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Marshall Cemetery
Catoosa, Rogers County, Oklahoma

Lat: 36° 11' 30"N, Lon: 095° 43' 44"W

Contributed by Charlotte Keen, Mar 27, 2003 [jkeen14660@aol.com]. Total records = 10.

From I-44 go north on Hwy 66 thru Catoosa. Turn east on EW 57. Go about 1/4 mile straight up on top of the hill. There is a housing addition named Spunky Creek on the right side of road. The cemetery has a gray gate with an horse shoe latch. Walk on the path thru the trees to the cemetery.

The cemetery was established in 1903. It is fenced and maintained.

The cemetery is fenced and maintained. They still have burials there. They may be enlarging the cemetery, they are cutting some of the tall grass on the west side, when I was there.

I walked and recorded the cemetery in March 2003.

- Charlotte Keen


n/t = Next To
c/t = Close To
l/s = Like Stone
c/c = Concrete Covered

Crace, Sofa, b. 3 Jul 1904, d. Jan 1921, n/t Marshall & Madeilene Crace, l/s
Crace, Sola, b. 20 Mar 1903, d. 30 Jun 1903, c/t Sofa Crace, l/s
Marshall, ??, b. no date, d. no date, 8 l/s, n/t Pearl Marshall
Marshall, ??, b. no date, d. no date, n/t Sofa Crace, c/t Albert Marshall, l.s
Marshall, Albert, b. May 1903, d. Apr 1930, n/t Matt Marshall, l/s, c/t Marshall, l/s
Marshall, G W, b. 1858, d. 1923, n/t Lovica Marshall, inside a rock wall
Marshall, Lovica Ellen, b. 6 Apr 1868, d. 30 Sep 1936, Our Mother, n/t G W Marshall, inside a rock wall
Marshall, Matt, b. no date, d. Apr 1891, n/t Pearl & Albert Marshall, l/s
Marshall, Pearl, b. Mar 1909, d. Feb 1921, n/t Marshall, & Matt Marshall, l/s
Neeley, Grace E, b. 2 Feb 1925, d. 1 Mar 1925, c/c


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