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Passmore Cemetery
Stephens County, Oklahoma

Lat: 34° 28' 10"N, Lon: 97° 41' 21"W
Parks Township, Section 14

Contributed by Aggie Cochrane, Jul 24, 2002. Total records = 41.

Located 1 to 2 miles northwest of Velma Oklahoma.

Passmore is a small abandoned cemetery, which has been torn up a lot and partly destroyed. The Passmore family section has a heavy steel fence that encloses it, so it is still in contact. It was used for some other people also but when I was there it was high in weeds and partly destroyed.

This is a reading of all existing monuments in the cemetery, in Jul of 2002, plus additional names I received from the town historian, Mr Scott.

- Aggie Cochrane

Buie, Joseph H., b. 12-09-1820, d. 03-09-1887, Son of J.S. & Pemecy Buie
Copeland, Cecil, b. 08-28-1902, d. 10-29-1905
Copeland, Edward G., b. 06-30-1887, d. 02-28-1901
Copeland, Issacs, b. 11-24-1893, d. 08-12-1900, Son of W.F. & S.E. Copeland
Copeland, Joseph J., b. 10-25-1887, d. 02-15-1901
Davis, Willie, b. 02-16-1896, d. 09-20-1898, Son of B.A. & N.D.Davis
Graham, Bob H., b. 03-18-1905, d. 02-27-1906, Son of Jess & Nellie Graham
Graham, Garland, b. 02-22-1908, d. 03-13-1908, Son of Jess & Nellie Graham
Graham, Gilbert, b. 01-19-1901, d. 12-03-1901, Son of Jess & Nellie Graham
Gray, Arlington, b. 01-23-1841, d. 03-03-1898, Husband of Emmaline Gray
Gray, Della M., b. 05-12-1876, d. 02-27-1899, Daughter of A. E. Gray
Hewitt, Margaret E., b. 09-05-1850, d. 08-09-1902, Wife of George Casper
Hicks, James P., b. 09-16-1878, d. 12-03-1902, Son of C.A. & Florence Hicks
Hopkins, Fannie L., b. 09-14-1891, d. 10-18-1900, Daughter of J.C. & R.A. Hopkins
Hopkins, Gertie Lee, b. 02-26-1903, d. 04-30-1903, Daughter of J.C. & R.A. Hopkins
Horton, Alice, b. , d. 04-19-1901, No other information
Horton, John, no dates, No other information
Lambert, Infant, b. 12-21-1905, d. 12-23-1905, Son of A.A. & Grace Lambert
Leachman, Willie M., b. 12-03-1886, d. 06-10-1899, Son of M.C. & M.A. Leachman
Little, Audie, b. 08-17-1906, d. 08-19-1908, Child of T. J. & Pearl Little
Little, George D., b. 07-06-1898, d. 08-26-1898, Son of W.A. & Lucy Little
Little, Otto, b. 02-18-1904, d. 08-19-1908, Son of T. J. & Pearl Little
Long, Nancy E., b. 07-09-1884, d. 04-21-1895, Daughter of F.M. & C.J. Long
Long, William J., b. 01-15-1890, d. 11-15-1893, Son of C. J. Long
Morrison, S. E., b. 02-18-1862, d. 03-08-1894, S. E. Mother is Eliza Jane Passmore
Morrison, W. F., b. 01-26-1840, d. 11-22-1893
Osborne, Charles H., b. 06-15-1900, d. 06-21-1900, Son of Burr & Gertrude Osborne
Osborne, Josie E., b. 01-22-1887, d. 08-28-1898, Daughter of J.W. & M.P. Osborne
Palmer, Mattie, b. 02-04-1868, d. 03-26-1899, Wife of J. E. Palmer
Passmore, David G., b. 03-12-1881, d. 11-29-1895, Son of Bryant & Eliza J. Passmore
Passmore, Eliza Jane, b. 03-11-1843, d. 12-20-1895, Wife of Bryant B. Passmore SR.
Passmore, Izetta, b. 10-15-1891, d. 02-14-1892, Daughter of C.G. & M.A. Passmore
Passmore, Jessie G., no dates, Son of C.G. & M.A. Passmore
Pogue, C. Jane, no dates, Native stone unmarked
Pogue, John, b. o6-o4-1828, d. 04-19-1889, Masonic Emblem on stone
Sellers, Eliza J., b. 08-14-1854, d. 02-21-1902, Wife of J. R. Sellers
Sellers, Infant, b. 08-25-1888, d. 11-13-1889, Child of J.A. & F. Sellers
Tate, Louisa V., b. 10-??-1857, d. 02-??1892
Tate, Sidney, b. 02-??-1892, d. 02-21-1902, Unmarked grave
Watkins, George, b. 11-02-1879, d. 06-24-1896
Watkins, Louisa S., b. 03-10-1841, d. 03-13-1902, Wife of Fred Watkins
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