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Ridgelawn Cemetery
Collinsville, Tulsa County, Oklahoma

Contributed by Charlotte Keen, Oct 10, 2007 [jkeen14660@aol.com].

??, Arthur, A, d. 30 May 1931, Infant
??, Baby, no dates, maybe Boone or Ward, n/t Della Boone, c/t M W Ward
??, Baby, no dates, maybe Boone or Ward, n/t M H Ward, c/t Lonnie Boone
??, Baby, no dates, n/t 2 graves no names
??, Baby, no dates, Wachtman or Warma
??, Child, no dates, May be Holt, Pearce or Morgan, n/t Child
??, Earl, no dates
??, Lucy, Alfarland, b. 1874, d. no date
??, Unknown, no dates, Buried in Haddock Lot, c/t Lura Haddock
Albeds, Baby, no dates
B, Gerald, b. no date, d. no date, concrete block marker, n/t concrete block unreadable, c/s
Bolron, Infant, no dates
Burgess, ien ?, no dates, stone unreadable, n/t Burgess
Cockrum, Baby, no dates, Baby
Combs, Baby, no dates
Cummings, no dates, c/s
Gaines, ??, no dates, c/s
Haywood, no dates, c/s
Jones, Ja, no dates
Morrow, no dates
Nelson, Baby, no dates
Ridgel, no dates
Tyler, ??, Apr 1919
Wyring, ??, no dates, age: 51yr 3mo, (part of 1 date Dec 23, ????)

1 Concrete Stone w/ H P
40 Bricks
5 New no Stones
12 Concrete Pieces
1 Metal Cross in Concrete
1 Red Rocks
1 Stone w/ Rabbit no name
1 Concrete w/ Nails no name
1 Concrete Base
1 Four Leaf Clover w/ H, Roses, Duck, Angles
12 Unmarked Graves (at Least)
1 Wooden Cross no name
1 White Board
1 Unmarked Grave w/ Concrete Covering
1 Rock on Concrete
3 Stone w/ writing, unreadable
2 Piece of Stone
1 Piece of Stone w/ Father
1 Statue of Jesus
1 Round Concrete w/ Mar
1 Round Concrete no name
1 Big Flower Pot
1 Brick w/ Joe
3 Concrete Blocks
1 Concrete Angel
1 Large Family Stone w/ Howard
6 Broken Stones
1 Broken Stone, w/ C on Corner Stone
1 Red Dog House covering Grave, red bricks
1 Red Stone no name
1 Stone w/ G M
1 Concrete Slab w/ Burton
1 Concrete Square
1 Stone under Tree
1 Stone w/ Mary ??ll, Oct 9, 1874
1 Concrete w/ Stewart, Father, Mother, J L, Joseph, ?
1 Stone w/ P F
1 Stone w/ J C McLo???, Born 18, 3-------2, 1922
1 Concrete Square w/ Oakey, Baby 1919
1 Stone w/ J J Wagone, d. Jan 6 1912


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