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Walters Cemetery
Walters, Cotton County, Oklahoma

Contributed by Aggie Cochrane,

Quickle, Danny K., no dates
Quickle, Dewey G., b. 09-11-1900, d. 04-26-1960, age: 60yr
Quickle, Olga Jean, b. 11-23-1943, d. 03-08-1945, age: 98yr
Quickle, Stella Jane, b. 01-07-1905, d. 01-04-1991, age: 86yr
Quoyah, Baby, no dates
Quoyah, Walter & Clara, b. 04-07-1931, d.
Quqetone, Lilly Akemah, b. 04-23-1908, d. 09-16-1985, age: 77yr, Nahwooksy
Radley, C. L., no dates
Radley, Lula A., b. 04-14-1874, d. 12-21-1943, age: 69yr
Radney, Claud J., b. 04-29-1896, d. 02-21-1960, age: 64yr
Radney, Fred M., b. 02-21-1937, d. no date, OK
Radney, Happy, b. 02-26-1912, d. 04-21-1962, age: 50yr
Radney, Luther B., b. 04-23-1888, d. 06-23-1955, age: 67yr
Radney, T. M., b. 03-17-1868, d. 03-05-1911, age: 43yr
Raimondi, Christine Danette, b. 06-18-1970, d. 10-26-1970, age: 4mo, baby
Rainey, James H., b. 1882, d. 1952, age: 70yr
Rainey, Nettie S., b. 1888, d. 1965, age: 77yr
Ramage, Paul, no dates
Ramey, Dora Tennie, b. 07-26-1902, d. 09-16-1993, age: 91yr, Wed:3-26-1921
Ramey, William H., b. 03-10-1892, d. 04-29-1954, age: 62yr, Pattonburg, MO
Ramirez, Alejandro, no dates
Ramos, Francisca A. Barrera, b. 07-24-1922, d. 07-04-2000, age: 78yr
Ramsdale, Joe L., b. 08-30-1891, d. 11-13-1975, age: 84yr
Ramsdale, Lena, b. 01-13-1896, d. 09-21-1949, age: 53yr
Ramsey, B. F., b. 05-06-1875, d. 01-25-1952, age: 77yr
Ramsey, Roener, b. 07-30-1876, d. 10-07-1954, age: 78yr
Randall, Clo Ellen, b. 1909, d. 1975, age: 66yr
Randall, Delbert A., b. 1905, d. 1964, age: 59yr
Randall, G. H., b. 06-05-1987, d. 02-18-1971, age: 84yr
Randall, Gilbert W., b. 1869, d. 1947, age: 78yr
Randall, Harter Dean, b. 07-03-1926, d. 11-24-1982, age: 56yr
Randall, Julia I., b. 1873, d. 1976, age: 97yr
Randell, Estele O., b. 09-21-1896, d. 06-17-1963, age: 67yr, Book has Randall
Randell, George H., b., d., age: Book has Randall
Rankin, Egbert E., no dates
Rash, Annie Isabell, b., d. 09-09-1932, age: M, b
Rash, Cheryl, no dates
Rash, Effie P., b. 1892, d. 1962, age: 70yr
Rash, Etta May, b. 11-11-1818, d. 11-12-1918, age: 100yr
Rash, J. W., b. 02-02-1861, d. 05-13-1942, age: 81yr
Rash, Joseph A., b., d. 12-03-1923
Rash, Joseph E., b. 1888, d. 1961, age: 70yr
Rash, Joseph E., no dates
Rash, Lawannah Deon, b. 09-09-1920, d. 07-28-1995, age: 75yr
Rash, Mary L., b. 04-27-1857, d. 06-07-1938, age: 81yr
Rash, Thomas Martin, b. 02-24-1886, d. 01-11-1919, age: 33yr, Book has Thomas N.
Rash, William A., no dates
Rasp, Allisie, b., d. 09-25-1969
Ratcliff, Opal Louise, b. 06-07-1923, d. 09-29-1986, age: 63yr
Ratcliff, Raymond, b. 05-23-1925, d. no date
Rater, Archie, b. 04-15-1884, d. 02-13-1963, age: 79yr
Rater, Ila M., b. 06-07-1890, d. 05-31-1979, age: 89yr
Rath, Doris Nell, b. 06-23-1922, d. no date, Wed:8-17-1941
Rath, Robert Lee, b. 07-27-1920, d. no date
Ratliff, James Sidney, b. 02-09-1895, d. 06-17-1961, age: 66yr
Ratliff, James W., no dates
Ratliff, John, no dates
Ratliff, Lary L., no dates
Ratliff, Lavada, no dates
Ratliff, Norma Jean, no dates
Ratliff, Ola O., no dates
Ratliff, Robert C., no dates
Ratliff, Vida E., b. 1899, d. 1967, age: 68yr, Wed:6-17-1917
Rator, Archie E., no dates
Rator, Ila, no dates
Ray, Adelean, b. 05-31-1889, d. 01-22-1964, age: 75yr
Ray, Andrew S., b. 07-29-1912, d. 12-14-1963, age: 51yr
Ray, Baby Girl, no dates
Ray, Darrell Keith, b. 03-05-1965, d. 11-22-1986, age: 21yr
Ray, Hugh A., b. 03-29-1881, d. 10-20-1938, age: 57yr
Ray, Olive Pricilla, b. 04-23-1914, d. 11-13-1997, age: 83yr
Ray, Sherry Lynn, b. 04-22-1961, d. 01-16-1978, age: 17yr
Reagan, Harvey Ray, b. 04-06-1947, d. 04-08-1947, age: 2da, baby, Book has Reagan
Recer, Claude S., b. 12-19-1930, d. 08-07-1989, age: 59yr
Recer, Pearl Mae, b. 10-31-1907, d. 01-05-1994, age: 87yr
Red Elk, Baby, no dates
Red Elk, Elgin, no dates
Red Elk, Frances Marie 'Nelso', no dates
Red Elk, Frank, no dates
Red Elk, Lindy E., no dates
Red Elk, Martha Virginia, b. 08-24-1919, d. 03-19-1998, age: 79yr
Red Elk, Michael Ray, no dates
Red Elk, Nemah, b. 1923, d. 1930, age: 7yr, Child
Red Elk, Roderick E., no dates
Red Elk, Wilbur, b. 05-19-1915, d. 08-18-1993, age: 78yr, Wed: 1-1-1939
Redd, Sarah Frances, b. 10-30-1919, d. 10-26-1991, age: 72yr
Redelk, Elgin, b. 12-19-1919, d. 05-24-1959, age: 40yr
Redelk, Floyd Anthony, no dates
Redelk, Frank, b. 09-05-1898, d. 04-26-1949, age: 51yr
Redelk, Lindy E., b. 07-07-1950, d. 07-02-1969, age: 19yr
Redelk, Maud, b. 12-28-1902, d. 06-04-1961, age: 59yr
Redelk, Michael Ray, b. 05-07-1975, d. 08-29-1999, age: 23yr
Redelk, Nemah, no dates
Redelk, Rederick E., b. 09-22-1952, d. 07-02-1969, age: 17yr
Redfern, Edith, no dates
Reece, Andrew Jackson, b. 01-27-1908, d. 02-09-1985, age: 77yr
Reece, Anna E., b. 10-05-1875, d. 12-20-1935, age: 60yr
Reece, Baby Son, no dates
Reece, Baby, no dates
Reece, Barbara Ellen, b. 09-10-1943, d. no date, Daug of Elva & Richard
Reece, Charlie L., b. 1892, d. 1937, age: 45yr
Reece, Clara B., b. 09-28-1912, d. no date
Reece, Curtis D., b. 05-05-1914, d. 03-23-1983, age: 69yr
Reece, Darrell Ray, b. 1941, d. 1950, age: 9yr
Reece, Edward Elmo, b. 01-16-1919, d. 10-30-1987, age: 68yr, Wed:4-4-1939
Reece, Elizabeth Louvera, b. 09-24-1888, d. 06-20-1982, age: 84yr
Reece, Elva Edith, b. 12-03-1910, d. 09-06-1995, age: 85yr
Reece, Estella, b. 1899, d. 1961, age: 62yr
Reece, Fannie E., b. 08-19-1888, d. 03-18-1968, age: 80yr
Reece, Finus Wesley, b. 01-08-1912, d. 08-13-1984, age: 72yr
Reece, Frances L., b. 01-26-1915, d. no date
Reece, G. W. 'Dee', b. 09-07-1903, d. 09-15-1983, age: 80yr
Reece, George Curtis, b. 11-09-1879, d. 10-04-1943, age: 64yr
Reece, Grinup Whitfield, b., d., age: May be line above, B,
Reece, Harley Lee, b. 01-16-1910, d. 04-18-1971, age: 61yr
Reece, I. W., b. 1848, d. 1920, age: 72yr
Reece, Ima Lee, b. 03-10-1920, d. no date
Reece, Jackie Ray, b. 03-05-1931, d. 03-05-1931, age: 0yr, Baby
Reece, James A., b. 10-24-1880, d. 06-24-1956, age: 76yr
Reece, James Luther, b. 05-29-1908, d. 01-14-2000, age: 92yr
Reece, Jerry Don, b. 05-25-1940, d. 07-12-1948, age: 8yr
Reece, Kirby Michael, b. 1943, d. 1959, age: 16yr
Reece, Lora G., b. 07-01-1966, d. 07-02-1966, age: 1da, baby
Reece, Lora M. 'Briscoe', b. 02-11-1913, d. no date, Wed:10-19-1931
Reece, Luther, b. 09-18-1887, d. 07-08-1946, age: 59yr
Reece, M. W., no dates
Reece, Mary Jane, b. 12-08-1910, d. 08-20-1976, age: 66yr
Reece, Mary Marie, b. 09-29-1918, d. 01-31-1995, age: 77yr
Reece, Morrison M., b. 04-07-1867, d. 04-14-1925, age: 58yr
Reece, Pricey 'Allen', b. 10-09-1881, d. 04-03-1929, age: 48yr
Reece, Reeva P., b. 11-23-1909, d. 07-04-1991, age: 82yr
Reece, Richard Clarence, b. 12-10-1903, d. 03-16-1987, age: 84yr
Reece, Russell Leroy, b. 05-29-1910, d. 02-15-1996, age: 86yr, Wed:7-5-1930
Reece, Sallie A., b. 1855, d. 1918, age: 63yr
Reece, Sonny, no dates
Reece, Sudie Louetta, b. 01-03-1940, d. 01-03-1940, 0yr, Baby
Reece, W.W., b., d. 12-08-1911, age: 36yr, 4mo-20days
Reed, Angi Lee, b. 12-02-1908, d. 02-22-1998, age: 90yr, Wed: 1-1-1930
Reed, Baby Girl, b. 11-27-1948, d. no date, Baby-Tom & Lola
Reed, Baby Girl, no dates
Reed, Barbara Nell B., b. 03-01-1929, d. 07-25-1972, age: 43yr
Reed, C. H., b., d., age: Maybe line above
Reed, Claud, no dates
Reed, Claude E., b. 02-11-1902, d. 10-10-1971, age: 69yr
Reed, Dorothy Jo, b. 04-08-1924, d. no date, Tarkington
Reed, Fannie M., no dates
Reed, G. H., b. 12-11-1882, d. 02-18-1925, age: 43yr
Reed, J. H., b. 1853, d. 1940, age: 87yr
Reed, John Franklin, b. 01-19-1898, d. 10-05-1993, age: 95yr
Reed, John M., b. 08-11-1879, d. 12-18-1967, age: 88yr
Reed, Lee Eugene, b. 01-26-1946, d. 11-30-1985, age: 39yr
Reed, Marcus Albert Jr., no dates
Reed, Mary A., b. 07-10-1884, d. 03-28-1956, age: 72yr
Reed, Mary Elizabeth 'Bettie', b. 01-22-1916, d. 05-03-1999, age: 83yr
Reed, Myrtle O. 'Adams', b. 12-24-1896, d. 12-23-1993, age: 97yr
Reed, V. Viona, b. 06-23-1914, d. 03-29-2000, age: 86yr
Reed, William David, no dates
Reel, Charles G., b. 1894, d. 1961, age: 67yr
Reel, Glenn L., b. 06-07-1926, d. 07-21-1984, age: 58yr
Reel, Lois 'Adkins', b. 12-29-1925, d. 11-25-1997, age: 72yr
Reel, Vida V., b. 1894, d. 1960, age: 66yr
Regg, Maude, b. 05-21-1890, d. 05-05-1978, age: 87yr
Reid, Ellois Ann, b. 08-03-1894, d. 12-29-1972, age: 78yr
Reid, Marcus Albert, b. 07-04-1884, d. 07-06-1951, age: 67yr
Reigh, Irene C., no dates
Reiser, C. L., no dates
Reiser, Delila Margaret, b. 11-10-1886, d. 04-01-1955, age: 69yr
Reiser, Jacob George, b. 12-05-1884, d. 05-14-1948, age: 64yr
Reiser, John, no dates
Reiser, Robert J., no dates
Reiser, Walter F., no dates
Relation, Harold D., b. 11-23-1915, d. 08-07-1988, age: 73yr
Relation, Maude Jewell, b. 09-10-1909, d. 12-19-1987, age: 78yr
Renegar, Charles W., b. 03-26-1899, d. 01-10-1971, age: 72yr
Renegar, Leta B., no dates
Renegar, Lillie Lavone, b. 12-25-1901, d.
Renegar, Robert D., no dates
Renegar, T. B., no dates
Renegar, Thada B., no dates
Renken, Ethel 'Coffey', no dates
Renner, Bertie E., b. 09-29-1877, d. 05-17-1966, age: 89yr
Renner, Lewis B., b. 1865, d. 1954, age: 89yr
Ressel, Baby Girl, no dates
Ressel, Benjamin Leo, b. 04-13-1906, d. 07-23-1986, age: 80yr
Ressel, Helen Reba, b. 07-04-1907, d. 11-20-1973, age: 66yr
Ressel, Herbert, b. 12-09-1879, d. 07-31-1950, age: 71yr
Ressel, Raymond F., b. 02-05-1911, d. 06-07-1947, age: 36yr
Ressel, Regina K., b. 01-16-1880, d. 12-29-1965, age: 85yr
Revell, Henry D., b. 08-31-1898, d. 08-01-1956, age: 58yr
Revell, P. Elizabeth, b. 02-23-1891, d. 01-18-1976, age: 85yr
Revelle, David A., no dates
Revelle, Fancis, no dates
Revelle, Isaac K., no dates
Revelle, Jarmiel, no dates
Reynolds, Dicie 'Walker', b. 07-11-1904, d. 10-10-1981, age: 77yr
Reynolds, Grady, b. 07-10-1905, d. 12-10-1966, age: 51yr
Reynolds, John Rogers, b. 07-10-1889, d. 06-19-1971, age: 82yr
Reynolds, Neva M., b. 12-18-1894, d. 12-02-1997, age: 97yr, Book has Nera Minnie
Reynolds, William A., b. 07-11-1919, d. 11-02-1944, age: 25yr
Rhinehart, Bennette, b. 02-07-1832, d. 03-13-1909, age: 77yr
Rhinehart, Catherine, b. 1840, d. 1912, age: 72yr
Rhoades, Ada J., no dates
Rhoades, Jacob L., no dates
Rhoades, Lera B., no dates
Rhoades, Robert Paul, no dates
Rhoads, Mark Jr., b. 09-28-1987, d., age: Book has 'RHODES
Rhodes, Lee, b. 1866, d. 1941, age: 75yr
Rhodes, Sarah E., b. 1871, d. 1961, age: 90yr, Book has 'Rhodes
Rhodes, Walton Jerome, b. 11-08-1896, d. 07-25-1963, age: 67yr, Book has 'Rhodes
Rice, Arlie M., b. 05-29-1870, d. 0-11-1958, age: 88yr
Rice, Arra Ella, b. 1881, d. 1946, age: 65yr
Rice, Charley, b. 01-28-1867, d. 08-01-1944, age: 77yr
Rice, Clara Leola, b. 08-11-1914, d. 02-04-2000, age: 86yr
Rice, Elvin Monroe (Abe), b. 04-15-1909, d. 11-09-1981, age: 72yr
Rice, Emma L., no dates
Rice, Georgia Mae, b. 09-17-1912, d. 12-15-1991, age: 79yr, Wed: 11-16-1929
Rice, Lonnie Madison, b. 08-09-1913, d. 03-22-1962, age: 49yr
Rice, Oscar D., b. 1871, d. 1942, age: 71yr
Rice, Tommie B., no dates
Rice, W. A., no dates
Rich, Aaron Beeler, no dates
Rich, Annie 'Cannon', b. 08-27-1878, d. 04-21-1970, age: 92yr
Rich, Annie May, no dates
Rich, Baby Son, no dates
Rich, C.W., b. 1860, d. 1930, age: 60yr
Rich, Cora Pearl, b. 02-16-1888, d. 12-13-1971, age: 83yr
Rich, Essie M., no dates
Rich, George W., no dates
Rich, Herbert, no dates
Rich, Jonathan W., b. 05-31-1884, d. 10-07-1971, age: 87yr
Rich, Lawrence W., no dates
Rich, Margrett, b. 1864, d. 1938, age: 74yr
Rich, Melvin H., no dates
Richards, Leon Lee 'Pete', b. 03-08-1909, d. 12-22-1989, age: 80yr
Richards, Margaret L., b. 06-26-1910, d. 05-26-1984, age: 74yr
Richards, Zella Maye, no dates
Richardson, Alex, no dates
Richardson, Baby Boy, b. 03-19-1949, d. no date, Baby of W.J. & Marion
Richardson, Dovie M. 'Calfy', b. 06-22-1914, d. 12-11-1974, age: 60yr
Richardson, Harry N., b. 08-14-1903, d. 05-29-2001, age: 98yr
Richardson, James Lee, b. 03-19-1933, d. 03-29-1933, age: 10da, baby
Richardson, Lucy J., b. 1893, d. 19??
Richardson, Sadie C., b. 03-07-1904, d. 09-05-1988, age: 84yr
Richardson, William O., b. 1876, d. 1961, age: 85yr
Richardson, Wm. Aler, b. 05-31-1892, d. 02-04-1969, age: 77yr
Richmond, Barron Keith, b. 04-02-1962, d. 08-31-1980, age: 18yr
Rickman, Jennie V., b. 07-08-1877, d. 02-13-1915, age: 38yr
Riddles, Andy, no dates
Riddles, Daniel (Dan), b. 09-14-1899, d. 02-29-1988, age: 89yr
Riddles, Daniel Leon, no dates
Riddles, Edna Valmar, b., d., age: Book has Riddle', B,
Riddles, Emily, b. 07-04-1879, d. 09-07-1964, age: 85yr
Riddles, Jane 'Mother Me', b. 1893, d. 1930, age: 37yr
Riddles, John Ashby, b. 01-12-1887, d. 01-31-1953, age: 64yr
Riddles, Lee A., no dates
Riddles, Leon, b. 07-07-1929, d. 04-08-1986, age: 57yr
Riddles, Nathan Lee, no dates
Riddles, Oley A., b. 03-31-1887, d. 12-06-1967, age: 80yr
Riddles, Raymond, b. 04-01-1924, d. 11-03-1925, age: 19mo, bAby
Riddles, Roy Virgil, b. 01-26-1921, d. 07-17-1989, age: 68yr
Riddles, Samford R., no dates
Riddles, Sofie Mae, b. 04-09-1912, d. 04-08-2000, age: 88yr
Riddles, Stanley, b. 02-05-1929, d. 09-20-2001, age: 72yr
Riddles, Thelma Nadine 'Davis', no dates
Riddles, Wallace Ray, b. 10-09-1928, d. 07-23-1981, age: 53yr
Riddles, William Wesley, b. 10-23-1883, d. 11-17-1946, age: 63yr
Riddles, Zelmond, b. 04-09-1896, d. 08-12-1982, age: 86yr
Riggin, Alice M., no dates
Riggins, Alice M., b. 1870, d. 1942, age: 72yr
Riggins, Eddie E., b. 05-25-1960, d. 06-19-1977, age: 17yr
Riggins, Robbie L., b. 09-02-1961, d. 07-07-1977, age: 16yr
Riggle, Mina Hayes, b. 1898, d. 1960, age: 62yr
Riggs, Frances Gertrude, no dates
Riggs, Gladys, b. 1910, d. 1967, age: 57yr
Riggs, Otto, b. 1903, d. 1978, age: 75yr
Rineheart, Bennett, no dates
Rineheart, Catharine, no dates
Rineheart, James A., no dates
Rippee, Calvin Fred 'Rip', b. 05-15-1911, d. 02-10-1997, age: 86yr, Book has Rippe'
Rippee, Mary Alice 'Marsh', b. 12-19-1913, d. 01-31-1995, age: 82yr, Wed:8-11-1939
Risenhoover, Monnie, b. 1874, d. 1954, age: 80yr
Risinger, Martha Ann, b. 12-20-1932, d. 07-06-1968, age: 36yr
Ritchey, Ella E., no dates
Ritchey, Raymond, no dates
Ritchey, Romian M., no dates
Roach, Wesley M., b. 1926, d. 1973, age: 47yr, Book has Wiley M.
Roady, Nelma L., no dates
Roark, Hariette E., b. 1874, d. 1961, age: 87yr
Roark, Harriethe E., no dates
Roark, William R., b. 1855, d. 1941, age: 86yr
Robbins, Alvin Alanzo, b. 02-14-1908, d. 01-27-1993, age: 85yr, Wed: 6-20-1937
Robbins, C. M., b. 1865, d. 1932, age: 67yr
Robbins, Charles A.-Charley, b. 08-23-1877, d. 10-12-1962, age: 85yr
Robbins, Claudie M., b. 06-03-1916, d. no date
Robbins, Ella Van Dora, b. 1881, d. 1976, age: 95yr
Robbins, Helen F., b. 1856, d. 1946, age: 90yr
Robbins, James Orlie, b. 1882, d. 1945, age: 63yr
Robbins, Mary Lucille 'Plunkett', b. 01-06-1911, d. 11-18-1993, age: 82yr
Robbins, Myrtle Minnie, b. 05-26-1888, d. 12-23-1972, age: 84yr
Robbins, Raymond B., b. 08-10-1905, d. 04-10-1976, age: 71yr
Robbins, Rhoda, no dates
Roberson, Marion Benjamin, b. 07-22-1918, d.
Roberson, Wanda R. 'Doty', b. 06-06-1922, d. no date, Wed: 2-19-1944
Roberts, Alma T., b. 01-17-1924, d. no date
Roberts, Daisy, b. 05-03-1921, d. no date
Roberts, Georgann, b. 12-18-1955, d. no date, Baby
Roberts, George Ann, no dates
Roberts, Georgia 'Morris', b. 08-18-1897, d. 07-25-1993, age: 96yr
Roberts, J. W. 'Dub', b. 03-05-1925, d. 03-25-1994, age: 69yr
Roberts, Melvin E., b. 10-16-1917, d. 11-12-1991, age: 74yr, Wed: 7-13-1941
Roberts, Merila, b. 04-09-1928, d. no date
Roberts, Nannie Sue, b. 09-15-1872, d. 10-29-1917, age: 45yr
Roberts, Paul, b. 12-19-1919, d. 05-11-1998, age: 79yr, Wed: 6-26-1941
Roberts, Richard Eugene, b. 04-28-1949, d. 04-30-1949, age: 2da, baby
Roberts, Wiley N., b. 04-11-1895, d. 06-25-1971, age: 76yr
Roberts, William Paul, no dates
Robertson, Ada Linnie, b. 02-04-1905, d. 11-25-1975, age: 70yr
Robertson, Cleatus A., no dates
Robertson, Clella, no dates
Robertson, Fred L., no dates
Robertson, Ina L., b. 08-31-1901, d. 12-25-1969, age: 68yr
Robertson, James Lee, b. 06-27-1897, d. 07-22-1965, age: 68yr
Robertson, James M., no dates
Robertson, James Norman, no dates
Robertson, Lois Velma, no dates
Robertson, Lola A., no dates
Robertson, Loye, no dates
Robertson, Milton O., no dates
Robertson, Ruth, no dates
Robertson, Susie N., no dates
Robertson, Thelma G., no dates
Robets, Viola, no dates
Robinson, James D., b., d. 11-25-1957
Robinson, Lucy Jane, b. 02-11-1884, d. 01-06-1979, age: 95yr
Robinson, Marvin M., b. 08-02-1903, d. 05-15-1992, age: 89yr
Robinson, Marvin Monroe, no dates
Robinson, W.R. 'Shorty', b. 04-03-1913, d. 06-14-1973, age: 60yr
Robinson, Willis R., no dates
Robison, Edgar, b. 1856, d. 1934, age: 78yr
Robison, Fern L., no dates
Rockwell, Clara B., b. 1864, d. 1925, age: 66yr
Rockwell, Florence A. 'Guinn', b. 06-30-1889, d. 11-13-1985, age: 96yr
Rockwell, Floyd C., b. 02-17-1909, d. 01-02-1993, age: 84yr
Rockwell, Leonard F., b. 04-11-1885, d. 01-12-1953, age: 68yr
Rockwell, Myrtle Juanita, b. 08-11-1910, d. 07-10-1978, age: 68yr
Rockwell, Rev. F. M., no dates
Rockwell, Robert Lee, b. 03-24-1932, d. 05-27-1990, age: 58yr
Rockwell, Samuel, b. 02-13-1818, d. 01-11-1908, age: 90yr
Rodgers, George W., no dates
Rodgers, Henry Lee, no dates
Rodgers, Jonathon M., no dates
Rodgers, Lillie A., no dates
Rodgers, Mervia M., no dates
Rodgers, Willard R., no dates
Rodolph, Cora, no dates
Rodolph, Hazel, no dates
Rodolph, Pauline B., no dates
Rodolph, Rev. Clyde B. Sr., no dates
Rodolph, Roy E., no dates
Rodriguez, Maria Consuelo, b. 08-28-1904, d. 04-26-1994, age: 90yr, Mexico Born
Rogers, Azada, no dates
Rogers, Billy Ray, b. 06-19-1932, d. 09-02-1952, age: 20yr
Rogers, Clarence W., b. 06-06-1893, d. 08-25-1970, age: 77yr
Rogers, G. Imogene, b. 02-25-1922, d. no date, Wed:12-7-1941
Rogers, George M., no dates
Rogers, J. Marcus, b. 01-18-1894, d. 11-02-1978, age: 84yr
Rogers, Laura Beatrice, b. 08-06-1914, d.
Rogers, Lawrence Homer, b. 12-06-1904, d. 04-17-1987, age: 83yr
Rogers, Lorine, b. 11-30-1904, d. 12-02-1908, age: 4yr, Child-G.M. & A.E. Rogers
Rogers, Loyd Robe (Bone), b. 03-10-1913, d. 02-08-1994, age: 81yr
Rogers, Marvin (Boney) Fr, b. 11-20-1911, d. 01-16-1994, age: 83yr, Wed:5-6-1939
Rogers, Mary Estelle, b. 10-28-1906, d. 10-06-1986, age: 80yr, Wed: 10-12-1924
Rogers, Melvin Clarence, b. 12-26-1919, d. 11-22-1984, age: 65yr
Rogers, Minnie M., b. 07-06-1905, d. 05-12-1929, age: 24yr
Rogers, Reba, b., d. no date
Rogers, Ruby E., b. 08-07-1894, d. 06-08-1984, age: 90yr
Rogers, Ruby Eudora, no dates
Rogers, Wallace m., no dates
Rogers, Willard R., b. 05-28-1927, d. 07-29-1947, age: 20yr
Roland, Edna Magdalena, b. 12-24-1901, d. 01-18-1991, age: 90yr
Roland, James W., b. 12-24-1896, d. 06-11-1943, age: 47yr
Roland, Mary E., no dates
Roland, Mat Frank, b. 06-06-1918, d. 12-23-1994, age: 76yr
Roland, Mat, b. 09-04-1896, d. 05-06-1940, age: 44yr
Roland, Sadie, no dates
Roland, W. M., no dates
Roller, Besie C., b. 09-13-1890, d. 06-10-1958, age: 68yr
Roller, George L., b. 04-17-1925, d. 07-14-1997, age: 72yr
Roller, George W., b. 05-09-1886, d. 05-24-1965, age: 79yr
Roller, George, no dates
Romines, Gertrude E., no dates
Rone, John L., no dates
Rone, Leonard L., b. 1906, d. 1956, age: 50yr
Rone, Sudie, no dates
Roper, Cody Scott, b. 05-06-1987, d. 10-01-1987, age: 5mo, baby
Rosada, Cenobio, b. 10-13-1934, d. 03-02-2001, age: 67yr
Rose, Effie E., no dates
Roser, Leon Allen, b. 08-02-1902, d. 08-18-1954, age: 52yr
Ross, Danny E., b. 02-24-1945, d. 02-28-1945, age: 4da- Baby of J.S. Ross
Ross, Mary J., no dates
Ross, Patrick Allen, b. 03-21-1944, d. 03-21-1944, age: 0yr, Baby of Jeanne Smith Ross
Ross, W. M., no dates
Rothwell, Alice Elizabeth, b. 12-30-1887, d. 02-28-1982, age: 95yr
Rothwell, Charles F., b. 06-01-1873, d. 02-17-1960, age: 87yr
Round, Emmaline E., no dates
Rover, Mary Lee, b. 07-21-1928, d. 09-13-1985, age: 57yr
Row, Enoch, no dates
Row, Mary C., no dates
Rowan, Edith B., no dates
Rowan, Hattie E. 'Woodward', no dates
Rowan, Robert S., no dates
Roy, Shirry Lynn, no dates
Royce, Nellie, b. 1892, d. 1973, age: 81yr
Royce, Nellie, no dates
Royce, S. R., b. 1863, d. 1949, age: 86yr
Rudolph, Clyde Byron, b. 08-13-1903, d. 01-08-1985, age: 82yr
Rudolph, Pauline Bell, b. 05-21-1901, d. 09-28-1976, age: 75yr, Wed:3-22-1924
Rudolph, Wayne, no dates
Rue, J. A., no dates
Rue, Sam S., no dates
Rugg, Alice B., no dates
Ruggles, Garland G. (Pug), b. 1907, d. 1962, age: 55yr
Ruggles, Lisque, b., d. no date
Ruiz, Pedro Gabriel, b. 10-15-1900, d. 05-04-1964, age: 64yr
Rupe, Betty A., b. 08-17-1937, d. no date, Wed:4-23-1955 -Kenneth C.
Rupe, Carl Ray, no dates
Rupe, David A., b. 01-15-1870, d. 02-02-1956, age: 86yr
Rupe, Georgia Lavon, b. 02-02-1911, d. no date, Wed: 8-10-1925 to Henry Loyd
Rupe, Henry Loyd, b. 02-23-1908, d. no date
Rupe, Jessie C., no dates
Rupe, Jessie M., b. 04-07-1873, d. 06-03-1953, age: 80yr
Rupe, John Newton, b. 1901, d. 1981, age: 80yr
Rupe, Kenneth C., b. 01-21-1935, d. no date
Rupe, Lenord N., no dates
Rupe, Mildred L., b. 1904, d. 1968, age: 64yr
Rusk, Doyal, b. 11-05-1915, d. 09-13-1984, age: 69yr
Rusk, Ella Mae, b. 05-21-1892, d. 09-27-1959, age: 67yr
Rusk, Lena Ruth, no dates
Rusk, Osdwild Doyle, b. 01-18-1888, d. 01-15-1970, age: 82yr
Rusk, Osdwild L., no dates
Rusk, Ruth, b. 03-11-1916, d. 02-10-1993, age: 77yr, Wed:1-19-1935
Russell, Floyd Allen, b. 05-06-1942, d. 10-28-1983, age: 41yr
Russell, Linda Sue, b. 08-05-1946, d. no date
Ruth, Henry O., b. 05-02-1893, d. 01-23-1948, age: 55yr, OK.-Inf.
Ruth, J. D., no dates
Ruth, Myrtle E., b. 06-29-1900, d. 04-26-1975, age: 75yr
Ruyle, Baby Boy, b., d. no date, Baby of J.K. Ruyle
Ruyle, Floyd L., no dates
Ruyle, Harols L., no dates
Ruyle, Ida S., no dates
Ruyle, John Kenneth, b. 09-22-1904, d. 07-15-1996, age: 92yr
Ruyle, Loyd W., no dates
Ruyle, Lucian, no dates
Ruyle, Mary Josephine, b. 10-20-1909, d. 02-18-1999, age: 90yr, Lewis
Rzepa, Rudolf, no dates


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