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Dick Duck Cemetery
Catoosa, Rogers County, Oklahoma

Contributed by Charlotte Keen [jkeen14660@aol.com].

Minow, ??, no dates
Shreman, ??, b. no date, d. ??87, c/c n/t grave c/c no name
Wenzel, ??, b. no date, d. no date, 2 w Wenzel no dates
Wenzel, ??, b. no date, d. no date, 2 w/ Wenzel no dates
1 Brick
1 Broken Stone with ED, 19, 1935
1 Concrete Block with CJ
1 Concrete Block with Herndon
1 Concrete Block with Lola, Jan
1 Concrete Block with W Smith
1 Concrete Block with Wenzel
1 Concrete Slab with colored marbles
1 Concrete Slab with LC, Jan - Mar 14, 1926
1 Fenced with flowers with Mom, no stone
1 MFHM with no name
1 Rock with J
1 Sandstone with P or R
1 Stone with eeb
1 Stone with H
1 Stone with Hatti
1 Stone with R T
1 Stone with Shreman
1 White Cross
18 Concrete Slabs no names
2 Bricks with white paint
2 Concrete Posts no names
2 Concrete Stones leaning on trees no names
2 New Graves no stone
2 Rock Houses, like dog houses, with Indian Writings
2 Rocks with white paint no names
2 Stepping Stones with Moore
2 Stepping Stones with WGL, SML
22 Broken Stones unreadable
3 Concrete Blocks with H
3 Footstones with LS, LW, ESG
3 Graves w/ Flowers no stone
30 Rocks
4 Concrete Blocks with GKD, RJD, RGD, oegy De
4 Concrete Blocks with pink paint no names
4 Concrete Covered no names
5 Concrets Blocks with CD, MKD, MDD, AND, R Dorland, may all be Dorland
55 Concrete Blocks no names
7 Sandstones with no names
75 Indentions


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