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Denison Cemetery
Idabel, McCurtain County, Oklahoma

Lat: 33° 53' 47"N, Lon: 94° 47' 38"W

East out of Idabel on Hwy 70 for about 1½mi. Cemetery is just before the curve which intersects Hwy 259 on the north side of the highway.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 67.

Contributor's Index:

Bonnette, Byrd H., b. 1899, d. 1982, [EW]
Bonnette, Linus Parker, b. 1887, d. 1954, uncle of Virgil R.Bonnette Sr, [EW]
Bonnette, Virgil R, Sr, b. 1898, d. 1956, h/o Byrd Holland Bonnette, [EW]
Bonnette, Virgil R., Jr., b. 1922, d. 1959, s/o Virgil and Byrd Bonnette, [EW]
Cavender, Baby Robbie Earl, 1935, [WM]
Cavender, Gladys, b. 25 Mar 1918, d. 6 Feb 1995, w/o Lowell Cavender, d/o William Henry and Mary Lee (Mayabb) Mayhall, s/w Lowell Cavender, [WM]
Cavender, Lowell, b. 20 Sep 1915, d. 13 Nov 1966, h/o Gladys (Mayhall) Cavender, s/o William John and Lula (Pemberton) Cavender, s/w Gladys Cavender, [WM]
Cavender, Lula, b. 17 Aug 1892, d. 16 Oct 1988, w/o William John Cavender, "We who have loved each other, meet again", s/w William John Cavender, [WM]
Cavender, William John, b. 2 Aug 1891, d. 2 Jun 1960, h/o Lula (Pemberton) Cavender, "We who have loved each other, meet again", s/w Lula Cavender , [WM]
Collins, Alma Mills, b. 5 Dec 1916, [RM]
Gray, Bob, b. 10 Oct 1928, d. 21 Mar 1985, h/o & s/w Izora (?) Gray, [WM]
Gray, Claudy, b. 10 Aug 1893, d. 12 Feb 1928, "Mother of John, Ivy and Bill", [WM]
Gray, Coy Cooke, no dates, [WM]
Gray, Earl D., no dates, [WM]
Gray, Eddie J., b. 4 Dec 1915, d. 8 Oct 1979, military headstone inscribed "PFC, US Army, World War II, [WM]
Gray, Edward Joshua, b. 1866, d. 1914, h/o Mary (White) Gray, m. 1889, s/o Edward J. and Sarah Jane "Callie" (Billingsley) Gray Hunnicutt, s/w Mary (White) Gray, [WM]
Gray, Ernest, no dates, [WM]
Gray, Griffin, no dates, [WM]
Gray, Ivy C., b. 14 Dec 1922, d. 14 Apr 1944, "Brother of John Gray, Jr.", [WM]
Gray, Izora, b. 3 Nov 1914, d. Aug 26/1960, w/o Bob Gray, s/w Bob Gray, [WM]
Gray, Lee Cruse, no dates, [WM]
Gray, Mary E., no dates, [WM]
Gray, Rosie Yokem, b. 1895, d. 1918, "Mother of Eddie J. and Joseph" and "Forever in our hearts", [WM]
Hough, Berry C., b. 25 Jul 1910, d. 27 Dec 1910, s/o Joe E. C. and Bessie Hough, "Our baby is gone but saved", [WM]
Hough, Bessie C., b. Aug 23/1887, d. 10/29/1918, w/o Joe E. C. Hough, Eastern Star headstone, [WM]
Hough, Joe E. C., b. 15 Mar 1881, d. 14 Mar 1930, h/o Bessie C. (Touchstone) Hough, [WM]
Hough, Joe Erick, b. 20 Aug 1926, d. 12 Aug 1927, [WM]
Hough, Joe, b. 15 Dec 1905, d. 24 Apr 1990, h/o Ruth Jewel (Watson) Hough, "All creatures great and small he loved them all" and "m. 3/16/1936", s/w Ruth Hough, [WM]
Hough, Ruth, b. 14 Jul 1914, d. no date, w/o Joe Hough, "She was the sunshine of our home", "m. 3/16/1936", s/w Joe Hough, [WM]
Hunnicutt, Callie, no dates, aka Sarah Jane (Billingsley) Gray Hunnicutt, [WM]
Mayabb, Eliza L., b. 4 Oct 1871, d. 4 Jan 1957, w/o Robert Lee Mayabb, d/o John J. and Mary Jane (Garner) Weatherford, "At rest", s/w Robert Lee Mayabb, [WM]
Mayabb, Robert L., b. 28 Feb 1865, d. 1 Apr 1941, h/o Eliza (Weatherford) Mayabb, "At rest", s/w Eliza L. Mayabb, [WM]
Mayhall, Arthur, b. 26 Apr 1914, d. 15 Sep 1915, s/o William Henry and Mary Lee (Mayabb) Mayhall, [WM]
Mayhall, Baby, b. 16 Feb 1919, d. 13 Apr 1919, s/o Edward Byington and Myrtle (Suggs) Mayhall, [WM]
Mayhall, Edward G., b. 26 May 1914, d. 5 Jan 1916, s/o Edward Byington amd Myrtle (Suggs) Mayhall, [WM]
Mayhall, F. M., b. 17 Jun 1861, d. 12 Dec 1916, s/o William and Mary (Smith) Conway Mayhall, aka Francis Marion or Franklin M. Mayhall, Woodmen of the World stone, Note: 1860 census Blount County AL, gives date of birth as 1860, [WM]
Mayhall, Frank T., b. 4 Dec 1880, d. 17 Oct 1976, s/o F. M. and Hollie (Gray) Hough Mayhall, aka Franklin Taylor Mayhall, military footstone inscribed "Pvt, US Army, World War I", [WM]
Mayhall, Frank, b. 1 Oct 1915, d. 9 Apr 1919, s/o Edward Byington and Myrtle (Suggs) Mayhall, [WM]
Mayhall, George, b. 1896, d. 1972, h/o Osy (Bright) Mayhall, s/o F. M. and Hollie (Gray) Hough Mayhall, "Remembered forever", [WM]
Mayhall, Hollie, b. 1864, d. 1922, w/o F. M. Mayhall, [WM]
Mayhall, Mary Lee, b. 28 Oct 1894, d. 8 Feb 1971, w/o William Henry Mayhall, d/o Robert Lee and Eliza Louise (Weatherford) Mayabb, "At rest", s/w William Henry Mayhall, [WM]
Mayhall, Mary Sue, b. 19 Feb 1923, d. 19 Jan 1982, w/o Floyd Mayhall, s/w Floyd Mayhall, [WM]
Mayhall, Orvand, b. 9 May 1920, d. 1 Oct 1984, s/o George and Osy (Bright) Mayhall, military headstone inscribed "US Army, World War II", [WM]
Mayhall, Osy, b. 1901, d. 1965, w/o George Mayhall, "Remembered forever", s/w George Mayhall, [WM]
Mayhall, Tony, b. 1929, d. 1937, s/o George and Osy (Bright) Mayhall, [WM]
Mayhall, Will (Bill), b. 13 Feb 1887, d. 16 Nov 1952, h/o Mary Lee (Mayabb) Mayhall, s/o William and Mary (Smith) Conway Mayhall, aka William Henry Mayhall, "At rest", s/w Mary Lee Mayhall, [WM]
Mayhall, Willie E., b. 20 Mar 1916, d. 17 Jul 1981, s/o William Henry and Mary Lee (Mayabb) Mayhall, "Our loved one", military footstone, S Sgt US Army, [WM]
Mayhall. Floyd, b. 13 Mar 1920, d. no date, s/o William Henry and Mary Lee (Mayabb) Mayhall, s/w Mary Sue Mayhall, [WM]
Mills, Earl Wayne, b. 18 Jul 1912, d. Apr 1978, h/o Alma Mills, [RM]
Mills, Larry, b. 31 Aug 1939, d. Feb 1980, h/o Beverly, [RM]
Nelson, Eldridge Fleming, b. 17 Mar 1880, d. 4 Feb 1944, h/o Laura Burns (Williams) Nelson, [SW]
Nelson, Laura Burns, b. 22 Feb 1885, d. 26 Dec 1956, w/o Eldridge F. Nelson, d/o James R. and Saphrona (Whitecotton) Williams, [SW]
Nelson, Mary Alma, b. 22 Aug 1880, d. 07 Dec 1972, w/o Oscar Conrad Nelson, [CN]
Nelson, Oscar Conrad, b. 01 Oct 1875, d. 15 Mar 1945, h/o Mary Alma Carter, [CN]
Nelson, Rual Wyatt, b. 09 Sep 1908, d. 12 Feb 1980, s/o Oscar & Mary Nelson, [CN]
O'Dell, Evelyn Cavender, b. 7 May 1923, d. 2 Dec 1985, "Always loving and faithful daughter, mother, grandmother, d/o William John and Lula (Pemberton) Cavender, [WM]
Phillips, Billy Howard, b. Nov 23, 1931 McCurtain Co., OK, d. Jun 29, 1981, s/o Lewis Coleman and Katherine D. "Kate" Wauhop Phillips, m. #1 Paula Tuggle, #2 Virginia Bartlett, [LL]
Phillips, Lewis Coleman, b. Jun 26, 1907 Franklin Co., AL, d. Feb 5, 1978, s/o G.C. and Hattie Emiline Shepherd Phillips, m. Katherine D. "Kate" Wauhop, [LL]
Scott, Katie Mae Cavender, b. 26 May 1925, d. 23 Jun 1967, d/o William John and Lula (Pemberton) Cavender, "In loving memory", [WM]
Squires, Bill, b. 6 Jul 1927, d. no date, h/o Maxine (Mayhall) Squires, "Parents of David, Debbie and Deanna, s/w Maxine Squires , [WM]
Squires, Maxine, b. 11 Feb 1924, d. no date, w/o Bill Squires, d/o William Henry and Mary Lee (Mayabb) Mayhall, "Parents of David, Debbie and Deanna, s/w Bill Squires , [WM]
West, Rilla LeFevers, b. 17 Nov 1906, d. 25 Jul 1983, bur. 28 Jul 1983, w/o Roy Clarence West, d/o James Isaac and Lydia Caroline Hardcastle LeFevers, [RM]
West, Roy Clarence, b. 03 Dec 1905, d. 11 Sep 1999, bur. 14 Sep 1999, m. 14 Jul 1928, h/o Rilla LeFevers, s/o Groves and Mary Frances Gills West, [RM]
White, Mary, b. 1875, d. 1930, w/o Edward Joshua Gray, s/w Edward Joshua Gray, [WM]
Williams, James Hiram "Pete", b. 20 Oct 1882, d. 11 Dec 1947, s/o James R. and Saphrona (Whitecotton) Williams, [SW]
Williams, Robert Dee, b 30 Oct 1880, d. 4 Oct 1968, s/o James R. and Saphrona (Whitecotton) Williams, [SW]
Williams, Saphrona, b. 22 Nov 1854, d. 28 Jun 1925, w/o James R. Williams, d/o James and Louisa "Eza" (Turner) Whitecotton, [SW]

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