1986, age: 87, NEW-I-58-D
DOOLITTLE, Barbara, Old-6-36-A
DOOYEN, Margaret Helen, death: 9/25/1976, NEW-M-35-B
DOPPLEB, Heinrich, death: 6/25/1964, Old-8-65-D
DOPPLEB, Margarete Kargelein, death: 7/31/1979, Old-8-65-C
DOPPLEB, Minnd, Old-8-65-E
DOPPLEB, Volkmar, death: 3/2/1981, Old-8-65-A
DORAN, Velma, death: 8/12/1986, age: 62, NEW-N-64-A
DORYLAND, Lester O., death: 1/1/1946, NEW-T-27-C
DOSS, Thelma Irene, death: 10/12/2003, age: 87, NEW-S-51-B-2
DOSS, Walter Raymond, death: 5/29/1999, age: 80, NEW-S-51-B
DOTSON, James, death: 8/19/1993, age: 64, NEW-Y-71-A
DOTSON, Jean, death: 9/16/1986, age: 59, NEW-Y-71-B
DOTSON, Ruby C., death: 4/9/1986, NEW-Y-65-A
DOTY, Eleanor Ruth, death: 3/9/2008, age: 86, NEW-T-23-D
DOTY, Fredrick E, death: 2/7/2005, age: 84, NEW-T-23-C
DOUGAN, Arthur, death: 9/15/1946, Old-6-46-A
DOUGAN, Grover, death: 1/1/1919, Old-6-46-E
DOUGHERTY, John F. Jr., death: 1/17/1984, NEW-R-1-E
DOUGLAS, Anna Belle, death: 4/24/2014, age: 94, NEW-E-34-C
DOUGLAS, Chester H., death: 12/15/1957, NEW-K-9-E-2
DOUGLAS, Don H., Old-2-35-F
DOUGLAS, Evelyn Joyce, death: 9/30/2011, age: 96, NEW-K-9-E
DOUGLAS, Hannah E., death: 1/1/1943, NEW-P-3-B
DOUGLAS, Harvey, death: 1/1/1942, NEW-P-3-A
DOUGLAS, Lewis Elroy, death: 3/27/2001, age: 86, NEW-E-34-D
DOUGLAS, Ronald Eugene, death: 1/2/1998, age: 64, NEW-M-51-E
DOUTHIT, Charles H., death: 3/15/1967, NEW-S-3-C
DOUTHIT, Hugie L., death: 6/17/1962, NEW-S-3-D
DOUTHIT, Mollie, death: 1/1/1951, NEW-S-3-E
DOWNEN, Lou M., death: 8/13/1969, NEW-S-35-B
DOWNS, Elsie M., death: 4/29/1958, NEW-S-33-D
DOWNS, George, death: 12/5/1961, NEW-K-11-D NW 1/4
DOWNS, James G., death: 11/21/1967, NEW-S-33-C
DOWNS, Teresa, death: 6/20/1960, NEW-K-12-D NE 1/4
DOZIER, Ellen M., Old-6-41-B
DOZIER, James H., Old-6-41-A
DOZIER, James P., death: 1/1/1946, NEW-Y-9-A
DOZIER, John W., Old-6-41-C
DOZIER, Winnifred M., death: 1/1/1947, NEW-Y-9-B
DREIER, Ada M., death: 1/3/1988, Old-3-27-B
DREIER, Amelia, Old-3-27-G
DREIER, Benjamin, Old-3-27-F
DREIER, Cecile, death: 8/14/1993, age: 75, NEW-O-54-A
DREIER, Chester W., death: 11/4/1989, age: 75, NEW-O-53-E
DREIER, Emma C., death: 11/21/1977, Old-3-27-H
DREW, Agnes, death: 6/8/1992, NEW-M-4-A
DREW, Emma L., death: 4/20/1960, NEW-X-20-A
DREW, Hozy, death: 9/22/1985, NEW-M-15-E
DREW, Lelan, death: 5/3/2017, age: 89, New-M-36-C
DRIER, Henry, death: 9/17/1959, Old-3-27-A
DRIGGERS, Jennifer, NEW-H-59-A
DRUSCHEL, Sibilla, Old-3-17-C
DRUSCHEL, William, Old-3-17-B
DUCKET, Charles H., death: 5/6/1958, NEW-X-28-A
DUCKETT, Clara S., death: 10/14/1984, NEW-X-28-B
DUCKWORTH, Sharon Alice, death: 10/6/2011, age: 45, NEW-F WEST-80-A
DUNCAN, Alice, Old-8-21-E
DUNCAN, J.D., Old-8-21-D
DUNLAP, Dorthy M., death: 1/28/1961, NEW-S-27-E
DUNN, Darcy Marie, death: 1/14/2001, age: 9, NEW-E-28-E
DUNN, Donald, death: 12/27/1981, NEW-W-55-C
DUNN, Douglas Allen, death: 5/31/2006, age: 75, NEW-E-28-C
DUNN, Evelyn, death: 8/16/1970, NEW-W-26-D
DUNN, John Delbert, death: 3/21/2004, age: 63, NEW-X-27-D
DUNN, Kimberly L., death: 6/9/1993, age: 27, Maus-Row3-ColB-NicheM
DUNN, Leroy V., death: 12/8/1995, age: 56, NEW-W-55-D
DUNN, Mabel, death: 12/21/1979, NEW-W-55-B
DUNN, Naomi, death: 8/22/2005, age: 96, Maus-Row4-ColB-NicheL
DUNN, Sherry Ann, death: 6/6/1985, NEW-I-15-C
DUNN, Stanley Sr., death: 10/29/1965, NEW-W-55-A
DUNN, Thomas P., death: 4/9/1966, NEW-J-40-A
DUPONT, Mary, death: 7/16/2000, age: 86, Maus-Row10-SxS-CryptC
DUPONT, Rene Elmore, death: 12/21/2000, age: 90, Maus-Row10-SxS-CryptC-2
DUPUIS, Nels E., death: 11/24/2009, age: 84, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheC
DURETTE, Mona Lorraine, death: 4/24/2008, age: 80, Maus-Row3-ColB-NicheB
DURHAM, Alice Catherine, death: 2/24/1987, age: 64, NEW-J-67-B
DURHAM, Arthur, death: 4/25/1993, age: 73, NEW-J-67-A
DURHAM, Bryan Leroy, death: 1/26/1962, NEW-K-11-D SW 1/4
DURISCH, Stephan, death: 9/24/1985, NEW-R-66-E
DURISCH, Zella A., death: 9/9/1995, age: 98, NEW-R-67-A
DURLAND, Blanche Faye, death: 5/19/2003, age: 69, NEW-H-21-E
DURLAND, Joseph Howard, death: 8/11/2009, age: 78, NEW-H-21-D
DURYEE, Floyd J., death: 1/5/1969, NEW-N-6-D
DURYEE, Melzie, death: 6/2/1991, age: 87, NEW-N-6-E
DURYEE, Robert, death: 12/6/2015, age: 74, New-H-45-B
DUTRA, Marie M., death: 2/21/1979, NEW-T-42-D
DUVALL, Clyde Henry, death: 9/3/1974, NEW-I-59-A
DUVALL, Merle, death: 9/7/2008, age: 94, NEW-J-73-C
DWORSCHAK, Delbert Russell, death: 1/12/2006, age: 97, NEW-S-10-A
DWORSCHAK, Earl, death: 5/17/1980, NEW-M-27-B
DWORSCHAK, Helen Emma, death: 3/11/2010, age: 92, NEW-S-10-B
DWORSCHAK, Lena C., death: 8/24/1996, age: 91, NEW-M-27-C
DWORSHCAK, Delbent, BABY, NEW-J-37-B NE 1/4
DYBVAD, Selma, death: 2/16/2006, age: 86, NEW-R-13-A
DYBVAD, Talmer, death: 7/23/1995, age: 82, NEW-R-14-E
DYE, Margaret (Mrs.) P., death: 1/1/1947, NEW-T-35-B
EARLS, Harry, death: 9/1/1983, Old-2-13-B
EARLS, Loren, Old-2-11-H
EARLS, Parricia M., death: 1/4/1962, NEW-N-18-E
EASTMAN, Albert C., Old-2-20-A
EASTMAN, Charles E., death: 1/1/1951, NEW-T-3-D
EASTMAN, Donald L., NEW-U-9-E NE 1/4
EASTMAN, George L., death: 12/16/1966, NEW-T-3-E
EASTMAN, Oscar Lee, death: 6/12/1978, NEW-W-18-A
EASTMAN, Velva (Gene), death: 10/23/1968, NEW-W-18-B
EASTON, Clarence Irving, death: 6/22/1983, NEW-H-12-7
EASTON, Gladys H., Old-1-14-A
EASTON, Inez, death: 5/14/1975, Old-1-14-A-2
EATON, Charles, Old-5-59-A
EATON, Elizabeth, death: 2/13/1960, Old-5-59-B
EATON, Gladys E., death: 9/11/1974, NEW-W-34-D
EBBERT, Edith K., death: 2/21/1985, NEW-R-38-D
EBBS, Daisy, death: 11/19/1993, age: 80, NEW-R-12-B
EBBS, Olga Lena, death: 3/17/1998, age: 82, NEW-S-16-D
EBBS, William, death: 5/24/1976, NEW-R-12-C
EBY, Almira J., Old-8-30-B
EBY, Clyde, death: 4/22/1987, age: 82, NEW-P-27-A
EBY, Clyde & Mable (Twins), death: 12/19/1947, NEW-P-27-B & 1/2 OF C
EBY, Irene V., death: 1/17/1977, NEW-P-27-A-2
EBY, John W., death: 1/1/1941, NEW-P-27-D
EBY, John Wesley, death: 1/1/1944, NEW-P-27-C
EBY, John Wesley, Old-8-30-A
EBY, Michael, death: 6/18/1982, NEW-P-27-B
ECCLES, Blanch, NEW-X-44-E
ECCLES, Howard, NEW-X-44-D
ECK, Gustav, NEW-U-20-A
ECK, Maria, NEW-U-20-D
ECK, Wilhelm, death: 11/3/1961, NEW-U-20-B
ECKERSON, James Lee, Old-8-20-E
ECKERSON, John F., Old-5-31-B
ECKERSON, Laverne, Old-8-20-B
ECKERSON, Margaret, Old-5-31-C
ECKERSON, Theresa E., Old-8-20-D
ECKERT, John, Old-6-30-D
ECKERT, William, Old-6-30-E
EDLAND, Ingal, death: 1/1/1954, NEW-Y-30-D
EDLAND, Oscar, death: 3/26/1960, NEW-Y-30-E
EDLAND, Sven, NEW-S-58-C
EDWARDSON, John G., Old-6-31-A
EDWARDSON, Mrs., Old-6-31-B
EGGER, Adolph W., death: 12/20/1985, NEW-J-2-B
EGGER, Corinne, death: 5/16/1985, NEW-J-2-C
EGGER, Elaine May, death: 2/24/2013, age: 83, NEW-M-2-A
EGLI, Lloyd R., death: 8/23/1995, age: 66, NEW-O-44-D
EGLI, Mabel, death: 5/26/1984, NEW-I-47-C
EGLI, Samuel, death: 10/8/1968, NEW-O-43-A
EGLI, Vinnie Viola, death: 1/5/2001, age: 89, NEW-O-43-C
EHRET, Adam, Old-3-19-D
EHRET, Baby, (BABY), Old-3-19-E
EHRET, Christina, Old-3-19-C
EICHELBRENNER, Marjorie, death: 10/23/1978, NEW-R-12-A
EICHNER, Karen Ann, death: 7/19/2001, age: 54, Maus-Row6-ColD-NicheF
EID, Charlotte, death: 12/9/1997, age: 96, NEW-R-44-D
EID, Clarence, death: 10/28/1982, NEW-R-44-C
EID, Emma, Old-6-54-C
EID, Ida, Old-6-54-E
EID, John, Old-6-54-D
EID, Mabel E., death: 10/8/1966, Old-6-57-D
EID, Melvin I., Old-6-54-A
EID, Norman, Old-6-54-B
EIDE, Cheryl D., death: 10/12/1999, age: 50, NEW-H-13-72
EIDE, Rex P., death: 6/17/2005, age: 83, NEW-S-67-C
ELDERS, Matthew B., death: 1/13/1994, age: 19, Maus-Row5-ColD-NicheL
ELGIN, Charles Ray, death: 11/15/1960, NEW-T-17-D
ELGIN, Maxine, death: 1/1/1948, NEW-T-17-C
ELGIN, Nora M., death: 1/1/1948, NEW-T-17-E
ELLIGSEN, Edward A., death: 9/25/1994, age: 97, NEW-O-55-A
ELLIGSEN, Leroy Edward, death: 12/7/2006, age: 81, NEW-O-55-C
ELLIGSEN, Meta Hermina, death: 3/11/1998, age: 94, NEW-O-55-B
ELLINGSEN, Marge, death: 1/4/1960, NEW-X-24-E
ELLIOTT, Ethel, death: 11/3/1979, NEW-I-7-B
ELLIOTT, Joseph A., Old-6-16-E
ELLIOTT, Robert W., death: 12/29/1977, NEW-I-7-A
ELLIS, Aldwin A., death: 12/21/1991, age: 68, NEW-W-48-B
ELLIS, Aldwin A. Jr., death: 10/7/1967, NEW-W-48-D
ELLIS, Donald M., NEW-T-23-E
ELLIS, Gladys Adeline, death: 6/1/1992, age: 65, NEW-W-48-C
ELLIS, Ida Mae, death: 4/19/2004, age: 82, NEW-E-26-B
ELLIS, Laura Breck, NEW-T-23-B
ELLIS, Merton G., death: 1/1/1951, NEW-T-23-A
ELLIS, Merton Gordon, death: 4/10/2015, age: 92, NEW-E-26-A
ELMORE, Margaret, death: 12/18/1980, NEW-I-9-A
ELY, Sybil Marie, death: 11/29/1998, age: 80, NEW-I-47-B-2
ELZEA, Evelyn Marie, death: 8/27/1994, age: 77, Old-8-14-B
EMPEY, Jesse, death: 12/1/1970, Old-1-4-H
EMS, (Girl), BABY, NEW-K-37B-C
EMS, Mary E., BABY, NEW-K-12-B NW 1/4
ENEVOLDSEN, Donna Ruth, death: 1/28/2012, age: 72, NEW-F WEST-96-C
ENGBERG, Dorothy Ann, death: 4/14/2010, age: 87, NEW-T-79-C
ENGEL, Father, Old-4-27-C
ENGEL, Frank, Old-4-27-A
ENGEL, Henry, Old-4-27-G
ENGEL, Mary, Old-4-27-H
ENGEL, Mother, Old-4-27-B
ENGELGAU, Albert, death: 7/8/1964, NEW-S-22-A
ENGELGAU, Alvina, death: 1/10/1991, age: 91, NEW-S-22-B
ENGELGAU, Anton, death: 1/14/1958, NEW-S-22-C
ENGELGAU, Joseph Peter, death: 1/1/1951, NEW-T-24-C
ENGELGAU, Lily, death: 2/1/1968, NEW-S-22-D
ENGLAND, Heather Jo, death: 4/21/1977, NEW-U-18-D SE 1/4
ENGLE, Blanche Lorriane, death: 11/29/2001, age: 85, NEW-M-30-B-2
ENGLE, Lee P., NEW-M-30-B
ENGLE, Rodger Lee, death: 12/14/2014, age: 71, NEW-M-30-C
ENGLEBART, Henry, Old-1-31-C
ENGLEBART, Rebecha A., Old-1-31-D
ENTERLINE, Gladys Pearl, death: 1/27/2002, age: 94, NEW-O-19-E
ENTERLINE, Haroldine Jane, death: 2/23/2013, age: 76, NEW-J-36-D
ENTERLINE, James E., death: 11/25/1988, age: 52, NEW-J-36-C
ENTERLINE, Paul, death: 6/15/1963, NEW-O-19-D
ENTZE, Aidan Hunter, death: 7/17/1997, age: 7 DAYS, NEW-U-10-E SW 1/4
ENTZE, Francina Joyce, death: 8/22/2005, age: 78, NEW-R-3-E
ENTZE, Lewis Harney, death: 2/22/2009, age: 80, NEW-R-3-D
ENTZE, Linda May, death: 6/18/2011, age: 56, NEW-H-38-E
ERICKSON, Albert C., death: 11/21/1970, NEW-J-20-E
ERICKSON, Anna E., death: 5/12/1962, NEW-N-17-E
ERICKSON, Grayce E, NEW-S-55-B-2
ERICKSON, Hilda L., death: 9/6/1972, NEW-J-5-A
ERICKSON, James Vincent, death: 1/14/1998, age: 56, NEW-J-70-B
ERICKSON, Lawrence Edwin, death: 1/3/2004, age: 89, NEW-S-71-A
ERICKSON, Mary A., death: 12/2/1969, NEW-J-2-A
ERICKSON, Norene Mary, death: 12/15/2009, age: 93, NEW-J-68-B
ERICKSON, Rosa, death: 7/24/1996, age: 79, NEW-S-71-B
ERICKSON, Vincent Carl, death: 4/9/2016, age: 98, NEW-J-68-A
ERLAND, Leona M., death: 6/30/1995, age: 78, NEW-H-61-B
ERLAND, Walter E., death: 6/26/1996, age: 82, NEW-H-61-A
ESCH, Ida Augusta (Hopfer), death: 5/23/1975, NEW-X-13-E
ESCH, William, death: 12/6/1956, NEW-X-13-D
ESTES, Robert J, death: 8/23/2002, age: 57, Maus-Row8-Single-CryptAW
ESTES, Ruth Lynn H., death: 1/7/2003, age: 55, Maus-Row8-Single-CryptAW-2
ETZEL, Altig, death: 11/26/1957, BABY, NEW-Y-50-E 1/2
ETZEL, David P, death: 7/7/1961, NEW-Y-50-E SW 1/4
ETZEL, Herman, death: 11/3/1989, age: 90, Old-8-61-C
ETZEL, John, Old-5-27-A
ETZEL, John G. Sr., Old-5-27-B
ETZEL, Marie, death: 8/16/1958, Old-5-27-C
ETZEL, Marie Florence, death: 2/13/1995, age: 86, Old-8-61-D
ETZEL, Marvin, Old-8-61-E
ETZEL, Mary Lou, death: 1/8/2014, age: 80, Maus-Row3-Tandem-CryptE
ETZEL, Nat Rudy, death: 11/24/2015, age: 87, Maus-Row3-Tandem-CryptE-2
ETZEL, Olga, death: 4/19/1993, age: 90, NEW-W-48-A
ETZEL, Rudolph H, death: 5/31/2002, age: 104, NEW-W-49-E
ETZEL, Sophie, death: 4/6/1960, Old-5-27-D
EUBANKS, Florin J., death: 7/14/1995, age: 73, NEW-H-62-C
EUBANKS, Helen P, death: 10/8/2001, age: 73, NEW-H-62-D
EVANS, Agnes A., Old-7-46-D
EVANS, Agnes C., Old-7-46-C
EVANS, Alice, death: 8/31/1990, age: 78, NEW-J-58-D
EVANS, Amanda J., Old-3-16-C
EVANS, Bertha, death: 2/12/1989, age: 81, NEW-X-26-D
EVANS, Clerance C., NEW-X-26-A
EVANS, Colleen L., death: 10/18/2015, age: 91, NEW-X-71-B
EVANS, David R., death: 3/1/1975, NEW-X-26-C
EVANS, Dorothy, death: 10/16/1993, age: 85, NEW-W-23-E
EVANS, Eva, death: 1/17/1981, NEW-N-13-B
EVANS, Genevieve Marie, death: 3/17/1997, age: 81, NEW-J-24-C
EVANS, Harold M., death: 9/8/1979, Old-7-46-E
EVANS, Irene T., Old-7-46-B
EVANS, James D., death: 5/19/1960, NEW-X-25-D
EVANS, James M., Old-3-16-B
EVANS, James W., Old-7-46-A
EVANS, James Whitcomb, death: 4/15/1996, age: 80, NEW-J-24-C-2
EVANS, Janette T., death: 2/27/1962, Old-5-37-B
EVANS, John M., death: 11/3/1960, Old-5-37-C
EVANS, John T., Old-7-28-C
EVANS, Lloyd H., death: 2/10/1992, age: 89, NEW-W-23-D
EVANS, Marion Adaline, Old-5-37-A
EVANS, Mary E., death: 5/19/1957, NEW-X-25-E
EVANS, Otto, Old-3-16-A
EVANS, Sarah, Old-7-28-D
EVANS, Thomas J., death: 3/13/1963, NEW-N-13-A
EVANS, Velma, death: 10/17/1976, age: 84, Old-8-42-D
EVANS, Walter Ray, death: 7/5/2017, age: 88, New-X-71-B-2
EVANS, Wilson H, Old-3-16-G
EVERETT, Robert M., death: 5/2/1963, NEW-S-9-C
EVERHART, Agnes M, death: 11/17/2001, age: 82, NEW-Y-37-D-2
EVERHART, John, death: 2/6/1969, age: 53, NEW-Y-37-D
EVERSOLE, Rex B., death: 4/16/1968, NEW-W-47-A
EVERSOLE, Susan Cathren, death: 4/6/1999, age: 90, NEW-W-47-B
EYLER, Grover C., NEW-R-54-C
EZZEL, Chester W., death: 1/1/1944, NEW-T-38-A
EZZEL, Joseph G., death: 8/19/1982, NEW-R-63-E
EZZEL, Virgil J., death: 8/22/1944, NEW-T-38-B
EZZELL, Florence L., death: 9/16/1978, NEW-R-42-A
EZZELL, Lillie Belle, death: 11/2/1991, age: 93, NEW-T-38-C
FABER, Frances Caroline, death: 1/10/2013, age: 85, NEW-W-5-D
FABER, Keith Harry, death: 1/31/2001, age: 72, NEW-W-5-E
FAIST, Alfred R., Old-7-43-E
FAIST, Elwood John, death: 8/31/2004, age: 95, NEW-H-4-B
FAIST, Emma M., Old-7-43-D
FAIST, Evelyn Mae, death: 8/25/2004, age: 81, Old-7-43-A
FAIST, Matthew, Old-7-43-C
FAIST, Walter Jacob, death: 3/26/2005, age: 85, Old-7-43-B
FALKENBERG, Christine Ann, death: 1/16/2004, age: 59, NEW-H-7-C
FALKNER, Arthur W., Old-7-24-E
FANTON, Henry R., death: 7/14/1966, Old-4-11-D
FARMER, Ava Marie, death: 3/12/1997, age: 83, NEW-X-66-D
FARMER, Loren Wayne, death: 9/16/1998, age: 83, NEW-O-56-B
FARMER, Lura Lee, death: 8/7/2009, age: 100, NEW-O-56-B-2
FARNSWORTH, Hazel M., death: 3/29/1976, Old-7-15-D
FARNSWORTH, Jesse, death: 4/10/1980, Old-7-15-C
FARNSWORTH, Nelda Pauline, death: 3/19/2012, age: 86, NEW-I-9-C
FARNSWORTH, Ray Elmer, death: 9/20/2006, age: 85, NEW-I-9-B
FARTHING, Luke H., death: 3/11/1944, NEW-Y-16-A
FARTHING, Luke M., death: 11/19/1971, NEW-Y-16-B
FARTHING, Lydia, death: 8/22/1990, age: 89, NEW-Y-16-C
FAST, Lucille Mae, death: 2/26/2013, age: 93, NEW-R-5-C
FAST, Richard C., death: 11/15/1979, NEW-R-34-B
FAULK, Chester Leroy, death: 1/6/2006, age: 95, NEW-I-3-C
FAULK, Clarence E., death: 5/24/1973, NEW-X-4-A
FAULK, Florence, death: 3/29/2008, age: 90, NEW-I-3-D
FAULK, Margert, NEW-X-4-B
FAULKNER, Eugene, Old-7-37-B
FAUSKE, A. O., death: 1/1/1946, NEW-T-55-A
FAUST, (Baby), NEW-K-41-A
FAUST, Goldie May, death: 2/3/1985, NEW-R-63-B
FAUST, John, death: 1/18/1973, NEW-R-63-A
FAWCETT, Charles E., death: 10/24/1970, NEW-W-1-B
FAWCETT, Maude B., death: 2/12/1985, NEW-W-1-C
FAWVER, Clarence E., death: 3/30/1919, Old-5-58-C
FAWVER, Earl, death: 1/1/1950, age: 41, NEW-O-25-E
FAWVER, Ida Dorothy, death: 8/25/1918, Old-5-58-A
FAWVER, Irene Eugene, death: 1/23/2009, age: 88, NEW-T-65-D
FAWVER, John W., Old-8-67-B
FAWVER, Lillian, death: 1/28/1975, Old-8-67-A
FAWVER, Loren W., death: 3/24/1994, age: 86, NEW-T-65-C
FAWVER, Pauline Laberta, death: 12/19/2003, age: 87, NEW-J-62-B
FAWVER, Reuben, death: 6/1/1984, NEW-J-62-A
FAWVER, Walter L., death: 11/17/1943, NEW-T-65-E
FAWVER, William, death: 9/8/1960, Old-5-58-B
FEARON, Sue Ellyn, death: 4/26/2007, age: 75, Maus-Row2-ColD-NicheF
FELLER, Earl C., death: 3/1/1979, NEW-I-48-A
FELLER, Harley, NEW-S-38-E
FELLER, Pearl L., NEW-I-48-A-2
FELLERS, Edna, death: 3/4/1960, NEW-S-15-A
FENSKE, Albert, death: 4/18/1988, age: 75, NEW-J-21-E
FENSKE, Alice Naomi, death: 1/6/2001, age: 79, NEW-J-4-A
FENSKE, Jake, death: 8/25/1963, Old-7-30-B
FENSKE, Lenore, Old-7-30-C
FENSKE, Lloyd, death: 6/30/1944, Old-7-30-D
FENSKE, Nora Mae, death: 9/9/1976, Old-7-30-A
FERGUS, Charlotte J., death: 11/21/1972, NEW-J-38-B
FERGUSON, Lawrence, Old-2-21-A
FERGUSON, Lenora, death: 9/6/1988, age: 71, NEW-M-7-E
FERGUSON, Leonard Glenn, death: 3/2/2009, age: 89, NEW-M-7-D
FERGUSON, Lloyd, death: 4/9/1965, BABY, NEW-K-11-C NW 1/4
FERGUSON, Pearl N., NEW-K-16-D
FERRY, Elayne Evelyn, death: 4/20/2010, age: 81, NEW-H-36-91
FETTERS, Cody M., death: 1/18/1995, BABY 20 DAYS, NEW-U-18-D NW 1/4
FIDLER, Alice E., death: 8/31/1969, NEW-P-17-B
FIDLER, Charles L., NEW-P-17-A
FIESEL, Albert, death: 9/28/1991, age: 80, NEW-Y-69-A
FIESEL, Alma, death: 10/4/1989, age: 76, NEW-Y-69-B
FIGG, Marian Lavelle, death: 9/29/2015, age: 85, New-Y-15-C-2
FINCH, Murikiam, NEW-K-41-C
FINCH, William, NEW-K-41-B
FINCK, Reinhold, NEW-T-33-E
FINK, Julia, NEW-S-29-C
FINK, Maggie E., death: 4/28/1995, age: 90, NEW-S-29-A
FINK, Otto H., death: 3/19/1976, NEW-S-29-B
FISCHER, Charles Robert, death: 2/21/2007, age: 60, Maus-Row7-ColC-NicheB
FISCHER, Myrta Garness, Old-6-47-E
FISH, Etta, Old-8-11-B
FISH, Florence M., death: 10/10/1960, NEW-T-48-B
FISH, Frances P., death: 10/31/1994, age: 82, NEW-I-49-D
FISH, Francis, Old-7-9-B
FISH, Frank, Old-8-11-A
FISH, Harold E., death: 10/16/2016, age: 92, Maus-Row7-ColD-NicheB
FISH, Ivan W., death: 1/1/1947, NEW-T-48-A
FISH, Joyce Alice, death: 8/30/1997, age: 72, Maus-Row7-ColD-NicheA
FISH, Lorin W., death: 11/13/1976, NEW-J-1-D
FISH, Marvin E., death: 7/21/1974, NEW-I-49-E
FISH, Myrtle, death: 4/11/1987, age: 69, NEW-J-1-E
FISH, Ray, NEW-U-34-C
FISH, Tom W., Old-1-6-E
FISH, Viola, Old-1-6-F
FISHER, Charles, Old-6-47-D
FISHER, Clyde E., Old-6-47-A
FISHER, Dorsey E., death: 5/20/1966, Old-6-47-C
FISHER, Emma E., death: 1/1/1937, Old-8-48-B
FISHER, Eric, Old-8-37-C
FISHER, Gertrude Maud, death: 4/15/1997, age: 88, Old-8-47-D
FISHER, Gloria F., Old-8-37-E
FISHER, Hattie Amrine, death: 1/18/1996, age: 92, Old-8-37-D
FISHER, Herman, death: 1/1/1954, Old-8-48-C
FISHER, Ida Lucille, death: 8/12/1978, NEW-M-34-D
FISHER, Lena A., death: 1/1/1933, Old-8-48-A
FISHER, Patricia Louise, death: 8/23/2009, age: 74, Maus-Row2-ColA-NicheA
FISHER, Ray E., death: 1/14/1985, Old-8-47-C
FISHER, Raymond, Old-4-39-B
FISHER, Robert Sylvester, death: 7/16/1999, age: 95, NEW-M-34-C
FISHER, Walena, Old-4-8-C
FITCH, Caroline, death: 1/4/1987, age: 100, NEW-T-2-E
FITCH, Claude R., death: 8/24/1957, NEW-T-2-D
FITCH, Clyde E., NEW-O-33-A-2
FITCH, Grace, death: 11/11/1972, NEW-O-33-B
FITCH, Willis P., NEW-X-48-E
FITT, Kimberly, death: 8/8/1983, NEW-U-35-E E 1/2
FLACK, Fredric Ralph, death: 5/18/2004, age: 95, Maus-Row9-Single-CryptB
FLACK, Goldie Jenny, death: 6/22/2006, age: 92, Maus-Row9-Single-CryptB-2
FLAHERTY, Laurin May, death: 6/7/1998, age: 4, NEW-H-66-C
FLATT, George A., NEW-O-12-D
FLATT, Mattie, death: 1/10/1964, NEW-O-12-E
FLEMING, Ivan E., death: 9/9/1999, age: 84, NEW-J-69-C
FLETCHER, George E., death: 2/3/1970, NEW-Y-6-A
FLETCHER, Ione, death: 6/23/1969, NEW-Y-6-C
FLETCHER, Josephine, death: 1/1/1946, NEW-Y-6-B
FLETCHER, Lucy Jane, Old-7-37-E
FLORES, Adelaida L., death: 8/23/1984, NEW-X-67-B
FLORES, Evelyn Jane, death: 7/9/1996, age: 72, Maus-Row5-ColD-NicheF
FLOYD, Dorius, death: 1/1/1946, NEW-T-47-A
FLUKE, Clyde, death: 1/1/1962, NEW-S-19-A
FLUKE, Lulu, death: 7/1/1977, NEW-S-19-B
FLYNN, Anna L., Old-7-65-D
FOGARTY, Erma J., death: 12/3/1965, NEW-W-54-E
FOLEY, John A., death: 6/4/2005, age: 87, Maus-Row3-ColB-NicheH
FOLEY, Lila A., death: 7/4/2007, age: 81, Maus-Row3-ColB-NicheG
FOLEY, Robert T., death: 2/21/1983, age: 69, NEW-M-9-B-2
FOOTE, Authur E., death: 7/25/1945, NEW-T-7-C
FOOTE, Delbert H., death: 10/5/1960, NEW-T-7-D
FOOTE, Phillip, NEW-O-25-C
FORD, Clara Elizabeth, death: 12/24/1993, age: 86, NEW-S-1-D
FORD, William H., death: 3/4/1962, NEW-S-1-C
FORREST, David Patrick, death: 5/19/2012, age: 22, NEW-F WEST-113-C
FORSTE, Doris Elaine, death: 4/12/2000, age: 70, NEW-J-78-D
FOSGATE, Birtie, (ASHES), Old-7-37-D-2
FOSMARK, Andrew J., death: 9/20/1975, NEW-S-29-D
FOSMARK, Baby, (BABY), Old-2-4-C
FOSMARK, Grace Ivy, death: 10/13/1957, NEW-S-29-E
FOSMARK, Nels John, death: 1/17/1973, Old-8-60-E
FOSTER, A. J., death: 4/1/1965, NEW-W-41-A
FOSTER, Blanche, death: 1/6/1985, NEW-W-41-B
FOSTER, Harold A., death: 10/21/1967, NEW-J-15-D
FOSTERMAN, Irene Shirley, death: 11/12/2010, age: 67, Maus-Row8-ColD-NicheM
FOUST, Hilda Jane, Old-2-14-B
FOUST, Joseph, Old-2-14-C
FOX, Carroll C., death: 2/28/1977, NEW-N-11-E
FOX, Douglas Phillip, death: 2/22/1989, age: 38, NEW-O-54-D
FOX, Ira O., death: 7/26/1984, age: 89, NEW-N-13-C
FOX, Mary, death: 9/5/1967, NEW-N-13-D
FRANKLIN, Eldred, death: 2/1/1995, age: 83, NEW-S-81-B
FRANKLIN, John Daniel, death: 1/21/2007, age: 102, NEW-S-81-A
FRANKLIN, Marie B., death: 9/8/1959, NEW-N-38-E
FRANKLIN, Peggie Joyce, death: 4/30/1998, age: 59, NEW-S-82-B
FREDERICK, Wendy Susan, death: 1/18/2009, age: 59, Maus-Row2-ColC-NicheB
FREDRICKS, Lillian M., Old-2-16-A
FREE, Jerry W., death: 6/23/1989, age: 47, NEW-I-63-A
FREE, Melvin Jr., death: 2/26/1986, age: 35, NEW-K-29-D
FREECE, Emma E., death: 10/3/1995, age: 104, NEW-W-56-B
FREECE, Warren W., death: 4/20/1990, age: 98, NEW-W-56-A
FRENCH, Frank Bernard, death: 6/23/2003, age: 83, NEW-O-46-E-2
FRENCH, Valerie May, death: 7/7/1986, age: 65, NEW-O-46-E
FRENTRESS, O. F., Old-7-7-A
FRIDEL, Rosina, death: 2/28/1968, NEW-O-24-C
FRIEDRICH, Alvin Bernard, death: 1/29/2007, age: 87, NEW-H-55-A
FRIEDRICH, Bernhard, Old-5-35-C
FRIEDRICH, Delores Eleanor, death: 9/11/2002, age: 84, NEW-H-55-B
FRIEDRICH, Mary E., Old-5-35-B
FRIEDRICH, Maude, death: 2/24/1981, NEW-J-6-E
FRIEDRICH, Otto, death: 12/1/1971, NEW-J-6-D
FRIEDRICH, Selma, Old-5-35-A
FRIEDRIKS, Jos, Old-2-5-D
FROHLECH, Joseph, NEW-K-13-D
FRYREAR, Emma Sophia, death: 12/13/1957, Old-4-42-H
FRYREAR, Jim, Old-4-42-D
FRYREAR, Ross, Old-4-42-B
FRYREAR?, (Baby), Old-4-42-E
FUGE, Frank Patrick, death: 3/26/2004, age: 76, NEW-E-30-D
FUGE, Lola Mae, death: 10/23/2007, age: 77, NEW-E-30-E
FUHR, Donald, death: 10/1/1990, age: 58, NEW-I-78-A
FUHR, Shirley Eleanor, death: 8/22/2006, age: 75, NEW-I-78-B
FULLER, Cassandra, Old-8-38-C
FULLER, Dennis Franklin, death: 5/20/2017, age: 78, New-E-35-C
FULLER, Esther Luella, death: 1/16/1998, age: 61, NEW-M-42-C-2
FULLMER, Myrtle, death: 5/1/1989, age: 76, NEW-W-16-E
FULTON, Ada H., death: 5/7/1968, NEW-X-11-B
FUNK, Baby, death: 11/22/1961, (BABY), Old-5-64-B
FUNK, Bertie, death: 3/21/1984, Old-5-64-D
FUNK, Delbert S., Old-5-64-C
FUNK, Glen Rufus, death: 5/20/2013, age: 68, New-H-36-118
FURST, John Robert, death: 4/1/1992, age: 74, Maus-Row1-ColB-NicheN
GAFFNEY, Winnifred, Old-7-29-B
GAILEY, Ronnie Gene, death: 6/13/2005, age: 71, NEW-M-50-E
GALBRAITH, Floyd Ray, death: 6/18/1973, NEW-W-22-C
GALBRAITH, Verna, death: 10/16/1970, NEW-W-22-B
GALCHUTT, Gladys May, death: 8/2/2001, age: 90, NEW-I-36-C
GALCHUTT, Justin G., death: 7/25/1978, NEW-I-36-B
GALE, Beverly J, death: 5/12/2004, age: 71, NEW-X-63-D
GALE, John Irwing, death: 1/14/1993, age: 88, NEW-W-58-C
GALE, Kennith W., death: 10/20/1979, NEW-T-33-D
GALE, Lola E., death: 10/27/1970, NEW-W-58-D
GALE, Lucille, death: 4/12/1988, age: 77, NEW-R-34-D
GALE, Vincent, death: 11/20/1979, NEW-R-34-C
GALLOWAY, Alfred Edward, death: 9/6/2004, age: 48, NEW-F WEST-97-C
GAMBELL, Carlos Harvey, death: 10/31/1990, age: 88, NEW-O-31-D
GAMBELL, Ella L., death: 5/12/1967, NEW-O-31-C
GAMBELL, Lola, death: 3/1/1992, age: 88, NEW-O-31-D-2
GAMBELL, Lucelle H., NEW-O-31-B
GAMBELL, William C., NEW-O-31-A
GANO, Arthur, NEW-R-61-A
GANO, Jean Elizabeth, death: 7/19/1997, age: 86, NEW-R-61-B
GANSKE, Elsie Helen, Old-2-11-G
GANSKE, Fred, death: 6/12/1984, NEW-J-22-D
GANSKE, Hazel, death: 6/10/1989, age: 87, NEW-Y-50-D
GANSKE, Henry, death: 7/16/1987, age: 85, NEW-Y-50-C
GANSKE, Julius, death: 1/1/1944, NEW-Y-50-A
GANSKE, Louise, death: 1/6/1962, NEW-Y-50-B
GANSKE, Mabel F., death: 12/8/1969, NEW-J-22-E
GARCIA, Aaliyah Jazzmin, death: 4/17/2003, age: 3 MO-14DYS, NEW-K-55-A
GARCIA, Guadalupe, death: 8/7/2013, age: 59, NEW-E-25-B
GARCIA MARTINEZ, Jose Noel, death: 7/31/2012, age: 40, NEW-E-29-D
GARD, Ida Mary, death: 6/9/2005, age: 91, NEW-S-6-B
GARDNER, Blanche A., death: 6/9/1978, NEW-W-58-B
GARDNER, Dennis H., death: 8/15/1964, NEW-W-58-A
GARDNER, Harry, death: 8/2/1961, NEW-S-39-A
GARDNER, Minnie Mae, Old-7-22-B
GARDNER, Reta, death: 8/30/1967, NEW-S-39-B
GARMIRE, Adrian C., death: 6/14/1969, NEW-W-8-C
GARMIRE, Amy E., death: 6/16/1968, NEW-W-36-E
GARMIRE, Beth, BABY, NEW-K-12-D SW 1/4
GARMIRE, Deamor C., death: 9/21/1965, NEW-W-36-D
GARNER, George Leroy, death: 6/19/2002, age: 65, NEW-H-23-B
GARNER, Phyllis Joyce, death: 8/24/2005, age: 65, NEW-H-23-C
GARNESS, Ellen J., Old-2-27-D
GARNESS, Herbert J., Old-2-27-C
GAROUTTE, Marguerite, death: 1/28/1995, age: 75, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheK
GAROUTTE, Robert L., death: 2/13/1990, age: 75, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheL
GARRETT, Benjamin A., death: 10/10/1928, Old-2-8-F
GARRETT, Rile, death: 11/14/1964, NEW-X-32-C
GARRETT, Wallie H., death: 8/15/1981, NEW-X-32-D
GARY, Marian S., NEW-Y-23-B
GARY, Theodore J., NEW-Y-23-C
GASH, Delphine, death: 8/4/1984, NEW-H-12-27
GASSER, Bessie E., death: 2/1/1983, age: 81, Old-4-11-G
GATES, Charles, NEW-K-14-A
GATES, George, death: 8/17/1980, age: 74, NEW-R-36-E
GATES, Joy Eveline, death: 6/4/2004, age: 76, NEW-R-36-D
GATES, Linda L, death: 12/3/1976, NEW-I-42-C
GAULT, Helen, death: 12/25/2011, age: 81, NEW-E-7-A
GAWLISTA, Ben, death: 12/16/1989, age: 70, NEW-O-48-A
GAWLISTA, Goldie, death: 5/8/1987, NEW-O-48-B
GEARHART, Ethel, death: 9/1/1983, NEW-S-13-D
GEARHART, Guy B., death: 1/22/1965, NEW-S-13-C
GEBERT, Emma, Old-8-26-B
GEBERT, Maryan, Old-8-26-A
GEBERT, Wilhelm, Old-8-26-C
GEGNER, John, NEW-O-21-C
GEIGER, Betty Lou, death: 3/27/2008, age: 84, Maus-Row9-Single-CryptD-2
GEIGER, Charles Leo, death: 9/28/2012, age: 92, Maus-Row9-Single-CryptD
GELBRICH, Carl H., Old-5-69-D
GELBRICH, Edith, Old-5-70-D
GELBRICH, Emil, death: 1/1/1954, NEW-Y-22-A
GELBRICH, Ernest W., death: 12/1/1969, NEW-Y-22-D
GELBRICH, Evelyn Merle, death: 9/1/1977, Old-5-70-B
GELBRICH, Jeanette Aileen, death: 5/20/2000, age: 71, NEW-O-18-B
GELBRICH, John H., death: 4/4/1959, NEW-Y-12-C
GELBRICH, Louis C., death: 1/7/1977, NEW-J-17-D
GELBRICH, Lucile D., death: 3/21/1982, NEW-J-17-E
GELBRICH, Margarita, Old-5-69-B
GELBRICH, Richard W., death: 2/21/1951, NEW-O-18-C
GELBRICH, Ruth M., Old-5-69-A
GELBRICH, Sedonia, death: 6/4/1981, NEW-Y-22-C
GELBRICH, William, death: 1/1/1946, NEW-Y-22-B
GELBRICH, William E., death: 1/1/1977, Old-5-70-C
GELBRICH, William Val, death: 5/29/1994, age: 65, NEW-O-18-A
GENTRY, Edmond J., death: 5/27/1964, NEW-W-60-E
GENTRY, Katie L., death: 8/22/1967, NEW-W-37-A
GERLACH, Charles, death: 10/23/1963, NEW-N-22-C
GERLACH, Mabel, death: 9/23/1970, NEW-N-22-D
GERMANY, Charla Joanne, death: 9/19/2009, age: 58, NEW-E-3-D
GERMANY, David Arthur, death: 9/20/2008, age: 59, NEW-E-2-E
GERMANY, Vanve Le Dou, death: 11/30/1997, age: 68, NEW-R-2-A
GERSTNER, Howard J., death: 11/3/1971, NEW-M-37-A
GERVAIS, Tanner, death: 10/25/1992, NEW-U-10-B SW 1/4
GESIK, Roberta, (BABY), Old-8-10-D
GESIK, Ruth E., Old-8-10-C
GETSFRID, Florance, death: 1/1/1958, NEW-S-62-E
GETSFRID, Frank S., NEW-S-62-E-2
GETTIS, Elizabeth, death: 6/17/1968, Old-1-21-G
GETTIS, Otto E., Old-1-21-F
GETTMANN, Alvin, death: 3/30/1994, age: 71, NEW-N-62-C
GETTMANN, Benjamin R, death: 11/18/2003, age: 86, Maus-Row5-ColB-NicheL
GETTMEN, Fred, Old-2-20-E
GIBERSON, Anna May, death: 10/4/1996, age: 94, NEW-X-33-A
GIBERSON, Harold H., death: 6/30/1961, NEW-X-33-B
GIBERSON, Harold Jr., NEW-X-33-C
GIBSON, Barbara A., death: 3/22/1976, NEW-J-17-C
GIBSON, Darlene E., death: 12/9/2006, age: 66, NEW-H-12-15
GIBSON, Hannah S., death: 6/19/1975, NEW-J-8-B
GIBSON, Kelly Ericka, death: 8/18/2012, age: 41, Maus-Row1-ColB-NicheI
GIBSON, Sylvester, death: 4/20/1972, NEW-J-17-B
GIBSON, William, death: 7/26/1967, NEW-J-8-A
GIBSON, William Robert, death: 5/10/1985, NEW-H-12-13
GIFFORD, Ruth Lucile, death: 12/31/2009, age: 86, NEW-X-11-D
GIGER, Alpha, death: 12/12/1991, NEW-T-71-B
GIGER, Bertha, Old-6-69-C
GIGER, Frances, NEW-X-60-B
GIGER, Freida, Old-6-69-B
GIGER, Harold, NEW-X-60-A
GIGER, Howard Jacob, death: 11/7/1997, age: 81, NEW-S-53-E
GIGER, Jacob A., death: 10/20/1967, Old-6-69-A
GIGER, Verna, death: 4/23/1993, age: 72, NEW-S-53-D
GIGER, Virgil Dee, death: 11/7/2001, age: 92, NEW-T-71-A
GIGER, William, NEW-X-37-C
GILBERT, Bessie A., death: 8/8/1977, NEW-R-38-B
GILBERT, Era, death: 3/28/1958, NEW-X-30-B
GILBERT, Florence, death: 1/10/1969, NEW-W-26-B
GILBERT, William H., death: 12/28/1961, NEW-X-30-A
GILBERTSON, Alma, death: 12/20/1994, age: 80, NEW-S-77-B
GILBERTSON, Bert Leroy, death: 2/27/2005, age: 91, NEW-S-77-A
GILBERTSON, Bertha Kathryn, death: 1/1/1946, NEW-T-55-D
GILBERTSON, Elmer Lester, death: 2/25/2010, age: 97, NEW-S-67-E
GILBERTSON, Gilbert, death: 1/1/1955, NEW-X-53-E
GILBERTSON, Louise Luella, death: 10/9/2008, age: 91, NEW-S-68-A
GILKISON, Royce, death: 7/23/1950, NEW-O-2-C
GILLEN, Minnie, Old-2-29-I
GILLESPIE, Joshua, death: 6/5/1983, NEW-U-18-B SW 1/4
GILMER, (Baby), death: 7/8/1961, NEW-K-11-A NE 1/4
GILMORE, Harry C., Old-7-49-A
GILMORE, Lorinda L., Old-7-49-B
GILMORE, Pamela Lee, death: 2/22/2014, age: 64, NEW-E-40-C
GIPE, Alva Earl, death: 9/13/2007, age: 90, NEW-R-57-A
GIPE, Eleanor S., NEW-R-57-B
GIPE, Lois Lesta, death: 11/20/2002, age: 77, NEW-R-57-C
GITHENS, Dolores May, death: 5/24/2006, age: 84, NEW-T-54-B
GITHENS, Henry Clinton, death: 3/26/2000, age: 82, NEW-T-54-C
GITHENS, James Henry, death: 10/20/2013, age: 62, NEW-T-54-B-2
GITHENS, Mary E., death: 8/7/1982, NEW-T-54-E
GITHENS, William, death: 12/28/1961, NEW-T-54-D
GLOSS, Frank Jr., death: 2/29/1976, (CREMAINS), Old-6-21-E-2
GLOSS, Lorraine, death: 11/23/1999, age: 85, Old-6-21-E
GLOY, Eleanor A., death: 8/31/2003, age: 64, NEW-E-30-A
GODFREY, Barbara L., death: 4/24/1974, NEW-I-4-E
GOEBEL, Adolph, death: 8/30/1960, NEW-S-35-C
GOEBEL, Fred, Old-5-60-E
GOEBEL, George H., Old-6-30-C
GOEBEL, Hazel, death: 4/5/1959, NEW-S-35-D
GOEBEL, May, Old-6-30-B
GOEBEL, Minnie, Old-5-60-D
GOEHREND, Helen Marie, death: 5/28/2006, age: 93, NEW-H-17-A
GOERTLER, Anna E., Old-2-34-A
GOETTSCH, Emil John, NEW-P-6-A
GOETZ, Anna, death: 3/14/1955, NEW-K-17-E
GOLDAN, R. James, death: 5/10/2012, age: 69, NEW-E-7-D
GOLDENMAN, Margaret Helene, death: 4/9/2001, age: 91, NEW-H-66-E
GOLDENMAN, Samuel Frederich, death: 6/22/2002, age: 94, NEW-H-66-D
GOLDING, Dorthy, death: 6/8/1958, NEW-K-7-C
GOLIGHTY, Mary, death: 3/19/1966, Old-1-13-D
GONZALEZ, Bryan, death: 3/1/1995, age: 6, NEW-U-17-B N 1/4
GONZALEZ, Randell, death: 10/17/1974, NEW-U-9-D NE 1/4
GONZALEZ, Ricardo, death: 6/3/2012, age: 50, Maus-Row1-ColD-NicheD
GOOD, Richard, death: 10/9/1949, Old-2-6-A SE 1/4
GOODALE, Kenneth, death: 12/8/1992, NEW-T-68-D
GOODALE, Reba Moore, death: 5/19/2004, age: 94, NEW-T-68-E
GOODING, Lawrence Edwin, death: 1/10/2002, age: 72, NEW-H-32-D
GOODWIN, Wayne L., death: 6/25/1968, NEW-J-45-E
GOOSSEN, Nick, death: 7/20/2011, age: 83, NEW-M-36-E
GORBETT, Duane Chester, death: 1/23/2005, age: 97, NEW-R-35-E
GORBETT, Wilma, death: 9/27/1982, NEW-R-35-D
GORDINIER, Norma A., death: 10/24/1962, (ASHES), Old-1-12-EAST END OF D
GORSLINE, Edna, death: 12/21/1968, NEW-N-16-D
GORSLINE, Guy L., death: 4/16/1964, NEW-N-16-C
GORTLER, Wilamina, Old-1-16-B
GORTLER, William, Old-1-16-C
GOSLAR, Susan Joanne, death: 5/10/2013, age: 60, NEW-H-15-D
GOUCHER, Lilley Viola, death: 8/20/2002, age: 96, NEW-N-51-D
GOUCHER, Vernon, death: 10/8/1987, age: 77, NEW-N-51-C
GRAFEN, Chris, death: 1/1/1947, NEW-T-50-D
GRAHAM, Lawrence, death: 1/15/1984, NEW-J-12-B
GRANT, David James, death: 8/8/1997, age: 85, Maus-Row5-ColD-NicheS
GRANT, Luella Z., death: 5/26/1998, age: 86, Maus-Row6-ColD-NicheT
GRATREAKS, Gladys Mary, death: 8/29/1976, NEW-U-4-B
GRAY, C. Curtis, death: 1/1/1932, Old-8-5-C
GRAY, Charles B., death: 1/1/1925, Old-8-5-D
GRAY, Dessell L., death: 6/25/1978, NEW-M-33-B
GRAY, Glenn S., death: 12/7/1984, NEW-M-33-A
GRAY, John W., death: 1/1/1927, Old-8-5-E
GRAY, Lisa, age: 2010, Maus-Row1-ColC-NicheA
GRAY, Myra L., death: 6/18/1996, age: 96, NEW-O-53-B
GRAZER, Elizabeth, Old-5-18-D
GRAZER, Gary, Old-5-18-B
GRAZER, Lester L., death: 4/22/1957, Old-5-18-A
GRAZER, Lewis, Old-5-18-E
GRAZER, Lillie, Old-8-7-D
GREELEY, Marian C., death: 5/3/2016, age: 75, Maus-Row9-ColA-NicheB
GREEN, Charlie, death: 4/26/1980, NEW-R-44-E
GREEN, Jesse A., death: 11/8/1966, NEW-W-16-D
GREENE, Taylor James, death: 7/16/2005, age: 11, NEW-F WEST-94-D
GREENLEAF, Edson L., death: 10/11/1958, NEW-X-15-C
GREENLEAF, Mabel, death: 9/20/1971, NEW-X-15-D
GREENLEAF, William D., death: 12/15/1992, age: 3 MONTHS, NEW-U-10-A SW 1/4
GREENUP, Arthur B., death: 1/15/1988, age: 71, NEW-Y-29-E
GREENUP, Luther E., death: 4/12/1945, NEW-Y-29-A
GREENUP, Michael D., death: 1/1/1945, NEW-Y-29-C
GREENUP, Ulah Annette, death: 2/6/1998, age: 83, NEW-Y-29-D
GREER, Marissa Roselyn, death: 1/18/2016, age: 4, New-F West-107-E
GREGOR, Edward L., death: 1/1/1949, NEW-T-31-C
GREGOR, Helen F., death: 4/2/1976, NEW-I-6-B
GREGORY, Arline Adelle, death: 8/12/2014, age: 96, Maus-Row5-ColA-NicheA
GREGORY, Georgianna, Old-7-68-E
GREGORY, Harry, Old-7-68-B
GREGORY, Henry H., Old-7-68-D
GREGORY, Lester J, death: 3/30/2002, age: 89, Maus-Row5-ColA-NicheB
GREGORY, Viette L., death: 2/16/1957, BABY, NEW-K-11-B SW 1/4
GREGRICH, Anetta, death: 2/11/1964, BABY GIRL, NEW-K-11-E NE 1/4
GREIF, John M., death: 6/17/1983, Old-8-15-C
GREIF, John M., Old-8-15-A
GREIF, John Milton, death: 4/26/2002, age: 63 YRS, Old-8-15-C*
GREIF, Marie M., Old-8-15-B
GREIF, Marjorie Jane, death: 11/8/2007, age: 89, Old-8-15-D
GREN, Swan, NEW-K-29-C
GRIBBLE, Estes D., death: 6/11/1985, NEW-P-22-B
GRIBBLE, Eugene S., death: 11/10/1964, NEW-N-9-D
GRIBBLE, Hattie, death: 10/27/1962, NEW-N-9-E
GRIBBLE, James L., death: 5/10/1966, NEW-N-9-C
GRIBBLE, Myrtle Lisetta, death: 6/24/1993, age: 92, NEW-P-22-A
GRIDER, Laverne, death: 2/22/1973, NEW-I-26-A
GRIEF, George, Old-5-29-D
GRIFFEY, Sylvia M., death: 6/24/1982, age: 77 (CREMAINS), Old-7-13-C
GRIFFIN, Arvel, NEW-I-56-A
GRIFFIN, Nellie B., death: 5/12/1993, age: 97, NEW-I-56-B
GRIFFIN, Thomas H., death: 8/9/1974, NEW-I-56-C
GRIFFITH, Alvina, death: 6/8/1959, Old-5-24-D
GRIFFITH, Orpha, death: 12/14/1986, age: 99, NEW-W-45-E
GRIFFITH, William, death: 8/13/1968, NEW-W-45-D
GRIMES, August C., NEW-K-37A-E
GRIMES, Thomas J., NEW-K-42-A
GRIMM, Cicero, NEW-K-36-A
GRIMM, Victor H., death: 5/28/1968, NEW-P-25-E
GRITTON, Josephine H., death: 7/31/2006, age: 90, Maus-Row5-ColD-NicheN
GROF, Betty Lorriane, death: 11/16/1996, age: 72, NEW-O-64-B
GROOM, Alta S., Old-4-26-C
GROOMS, Chester, NEW-X-54-E
GROSS, Cherry Marie, death: 11/28/2010, age: 93, NEW-R-48-B
GROSS, Harold Fred, death: 9/23/1977, NEW-R-48-A
GROVE, Louise H, death: 11/2/2005, age: 64, NEW-F WEST-87-A
GROVE, Lyle Dewain, death: 12/27/2003, age: 74, NEW-F WEST-88-E
GROVES, Dorothy Verona, death: 9/9/2007, age: 87, NEW-H-56-B
GROVES, Warren Dale, death: 6/26/1979, NEW-R-43-C
GROVES, Warren David, death: 5/12/2012, age: 77, NEW-R-43-D
GUCK, Gilbert, death: 12/30/1977, NEW-R-38-C
GUCK, Phyllis Jean, death: 12/22/1997, age: 70, NEW-X-66-B
GUDDEN, Anna, Old-4-35-D
GUMAER, Don W., death: 1/1/1945, NEW-T-14-E
GUMAER, Ethel June, death: 12/17/2004, age: 83, NEW-N-7-E-2
GUMAER, Matilda, death: 1/19/1981, NEW-T-14-B
GUMAER, Victor H., death: 12/31/1972, NEW-T-14-C
GUMP, Donna Lucile, death: 8/19/2011, age: 78, NEW-E-33-D
GUNDERSON, Beverly Ann, death: 10/8/2015, age: 55, NEW-E-28-A
GURNSEY, Arvella Joy, death: 2/12/1997, age: 76, NEW-R-52-D
GURNSEY, Earl, death: 4/10/1998, age: 62, NEW-R-52-BETWEEN C&D
GURNSEY, Earl C., death: 12/14/1984, NEW-R-52-C
GURTLER, Henry, Old-1-2-B
GUSTAFSON, Louise Kate, death: 8/9/2009, age: 94, NEW-E-44-A
GUSTAFSON, Richard Dale, death: 4/7/2002, age: 51, NEW-H-7-D
GUTHRIE, Rodney Allan, death: 4/7/2000, age: 40, Maus-Row3-ColD-NicheU
GUTPERLET, Ester, Old-3-42-H
GUTPERLET, Frank, Old-3-42-A
GUTPERLET, Louisa, Old-3-42-C
GUTPERLET, William, Old-3-42-B
GUTTORMSEN, Dolores Rose, death: 9/28/2015, age: 90, NEW-H-45-E
GUYTON, Pearl Lucille, death: 10/15/1996, age: 86, NEW-O-53-D
GUYTON, Volna, death: 4/1/1990, age: 80, NEW-O-53-C

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