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Zion Memorial Cemetery - Burial Records
Canby, Clackamas County, Oregon

GPS: 45.261591, -122.669224

2010 S Township Rd
Canby, OR 97013

Date published: November 16, 2017
Total records: 6,517

Surnames A-C

Records published here were acquired from the City of Canby on November 12, 2017.

AASLAND, Audri Inger, death: 8/7/2004, age: 88, NEW-S-45-D
AASLAND, Leonard Walter, death: 12/19/2003, age: 86, NEW-S-45-E
ABEL, Karen E, death: 12/18/1961, age: 22, NEW-N-20-A
ABRAHAMSON, Dale A., death: 4/22/2014, age: 57, Maus-Row1-ColD-NicheH
ACHILLES, Charles R, death: 1/19/1961, NEW-X-6-A
ACKERSON, Clara, Old-5-12-E
ACKERSON, David, Old-5-12-D
ADAMS, Allen H, NEW-S-46-A
ADAMS, Allen Hayes Sr., death: 12/20/2015, age: 95, NEW-S-46-D
ADAMS, Bessie Eugenia, death: 9/7/1975, NEW-I-4-C
ADAMS, Florance A., NEW-S-46-B
ADAMS, Herbet S., death: 11/9/1960, NEW-N-41-E
ADAMS, Joice, death: 3/30/1958, CHILD, NEW-K-11-B NW 1/4
ADAMS, Kathleen Avis, death: 10/16/1987, age: 45, NEW-I-82-A
ADAMS, Margaret G., death: 2/23/1957, Old-5-23-D
ADAMS, N. P., Old-5-23-C
ADAMS, Orville C., death: 1/6/1986, NEW-I-4-B
ADAMS, Orville Hiett, death: 12/16/2015, age: 86, NEW-I-82-C
ADAMS, Roy L., NEW-S-51-A
ADAMS, Susanna Angeline, death: 11/3/2014, age: 89, NEW-S-46-C
ADAMS, William L., Old-5-23-E
ADCOCK, Joseph G., death: 9/22/1973, NEW-R-56-B
ADCOCK, Theresa, death: 1/17/1989, age: 88, NEW-R-56-C
ADELBLUE, Benjamin John, death: 8/17/2016, age: 41, New-E-15-B
ADKINS, Aleta H., death: 7/21/1962, Old-6-18-E
ADKINS, Annie, Old-4-39-E
ADKINS, Elizabeth, death: 12/11/1920, Old-1-8-A
ADKINS, Elsie May, death: 7/27/2007, age: 102, Old-8-41-B
ADKINS, Grover C., death: 1/14/1986, Old-6-18-C
ADKINS, J. W., death: 2/25/1903, Old-1-8-C
ADKINS, James, death: 6/30/1917, Old-4-39-A
ADKINS, Jess, death: 3/27/1984, Old-8-41-C
ADKINS, Lilian, Old-1-6-B
ADKINS, Lorenzo, death: 4/20/1922, Old-1-8-D
ADKINS, Orran L., Old-8-41-E
ADKINS, Robert Lee, death: 1/2/1951, Old-6-18-D
ADKINS, Silas, Old-4-39-H
ADKINS, Sophia, Old-8-41-D
ADKINS, Stanley R., Old-6-18-A
ADKINS, William H., Old-4-39-D
ADKINS, Winnie, Old-6-18-B
AEBISCHER, Beverly J., death: 2/25/1996, age: 63, NEW-I-74-C
AFFOLTER, John Fred, death: 7/17/1994, age: 67, NEW-H-13-73
AFFOLTER, Mildred Gladys, death: 10/6/2015, age: 84, NEW-H-13-67
AFFOLTER, Randall Allan, death: 1/9/1992, age: 38, NEW-H-13-68
AHLSON, Harold, death: 10/10/1978, NEW-I-15-D
AHLSON, Verna, death: 9/24/1981, NEW-I-15-E
AHTI, Leo, death: 9/3/1982, NEW-M-32-D
AITMAN, Hattie L., Old-7-49-C
AKERMAN, Marion Jane Dale, death: 1/25/1997, age: 78, Maus-Row7-Single-CryptAW-2
AKERMAN, Phillip Collins, death: 2/26/1994, age: 79, Maus-Row7-Single-CryptAW
AKINS, Ethel, Old-1-5-A
AKINS, John W., Old-1-5-B
AKINS, Nolan Don, death: 12/26/1999, age: 52, NEW-E-29-A
AKINS, Sarah, Old-1-5-B-2
ALBEE, Baby Boy, NEW-K-12-C SE 1/4
ALDRICH, Geraldine, NEW-T-7-C-2
ALEXANDER, Carroll Gene, death: 12/31/2004, age: 63, Maus-Row5-ColB-NicheI
ALLEN, Louis W., NEW-K-17-C
ALLEN, Nathan C., death: 1/5/1957, age: 16, NEW-K-9-A
ALLEN, Virgil, death: 11/6/1977, NEW-I-32-D
ALLPHIN, Hazel, death: 2/8/1996, age: 91, NEW-N-8-B
ALLPHIN, Norman Ray, death: 2/13/2012, age: 76, NEW-N-8-A-2
ALLPHIN, William, death: 11/29/1961, NEW-N-8-A
ALMOND, Nellie Alwina, death: 3/18/2004, age: 85, NEW-T-51-D
ALMOND, Shirley, death: 10/28/1973, NEW-I-1-C
ALTER, Dora O., death: 12/30/1966, NEW-X-14-B
ALTER, Ethel L., death: 7/8/1961, NEW-X-6-E
ALTER, Howard, death: 4/17/1962, NEW-X-6-D
ALTER, John William, death: 5/6/1957, NEW-X-14-A
ALTER, Lawrence, death: 3/7/1991, age: 75, NEW-X-66-A
ALTER, Melvin L., Old-2-28-A
ALVIN, Agatha, death: 4/23/1970, (CREMAINS), Old-8-18-B
ALVIN, Peter A., Old-8-18-A
ALVORD, Herbert E., death: 12/23/1970, NEW-J-40-B
ALVORD, Nellie M., death: 11/18/1966, NEW-J-40-C
AMRINE, Carson R., death: 2/29/1984, NEW-X-39-A
AMRINE, Florence O., NEW-X-39-B
AMUNDSEN, Anna, Old-7-51-D
AMUNDSEN, Olaf, Old-7-51-C
AMUNDSON, Emma E., death: 10/17/1980, NEW-M-21-D
AMUNDSON, James W., death: 8/1/1993, age: 67, NEW-S-72-A
AMUNDSON, Martha Johanna, death: 9/30/1975, NEW-S-40-D
AMUNDSON, Owen, death: 3/27/1970, NEW-W-6-D
AMUNDSON, Sam, death: 9/26/1962, NEW-S-40-C
AMUNDSON, Thomas, death: 11/14/1970, NEW-W-5-C
AMUNDSTAD, Jettie A. (Ashes), death: 1/4/1967, NEW-N-6-A
ANDERON, Elmer Jr., death: 2/17/2017, age: 91, Maus-Row5-SxS-CryptE-2
ANDERSEN, Alida Hansine, death: 12/5/1990, age: 98, NEW-I-65-E
ANDERSON, Alberta Pauline, death: 8/1/1992, age: 89, NEW-J-75-B
ANDERSON, Andrew P., Old-5-43-A
ANDERSON, Arthur, death: 2/25/1984, NEW-M-46-C
ANDERSON, Augusta, death: 11/2/1993, age: 79, NEW-W-42-A
ANDERSON, Carl O., Old-7-66-D
ANDERSON, Dayle, death: 7/3/1950, Old-2-6-C-SE 1/4
ANDERSON, Donald J., death: 3/27/2015, age: 54, NEW-J-14-A
ANDERSON, Dorothy Mae, death: 6/21/1995, age: 88, NEW-M-46-D
ANDERSON, Ellen, death: 10/26/1981, NEW-N-19-B
ANDERSON, Elmer, death: 5/22/1961, age: 61, NEW-N-19-A
ANDERSON, Esther S., death: 12/1/2016, age: 96, Maus-Row5-SxS-CryptE
ANDERSON, Fannie, Old-5-21-D
ANDERSON, Floy, death: 11/16/1985, NEW-X-22-D
ANDERSON, Frank E., death: 5/18/1960, NEW-X-22-C
ANDERSON, Gary, death: 3/14/1957, Old-5-21-A
ANDERSON, Gens L., Old-7-66-B
ANDERSON, Harry, death: 2/24/1958, NEW-N-36-C
ANDERSON, Hazel M., death: 12/9/1981, NEW-W-52-B
ANDERSON, Helen L., death: 10/26/1960, NEW-N-39-D
ANDERSON, John C., death: 7/9/1966, NEW-W-52-A
ANDERSON, John C., Old-5-21-C
ANDERSON, Kathleen M., death: 6/9/1966, NEW-J-14-B
ANDERSON, Laura, Old-5-13-A
ANDERSON, Lillian Ruth, death: 1/9/2000, age: 88, NEW-I-32-E
ANDERSON, Lynda Laurene, death: 3/30/2014, age: 77, Maus-Row1-ColB-NicheM
ANDERSON, Marie C., Old-5-43-B
ANDERSON, Marie O., death: 4/26/1983, age: 55, NEW-N-2-C
ANDERSON, Martha G., Old-7-66-A
ANDERSON, Mathilda, Old-7-66-C
ANDERSON, Nellie C., Old-7-66-E
ANDERSON, Nellie Denton, death: 5/10/1973, NEW-O-1-C
ANDERSON, Philip M., death: 1/15/1966, NEW-W-55-E
ANDERSON, Robert M., death: 3/16/1962, NEW-O-1-B
ANDERSON, Robert William, death: 3/12/2010, age: 68, Maus-Row1-ColB-NicheL
ANDERSON, William, death: 6/29/1967, NEW-J-11-B
ANDERSON, William H., death: 5/5/1950, NEW-O-1-A
ANDREE, Delbert J., Old-7-48-D
ANDREE, Ivan Alvin, Old-7-48-A
ANDREE, Joseph, Old-7-48-B
ANDREE, Mary, death: 5/4/1956, Old-7-48-C
ANDRES, Eloise, death: 3/19/2015, age: 88, Maus-Row8-ColD-NicheF
ANDRUS, Adaline, Old-3-34-B
ANDRUS, Agatha Johanna, death: 5/5/2006, age: 93, NEW-I-72-D
ANDRUS, Catharine W., death: 7/12/1968, NEW-J-5-E
ANDRUS, Doris Paula, death: 4/28/1999, age: 86, NEW-I-69-A
ANDRUS, Ella L., death: 2/1/1986, NEW-I-81-B
ANDRUS, Gordon Raymond, death: 5/20/2004, age: 93, NEW-I-72-C
ANDRUS, James G., death: 9/7/1987, age: 88, NEW-I-81-A
ANDRUS, Leonard, death: 8/15/1991, age: 77, NEW-I-68-E
ANDRUS, Louise Elizabeth, death: 12/15/1997, age: 90, NEW-J-5-B
ANDRUS, Pauline, death: 11/21/1980, NEW-J-5-C
ANDRUS, Reuel O., death: 9/10/1969, NEW-J-5-D
ANDRUS, Truman Cyrus, Old-3-34-C
ANDRUSS, Alvin, death: 3/2/1984, NEW-I-28-A
ANDRUSS, Florence, death: 7/14/1974, NEW-I-28-B
ANGSTADT, Catherine Renee, death: 5/14/2000, NEW-U-36-E NW 1/4
ANNABLE, Effie Fay, death: 5/30/1986, age: 85, NEW-H-12-26
ANTHONY, Albert, Old-8-49-A
ANTHONY, Herman, death: 10/22/1979, NEW-R-28-B
ANTHONY, Herman, Old-8-50-C
ANTHONY, Maude, Old-8-50-A
ANTHONY, Minnie, Old-8-50-B
ANTHONY, Nellie, Old-8-49-B
ANTHONY, Olga Belle, death: 10/29/1999, age: 95, NEW-R-28-C
ANTHONY, Robert S., death: 3/31/1965, Old-8-49-C
ANTHONY, Roy J., Old-8-43-A
ANZINGER, Marle, death: 5/30/1977, NEW-I-23-C
APPLEBEE, Harold, death: 1/1/1943, NEW-Y-34-D
APPLEGATE, Albert, death: 4/15/1965, NEW-J-56-C
APPLEGATE, Rachel, death: 6/26/1983, NEW-J-56-D
ARESTAD, Blinda, death: 9/11/1967, NEW-S-45-B
ARESTAD, Homer, death: 11/18/1972, NEW-S-45-C
ARESTAD, T. H., death: 12/27/1957, NEW-S-45-A
ARJES, Henry, death: 2/18/1959, NEW-N-40-C
ARJES, Nettie, death: 11/17/1957, NEW-N-40-D
ARMS, Goldy Isabelle, death: 3/30/1997, age: 86, Maus-Row6-Single-CryptC
ARMS, Mildred B., Old-8-9-D
ARMS, Richard B., death: 1/1/1943, Old-8-9-E
ARMSTRONG, Bertha, death: 2/22/1985, NEW-N-35-D
ARMSTRONG, Charles Everett, Old-1-3-D
ARMSTRONG, Charles W., Old-1-18-1/2 OF D
ARMSTRONG, Cora, death: 1/1/1918, Old-1-18-C-2
ARMSTRONG, Ella, death: 1/1/1925, Old-1-18-D
ARMSTRONG, Flora, death: 1/1/1930, Old-1-18-C
ARMSTRONG, Matthew R., death: 2/27/1991, age: 3, NEW-N-63-C
ARMSTRONG, Stanley (Baby), NEW-K-38-C
ARNESEN, Christian, death: 2/18/1961, Old-7-8-C
ARNESEN, David B., Old-7-8-B
ARNESEN, Inga, Old-7-8-A
ARNESEN, Miriam F., death: 11/4/1966, NEW-J-12-A
ARNESEN, Philip, death: 5/26/1988, age: 76, NEW-J-69-A
ARNESON, Ivan Leonard, death: 4/18/2005, age: 95, NEW-H-67-A
ARNESON, Marie Elizabeth, death: 2/18/2015, age: 98, NEW-M-21-E
ARNESON, Robertha Ellen, death: 12/22/2012, age: 97, NEW-H-67-B
ARRASMITH, Dean G., death: 1/16/2009, age: 60, Maus-Row6-ColB-NicheH
ARREOLA, Esperanza Martinez, death: 6/24/2004, age: 93, NEW-H-36-95
ASCHEMAN, Frank A., death: 8/24/1991, age: 82, NEW-I-61-C
ASCHEMAN, Nellie F., death: 9/21/1992, age: 79, NEW-I-61-C-2
ASHFORD, Beatrice, death: 11/22/1971, NEW-P-14-C
ASHFORD, Percy, NEW-P-14-D
ASMUNSTAD, Peter E., death: 9/7/1963, NEW-N-13-E
ATKINS, Atlas, death: 8/26/1997, age: 61, NEW-T-84-D-2
ATKINS, Claude, death: 12/21/1996, age: 86, NEW-O-57-C
ATKINS, Clifford L., death: 12/22/1980, NEW-H-12-4
ATKINS, Edith E., death: 8/9/1995, age: 85, NEW-Y-28-E
ATKINS, Floyd Robert, death: 10/20/2008, age: 74, NEW-T-84-D
ATKINS, Leonard D., death: 8/15/1962, NEW-Y-28-A
ATKINS, Luther B., death: 7/20/1986, age: 80, NEW-Y-28-D
ATKINS, Mary L., death: 3/28/1968, NEW-Y-56-C
ATKINS, Naomi, death: 12/8/2010, age: 95, NEW-O-57-D
ATWOOD, Edna Louise, death: 8/14/1995, age: 90, NEW-W-27-C
ATWOOD, Juanita C., death: 7/4/1986, age: 85, NEW-H-12-8
ATWOOD, Laura, death: 9/29/1988, age: 62, NEW-W-23-C
ATWOOD, Park, death: 3/9/1984, NEW-H-12-9
ATWOOD, Ralph E., death: 11/14/2005, age: 80, NEW-W-23-B
ATWOOD, Ralph William, death: 9/26/1968, age: 73, NEW-W-27-B
AUS, Emel B., death: 7/27/1960, NEW-S-40-E
AUSTIN, Carsinn, Old-6-50-E
AUSTIN, Edith L., Old-6-50-D
AUSVE, Caroline, Old-6-21-B
AUSVE, David S., Old-6-21-A
AUSVE, Ove Martin, Old-6-21-D
AVERILL, Fred E., death: 3/12/1962, NEW-S-20-B
AXFORD, Frank, death: 12/5/1976, NEW-I-30-A
AXFORD, Tennisee Ann, death: 6/19/1979, NEW-I-30-B
BACON, Ralph E., Old-7-17-B
BAGGE, Gail Ann, death: 5/9/1998, age: 48, NEW-H-37-A
BAGGENSTOS, Jared Daniel, death: 6/1/2002, age: 19, NEW-F WEST-72-A
BAGGENSTOS, Toby M., death: 5/2/2014, age: 59, New-F West-72-A2
BAGLEY, Janette E., NEW-E-24-B
BAGLEY, Kenneth Westen, death: 8/26/2008, age: 65, NEW-E-24-A
BAGLY, Gayle, death: 2/14/1995, age: 55, NEW-I-75-B
BAILEY, Charles E., death: 2/4/1964, NEW-K-33-C
BAILEY, Elsie, death: 7/3/1976, age: 80, NEW-I-43-B
BAILEY, Jennie, Old-6-64-E
BAILEY, Mary, death: 4/28/1994, NEW-K-33-D
BAILEY, Oliver P., NEW-U-22-E
BAILEY, Ray, death: 7/3/1976, NEW-I-43-A
BAILEY, Robert D., NEW-K-34-C
BAILEY, William B., Old-2-14-D
BAIR, Betty, death: 5/14/1971, Old-8-24-D
BAIR, Edward S., Old-8-24-B
BAIR, Eleanor, death: 1/1/1966, Old-8-24-C
BAIR, Gerald, death: 2/6/1983, Old-6-57-A
BAIR, Harry, Old-8-47-A
BAIR, Laura, death: 8/15/1959, Old-8-47-B
BAIR, Lawrence A., Old-6-57-C
BAIR, Olga M., death: 10/9/1996, age: 86, Old-6-57-B
BAIRD, Clarence, death: 7/7/1968, NEW-J-35-E
BAKER, Abraham, Old-3-21-B
BAKER, Alvin, death: 12/7/1983, NEW-S-65-B
BAKER, Anna, death: 9/20/1938, age: 63, NEW-U-34-E
BAKER, Anna, NEW-P-18-B
BAKER, Anna Roth, Old-5-20-D
BAKER, Bertha C., death: 2/2/1941, NEW-U-25-B
BAKER, Charles F., Old-8-2-C
BAKER, Clifford L., death: 8/15/1965, NEW-N-23-E
BAKER, Doris Evelyn, death: 3/18/2000, age: 79, NEW-N-41-D
BAKER, Essie, Old-8-39-C
BAKER, Harold Raymond, death: 7/29/2004, age: 88, NEW-P-18-E
BAKER, Lonnie, Old-8-39-D
BAKER, Maude Mae, death: 9/24/1976, NEW-I-41-B
BAKER, Mollie, Old-8-2-D
BAKER, Opal June, death: 6/25/1985, NEW-S-65-A
BAKER, Opal Melba, death: 3/31/1997, age: 76, NEW-P-18-D
BAKER, Pearl, NEW-P-18-A
BAKER, Ray, NEW-P-18-C
BAKER, Rolla N., Old-5-20-C
BAKER, Rosanna, Old-3-21-A
BAKER, Theodore Harold, NEW-P-6-C
BAKER, Vernon A., death: 1/7/1962, NEW-U-25-A
BAKER, Walter, Old-2-6-D
BAKER, William, NEW-K-20-A
BALDRIDGE, Diane M., death: 5/11/1987, age: 36, NEW-W-18-C
BALL, Hugh A., NEW-J-18-B
BALL, Hulda H., death: 9/27/1968, NEW-J-18-A
BALL, Minnie E., NEW-O-38-B
BALL, Opal Rebecca, death: 2/4/2006, age: 85, NEW-E-43-D
BALL, Richard David, death: 12/7/1945, age: 67, NEW-F WEST-101-A
BALL, Thomas M., NEW-O-38-A
BANCIA, Evangeline M., death: 4/8/1979, NEW-J-39-B
BANCIA, Louis, death: 12/13/1965, NEW-J-39-A
BANCROFT, Bradley Keith, death: 1/13/2017, age: 39, Maus-Row10-ColD-NicheV
BANTLY, Etta, death: 10/8/1982, age: 90, NEW-I-38-B
BANTLY, John, death: 10/26/1972, NEW-I-38-A
BANY, Fred, death: 1/1/1947, NEW-T-49-A
BANY, Isadore V., death: 1/23/1991, age: 91, NEW-Y-11-D
BANY, James Fredrick, death: 4/14/2002, age: 77, Maus-Row6-ColA-NicheB
BANY, Mable, death: 10/3/1957, NEW-T-49-B
BANY, Norma Elizabeth, death: 7/6/1990, age: 66, Maus-Row6-ColA-NicheA
BANY, Paul J., death: 2/17/1962, NEW-X-59-A
BANY, Rosena Permelia, death: 6/19/1978, NEW-X-59-B
BANY, Stella Florence, death: 10/16/1992, age: 92, NEW-Y-11-E
BARBUR, Orange L., Old-2-3-D
BARDER, John, death: 8/3/1967, NEW-J-13-D
BARE, Frank H, NEW-K-28-A
BARGER, Ellen Viola, death: 6/23/2000, age: 85, NEW-J-2-D
BARGER, Eugene F., death: 11/16/1969, NEW-J-2-E
BARKER, E M, death: 7/19/2014, age: 83, Maus-Row5-ColB-NicheD
BARLESS, Paulette Maxine, death: 1/4/1999, age: 51, Maus-Row4-ColC-NicheB
BARNES, Mary, death: 4/7/1973, NEW-P-16-E
BARNHART, Carl, death: 6/7/1991, age: 80, NEW-J-41-D
BARNHART, Martha, death: 3/24/2002, age: 88 YRS, NEW-J-41-E
BARNHART, Ronald Bruce, death: 2/4/1967, NEW-J-41-C
BARNS, Mary, NEW-U-19-B
BARNS, Thomas L., NEW-U-19-A
BARNUN, Christopher Max, BABY, NEW-J-37-
BARR, Jessie Margaret, death: 5/4/2003, age: 82, NEW-I-26-E
BARR, John H., death: 1/1/1950, NEW-O-22-D
BARR, Susan, death: 1/1/1952, NEW-O-22-E
BARRICK, Rose, Old-2-8-D
BARROW, Austin, death: 4/21/1997, age: 82, NEW-I-35-E
BARROW, Daryl G., death: 6/2/1974, NEW-I-14-B
BARROW, Ruth Irene, death: 11/16/2013, age: 88, NEW-I-14-A
BARRY, Velete, death: 6/23/1972, NEW-J-13-E
BARSTAD, Anita, death: 9/16/1990, age: 84, NEW-S-83-C
BARSTAD, Dewey Ebylund, death: 7/11/1996, age: 91, NEW-S-83-B
BARTH, Friedrick William, death: 6/3/1941, NEW-P-12-A
BARTH, Lillie M., death: 3/13/1966, NEW-P-12-B
BARTON, Ellis Snow, death: 2/20/1983, NEW-O-59-A
BARTON, Josephine, death: 6/5/1958, NEW-O-59-B
BATES, Bernice M., death: 1/1/1947, NEW-T-26-B
BATES, Chas L., Old-6-39-A
BATES, Elroy Edwin, Old-6-39-E
BATES, Elroy W., death: 9/15/1966, NEW-O-10-B
BATES, Ena B., death: 12/17/1982, age: 80, NEW-I-50-B
BATES, Francis D., Old-6-39-D
BATES, George, Old-7-64-C
BATES, Martha I., Old-6-39-B
BATES, Mary, Old-7-64-D
BATES, Robert L., NEW-O-10-A
BATES, Ruby, NEW-O-10-C
BATTLESON, Marie L., death: 4/8/1981, NEW-S-56-A-2
BATTLESON, Phyllis A., death: 3/29/2008, age: 79, NEW-S-56-B
BATTON, Florence Anna, death: 10/16/1999, age: 79, NEW-S-77-D
BATTON, Lowell R., death: 3/21/2016, age: 78, NEW-S-77-C
BATY, Gerald A., NEW-I-37-
BATY, Gertrude Anna Louise, death: 11/6/2003, age: 92, NEW-I-36-A
BAUER, Arthur, NEW-N-41-C
BAUER, Bessie, Old-5-67-D
BAUER, Donald C., death: 12/20/1959, Old-5-67-A
BAUER, Henry G., death: 12/10/1960, NEW-X-26-E
BAUER, Hugo H., death: 7/24/1976, NEW-I-58-E
BAUER, John, death: 2/1/1954, age: 80, NEW-O-24-A
BAUER, John, NEW-U-27-D
BAUER, Kathrine, NEW-U-27-E
BAUER, Lydia, death: 7/21/1957, NEW-O-24-B
BAUER, Verna L., death: 7/1/1955, NEW-O-37-A
BAUER, William I., Old-5-67-E
BAUMGARDNER, Alois, death: 1/1/1951, Old-4-26-E
BAUMGARTNER, Clyde, death: 6/27/1973, NEW-W-37-D
BAUMGARTNER, Frances, death: 10/7/1974, NEW-W-37-E
BAUMGARTNER, Kenneth N., death: 3/21/1964, NEW-W-36-A
BAUMGARTNER, Minnie K., death: 1/1/1955, Old-4-26-F
BAVLNKA, Earl, death: 9/18/2017, age: 92, Maus-Row9-Single-CryptAW
BAYER, Claud Phillip, death: 9/11/1992, age: 69, NEW-H-13-63
BAYER, Doris Elizabeth, death: 9/21/2001, age: 74, NEW-H-13-57
BAYER, Frieda, death: 12/8/1961, NEW-N-28-A
BAYER, Lafayette, death: 8/23/1959, NEW-N-45-E
BEACH, Marie H., death: 2/1/1962, NEW-S-18-A
BEACH, Robert N., death: 1/1/1943, NEW-Y-41-A
BEAGLE, Leoti, Old-7-64-A
BEALL, Fred, death: 6/6/1963, NEW-K-18-B
BEALL, Lula, NEW-K-18-A
BEAM, Ethel Mary, death: 11/6/1977, NEW-M-38-B
BEAM, Guy, death: 8/28/1973, age: 72, NEW-M-38-A
BEAN, Catherine Sarah, death: 2/20/2017, age: 95, NEW-N-11-D
BEARD, Helen May, death: 8/3/2012, age: 99, NEW-M-47-C
BEARD, Orville M., death: 6/2/1984, NEW-M-47-B
BEAUCHAMP, Darrell, death: 5/28/1977, NEW-I-31-C
BEAVER, Kevin, death: 2/9/1981, NEW-M-24-C
BEAVER, Larry, death: 2/9/1981, NEW-M-24-C-2
BECHTOLD, Ellen Yvonne, death: 4/26/2010, age: 82, NEW-H-63-E
BECK, Agnes L., death: 1/1/1942, NEW-Y-57-B
BECK, Dollie F., death: 6/24/2007, age: 85, NEW-Y-57-D
BECK, Howard Kent, death: 2/16/1973, NEW-R-60-A
BECK, John William, death: 12/25/2002, age: 87, NEW-Y-57-C
BECK, John Wilson, death: 2/1/2008, age: 88, NEW-E-26-E
BECK, Louise M., death: 10/16/1995, age: 77, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheR
BECK, Marjorie, death: 7/29/1984, NEW-S-33-B
BECK, Melvin James, death: 3/23/2017, age: 70, New-E-18-C
BECK, Neland Edgar, death: 6/24/2004, age: 90, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheQ
BECK, Samuel L., death: 1/1/1946, NEW-Y-57-A
BECK, Violet P., death: 11/24/1991, age: 84, Old-5-56-A
BECK, Walter A., death: 10/11/1964, NEW-S-33-A
BECKETTE, Celeste, death: 3/23/1960, NEW-S-24-C
BECKETTE, Clara, death: 2/5/1983, NEW-S-24-E
BECKETTE, Glenn, death: 1/15/1988, age: 85, NEW-S-24-B
BECKETTE, James Erle, death: 1/9/1990, age: 92, NEW-S-24-D
BECKWITH, Kevin Bruce, death: 9/27/1999, age: 32, NEW-H-37-D
BEDWELL, Dennis, death: 7/2/1994, age: 43, NEW-T-47-B
BEEMAN, Marjorie Delene, death: 12/22/1997, age: 58, Maus-Row3-ColD-NicheE
BEER, Albert N., death: 5/1/1958, NEW-K-32-C
BEER, Earl, death: 7/13/1995, age: 87, NEW-M-13-B
BEER, Etta Elizabeth, death: 12/31/2006, age: 94, NEW-M-13-C
BEESON, David W., death: 12/1/1973, NEW-I-3-A
BEESON, Eileen Ocie, death: 1/4/2016, age: 97, NEW-I-3-B
BEHNKE, Byron, death: 5/7/2001, age: 87, NEW-H-12-18
BEHNKE, Wanda, death: 3/16/1986, NEW-H-12-17
BEISER, Harold Thurman, death: 3/23/1979, NEW-R-59-C
BEISER, Robert A., death: 9/6/1974, NEW-R-59-A
BEISER, Robert James, death: 11/10/2009, age: 39, Maus-Row2-ColC-NicheA
BEISER, Zella L., death: 2/18/1978, NEW-R-59-B
BELGLER, Roderic B., death: 3/28/1966, NEW-W-53-A
BELK, David, death: 9/10/1978, NEW-U-18-D SE 1/4-2
BELKNAP, Almeda E., NEW-X-50-B
BELKNAP, Edward C., death: 1/24/1957, NEW-X-50-A
BELL, Chester R., death: 12/19/1984, NEW-J-32-A
BELL, Gunda M., death: 12/9/1983, NEW-K-32-D
BELL, Helen C. (Haas), death: 5/13/1993, age: 82, NEW-J-46-D
BELL, Robert Clayton, death: 6/18/2007, age: 83, NEW-J-75-C
BELLAMY, Elsa Zacher, death: 3/10/1997, age: 82, NEW-O-60-D
BELLAMY, Giles Worth, death: 3/25/2000, age: 83, NEW-O-60-C
BELLAMY, Glena, death: 11/27/1986, age: 92, NEW-P-5-E
BEMIS, Celeste, death: 1/1/1989, age: 11 MONTHS, NEW-U-9-E SW 1/2
BENNETT, Anna E., NEW-K-32-B
BENNETT, Anne T., death: 5/23/1979, Old-7-16-E
BENNETT, Etta, death: 6/4/1993, age: 97, NEW-J-27-B
BENNETT, Eugene N., Old-7-16-D
BENNETT, Harry, death: 5/14/1962, NEW-N-33-C
BENNETT, Hiram C., death: 12/15/1969, NEW-J-27-A
BENNETT, Naomi Ruth, death: 4/28/2017, age: 88, NEW-E-22-B
BENNETT, William Lane, death: 12/17/2009, age: 83, NEW-E-22-A
BENSON, Lorraine Juliette, death: 5/7/2014, age: 86, Maus-Row5-ColC-NicheA
BENSON, Stanley Gordon, death: 4/27/2006, age: 82, Maus-Row5-ColC-NicheB
BENTON, Andrea Lee, death: 1/1/1977, age: 13, NEW-M-35-E
BENTON, Patrica Ann, death: 1/11/1991, age: 53, NEW-M-20-A
BERG, Albert E., death: 3/14/1977, NEW-I-30-C
BERG, Albert H., death: 3/21/1957, NEW-S-48-C
BERG, Anna Mae, death: 3/4/2003, age: 94, NEW-T-59-E
BERG, Bernard, death: 3/18/1975, Old-7-70-C
BERG, Emma C., death: 5/10/1958, Old-7-70-D
BERG, Estella E., death: 9/27/1963, NEW-X-32-E
BERG, Gena, Old-7-70-B
BERG, George, death: 4/4/1990, NEW-M-15-A
BERG, Johanna, death: 6/19/1982, NEW-M-15-B
BERG, Mary C., NEW-S-48-D
BERG, Ole W., Old-5-22-B
BERG, Samuel, Old-7-70-A
BERG, Susie, Old-5-22-C
BERG, Vena Pearl, death: 3/24/1998, age: 91, NEW-I-30-D
BERGMEIR, (Baby), NEW-K-11-A S 1/2
BERHANDT, Mary, Old-2-12-C OR D
BERHENDT, Julius, Old-2-12-C
BERNDT, Verna, death: 1/31/1982, NEW-M-2-E
BERNEY, Arlie, death: 1/9/1990, age: 85, NEW-J-83-D
BERNEY, Hilda Catherine, death: 6/29/2016, age: 89, NEW-E-37-C
BERNEY, Lovell C., death: 6/11/1984, NEW-J-83-C
BERNEY, Robert Charles, death: 9/8/2008, age: 87, NEW-E-37-B
BERNKLAU, Gertrude E., death: 7/6/1988, age: 73, NEW-M-31-E
BERNKLAU, Walter L., death: 3/11/1986, NEW-M-31-D
BERNSTETTER, Darron, death: 2/18/1975, NEW-U-9-B S 1/2
BERNSTETTER, Frank, death: 11/16/1987, age: 86, NEW-N-50-B
BERNSTETTER, Mary Ethel, death: 3/4/1992, age: 82, NEW-N-50-B-2
BERTHOLD, Brunoe, Old-8-51-A
BERTHOLD, Clara C., Old-8-51-C
BERTHOLD, Earl Frederick, death: 12/7/2009, age: 83, NEW-I-10-C
BERTHOLD, Elenora, death: 6/23/1984, NEW-I-11-E
BERTHOLD, Otto F., death: 11/1/1974, NEW-I-11-D
BERTHOLD, Robert W., Old-8-51-B
BERTRAM, Lydia, NEW-W-13-D
BERTRAM, William, death: 5/12/1964, NEW-W-13-C
BESHORE, Georgia, death: 10/3/1994, age: 84, NEW-T-36-D
BESHORE, Paul L., death: 10/3/1994, age: 90, NEW-T-36-C
BESSEY, Goldie, death: 9/28/1970, NEW-S-10-E
BESSEY, Ray E., death: 7/30/1962, NEW-S-10-D
BETCHER, Clarence W., death: 11/6/1980, NEW-J-15-E
BETHKE, Carl A., death: 3/25/1970, NEW-N-4-D
BETHKE, Mary J., death: 2/20/1964, NEW-N-4-E
BEUGLI, Christian William, death: 6/13/1960, Old-7-50-C
BEUGLI, Jessie A., death: 5/17/1963, Old-7-50-D
BEUGLI, John D., Old-7-50-A
BEUGLI, Robert A., Old-7-50-B
BEVIER, Janie Elizabeth, death: 10/30/1978, NEW-W-50-B
BEVIER, Linda Joyce, death: 8/11/1967, NEW-W-50-C
BEVIER, Orlin Ran, death: 10/30/1978, NEW-W-50-A
BIDDLE, Robert Glen, death: 5/16/2003, age: 54, NEW-H-4-E
BIDNEY, Catherine, death: 10/27/1989, age: 86, NEW-I-53-B
BIDNEY, Homer O., death: 9/15/1977, NEW-I-16-C
BIDNEY, Lucille, death: 7/20/2006, age: 81, NEW-I-16-D
BIDNEY, Royal, death: 3/20/1972, NEW-I-53-A
BIGEJ, Barbara, NEW-U-25-E
BIGEJ, Basil, NEW-U-25-D
BIGEJ, Carl, death: 1/1/1956, NEW-N-28-D
BIGEJ, Carl F., death: 7/1/1960, NEW-N-26-A
BIGEJ, Carl R., death: 11/10/1997, age: 82, NEW-N-26-C
BIGEJ, Carrie Emma, death: 8/21/1995, age: 80, NEW-N-26-B
BIGEJ, Frances R., death: 6/12/1990, NEW-J-9-A
BIGEJ, Rudolph, death: 3/31/1978, NEW-J-16-E
BIGEJ, Valerie, death: 7/25/1989, age: 93, NEW-N-28-E
BIGGS, John, Old-1-22-A
BIGHAM, Harold Park, death: 9/7/1987, age: 77, NEW-R-58-E
BIGHAM, Harold Paul, death: 6/16/1974, NEW-R-47-B
BIGHAM, Mary Margaret, death: 12/26/2010, age: 75, NEW-R-47-C
BIGHAM, Wynona, death: 2/7/1988, age: 77, NEW-R-47-A
BIGNEY, Kathleen May, death: 9/15/2006, age: 81, NEW-F WEST-75-B
BIRD, Anna E., Old-2-5-E
BIRD, Floyd, Old-2-2-C
BIRD, O. E., Old-2-8-H
BIRTCHER, Nic, death: 2/16/2011, age: 28, NEW-E-35-A
BISSELL, Alfred, Old-4-37-F
BISSELL, J. H., Old-4-37-H
BISSELL, Nancy C., Old-4-37-G
BISSELL, William E., Old-4-37-D
BITTINGER, Nellie Evelyn, death: 3/5/2017, age: 93, Maus-Row7-ColD-NicheK
BITTINGER, William Harrison, death: 3/29/1996, age: 74, Maus-Row7-ColD-NicheL
BIVENS, Douglas, death: 3/18/1982, NEW-M-3-E
BIVENS, James Douglas, death: 10/29/2012, age: 73, Maus-Row1-Tandem-CryptD
BIVENS, Norma Jean, death: 7/23/2012, age: 70, Maus-Row1-Tandem-CryptD-2
BIVERT, Mary N., NEW-K-19-
BIXEL, Christine Mae, death: 3/24/2001, age: 73, NEW-J-72-B
BIXEL, June L., death: 2/16/1981, NEW-J-75-A
BIXEL, Marion Sr., death: 8/17/1992, age: 83, NEW-J-72-A
BLACK, Emma, death: 7/18/1967, NEW-J-11-A
BLACKMAN, Edward D., Old-7-20-C
BLACKWELL, Mary Elizabeth, death: 3/3/1996, age: 81, NEW-H-13-85
BLADORN, Herbert W., death: 3/21/1940, age: 36, NEW-U-5-C
BLADORN, Mahtilde, death: 10/29/1966, NEW-U-5-D
BLADORN, William A., NEW-U-5-E
BLAIR, David Denton, death: 10/7/2006, age: 67, NEW-F WEST-86-C
BLAIR, Peggy Ann, death: 1/1/1950, age: 1, NEW-O-12-C
BLAIR, Peggy Ann, death: 3/1/1958, NEW-T-12-C
BLAKE, Ella May, death: 4/1/1954, NEW-K-20-D
BLAKE, Elmer, death: 11/26/1974, NEW-I-5-D
BLAKE, Mirian, death: 4/24/1985, NEW-I-5-E
BLANCHARD, Arthur W., death: 9/11/1962, NEW-X-51-D
BLANCHARD, Baby, (BABY), Old-4-30-E
BLANCHARD, Catherine, death: 8/12/1984, NEW-X-67-A
BLANCHARD, Charlotte, death: 6/12/1980, NEW-X-51-E
BLANCHARD, Dorothea, death: 11/3/1989, age: 81, NEW-W-20-D
BLANCHARD, Elizabeth Eileen, death: 12/25/2002, age: 79, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheT
BLANCHARD, George W., Old-5-46-C
BLANCHARD, Harley R., death: 7/30/1995, age: 84, NEW-X-51-B
BLANCHARD, Helen Lavina, death: 8/7/1990, age: 80, NEW-X-51-C
BLANCHARD, Jane, Old-5-46-B
BLANCHARD, Rodney James, death: 11/11/2005, age: 87, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheU
BLANCHARD, Thomas, Old-5-46-A
BLANCHARD, William, death: 7/13/1969, NEW-W-20-C
BLASKE, Albert B., Old-2-26-A
BLECHA, Frank, death: 7/20/1992, age: 88, NEW-W-47-E
BLECHA, Rosalie M., death: 1/23/1992, age: 87, NEW-W-26-A
BLETHEN, Thomas A., death: 1/31/1978, NEW-I-18-C
BLEVINS, Helen E., Old-5-28-E
BLIVEN, Bertha, death: 1/20/1990, age: 106, NEW-X-39-D
BLIVEN, Loranzo E., NEW-X-39-C
BLIVEN, Vera Irene, death: 12/7/2010, age: 90, NEW-X-39-E
BLOCK, Henery H., death: 11/19/1980, NEW-J-14-E
BLOOMFELT, Delores Ann, death: 10/13/1968, NEW-J-18-C
BOATRIGHT, Delores Delwyn, death: 4/4/2012, age: 84, NEW-T-75-D
BOATRIGHT, Winford Newton, death: 8/15/2009, age: 80, NEW-T-75-C
BOE, Arndt, death: 1/1/1948, NEW-T-18-D
BOE, Clarence Oscar, death: 12/13/2009, age: 97, Maus-Row3-Tandem-CryptC
BOE, Helena Cecilia, death: 10/21/2007, age: 94, Maus-Row3-Tandem-CryptC-2
BOE, Mary, death: 9/26/1972, NEW-T-18-E
BOECHE, Agnes E., death: 5/4/1974, NEW-J-8-D
BOECHE, Carl J., death: 1/1/1946, NEW-T-52-D
BOECHE, Emilie K., death: 1/29/1962, NEW-T-52-E
BOECHE, Erich, death: 8/9/1988, age: 88, NEW-J-8-C
BOECKEL, Trace, death: 6/15/2007, age: 3, NEW-U-18-E NW1/4
BOECKMAN, Laura Lynn, death: 4/5/1978, NEW-U-18-D NE 1/4-2
BOELGER, Catherine, Old-8-44-C
BOGARDUS, Alfred Melvin, death: 8/26/1966, NEW-K-28-D
BOGARDUS, Christle Marie, death: 11/24/1990, age: 95, NEW-K-28-E
BOGUE, Jesse Abraham, death: 3/29/2007, age: 18, NEW-F WEST-111-A
BOLEY, Brian D., death: 9/14/1990, age: 20, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheH
BOND, Fern, death: 4/5/1986, age: 91, NEW-J-33-E
BOND, Perry Jr., death: 7/7/1967, NEW-J-33-D
BONNER, Iva Marie, death: 8/2/2015, age: 86, NEW-I-80-B
BONNER, Leon Shields, death: 5/19/1994, age: 66, NEW-I-80-A
BOONE, Danelle Marie, death: 6/3/2013, age: 66, Maus-Row7-ColD-NicheO
BOOTON, Ellen Beatrice, death: 5/16/1973, NEW-J-47-A
BOOTON, Roy F., death: 9/6/1968, NEW-J-50-E
BOSTON, Rhoda Evelyn, death: 3/12/2000, age: 87, NEW-O-49-E
BOSTROM, John A., death: 1/10/1963, NEW-T-3-C
BOWE, John Milton, death: 8/5/2004, age: 72, NEW-J-81-C
BOWE, Roberta Chair, death: 2/14/1991, age: 63, NEW-J-81-D
BOWER, Lawrence E., (BABY), Old-2-7-D SE1/4
BOWER, Patricia Ann, death: 9/23/1965, (BABY BOY), Old-2-7-D NE 1/4
BOWER, Patricia Ann, (BABY), Old-2-7-D NE1/4
BOWERS, Anthony Charles, death: 8/1/2015, age: 54, Old-7-36-A
BOWERS, Don L., death: 3/22/1979, NEW-R-52-A
BOWERS, Iola Belle, death: 7/22/2006, age: 92, NEW-R-52-B
BOWERS, L. E., Old-7-62-B
BOWERS, Lloyd, death: 3/4/1966, Old-7-62-E
BOWERS, Martha L., Old-7-62-C
BOWERS, Vida, death: 1/27/1961, Old-7-62-D
BOWLSBY, Earl, Old-7-41-D-2
BOWLSBY, Harriet B., Old-7-41-D
BOWMAN, Chas. E., death: 1/1/1949, NEW-Y-3-A
BOWMAN, Frank, death: 3/17/1980, NEW-N-25-E
BOWMAN, Josephine, Old-2-30-B
BOWMAN, Judith Marie, death: 11/28/2002, age: 57, NEW-H-10-E
BOWMAN, Martha, death: 1/1/1946, NEW-Y-3-B
BOWSER, Anna Louise, death: 8/27/1990, age: 77, NEW-S-68-B
BOYD, Alvin Clifford, death: 10/9/2006, age: 80, NEW-O-63-D
BOYD, Barbara Ann, death: 6/10/2010, age: 79, NEW-O-63-C
BOYER, Debra Ann, death: 9/27/1998, age: 39, NEW-J-76-D
BOYLE, Fred Graham, death: 3/14/2000, age: 84, Maus-Row5-ColD-NicheM
BRAATEN, Amelia W., death: 7/17/1985, NEW-W-60-B
BRAATEN, Selmer L., death: 3/19/1964, NEW-W-60-A
BRACKETT, Helen L, death: 7/20/2005, age: 97, NEW-R-18-B
BRACKETT, William H., death: 10/6/1984, NEW-R-18-A
BRADBURY, David, death: 12/4/1978, NEW-R-50-B
BRADBURY, Gladys, death: 9/26/1990, age: 72, NEW-R-50-A
BRADFORD, Cyrus, Old-5-6-E
BRADFORD, John L., death: 12/30/1963, Old-5-6-C
BRADFORD, Minnie, death: 10/22/1941, Old-5-6-D
BRADFORD, Zane Taylor, death: 2/23/2013, age: 23, Maus-Row7-ColB-NicheK
BRADSHAW, Elam David, Old-1-10-A
BRAKER, John T., death: 2/14/1957, NEW-X-35-E
BRAKER, Nellie, death: 5/12/1994, age: 98, NEW-X-9-A
BRAKER, Richard, death: 2/4/1960, NEW-X-16-E
BRAMAN, Lottie, death: 1/14/1973, NEW-R-64-B
BRAMAN, William, NEW-R-64-A
BRAND, William L., death: 3/26/1966, NEW-W-31-A
BRANDS, James Patrick, death: 6/20/2014, age: 61, NEW-E-6-D
BRANHAM, Celia Naomi, death: 5/14/1959, NEW-O-11-B
BRANHAM, George H., death: 12/9/1966, NEW-O-11-A
BRANSTRUDER, Mabel F., death: 7/26/1961, NEW-N-35-A
BRAWNER, Dennis M., death: 11/9/1994, age: 43, Maus-Row3-ColD-NicheG
BRAWNER, Harold U., death: 4/5/1992, age: 84, NEW-S-28-B
BRAWNER, Hazel C., death: 11/5/1988, age: 79, NEW-S-28-A
BRAWNER, Laura, NEW-S-28-E
BRAWNER, Marjorie Frances, death: 9/18/2001, age: 72, Maus-Row3-ColD-NicheH
BRAWNER, Marvin Murrel, death: 12/8/2002, age: 75, Maus-Row3-ColD-NicheF
BRAWNER, Murrel, death: 6/28/1980, NEW-S-28-D
BRAWNER, Sadie Sarah J., NEW-S-28-C
BREBNER, Karen Rose, death: 8/1/1990, age: 53, NEW-T-70-A
BREITENBACK, Ella A., Old-1-18-1/2 OF C
BREMER, Carl F., death: 9/28/1958, Old-5-42-E
BREMER, Emma Pauline, death: 12/1/1981, Old-5-42-D
BRENNER, Daniel G., Old-6-27-E
BRENNER, Freda, Old-6-27-D
BRENNER, George, death: 10/17/1965, NEW-U-26-B
BRIDGE, Hannah C., Old-6-64-D
BRIDGE, Lauretta, Old-6-64-A
BRIDGE, William, Old-6-64-C
BRIDGES, Lillian A., death: 6/7/1964, Old-1-19-D
BRIGGS, Frank H., death: 10/4/1958, Old-5-40-A
BRIGGS, Joe, Old-5-40-D
BRIGGS, Joseph G., Old-5-40-B
BRIGGS, Mary, Old-5-40-C
BRILEY, Betty Jane, death: 6/2/1995, age: 61, NEW-R-4-C-2
BRILEY, Pat (Max) Waid, death: 3/16/2011, age: 77, NEW-R-4-C
BRINKMAN, Timothy Carl, death: 11/8/1977, NEW-R-15-E
BRITTS, Robert P., Old-5-60-A
BROCKART, Geo., death: 1/6/1949, NEW-Y-26-A
BROCKART, Lillian M., death: 4/24/1966, NEW-Y-26-B
BROG, Caspar, death: 12/1/1956, NEW-T-16-A
BROG, Lina A., death: 8/7/1963, NEW-T-16-B
BRONESKE, Joseph Wesley, death: 2/15/2014, age: 95, NEW-M-4-B
BRONESKE, Lois Rebecca Ann, death: 1/29/1997, age: 78, NEW-M-4-C
BRONN, Clayton A., death: 5/1/1982, NEW-J-83-A
BRONN, Frances Ellen, death: 5/7/2015, age: 97, NEW-J-83-B
BRONSON, Harry, NEW-K-18-
BROOKS, Floyd L, death: 5/12/2001, age: 76, Maus-Row8-Single-CryptE
BROOKS, Minnie Mildred, death: 8/18/1996, age: 70, Maus-Row9-ColB-NicheN
BROOKS, Nancy Carol, death: 1/3/2003, age: 46, NEW-H-69-E
BROOKSHIRE, Joy Joanne, death: 8/14/2001, age: 65, NEW-S-72-B
BROWN, A. D., NEW-S-14-B
BROWN, Barbara Ann, death: 5/14/2012, age: 83, NEW-E-21-E
BROWN, Beatrice, NEW-U-29-D
BROWN, Benjamin B., death: 1/28/1997, age: 80, NEW-T-81-A
BROWN, Bernadine Elaine, death: 4/30/2007, age: 78, NEW-O-64-D
BROWN, Bernyce Margaret, death: 5/20/2004, age: 83, Maus-Row6-Single-CryptAW-2
BROWN, Bertha B., NEW-N-39-C
BROWN, Beryl Jean, death: 6/19/2002, age: 89, Old-8-58-A CREMAINS
BROWN, Blanche, Old-8-57-B
BROWN, Burton T., Old-6-53-B
BROWN, Christine, death: 1/8/1988, age: 89, NEW-W-4-E
BROWN, Clara, death: 3/11/1962, NEW-U-34-B
BROWN, Clark W., NEW-K-34-A
BROWN, Clifford W., Old-6-53-C
BROWN, Dorothy T., death: 8/18/2000, age: 82, NEW-J-66-D
BROWN, Dr. Ellis C., Old-1-36-F
BROWN, E. C., Old-6-53-E
BROWN, Eleanor I., death: 6/29/1993, age: 89, NEW-U-39-E
BROWN, Ellis E., NEW-W-4-D
BROWN, Ethel Beckett, death: 5/3/1956, NEW-S-24-A
BROWN, Francis Herbert, death: 11/7/1968, NEW-J-49-E
BROWN, Gary Clarence, death: 1/24/2008, age: 62, NEW-J-24-B
BROWN, Gaylord Mitchell, death: 1/25/1991, age: 33, Old-8-57-D
BROWN, Genevieve L., death: 9/8/1999, age: 80, NEW-J-7-C
BROWN, George H., Old-8-58-B
BROWN, Gilbert D., death: 1/1/1943, NEW-Y-56-A
BROWN, Hannah, Old-1-36-A
BROWN, Harry, NEW-U-34-A
BROWN, Harvey D., death: 1/1/1953, NEW-T-40-E
BROWN, Hattie Wiley, Old-6-53-D
BROWN, Ira W, death: 12/9/1994, age: 88, Old-8-58-A CREMAINS-2
BROWN, J. T., Old-2-11-C
BROWN, James L., death: 12/26/1970, NEW-J-10-A
BROWN, John J. Dr., death: 7/14/1993, age: 77, Maus-Row6-Single-CryptAW
BROWN, Kenneth J., death: 11/10/1986, NEW-N-39-B
BROWN, Lela Belle, NEW-S-62-A
BROWN, Leland Ralph, death: 5/7/2016, age: 94, NEW-E-21-D
BROWN, Lester E., death: 1/31/1968, NEW-J-7-D
BROWN, Lois L., death: 4/6/1996, age: 73, NEW-T-81-B
BROWN, Lova Sarah, death: 7/3/1991, age: 75, NEW-S-14-C
BROWN, Luanna, death: 5/20/1953, NEW-O-20-E
BROWN, Margaret, Old-8-58-D-2
BROWN, Mary E., Old-1-36-D
BROWN, Maude M., death: 12/19/1959, NEW-T-40-D
BROWN, Minnie, death: 10/3/1966, NEW-N-21-E
BROWN, Nina, death: 11/22/2007, age: 93, NEW-J-48-A
BROWN, Paul R., death: 7/20/1993, age: 83, NEW-J-66-E
BROWN, Ralph, death: 5/20/1953, NEW-O-20-D
BROWN, Regina Cannam, NEW-N-39-A
BROWN, Robert H., death: 1/1/1945, NEW-T-40-C
BROWN, Robert J., Old-1-36-E
BROWN, Samuel, Old-1-36-B
BROWN, Samuel A., Old-1-36-C
BROWN, Sarah, Old-2-11-B
BROWN, Venita, Old-6-50-C
BROWN, Waldo, Old-8-57-A
BROWN, Wallace M, death: 7/17/1977, Old-8-57-C
BROWN, William, Old-1-36-G
BROWNLEE, Mary, death: 1/14/1995, age: 85, NEW-M-18-E
BRUCKNER, Sandra, death: 12/19/1980, NEW-R-33-D
BRUSCH, Anna K., death: 12/25/1994, age: 107, NEW-X-14-D
BRUSCH, Ella, Old-2-19-D
BRUSCH, Frank P., death: 12/31/1957, NEW-X-14-C
BRUSCH, Franz H., Old-4-17-B
BRUSCH, Henry, Old-2-19-E
BRUSCH, Mary, Old-4-17-D
BRUSCH, William M., Old-4-17-H
BRUSH, Henry, Old-1-18-A
BRYAN, Mary E., death: 7/26/1982, NEW-M-4-E
BRYANT, Fred E., death: 2/17/1968, NEW-J-51-D
BRYANT, Irvin, death: 1/13/1985, NEW-J-65-A
BRYANT, Lilly B., death: 2/24/1974, NEW-J-51-E
BUCK, Bernice, death: 8/31/1982, NEW-M-26-A
BUDD, E. J., Old-7-41-E
BUHMAN, Harold W., death: 12/6/1962, NEW-S-6-A
BUMGARDNER, Ada P., death: 1/1/1945, NEW-Y-30-A
BUMGARTNER, Jeffrey Bryan (Baby), death: 1/30/1961, age: 5 MONTHS, NEW-K-12-E NE 1/4
BUNKE, Henry A., Old-3-9-C
BUNKE, John F., Old-3-9-B
BUNKE, Margueritte Joann, death: 1/14/2016, age: 87, Old-3-9-E
BUNKE, Sophia, Old-3-9-A
BUNKE, William C., Old-3-9-D
BUNNELL, Dylan Lloyd, death: 3/7/2015, age: 17, New-F East-48-A
BURDEN, Dovie, death: 1/30/1994, age: 101, NEW-R-12-E
BURDEN, Joe, death: 4/22/1976, NEW-R-12-D
BURDETT, Sarah Alice, death: 1/25/1947, NEW-U-4-E
BURGE, George, death: 7/22/1982, NEW-S-54-A
BURGE, Lydia M., NEW-S-54-B
BURGESS, Cleo. F., death: 5/13/1956, NEW-T-9-A
BURGESS, Clifford C., death: 5/22/1961, NEW-S-12-B
BURGESS, Helen (Long), death: 7/2/1963, NEW-S-18-C
BURGESS, Josephine, death: 12/20/1960, NEW-S-12-C
BURGESS, Prudence, NEW-K-15-A
BURGHARDT, Donald A., death: 10/9/1967, NEW-S-49-C
BURK, Sherrine Joy, death: 2/28/2007, age: 72, Maus-Row1-ColD-NicheB
BURKE, Glenn E., death: 4/29/1981, NEW-N-45-A
BURKE, Sarah O., death: 1/1/1955, NEW-N-45-B
BURLEY, Ada C., death: 11/30/1960, NEW-X-7-D
BURLEY, Cecil Andrew, death: 12/11/1997, age: 82, NEW-X-64-C
BURLEY, Elsie Frieda, death: 5/27/2016, age: 96, NEW-X-64-D
BURLEY, Lester, death: 7/19/1970, NEW-X-7-C
BURLEY, Lonnie Lynn, death: 12/6/1996, age: 24, NEW-X-67-C
BURLEY, Nelson Floyd, death: 12/2/2005, age: 70, NEW-X-68-C
BURLEY, Oliver Virgel, death: 12/8/1994, age: 68, NEW-X-66-C
BURLEY, Robert Allison, death: 1/16/2007, age: 75, NEW-X-67-D
BURLINGAME, Sherlin Faye, death: 4/16/2012, age: 55, Maus-Row12-ColC-NicheA
BURLINGAME, Vaughn Ardell, death: 7/2/2011, age: 53, Maus-Row12-ColC-NicheB
BURLINGAME, Wilma Ruth, death: 2/26/2007, age: 80, Maus-Row11-Single-CryptF
BURNETT, Milton, NEW-O-15-D
BURNS, Alfred Eugene, death: 2/28/2000, age: 86, NEW-J-30-A
BURNS, Gladys Margaret, death: 4/14/1998, age: 86, NEW-J-30-B
BURNS, John, Old-6-3-A
BURNS, Laura, Old-6-25-B
BURNS, Louis Perry, Old-6-25-A
BURNS, Lowell, Old-6-25-E
BURNS, Marie B., death: 4/7/1985, NEW-N-62-B
BURNS, Martha Jane, Old-6-3-B
BURNS, Nancy J., Old-1-34-A
BURNS, Oliver, death: 3/13/1989, age: 81, NEW-N-62-A
BURNS, Pearl, NEW-U-22-B
BURNS, Shirley Ann, Old-6-25-D
BURNS, William, NEW-U-22-A
BURNUM, W. H., death: 10/2/2015, age: 85, NEW-H-12-42
BURRELL, Ida A., death: 3/3/1968, NEW-J-6-C
BURTIS, Arthur, death: 2/12/1968, NEW-J-44-C
BUSCH, Martha, NEW-R-56-A
BUSHMAN, Harold, death: 1/22/1990, age: 76, NEW-T-8-C
BUSHMAN, Ida, death: 4/24/1980, NEW-T-8-E
BUSHMAN, John, death: 8/15/1964, NEW-T-8-D
BUSS, Carole Eileen, death: 7/23/2011, age: 75, Old-7-38-E
BUSS, Emma, death: 3/1/1969, Old-7-38-C
BUSS, Ester, Old-7-38-A
BUSS, Louis, death: 11/11/1967, Old-7-38-B
BUSS, Louise Edward, death: 10/3/1999, age: 68, Old-7-38-D
BUSSARD, Christina Lillian, death: 1/3/2008, age: 96, NEW-M-19-A
BUTLER, Robert E., death: 3/7/2017, age: 91, New-S-79-D
BUTLER, Shirley A.M., death: 7/29/2005, age: 65, Maus-Row3-ColB-NicheC
BYRNES, Janie, death: 6/30/1988, age: 95, Old-6-60-C
BYRNES, Terrance, death: 9/29/1972, age: 86, Old-6-60-C-2
CACSADY?, Rebecca, Old-3-21-D
CAIN, Geraldine Lucille, age: 86, NEW-T-41-D
CAIN, Robert Franklin, death: 6/1/2005, age: 81, NEW-T-41-C-2
CAIN, Robert Glenn, death: 9/8/1999, age: 47, NEW-T-41-C
CALLAHAN, Lawrence Francis, death: 9/23/2007, age: 57, NEW-E-40-D
CAMERON, Clyde J., Old-8-38-A
CAMERON, Dolores J., death: 1/1/1949, NEW-T-5-B
CAMERON, Maude, Old-8-38-B
CAMPBELL, Emma Pauline, death: 8/2/2011, age: 100, NEW-I-33-C
CAMPBELL, Ralph W., death: 6/29/1984, NEW-I-33-B
CAMPBELL, Robert E., NEW-K-39-C
CAMPBELL, Roy, Old-8-63-C
CAMPBELL, Roy B., Old-8-63-A
CAMPOS, Carolina Ramirez, death: 10/4/2012, age: 56, NEW-F WEST-102-D
CANBY, Jay, NEW-M-38-D
CANBY, Nellie C., death: 5/24/1989, age: 92, NEW-M-38-E
CANNARD, Carol Ann, death: 6/13/1994, age: 57, NEW-S-75-C
CANNON, Bell, Old-5-50-D
CANNON, Charles M., Old-5-50-C
CANTU, Roberto Manuel Jr., death: 3/24/2003, age: 49, NEW-H-63-C
CANTWELL, Anna Lydia, Old-5-60-B
CANTWELL, William, Old-5-60-C
CARIDAY or CAREDAY, Mary Ann, Old-3-1-A
CARLSON, John A., Old-8-18-C
CAROTHERS, Perry A., death: 5/10/1974, NEW-I-23-D
CARPENTER, Anita Maria, death: 7/4/1973, age: 2 HOURS, NEW-J-37-A NW 1/4
CARPENTER, George Calvin, death: 12/12/2004, age: 77, Maus-Row2-ColD-NicheE
CARPENTER, Jack G, death: 1/13/2003, age: 55, NEW-E-27-E
CARR, Azalia, death: 5/13/1984, NEW-J-34-A
CARR, Charles Edward Jr., death: 11/1/2005, age: 64, Old-8-14-A
CARR, George Winfield, death: 3/29/2006, age: 83, NEW-O-35-C-2
CARR, Henery W., death: 8/16/1966, NEW-J-39-E
CARR, Herman John, death: 7/4/1986, age: 42, Old-8-14-D
CARR, Janet Lynn, death: 5/6/1967, (BABY), Old-8-14-C
CARR, Judith Marie, death: 12/23/2012, age: 66, NEW-F WEST-104-E
CARR, Lela Belle, death: 7/28/2000, age: 84, NEW-O-35-C
CARRIGG, Eileen E., death: 3/14/2005, age: 78, Maus-Row9-Single-CryptC
CARRIGG, John Edward, Maus-Row9-Single-CryptC-2
CARRILLO, Maria, death: 9/1/2002, age: 55, NEW-H-6-D
CARROLL, Bessie D., death: 5/2/1953, NEW-O-21-B
CARROLL, Frank M., NEW-O-21-A
CARROLL, Jennie, death: 10/3/1994, age: 89, NEW-O-20-B
CARROLL, Maurice, age: 48, NEW-O-20-A
CARROLL, Virginia M, death: 8/29/2006, age: 79, NEW-O-37-C
CARSON, Louis E., death: 12/10/1973, NEW-I-46-D
CARSON/HOOTS BAUER, Erma L., death: 8/9/1999, age: 91, Maus-Row9-Single-CryptF
CARTER, Arthur W., Old-6-50-A
CARTER, Katherine, NEW-K-34-E
CASAVANT, Francis Xavier, death: 3/1/2005, age: 86, NEW-O-54-E
CASE, Della S., death: 1/1/1951, NEW-T-19-B
CASE, William, death: 11/17/1965, NEW-T-19-A
CASEDAY, Alice E., Old-5-2-C
CASEDAY, Carie A., Old-5-2-B
CASEDAY, Charles, death: 1/14/1959, Old-4-29-F
CASEDAY, Doris, Old-4-29-G
CASEDAY, Edward F., Old-4-29-E
CASEDAY, George, Old-4-29-C
CASEDAY, Ida May, death: 8/31/1970, (ASHES), Old-4-29-G-2
CASEDAY, Mary, Old-4-29-A
CASEDAY, Mary M., Old-8-2-B
CASEDAY, Olive S., death: 3/7/1965, Old-4-29-H
CASEDAY, Robert G., Old-8-2-A
CASEDAY, W. R., Old-4-29-D
CASEDAY, William, Old-4-29-B
CASON, Onis K., death: 9/6/1983, NEW-O-16-D
CASON, William A., death: 1/1/1951, NEW-O-16-E
CASTNER, Cecil, death: 1/24/1980, NEW-X-40-B
CASTNER, Louise Alta ?, NEW-X-40-A
CASTULO, Vincent Alipor, death: 4/25/1998, age: 93, NEW-S-75-D
CATES, Rheba Tower, death: 12/15/2003, age: 88, NEW-H-29-E
CATLIN, Alta Jackson, death: 10/3/1986, age: 67, NEW-I-55-E-2
CATLIN, Kenneth, death: 9/14/1982, NEW-R-1-D
CATTLEY, George, death: 11/11/1983, Old-6-59-A
CATTLEY, Hal R., death: 2/9/1959, NEW-X-11-C
CATTLEY, Ora M., death: 5/6/1966, Old-6-59-B
CAVANAH, Dorothy Rose, death: 5/18/1979, (CREMAINS), Old-5-58-D
CECCORULLI, Christopher Lee, death: 8/23/2000, age: 23, NEW-F WEST-97-A
CELLEY, Charles Kenneth, death: 1/23/2007, age: 74, NEW-X-55-D
CHAIS, Frank, death: 8/20/1983, NEW-O-61-A
CHANCELLOR, Bertie, death: 11/13/1989, age: 81, NEW-S-17-A
CHANCELLOR, Cecil Lee, death: 10/20/1998, age: 75, NEW-M-32-B
CHANCELLOR, Charlie Eugene, death: 12/22/1978, NEW-R-42-B
CHANCELLOR, Donald Lee, death: 1/12/2004, age: 69, NEW-S-17-B
CHANCELLOR, Doris H., death: 5/3/1997, age: 76, NEW-M-32-C
CHANCELLOR, Ruth Clara, death: 3/26/1992, age: 88, NEW-R-42-C
CHANCELLOR, Steven (Infant), death: 9/4/1958, age: 2, NEW-S-17-C
CHANEY, Estella, death: 4/21/1986, age: 82, NEW-I-23-B
CHANEY, Melvin B., death: 6/22/1977, NEW-I-23-A
CHAPIN, Harold, death: 12/24/1982, NEW-R-26-C
CHAPMAN, Donald, death: 9/10/1990, age: 19, NEW-M-11-D
CHAPMAN, Mary Lorree, death: 8/16/1999, age: 90, NEW-H-67-E
CHAPMAN, Norman Jerome, death: 12/20/2007, age: 78, NEW-H-68-E
CHAPMAN, Shirley Jerome, death: 9/14/1997, age: 89, NEW-H-67-D
CHARBONNEAU, Gladys, death: 10/24/1973, NEW-I-3-E
CHARLES, Elizabeth Rosina, death: 2/1/2015, age: 84, NEW-T-66-D
CHARLES, William C., death: 8/19/1984, NEW-T-66-C
CHARPILLOZ, Faith K., death: 7/27/1962, INFANT, NEW-K-11-D NE 1/4
CHASE, Charles Murdock, death: 4/29/1986, age: 97, NEW-X-49-D
CHASE, Donald Dean, death: 1/1/2016, age: 70, New-E-6-A
CHASE, Elsie, death: 1/1/1987, age: 96, NEW-X-49-E
CHASE, Helen, death: 6/27/1995, age: 73, NEW-N-15-C
CHASE, Jacqueline Yvonne, death: 2/20/2002, age: 72, NEW-I-33-E
CHASE, Rollin Laverne, death: 10/25/2014, age: 92, NEW-N-15-B
CHASTEEN, Angel, death: 10/1/2002, age: 0, NEW-U-17-E NW 1/4
CHASTEEN, Robert L, death: 9/26/2003, age: 48, NEW-H-18-B
CHEELD, Olga A., Old-5-22-D
CHILDERS, James Thomas, death: 7/16/1993, age: 37, NEW-T-69-C
CHINN, Annie Mary, Old-8-70-C
CHINN, Florence, death: 10/5/1981, NEW-P-23-E
CHINN, Fred, Old-8-70-E
CHINN, Russell, death: 1/24/1972, age: 47, NEW-P-23-C
CHRISTENSEN, Alfred, death: 10/26/1980, NEW-I-46-B
CHRISTENSEN, Carrie R., death: 10/17/1984, NEW-I-46-C
CHRISTENSEN, Christian, NEW-K-10-A
CHRISTENSEN, Elmer B., death: 10/13/1967, NEW-J-15-B
CHRISTENSEN, Frances Elizabeth, death: 12/22/2003, age: 91, NEW-N-66-B
CHRISTENSEN, Fred, death: 1/19/1969, NEW-N-1-E
CHRISTENSEN, Helen Miller, death: 1/27/2002, age: 99, NEW-J-15-C
CHRISTENSEN, Margaret, death: 5/14/1985, NEW-K-10-B
CHRISTENSEN, Maynard, death: 6/23/1977, NEW-S-15-B
CHRISTENSEN, Niels, death: 9/6/1981, NEW-N-66-A
CHRISTENSEN, Vera E., death: 12/8/1978, NEW-S-15-C
CHRISTIAN, Clayton V., death: 3/16/1990, NEW-Y-21-A
CHRISTIAN, Evelyn, death: 10/12/1994, age: 86, NEW-Y-21-B
CHRISTIAN, Marjorie, death: 8/14/1994, age: 76, NEW-M-55-D
CHRISTIAN, Robert Earl, death: 8/30/2004, age: 73, NEW-E-41-A
CHRISTIANSEN, Albert, Old-2-23-G
CHRISTIANSEN, Alfred, Old-2-23-H
CHRISTIANSEN, Eva Wilhelmina, death: 6/25/1993, age: 77, NEW-W-9-E
CHRISTIANSEN, Hunter K., death: 8/27/1996, age: 2, NEW-S-74-D
CHRISTIANSEN, Norman John, death: 11/18/1974, NEW-W-9-D
CHRISTINSON, John, Old-2-15-A
CHRISTNER, Gale Laverne, death: 1/11/2012, age: 82, NEW-H-68-A
CHRISTNER, Shirley Ann, death: 8/23/2017, age: 85, NEW-H-68-B
CHRISTOPHERSON, Ada, death: 8/20/1993, age: 94, NEW-N-7-D
CHRISTOPHERSON, Ernst, death: 8/12/1963, NEW-N-7-C
CHRONOVSKY, Genevieve, death: 10/18/1984, NEW-J-80-A
CHRONOVSKY, Valdemar, death: 12/14/1982, NEW-J-80-A-2
CHUBB, Archie R., death: 1/1/1951, NEW-T-35-D
CHURCH, Ace R., death: 1/1/1944, NEW-Y-55-B
CHURCH, Ernest B., NEW-R-60-B
CHURCH, Hilda, death: 8/17/1992, age: 84, NEW-R-60-C
CHURCH, Margaret M., death: 1/15/1965, NEW-Y-55-C
CHURCHILL, Grace & Baby, (BABY), Old-7-21-D-2
CHURCHILL, Grace Matilda, death: 3/21/1993, age: 94, Old-7-21-D
CHURCHILL, Lewis F., death: 8/1/1962, Old-7-21-C
CILENTI, Timothy Sean, death: 1/26/1993, age: 23, NEW-U-40-E
CIPPARONE, Kendall Ralph, death: 8/31/2002, age: 43, Maus-Row2-ColD-NicheT
CLACK, Evelyne F., death: 9/30/1919, NEW-W-25-A-2
CLACK, Jeffrie R., death: 10/22/1983, NEW-W-48-E
CLACK, William G., death: 4/3/2012, age: 73, NEW-W-25-A
CLAPP, Donna Mae, death: 6/21/2006, age: 73, NEW-M-23-E
CLAPP, Ramona D., death: 3/20/1985, NEW-M-14-A
CLAPP, Willard Hurley Jr., death: 11/1/2002, age: 83, NEW-H-8-D
CLAPP, William Martin, death: 4/3/1998, age: 77, NEW-M-23-D
CLARK, Arlie B., NEW-M-40-E
CLARK, Bradley Earl, death: 5/27/2011, age: 43, NEW-E-4-E
CLARK, Delbert, death: 4/1/1965, Old-1-15-A
CLARK, Ernest, death: 5/30/1981, NEW-M-25-A
CLARK, Howard, death: 6/18/1957, NEW-U-28-D
CLARK, Illa F., death: 10/7/1980, NEW-M-25-B
CLARK, Isabelle R., Old-6-62-B
CLARK, Mary Vesta, death: 9/16/1960, Old-1-15-B
CLARK, Pearl, death: 6/21/1973, NEW-W-20-E
CLARK, Richard W, death: 8/1/1967, NEW-J-52-C
CLARK, Susie, death: 11/27/1940, NEW-U-28-E
CLARK, Walter C., Old-6-62-A
CLARK, William, (BABY), Old-1-15-D
CLARKSON, David Fisher, death: 3/4/1989, age: 36, NEW-O-50-C
CLAUSEN, Claus C., Old-5-51-D
CLAUSEN, Julia, Old-5-51-E
CLAYTON, Naomi, death: 11/13/1996, age: 76, NEW-J-64-E-2
CLEMENS, Irving H, NEW-R-62-C
CLEMENS, Ruby Elvirra, death: 5/2/2013, age: 96, NEW-R-62-D
CLEMENT, Ester & Lester, (BABIES), Old-2-29-D
CLINTON, Joseph Daniel, death: 5/12/1998, age: 82, NEW-M-4-D
CLINTON, Ruth Constance, death: 11/19/2005, age: 85, NEW-M-4-D-2
CLOUSE, Robert L., death: 4/30/1984, NEW-I-63-E
COATS, William Ronald, death: 11/18/1968, NEW-W-28-A
COBARRUBIAS, Bernardino Avalos, death: 7/23/2016, age: 63, New-H-20-A
COCHRAN, Ray Allen, Old-3-38-A
COE, Francis O., Old-8-12-D
COE, Robert S., Old-8-12-C
COFFMAN, Marion, Old-5-50-E
COLBAUGH, Florence B., death: 3/9/1995, age: 80, Maus-Row3-ColD-NicheL
COLBAUGH, Forrest Wildon, death: 6/19/2006, age: 91, Maus-Row3-ColD-NicheK
COLEMAN, Clifford, death: 2/14/1994, age: 54, Maus-Row4-ColD-NicheM
COLEMAN, Dela, Old-4-42-C
COLEMAN, Donald Neal, death: 2/27/2011, age: 72, NEW-H-30-B
COLEMAN, Glen P., death: 7/21/1965, NEW-J-59-D
COLEMAN, Joseph H., Old-4-20-D
COLEMAN, Neil P., death: 3/12/1966, NEW-J-38-C
COLEMAN, Parke Edward, death: 8/5/1964, Old-8-24-A
COLEMAN, Ronald Lee, death: 10/21/2014, age: 72, MAUS-Row9-ColD-NicheM
COLEMAN, Tamar, death: 11/30/1964, INFANT 6 WEEKS, NEW-U-23-A
COLEMAN, Virginia Lee, death: 9/26/1997, age: 77, NEW-Y-72-B
COLLIN, Judith, death: 9/26/2015, age: 75, Maus-Row1-ColD-NicheQ
COLLINS, Alva, Old-2-31-A
COLLINS, Charles, Old-4-16-A
COLLINS, Charles E., death: 4/20/1976, age: 77, NEW-Y-8-E
COLLINS, Clarence, NEW-W-6-B
COLLINS, Corwin Lee, death: 6/4/1989, age: 35, NEW-H-63-A
COLLINS, Dora E., death: 11/19/1969, Old-4-16-B
COLLINS, Earl F., death: 12/18/1982, age: 85, Old-4-16-C
COLLINS, Edna M., death: 2/7/1968, age: 61, NEW-Y-8-D
COLLINS, Erma A., death: 2/20/1985, NEW-W-6-C
COLLINS, Lillie Mae, death: 1/20/2007, age: 77, NEW-F WEST-101-B
COLLINS, Sarah E., death: 6/22/1960, Old-4-16-E
COLLINS, Suzanne Marie, death: 1/20/2017, age: 68, New-S-78-A
COLTON, Darrell A., death: 8/3/2006, age: 88, NEW-M-39-E
COLTON, David A., death: 11/30/2005, age: 50, NEW-M-38-C
COLTON, Gladys A., death: 12/31/2001, age: 82, NEW-M-39-D
COLVIN, James, death: 11/19/1989, age: 80, NEW-J-68-D
COLVIN, Jennie Loretta, death: 4/23/1976, NEW-X-9-E
COLVIN, Mildred Marie, death: 5/16/1992, age: 84, NEW-J-68-E
COLVIN, Walter, death: 7/12/1959, NEW-X-9-D
COMBS, John F., Old-2-7-A-2
COMBS, Rebecca, Old-2-11-F
COMER, John H., NEW-S-59-A
COMER, Rova, death: 3/30/1957, NEW-S-59-B
COMPARY, Wayne E., NEW-P-10-A
COMPTON, Tom, Old-4-11-E
COMSTOCK, Elmer E., Old-2-27-A
CONDART, Bernard Sidney Jr., death: 10/22/2005, age: 75, Maus-Row7-ColD-NicheH
CONKLE, George Eugene, death: 10/20/1997, age: 63, NEW-T-76-C
CONKLIN, Millard, death: 9/25/1989, age: 88, NEW-I-28-C
CONKLIN, Neva M., death: 11/29/1974, NEW-I-28-D
CONNELLY, Dwight M., death: 1/1/1952, NEW-S-56-E
CONNELLY, Gerald A., death: 5/15/1968, NEW-J-49-C
CONNELLY, Samuel A., death: 2/4/1969, NEW-S-56-C
CONNER, Archie E., death: 1/1/1951, NEW-T-29-D
CONNER, Bertha, death: 4/5/1963, NEW-T-29-E
CONNER, Dennis, death: 11/12/1956, NEW-T-29-C
CONNETT, Anna, death: 8/26/1960, Old-7-36-D
CONNETT, William J., Old-7-36-E
COOK, Beatrice E., death: 6/10/2000, age: 88, NEW-H-44-B
COOK, Clive W. Sr., death: 7/29/1999, age: 90, NEW-H-44-A
COOK, Horace N., Old-2-6-A
COOK, John Leslie, death: 3/11/2005, age: 66, Maus-Row7-ColD-NicheN
COON, Albert A., Old-6-16-B
COON, Lucy N., Old-6-16-C
COOPER, Charles Levi, death: 10/10/1969, NEW-Y-41-D
COOPER, Edith, death: 4/11/1960, NEW-Y-41-E
COOPER, Patricia A., death: 9/1/1964, NEW-K-11-C SW 1/4
COOPER, Philip E., death: 12/28/1980, NEW-M-22-C
CORDRAY, Alice E. (Kelly), death: 2/26/1987, NEW-S-83-D-2
CORDRAY, Wayne, NEW-S-83-D
CORNET, Sherry Renee, death: 3/14/1994, age: 37, NEW-H-13-84
CORRAL, Baby James Ipolito, death: 5/16/1995, STILLBORN, NEW-U-17-B SW 1/4
CORWIN, Melville F., death: 2/6/1968, NEW-J-43-C
COTA, Carmen Lee, death: 9/19/1997, age: 83, Maus-Row8-Single-CryptF-2
COTA, Henry R., death: 1/1/1977, age: 57, Maus-Row8-Single-CryptF
COTTON, Earl B., death: 7/2/1963, Old-1-25-E
COTTON, Ruth W., Old-1-25-F
COUNTS, Frank G., death: 8/11/1989, age: 82, NEW-J-81-A
COUNTS, Harvey M., death: 6/27/1965, NEW-S-63-B
COUNTS, Jasper A., death: 5/4/1973, NEW-I-1-D
COUNTS, Margore, death: 2/13/1960, NEW-S-63-C
COUNTS, Mildred, death: 9/23/1992, age: 90, NEW-I-1-E
COUNTS, Pearl, death: 10/23/1986, age: 83, NEW-J-81-B
COUNTS, Thomas C., death: 2/22/1974, NEW-S-63-A
COWAN, Paul, death: 12/28/2014, age: 84, New-H-29-C
COWGILL, Gladys Mary, death: 3/20/1977, NEW-W-13-B
COWGILL, Lester B., death: 6/2/1964, NEW-W-13-A-2
COX, Albert C., death: 8/13/1970, NEW-W-42-D
COX, Clair, NEW-X-45-A
COX, Earl W, death: 8/12/2013, age: 69, NEW-E-29-C
COX, Elton L., death: 12/24/1985, NEW-M-35-C
COX, Julia M., death: 2/4/1979, NEW-R-38-E
COX, Mary Fuller, death: 9/8/1977, NEW-W-33-A
COX, Maude, death: 5/5/1982, NEW-X-45-B
COX, Maybelle Monetta, death: 8/25/1994, age: 72, NEW-R-7-D
COX, Omer Charles, death: 9/18/2014, age: 94, NEW-R-7-C
COX, Oren N., death: 12/1/1965, NEW-W-40-E
COX, Willa Ree, death: 4/22/1990, age: 72, NEW-M-35-D
COX, Zelda, death: 10/6/1971, NEW-W-42-E
CRADER, Isaac W., NEW-K-38-D
CRAFT, Val May, death: 8/23/2012, age: 80, NEW-E-8-E
CRAMER, Anna Mary, death: 10/25/2011, age: 95, NEW-O-36-C & D (BETWEEN)
CRAMPTON, Luella B., death: 7/11/1979, NEW-X-19-E
CRANFORD, Charlene Dora, death: 10/29/2015, age: 80, New-H-36-121
CRANFORD, Wren Richard, death: 10/14/1999, age: 75, New-H-36-121-2
CRANN, William F. Sr., death: 9/1/1975, NEW-M-36-A
CRAWFORD, Mary Kate, death: 12/27/2003, age: 86, NEW-M-52-B
CRAWFORD, Raymond C., death: 12/28/1994, age: 79, NEW-M-52-A
CREEDON, Theodore George, death: 7/24/2017, age: 74, NEW-H-33-C
CRITESER, Cheri Marie, death: 10/21/1998, age: 44, Maus-Row11-Single-CryptAW
CRITESER, Delta O., death: 1/5/1963, NEW-P-12-E
CRITESER, Eva, death: 5/22/1947, NEW-P-12-D
CRITESER, George, death: 9/16/1978, NEW-R-27-A
CRITESER, Ione J., death: 5/6/1968, NEW-S-16-E
CRITESER, Mabel, death: 12/24/1983, NEW-R-27-B
CROENI, Curtis Jay, death: 5/6/2012, age: 50, NEW-H-35-E
CROKER, Carla Faith Marshall, death: 5/21/2006, age: 44, NEW-O-26-B
CROMPTON, Hazel N., death: 2/2/1988, age: 78, NEW-S-20-E
CROMPTON, Max, death: 1/20/1983, NEW-S-20-D
CROMWELL, Gaton, death: 1/1/1948, NEW-Y-18-B
CRUIKSHANK, Cheryl Ann, death: 4/7/2000, age: 32, Maus-Row2-ColD-NicheJ
CULDICE, Hazel (Averill), death: 1/11/1988, age: 88, NEW-S-20-C
CUMMINGS, Arthur Richmond, death: 3/1/2003, age: 85, NEW-H-41-D
CUMMINGS, Cassie, death: 5/7/1965, NEW-P-32-D
CUMMINGS, Charles, NEW-P-32-E
CUMMINGS, Christine, death: 2/25/1990, NEW-R-39-A
CUMMINGS, Clyde Hayse, death: 9/10/2014, age: 96, NEW-N-49-E
CUMMINGS, Fannie Mae, death: 12/16/1997, age: 84, NEW-N-50-A
CUMMINGS, James William, death: 5/30/1992, age: 77, NEW-J-28-C
CUMMINGS, Majorie, NEW-J-28-B
CUMMINGS, Myrtle, death: 2/22/1965, Old-8-34-E
CUMMINGS, Nettie, death: 5/25/1969, NEW-P-32-B
CUMMINGS, Roger Everett, death: 4/23/2008, age: 65, NEW-H-41-E
CUMMINGS, Thelma (Ritter), death: 12/23/1997, age: 93, NEW-Y-16-E
CUMMINGS, Thelma Susan, death: 2/7/1993, age: 82, NEW-X-41-C
CUMMINGS, Verna Marion, death: 4/18/2005, age: 86, NEW-H-41-D-2
CUMMINGS, William, death: 10/23/1973, NEW-P-32-C
CUMMINGS, Willis Wayne, death: 5/7/2000, age: 87, NEW-P-32-A
CUSHING, Glenn, death: 9/24/1968, NEW-W-46-E
CUSHING, Helen G., death: 1/30/1984, NEW-W-27-A
CUSHMAN, Joann (Keller), death: 1/27/1987, age: 53, NEW-J-36-B
CUTPERLET, Mary, Old-8-19-B
CUTSFORTH, (Baby Girl), NEW-O-44-C
CUTSFORTH, Elsie Josephine, death: 12/15/2003, age: 85, NEW-O-44-B
CUTSFORTH, Glenn Thomas, death: 5/2/2005, age: 89, NEW-O-44-A
CUTSFORTH, John T., NEW-O-44-C-2

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