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Walters Cemetery
Walters, Cotton County, Oklahoma

Contributed by Aggie Cochrane,

Daffron, William Dale, b. 04-03-1934, d. 06-12-1963, age: 29yr
Dakis, Wm. V., no dates
Dale, John Frederick Jr., b. 02-25-1925, d. 03-30-1990, age: 65yr
Dalrtmple, Jessie Allen, b. 01-08-1954, d. 01-08-1954, age: oyr, Baby
Dalrymple, 'Dale' Isaas E., b. 04-20-1917, d. 04-16-1947, age: 30yr, Tx.Cy. Disaster
Dalrymple, Donald Wayne, b. 07-22-1931, d. 01-01-1933, age: 18mo, baby
Dalrymple, Eldon G., b. 05-25-1923, d. 10-08-1970, age: 47yr
Dalrymple, James Nathaniel, b. 06-19-1975, d. 09-10-1975, age: 3mo, baby
Dalrymple, Jennifer Lee, b. 09-25-1976, d. 03-28-1988, age: 12yr
Dalrymple, Karen June, b. 08-13-1957, d. no date, Baby
Dalrymple, Owen Wayne, b. 05-21-1906, d. 02-15-1993, age: 87yr
Dalrymple, Rosa Lena, b. 05-15-1911, d. 11-05-1987, age: 76yr, Wed:Owen 4-19-1929
Dalrymple, Winona A., b., d. no date
Damron, Dortha L., b. 03-22-1929, d. 05-25-1999, age: 70yr, Wed:4-27-1946
Damron, Wayne W., b. 08-28-1928, d. no date
Dance, Martha Virginia, b., d. no date, (Young) RedElk
Daniel, Claud Harry, b. 01-01-1910, d. 12-31-1932, age: 22yr
Daniel, Jesse E., b. 1888, d. 1968, age: 80yr
Daniel, Jessie Marie, b. 07-12-1916, d. 10-22-1980, age: 64yr
Daniel, Lelon E., b. 06-12-1912, d.
Daniel, Leona U., b. 10-15-1889, d. 10-01-1952, age: 63yr
Daniel, Lettie 'Paul', b. 1891, d. 1985, age: 94yr
Daniel, Olga V., b. 02-27-1917, d. no date
Daniel, Ruth A., no dates
Daniel, Ruth H., b. 02-05-1866, d. 03-23-1960, age: 94yr
Daniel, William Christopher, b. 08-21-1874, d. 01-14-1942, age: 68yr
Daniel, William E., b. 07-26-1867, d. 09-30-1939, age: 72yr
Daniel, William G., b. 1874, d. 1942, age: 68yr
Dannar, Baby, b. 10-15-1927, d. 10-17-1927
Dannar, Leslie E., no dates
Dannar, M., no dates
Darby, Infant Son, no dates
Dark, Mary A., no dates
Dark, Mary S., no dates
Dark, R. L., no dates
Darraugh, Kathryn M., b. 1934, d. no date
Darraugh, Neil Richard, b. 1920, d.
Darymple, Roberta F., no dates
Daugherty, Andrew James, b. 1875, d. 1973, age: 98yr, Book has A. M. J. as name
Daugherty, Annie, b. 1880, d. 1939, age: 59yr
Daugherty, Ella, b. 1879, d. 1949, age: 70yr
Daugherty, Fred Dwight, b. 10-27-1910, d. 05-10-1992, age: 82yr
Daugherty, James Oscae-'Jim', b. 02-27-1899, d. 01-20-1984, age: 85yr
Daugherty, Lorah, b., d. no date, May be the above
Daugherty, Thelma M., b. 11-14-1911, d. 12-07-1995, age: 84yr, Book has Telma Maud
Daugherty, Tracy H., b. 1898, d. 1978, age: 80yr
Daugherty, Vicki Lynn, b. 12-16-1960, d. 01-12-1995, age: 35yr
Daugherty, Vivian O 'Sam', b. 01-22-1902, d. 03-18-1984, age: 82yr
Daugherty, Zorah, b. 1900, d. 1991, age: 91yr
Davenport, Andy, b. 01-06-1891, d. 12-04-1947, age: 56yr
Davenport, Clarence D., b. 09-02-1897, d. 04-27-1975, age: 78yr
Davenport, Hazel Veatrice, b. 02-16-1901, d. 04-12-1990, age: 89yr
Davenport, Louis A., no dates
Davenport, Mable M., b. 04-26-1900, d.
Davidson, Ada Louise, b. 1902, d. 1985, age: 83yr
Davidson, John Lee, b. 1898, d. 1985, age: 87yr
Davidson, Wm., no dates
Davis, A.D. 'Dewey', b. 09-29-1898, d. 07-29-1978, age: 80yr
Davis, Baby Girls, b., d. no date, D.W. Davis
Davis, Bill, no dates
Davis, Cable A., b. 02-12-1890, d. 08-10-1972, age: 82yr
Davis, Clarence M., no dates
Davis, Dow W., b. 1876, d. 1966, age: 90yr
Davis, Eddie Allen, b. 07-15-1945, d. 06-25-1995, age: 50yr, Father of Charity
Davis, Edgar L., b. 12-16-1916, d. 05-03-1963, age: 47yr
Davis, Edgreta Fern, b. 01-19-1953, d. no date
Davis, Effie Maye, no dates
Davis, Ella W., no dates
Davis, Esther Irene, b. 07-20-1917, d. 11-05-1986, age: 69yr, Wed:7-14-1935
Davis, G. M. 'Bill', b. 07-15-1939, d. 08-12-1975, age: 36yr
Davis, G. M. 'Luther', b. 09-10-1882, d. 01-14-1968, age: 86yr
Davis, Gaines M., no dates
Davis, Geo. M., no dates
Davis, Geo. W, no dates
Davis, George W., b. 1881, d. 1952, age: 71yr
Davis, Helen Irene, b. 09-26-1922, d. no date
Davis, Henry C., b. 05-10-1863, d. 04-07-1934, age: 71yr
Davis, Icie 'Tucker', b. 10-06-1903, d. 06-05-1995, age: 92yr
Davis, Infant, no dates
Davis, Isbel, no dates
Davis, J. R., b. 09-17-1932, d. no date, Wed: 9-22-1996
Davis, James Maddison, b. 09-14-1915, d.
Davis, Jerry Cray, b. 02-28-1933, d. 05-25-1946, age: 13yr
Davis, John 'Gene', b. 01-31-1930, d. 02-10-1983, age: 53yr, Wed: 8-1-1967
Davis, John Luther, b. 1930, d. 1983, age: 53yr
Davis, Leeander P., b. 02-20-1913, d. 10-19-1980, age: 67yr
Davis, Lillie M., b. 08-02-1913, d. 08-02-1981, age: 68yr
Davis, Lolan, no dates
Davis, Madie 'Thomas', b. 07-26-1896, d. 01-08-1950, age: 54yr
Davis, Mary E., no dates
Davis, Mary, b. 1881, d. 1959, age: 78yr
Davis, Minnie Elizabeth, no dates
Davis, Minnie L., b. 07-03-1896, d. 03-16-1988, age: 92yr, Wed:8-10-1919
Davis, Murphy J., b. 04-26-1908, d. 08-11-1932, age: 24yr
Davis, Myrtle Doris, b. 03-07-1911, d. 07-21-1978, age: 67yr
Davis, Nancy Elizabeth, b. 07-27-1967, d. no date, Book has infant Girl
Davis, Nancy L., no dates
Davis, Nanna, no dates
Davis, Oleta, no dates
Davis, Otis W., b. 12-15-1908, d. 01-13-1965, age: 57yr
Davis, Pearl Ann, b. 1884, d. 1971, age: 87yr, Wed:12-16-1903
Davis, Ruby L., no dates
Davis, Sue Bird 'Lewis', b. 1883, d. 1981, age: 98yr
Davis, Thelma Nadine, b. 07-23-1923, d. 05-25-1989, age: 66yr
Davis, Velma, b. 1908, d. 1981, age: 73yr, Dow & Pearl Davis
Davis, Vernon Cray, b. 01-27-1911, d. 06-18-1997, age: *6yr, Book has Vernon Cary
Davis, W. T., no dates
Davis, William Henry, b. 11-02-1905, d. 06-11-1968, age: 63yr
Davis, Wm. H., no dates
Davis, Wynemia Louise, b. 09-05-1925, d. 10-26-1999, age: 74yr
Day, Buddy, no dates
Day, Hugh T., b. 09-25-1893, d. 05-14-1960, age: 67yr
Day, Marie Vinnie, b. 03-30-1897, d. 01-25-1992, age: 95yr
DeJesus, Latoya Marie, no dates
Dean, Leslie G., no dates
Dean, Maude, no dates
Decker, Leopoldine, no dates
Decker, Louis, no dates
Defate, Carolyn Marie, b. 08-17-1965, d. 06-14-1996, age: 31yr
Defate, Elaine Marie, b. 11-05-1932, d. 10-12-1998, age: 66yr
Deforest, A. M., no dates
Deglsy, Infant Girl, no dates
Demmit, Sarah, no dates
Demmitt, Issag, no dates
Demonte, Gordon, b. 11-10-1929, d. 09-19-1994, age: 65yr
Dempsey, Sandra Jo, b. 09-26-1959, d. 12-02-1959, age: 3mo, baby
Denham, Anthony Wayne, b. 10-10-1957, d. 07-19-1980, age: 23yr
Denham, Chloe, no dates
Denham, Gertrude Janie, b. 05-03-1902, d. 10-14-1975, age: 73yr
Denham, H. Virginia, b. 07-22-1925, d. 06-01-1988, age: 63yr
Denham, Henry Edward, no dates
Denham, John Henry, b. 11-11-1892, d. 02-01-1976, age: 84yr
Denham, John Henry, no dates
Denham, Kenneth B., b. 07-17-1920, d. no date
Denham, Melissa Gayle, b. 02-27-1980, d. 04-01-1980, age: 33da, baby
Dennis, Frances Ellen, b. 1917, d. 1995, age: 78yr
Denton, Beulah May, b. 11-06-1885, d. 11-01-1963, age: 78yr
Denton, Edd, b. 02-08-1880, d. 04-27-1955, age: 75yr, Book has Geo. Ed
Denton, Fred, b. 01-05-1911, d. 06-30-1953, age: 42yr
Denton, Ruby M ., b. 1903, d. 1932, age: 31yr, Book has Ruby C.
Desadier, Charles Edward, b. 09-13-1962, d. 08-20-1997, age: 35yr
Deskin, Pattie S., b. 12-16-1896, d. 11-28-1976, age: 80yr
Despain, Bonnie B., b. 05-04-1889, d. 03-01-1964, age: 75yr
Despain, Fred, b. 06-29-1895, d. 03-07-1943, age: 48yr
Devine, Joe C., b. 04-29-1909, d. 06-19-2000, age: 91yr
Devine, Joseph Carl, b. 04-29-1909, d. 06-15-2000, age: 91yr
Devine, Roxie F., b. 11-10-1906, d. 02-22-1972, age: 66yr
Dickenson, Cecil Roy, b. 05-21-1943, d. 05-26-1969, age: 26yr
Dickenson, Larry David, b. 01-11-1952, d. 02-28-1991, age: 39yr
Dickerson, Betty Jean, b. 07-25-1926, d. 04-04-1980, age: 54yr
Dickerson, Charles B., no dates
Dickerson, Dick, no dates
Dickerson, Martha P., no dates
Dickerson, Mattie M., no dates
Dickerson, O.L., no dates
Dickerson, Oscar S., no dates
Dicus, Alice, no dates
Dicus, Jeff, no dates
Dicus, John B., no dates
Dikeman, Martha A., no dates
Dilbeck, Lela M., b. 02-13-1927, d. no date, Wed:4-20-1946
Dilbeck, Walter Lee, b. 01-17-1920, d. 02-18-1999, age: 79yr
Dilday, Helen N., b., d. no date, N maybe Nadine above
Dilday, Nadine, b. 09-25-1930, d. 06-22-1966, age: 36yr
Dilday, Richard, b. 11-21-1926, d. 07-11-1988, age: 62yr
Dilks, Blanche, no dates
Dilks, Clarence E., b. 12-21-1893, d. 12-04-1931, age: 38yr
Dilks, E. E., no dates
Dilks, Leonard A., b. 1870, d. 1954, age: 84yr, Book has Loenard A.
Dilks, Nell N., b. 01-22-1895, d. 09-17-1977, age: 82yr
Dilks, Rosena J., b. 1868, d. 1952, age: 84yr
Dillow, Gladys Irene, b. 1892, d. 1979, age: 87yr
Dillow, John M., no dates
Dillow, Melvin, b. 1890, d. 1970, age: 80yr
Dingman, Landon Don, no dates
Disney, Albert M., b. 1849, d. 1942, age: 93yr
Disney, Elizabeth, b. 1860, d. 1929, age: 69yr
Dixon, Wm. 'Bill', b. 12-16-1920, d. 10-24-1992, age: 72yr
Doake, Archie, b. 12-16-1929, d. no date
Doake, Juanita Faye, b. 05-26-1931, d. 01-17-1994, age: 63yr, Wed: 3-5-1955
Doake, Robert Leroy, no dates
Dobbs, Annie Laura, b. 04-08-1904, d. 11-06-1980, age: 76yr
Dockrey, H. C., no dates
Dockrey, Lula A., no dates
Dockrey, Mary L., no dates
Dodson, Ada L., no dates
Domebo, Dorothy M., b. 1919, d. 1944, age: 25yr, Kosechata
Domebo, Marie, no dates
Doneckers, Kenneth R., b. 05-16-1924, d. no date
Doneckers, Lillian L., b. 08-04-1923, d. 09-11-1971, age: 48yr
Donnell, Jency Mae, no dates
Doran, Alexander J., b. 04-18-1873, d. 03-22-1976, age: 97yr
Doran, Lillian F. or I., b. 06-29-1882, d. 03-06-1942, age: 60yr, Wed:12-17-1903
Dorcas, Ashton Andrew, b. 11-29-199?, d. no date, Child
Dorris, Adrain A., b. 06-13-1901, d. 08-27-1943, age: 42yr
Dorris, Bessie Deloris, b. 05-29-1904, d. 07-07-1992, age: 88yr
Dorris, Paul W., no dates
Dorton, Debbie Edith, b. 12-28-1955, d. 04-06-1958, age: 3yr
Dorton, Evelyn Mae, b. 08-29-1935, d. 03-20-1964, age: 29yr
Dorton, Melvin E., b. 09-04-1925, d. no date
Dorton, Ruby, b. 06-04-1919, d. 08-08-1986, age: 67yr
Doshier, Cora Elizabeth, b. 1889, d. 1962, age: 73yr
Doty, Claud Clarence, b. 10-28-1900, d. 10-09-1988, age: 88yr
Doty, Marybelle, b. 03-18-1903, d. 12-13-1999, age: 96yr, Wed:9-14-1920
Doty, Michael D., b. 01-22-1953, d. 07-01-1993, age: 40yr
Dougherty, Alice V., b. 1888, d. 1945, age: 57yr
Dowd, Della R., b. 04-23-1870, d. 05-17-1926, age: 46yr
Dowd, Joseph O., b. 10-14-1869, d. 12-30-1914, age: 45yr
Dowlen, Bessie P., no dates
Dowlen, Elva, b. 1890, d. 1958, age: 68yr
Dowlen, Jessie Ann, b. 07-02-1909, d. 09-22-1974, age: 65yr
Dowlen, John W., no dates
Dowlen, Julia A., no dates
Dowlen, Kelver K., b. 07-24-1935, d. 08-31-1992, age: 57yr
Dowlen, Klever K., b. 09-06-1907, d. 04-25-1992, age: 85yr
Dowlen, Maggie L., b. 02-03-1888, d. 01-28-1968, age: 80yr, Wed: 1-14-1906
Dowlen, Marvin, b. 1881, d. 1946, age: 65yr
Dowlen, Mary E., no dates
Dowlen, Sam, b. 10-25-1878, d. 06-05-1962, age: 84yr
Dowlen, Shirley, b. 07-28-1935, d. no date, Wed:9-17-1954
Dowlen, V. A., no dates
Downey, Elmer William, b. 01-15-1931, d. no date, Wed: 3-14-1951
Downey, Nellie Kathryn, b. 11-27-1931, d. 12-31-1983, age: 52yr
Doyal, John Marshall, b. 06-04-1914, d. 05-31-1990, age: 76yr
Doyal, Ruth, b. 11-08-1908, d. 05-23-1994, age: 86yr
Driskill, Ethel W., b. 07-05-1900, d. 12-11-1991, age: 91yr
Driskill, John Allen, b. 03-04-1859, d. 11-22-1930, age: 71yr
Driskill, M. Virginia, b. 08-15-1861, d. 05-01-1942, age: 81yr
Driskill, Mary Louise, b. 03-27-1924, d. 01-14-1992, age: 68yr
Driskill, Vernon Glenn, b. 09-25-1923, d. 03-27-1996, age: 73yr
Driskill, Vernon John, b. 03-10-1891, d. 08-28-1974, age: 83yr
Drummond, Anna Ruth, b. 1882, d. 1936, age: 54yr
Drummond, Herbert Olilvie, b. 1876, d. 1923, age: 47yr
Drummond, Herbert Olilvie, no dates
Drummond, Infant son, no dates
Dryden, Alyce Arlene, b. 12-21-1940, d. 07-15-1988, age: 48yr
Dryden, Charlie William, b. 02-18-1906, d. 06-15-1993, age: 87yr
Dryden, David Smiley, b. 08-14-1940, d. 06-30-1997, age: 57yr
Dryden, Mildred E., b. 05-16-1909, d. no date
Dudley, Beulah, no dates
Dudley, Bobby L., no dates
Dudley, Rufeaton C., b. 02-26-1895, d. 11-20-1956, age: 61yr
Dudley, Sylvia J., no dates
Duffy, Eunice Irene, b. 1912, d. 1998, age: 86yr
Duffy, Infant, no dates
Duffy, Ray Manning, b. 1913, d. 1982, age: 69yr
Duffy, Stewart, b. 1940, d. no date
Dugan, George S., no dates
Dugan, John D., no dates
Dugan, Mildred, no dates
Dugan, Oma C., no dates
Dugan, William Howard, no dates
Dulaney, Allen E., b. 03-17-1950, d. no date
Dulaney, Edith, b. 09-25-1945, d. no date
Dulton, Emray Jr., no dates
Dunbar, Alfred L., b. 02- -1939, d. 03- -1939, age: 1mo, baby
Dunbar, Beulah M., b. 02-22-1918, d. no date
Dunbar, Floyd A., b. 1914, d. 19
Dunbar, Harold E., b. 1913, d. 1970, age: 57yr
Dunbar, Kenneth R., b. 10-03-1940, d. no date
Dunbar, Marietta 'Martin', b. 02-19-1943, d. 03-14-1995, age: 52yr
Dunbar, Mary Lois, b. 10-14-1941, d. 01-11-1945, age: 4yr
Dunbar, Myrtle, b. 1912, d. 19??
Dunbar, Vera M., b. 1919, d. 1969, age: 50yr, Wed:Floyd 12-3-1937
Dunbar, Warren W., b. 05-26-1919, d. no date
Duncan, Beryl Genevieva, b. 09-17-1894, d. 09-26-1993, age: 99yr
Duncan, C. C., no dates
Duncan, Chloe E. 'Armstrong', b. 07-18-1867, d. 01-14-1949, age: 82yr
Duncan, Era Lee, b. 1886, d. 1964, age: 78yr
Duncan, Ert, b. 1886, d. 1952, age: 66yr
Duncan, Hatley Albert, b. 03-07-1886, d. 11-13-1974, age: 88yr, Book has H.A. Duncan
Duncan, J. Robert Henry, no dates
Duncan, Jerry M., no dates
Duncan, Lovey, no dates
Duncan, Paschal E., no dates
Duncan, Robert H., b. 01-25-1909, d. 05-09-1982, age: 73yr
Durbin, Cerry Dan, b. 12-24-1932, d. 01-08-1933, age: 2wk- Baby
Durbin, Davilla, b. 09-23-1904, d. 01-21-1987, age: 83yr
Durbin, Frank Lewis, b. 04-03-1905, d. 08-08-1982, age: 77yr
Durbin, Fred H., b. 09-12-1911, d. 03-12-1995, age: 84yr, Book :Frederick Henry
Durbin, Jerry Don, b. 12-24-1932, d. 01-08-1933, age: 2wk, baby
Durbin, Leo Nicholas, b. 12-11-1925, d. 02-05-1996, age: 41yr, Wed:8-23-1958
Durbin, Marie Lucille, b. 03-01-1904, d. 08-27-1971, age: 67yr
Durbin, Mary Ellen, b. 1853, d. 1939, age: 86yr
Durbin, Mary Jane, no dates
Durbin, Nicholas Jess, b. 09-22-1888, d. 11-15-1968, age: 80yr
Durbin, Nicholas, no dates
Durbin, Perry, no dates
Durbin, Robert A., b. 1861, d. 1949, age: 88yr
Durbin, William B., b. 10-05-1898, d. 12-07-1965, age: 67yr
Durham, Mary E., b. 1860, d. 1946, age: 86yr
Durham, Roy, no dates
Dutton, Billie Ruth, b. 08-11-1931, d. no date, Wed:6-13-1952
Dutton, Emary Jr., b. 04-16-1928, d. 05-15-1977, age: 49yr
Dutton, Jimmy Paul, b. 08-20-1956, d. 08-27-1977, age: 21yr
Dyer, Horace H., b. 02-05-1913, d. 10-30-1958, age: 45yr
Dyer, John W., no dates
Dyer, Lizzie L., no dates
Dyer, Rachel, no dates
Dyke, Dorothy 'Singleton', b. 08-01-1921, d. no date
Dyke, Glenna B., no dates
Dyke, James E., b. 04-18-1893, d. 07-21-1921, age: 28yr
Dyke, James P., b. 09-10-1920, d. no date
Dyke, Loy, b. 02-07-1887, d. 06-01-1972, age: 85yr
Dyke, Nettie, b. 04-16-1884, d. 11-10-1934, age: 50yr
Dyke, Rena Bell, b. 12-27-1904, d. 12-04-1988, age: 84yr
Dyke, Sabina Rader, b. 1847, d. 1934, age: 87yr
Dyke, William, b. 1846, d. 1927, age: 81yr
Eakins, Roy L., no dates, Line above maybe
Eakins, son, b. 11-26-1906, d. 01-21-1911, age: 5yr, George & Addir Eakins
Easterwood, Carl W., no dates
Easterwood, Rosa, no dates
Easterwood, Vida May, b. 02-16-1902, d. 02-10-1958, age: 56yr
Eder, Billy G., b. 12-25-1928, d. 07-27-1969, age: 41yr
Eder, Buddy, no dates
Eder, Iva Irene, no dates
Eder, Jeanne 'Norma' J.', b. 03-06-1930, d. 07-27-1969, age: 39yr
Eder, John C., no dates
Eder, John, b. 04-25-1895, d. 10-25-1966, age: 71yr
Eder, Johnnie, b. 05-19-1964, d. 07-27-1969, age: 4yr
Eder, Maggie Gertrude, b. 11-14-1904, d. no date, Wed: 6-4-1924
Eder, Raymond, no dates
Eder, Sherry, b. 07-10-1962, d. 07-27-1969, age: 7yr, Book has Skerry J.
Edgar, Belle, no dates
Edgar, Billie, no dates
Edgar, Conley Howard, no dates
Edgar, George, no dates
Edgar, James S., no dates
Edgar, Mathois (Doc), no dates
Edgemon, Ada May, b. 01-24-1891, d. 10-22-1982, age: 91yr, Wed: 11-5-1923
Edgemon, Donald, b. 09-25-1933, d. 04-10-1962, age: 19yr
Edgemon, J. A., b. 04-27-1930, d. 03-18-1987, age: 57yr
Edgemon, Ronald, b. 09-25-1933, d. 03-11-1934, age: 6 mo, baby
Edgemon, William Allen, b. 01-14-1898, d. 10-28-1974, age: 79yr
Edgmon, Infant Girl, no dates
Edgmon, Ronnie, b. 01-15-1952, d. 10-14-1952, age: 9mo, baby
Edison, B. H. (Doc), no dates
Edison, Cassie B., no dates
Edison, Sid, no dates
Edison, Virgie Lee, no dates
Edwards, Alfred, b. 09-29-1898, d. 05-04-1977, age: 79yr
Edwards, Aline, b. 07-16-1949, d. no date, Wed: 11-14-1969
Edwards, Andrew J., b. 11-17-1865, d. 09-13-1942, age: 77yr
Edwards, Anita Louise, b. 12-28-1939, d. 05-05-1940, age: 4mo, baby, M/M/Alfred Edwards
Edwards, Edna Oma, b. 06-17-1905, d. 08-31-1985, age: 80yr, Wed: Alfred 10-13-1921
Edwards, F. H., b. 03-26-1916, d. no date, Wed:9-20-1941
Edwards, Fannie L., b. 09-18-1880, d. 10-10-1961, age: 81yr
Edwards, Frances, b. 09-23-1943, d. 12-25-1943, age: 3mo, baby
Edwards, Hettie G., b. 12-29-1942, d.
Edwards, Iwvin Key, b. 1912, d. 1938, age: 26yr
Edwards, Jack R., b. 07-07-1947, d. 01-23-1986, age: 39yr
Edwards, Josephine, b. 01-18-1918, d. 11-05-1999, age: 81yr
Edwards, Karen Sue, b. 03-16-1956, d. no date, Baby
Edwards, Leonard Thurman, b. 04-27-1909, d. 12-14-2000, age: 91yr, Book has Leanord
Edwards, Lois K., b. 02-10-1921, d. no date
Edwards, Mary M., b. 08-09-1914, d. 09-05-1961, age: 47yr
Edwards, Ola L., b. 10-29-1906, d. 12-01-1995, age: 89yr
Edwards, Raydell, b. 09-08-1945, d. 06-18-1995, age: 50yr
Edwards, Raymond Ardell, b., d. no date, Maybe line above
Edwards, Robert L., b. 09-05-1917, d. 01-08-1965, age: 48yr
Edwards, Teddy R., b. 01-27-1934, d. 08-22-1973, age: 39yr
Edwards, W. L., b. 07-07-1932, d. 09-23-1936, age: 4yr, Book Has William L.
Edwards, William (Bull), no dates
Edwards, William J., b. 05-22-1903, d. 08-26-1966, age: 63yr, Wed:11-22-1929
Edwards, William L., b. 10-30-1876, d. 04-30-1956, age: 80yr
Edwards, Willie D., no dates
Eggleston, Allie 'Oliver', b. 1892, d. 1971, age: 79yr
Eggleston, Troy L., b. 06-04-1924, d. 11-26-1944, age: 20yr
Eggleston, Walter J., b. 1886, d. 1959, age: 73yr
Eidson, Donald, no dates
Eidson, Rachel Ann, b. 01-15-1873, d. 09-29-1938, age: 47yr, Wed:65yr, William
Eidson, William Omus, b. 01-11-1894, d. 07-17-1990, age: 96yr
Eidson, William Reece, b. 05-20-1868, d. 07-03-1957, age: 89yr
Ejem, Josef, b. 1870, d. 1920, age: 50yr, Book has Joseph
Elam, GOE., no dates
Eliyakeschi,, b. 12-01-1913, d. 11-14-1935, age: 22yr
Elkins, Anna Ruth, b. 07-26-1924, d. 05-11-1936, age: 12yr
Elkins, Edgar Paul, b. 12-10-1925, d.
Elkins, John E., b. 1886, d. 1963, age: 77yr
Elkins, Mary E., no dates
Elkins, Meada Jewell, b. 05-04-1931, d. 10-19-1983, age: 52yr
Elkins, Nora E., b. 1899, d. 1966, age: 67yr
Elliott, Claud Lee, no dates
Elliott, Cole Y., no dates
Elliott, Debbie Jane, no dates
Elliott, Dorothy, no dates
Elliott, Eula M., no dates
Elliott, Helen R., b. 1881, d. 1971, age: 90yr
Elliott, Helen, no dates
Elliott, Infant Son, no dates
Elliott, J. A., no dates
Elliott, K. Rosa, b. 02-26-1920, d. 07-28-1996, age: 76yr
Elliott, Otis, no dates
Elliott, Ray, no dates
Elliott, Roy, b. 10-05-1920, d. 05-11-1957, age: 37yr
Elliott, Samuel R., b. 1878, d. 1946, age: 68yr
Elliott, Tommy J., b. 10-29-1946, d. no date
Elliott, Wayne Y., no dates
Ellis, Ada C., b. 1886, d. 1971, age: 85yr
Ellis, Andy C., b. 07-04-1880, d. 02-16-1964, age: 84yr, Book Has Andrew C.
Ellis, Mildred M., no dates
Ellis, Pauline E., b. 12-04-1918, d. 12-30-1996, age: 78yr
Ellis, William, b. 1876, d. 1957, age: 81yr, Book has William T.
Ellis, Wilmer D., b. 10-16-1914, d. 11-07-1977, age: 63yr, Book has W. D.
Enderton, Margret A., no dates
English, Carl J., b. 09-20-1907, d. 01-19-1971, age: 64yr
English, Cleynna Mae, b. 11-27-1909, d. 10-04-1989, age: 80yr
English, Joseph H., no dates
English, Juanita R., b. 02-03-1912, d. 09-28-1991, age: 79yr
English, Kate Mary, b. 1882, d. 1965, age: 83yr, Book Has Katheryne M.
English, Loide, b. 08-09-1909, d.
English, Marion, b. 02-05-1909, d. 07-27-1977, age: 68yr, Book has Marian A.
English, Stella A., no dates
English, William Elbert, b. 1863, d. 1951, age: 88yr, Book Has Wm. E.
English, William Glenn, b. 06-15-1903, d. 08-02-1968, age: 65yr, Book has Wm. G.
Enright, Alice 'Daugherty', no dates
Enright, John F., b. 1869, d. 1952, age: 83yr
Enright, Mary Stacy, b. 1874, d. 1941, age: 67yr
Epp, George A., b. 07-17-1931, d. no date
Epp, LaNelle, b. 08-28-1932, d. no date, Wed:6-17-1950
Epp, Ross Scot, b. 07-30-1963, d. no date
Eppler, Beatrice Elizabeth, b. 08-27-1911, d. 11-16-1979, age: 68yr
Epps, Infant, no dates
Ervin, John A., no dates
Eschler, Daniel J. 'Dan', b. 01-28-1915, d. 05-20-1997, age: 82yr
Eschler, Mary Ruth 'Cornelius', b. 07-24-1918, d. no date, Wed: 12-24-1939
Esser, Blanche M., b. 07-13-1879, d. 07-01-1942, age: 63yr
Eubanks, Bogie, b. 02-10-1882, d. 11-20-1952, age: 70yr
Eubanks, Leotia, b. 11-16-1888, d. 01-23-1940, age: 52yr
Eubanks, Roscoe, b. 06-19-1936, d. 09-25-1973, age: 37yr
Everly, Andrew Joseph, b. 12-15-1909, d. 01-25-1987, age: 78yr
Everly, David L., b. 1866, d. 1946, age: 80yr
Everly, Elizabeth E., b. 1877, d. 1970, age: 93yr
Everly, Leonard W., b. 07-16-1914, d. 06-04-1961, age: 47yr
Everly, Milford Clarke, b. 02-22-1906, d. 07-22-1975, age: 69yr
Everman, Deborah Sue 'Bone', b. 05-23-1954, d. 05-05-1978, age: 24yr
Everts, Cordella A., b. 07-29-1855, d. 12-01-1930, age: 75yr
Everts, Frank H., b. 03-26-1852, d. 03-15-1932, age: 80yr
Ewing, Daisy Myrtle 'Krisher', b. 02-07-1906, d. 03-01-1984, age: 78yr
Ewing, James D., no dates
Ewing, James Ross, b. 06-07-1903, d. 11-16-1991, age: 88yr
Ewing, Mary F., no dates
Ewing, Mary, b. 02-22-1922, d. 03-19-1991, age: 69yr, Wed: 2-21-1945
Ewing, Porter, no dates
Ewing, Ray Duffel, b. 05-05-1918, d. 03-21-1995, age: 77yr
Ezell, Author M., no dates
Ezell, Earl, no dates
Ezell, Marion S., no dates
Ezell, Mary L., no dates
Ezell, Vioela, no dates

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