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Thomas Smith Cemetery (Vampire Cemetery)
Broken Arrow, Wagoner County, Oklahoma

Lat: 36° 06' 17"N, Lon: 95° 44' 05"W

Contributed by Charlotte Keen, Jan 15, 2003 [jkeen14660@aol.com]. Total records = 117.

Thomas Smith Cemetery is located on 41st St east of 209th E Ave. between Catoosa and Broken Arrow. There is a blue water tower, R.W.D. No. 4 south across the street.

A new housing addition is being built on the west side of the cemetery. The cemetery is supposed to be haunted. I do not know if anyone has seen anything. I personally did not.

The cemetery is not maintained very well. Most of the graves have sunk and need to have more dirt on top. It is fenced with a small sign with 'Thomas Smith Cemetery' on the west side of gate.

Mr. Farley, a retired County Commissioner, said it is mostly African Americans and a few White Americans buried here.

The oldest marked grave is M--Jordan, b. 18 May 1808, d. 28 Oct 1902. A Member of the last Creek Council was A. N. Pegues, b. 1879, d. 1959. There are about 331 people buried here. It appears to be about full. It is still open for public burials.

I walked and transcribed this cemetery on Nov. 16th & Dec. 14th of 2002.

- Charlotte Keen


h/o = Husband of
a/f = At Foot
a/h = At Head
s/s = Share stone
n/t = Next to
c/t = Close to
l/s = Like stone
w/ = With
MFHM = Metal Funeral Home Marker
+ = May not be buried here

??, Lucinda T, b. 1846, d. 1921, Mother, broken stone, n/t broken stone
Barksdale, Joanna, b. 1887, d. 1962, n/t sunken grave
Barnett, Chas, b. 1870, d. 1914, Father, see Sarah Holmes, c/t sandstone by fence no writing
Barnett, Cully, b. 7 May 1897, d. 15 Mar 1968, see Sarah Holmes
Barnett, Florance, b. 5 May 1905, d. 6 Jan 1969, Mother, see Sarah Holmes, n/t sunken grave
Barnett, Lena, b. 7 Apr 1901, d. 2 Apr 1904, see Sarah Holmes
Barnett, Lillie, b. 27 Dec 1873, d. 4 Feb 1942, Mother, see Sarah Holmes
Barnett, Wesley, b. 6 Jun 1895, d. 11 Nov 1926, see Sarah Holmes
Bates, Arrena, b. 16 Jul 1885, d. 16 Jul 1904
Benjamin, Cleven, b. no date, d. no date, Concrete Cross, n/t sand stone no writing
Benjamin, Venezuela F, b. 1905, d. 1983, n/t sunken grave
Buyckes, Christine, b. 27 Jul 1930, d. 11 Jul 1983, n/t Small concrete slab
Carter, Inez, b. 1895, d. 1959, s/s Percy Carter, married 1912, n/t Richard Carter
Carter, Percy B, b. 1885, d. 1937, s/s Inez Carter
Carter, Richard, b. 12 Jan 1927, d. 1 Jan 1982, US Army, WW II, n/t Inez Carter
Connell, Amy Leann, b. 18 Jan 1983, d. 20 Jun 1984, Baby
Cook, Chester, b. 20 Jan 1927, d. 27 May 1964, Father, n/t Margaret Morgan, n/tDorothy Cook
Cook, Dorothy Lee, b. 28 Nov 1927, d. 17 Dec 1965, n/t Chester Cook, n/t concrete slab no writing, a/h Katherene Cook
Cook, George, b. 1881, d. 1947, n/t Nancy Cook, c/t Katherene Cook
Cook, Gerry, b. 1951, d. 1968, c/t Mollie Cook
Cook, Katherene, b. 1930", d. 1935, a/f Dorothy Cook, n/t sunken grave, n/t rock no writing, c/t Geroge Cook
Cook, Leroy, b. 6 Oct 1911, d. 16 Jun 1967, Brother, a/h Luke Cook
Cook, Luke, b. 6 Oct 1878, d. 7 Jun 1964, Father, a/f Leroy Cook
Cook, Mollie, b. no date, d. no date, n/t stone w/ no writing, c/t Leroy & Luke Cook, c/t Gerry Cook
Cook, Nancy, b. 1907, d. 1947, n/t George Cook
Cook, Rillie, b. 27 Mar 1892, d. 8 Oct 1958, Mother
Cooks, Henry, b. 1860, d. 1938, n/t sunken grave, c/t Polly Cooks
Cooks, Polly, b. no date, d. 25 Jun 1925, Mother, n/t sunken grave, c/t Henry Cooks
Davis, Ethel, b. 2 Dec 1919, d. 2 May 1988, see Sarah Holmes
Decker, Elica, b. no date, d. no date, n/t sunken graves on both sides
Edwards, Beoma, b. 25 Sep 1903, d. 25 Mar 1965
Edwards, Janie, b. 20 Apr 1904, d. 7 Apr 1984, c/t Dorothy Gee, l/s, n/t George Morgan, l/s
Edwards, Jessie, b. 10 Apr 1888, d. 22 Nov 1956, Okla PVT 2 CO 164 Depot Brigade, WW I, n/t Annie Love & John Morgan
Flowers, Alice, b. 26 Oct 1888, d. 18 Jul 1903
Gee, Dorothy, b. no date, d. no date, Pink MFHM unreadable, n/t to Ping MFHM unreadable
Gray, Edna Mae, b. 16 Feb 1900, d. 17 Apr 1969, Wife
Haney, Lillian, b. 20 Oct 1918, d. no date, also, MFHM unreadable, see Sarah Holmes
Haney, Thelma, b. 22 Oct 1923, d. 4 ??? 1924, see Sarah Holmes
Hicks, Norman Lee, b. 28 Jul 1895, d. 5 Apr 1982
Hines, Alfred, b. 1931, d. 1951, c/t Jake Hines
Hines, Alvin, b. 1932, d. 1951, n/t Jeanie Hines, l/s, a/f Maude Hines
Hines, Jake, b. 1903, d. 1965, n/t sunken garves on both sides, c/t Alfred Hines
Hines, Jeanie, b. 1938, d. 1952, n/t Alvin Hines, l/s
Hines, Maude Lee, b. 1 Mar 1911, d. 15 Oct 1970, a/h Alvin Hines
Holmes, Sarah B, b. 1893, d. 1964, Mother & Sister, fenced area with at least 22 graves, some marked w/ stones, or markers, or sunken not marked, one marked w/ ""Slim"", n/t Rock and sunken grave
Hughes, Richard, b. no date, d. 16 Jul 1907, Dad, n/t sunken grave, n/t sandstone no writing
Johnson, Drucilla, b. 1907, d. 1968, Pink MFHM no writing, n/t Pile of bricks w/ sandstone no writing
Johnson, Rebecca, b. 4 Jul 1865, d. 18 Oct 1915
Jordan, M, b. 18 Sep 1808, d. 28 Oct 1902, Husband, Father, n/t sand stone no writing
Jordan, William, b. 5 Sep 1888, d. 28 Oct 1902, c/t M Jordan, broken stone
King, James W, b. 14 Jan 18--, d. 23 Jan 1963, blanks for birth year, 1st h/o Louise Cook, daughter Rosalie King
Landrum, Clemett E, b. 26 May 1916, d. Feb 1952, Okla TEC 5 629 Ord Ammo CO, WW II, n/t concrete Block
Livers, Latricia, b. no date, d. 29 Jun 1983, Infant twin daughters, s/s Melissa Livers
Livers, Melissa, b. no date, d. 29 Jun 1983, Infant twin daughters, s/s Latricia Livers
Love, Annie Morgan, b. no date, d. no date, painted concrete block, n/t Henry Love & Jessie Edwards
Love, Henry L, b. 7 Jan 1912, d. 21 Jan 1954, OKLA TEC 5 US Army, WW II, n/t Duffie Morgan, n/t Annie Love
Luckey, Garland, b. 1923, d. 1972
Manuel, Adam, b. 1863, d. 31 Aug 1916, see Sarah Holmes
Marshall, Darnella, b. 30 May 1921, d. 24 Jun 1967, n/t sunken grave, c/t John Marshall
Marshall, John L, b. 23 Feb 1946, d. 21 Jul 1986, n/t Ruby Marshall, l/s, c/t Darnella Marshall
Marshall, Ruby Gail, b. 20 Oct 1941, d. 26 Jul 1987, n/t John Marshall, l/s
Mayberry, A. L, b. no date, d. no date, concrete slab, n/t Leva Mayberry
Mayberry, Anthony, Jr, b. 24 Mar 1918, d. 16 Oct 1965, Okla CPL 512 QM Truck CO, WW II, n/t Cora Mayberry
Mayberry, Anthony, b. 15 Oct 1872, d. 8 Aug 1955, s/s Cora Mayberry
Mayberry, Barzeller T, b. 1913, d. 1998, n/t Vernon Mayberry
Mayberry, Cora, b. 6 Nov 1883, d. 15 Jan 1945, s/s Anthony Mayberry, n/t Anthony Mayberry, Jr
Mayberry, Ellis, b. 26 Aug 1904, d. 2 Jul 1979, n/t Ronnie & Richard Mayberry
Mayberry, Ethelean, b. 14 Jul 1911, d. 3 Nov 1984, Mother, a/f Richard Mayberry, n/t Richard Mayberry, Jr
Mayberry, Leva Mae, b. 7 April, d. 25 May, Mother, no birth or death year, n/t A. L Mayberry
Mayberry, Norvella, b. no date, d. 17 Jun 1998, age 85 Yrs
Mayberry, Richard, Jr, b. 1 Jun 1941, d. 23 Dec 1988, Brother, n/t Ethelean
Mayberry, Richard, b. 12 Mar 1906, d. 24 Nov 1979, n/t Ellis Mayberry, a/h Ethelean Mayberry
Mayberry, Ronnie L, b. 4 Sep 1946, d. 2 Jun 1979, PVT US Army, Vietnam, n/t Leva & Ellis Mayberry
Mayberry, Vernon B, b. 13 Mar 1915, d. 2 Dec 1994, PVT US Army, WW II, n/t Barzeller Mayberry, daughter Ernie Mayberry
McElroy, Ella Mae, b. 28 Jul 1925, d. 24 Aug 1994, age 69, c/t Mrs. McElroy
McElroy, Mrs, b. Jan 1912, d. 4 Aug 1941, c/t Ella McElroy
McIntosh, Ellis, b. 24 Apr 1890, d. 26 May 1956, c/t Sam McIntosh
McIntosh, Roxie, b. 1 Oct 1874, d. 15 Dec 1935, Mother, n/t concrete block no writing, n/t sunken grave
McIntosh, Sam, b. 25 Sep 1892, d. 9 Jan 1965, Arkansas PFC CO A 809 Pioneer Inf, WW I, c/t Ellis McIntosh, n/t concrete block, no writing
McIntosh, William, b. 21 Dec 1898, d. 26 Apr 1924, n/t el McIntosh
McIntosh, el, b. 25 Feb 1871, d. 8 May 1926, n/t William McIntosh, broken stone
Morgan, Duffie, b. 1916, d. 1953, n/t concrete block unreadable, c/t Kenny Morgan, n/t Henry Love
Morgan, Earnest, b. 28 Sep 1937, d. 22 Mar 1994, SP 4 US Army, also Pink MFHM unreadable, n/t John Morgan
Morgan, Eddie, b. 1910, d. 1969, n/t Neslon & George Morgan, Sr
Morgan, Franklin, b. 10 Nov 1944, d. ?? Feb 1981, n/t Leona Morgan & grave covered w/ rocks & broken stone n/t fence
Morgan, George, Sr, b. no date, d. no date, n/t Eddie Morgan, n/t Rock
Morgan, George, b. no date, d. no date, Dick"", n/t Janie Edwards & Leona Morgan, l/s
Morgan, John E, b. 4 Oct 1933, d. 20 Jun 1988, PFC US Army, n/t Ernest Morgan
Morgan, John Kemp, b. 27 Jun 1903, d. 23 Aug 1957, n/t Jessie Edwards
Morgan, Kenny, b. no date, d. no date, n/t Lucy Morgan, n/t concrete block unreadable, c/t Duffie Morgan
Morgan, Kieffer, Jr, b. 11 Nov 1939, d. 8 May 1957
Morgan, Kieffer, b. 11 Mar 1908, d. 17 Nov 1979, Father, n/t Vernice Morgan, l/s, n/t Beksib Morgan
Morgan, Leona, b. no date, d. no date, n/t George Morgan, l/s, n/t Franklin Morgan
Morgan, Lucy, b. 27 Jan 1880, d. 12 Nov 1942, n/t Concrete w/ D. M., n/t Kenny Morgan
Morgan, Margaret, b. 28 Jun 1916, d. 6 Jul 1979, Sister, n/t Chester Cook, l/s
Morgan, Nelson, b. 1917, d. 1978, PVT US Army, WW II, n/t Kieffer & Eddie Morgan
Morgan, Vernice, b. 6 Aug 1946, d. 8 Dec 1979, n/t Kieffer Morgan, l/s
Osborn, Georgie A, b. 1891, d. 1958, n/t concrete slab no writing
Osborne, Frank, b. 1890, d. 1945, n/t concrete block
Pegues, A N, b. 1879, d. 1959, A Member of the Last Creek Council
Pierce, Lilliam M, b. 27 Sep 1902, d. 19 Dec 1979, n/t sunken grave, c/t concrete stone w/ Pink MFHM no writing
Pittman, Serena, b. 25 July 1903, d. 19 Jun 1970, n/t Small concrete slab
Primous, Betsy, b. 10 Jn 1849, d. 31 Jul 1908, n/t sand stone no writing
Roberts, Clydia M, b. 20 Sep 1919, d. 10 Jul 1955, n/t concrete w/ ???rne, b. 8 ??? 1926, d. ? ??? ???3
Roberts, J E Will, b. 29 Dec ????, d. 26 Sep 1901, unreadable, c/t Jewel Roberts
Roberts, Jewel, b. no date, d. 26 Sep 1907, c/t J E Roberts
Roberts, Legus, b. 1881, d. 1951, Father
Roberts, Linda B, b. 24 Feb 1944, d. 4 Jul 1970, Sister
Sanders, Velma, b. no date, d. 5 Dec 1995, age 62
Sier, Garfield, b. 17 Jul 1955, d. 16 Oct 1989, s/s Marsha Sier, age 34, also MFHM Mitchells Funeral Home, 3210 L Lewis, Tulsa, OK
Sier, Marsha Ann, b. 28 Sep 1955, d. no date, +, s/s Garfield Sier
Smith, Lillie, b. no date, d. no date, MFHM unreadable
Sneed, Ruth Barnett, b. 25 Nov 1914, d. 18 Jun 1971, n/t 2 sunken graves, n/t 2 sand stones no writing, see Sarah Holmes
Stalks, B J, b. no date, d. no date, n/t stone w/ no writing
White, Annie Mae, b. 27 Mar 1903, d. 8 Aug 1990, Flowers with Grandma
White, Floyd, b. 3 Jul 1902, d. 15 Mar 1968
White, Janie, b. 4 Aug 1899, d. 4 Nov 1953, n/t sunken graves
Williams, Kenneth A, b. 14 Jun 1964, d. 24 Dec 1994

145 Unmarked Graves, the dirt is sinking down on most of these graves
3 Cement Markers, no writing
2 MFHM, unreadable or no names
3 Concrete stone w/ Pink MFHM, no names
4 Cement stones, unreadable
1 Unmarked with large shrub
9 Sand Stones unreadable
1 Sand Stone square unreadable
7 Broken Stones
1 Broken Stone by North fence
1 Railroad ties around grave, no name
1 Cement & gravel under tree, no name
1 Cement square with bricks, no name
1 Brick Marker, no name
1 Stone with KNET, 3, 1926 and a 3 under the 6
1 Stone with DM
1 Sand Stone with DW, under tree
1 Concrete Block with Slim, inside of a fenced area w/ Barnett, Holmes, Haney, Sneed & Manuel
1 Sand stone with E
1 Broken stone with Decker
1 Broken stone with M C
6 Rocks with no names
1 Sand Stone by fence no name
9 There are several stones with no names laying by fence on South
3 Concrete blocks unreadable
1 Concrete Block with MFHM unreadable
2 Mounds of dirt
2 Wooden Crosses no names
3 Broken stones by fenced area gate

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