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Walters Cemetery
Walters, Cotton County, Oklahoma

Contributed by Aggie Cochrane,

Bigbee, Maggie Lou, b. 05-17-1905, d. 06-04-1991, age: 86yr
Bigford, Icey, b. 04-19-1912, d. no date
Bigford, John F., b. 06-10-1875, d. 09-25-1953, age: 78yr
Bigford, Johnny Wayne, b. 02-18-1954, d. 12-08-1993, age: 39yr
Bigford, Johnson, b. 02-19-1922, d. 01-10-1940, age: 18yr
Bigford, Lestal 'Shorty' L., b. 08-19-1908, d. 05-13-1971, age: 63yr
Bigford, Lester L. Jr, b. 07-22-1939, d. 10-15-1994, age: 55yr
Bigford, Mary Ellen, b. 03-17-1889, d. 03-11-1959, age: 70yr
Bilbrey, Donald Wayne, b. 06-11-1930, d. 07-13-1959, age: 29yr
Bilbrey, Thelma L., b. 06-19-1932, d. no date
Billen, Dan L. Jr., no dates
Billen, Dorothy L., b. 10-08-1923, d. no date, Wed: 1-10-1949
Billen, Eddie, no dates
Billen, Henry N., b. 09-10-1880, d. 12-27-1959, age: 79yr
Billen, Jason Matthew, b. 1972, d. no date, Baby
Billen, Mary P., b. 12-29-1887, d. 01-09-1964, age: 77yr
Billen, Xavier Henry, b. 05-21-1918, d. 08-13-1982, age: 64yr
Bills, Adolphus H., no dates
Bills, C. W., no dates
Bills, Edd Sr., no dates
Bills, Elizabeth, no dates
Bills, Jimmie, b. 1933, d. 1936, age: 3yr
Bills, John Ed, b. 04-23-1893, d. 10-07-1978, age: 85yr
Bills, Joseph (Froggie), no dates
Bills, Loy, b. 1936, d. 1936, Baby
Bills, Nina Ellyn, b. 02-22-1895, d. 01-31-1963, age: 68yr
Bird, E. M., no dates
Bishop, Esko J., b. 11-05-1917, d. 10-05-1941, age: 24yr
Bishop, James Cal, b. 03-28-1884, d. 11-28-1975, age: 91yr
Bishop, Lottie T., b. 1902, d. 2000, age: 98yr
Bishop, Ruby Ala, b. 02-16-1898, d. 09-25-1984, age: 86yr
Bishop, Walter J., b. 1895, d. 1962, age: 67yr
Bivens, C. H., b. 10-26-1880, d. 06-06-1921, age: 41yr
Bivens, Dennie Lee 'Buck', b. 02-10-1954, d. 01-17-1977, age: 23yr, Book has Dennis L.
Bivins, Acy E., b. 06-10-1938, d. no date, U.S. Navy
Bivins, Bonnie L. 'Carter', b. 04-03-1911, d.
Bivins, Clarence M., no dates
Bivins, Cleo Monroe, b. 04-15-1928, d. 12-27-1991, age: 63yr
Bivins, Earnest Elmer, b. 04-04-1912, d. 11-27-1994, age: 82yr
Bivins, Geo. H., no dates
Bivins, Grace, b. 10-10-1904, d. 06-22-1906, age: 20mo, baby
Bivins, Hassa Wilson, b. 09-05-1873, d. 02-18-1972, age: 99yr, Book has Hassa Z.
Bivins, James, no dates
Bivins, L. C. Mrs, no dates, Could be a lady above ?
Bivins, L. O., b. 1871, d. 1951, age: 80yr
Bivins, Leslie C. 'Tate', b. 08-27-1896, d. 07-09-1971, age: 75yr
Bivins, Rosa Mae, b. 07-11-1873, d. 03-12-1956, age: 83yr
Bivins, Vernie C., b. 03-12-1906, d. 12-20-1983, age: 77yr
Bivins, William W., b. 11-28-1870, d. 08-15-1923, age: 53yr
Black, Bernice L., no dates
Black, Bessie, no dates
Black, Billie, no dates
Black, Cordelia A., no dates
Black, Darling Zula, b. 1887, d. 1929, age: 42yr, Wife of A.M. Black
Black, Dee, no dates
Black, E. C. Sr., no dates
Black, Gwendolyn Lavonne, no dates
Black, Infant, no dates
Black, James Wm., no dates
Black, Urbane B., no dates
Black, Viola Viona, no dates
Black, Virginia Ann, no dates
Black, Wm. Kenneth, no dates
Blackburn, Effie M., no dates
Blackburn, Ella Mae, b. 10-04-1916, d. 04-15-1996, age: 80yr, Teacher
Blackburn, John William, b. 07-21-1917, d. 02-18-1995, age: 78yr, Farmer-rancher
Blackstar, Infant Son, no dates
Blackstar, Infant Son, no dates
Blackwell, Athea L., b. 03-21-1920, d. no date, Wed:12-17-1938
Blackwell, James 'Croley', b. 11-01-1904, d. 08-03-1973, age: 69yr
Blackwell, James A., no dates
Blacock, Neva W., b. 10-29-1919, d. 06-19-1980, age: 61yr
Blacock, Roy H., b. 1911, d. 1983, age: 72yr
Blair, Charles Livie 'Jack', b. 09-02-1919, d. 11-23-1986, age: 67yr, Book has Charles Lirive J.
Blair, Ed, no dates
Blair, Edna L., b. 12-18-1881, d. 09-14-1961, age: 80yr
Blair, Ella 'Janes', b. 1857, d. 1937, age: 80yr
Blair, John George, b. 09-09-1915, d. 04-09-1989, age: 74yr
Blair, Milly Louise, b. 01-27-1925, d. no date, Wed:7-20-1945
Blair, Ora Mae, no dates
Blair, Rev. Clay C., b. 12-05-1881, d. 02-11-1956, age: 75yr
Blair, Ruby Faye, b. 05-12-1932, d. 12-28-1992, age: 60yr
Blake, Bert Jr., no dates
Blakely, Hugh M., no dates
Blakely, Lydia P., no dates
Blakenship, Albert, b. 08-18-1869, d. 09-26-1945, age: 76yr
Blakenship, Delia, b. 07-01-1868, d. 08-01-1937, age: 69yr
Blakenship, Thomas E., b. 04-05-1932, d. 11-30-1990, age: 58yr
Blalock, Neua, no dates
Blalock, Roy Houston, no dates
Blalock, Stella Mae, b. 08-21-1927, d. 10-02-1993, age: 66yr
Blankenship, Albert, no dates
Blankenship, Delia, no dates
Blankenship, H. P., no dates
Blankenship, Thomas Edward, no dates
Blankenship, W. H., no dates
Blevins, H. A. Lonnie, no dates
Blevins, Rosa M., no dates
Blizard, Aline, b. 05-10-1918, d. 12-03-1938, age: 20yr
Blizard, Larnce, b., d. 11-30-1938
Bobo, Callie Mae, b. 07-10-1914, d. 09-13-1995, age: 81yr
Bobo, Ervin E., b. 08-14-1903, d. 10-07-1970, age: 67yr
Bobo, Eunice T., b. 05-14-1909, d. 10-04-1992, age: 83yr, Wed 41yr, Book has Eunice Sue
Bobo, James E., b. 1859, d. 1945, age: 86yr
Bobo, Nancy D., b. 1877, d. 1965, age: 88yr
Bobo, Nancy Odessa, no dates
Boggs, Bert M. 'Peewee', b. 05-03-1903, d. 02-26-1995, age: 92yr
Boggs, Charlie Roland, b. 03-13-1898, d. 12-13-1976, age: 78yr
Boggs, Olen L., b. 07-03-1869, d. 06-15-1961, age: 92yr
Bohannon, H. C., no dates
Bohannon, M. P., no dates
Bohannon, Mary Frances, no dates
Bohannon, Mary P., no dates
Bohannon, Rosie L., no dates
Bohannon, Vernon Clarence, no dates
Bohannon, W. M., no dates
Boldman, James N., no dates
Boles, Arnim D., no dates
Boles, David Smith, b. 02-27-1868, d. 06-19-1954, age: 86yr
Boles, Infant, no dates
Boles, John, b. 11-22-1901, d. 04-16-1979, age: 78yr, Book has John Olin
Boles, Mary Etta, b. 04-17-1878, d. 10-01-1962, age: 84yr
Boles, Thelma A., no dates
Bollinger, Gertrude, no dates
Bollinger, Ruth, no dates
Bolt, G. B., no dates
Bolt, Laura E., no dates
Bommer, Abha W., no dates
Bommer, Bufford, no dates
Bommer,, no dates
Bone, Floyd Sr., b. 05-06-1931, d. no date
Bone, Pauline, b. 07-31-1934, d. 08-12-1993, age: 59yr
Bonner, Henry E., no dates
Bonner, Mary J., no dates
Booher, Alfred, b. 11-12-1923, d. 04-14-1978, age: 55yr
Booher, Delbert D. Jr., b. 12-24-1927, d. 06-18-1961, age: 34yr
Booher, Dessie Faye, b. 09-17-1902, d. 04-07-1994, age: 92yr, Wed: 3-20-1921
Booher, Joann Louise, b. 01-21-1931, d. 12-15-1955, age: 24yr
Booher, Myrtle Eve, b. 02-09-1932, d. 06-18-1961, age: 29yr
Booher, William D. Jr., no dates
Booher, William D. Sr., b. 12-05-1897, d. 10-26-1964, age: 67yr
Boon, Infant, no dates
Bouley, Clara, no dates
Bouley, Frank N., no dates
Bowen, Jo Raenelle, b. 04-21-1944, d. 04-21-1944, age: 0yr, Baby of R.L. Bowen
Bowles, Ben F., b. 04-29-1893, d. 03-07-1970, age: 77yr
Bowles, Jewell W., b. 05-28-1891, d. 01-21-1986, age: 95yr, 56yr wed, book has Jewell Nina
Bowman, Edward P., b. 03-07-1885, d. 08-03-1947, age: 62yr
Bowman, Eva, b. 02-17-1881, d. 01-07-1975, age: 94yr
Bowman, H.A. Lonnie, b. 06-17-1902, d. 10-25-1955, age: 53yr
Boxley, Beach M., b. 06-07-1903, d. 06-15-1997, age: 94yr
Boxley, Opal Mae, b. 05-23-1924, d. 02-15-1984, age: 60yr
Boyer, Cecil M., b. 03-16-1905, d. 12-22-1997, age: 92yr
Boyer, D. Ethel, no dates
Boyer, David W., no dates
Boyer, Effie M., no dates
Boyer, Wilfred Karl, b. 02-14-1902, d. 02-17-1978, age: 76yr
Boyer, Wm. (Bill) Sr., no dates
Boyle, Ella G., no dates
Boyle, Leonard Elgin, no dates
Boyle, Virgil O., no dates
Boyle, William Frank 'Billy', b. 06-11-1967, d. 09-27-1993, age: 26yr
Boyle, Wm. J., no dates
Bradfield, Daniel Martin, b. 10-11-1908, d. 11-14-1957, age: 49yr
Bradfield, J. Y., no dates
Bradfield, Paul Edmond, b. 12-11-1899, d. 11-03-1946, age: 47yr
Bradfield, Ruby A., no dates
Bradfield, Sallie L., no dates
Brady, Andrew Jackson SR., b. 08-12-1896, d. 03-13-1982, age: 86yr
Branch, Cletus Norman (Tw), b. 05-04-1923, d. 11-04-1987, age: 64yr
Branch, Eliza, b. 1875, d. 1969, age: 94yr
Branch, Euell, b. 1902, d. 1958, age: 56yr
Branch, Genie Elizabeth, b. 1903, d. 1994, age: 91yr
Branch, Infant, no dates
Branch, John E., no dates
Branch, John F., b. 1864, d. 1946, age: 82yr
Branch, Joseph Oscar, b. 02-16-1893, d. 08-31-1942, age: 49yr
Brandon, Artie, b. 02-14-1906, d. 05-10-1980, age: 74yr
Brandon, James N., b. 1872, d. 1935, age: 63yr
Brandon, Mary E., b. 1869, d. 1941, age: 72yr
Brandon, Olen L., b. 08-02-1897, d. 04-30-1950, age: 53yr
Brannon, Ferne, no dates
Brannon, Raymond L., no dates
Branson, Albert Leslie, b. 08-13-1895, d. 07-25-1934, age: 39yr
Branson, Claudie B., b. 12-20-1928, d. 02-08-1939, age: 11yr
Branstetter, Olen, b. 02-07-1925, d. 06-16-1991, age: 66yr
Branstetter, P. Stanley, b. 03-07-1913, d. 09-15-1972, age: 59yr
Brant, James, b. 02-18-1933, d. 11-29-1947, age: 14yr
Brant, Max William, b. 04-27-1922, d. 05-01-1959, age: 37yr
Brashear, Alvie L., no dates
Brashear, Clyde A, no dates
Brashear, Maggie M., b. 1881, d. 1960, age: 79yr
Brashear, Richard E., b. 1876, d. 1971, age: 95yr
Brashear, Ulas Vernon, b. 1915, d. 1976, age: 61yr
Bray, Jeffery Dale, b. 05-24-1965, d. 09-17-1999, age: 34yr
Brennan, Audre E., b. 1888, d. 1974, age: 86yr
Brennan, Hattie J., b. 1892, d. 1983, age: 91yr
Bressman, Bonnita Marie, b. 04-29-1946, d. no date, Wed:5-21-1977
Bressman, Dee W., b. 02-07-1937, d. 10-11-1993, age: 56yr
Brewer, Horance F., no dates
Brewer, Lula H., no dates
Brides, Ruby Irene, no dates
Bridgers, Shelly Dawn, b. 03-25-1976, d. no date, Charles & Shirley
Bridges, Billy L., b. 05-06-1929, d. no date, Wed:3-23-1951
Bridges, Coy Lee, b. 10-13-1935, d. 11-06-1992, age: 57yr
Bridges, Donnie W., b. 02-20-1893, d. 10-15-1964, age: 71yr
Bridges, Edna Era 'Simmons', no dates
Bridges, Emma L., b. 10-07-1915, d. 02-03-2001, age: 86yr
Bridges, Ethel Ruby, b. 07-09-1910, d. 05-20-1987, age: 77yr
Bridges, Grover Richmon, b. 03-16-1901, d. 10-21-1980, age: 79yr
Bridges, H. Dean, b. 10-17-1938, d. 07-06-1974, age: 36yr
Bridges, Hugh Thomas, b. 03-06-1911, d. 12-13-1995, age: 84yr
Bridges, John Everett, b. 10-16-1905, d. 04-18-1995, age: 90yr
Bridges, Joyce Fay 'Mullins', b. 10-16-1938, d. no date, Wed:7-6-1956
Bridges, Mandy J., b. 1882, d. 1942, age: 60yr
Bridges, Nellie I., b. 03-20-1893, d. 08-12-1977, age: 84yr
Bridges, Patsy L., b. 07-10-1936, d. no date
Bridges, Richmond N., b. 01-14-1879, d. 06-28-1953, age: 74yr
Bridges, Robert F., b. 1891, d. 1969, age: 78yr
Bridges, Ruby I., b. 01-01-1918, d. 08-15-1986, age: 68yr
Bridges, Sheila Kay, b. 01-19-1947, d. 01-19-1947, Baby
Bridges, Vannie Bera Beatr, b. 1906, d. 1991, age: 85yr, Wed: 5-11-1935
Bridges, Willie D., no dates
Bridges, Willie J., no dates
Bridgewater, John, no dates
Briggs, Linda Gay, b. 10-20-1957, d. 02-07-1981, age: 24yr
Bright, Callie B., b. 10-09-1901, d. 02-26-1967, age: 67yr
Bright, Lea Roy, b. 11-26-1896, d. 03-06-1974, age: 78yr
Briley, Charley H., b. 1873, d. 1944, age: 71yr
Briley, Don J., b. 01-05-1928, d. 10-04-1997, age: 69yr
Briley, George, b. 1898, d. 1910, age: 12yr
Briley, Howard Raymond, b. 08-26-1916, d. 01-07-1997, age: 81yr
Briley, Jean, b. 1920, d. 1983, age: 63yr
Brink, Claude, b. 10-12-1906, d. 02-17-1908, age: 2yr, M.J. & L.A. Brink
Brink, Clifford L., b. 1897, d. 19, U.S. Navy
Brink, Lola A., b. 1871, d. 1944, age: 73yr, Husbs: Robertson & Brink
Brink, M. Jack, b. 1870, d. 1924, age: 54yr
Brinker, Edward Brandon Le, no dates
Brinker, Wes Lee, no dates
Brinkley, Beulah M., no dates
Brinkley, R. C., no dates
Brinkley, Robert Clarence, no dates
Briscoe, Albert Marion, no dates
Briscoe, Alberta, no dates
Briscoe, Archie, b. 03-04-1909, d. no date
Briscoe, Bert A., b. 03-01-1882, d. 05-21-1962, age: 80yr, Wed:53yrs
Briscoe, Bertha M., b. 03-31-1890, d. 07-21-1958, age: 68yr
Briscoe, Bertie Ann, b. 09-26-1889, d. 07-31-1959, age: 70yr
Briscoe, Cora Bell, no dates
Briscoe, Cynthia Ozella, b. 08-08-1913, d. 05-18-1980, age: 67yr, Wed: 1-16-1928
Briscoe, David J., b. 11-20-1885, d.
Briscoe, David Jr., no dates
Briscoe, Dewey S., b. 09-11-1898, d. 07-13-1961, age: 63yr
Briscoe, Dora F., b. 11-15-1882, d. 11-06-1968, age: 86yr
Briscoe, Flossie I., b. 10-07-1904, d. 04-14-1934, age: 30yr
Briscoe, George W., no dates
Briscoe, Hazel May, b. 12-31-1901, d. 02-23-1977, age: 76yr
Briscoe, Infant Son, no dates
Briscoe, Infant, no dates
Briscoe, John F., b. 11-17-1856, d. 11-01-1936, age: 80yr
Briscoe, John Penn, b. 01-02-1884, d.
Briscoe, M. Dock, b. 11-09-1900, d. 01-29-1966, age: 66yr
Briscoe, Maggie F., b. 11-18-1876, d. 09-02-1958, age: 82yr, Book has Maggie T.
Briscoe, Marie M., b. 02-24-1921, d. 04-05-1988, age: 67yr
Briscoe, Mary Ann, b. 04-02-1859, d. 01-05-1920, age: 61yr
Briscoe, Mary E., b. 07-30-1885, d. 09-04-1927, age: 42yr
Briscoe, Nancy G., b. 1880, d. 1982, age: 102yr
Briscoe, Nora P., no dates
Briscoe, Onie A., b. 06-07-1926, d. 06-14-1945, age: 19yr
Briscoe, Oscar J., b. 03-15-1887, d. 10-20-1955, age: 68yr
Briscoe, Pauline, b. 10-21-1913, d. 07-12-1978, age: 65yr
Briscoe, Raymond Loyd, b. 06-29-1922, d. 08-01-1986, age: 64yr
Briscoe, Thelma F., b. 10-12-1900, d. 05-07-1980, age: 80yr
Briscoe, Wallace Cletus, no dates
Briscoe, Walter 'Shorty', b. 1904, d. 1978, age: 74yr
Briscoe, Walter C., b. 11-17-1880, d. 12-20-1943, age: 63yr
Briscoe, Willard Wilson, b. 06-17-1915, d. 03-03-1986, age: 71yr
Briscoe, William T., b. 10-14-1888, d. 08-22-1942, age: 54yr
Briscoe, Wm. Otis, no dates
Brister, Charles William, b. 11-07-1988, d.
Brister, Deborah Lyn, b. 06-02-1961, d. 11-18-2000, age: 39yr
Britton, Alma Jean, b. 04-20-1942, d.
Britton, Daisy A., no dates
Britton, Elmo, b. 02-16-1916, d. 01-17-1974, age: 58yr
Britton, Jimmy A., b. 01-05-1945, d. 03-06-1968, age: 23yr
Britton, John E., b. 02-16-1916, d. 01-17-1974, age: 58yr
Britton, W. J., no dates
Brock, Charles Stanton, no dates
Brooks, A. Pauline, no dates
Brooks, Ava Louise, b. 03-06-1930, d. 01-12-1950, age: 20yr
Brooks, Geneva, no dates
Brooks, Granville A., b. 12-22-1907, d. 11-21-1974, age: 67yr
Brooks, Pauline M., b. 06-20-1906, d. 09-13-1972, age: 66yr
Brooks, Sarah Nelle, b. 12-28-1942, d. 03-25-1996, age: 54yr
Brooks, Velma Vibe, no dates
Brothers, Evelyn Sue, no dates
Brown, Alford, no dates
Brown, Alta Louise, b. 09-23-1903, d. 01-18-1997, age: 94yr
Brown, Amos F., b. 06-28-1880, d. 12-28-1952, age: 72yr
Brown, Archie, b. 07-01-1902, d. 12-07-1985, age: 83yr
Brown, Artie M., b. 09-15-1892, d. 03-05-1981, age: 89yr
Brown, Audie, b. 08-03-1897, d. 11-28-1936, age: 39yr
Brown, Baby Boy, b. 10-03-1919, d. no date, Baby-R. E. Brown
Brown, Baby Boy, b. 10-06-1922, d. no date, Baby-Archie Brown
Brown, Baby Girl, b. 12-12-1933, d. no date, Baby Girl-Clarence Brown
Brown, Baby Girl, b., d. no date, Baby- Jess & Ersie
Brown, Belle, b. 08-17-1873, d. 04-03-1947, age: 74yr
Brown, Bobby Joe, b. 1931, d. 1934, age: 3yr
Brown, Carl R., b. 03-17-1925, d. no date, Wed:1-2-1943
Brown, Charles R., b. 12-12-1918, d. 07-26-1993, age: 75yr, Wed: Joyce 6-21-1941
Brown, Clarabel 'Claiborne', b. 05-25-1917, d. no date
Brown, Curt B., no dates
Brown, Dora B., no dates
Brown, Dora C., no dates
Brown, Doris Maxine, b. 02-21-1928, d. no date, Wed: 9-1-1946
Brown, E. (Zeke), no dates
Brown, Electra M., no dates
Brown, Eliza, b. 11-24-1886, d. 05-17-1954, age: 68yr
Brown, Ella Mae, b. 09-13-1910, d. 11-16-1984, age: 74yr
Brown, Ercy O., no dates
Brown, Ernest Russell, b. 1889, d. 1970, age: 81yr
Brown, Esther Louise, b. 02-12-1925, d. 05-18-2000, age: 75yr
Brown, F.M., b. 1870, d. 1949, age: 69yr, Book has Flem M.
Brown, Geo. W., no dates
Brown, Gracie, no dates
Brown, Gylva 'Warren', b. 03-23-1926, d. 12-04-1987, age: 61yr
Brown, Harry O. # 2, no dates
Brown, Harry O., no dates
Brown, Hazel P., b. 06-02-1902, d. 10-14-1979, age: 77yr
Brown, Jess Jr., no dates
Brown, Jess T., no dates
Brown, Jo 'Kinsey', no dates
Brown, John H., b. 03-13-1901, d. 05-05-1965, age: 64yr
Brown, John J., b. 03-01-1923, d. 04-22-1964, age: 41yr
Brown, John Thomas, b. 09-14-1895, d. 06-25-1983, age: 88yr
Brown, Joyce M., b. 02-23-1918, d. 01-14-1957, age: 39yr
Brown, Kate A., b. 0-28-1923, d. no date
Brown, Landon Keith, b. 08-23-1992, d. 04-23-1994, age: 2yr
Brown, Leah Ashley, no dates
Brown, Lewis Robert, b. 07-31-1910, d. 07-08-1976, age: 66yr
Brown, Lois Elvin, b. 02-04-1915, d. 08-23-1995, age: 80yr, Wed:10-24-1942
Brown, Lois Elvin, no dates
Brown, Mable, no dates
Brown, Margaret F., b. 03-17-1875, d. 10-07-1941, age: 66yr, Book has Margaret E.
Brown, Marie, b. 1902, d. 1968, age: 66yr
Brown, Mary Lorene, no dates
Brown, Mattie L., no dates
Brown, Melissa R., b. 1878, d. 1971, age: 93yr
Brown, Myrtle Betty, b. 02-07-1894, d. 12-10-1990, age: 96yr
Brown, Myrtle, b. 1884, d. 1937, age: 53yr
Brown, Ola Belle, no dates
Brown, Olive 'Williams', b. 1904, d. 1990, age: 86yr
Brown, Opal, no dates
Brown, Oscar, no dates
Brown, Paul Bryon, b. 1902, d. 1976, age: 74yr
Brown, Robert C., b. 08-21-1904, d. 10-02-1973, age: 69yr
Brown, Robert O., no dates
Brown, Sam D., b. 1889, d. 1985, age: 96yr
Brown, Sarah E., no dates
Brown, Steve, b. 11-15-1860, d. 12-30-1946, age: 86yr
Brown, Thomas Sylvester, b. 08-26-1894, d. 04-20-1984, age: 90yr, Wed: 09-27-1913
Brown, Vera Veneta, b. 1897, d. 1991, age: 94yr
Brown, William E., b. 04-16-1869, d. 11-05-1945, age: 76yr
Brownlee, George W., b. 1879, d. 1953, age: 74yr
Brownlee, Nora Lee, b. 1890, d. 19??
Bruton, Baby, b. 12-12-1932, d. 12-12-1932, age: 0yr, Baby
Bruton, Billy D., b. 02-07-1932, d. 02-07-1932, age: 0yr, Baby
Bruton, Margaret C., b. 1858, d. 1944, age: 86yr
Bruton, Mary L., b. 1911, d. 1975, age: 64yr
Bruton, William D., b. 1904, d. 1971, age: 67yr
Bryan, Dorthea P., b. 06-06-1885, d. 04-02-1946, age: 61yr
Bryant, Caroline, no dates
Bryant, Charles C., b. 1894, d. 1950, age: 56yr
Bryant, Charles Lloyd, b. 10-20-1923, d. no date, Wed: 1-31-1946
Bryant, Donna Kay, b. 07-07-1948, d. 01-05-1949, age: 6mo, baby
Bryant, Infant, no dates
Bryant, Kathryn Louise, b. 01-09-1930, d. 06-22-1996, age: 66yr
Bryant, Olive G., b. 1897, d. 1975, age: 78yr
Bryson, Celia Ellan, no dates
Bryson, Elbert, b. 1876, d. 1959, age: 83yr
Bryson, Jessie Monroe, no dates
Bryson, Ruth, b. 1893, d. 1943, age: 50yr
Buckner, Curtis Fred, b. 02-05-1926, d. 02-10-1932 6yr, Child-
Buffaloe, Agnes M., b. 06-22-1891, d. 10-21-1980, age: 89yr
Buffaloe, Betty J., b. 12-30-1925, d. 07-22-1989, age: 64yr
Buffaloe, Claude T., b. 08-26-1892, d. 05-19-1974, age: 78yr
Buffaloe, Claude Thomas JR, b. 12-12-1918, d. 07-07-1984, age: 66yr
Bufford, John R., no dates
Bufford, Josephine J., no dates
Bufford, Lena May, no dates
Bull, Alfred Taylor, b. 08-08-1876, d. 05-27-1965, age: 89yr
Bull, George F., b. 08-11-1886, d. 11-01-1961, age: 75yr
Bull, Glenn William, b. 06-15-1912, d. 04-14-1985, age: 73yr
Bull, James A., b. 1874, d. 1937, age: 63yr
Bull, Joe W., b. 10-05-1881, d. 08-03-1969, age: 88yr
Bull, Lula Ella, b. 12-02-1878, d. 08-23-1974, age: 96yr
Bull, Minnie R., b. 1884, d. 1964, age: 80yr
Bull, Roy James, b. 12-14-1908, d. 03-09-1984, age: 76yr
Bull, Sarah, b. 11-25-1891, d. 02-08-1977, age: 86yr
Bull, Sarah, no dates
Bull, Thomas, no dates
Bull, V. Mildred, b. 04-20-1914, d. no date, Wed:4-8-1939
Bull, William H., b. 09-10-1872, d. 10-10-1953, age: 81yr
Bulla, John Green, b. 02-22-1823, d. 01-04-1908, age: 85yr
Bulla, John L., no dates
Bullock, Jeannie, b., d. no date, Wed:2-21-1960-My Honey
Bullock, Woodrow, b. 05-01-1913, d. 10-25-1982, age: 69yr, Book has Bullick
Bunch, Fleetie O., b. 1891, d. 1973, age: 82yr
Bunch, Grover C., b. 1886, d. 1964, age: 78yr
Bunger, Henry, b. 06-21-1856, d. 04-12-1928, age: 72yr
Bunger, Mary E., b. 12-12-1857, d.
Burchel, Effie, b. 1897, d. 1985, age: 88yr
Burchel, Jessie J., b. 1878, d. 1957, age: 79yr
Burkhalter, Wm. J., no dates
Burnaugh, Albert F., b. 1903, d. 1978, age: 75yr
Burnaugh, C. E., no dates
Burnaugh, Ellen Mildred, b. 1901, d. 1994, age: 93yr
Burnaugh, O'Neal A., b. 1902, d. 1977, age: 75yr
Burnaugh, Ruby Mae, b. 1920, d. 1976, age: 56yr
Burnaugh, Verlin Lyons, b. 1903, d. 1946, age: 43yr
Burnaugh, Viota, no dates
Burnaugh, Wayne E., b. 1922, d. no date
Burnett, Clarence, no dates
Burnett, Elizabeth E., no dates
Burnett, Joe, no dates
Burnham, Harriet, no dates
Burnham, Oliver R., no dates
Burns, Carol L., b. 12-23-1944, d. no date, Wed:6-8-1962
Burns, W.E. 'Bull', b. 12-13-1941, d. 02-08-1988, age: 47yr
Burton, Ernest I., no dates
Burton, Jene, no dates
Burton, Maud Lee 'Thompson', no dates
Burton, Pearl J., no dates
Bussell, C. Avde Alvin, no dates
Bussell, Jimmy Lee, no dates
Butler, Alvah N., no dates
Butler, Beatrice, b., d. 06-18-1977
Butler, Berton H., no dates
Butler, Donald S., b. 1895, d. 1945, age: 50yr
Butler, Ella Mae, b. 05-03-1879, d. 09-29-1956, age: 77yr
Butler, Frieda Marie, b. 1898, d. 2000, age: 102yr
Butler, Glenna, b. 07-24-1887, d.
Butler, Harriet (Hattie), no dates
Butler, James O., no dates
Butler, Jessie S., no dates
Butler, Lillian, no dates
Butler, Maggie, b. 03-09-1878, d. 04-18-1953, age: 75yr
Butler, Mary M., no dates
Butler, Parvin, b. 06-07-1852, d. 06-20-1928, age: 76yr
Butler, Susan Elizabeth, b. 12-10-1854, d. 01-11-1900, age: 46yr, Parvin's wife, buried in Mo
Butler, Willard E., b. 08-19-1883, d. 04-17-1943, age: 60yr
Byington, Albert Henry, b. 02-12-1929, d. 04-11-1997, age: 68yr
Byington, Evalyn, b. 02-06-1938, d. no date
Bynum, Beverly Charlene, b. 1927, d. 1988, age: 61yr
Bynum, Elmer Leon, b. 1926, d. no date
Bynum, Elmer, b. 1893, d. 1953, age: 60yr
Bynum, Ollie, b. 1895, d. 1972, age: 77yr
Byrd, Jimmie, b. 1914, d. 1998, age: 84yr


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