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Walters Cemetery
Walters, Cotton County, Oklahoma

Contributed by Aggie Cochrane,

Falkebburg, Julia L., no dates
Falkenburg, Frank E., b. 01-29-1855, d. 10-23-1928, age: 73yr
Falkenburg, Howard N., b. 05-08-1896, d. 01-14-1924, age: 28yr
Farber, Benjamin Oscar, b. 1907, d. 1975, age: 68yr
Farber, Clifford, b. 1902, d. 1979, age: 77yr
Farber, Elizabeth, no dates
Farber, Geo. Wm., no dates
Farber, Joseph Nick, b. 09-19-1887, d. 11-05-1966, age: 79yr
Farber, Lela Kate 'Harmon', b. 10-05-1887, d. 02-21-1934, age: 47yr
Farber, Oscar M., no dates
Farber, Sarah E., no dates
Farber, Violet Virginia, b. 1907, d. 1991, age: 84yr
Farley, Chance C., b. 1861, d. 1941, age: 80yr
Farley, Clifford Clinton, b. 04-13-1916, d. 03-03-1994, age: 78yr
Farley, Howard Haskell, b. 09-20-1912, d. 03-16-1989, age: 77yr
Farley, Howard Leon, b. 03-14-1932, d. 04- 2001, age: 69yr
Farley, Stella G., b. 1892, d. 1969, age: 77yr
Faulk, Lula May, b. 11-05-1885, d. 02-25-1929, age: 44yr
Faulkner, Billie, b. 01-21-1911, d. 10-19-1960, age: 49yr
Faulkner, Joseph (Jake) CUL, b. 04-05-1910, d. 12-15-1962, age: 52yr
Ferguson, Albert Lee, b. 06-22-1907, d. 07-02-1986, age: 79yr, Wed:6-4-1925
Ferguson, Alma Mae, b. 07-24-1908, d. 07-25-1991, age: 83yr
Ferguson, Barbara Jean, b. 04-23-1941, d. 01-18-1989, age: 48yr, Book has Barbara T.
Ferguson, Charles W., no dates
Ferguson, Gary Lee, b. 09-05-1947, d. no date, Wed;11-26-1966
Ferguson, Glen H., b. 1925, d. no date
Ferguson, Louise, no dates
Ferguson, Tommie L., b. 1928, d. 1980, age: 52yr
Ferguson, Vicki Dell, b. 06-03-1921, d. 11-20-1982, age: 61yr
Ferrell, Katy F., no dates
Ferris, Annie M., no dates
Ferris, Sgott, no dates
Fessler, Edward G., b. 10-26-1908, d. 02-07-1992, age: 84yr, Book has Edward E
Fessler, Lena Gertrude, b. 06-06-1908, d. 01-25-1999, age: 91yr
Field, Bruce L., no dates
Fielding, Betty Jean, b. 02-21-1938, d. no date, Wed:6-27-1954
Fielding, Buck Corbett, b. 05-24-1910, d. 03-10-1981, age: 71yr
Fielding, Earl Gene, b. 01-14-1932, d. no date
Fielding, George W., b. 12-23-1894, d. 08-09-1956, age: 62yr
Fielding, Lennie 'Nannie', b. 01-10-1906, d. 01-13-1991, age: 85yr
Fielding, Mabel Clare, b. 03-30-1911, d. 03-09-2001, age: 90yr
Fielding, Otho (Pat) L., b. 02-21-1907, d. 02-27-1977, age: 70yr
Fields, Gloria Alice, b. 07-13-1931, d. 07-26-1996, age: 65yr
Fields, Mary M., b. 1879, d. 1947, age: 68yr
Fincher, Beulah Adella, b. 02-02-1911, d. 03-09-1997, age: 86yr
Fincher, Jesse William, b. 06-27-1904, d. 06-08-1990, age: 86yr
Finchum, Charles A., b. 09-26-1870, d. 07-03-1935, age: 65yr
Finchum, Charles Richard, b. 01-19-1938, d. 08-22-1956, age: 18yr
Finchum, James A., b. 04-28-1905, d. 12-19-1970, age: 65yr
Finchum, Myrtle May, b. 01-05-1878, d. 12-19-1953, age: 75yr
Finchum, Ovie L., b. 06-15-1913, d. 07-15-1987, age: 74yr
Finley, James B., b. 06-17-1888, d. 03-14-1956, age: 68yr
Finley, Lola Lee, b. 11-06-1895, d. 08-09-1996, age: 101yr
Finley, Ruby 'Goodwin', b. 08-22-1906, d. 10-07-1992, age: 86yr, Wed: 12-5-1925
Finley, William L., b. 08-18-1892, d. 07-29-1957, age: 65yr
Fisher, Johnnie D., b. 08-21-1902, d. 12-21-1948, age: 46yr
Fisher, Oma W., b. 09-10-1907, d. 12-01-1983, age: 76yr
Fisher, Osvelle Gale, b. 07-19-1946, d. 03-19-1995, age: 49yr
Fisher, Patricia Ann, b. 06-10-1947, d. no date
Fisk, Ila Fay, b. 01-18-1909, d. 01-19-1989, age: 80yr
Fisk, Sherb H., b. 10-03-1905, d. 11-19-1974, age: 69yr
Fitzsimons, James S., b. 12-19-1914, d. 02-06-1998, age: 84yr
Fitzsimons, Nettie Mae 'Sherwin', b. 08-09-1923, d. 09-06-1986, age: 63yr
Fitzsimons, S. K., b. 08-23-1892, d. 05-11-1982, age: 90yr, Book has Sallie Kate
Flanagan, Charles, b. 03-19-1881, d. 06-07-1975, age: 84yr
Flanagan, Joel Edward, b. 05-28-1964, d. 07-27-1964, age: 2mo, baby
Flanagan, John Andrew, b. 12-25-1955, d. 03-17-1956, age: 3mo, baby
Flanagan, John David, b. 07-08-1985, d. 07-08-1995, age: 0yr, Baby
Flanagan, Maggie, b. 06-04-1895, d. 10-08-1982, age: 87yr, Book has Margaret
Flannagan, Samuel T., no dates
Flatts, Georgia Virginia, no dates
Fletcher, Alice Beatrice, b. 09-02-1899, d. -1987, age: 88yr
Fletcher, Andrew J., no dates
Fletcher, Anna Dorris, b. 12-07-1913, d. no date
Fletcher, Annie B., no dates
Fletcher, Annie L., b. 04-09-1899, d. 04-03-1973, age: 74yr
Fletcher, Archie L., b. 1918, d. 1958, age: 40yr
Fletcher, Archie Raymond, b. 11-16-1913, d. 11-11-1994, age: 81yr
Fletcher, Baby Girl, b. 03-07-1921, d. 03-08-1921, age: 1da, baby of C. & L. Fletcher
Fletcher, Barnie H., b. 03-27-1900, d. 10-15-1977, age: 77yr
Fletcher, Bula A., b. 12-21-1908, d. 07-27-1973, age: 65yr, Book has Beulah A.
Fletcher, Clarence C., b. 05-02-1900, d. 10-02-1966, age: 66yr
Fletcher, Cliford W., no dates
Fletcher, Daisy, no dates
Fletcher, Dale Ray, b. 06-19-1946, d. 02-19-1978, age: 32yr
Fletcher, Dale Ray, no dates
Fletcher, Della B., b. 10-25-1906, d. no date, Wed:12-14-1924
Fletcher, E. Kenneth, b. 02-02-1927, d. no date
Fletcher, Edward W., b. 09-25-1927, d. no date
Fletcher, Elmer, b. 04-30-1942, d. no date, OK
Fletcher, Ethel M., no dates
Fletcher, Frank C., no dates
Fletcher, Frank L., b. 04-06-1898, d. 08-08-1976, age: 68yr, Wed: 8026-1917
Fletcher, Helen B., b. 07-13-1928, d. no date, Wed: 7-13-1946
Fletcher, Infant Son, no dates
Fletcher, James W., b. 03-29-1873, d. 11-08-1962, age: 89yr
Fletcher, Jimmy Lee, b. 04-09-1911, d. 02-10-1989, age: 78yr
Fletcher, Jimmy Ray, b. 12-19-1934, d. no date
Fletcher, John Ben, b. 12-25-1895, d. 07-04-1970, age: 75yr, WW # 1
Fletcher, John H., no dates
Fletcher, John, no dates
Fletcher, L. Joan, b. 01-16-1934, d. no date
Fletcher, Lois Edwin, b. 05-17-1924, d. 10-06-1995, age: 71yr
Fletcher, Mabel Lou, no dates
Fletcher, Marjarie, no dates
Fletcher, Mary Lena, b. 12-11-1898, d. 03-09-1996, age: 98yr
Fletcher, Melvin, no dates
Fletcher, Nancy, no dates
Fletcher, R. W., no dates
Fletcher, Robert Lynn, b. 05-25-1935, d. 06-06-2000, age: 65yr
Fletcher, Ruth, no dates
Fletcher, Shirley Jo, b. 03-14-1937, d. 06-24-1998, age: 61yr, Wed:7-1-1955
Fletcher, Thurmon Lee, b. 05-31-1903, d. 02-23-1981, age: 78yr
Fletcher, Tiny F., b. 11-02-1875, d. 11-16-1949, age: 74yr
Fletcher, Virginia, b. 01-21-1912, d. no date
Flippin, Bill Joe Roy, b. 1949, d. 1951, age: 2yr
Flippin, Debbra Mae, b. 09-04-1954, d. 09-06-1954, age: 2day, baby
Flippin, Doris, b. 1905, d. 1958, age: 53yr
Flippin, Ray Mont, b. 1903, d. 2000, age: 97yr
Flippo, Allie Ola, no dates
Flippo, George J., b. 08-03-1882, d. 02-08-1957, age: 75yr, Book Has George F.
Flippo, Nancy Elizabeth, b. 09-10-1863, d. 12-14-1962, age: 99yr
Flippo, Tony, b. 07-20-1901, d. 10-26-1926, age: 25yr
Flippo, W.C. 'Bill', b. 02-16-1901, d. 03-14-1972, age: 71yr
Flores, Carmen, b., d. 1936
Flores, Leo, b. 1885, d. 1927, age: 42yr
Flores, Rosy May, b. 1929, d. 1931, age: 2yr, Baby
Flores, Visenta, b. 1833, d. 1923, age: 90yr
Floyd, Elsie, no dates
Fodder, Marlene Joyce, b. 10-31-1932, d. 05-17-1998, age: 96yr, Nahwoodsy
Fonville, Thomas H., no dates
Ford, Flora Irene, b. 04-08-1920, d. no date, Wed: 8019-1974
Ford, Hanna, b. 1892, d. 1945, age: 53yr
Ford, Harvey J., no dates
Ford, Thomas D., no dates
Ford, Thurston Watson, b. 11-29-1914, d. 03-31-2000, age: 86yr
Fortner, Ruby Iva 'Pickens', no dates
Foster, Aaron Alexander, b. 04-13-1855, d. 04-11-1921, age: 66yr
Foster, Albert L., b. 03-11-1914, d. 08-14-1983, age: 69yr
Foster, Annie L., b. 02-04-1894, d. 02-08-1938, age: 44yr
Foster, Bertha Mae, b. 11-09-1926, d. 09-10-1995, age: 69yr
Foster, Carrington Diani, b. 07-14-0000, d. no date, Stillborn-2000 or 2001
Foster, Chris M., b. 07-16-1923, d. 10-29-1978, age: 55yr
Foster, Clifton E., b. 09-18-1924, d. no date, Wed:4-2-1945
Foster, Donnie Richard D., b. 08-16-1952, d. 05-24-2000, age: 48yr
Foster, Emma Jean, b. 06-09-1942, d.
Foster, Freeman F., b. 08-12-1887, d. 07-19-1968, age: 81yr
Foster, Glen Ray, b. 11-14-1928, d. 06-13-1992, age: 64yr
Foster, John E., b. 12-19-1883, d. 05-28-1969, age: 86yr
Foster, Larry Mac, b. 11-22-1949, d. 07-24-1997, age: 48yr
Foster, Leon Uston, b. 03-22-1911, d. 06-28-1985, age: 74yr
Foster, Moses, b. 12-13-1892, d. 10-26-1919, age: 27yr
Foster, Mrs ?, no dates, Maybe Above person
Foster, Nellie June, b. 06-19-1925, d. no date, Wed:10-04-1948
Foster, Ollie Odie, b. 11-14-1906, d. 02-26-1978, age: 72yr, Wed:11-25-1933
Foster, Pleasant B., b. 1885, d. 1972, age: 87yr
Foster, Richard Donald, no dates
Foster, Ruanna 'Robbins', b. 03-08-1855, d. 08-14-1947, age: 92yr, Book has Ryanna
Foster, William R., b. 11-16-1925, d. 09-07-1997, age: 72yr
Fowler, Bertie Lou, b. 08-27-1908, d. 04-25-1976, age: 68yr
Fowler, Cora May, b. 12-00-0000, d. 05-30-1907
Fowler, Elanore H. E., b. 06-26-1909, d. 11-27-1974, age: 65yr
Fowler, Garman Alvin, b. 02-14-1906, d. 04-21-1980, age: 74yr
Fowler, Horace Onan (Dude), b. 09-13-1911, d. 05-01-1984, age: 73yr
Fowler, Margie L., b. 11-19-1913, d. 04-26-1947, age: 34yr
Fowler, William R., no dates
Fowler, William W. 'Bill', b. 12-15-1862, d. 02-02-1962, age: 100yr
Fox, Dan Scott, b. 10-26-1915, d.
Fox, Maxine Joella, b. 10-01-1916, d. 09-19-1973, age: 57yr, Wed:12-24-1945
Franklin, Jane, b. 1853, d. 1931, age: 78yr
Franklin, Mary J., no dates
Franks, Florence D., b. 02-06-1908, d. no date, Wed:4-15-1927
Franks, Roy Lee, b. 08-05-1900, d. 04-09-1989, age: 89yr
Franks, Twyla 'Cox', b. 10-18-1926, d. 04-20-1995, age: 69yr, Wed:4-16-1969
Franks, Wm. Howard, b. 09-06-1930, d. no date
Frasch, John, no dates
Frederick, Isabell, b. 1886, d. 1954, age: 68yr
Frederick, Willard T., b. 1866, d. 1947, age: 81yr
Freege, James, no dates
Freese, Larry A., b. 06-24-1955, d. 06-28-1973, age: 18yr
Frields, Mary Lou, no dates
Friels, Nelle Belle, no dates
Fries, Claenece Elmar Jr., b. 04-19-1932, d. 02-13-2000, age: 68yr
Fries, Rhonda K., b. 10-23-1949, d. no date, Wed: 3-8-1973
Froese, Frank, b. 05-26-1890, d. 06-18-1952, age: 62yr
Froese, Lydia J., b. 02-07-1899, d. 07-28-1948, age: 49yr
Fryer, Arthur Lee, b. 12-25-1941, d. 04-23-1996, age: 55yr
Fryer, Arthur Lee, no dates
Fuchs, John Frederick, no dates
Fudge, Eliza A., no dates
Fudge, Geo. R., no dates
Fudge, Peggy Ruth, b. 08-19-1946, d. 12-15-1996, age: 50yr
Fudge, S. A., no dates
Fudge, Willie Frank, no dates
Fugitt, Elisa Ann, b. 6-25-1873, d. 10-01-1962, 89yr
Fugitt, George Thomas, b. 10-25-1863, d. 7-18-1939, 76yr
Gabriel, A. H. Henry, b. 03-11-1894, d. 12-29-1970, age: 76yr
Gabriel, Dinah, no dates
Gabriel, Donald W., b. 09-24-1914, d. 11-09-1966, age: 52yr
Gabriel, Leona A., b. 07-06-1915, d. 10-31-1978, age: 63yr
Gabriel, Mabel Alice, b. 04-03-1894, d. 11-12-1970, age: 76yr
Gage, Clyde V., no dates
Gage, Emma H., b. 02-22-1919, d. 02-04-1979, age: 60yr
Gage, Emma, no dates
Gage, James E., no dates
Gage, Joe D., no dates
Gage, Lonnie L., b. 02-18-1908, d. 03-23-1977, age: 69yr, Wed: 4-7-1954
Gage, Minnie E., b. 09-05-1923, d. 02-06-1998, age: 75yr
Gage, Susan Grace, b. 08-20-1877, d. 01-28-1959, age: 82yr
Gage, Virgil Thomas, b. 10-06-1910, d. 01-11-1992, age: 82yr
Gage, William T., b. 10-15-1868, d. 06-23-1938, age: 70yr
Gaines, Mable 'Almon', b. 07-28-1904, d. 09-03-1990, age: 86yr
Galyen, R.H., b. 1857, d. 1934, age: 77yr
Gamble, S. E. Mrs, no dates
Gammel, Margaret Drucilla, b. 02-23-1923, d. 10-04-1982, age: 59yr, Copeland
Gammill, Cassie J., b. 02-18-1884, d. 09-25-1977, age: 93yr
Gammill, Cleeta Joy 'Dillow', b. 02-10-1926, d. no date, 12-25-1943
Gammill, Lynn Lee, b. 07-20-1925, d. 03-21-1998, age: 73yr
Gammill, Oscar P., b. 01-17-1885, d. 06-17-1955, age: 70yr
Gandy, Barbara L., b. 11-11-1934, d. no date, Wed: 9-3-1953
Gandy, Hershel L., b. 12-26-1934, d. no date
Gandy, Ova Josephine, b. 04-11-1916, d. 04-15-1996, age: 80yr, Wed:3-17-1934
Gandy, Wayne Henry, b. 06-30-1917, d. 11-09-1996, age: 79yr
Garcia, Santos A., b. 05-05-1895, d. 08-06-1922, age: 27yr
Gardner, Byron Pollard, b. 01-14-1907, d. 06-11-1971, age: 64yr
Gardner, Earl, b. 1883, d. 1958, age: 75yr, Book has Earnest E.
Gardner, Elzada, b. 1891, d. 1971, age: 80yr
Gardner, John Henry, b. 01-12-1885, d. 10-05-1959, age: 74yr
Gardner, Mildre Lee 'Weir', b. 801201909, d. 02-23-1991, age: 82yr
Garms, Cella Maye 'Pinson', b. 11-09-1905, d. 01-10-1995, age: 65yr, 13 children
Garner, Shuley, no dates
Garrett, Donald Jay, b. 05-10-1915, d. 05-15-1968, age: 53yr
Garrett, Olive Shelby, b. 02-09-1916, d. 09-08-1999, age: 83yr
Garrison, Charley G., b. 06-03-1883, d. 03-28-1950, age: 67yr
Garrison, Ervin R., b. 12-22-1913, d. 09-11-1970, age: 57yr
Garrison, H.E.G., b. 08-22-1939, d. 01-01-1940, age: 4mo, baby, Book has Henry E.
Garrison, Shuley, b. 03-21-1888, d. 05-26-1965, age: 77yr
Garrison, Velma 'Langford', b. 08-08-1915, d. 11-11-1990, age: 75yr
Garvin, Charlotte Estelle, no dates
Garvin, Iva L., no dates
Garvin, Knox L., no dates
Gass, Betty Louise, b. 09-23-1939, d. 08-07-1982, age: 43yr, Wed: 12-23-1977
Gass, C. L. 'Stonewall', b. 04-12-1940, d. no date
Gates, Juluis M., no dates
Gatlin, Ike M., b. 1875, d. 1943, age: 68yr
Gatlin, Jesse R., b. 04-30-1937, d. 05-01-1937, age: 1da- Baby
Gatlin, Julie E., b. 1883, d. 1947, age: 64yr
Gay, Annie E. (Rash), b. 10-16-1893, d. 01-19-1930, 37yr
Gay, Bonnie May, b. 9-16-1918, d. 3-18-1987, 69yrs
Gay, Minus Ray, b. 03-21-1916, d. 06-28-1962, 46yr
Gay, Thomas R., b. 3-21-1916, d. 3-15-1961, 45yr
Gay, Zettie R., b. 7-15-1892, d. 11-02-1954, 62yr
Geimansaddle, Infant, no dates
Geimansaddle, Janice R., no dates
Geimansaddle, Rose, no dates
Gentry, J. B. Jr., no dates
Gerber, Cathryn C., b. 05-04-1911, d. 02-03-2001, age: 90yr
Gerber, George W. Jr., b. 10-10-1909, d. 10-25-1979, age: 70yr, Wed:12-31-1932
Gibson, Lenard, b. 03-18-1910, d. 01-13-1988, age: 78yr, Book has Leonard
Gibson, Lillie Evelyn, b. 04-28-1900, d. 03-07-1993, age: 93yr
Gibson, Merit E., b. 09-24-1878, d. 11-18-1949, age: 71yr
Gibson, Minnie, b. 1880, d. 1912, age: 32yr
Gigh, Roberta Lee 'Williams', b. 03-21-1944, d. 11-10-1998, age: 44yr, Wed:12-22-1964
Gilbert, Ben Franklin, no dates
Gilberth, A. E. Ja, no dates
Gilberth, Buna V., no dates
Gilberth, Owen, no dates
Gilberth, Wm. J., no dates
Giles, Gene Hyden, b. 1928, d. 1989, age: 61yr
Giles, Mary Wanette, no dates
Gill, Alice Mae, b. 09-10-1923, d. 03-03-1976, age: 53yr
Gill, Faye E., no dates
Gill, Henrietta C., no dates
Gill, Herbert Tom, b. 01-06-1915, d.
Gill, Joseph W., no dates
Gilliam, Burl Balford, b. 01-08-1913, d. 02-27-1993, age: 80yr
Gilliam, Connie, b. 10-15-1889, d. 02-02-1964, age: 75yr
Gilliam, Edwin G., b. 06-23-1908, d. 09-24-1962, age: 54yr
Gilliam, Ennis B., b. 06-01-1884, d. 06-20-1924, age: 40yr, Book has Eunis B.
Gilliam, Jess C., b. 04-24-1910, d. 09-10-1967, age: 57yr, Book has Jessie C.
Gilliam, Lucy Jane Lorene, no dates
Gilliam, Mary Geneva, b. 02-12-1917, d. 06-03-1992, age: 75yr
Gilliam, Maybelle 'Bates', b. 10-29-1919, d. 06-22-1970, age: 51yr
Gilliam, Sylvester 'Toots', b. 08-10-1915, d. 01-08-1992, age: 77yr, Book has Warren Sylvester
Gilliam, Thomas Edwin, b. 07-15-1937, d. 07-22-1943, age: 6yr
Gilliam, Willie, b. 02-08-1904, d. 03-20-1963, age: 59yr
Ginn, Leta Mae, b. 07-25-1908, d. 10-25-1987, age: 79yr
Ginn, Stephen Thomas, b. 09-05-1905, d. 02-25-1982, age: 77yr, Wed:6-6-1926
Givens, Charlie W., b. 11-24-1890, d. 05-07-1933, age: 43yr
Gladwell, R. W., no dates
Glandon, Jo Edd, b. 09-11-1954, d. 09-13-1954, age: 2da, baby
Glascock, Daniel Christopher, b. 12-11-1989, d. 08-21-1992, age: 3yr
Glascock, Della Adene, b. 1915, d. 1992, age: 77yr
Glascock, E. Dan, b. 1941, d. no date
Glascock, Sigmon N., b. 1912, d. 2000, age: 88yr
Glasgow, Becky E., b. 12-04-1887, d. 04-25-1969, age: 82yr
Glasgow, Ed L., b. 12-27-1891, d. 06-01-1959, age: 68yr
Glasgow, Michael D., b. 08-29-1959, d. 12-11-1963, age: 4yr, Child
Glasgow, Walter H., b. 03-28-1879, d. 12-17-1951, age: 72yr
Glenn, Charla Dustin, b. 10-14-1980, d. 07-16-1999, age: 19yr
Glenn, Charley Preston, b. 02-14-1914, d. 09-12-1975, age: 61yr
Glenn, Clarence, b. 05-29-1917, d. 05-12-1993, age: 76yr, Wed: 8-8-1942-Ruby
Glenn, John H., b. 09-19-1888, d. 01-05-1949, age: 61yr
Glenn, Martha Maxine, b., d. 02-24-1939, Baby
Glenn, Mary E., b. 11-01-1888, d. 11-08-1956, age: 68yr
Glenn, Ruby Marie, b. 04-15-1925, d. no date
Glenn, Velma Bessie, b. 05-28-1920, d. 10-31-1974, age: 54yr, Wed: Charley P. 8-6-1935
Glessner, Nathaniel, no dates
Glover, Glem W., b. 1904, d. 1924, age: 20yr
Glover, Ida Lee, b. 10-18-1912, d. 06-14-1913, age: 8mo, baby
Glover, Jess A., b. 1876, d. 1947, age: 71yr
Glover, Jessie J., b. 1873, d. 1960, age: 87yr
Goatley, Shirley Ann, b. 12-23-1932, d. no date, child
Godfrey, Father, no dates
Godfrey, J. P., no dates
Godfrey, Mary Louise, no dates
Godfrey, Mother, no dates
Godfrey, Oria A., no dates
Goff, Alma I., b. 1906, d. 1946, age: 40yr
Goff, Almage D., b. 1889, d. 1956, age: 67yr
Goff, Elfie, no dates
Goff, Gilbert K., b. 1898, d. 19
Goff, J. W. (Jake), b. 11-26-1909, d. 05-11-1979, age: 70yr
Goff, John E., b. 11-11-1895, d. 03-22-1976, age: 81yr
Goff, Junior Lee, b. 08-17-1931, d. 11-06-1931, age: 3mo, baby
Goff, Mary Catherine, b. 06-24-1916, d. 07-01-1991, age: 75yr
Goff, Oma L., b. 05-01-1902, d. 04-29-1987, age: 85yr
Goff, Ora Lee, b. 10-20-1900, d. 12-10-1974, age: 74yr
Goff, Sam, b. 03-08-1860, d. 01-19-1947, age: 87yr
Goff, Sammy Gene, b. 04-26-1934, d. 01-09-1975, age: 41yr
Goff, Virginia C., b. 02-09-1866, d. 04-24-1948, age: 82yr
Golden, Joe M., b. 11-24-1906, d. 11-30-1984, age: 78yr
Golden, Roscoe, no dates
Golden, Ruby Viola, b. 10-09-1910, d. 12-28-1982, age: 72yr, Book has Rubye Viola
Gommack, Angeline 'Ototivell', no dates
Gonce, William T., b. 1877, d. 1928, age: 51yr
Gonzales, Gabriel, b. 1837, d. 1928, age: 91yr
Gonzales, Joe, b. 08-27-1901, d. 12-15-1942, age: 41yr
Gonzalez, J. C., no dates
Gonzalez, Maria Louisa 'Carbjal, b. 12-25-1899, d. 03-02-1957, age: 58yr
Gonzalez, Thelma 'Troubles', b. 07-16-1938, d. 06-03-1996, age: 58yr
Gooddwin, Ruby Marie 'Finley', no dates
Goode, Clyde H., b. 03-27-1914, d. 06-30-1978, age: 64yr
Goode, Virginia K., b. 12-21-1920, d. no date
Goodman, Arthur Archie, b. 12-29-1917, d. 07-14-1980, age: 63yr
Goodman, Billy D., b. 07-29-1923, d. 08-29-1923, age: 1mo, baby
Goodman, Lynwood, b. 09-15-1919, d. 10-01-1919, age: 16da, baby
Goodridge, Jewell, no dates
Goodsell, Ethel Etta, b. 1890, d. 1983, age: 93yr
Goodsell, Faye H., b. 05-06-1922, d. 01-31-1973, age: 51yr
Goodsell, Leona Mae, b. 05-15-1928, d.
Goodsell, M. A., no dates
Goodsell, Normedia A., no dates
Goodsell, Wilbur, b. 08-29-1919, d. no date, 34yr. Married
Goodwin, Claudie L., no dates
Goodwin, Theniea E. (Toots), no dates
Gore, Ben F., b. 11-27-1916, d. 09-02-1960, age: 44yr
Gore, John Jacob, b. 07-29-1910, d. 12-27-1990, age: 80yr
Gore, Lavone C., b. 1920, d. 2001, age: 81yr
Gore, Mildred M., b. 12-12-1912, d. 07-18-1990, age: 78yr
Gore, Ozie, b. 04-07-1880, d. 01-03-1968, age: 88yr
Goss, Billy Doyle, no dates
Gould, Emma D., no dates
Gover, Alice 'Chockpoyah', b. 08-13-1911, d. 06-13-1993, age: 82yr
Gover, Glen L., b. 02-02-1917, d. 05-14-1952, age: 35yr
Gover, Lenard 'Cotton', b. 07-18-1914, d. 08-15-1991, age: 77yr, Book has Leonard (Cotton)
Gover, Mattie E., b. 01-25-1872, d. 11-17-1969, age: 97yr
Graham, Bertha A., no dates
Graham, Mabel E., no dates
Graham, Thomas Edward, b. 1901, d. 1951, age: 50yr
Graves, Glenn G., b. 04-16-1900, d. 09-15-1914, age: 14yr
Graves, Joan 'Bennett', b. 09-11-1942, d. 11-13-1966, age: 24yr
Graves, Mina K., b. 08-31-1872, d. 03-14-1950, age: 78yr
Graves, Will W., b. 07-09-1870, d. 01-25-1933, age: 63yr
Gray, Dorin C., no dates
Gray, Fannie B., no dates
Gray, Grover C., b. 02-19-1885, d. 04-04-1969, age: 84yr
Gray, Harvey G., b. 1884, d. 1978, age: 94yr
Gray, Harvey, no dates
Gray, Hattie H., no dates
Gray, Katie, b. 03-19-1883, d. 04-04-1965, age: 82yr
Gray, Lenna Frances, b. 1894, d. 1981, age: 87yr
Gray, Rosa D., no dates
Gray, Zulz K., no dates
Green, Charleen, no dates
Green, Della L., b. 1883, d. 1984, age: 101yr
Green, E., no dates
Green, Effie Mae, b. 02-28-1911, d. 03-07-1992, age: 81yr
Green, Geraldine, no dates
Green, Jullia, no dates
Green, Larue 'Tabbytite', b. 1925, d. 1999, age: 74yr
Green, Maggie M., no dates
Green, Rufus H., b. 1880, d. 1948, age: 68yr
Green, Smith Wesley, b. 05-12-1913, d. 09-08-1981, age: 68yr
Greenwood, Alfred, no dates
Greer, Gwen, no dates
Greer, Lona Frances, no dates
Gregg, Maude, no dates
Gregory, Patricia Ann, b. 10-25-1954, d. 10-30-1954, age: 5day Baby
Gresham, Elias A., no dates
Gresham, Elias Dan, no dates (E.D.)
Gresham, Vincent M., no dates
Gresham, Wesley Edward, b. 09-22-1950, d. 04-04-1980, age: 30yr
Griffin, Alvis Iruin, b. 05-09-1915, d. 10-17-1978, age: 63yr
Griffin, Baby Son, no dates
Griffin, Ben, no dates
Griffin, Dorothy, b. 1927, d. 2001, age: 74yr
Griffin, Edgar Ira, b., d. 1987, age: 70yr, Wed: 11-24-1943
Griffin, Edward Clyde, b. 09-04-1919, d. 05-06-1991, age: 72yr, Wed:2-2-1942
Griffin, George W., b. 12-10-1888, d. 08-15-1954, age: 66yr
Griffin, James (Jordan), no dates
Griffin, James Benjamin, b. 05-20-1911, d. 06-01-1995, age: 84yr
Griffin, Jesse James, b. 03-16-1945, d. 02-22-1952, age: 7yr
Griffin, Pearl E., b. 12-08-1897, d. 11-25-1974, age: 77yr
Griffin, Ruth E., b. 07-30-1924, d. no date
Grigsby, Linda G., b. 03-04-1946, d. no date
Grigsby, Michael Lane, b. 06-01-1965, d. no date, Baby
Grigsby, Michael W. Jr., b. 03-14-1969, d. 08-04-1987, age: 18yr
Grigsby, Michael W., no dates
Grigsby, Nadyne, b. 06-04-1921, d. 08-19-2000, age: 79yr
Grigsly, Worth, b. 07-09-1919, d. 08-08-1980, age: 61yr
Grimes, Annie O., no dates
Grimes, Baby, no dates
Grimes, Benjamin F., b. 03-19-1898, d. 07-29-1955, age: 57yr
Grimes, Clyde M., no dates
Grimes, David R., no dates
Grimes, F. F., b., d. 01-09-1931, age: 45yr, 3mo-26da
Grimes, Frank L., no dates
Grimes, George L., b. 11-12-1902, d. 12-03-1959, age: 57yr
Grimes, H. A., no dates
Grimes, Jessie N., no dates
Grimes, John C., b. 1873, d. 1947, age: 74yr
Grimes, Lula F., b. 1873, d. 1966, age: 93yr
Grimes, M. Irene, b. 08-05-1910, d. 12-03-1959, age: 49yr
Grimes, Mary, no dates
Grimes, Minnie I., no dates
Grimes, Nina May, b. 03-31-1893, d. 03-21-1986, age: 93yr
Grimes, Wm. C., no dates
Griswold, Charles M., no dates
Griswold, Martha, no dates
Grooms, Earl Ray, b. 01-01-1921, d. 02-02-1997, age: 76yr, Navy
Grose, Donald B., no dates
Grose, Jacob D., no dates
Grose, Lota E., no dates
Grosvenor, Evaline Louise, b. 07-02-1935, d. 09-26-1991, age: 56yr, Driskill
Grote, Billie L., no dates
Grover, Cassie Hope, no dates
Grubb, Elmina H., b. 1878, d. 1967, age: 89yr
Grubb, John A., b. 08-12-1843, d. 02-22-1925, age: 82yr
Grubb, Mattie O., b. 06-20-1873, d. 07-07-1956, age: 83yr
Grubb, Price P., b. 1877, d. 1930, age: 53yr
Grubb, William A., b. 1975, d. 1947, age: 72yr
Grubbs, Annie E., b. 1884, d. 1958, age: 74yr
Grubbs, Barbara Gail, no dates
Grubbs, Renia, no dates
Gullum, Alta Lee, b. 02-05-1906, d. 02-21-1986, age: 80yr
Gullum, Lucy L., b. 12-27-1878, d. 11-28-1960, age: 82yr
Gullum, Richard E., b. 03-11-1883, d. 08-18-1941, age: 58yr
Gullum, William Riley, b. 04-09-1910, d. 03-06-1981, age: 71yr
Gurnutt, Joseph Franklin, b. 1878, d. 1945, age: 67yr
Guthrie, Annie B., no dates
Guthrie, Clarence, no dates
Guthrie, Cleatus, no dates
Guthrie, Elda Louise 'Swinford', b. 11-04-1918, d. 12-07-1979, age: 61yr, Book has Louise
Guthrie, Hollanddell, b. 10-17-1943, d. no date
Guthrie, Myrtle M., no dates
Guthrie, Wesley Dewayne, b. 09-22-1945, d. 02-05-1950, age: 5yr
Guthrie, Wm. J., no dates
Gyerk, Nancy A., no dates


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