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Duncan Cemetery
Duncan, Stephens County, Oklahoma

Lat: 34°29'47"N, Lon: 097°58'26"W

This is not a complete listing of burials!  The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 70.

Submitters' Index:

Bennett, Nellie Willeford, b. Jul 7, 1909, d. Oct 21, 1985 (d/o John C. and O. Willeford), [JL]
Brown, Icy Salmon, b. Mar 13, 1904, d. Aug 4, 1994, [JL]
Brown, W. Clarence, b. Apr 8, 1903, d. Oct 11, 1974 (h/o Icy), [JL]
Carson, Alfred b. 10-4-1923, d. 6-20-1996, [AN]
Carson, Nora Alfred b. 2-14-1887, d. 7-29-79, m. Emil Falk 1914, Daughter, [AN]
Cummings, Sarah Mae, b. Oct 19, 1907, d. May 1, 1932, (d/o Isaac & A. Willeford), [JL]
Duncan, Birtie Evelyn, b. May 17, 1884 TX, d. Aug 30, 1941 in Comanche OK, [DD]
Duncan, George Grant, b. May 30, 1874 Marshall TN, d. Oct 20, 1944 Comanche Ok, [DD]
Dunlap, Hiram Zeela, b. 11 Jan. 1865, d. 6 Oct. 1954, s/o Hiram Chandler and Hanna (Cruce) Dunl Duncan, Stephens County, Oklahoma, [MA]
Dunlap, Mary Jane (Lancaster), b. 30 Nov. 1879, d. 22 Feb. 1953, w/o Hiram Zeela Dunlap, d/o Henry Harrison and Cynthia Ann (Lewis) Lancas, [MA]
Dunlap, Millie Gertrude (Kirk)(Woodard) w/o Hiram Zeela Dunlap, b. 4 May 1878, d. 11 Nov. 1946, First husband was Martin L. Wood , [MA]
Falk, Emily Nora b. 6-10-1918, d. 9-1936, m. Leon Carson 1922, Daughter Leona, [AN]
Gee, Carl Jackson b. Feb 9, 1915, d. Sep 25, 1987, [DB]
Gee, Carlton Wayne b. Feb 19, 1947, d. Aug 6, 1994, [DB]
Gee, Maggie b. Nov. 05, 1884, d. Jul 22, 1971, w/o Thomas, [DB]
Gee, Thomas O., b. Sep 26, 1877, d. Jan 12, 1952, [DB]
Gentry, Aruthur L., b. 1892, d. 1961, s/o J.E. and Zada, h/o Myrtis Burch, [LC]
Gentry, Delbert 'Bud', b. 1893, d. 1974, s/o J.E. and Zada, h/o Eva L. Blue, [LC]
Gentry, Elmer F., b. 1901, d. 1984, s/o J.E. and Zada, h/o Hazel Truitt, [LC]
Gentry, James Edwin 'Ed', b. 1869, d. 1950, s/o John M. and Pamelia 'Harpool' Gentry, h/o Zada, [LC]
Gentry, William Miller, b. 1851, d. 1929, s/o John M. and Pamelia 'Harpool', h/o Mary Evelyn 'Mollie' Mounts, [LC]
Gentry, Zada 'Trawick', b. 1871, d. 1951, dau. of James Jackson and Lizzie 'Adams' Trawick, w/o James Edwin 'Ed', [LC]
Guinn, David Edward, b. Oct 3, 1925, d. Jun 17, 1992 (s/o Derris and Dovie Willeford Guinn, grands/o Isaac Willeford), [JL]
Jones, Virginia Elizabeth, b. 3/24/1893, d. 1/18/1985, [LL]
Krebs, Annie Savage, b. 11-4-1865, d. 6-16-1959, m. William B. Krebs 1902, [AN]
Krebs, Rhoda Ann Taylor Savage, b. 8-11-1833, d. 8-2-1909, m. Benjamin Krebs in 1874, [AN]
Leonard, Jane (Hayhurst), b. Aug 10, 1958, d. Feb. 10, 1919, m. Jul 5, 1877 in Caldwell Co TX, [ML]
Leonard, William M, b. c.1852, d. no date, h/o Mary, [ML]
Lewis, Kandice Michele, b. 03/01/1991, d. 03/01/1991, d/o Linda Diane & Kelly Ray Lewis, [LL]
Lynch, Octavia Bowman Willeford, b. Oct 1, 1880, d. Dec 25, 1968 (w/o John C. Willeford), [JL]
McMasters, Earl L., b. Jan 2, 1911, d. Dec 12, 1997 (h/o Eves Willeford), [JL]
McMasters, Eves E., b. Sep 28, 1913 (nee Willeford, she is still living, youngest child of Isaac), [JL]
Meeks, Ruth C. 'Gentry', b. 1912, d. 1998, dau. of J.E. and Zada, w/o Richard 'Red' Meeks, [LC]
Parsons, J. D., b. Jun 29, 1870, d. Feb 25, 1942 (h/o Sarah E.), [JL]
Parsons, Sarah E., b. Feb 1, 1871, d. Aug 19, 1922, (Willeford, sister of Isaac, d/o John C.), [JL]
Payne, Bessie B.'Gentry', b. 1894, d. 1958, dau. of J.E. and Zada Gentry, [LC]
Sarris, Ted, b. Apr 14, 1897, d. Jul 16, 1963 (Ted's wife is Pearl Parson's, d/o J.D. and Sarah, she is still living), [JL]
Snead, Billy Ray, b. 12 Nov. 1934, d. 29 Mar 1987, bur. 1 Apr. 1987, h/o Glynda June Snead, s/o Thomas Kendrick and Luemmie Mae Snead, [BS]
Thomas, Jewel Fonzo, b. Jun 13, 1902, d. Aug 16, 1957, (h/o Willie Salmon Thomas), [JL]
Thomas, Jimmy Darlene, b. Feb 16, 1936, d. Feb 20, 1945 (d/o Jewel & Willie Thomas), [JL]
Thomas, Lois Ann, b. Jan 11, 1935, d. Feb 24, 1935 (d/o Jewel & Willie Thomas), [JL]
Thomas, Willie Salmon, b. May 9, 1906, d. Jun 24, 1975, (sister of Lois Salmon Willeford), [JL]
Tripp, Clifford G., b. Oct 8, 1908, d. Oct 20, 1976 (h/o Fay), [JL]
Tripp, Fay Salmon, b. Aug 4, 1915, d. Oct 16, 1993, [JL]
Vincent, Ethel Salmon, b. Aug 1, 1900, d. Aug 23, 1979, [JL]
Willeford, ?? b. Grave not marked. One of Franks sons is to the northside of him poss. Leslie (Eves said), [JL]
Willeford, Ada M., b. Jan 6, 1886, d. Jul 25,1943 (w/o Isaac), [JL]
Willeford, Boyd C., b. Jul 1910, d. May 1911 (s/o George and Sarah), [JL]
Willeford, Debby A., b. Nov 18, 1868, d. Oct 5, 1943 (w/o Frank), [JL]
Willeford, Evert, b. Dec 28, 1904, d. Jan 13, 1988 (h/o Lois and s/o Isaac), [JL]
Willeford, Flarnce, b. Mar 19, 1911, d. Mar 1, 1914 (d/o of I. A. & A. M. Willeford), [JL]
Willeford, G. E. (George), b. Apr 1882, d. Nov 2, 1948 (s/o John C. Willeford), [JL]
Willeford, Gene C., b. Jan 29, 1927, d. Apr 13, 1995 (s/o Evert and Lois), [JL]
Willeford, H. F., b. Oct 5, 1868, d. Jun 15, 1952 (everyone called him Frank, s/o John C.), [JL]
Willeford, Isaac A., b. Nov 6, 1879, d. Mar 29, 1953 (s/o John C. Willeford; h/o Ada), [JL]
Willeford, John C. Rev, b. Jul 5, 1842, d. Jan 28, 1918 , [JL]
Willeford, Leslie, b. Nov 19, 1909, d. Oct 23, 1970 (Grave was not marked until March 2001.), [JL]
Willeford, Lois Salmon, b. Sep 9, 1907, d. Dec 26, 1983 (w/o Evert Willeford), [JL]
Willeford, Marshal, b. Apr 18, 1918, d. Apr 21, 1920 (s/o George and Sarah), [JL]
Willeford, Martha Moore, b. Apr 3, 1928 (still living, w/o Gene), [JL]
Willeford, Rosa M., b. Aug 20, 1902, d. Jan 19, 1907 (d/o John C. and O. Willeford), [JL]
Willeford, Sarah Rebecca, b. Mar 3, 1885, d. May 25, 1979 (w/o George) , [JL]
Willeford, Willis J., b. Jul 11, 1914 d. Mar 30, 1972 (s/o John C. and O. Willeford), [JL]
Woods, Jonathan Jackson, b. Jul 7, 1868 in Alabama, d. Jul 14, 1932 in Duncan, Oklahoma, [DD]
Woodard, Grover Cleveland,
b. 9 Nov. 1893 d. 3 Feb. 1953 (s/o Martin L. and Millie Gertrude (Kirk) Woodard) h/o Mattie Elvira (Dunlap) Woodard, [MA]
Woodard, Lem, b. Sep 1898 d. 27 Jun 1962 (s/o Martin L. and Millie Gertrude (Kirk) Woodard) h/o Winnie Faye, [MA]
Woodard, Luther (Luke), b. 1918 d. 1 May 1990 (s/o Grover Cleveland and Mattie Elvira (Dunlap) Woodard) h/o Veldonna, [MA]
Woodard, Mattie Elvira (Dunlap), b. 22 Jan. 1893 d. 6 Apr. 1984 (d/o Hiram Zeela and Elvira J. (Lawrence) Dunlap) w/o Grover Cleveland Woodard, [MA]
Woodard, Roy, b. 13 Jan. 1902 d. 30 Nov. 1960 (s/o Martin L. and Millie Gertrude (Kirk) Woodard) h/ Laura (Trammell) Woodard, [MA]
Woodard, Winnie Faye, b. 1903 d. 18 Oct 1964 w/o Lem Woodard, [MA]

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